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Evaluation - “unsatisfactory”

Evaluation - “unsatisfactory”

The US military leadership holds briefings with the leadership of the armed forces on the analysis of the state of alert of the strategic offensive forces (SNS) and the development of corrective measures.

It should be emphasized that the materials of the briefings are developed based on the results of strategic exercises, inspections of the combat readiness of the space wings of ICBMs (analogous to the missile army of the Strategic Missile Forces) and aviation wings. At the same time, the Pentagon leadership declares the high efficiency of inspections such as NORI (Nuclear Operational Readiness Inspections) and nuclear safety inspections such as NSI (Nuclear Surety Inspections). weapons).

The main purpose of NORI inspections is to comprehensively monitor and evaluate the combat readiness of the wings to work out the destruction of strategic targets at the stage of an armed conflict with the use of nuclear weapons (NF) according to two main indicators: Force Generation and their use. Formation of forces includes the actions of the control bodies and troops on warning signals; reporting on the state of the SNA and bringing them into readiness for combat use; organization of operational management; logistics; guard and defense, cover the objects of the SNA from air and ground enemy attacks. The indicator “use of troops” includes: assessment of the situation and prompt response to emerging threats; performance of combat missions for delivering nuclear strikes (conditionally); submission of reports on the performance of combat missions; the use of primary, backup and reserve combat control systems for troops and nuclear weapons; implementation of activities for the types of comprehensive security; liquidation of consequences and restoration of combat readiness of troops.

Air Force Minister Deborah Lee James is quite upset about the results of the tests of the wings of the ICBM.

NSI-type inspections checks are aimed at monitoring and evaluating the actions of the management team in the management of forces and equipment in various conditions and the fulfillment of nuclear safety requirements. In the course of these inspections, verification and assessment of the completeness and quality of the performance of the assigned tasks is carried out according to ten indicators: actions in the event of incidents involving nuclear warheads (nuclear warheads); completeness and quality of technical operations; inspection of technical services; monitoring the condition of the facilities, transportation of the nuclear weapons and the rules for handling them; safety of nuclear warheads; the safety of their storage; logistic support; meeting the requirements for the selection and verification of the moral and psychological qualities of the personnel allowed to work with the nuclear warhead; the state of logistics; meeting the requirements of the governing documents during all types of work and classes with nuclear warheads.

As for the naval strategic nuclear forces, they are subject to TRE (Tactical Readiness Inspection) inspections with each of the Ohio-type SSBN crews after the completion of combat patrols. However, the results of inspections carried out in the NSNF are not published in open foreign sources.

In addition, the state and prospects for the development of strategic offensive forces are being studied by an independent commission of the US Department of Defense, established in March of 2014, the results of its work are also closed.


According to the Pentagon, the state of alert of the SNA provides for nuclear deterrence of potential enemies of the United States and its allies. According to the results of strategic exercises, the proven wings showed the ability to perform combat missions to defeat the strategic targets of a potential enemy (conditionally).

At the same time, the analysis of open informational materials shows that, according to the results of inspections, a significant amount of flaws and poorly resolved systemic issues were discovered in the missile and aviation wings.

Thus, the 341 wing of the Minuteman III ICBM (Avb Malmstrom) was rated “unsatisfactory” by the results of the NSI type inspection of the Air Force Command of the Global Strikes (KSU) of the Air Force. The personnel showed low knowledge and practical skills in working with nuclear warheads. To eliminate the shortcomings, additional time was provided with subsequent rechecking.

The emblem of the 341 th wing of the ICBM Minuteman III.

At the briefings, special attention was paid to the analysis of the unsatisfactory organization of training and combat duty on duty. It is noted that instead of systematic training of personnel, formal tests are practiced. At the same time, numerous facts of fraud were revealed, dozens of officers were removed from combat duty, noticed in deception and writing off answers during tests for professional fitness, the majority of missile officers were sent for re-certification. It turned out that many of the officers from the maintenance and repair groups admitted to combat duty and maintenance of the nuclear weapons plank did not even know how to work with them. In the preparation of combat crews of launch control points (ICPs) of the Minuteman III ICBM, there is a narrow specialization, insufficient tactical outlook, commitment to work according to instructions, and general issues of military art are poorly understood. As in previous years, the facts of drug use by officers at the Minuteman III ICBM launch control posts, their distribution and sale were revealed. Some of them took up duty on duty after drug use, ostensibly to prevent stress.

