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Ukrainian revolution rotting on the vine? (Dagbladet, Norway)

Ukrainian revolution rotting on the vine? (Dagbladet, Norway)

Is another Ukrainian revolution rotting in the bud? Something points to that.

Last week, Ukraine acquired a new government. The main reason for its appearance is the requirement of the International Monetary Font (IMF). The Fund demands that Ukraine implement economic reforms and demonstrate that it is ready to break with corruption. It took new brooms to stop payments from the IMF in the amount of 17,5 billions of dollars. Should the state apparatus still remain inactive, or was it necessary to change something?

The question was as obvious as it could be. Ukraine has changed the government. The politician-reformer and hero of the 2014 revolution of the year, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was replaced by the most loyal person to President Petro Poroshenko - Vladimir Groisman. This means that all power is now concentrated in the hands of Poroshenko. And where Yatsenyuk had his own voice and his own authority as a politician-reformer, Groysman is no more than the continuation of Poroshenko’s hand.

Probably, the change of the government and the basics of its activities satisfied the IMF, which should take seriously the assurances of the new government in reforms and the fight against corruption. But how much can you believe the spells that we hear and see? “I understand what threats we face. Especially I would like to highlight three of them: corruption, poor governance and populism, ”said Groisman, when his government received the necessary majority of April 14.

But making a diagnosis is one thing. Another thing - to overcome the disease, using the necessary and most radical medicines. The first government Poroshenko said the same thing that says now Groisman. But is there any reason to believe that this government will be more sincere in its desire to defeat corruption? In February, the Minister of Economic Development, Aivaras Abromavičius, resigned from his post in protest, as he formulated it, of corrupt people who were hindering the implementation of reforms in his ministry. He hung a bell on the cat, saying that the corrupt official Igor Kononenko does not allow him to work. Kononenko is not someone who anyhow, but the gray cardinal of the Poroshenko regime who pulls the strings and contacts the richest oligarchs in the country.

And the biggest structural problem of Ukraine is the Ukrainian oligarchs. They bought political power by placing in the parliament and the government apparatus people who are more loyal to them than to the party they are supposed to represent. In particular, they openly say that two of the most important Ukrainian oligarchs, Renat Akhmetov, whose center of power is in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, and who bought and paid for President Viktor Yanukovych, who was toppled into the 2014 revolution of the year, and Igor Kolomoysky, who funds the armies fighting with the pro-Russian rebels in the east of the country — both of them “approved” the change of government last week. That is, both oligarchs, each of whom is on his side in the outbreak of a brutal civil war, have - thanks to their money and connections - a decisive influence in the new government.

Of course, it is unpleasant. But the most unpleasant is the feeling that you have already seen it. The reform regime, which, after a popular uprising and revolution, froze, faced with Ukrainian reality. Because this is exactly what happened after the Orange Revolution in 2004. Then, the hero of the revolution, Viktor Yushchenko, was elected president - on the wave of the reform program, as now, who received EU support.

But corrupt officials, politicians and the president, who was lost in himself and, in particular, defamed journalists who wrote about his corrupt son, led to the fact that many of the democratic gains of the Orange Revolution were lost rather quickly.

Ukraine is a country with a difficult history. Problems and contradictions stand here literally in the queue one after another. There are many signs that Ukraine after the 2014 revolution of the year is similar to Ukraine after the 2004 revolution of the year. At first there were great national expectations of real and radical change.
But the old political structures strangled for power and denied the people the reforms that they demanded and dreamed of. Because it was about the same thing during both revolutions: the people demanded comprehensive reforms and the fight against corrupt government. And if the current transfer of power from Yatsenyuk to Groysman is a kind of repetition of what happened after the Orange Revolution, it means another misfortune for Ukraine, such a politically complex country.
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  1. poquello
    poquello April 22 2016 15: 08
    fighting yourself is a difficult thing when two voices argue in your head and both strangers are a big problem
    1. CORNET
      CORNET April 22 2016 15: 22
      Who should live well in Ukraine ..? These ones are always afloat and profitable anyway! Eh Ukraine you again mated and abandoned, you slut ....
      1. poquello
        poquello April 22 2016 15: 56
        Quote: CORNET
        Who should live well in Ukraine ..? These ones are always afloat and profitable anyway! Eh Ukraine, they will again mate and leave you ... [/ center]

