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Why did Yarosh talk about the collapse of Ukraine, and Zakharchenko draws a “straight line” with Kharkov

Quite a lot of talk in Ukraine caused the statement of the people's deputy Rada, the former leader of pravosekov Dmitry Yarosh about the real disintegration of Ukraine at the end of this year. What two political scientists have been talking and writing about for two years, has now been voiced by radical Yarosh.

Why did Yarosh talk about the collapse of Ukraine, and Zakharchenko draws a “straight line” with Kharkov

On the one hand, it is clear that today is not the best time for Yarosh. If the victory of the Maidan is to some extent the merit of the Right Sector and Yarosh personally, then today both the organization and the former leader no longer have such a force. So, such a statement is likely to be interpreted as an attempt to attract supporters to the new organization.

Today Yarosh actively gathers under the banners of the new organization DIA (Yarosh initiative) all those who lost faith in the results of the Maidan, those who want to continue the revolution. And the political and economic situation today is such that these people are becoming more and more.

"There is a very pessimistic scenario that gives our country a margin of safety until the end of the year. After that, we can get several quasi-states on the territory of Ukraine."

Some readers are now grinning. For two years, many authors, including your humble servant, "wag" the disintegration of Ukraine. And she stands and stands. Tired already. And in many ways they will be right. Indeed, the "wagging" is really worth it. And why? And why has the rhetoric of Ukraine’s representatives on Russian television and other media changed so dramatically today? Why have European and American politicians started talking about disintegration? Why even the Ukrainian president in some speeches draws attention to this question?

I don’t know if the readers noticed, but even the President of Ukraine doesn’t use the phrase “aggressor country”. And associates are more and more often talking about the need to restore economic ties with Russia.

The answer is in the ... economy. It is in the economy, not in politics. No matter how beautiful the politician says, if the people are starving, then there comes a moment when the main argument is not a fork, but a pitchfork. The mutual influence of economics and politics is an indisputable fact. Any politician always expresses the opinion of an economic group of people. And acts in the interests of this group. The only difference is how much it takes into account the interests of the others.

Yarosh today says that only security officials can save Ukraine. However, once I already wrote about this, Yarosh is well trained. And today there are no statements about the establishment of a military dictatorship. It's too early to scare the electorate with such statements. For the time being, the talk is about the security officials as the saviors of a single state.

“We work both with the army environment and with the security forces. Because we understand, if any, conditionally speaking, Vradiyevka breaks out, she can detonate the general state situation. And only the army, only the security forces-patriots can keep this situation. trust. The more I travel around the country, the more convinced I am. "

If someone does not know about Vradiyevka, then I advise you to look at the publications for the 2013 year. It was then that a rebellion broke out in the village of Vradiyevka, which many Ukrainian analysts call the rehearsal of the Maidan. The reason was the reaction of the authorities to the statement of two women about the rape of the police.

Increasingly, Ukrainians are talking about Ukrainian identity. Increasingly, they talk about the "patchwork" of the Ukrainian state. Many openly oppose the east and west of the country. At the same time, a lot of evidence is given. From historical roots, to the way of life and the results that have passed over a quarter century of elections. There is an active search for a Ukrainian idea.

And, as it seems to me, it was just such a political background that Alexander Zakharchenko decided to use for breaking through the information blockade. Yarosh "plays" in western Ukraine, Zakharchenko - in the east.

Donetsk Agency News reported that on April 26 Zakharchenko will conduct a direct line in the format of an online conference with residents of Kharkov.

"For a long time, my site received a large number of complaints from ordinary citizens of Ukraine. Questions require answers. Especially from Kharkov. After all, these are our neighbors, our relatives, friends and colleagues live there. April 26 will be a direct and open conversation."

This is a statement of the leader of the DNI.

Why exactly Kharkov? Indeed, it is clear to anyone who knows the situation in this city that most likely there will not be anyone willing to risk contacting the leader of the DPR. SBU in Kharkov works. And it works quite successfully. Then on whom the calculation? Who is the main consumer?