The briefings also noted that the aviation wing guidance documents did not sufficiently regulate the actions of personnel in training B-52H strategic bombers with nuclear ALCMs for combat use. Directives and directives coming into the wings from the 20 VA, KSU, USC and the Ministry of the Air Force, often contradicted each other. In their content, more attention was paid to the order of solving non-nuclear tasks to the detriment of nuclear ones. In this regard, the plans of training and methodological collections, training programs and topics for training with flight crews, specialists of maintenance and repair teams were aimed at preparing for the implementation of non-nuclear tasks. And as a result - poor knowledge and insufficient practical skills in solving the problems of nuclear support for the use of ICBMs and long-range nuclear ALCMs.

The allocation of material and technical and financial resources for maintaining combat readiness, supplying modern types of general-purpose equipment, and solving social problems of military squadrons of the nuclear component of the Air Force was carried out according to the residual principle. In the missile wings, the facts of the formal attitude of the chiefs of the 20 VA, KSU, USK and the Ministry of the Air Force to the problems of combat duty and its comprehensive support were revealed. When considering career prospects, priority was given to personnel performing tasks in military conflicts, which caused dissatisfaction with rocket officers. The temporary and current shortage of key specialists also have a negative effect on the moral and psychological state of the personnel of the wings, and measures for its replacement have not been taken. In some parts and subdivisions of the maintenance and repair of aircraft wings, such a shortage was from 50 to 200 people. This led to a violation of schedules of combat duty and created significant physical and psychological stress on the personnel of combat crews and flight crews. Guiding documents governing staffing standards and marginal incomplete levels for the main specialties in the wings of the ICBM and aircraft wings have not been developed. The inspection materials also noted that in a number of rocket maintenance departments there were only a few key specialists, which did not meet the requirements of nuclear safety. The rocket maintenance work was often stopped due to the lack of qualified personnel, since the prerequisites were created for the occurrence of an emergency situation on nuclear missiles. When monitoring practical actions, some aviation wings exceeded the established standards for bringing the aircraft fleet to the highest levels of combat readiness.

Officers on duty at the ICBM launch control center Minuteman III, 91 th wing, Minot airbase, North Dakota.

Many commanders and chiefs stated problems in the technical support of combat and daily activities of the troops: various equipment, road transport, transport and handling units used when working with missiles and nuclear warheads, developed service life, need to modernize the nuclear warhead storage.

The materials of the inspections emphasized that the main reason for the shortcomings in combat readiness lies in the imperfection of the operational and administrative management of the SNA. Thus, the forces and means assigned to combat duty in peacetime are under the operational control of the USC command. As part of the administration, the missile and aviation wings are part of 20 IA, KSU and the Ministry of the Air Force and follow the relevant directives of the senior commanders. When transferring from peacetime to wartime to operational subordination of USC, the remaining forces and means are transferred, the quality of which training for combat duty does not always satisfy the command of USC. A strict system of selection and training of personnel on duty, verification of their moral and psychological qualities has not been implemented. The monitoring system of the state of combat duty does not provide knowledge of the real state of affairs in the duty forces. In the rocket wings, the requirements of AFGSCI 13-5301 instructions developed by the Air Force Global Strike Command, which regulate the preparation and conduct of combat duty by combat crews of the Minuteman III launch control points, are not fulfilled.

As a general flaw in combat readiness, the lack of targeted assistance and insufficient funding for the SNA from the US military-political leadership was confirmed. This has led to the emergence of systemic problems in ensuring sustainable command and control of troops and nuclear weapons; depreciation of infrastructure; low manning of personnel for combat duty; his lack of professional training; the deterioration of military discipline and the moral and psychological state of people. In the course of inspections, it was revealed that the commanders replace their subordinates in solving secondary tasks, depriving them of their independence and initiative. There is an excessive number of inspections by the wing command, 20 VA, KSU and USC, and surface training of the controllers themselves.