        Duc their that trade
        1. cniza
          cniza April 22 2016 17: 04
          This clowning is still visible for a long time, until the people completely bend.
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana April 23 2016 12: 29
            Rural residents with their subsistence farming were never, on their own, the historical cause of the emergence of the state and nation, as such, i.e. they were never, by their very nature, mentally “statesmen” in the full sense of the word. They have a small-town, egocentric scale of self-organization of society and personal freedom - and nothing more. Those. by their nature in the sense of statehood, they historically were originally ANARCHISTS - they do not recognize any authority over themselves.
            Historically, the state appears when city dwellers appear with their industrial crafts, i.e. when there is a market between town and country with the exchange of commodity products and the expansion of economic ties between geographic regions. In other words, for the emergence of a state, the rural population refers to the urban population as “necessary” to “sufficient” according to the dialectical principle of the unity of “necessary” and “sufficient”. Hence the difference in their mentality.
            As a result of all this, at the time of the shattering of power within the country, revolts give rise to villages, and the urban population of the revolution.
            Therefore, if the driving forces on the Maidan were the rural small-town population - zapadentsy - then expect from it only a dull and stubborn small-town ethno-nationalism in the form of ethno-fascism and even greater chaos in the country. But chaos is only a zero reference point for transferring power from one hand to another.
            The Russian population in Ukraine, committed to the centuries-old Russian statehood and from this a law-abiding population, as such, is only capable of restoring the sovereignty of Ukraine in a normal way - namely, as a MULTINATIONAL state.
            That is why the primary task of the United States as an external aggressor in Ukraine is to "clean up" the entire territory of Ukraine from the ethnic-Russian population oriented to Russia as an example of statehood and the Russian nation.
            With this - mind you! - And the erasure of the cities of Ukraine from the face of the Earth also fits into this strategy of aggression of an external enemy against Ukraine to seize its territory and reformat its statehood into NON-STATE and then into a colony of another foreign state.
            And this launch of frenzied Russophobia will be launched in Ukraine as many times as an external invader - the United States - will need to clean Ukraine from all of the above historical social preconditions to defend its true Ukraine in its irreversible colony.
            1. SklochPensioner
              SklochPensioner April 23 2016 16: 17
              Quote: Tatiana
              The Russian population in Ukraine, committed to the centuries-old Russian statehood and from this a law-abiding population, as such, is only capable of restoring the sovereignty of Ukraine in a normal way - namely, as a MULTINATIONAL state.

              Tatyana, you knowingly wear these heavy shoulder straps love
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. DMB_95
        DMB_95 April 22 2016 16: 23
        Quote: CORNET
        Who should live well in Ukraine ..? These are always afloat

        What does not sink, then they are afloat. Swims and drowns the whole country and people, brainwashing them. And those, choking, are sure - Russia is to blame.
    2. Vend
      Vend April 22 2016 15: 24
      Quote: poquello
      fighting yourself is a difficult thing when two voices argue in your head and both strangers are a big problem

      This is not a problem, this is a diagnosis laughing
      Is another Ukrainian revolution rotting in the bud?
      When the mattresses need a revolution, there is someone to lead people to the slaughter.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym April 22 2016 16: 33
        They, the Kiev authorities, have no main thing - prospects and "carrots" for the people. There is no first, because The EU does not shine. If they give a visa-free space, the "second Baltic" will begin - an outflow of the population, but with the economy it is clear. And with "gingerbread" it is also clear - there is no money, there are no growth points for the economy either. And even on the contrary - the rise in prices for housing and communal services, prices for fuels and lubricants, inflation and the hryvnia exchange rate will fall. The printing press will no longer give at least some momentary respite - foreign markets have all narrowed, the EU with its meager quotas, and the Russian Federation is closing. And what reforms will help in such conditions? People do not have the money to introduce any other taxes. Kolomoisky "milk" Groisman's guts are thin. The layoffs will only pump up the "protest electorate." In an amicable way, it is necessary to restart the industry, but where to sell the products, if all the markets themselves have been cut off. The Ukrainian metallurgy of the Russian Federation is no longer needed, for example.
        The IMF loan (1,7 billion) will give - they will close the holes, and then they will ask again. GDP, however, spoke of subsidies of 9-10 billion a year - the West certainly will not give it in vain, and loans will only tighten the noose around the neck. In a good way, we need injections, as in Poland - 160 billion dollars, but the West will definitely not give such money to Ukraine, definitely.
        At the end of July 2013. was in Kiev at the same plant and talked with the deputy. director. Let's go to lunch, and I told him: "Why does your Yanukovych climb into the EU? Are you not afraid that the situation will repeat itself, as with the Baltic states. Where is RAF, Dzintaris, Radioelectronics, VEF, etc.? Why do they need your Antonovs, Zenits, motors and shipyards - do they have their own ?! ..... As he looked into the water. Groisman cannot do anything in such an oligarchic system. hi
        The situation may begin to change when we see the arrival of the Ukrainian leader (not Poroshenko, so different) to the Kremlin. We have already begun to call.
        1. V.ic
          V.ic April 22 2016 16: 50
          Quote: Kasym
          We have already begun to call.