Most likely, Zakharchenko is guided not so much by the residents of Kharkiv, as by those who consider themselves Kharkiv residents, but due to various circumstances today live outside the city. And the questions, I think, will be from this category. That is, the questions will be "from their own."

By the way, after talking with Kharkiv citizens living and working today on the territory of the DPR, I concluded that they are not particularly eager for this conference. Many still live relatives in Kharkov, and there are few people who want to exhibit as an open conference participant. Only those who are sure that there will be no consequences.

If you think about it, the idea of ​​a conference is rather harmful than useful for the republic. Who is Zakharchenko going to talk with? Those who are ready to protest today? Or those who through the efforts of the Ukrainian media turned into an ardent nationalist? Do not the leadership of the DPR see a simple fact: Kharkov, the most pro-Russian city, is simply strangled by the security forces today.

Or a native of Kharkov and a vynicer of Kernes Biletsky, one of the founders and commander of "Azov", has already changed the location of his dogs? It seems not, still one of the battalions of the regiment is in Kharkov. And not just worth it.

It is clear that Putin is to blame. I am not kidding. It is Putin, with his successful straight lines. It seems to me that someone from the environment decided to raise the ratings of Zakharchenko in the same way as the Russian president does.

Only now the level of Putin’s policy and field commander Zakharchenko is too different. No offense Zakharchenko said. Putin, unlike Zakharchenko, is independent.

And "nakosyachili" in the DNI is enough. Lyapy in solving the simplest questions, repressions, which with this leader became almost the norm, an artificially created personality cult, all this somewhat diminished the revolutionary fervor of the Donetsk people. And I doubt that during the presidential elections in Ukraine (hypothetically) Zakharchenko has a chance to get into the second round even in the Donbas.

Why did I connect two such seemingly different characters in one article? It seems to be the enemy Yarosh and "our" Zakharchenko.

Both of them today are well aware that it is no longer possible to bring everything only to Kiev. The traditional Ukrainian "predecessors' fault" no longer works. They, the predecessors, of course, to blame, but what has been done in recent years? How much can you parasitize on military exploits?

As I wrote above, the power is created to solve specific political and economic problems. When it was necessary to raise the radicals on Independence, figures like Yarosh and Tyagnibok emerged. When it was necessary to defend the Donbass from the Selyuk of western Ukraine, Zakharchenko, Khodakovsky, Brain, Dremov and their ilk appeared. That they were needed then.

Now, when the existence of republics largely depends on Russia, and the existence of Ukraine from the infusion of the West into the economy, the time has come for other politicians. The time has come for other economists. Another time has come.

No matter how respected Yarosh or Zakharchenko are their supporters, but ... Time to collect stones and time to throw stones. Moreover, as the practice of recent years has shown, in Ukraine and the Donbas situations are quite comparable. Both there and there the difficulties are explained by war. Both there and there in power are populists rather than economists. And there, and there political opponents disappear into the unknown. And there, and there are no people who can really “pull” the country out of the swamp, where, as they used to write, the country is “leaps and bounds”.

Well, let's look at the press conference of the leader of the DNI. And look at the regular statements of the leader of DIA. In any case, it will be informative. But hopeless.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 21 2016 06: 10
    Did you need a patrimony?
    1. Finches
      Finches April 21 2016 06: 27
      I'm wondering, whose creature, this Yarosh ?? He himself would hardly have guessed in time to jump off the ultra-right and discredited platform of the "Right Sector", distanced himself from the thugs in time! I dressed up in a suit .... Someone is preparing this little boy! But for what?
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A April 21 2016 06: 58
        Quote: Finches
        I'm wondering, whose creature, this Yarosh ?? He himself would hardly have guessed in time to jump off the ultra-right and discredited platform of the "Right Sector", distanced himself from the thugs in time! I dressed up in a suit .... Someone is preparing this little boy! But for what?

        Take a closer look ... If we discard the ideological aspect - What is not Yeltsin's sample of the 91st ??? To rule at least with something - at least reduce Russia to the Moscow region - if only CAM, autocratic and unlimited ...