Nuclear bombs of type B-61 are being upgraded.

At the briefings, special attention was paid to the analysis of problems in the state of the nuclear weapons complex (NWC): it is the need to confirm the safety and extend the life of the nuclear warhead in the conditions of observance of the US moratorium on nuclear testing; doubtfulness of the identity of the results of three-dimensional computer simulation of thermonuclear reactions as compared with the actual nuclear tests of the nuclear warhead; limited opportunities for the implementation of the full cycle of creating nuclear warheads, since the manufacture of their key components (plutonium nodes) can be carried out in piece mode at the Los Alamos laboratory of the US Department of Energy; systematic non-compliance with the deadlines for implementation and frequent adjustments to large industrial and scientific-technical projects; physical deterioration and obsolescence of facilities and parts of NWK infrastructure equipment; the introduction of new, more stringent requirements for security, privacy and environmental protection, in the absence of additional resources; the increase in the number of specialists of retirement age and the difficulty in training new qualified personnel; loss of experience in carrying out full-scale tests of nuclear warheads at the Nevada nuclear test site, etc. Thus, the state of the NWC is consistent with the assessment stated in the US nuclear strategy (2010) as “decayed”.

This is not a complete list of shortcomings, but in reality, failures in the combat readiness of the US SNA.

The authors of the article analyzed the organization of individual issues of combat duty on a photograph published on the US Air Force website.

The results of the analysis indicate serious shortcomings in the organization of combat duty, the equipment for the launch control station, low discipline and responsibility of the personnel of the crew for launching and formal checks by officials and various commissions.

This conclusion is confirmed by the following arguments of the authors who have significant experience in combat duty in the Strategic Nuclear Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

1. The back of the commander of the combat crew of the launch and his deputy reclined, which indicates the desire of personnel to rest (sleep) in combat positions or malfunction of the seats. Not accidentally worn right armrest commander of the crew of the crew. During the briefings, it was emphasized how during the checks they found sleeping numbers of the crew, whose heads were leaning on the keyboard of the launch consoles.

It can be assumed that with the personnel of combat crews, the launch of systemic training, which would keep people on their toes, is not carried out. The armchairs are not equipped with safety belts designed to prevent injury to personnel in the event of a possible sudden movement of the propulsion structure in the event of an enemy nuclear missile strikes the control point (the structure is suspended on powerful hydraulic shock absorbers).

It is strange that the combat crew of the launch carries combat duty without personal protective equipment (gas masks), which must be at the combat post and attached to the head restraints. Obviously, the threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction by the enemy (and terrorists) in the US SNA is not taken into account, and training of personnel for protection against weapons of mass destruction is not fulfilled. Moreover, the equipment of filtering systems at the PMP has long been used up and is in need of replacement.

2. Obviously, the US SNA does not pay enough attention to ensuring the smooth functioning of a single time system. It can be seen that the PUP has only one set of wall clock sample of the last century. There is no reserve, and the readings of the wall clock and wristwatches of the deputy commander of the combat crew are different, which is unacceptable. It is possible that in the SNA of the USA they do not know that all available hours (including personal) on control points should show a single time. In addition, there are no clocks that keep a record of time in the Strategic aerospace directions, at least in one (Northern SVKN).

3. The deputy commander of the combat crew is on duty in violation of the uniforms, since the gate of the red T-shirt of an unidentified sample is viewed. Do not really notice this direct superiors, inspectors and members of numerous commissions?

4. It can be assumed that the photograph of the girl, pasted on the body of the lower lock of the safe, has a positive effect on the moral and psychological state of the officers of the combat crew. Meanwhile, the placement of locks is not conducive to the prompt opening of the safe and retrieving the contents. In addition, there is a threat of the lock falling on the keypad with its damage or issuing unauthorized commands and reports. It must be emphasized that the locks at the missile launch control points must be internal.

5. It should be noted also the negligence in the work of the commander of combat crew with documents. So, the restrictive plate of the shelf with documents is folded back, or the locking mechanism is faulty. Meanwhile, combat, operational, technical and other secret documentation should be kept in vaults to prevent their capture. In addition, it is prohibited to visually familiarize with the names of documents of officials allowed at the launch control center. There is a foreign object on the shelf of the deputy commander of the crew.