          Female voice: "The telephone of the called subscriber is turned off, or is out of range of the network." After the beep you can leave your message ... Pi, Pi, Pi ...
        2. Vend
          Vend April 22 2016 17: 42
          Quote: Kasym
          They, the Kiev authorities, have no main thing - prospects and "carrots" for the people.

          For the people there is a carrot. As well as at other times they will pay those who come to the Maidan. A lot will come, Ukrainians need money now. And the next race will begin. The question is different, do mattresses need this?
    3. The black
      The black April 22 2016 16: 21
      Yes, they will not help Ukraine as clearly as day. Project 404 was intended to break in the Maidan for the purpose of its subsequent holding in Moscow, but the Russians, I hope, received a powerful vaccine from this bacchanalia that is happening at the neighbors
    4. 79807420129
      79807420129 April 22 2016 16: 22
      means another misfortune for Ukraine, such a politically complex country.

      Ukraine itself is a great misfortune for the whole world.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic April 22 2016 16: 51
        Quote: 79807420129
        Ukraine itself is a great misfortune for the whole world.

        Just "the whole world" did not notice 404. Globus Ukrein, according to analysts' forecasts, will not be in demand in the foreign market.
    5. vic58
      vic58 April 22 2016 17: 29
      Spring-s, aggravation ... Polite people and a room with soft wallpaper repeat Ward № 6!!!
    6. Arkhan
      Arkhan April 25 2016 20: 15
      I don’t want to prove anything to you. Just leave it here
      You decide what to do with it.
  2. Teberii
    Teberii April 22 2016 15: 09
    A rotten coup has nothing to rot on him.
  3. Mikelanjelo
    Mikelanjelo April 22 2016 15: 11
    I think the word "reforms" means the immediate sale of Ukraine
  4. Wolverine
    Wolverine April 22 2016 15: 13
    They have already passed the return point, now only a rope with soap will help ...
    1. Holsten
      Holsten April 22 2016 15: 36
      ... with fat.
      1. Weyland
        Weyland April 22 2016 20: 52
        Quote: Holsten
        ... with fat.

        “Ivanushka, what are you doing, huh?” Gapon asked weakly.

        “I’m cutting the rope,” Ivan replied, clearly annoyed at the lack of maturity of Gapon.

        - What for?

        - Well, not on the whole same you, Judah, hang. Sorry for the rope ... Do you have soap?

        “No ...” Gapon measured.

        - Have to without soap.

        Meanwhile, two strangers came up to Ivan, unfamiliar to Gapon. As the reader can easily guess, these aliens were Kubatay and Smolyanin.

        “If there is no soap,” said Kubatay, “you can use pork fat ...” The purpose of soaping is not to ensure sanitation and hygiene, somewhat belated in such cases, but to reduce friction.

        - Sage! - Ivan praised, reaching for the sewing fat.

        (Lukyanenko + Burkin "Tsar, prince, king, prince")
        1. ver_
          ver_ April 23 2016 02: 32
          .. and there is on the outskirts of the Crematorium, "why not?
      2. The comment was deleted.
  5. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 April 22 2016 15: 16
    The most objective thought about Ukraine in the light of recent changes in the government runs into a joke about a brothel, when it’s useless to change the interior to attract customers, it’s more efficient to remove the staff working there. In this case, an institution called Ukraine should be reorganized into a more serious organization and go in for control of the country, where the confused and dishonest confused from politics will not be in demand.
  6. Coconut Tima
    Coconut Tima April 22 2016 15: 19
    "And Ukraine's biggest structural problem is the Ukrainian oligarchs."
    Broad Ukrainians, of course!
    1. 30BIS
      30BIS April 22 2016 16: 20
      Kiev Kaganate
    2. V.ic
      V.ic April 22 2016 16: 55
      Quote: Tim Coconuts
      what to say!