        Yarosh, of course, is a fascist and Mr .. nitrogen, but not a suicide. I was not noticed in stupidity, otherwise I would have been sitting somewhere in the zone for a gop-stop for a long time ... Why would he have problems with the Donbass, with Russia? He, like any other bandit, needs a calm, economically stable territory, confidently and stably generating income. In other words, he is not a hijacker (he flew, took and ran away), like Yaytsenyuk or Porosenko. He is a racketeer - to seriously and for a long time feed from the territory. And for this, he can very well afford to cut off territories from which there are zero incomes, and you won’t take away the problems. And since stability and a vibrant economy are needed for successful feeding, he will now lure the people with such promises. I do not even exclude another Maidan under economic slogans. Remember - in the 90s, would so many lads feed, for example, from AvtoVAZ, if the plant was standing? The plant threshed "Zhiguli" in three shifts, therefore so much blood was spilled around it.

        I do not exclude that there will still be blood in Ukraine, and not in the Donbass, but in Kiev. But people like Yarosh know how to lure people - remember Hitler and his "margarine sandwich for breakfast for every German." After all ... Yarosh, of course, not Hitler, smaller ... Although - who knows ... Hindenburg also perceived Hitler as "a pleasant young man for small assignments" ... And the analogy between Yarosh in a suit and at a distance from the "Right Sector" with Hitler, in my opinion, is more than obvious. "Mein Kampf" Jarosch read it for sure ...
        1. Roman 11
          Roman 11 April 21 2016 10: 15
          Quote: Zoldat_A
          To rule at least with something - at least reduce Russia to the Moscow region - if only CAM, autocratic and unlimited ...

          So in the modern world, and in the past this does not happen. The smaller the country, the greater the outside influence.
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana April 21 2016 16: 30
            Probably everything is written correctly by the author, but with one “but”. Behind Yarosh is the money of Kolomoisky and his patrons — financial and power (in some way) US support. This is the network war of the United States and the collective West, waged by bankers of the US Federal Reserve in the person of US government in Ukraine against Ukraine itself, the EU and against Russia.
            So you need to help Zakharchenko expose Yarosh.
            It is necessary to show what Yarosh himself really is, who again paranoidly calls into his ultra-ethno-Western ranks to defend the imaginary unity of Ukraine on the basis of the "purity" of the "Ukrainian race" (like Hitler's "purity" of the Aryan race) now all citizens of Ukraine - including not only ethnic Westerners, but also ethnic Russians against ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in the Southeast. Ukraine. And why is it calling ethnic Russians against ethnic Russians? Because the ethnic Russians in Ukraine are still the majority, especially in Little Russia, and according to Yarosh and the US plans, they need to be gouged with Machiavellian hands with their own ethnic Russians.
            In order to expose Yarosh himself, it is imperative to show who is the true beneficiary of this war of ethnic Russians against ethnic Russians in Ukraine. Who and what is behind Yarosh’s calls? Where did he get the money for this? After all, the biography of Yarosh shows that he is precisely a professional, crazy oppositionist-revolutionary, like the crazy Russophobic Novodvorskaya. And who is he by nationality? and whose literally is the invader of Ukraine?
            So, it is usually believed that Yarosh is Russian (only because he was born on Russian soil). But actually it is not! How many people were born on Russian soil ?! Analysts have long drawn up a political dossier on the Internet for Yarosh! It is enough to read it, as the naive ethno-Russian admirers of Yarosh in the brain everything will fall into place. So.
            The Jewish surname Yarosh comes from Hebrew. a-Rosh (הַרֹאשׁ), which means "head", "leader" and indicates the high position of the ancestors of Avdim Yarosh in the Hasidic community of Ukraine. Avdim himself was born in the Jewish town of Kamenskoye on September 30, 1971 (10 Tishrei 5732 according to the Jewish calendar), on the holy day of Yom Kippur ("Judgment Day"). The sages of the Torah interpreted the birth of the boy on this day so that the LORD Gd of Israel chose him as his great warrior, who would instill fear and horror in the goyim, and therefore from childhood raised him in the traditions of military Zionism and prepared for a great role. Already at the age of 12, Avdim knew by heart Shulkhan Arukh and the works of Zeev Zhabotinsky. Menachem Begin personally came to look at the little genius in Kamenskoye. After a lengthy conversation, he blessed Avdim, and called him "the future Maccabees."
            In February 1989 Avdim Yarosh became an active member of the anti-Soviet circle "Ruach Elohim of Ukraine".
            And in June 1994 he became one of the founders of the Zionist terrorist organization "Trident" them. Shimona Bendera, headed its regional division. The emblem of the organization became the Hebrew letter Shin, in the form of a trident, which in Kabbalah symbolizes the fiery spirit (Ruach) emanating from Our Gd. Shaddai sends a fiery spirit to help the Jewish soldiers fighting for Zion and the Third Temple of Solomon. Since 2005 Avdim Yarosh is the sole leader of the organization.
            See in detail:
            1. "Dmitry (Avdim) Yarosh - the head of the military wing of the Jewish revolution in Ukraine" from 3.03.2014 -
            2. "The SBU is NOT the successor of the" glorious cause "of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR, it is an ABSOLUTELY different structure" from 3.03.2014. -