6. The launch control room is in need of repair, and the facility needs additional sealing. This is evidenced by a broken regiment and traces of moisture to the left of the commander of the crew.

The bed, installed behind the dirty curtain to the right of the deputy commander of the combat crew, does not contribute to increasing responsibility, discipline of combat duty and readiness for the immediate implementation of combat missions.

7. There are no antistatic floor coverings at the launch control center, since the structure is a reinforced concrete monocoque cylindrical structure. Therefore, the legs of the combat crew numbers are placed on the stiffeners of the elements of the structure.

8. A constructive disadvantage of the launch control point is the lack of separate tabletops for each combat crew number for working with documents and maintaining a combat duty log. In this regard, there are no (at hand) top-priority documents required at the time of receiving combat orders (signals): these are special duties, action algorithms, a list of reports, schedules, standards, etc.


The results of the analysis allow us to draw the following conclusions about the measures to eliminate the shortcomings and failures in alertness, which were considered at the briefings.

So, in order to ensure the prestige of service in the strategic offensive forces, a decision was made to increase by one step the posts of the KSU commander to a four-star general and assistant chief of staff of the Air Force on strategic deterrence and nuclear integration to lieutenant general. It provides for an increase in the monetary allowance of servicemen serving in the SNA, as well as the payment of various bonuses. In addition, in order to stimulate personnel, a medal “For participation in nuclear deterrence operations” was instituted.

The issue of increasing the number of specialists involved in the Navy and Air Force to solve problems related to the preparation and use of nuclear missile weapons at 2,5 thousand and 1,1 thousand people, respectively, will be positively resolved. Due to the redistribution of Air Force funds this year, 145 million dollars were additionally allocated to recruit KSU troops, train personnel and improve the efficiency of work on recruiting and training specialists, eliminating deficiencies in the state of weapons and military equipment, etc.

Strategic bomber B-52H.

As for the US nuclear arsenal, by the end of 2030's. It is planned to have in service three universal nuclear chargers (YaZU) for warheads of land-based and sea-based strategic missiles and two YaZu for aircraft ammunition: the B61-12 guided bombs and the W80-4 ALCM warhead. This concept, called the “three plus two”, does not provide for the development of fundamentally new YaZU. The release of nuclear weapons is scheduled to be carried out by upgrading part of the existing ammunition using nuclear assemblies from previously used structures. Changes will be made only to non-nuclear components in order to unify them, as well as to increase the safety of nuclear warheads in emergency situations and to protect them from unauthorized actions.

Special attention is paid to the development, on the basis of existing modifications (В61-3, -4, -7 and -10), of a unified managed strategic aviation bomb В61-12 with a service life extended by 30 years. The launch of the serial production of this type of bombs is scheduled for 2020. Their carriers will be NATO military aircraft and US air force tactical aircraft, as well as strategic bombers. A program is being developed to upgrade the nuclear warhead W80-1 to the W80-4 modification for an advanced air-launched cruise missile with the aim of equipping a prospective strategic bomber. It is also envisaged to modernize the storage of nuclear ammunition, primarily located on Avb Barksdale. In general, the US military leadership intends to optimize the size and nomenclature of the country's nuclear arsenal in the period before 2040 in order to minimize the cost of maintaining it.

The briefings emphasized that modernization plans and the creation of new types of strategic offensive arms are not considered in the SNA, since there are no serious problems in their implementation.

Measures are being taken to tighten the system for monitoring the state of alert of the SNA with regard to planning, preparation and conduct of inspections, including sudden inspections. The tasks and functions of the Office of Cost Estimates and Analysis of US Department of Defense, which will verify the elimination of deficiencies in strategic offensive forces, analyze the results of the measures taken, the proper use of allocated resources, their impact on improving the combat readiness of the SNA and solving nuclear deterrence in general. The report is to be submitted on a monthly basis to R. Wark, Deputy Minister of Defense.

In this regard, a special group for evaluating the effectiveness of nuclear deterrence composed of representatives of the US Department of Defense, USC and KSU Air Force, which will analyze the materials received, will quarterly prepare conclusions and proposals for a report to the US Secretary of Defense.