      Yes, and we have the same "chosen people" in the entire power vertical! Why blame it on okhl.ov, if the face itself is crooked!
  7. svp67
    svp67 April 22 2016 15: 20
    What kind of REVOLUTION is it talking about? It looks more like counter-revolution. If after October 1917, the City crushed the Village using the dictatorship of the proletariat, now the Village has gone to crush the City, destroying production and dreaming of the formation of a "great agrarian superpower". But they somehow forget that NO ONE NEEDS THEY IN THIS APPEARANCE now. So they have already destroyed industrial production, but they are unlikely to build something new.
  8. newcomer
    newcomer April 22 2016 15: 21
    Europe still realized that in Ukraine_ drain water, extinguish the light. now they will butt out among themselves, who will get juicy pieces, and who will not.
  9. MuadDib
    MuadDib April 22 2016 15: 22
    In Europe, some still believe that there was a revolution in Ukraine. How are they blind or pretend to be so? The coup paid by the West cannot bring happiness to citizens of multi-part Ukraine.
  10. Furious bambr
    Furious bambr April 22 2016 15: 22
    Is another Ukrainian revolution rotting in the bud?
    Yes, and to hell with her! I have feelings for this revolution and revolutionaries no more than for the monkeys in the zoo. Or maybe less
  11. iouris
    iouris April 22 2016 15: 23
    Firstly, the revolution took place in 1991 (more precisely, the counter-revolution). Secondly, there is nothing new in decay. Just consumed (run out) resources inherited from the USSR.
    No reforms shine: the BSSSR space is seen as a large colonial prize of the West and the EU. Just a drop in oil prices created a problem: exports to the colonies decreased.
    And do not shag grandmother.
  12. Holsten
    Holsten April 22 2016 15: 49
    I don’t want to analyze the depth of thinking of the author of the article, but I am pleased with the change in the trend among Western journalists in relation to the "hydability revolution." Perhaps an understanding of the essence of what is happening will soon come.
  13. Yarik76
    Yarik76 April 22 2016 15: 58
    From the gang of Maydauns, you can swap all around 'place them in a checkerboard pattern - all the same, it's bullshit! There will be no house without a foundation. The people of Ukraine are very pleased with the hike. Good luck and the EU to help you!
  14. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 22 2016 16: 02
    Yes, we ... are on this "Ukraine". I already feel sick from this word.
    1. pigkiller
      pigkiller April 22 2016 16: 10
      The trouble is that this cesspool is bordered by Russia.
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 April 22 2016 16: 26
        Yeah, it still stinks in our direction. Willfully puke.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  15. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 22 2016 16: 13
    Well, for some reason, it rots, it was originally rotten. And strangely enough, but the only ones who relatively honestly fit into this mess were nationalists and PS, who immediately announced their position. And the rest is just rot. Of course, I could be wrong, but this is how I see this situation.
  16. Sasha_Sar
    Sasha_Sar April 22 2016 16: 29
    One would like to recall the fable of I.A. Krylova

    Prankish Monkey,
    A donkey,
    Yes clubfoot Bear
    They started to play the Quartet.
    We got notes, bass, viola, two violins
    And sat on the meadow under the sticky, -
    Captivate your art light.
    Hit in the bows, tear, but no sense.
    “Wait, brothers, wait! - shouts Monkey. -
    Wait a minute
    How do the music go? After all, you are not sitting like that.
    You with the bass, Misha, sit down against the viola,
    I, prima, will sit against the second;
    Then the music will not be the same:
    We will dance the forest and mountains! ”
    Settled, started the Quartet;
    He nevertheless doesn’t get on well.
    “Wait, have I found a secret? -
    Donkey screams, - we really get along,
    If we sit next to him. ”
    We listened to the Donkey: sit serenely in a row;
    Nevertheless, the Quartet is in no way.
    Here more than ever they went to the analysis
    And disputes,
    Who and how to sit.
    Nightingale happened to fly their noise.
    Here, asking everything to him, so that they can be solved by doubt.
    “Perhaps,” they say, “take patience for an hour,
    To Quartet in order our lead:
    And we have the notes, and the instruments are,
    Just tell us how to sit down! ”-
    "To be a musician, so must the skill
    And your ears more gentle, -
    The Nightingale answers them, -
    And you, friends, no matter how you sit down;
    You’re not good at musicians. ”
  17. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 April 22 2016 16: 44
    Ukraine is a country with a complex history.

    August 24 - 25 years of the founding of this country, unfinished territories, I don’t even know how to say more precisely. What is the story, what and whom? What have independent and proud achieved over a quarter century? what can be the story when traitors of the people who sell their homeland to the conquerors and fight their own people are proclaimed national heroes? The whole history of the outskirts is a path of betrayal and opportunism. They lifted her up all her life and continued to rob her. They revived under the USSR, they felt proud and proud of the nation, and now they are lackeys and lackeys again. It’s your choice, the people of the outskirts, Russia didn’t impose it on you. Choose it yourself, if it's not too late. you understand, difficult ... foolRots? Well, let him rot.
    1. iouris
      iouris April 22 2016 16: 54
      The history of Ukraine is part of the history of Russia. A simple story only in Norway.
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 April 22 2016 17: 07
        I understand that intellectually. You are the Ukrainians who dug up the Black Sea explain.
        "Ukraine is a mustache!"
      2. Weyland
        Weyland April 22 2016 21: 07
        Quote: iouris
        A simple story only in Norway.