            And now, compare all this information together with the principles of conducting network wars on the part of the United States - get a complete and consistent picture of the activities of Yarosh in Ukraine.
            1. FM-78
              FM-78 April 21 2016 22: 30
              Tatyana, are you surprised? The founders of the 1st French, and even the 2nd Russian revolution, were from about the same opera.
        2. antifa
          antifa April 21 2016 12: 07
          The people will not follow him - they studied abomination very well, but ultrasnya and the rest (which the dough did not pass) can
          1. Amnestied
            Amnestied April 21 2016 14: 48
            Quote: antifa
            The people will not follow him - they studied abomination very well, but ultrasnya and the rest (which the dough did not pass) can

            They unite the power under the leadership of the Chromadians from Fashington und Tel Aviv and Co. An interesting quote: "It seems to me that the Ukrainian, American, Jewish, etc. people of Nazi Germany have already paid a sufficient price for allowing a coup d'etat and bringing the Bandera Nazis and Zionists to power on the outskirts of the border" - does it really sound ??! How can we admit this: "It seems to me (because people like me are not a peasant) that the Jews of the whole world have already paid a rather high price for crucifying Christ and bringing nationalists led by Nazis to power on the outskirts" - REHABILITATE. ADDITIONAL!
            Zakharchenko - this Ukrainian Che Guevara, who stands for the fight against the Kiev regime "- though this potential political Leader of All Ukraine, for some reason could not even hold the elections of the Donetsk Administration the other day, and therefore, by his regional decree (!) Postponed them for three months (apparently two years later, the words “... you would have waited for the referendum,” that is, now with the elections in the KhNR).

            By the way, the United States of Ukraine by the proton people (SPSU) sounds charming and caresses the ears of the eternal proto-refugees - I'm serious !!! The President of the SPSU Che Guevara-Zakharenko (Obama-Tanned, not the point ... important) sounds with a claim to the "aristocratic, passerine" origin of the character!
          2. bravo-fab
            bravo-fab April 22 2016 07: 01
            oh come on! That you are a Ukrainian with brains will not go, but how many people will go zombies? Children in villages, for example Exactly there teenagers washed ukroTV on all 100500%. In Ukraine, there are a lot of fools who will go, it will be like with your Maidan, people with brains are all at home, a hut from the edge. People from the caste needed money, dementia and courage, went to the Maidan. And the third caste of people destroyed it, and they were forced to flee to the Crimea and the Russian Federation, and then they ended up in the OMOM of the Russian Federation. Be realistic, there have always been enough fools everywhere. Last week I saw how contract soldiers from Ukraine are sitting at the department with students from the same place, raising toasts for the dead dead land and heroes glory, and this is in our KHPU university, in China.
          3. gladcu2
            gladcu2 April 22 2016 19: 20

            Yesterday it was not possible, but today I will ask.