Thus, the results of inspections and the work of various commissions, the state of alert of the strategic offensive forces, are of serious concern to the military-political leadership of the United States. This is confirmed by the unsatisfactory assessment of the alert status of the entire 341 th wing of the ICBM Minuteman III.
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt April 24 2016 06: 28
    At a briefing of the Air Force discuss photos of girls in officer safes! Taki, they need to stick topless photos of their minister and then she will calm down laughing
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 24 2016 07: 29
      Air Force Minister Deborah Lee James is quite upset about the results of the tests of the wings of the ICBM.
      and US Airborne troops how they work! a sight for sore eyes! yes
      1. sabakina
        sabakina April 24 2016 10: 14
        Sorry, but the son of the senior warrant officer of the Airborne Forces is crying! Just do not understand, from what?
        1. your1970
          your1970 April 24 2016 18: 10
          Do they have platforms for technology or something ????
      2. your1970
        your1970 April 24 2016 18: 07
        But why are they happy? Well, understandably - to swear, but rejoice ??? prize will be given for the fact that the equipment was dropped according to them badly fixed ....
      3. Erg
        Erg April 25 2016 00: 04
        Yes, everything is normal with our striped partners lol They just need to make corrections - well, like, if you need to land a brigade, drop one and a half. And OK!
  2. yuriy55
    yuriy55 April 24 2016 06: 30
    Based on the saying that they’re fighting not by number (quality), but by reduction, it’s possible to put a fat two for everything that relates to the US Army, its military operations and the morale of the army ... soldier
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 24 2016 09: 23
      At the same time, the analysis of open informational materials shows that, according to the results of inspections, a significant amount of flaws and poorly resolved systemic issues were discovered in the missile and aviation wings.
      So, the 341st wing of the Minuteman III ICBM (Avb Malmstrom) was rated “unsatisfactory” by the results of the NSI type check by the Air Force Global Command Command (KSU). The personnel showed low knowledge and practical skills in working with nuclear weapons.

      Is it possible, is it permissible?
      They are overseas warriors sitting at the control panels for ballistic missiles with a special warhead. Well, if, out of inability, out of drunken eyes or in drug dreams, they arrange a local Armageddon in their country. But if one of these "crazy little hands" in epaulettes comes up with the idea to play war. It will become of them.
      Although, it seems to me that all these conclusions of the commissions are taut and far-fetched. The main thing for them is to help the military (and those whose interests in the military-industrial complex they represent) to get more money out of the budget for the modernization of the Armed Forces under the old pretext of fear of the myth of the Russian military threat. Then everything falls into place. And the conclusions of these commissions, too.
      I have the honor.
      1. kalibr
        kalibr 16 May 2016 06: 54
        If so, but ... why are we constantly scared by the American threat, that tomorrow, today ... right now. In such cases, fight with an atomic power? Or is it a scarecrow to make people afraid and easy to manage?
  3. demiurg
    demiurg April 24 2016 06: 31
    The shelf is torn off, the armrest is worn out. PPTs, and how to fight in such conditions? Was the foreman included in the inspection? Or a "fifteen year old" captain?

    commitment to work on instructions .... No creativity when dealing with nuclear warheads lol

    And after all, all the same, the whole question will boil down to the fact that "hello mom, came out money" well, sacred "Russians are coming."
  4. izya top
    izya top April 24 2016 06: 49
    you need to figure out how to take away the vigorous club from these idiots. they will play to the full kirdyk.
    Matches for children is not a toy!
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem April 24 2016 07: 20
    As in previous years, the facts of drug use by officers were revealed at Minuteman III ICBM launch control points, their distribution and sale. Some of them took up combat duty after using drugs, supposedly with the aim of preventing stress.