        Do you know her well? I would not say that it is so simple - and very similar to ukrainian - then one "kindred" people will conquer them (Danes), then another (Swedes) ...laughing By the way, they even have an analogue of Hrushevsky's "Mova" - "Høgnorsk" is called, the same synthetics! laughing
  18. 1536
    1536 April 22 2016 16: 52
    Is the Ukrainian revolution rotting? This is a consequence of the direct occupation of Ukraine by the United States of America, performing the functions of a gendarme and a looter.
  19. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 April 22 2016 17: 21
    There is an old Ukrainians fun in Ukraine, every ten years to organize a revolution, and nothing can be done about it laughing
  20. HAM
    HAM April 22 2016 17: 40
    It is necessary to combine Urkainu with the Baltic states, and everyone will be happy .... wassatDalia wants this so ...
  21. kotvov
    kotvov April 22 2016 17: 54
    this means another misfortune for Ukraine ,,,
    aren’t you gentlemen Europeans all contributed to this.
  22. The Little Humpbacked Horse
    The Little Humpbacked Horse April 22 2016 18: 00
    Quote: Kasym
    And even vice versa - rising prices for housing and communal services, prices for fuel and lubricants, inflation and the hryvnia will fall.

    Well, for the year the hryvnia exchange rate practically did not change, about 26 grams per dollar, and this is in the impoverished Ukraine. And that's why in rich Russia the dollar exchange rate for the year changes after oil, from 50 in May to 82 in January, this is a question. US Obama draws the ruble exchange rate on the New York Stock Exchange by setting the price of oil
  23. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 22 2016 18: 07
    The main result of the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 is the degradation of the national economy.
    This happens at the beginning of any revolution.
    The question now is: how long will this beginning last?
    The West is clearly not interested in the development of the Ukrainian economy.
    He just needs a market ...
  24. atamankko
    atamankko April 22 2016 18: 43
    It is undercounted and unhuman that it is in power, that among the people freeloaders are professionals.
  25. Orionvit
    Orionvit April 22 2016 19: 52
    Quote: cniza
    This clowning is still visible for a long time, until the people completely bend.

    For this and the whole calculation. Only "patriots" in Ukraine do not want to see this point-blank.
  26. OlegLex
    OlegLex April 22 2016 20: 13
    Ukraine is a country with a complex history. Is there such a country as Ukraine? No, of course there is such a country on the political map of the world, and it appeared rhinestone after the collapse of the Russian Empire, only the country is exclusively man-made and, so to speak, stillborn. Both Poland and Finland left the empire, but they used to be, and the history of these entities has been going on for more than one hundred years. But what about Ukraine, or if the Borderland is completely Russian, there has never been such a country, and now there is none. It is not enough just to draw the surface of the earth on the map and tell the people living on it, that's it! you are not Russian now! you are Ukrainians. There is nothing in this, not for nothing that the Motherland and Country are very close concepts. And when the country is not the motherland, then the country is a corpse.
  27. VP
    VP April 22 2016 21: 38
    It is necessary to endure (s)
    The boys run on a treadmill whose speed is constantly increasing. Soon he will be thrown from the track.
  28. Turkir
    Turkir April 22 2016 21: 50
    A coup for American money with performers who only know how to moo bandar slogans is hardly a revolution.
  29. asiat_61
    asiat_61 April 22 2016 22: 14
    Ukraine is a country with a complex history. End of quote. Ukraine is a country without history. 25 years of tearing away, what the hell is history?
    1. skeptic
      skeptic April 23 2016 18: 25
      Urkaina is not a country and has never been.
      This is the territory.
  30. koshmarik
    koshmarik April 23 2016 12: 00
    Ukraine itself will not fall apart. She is kept afloat and will continue to be kept by aggressive Obama and compassionate Merkel, well, there’s still little things. The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine needs to act more actively, and not wait for the weather by the sea.
  31. Bramb
    Bramb April 23 2016 12: 20
    A complex story - is it 25 years of plundering the property that Ukrainians left after the USSR?
    Is a revolution an armed coup?
    Then we must speak correctly: re-evolution.
    No need to save anyone. Let there be an agrarian country with a semi-literate population. And wilderly nehai run through the fields. Though naked! So the money will beg handy. Usually served a little. )))