            Give well-known examples of the abomination of Yarosh. I'd like to know about them.
        3. vladimirw
          vladimirw April 21 2016 12: 49
          an interesting opinion, it is possible that the experience of Musssolini Jarosz knows the fascist republic in northern Italy !?
        4. Stanislas
          Stanislas April 22 2016 00: 02
          Quote: Zoldat_A
          He, like any other bandit, needs a calm, economically stable territory, confidently and stably generating income
          It turns out I'm a gangster ... recourse "pure cordial" - who doesn't need a "bush" from which to feed? Not just a bandit. Plumbing in a quiet and prosperous area is also better: work there is more priced (material is more expensive) and the toilet bowls are cleaner, but in the "halakhs" everything is unstable and in toilets the amber is not right.
          1. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A April 22 2016 21: 23
            Quote: Stanislav
            It turns out that I am a bandit ... "pure cordial" - who does not need a "bush" from which to feed? Not just a bandit. Plumbing in a calm and prosperous area is also better: there work is rated higher (the material is more expensive) and the toilet bowls are cleaner, but for the "halakhov" everything is unstable and in the toilets the amber is not right.

            The plumber works, but does not receive tribute. The plumber does not climb to manage the area and does not impose his rules of life on his inhabitants, he does not want to own the toilets for which he will be paid to use — he will fix them. IT JUST WORKS.

            That's the whole difference between a plumber and a gangster.
      2. inkass_98
        inkass_98 April 21 2016 07: 05
        "This little boy" has been cooked for 25 years, even a little more. And who and what he is being prepared for is not so difficult to understand if we recall the last two years of his career: all of a sudden, Messrs. Korban and Kolomoisky turned out to be quite kosher and by no means Aryan's friends in Yarosh's friends. In the wake of giving the Nazis the appearance of a national party, Dmitro jumped off the PS steam locomotive and allegedly retired from their affairs, but this did not change his habit.
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A April 21 2016 07: 48
          Quote: inkass_98
          "This little boy" has been cooked for 25 years, even a little more. And who and what he is being prepared for is not so difficult to understand, if we recall the last two years of his career: absolutely all of a sudden, Yarosh’s friends turned out to be quite kosher and by no means of Aryan origin, Messrs. Korban and Kolomoisky. In the wake of giving the Nazis the appearance of a nationwide party, Dmitro jumped out of the steam locomotive PS and supposedly retired from their affairs, but his severity from this did not change at all.

          It fits quite well under my comparison of Hitler and Yarosh. Remember who financed Hitler - and Goebbels with his racial theory in a coffin turns up ....
          So, large financial injections into the NSDAP were made by influential Jewish industrialists Fritz Mandel and Reynold Gesner. Essential help to Hitler was rendered by the well-known banking dynasty of Warburg and its head Max Warburg personally, who until 1938 was the director of the German industrial giant IG Farbenindustri - the ridge of the German military machine.
          Among Jewish bankers who spared no means for the NSDAP, Berliners Oscar Wassermann and Hans Privin should also be mentioned. In 1936, when information about the persecution of Jews in Germany had already spread around the world, Wasserman telegraphed to the New York Stock Exchange, begging his colleagues and fellow tribesmen to do everything possible to “stop the spread of harmful and completely unfounded rumors.”
          A number of researchers claim that the banking dynasty, whose name became a symbol of wealth, the Rothschilds, also financed Hitler.
          So Kolomoisky is clearly not an innovator in the financing of the Nazis ....
        2. Finches
          Finches April 21 2016 08: 23
          Jews even sponsored Hitler ... Here you need to look for those who stand behind those who stand behind Kolomoisky!
      3. Amurets
        Amurets April 21 2016 07: 20
        And here is what League Dossier writes about him.
        Probably you can believe it?
      4. baudolino
        baudolino April 21 2016 07: 39
        This clown has never been an independent figure. I always went under the sponsor.
      5. Baloo
        Baloo April 21 2016 08: 16
        With Yarosh, everything is simple. Nalyvaychenko is an agent of Tsuli, it was he who created the units of banderlogs even before all these Maidan. On TV, there were fragments of operational filming in summer camps for training militants under the guidance of American instructors.
        So Yarosh is the same tsruly agent as nalivaichenko, only petty.
        1. avt
          avt April 21 2016 10: 44
          Quote: Balu
          With Yarosh, everything is simple.