    It will be a pity if the end of the world comes through the fault of an addict who, under the glitches of a nuclear attack.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 24 2016 09: 30
      It doesn’t come, there is a multi-level security system with codes - you can launch that fig alone.
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem April 24 2016 12: 48
        In theory, yes ..)
        But there is always a human factor and a malfunction in technology.
        "On August 30, 2007, six thermonuclear warheads were found missing at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. As it turned out, the day before, a group of US Air Force personnel preparing a B-52H bomber to be sent to Barksdale Air Base in Louisiana did not conduct a number of required checks. As a result, the change in the storage location of missiles with training warheads remained unnoticed.As a result, the military mistakenly installed six W80-1 warheads with a thermonuclear charge on the left wing of the aircraft, training warheads were installed on the right wing. Taking the job, the radar operator inspected the missiles mounted on the right wing, he did not examine the left wing, and the captain of the crew also neglected to visually inspect the aircraft.
        In the morning, the B-52 flew to Barksdale, after which it stood on the apron of the air base without protection for nine hours. Only in the evening was the loss discovered on Minot. At this time, one of the officers dismantling the missiles noticed external differences between the warheads on the pylons of the right and left wings. It was only after additional inspection that the mistake, due to which the nuclear weapon was lost for 36 hours, was discovered. Various disciplinary sanctions were then given to 70 people involved in the incident. "
        “At the end of 2006, the United States, together with a batch of helicopter batteries, mistakenly sent four fuses for nuclear warheads installed on Minuteman ballistic missiles to Taiwan. Despite the fact that the technology for the production of these fuses was developed in the sixties of the last century, it is still has been classified as classified for now. Due to the mistake, Taiwan was given the opportunity to study the device of American nuclear weapons. "
        “In 2000, representatives of the country's Ministry of Defense decided to change the codes from the nuclear briefcase, but the presidential aide said that the head of state did not have the codes, since they had been lost. As it turned out, the United States remained without a key from nuclear weapons a few months ago, but with a mandatory monthly To verify the safety of the presidential key, the assistant to the head of state said that the card was in Clinton's possession, and the president himself was at a meeting, so it was impossible to verify the accuracy of the assistant's statements, while Clinton himself did not even imagine when and where he could lose the key to the nuclear suitcase. "
        1. your1970
          your1970 April 24 2016 18: 15
          "during the mandatory monthly check of the safety of the presidential key, the assistant to the head of state stated that the card was in Clinton's possession, and the president himself was at a meeting, so it was not possible to verify the accuracy of the assistant's statements. Clinton himself did not even imagine when and where he could lose the key from the nuclear suitcase. "
          And you are WAR !!! Damn Clinton apparently paid with the keys-hung up and say noodles they say from the cell in the bank with grandmas ....
        2. 1rl141
          1rl141 April 24 2016 20: 53
          That's who the monkeys with the grenade are the Americans.
  6. cobalt
    cobalt April 24 2016 08: 35
    That general in the photo on the left apparently beat off his whole arm about his degraded officers trying to bring them to life from narcotic ecstasy when checking military posts.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 24 2016 09: 32
      No, he fell into a rocket mine from alcohol intoxication, after meeting with the guys at the post - which he poured.
  7. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 24 2016 09: 40
    Air Force Minister Deborah Lee James

    The more women will be in the governing bodies of a likely adversary, the faster they will degrade.
    In this regard, Russia should not be ahead of the rest.
    Each person should engage in his characteristic activities, according to the talents received from the Lord ...
  8. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 April 24 2016 09: 51
    Truly hard ... the impression is that the four-star general just returned from the funeral of the US Army!
    1. Fonmeg
      Fonmeg April 24 2016 10: 39
      Vladimir61 UA

      the impression is that the four-star general has just returned from the funeral of the US Army!

      He landed with the army! And it seems the only survivor.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 April 24 2016 13: 45
        Quote: Vladimir61
        Truly hard ... the impression is that the four-star general just returned from the funeral of the US Army!