          Well, something like that. It is for USov one-time .... and a syringe, or diaper - no difference. With him, as with Yaytsenyuh and Poros, will not rush. They fuck and ... Ohrim died, and dick with him.
          For two years, many authors, including yours truly, have been "wanging" the disintegration of Ukraine. And she still stands and stands. Already tired. And in many ways they will be right. Indeed, "wangue" is really worth it.
          Somalia, too, “stands,” and even has a representative in the UN. Those who, like Koftun, shout that there is no declared default, first of all, they shyly keep silent about the simple fact given in the feeling that the IMF money, despite the adopted amendments in its activities , NOT SEPARATING FROM THE PROMISED LOANS FOR 2015, and they strongly recommend that the great Ukrainians settle the debt with Russia and negotiate with the IMF at the level of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation with the IMF.So someone wants to argue with me for the fact that there is no default when the country physically cannot pay debts, although she screams sho she so decided not to pay, and creditors do not give more money for refinancing? wassat It means that the promised default is already in the feeling, but as Kiev will call it - they have tolerated them, and they like they wanted it, well, enjoy using the Lyazhko method; Secondly, after the elections, local businessmen de jure issued on the controlled territories of RUINS VLADA and began runs about .... ,, economic independence "! The topic of the referendum does not remind Donbass of anything? Yes, not just somewhere near Kharkiv and Slobozhanshchina! Balogi! And this is not separatism, and not some kind of Gubarev and Girkin / Strelkov who have come from out of nowhere, but a completely elected local government !! ???? Is this a disintegration about which we are really on the site and I am a sinner to our Ukrainian colleagues I was a sinner and said that it was late with FEDERALIZATION at least under Kuchma, when she was threatened with zapadentsi in response to an attempt to accept Russian as a second state I don’t see even the CONFEDERATION option now! ASK WHY? Yes, NOT ONE local business woman will not pull out a piece of territory with a population! Who will pay for everything, well, for these scraps of the former Ukrainian SSR? Who will write the check to these emerging Bandostanam? And there must be more than Greece, so it's not grief about the war and existing debts.
          1. avt
            avt April 21 2016 10: 45
            According to the conference Zakharchenko
            Really, they don’t see a simple fact in the leadership of the DPR: Kharkov, the most pro-Russian city, is today simply strangled by security forces.
            Too confess I did not understand the meaning. Well, I worked out the Internet audience, well, and .... Someone from the neighbors suggested to the hike that it was time for the "operational space to go out", but the mind was only enough to copy-paste the Internet sessions of the late Mozgovoy. request Zakharchenko does not have a good specialist who can create a propaganda center on the outer perimeter. Pushilin is weak, here you need a naughty man with a Kurginian pressure laughing It’s not a banal political strategist who, like dogs that weren’t slaughtered in the 90s, and not a certified new-mannered Rast from metrosexuals, but a good propagandist - an ideologist. least of us during the USSR in the system of the University of Marxism of Leninism were not stupid uncles at all enlightened in the evenings. laughing
            1. Sid.74
              Sid.74 April 21 2016 14: 43
              By the way, after talking with Kharkiv citizens living and working today on the territory of the DPR, I concluded that they are not particularly eager for this conference. Many still live relatives in Kharkov, and there are few people who want to exhibit as an open conference participant. Only those who are sure that there will be no consequences.