        Yes, what's there ... laughing What do you know about the gravity borne by the American generals ... behold, he spoke about the aggressive Russians and the price of the f-35 ... and something desponded.
  9. Arkan
    Arkan April 24 2016 10: 03
    The education system, arrogance, usual slovenliness at the same time, leads to such deplorable results. Now the military will beg for money from the Senate and Congress to increase combat training.
  10. sabakina
    sabakina April 24 2016 10: 17
    Thus, the results of inspections and the work of various commissions, the state of alert of strategic offensive forces cause serious concern to the US military-political leadership. This is confirmed by an unsatisfactory rating for the combat readiness of the entire 341st wing of ICBM Minuteman III
    Thus, this video confirms the above.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 24 2016 12: 07
      If things become completely bad with ground-based ICBMs, the United States can transfer all warheads to submarines, namely, install additional Trident 2 missiles - up to 14 warheads can be installed on each missile - the fleet certainly has no problems with service. I would have done it in their place, ground mines are easy to hit, and submarines on combat duty are almost impossible, and all Minutmen converted 450 pieces into missile interceptors.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Erg
      Erg April 25 2016 00: 20
      Yes, it seems Elizabeth put on GDP what
  11. am808s
    am808s April 24 2016 13: 10
    Bravo is not bad news, although not new. But you shouldn’t give any advice to them, let them live better in pink glasses!
  12. __VESCT0R__
    __VESCT0R__ April 24 2016 13: 30
    Quote: Vadim237
    If things become completely bad with ground-based ICBMs, the United States can transfer all warheads to submarines, namely, install additional Trident 2 missiles - up to 14 warheads can be installed on each missile - the fleet certainly has no problems with service. I would have done it in their place, ground mines are easy to hit, and submarines on combat duty are almost impossible, and all Minutmen converted 450 pieces into missile interceptors.

    The United States has only 14 Ohio boats, ancient as the Kal Mammoth, 336 Trident2 with an expired or nearing end of life. And on the account to remake one into another, then the keyword is to remake, for the USA to remake is what it is to break and that's all))
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 24 2016 15: 49
      And that, the submarines are old - they have already been repaired and modernized several times, and the Trident 2D5 missile surpasses our Mace in accuracy and combat load - recently they tested a new W88 warhead for it.
  13. Lendrom
    Lendrom April 24 2016 14: 34
    oh, again the loot is knocked out of the treasury
  14. Kenneth
    Kenneth April 24 2016 14: 34
    Honestly, I don't give a damn about how it is in the USA. I wonder how we are with the Strategic Missile Forces. And let regular accidents with military aircraft be explained.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 24 2016 15: 54
      In our Strategic Rocket Forces, the only problem in the naval component - the ICBM Bulava - is the most unreliable missile in our nuclear triad.
  15. Bator
    Bator April 24 2016 15: 52
    since the age of the pin.dosovsky Minutemans is more than 30 years already. They only have Tridents a little younger than 10 years.
  16. kolobok63
    kolobok63 April 24 2016 15: 53
    The only time a proverb hi The worse, the better!
  17. krops777
    krops777 April 24 2016 17: 09
    What is surprising is that it is less necessary to "roll" your crap democracy around the world, you see, and money for "internal" troops appeared, and so no money will be enough.
  18. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff April 24 2016 20: 08
    It can be seen how the big-big master of the world (money of all countries) methodically hits one point: "deduct for the army and weapons!", Then - into another: "global warming, pollution! Invest in ...".
    In general, "Carthage must fall."
    What is needed for this? Media, media and media. And no! No freedom of information whatsoever. Money is not invested in freedom.
    To show how strong and dangerous Russia and China are ... Even to make them really look stronger. To create a humiliated, offended, defenseless and dangerous state of affairs in the countries of the "free world".
    And then boldly rake money on orders of both weapons and on new technologies that are actually absolutely dangerous for humanity (from rampant robotics and pseudo-ecological projects, to genetic engineering and unpredictable physical experiments).
    So all this talk about the weaknesses of NATO forces and oh, as effective Russian ones, is not a reason to rejoice.
  19. Svidetel 45
    Svidetel 45 April 24 2016 21: 05
    The old song, which has been sung from the very beginning of the arms race since the 40s of the last century, "the Russians are coming, and we are so weak and defenseless, give money for defense", although in reality they have always been the initiators of the development and implementation of more and more types and systems of weapons. We have to wait for the promotion of a new round of the arms race, and with such a ratio of the economies of Russia and the United States, we will have a hard time, one hope that in the near future China may become a greater military threat to the United States than Russia, and then they will have to scatter their strike forces on two fronts ...