              Or maybe through SMS and Internet letters, questions will be asked .. through some sort of SMS service in Russia ...? request
              And the issue of privacy Kharkov will be resolved.
      6. Turkir
        Turkir April 21 2016 09: 20
        "Someone is preparing this little boy! But for what?" - and where did Yarosh receive treatment after a minor injury?
      7. The comment was deleted.
      8. Ramzes33
        Ramzes33 April 22 2016 08: 28
        The kid (kid) man of Kolomoisky. And the headquarters of his law enforcement officers were adjacent to the administration of Dnepropetrovsk (when Kolomoisky was the governor).
    2. Aryan
      Aryan April 21 2016 10: 32
      The author is cunning ...
      In the first part of the article, the correct position is not in doubt and therefore will be positively evaluated here ...
      But here the second part is doubtful and it will turn out that in the shadow of the first part it will be scanned.
      In fairness, two different articles should be made
      That is why there are so many negative assessments, and in the logic of the presentation of the material, the minusers turn out to support Yaresh ... which of course is not so ....
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt April 21 2016 10: 47
      Yesterday Zakharchenko's hotline with Kharkov is already being discussed by Ukraine and Russia. Zakharchenko has been conducting such conferences in the DPR since 2015, and now has gone beyond its borders. The business is good and useful. We wish him good luck.
  2. Teberii
    Teberii April 21 2016 06: 11
    The dictator dreamed of coming to power by force. Such a man breaks firewood worse than the current rulers.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 21 2016 06: 36
    Why have European and American politicians already started talking about disintegration?

    Yes, because they suggested such an option. And now the time has come when you can start voicing it. In any case, nothing good shines for Ukraine, no matter how politicians change their rhetoric (although it has not changed much).
  4. antiexpert
    antiexpert April 21 2016 06: 43
    yet he does not understand that the real security forces will first tear the whole puppet administration, which is pulled by the strings of the United States, together with Yarosh)))
  5. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 April 21 2016 06: 44
    There is time to throw stones, and there is time to receive stones. This applies to the main lawyer.
  6. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 April 21 2016 06: 51
    Dzimka is considering the opportunity to pinch off the "kusmanchik" nishtyakov? Yes, it seems that the "grown-up" guys did not take him into account, do not take and do not think to take him ... because they understand, with such "friends" and enemies, they do not need to see the edges, greedy beyond measure, well, who are balabolians to look for. Do they need it?
  7. kirillovleva
    kirillovleva April 21 2016 07: 10
    Expect the collapse of Ukraine "by the end of the year", "in a year", etc. - very naive. Remember the puppet regimes in the past and the present, for years and decades keeping afloat despite the anti-people essence - El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador (during the Soviet era), Kosovo, the Baltic states - now. The infusions of Uncle SAM will help the top and punishers keep people in check.
  8. Naval
    Naval April 21 2016 07: 12
    He who pays orders music. As long as loans are granted, an under-state 404 will exist, as a body with a dead brain can remain in a vegetable state for a long time, and only ephtanasia can put an end to this agony.
    1. Roman 11
      Roman 11 April 21 2016 10: 33
      Quote: Naval
      as a body with a dead brain can remain in a vegetable state for a long time, and only ephtanasia can put an end to this agony.

      Yes, but the independent is at war, that’s the thing! How much money you don’t pour into it, spending on the war (most) and corruption will eat up, and the population will weaken both materially and demographically. There is a limit to everything, and if now something else is plowing at the front, then this is contrary to, and not thanks to. In fact, dill is in a state of rout, after Debaltseve. If 1-2 blows follow as in the past year, the front will crumble.
      And such a sluggish situation can last a very long time 10 years, until complete exhaustion ..... I don’t know, maybe the Kremlin is just so profitable as a warning to posterity for the apostasy of the negligent ......
  9. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 21 2016 07: 12
    Everything is very simple: Yarosh and some others just want to saw off a piece of Nenko for themselves to build their own Reich, since the Reich could not be built in all of Ukraine.
  10. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 21 2016 07: 14
    "No matter how respected Yarosh or Zakharchenko their supporters, but ... (this is how it is)
    Time collect stones and time to throw stones ... about gathering the authors are too dark about the obvious ... The roadmap for "stitching Ukraine" has been launched.
  11. Foresterer
    Foresterer April 21 2016 07: 19
    90% of the time that has passed since the Nazis came to power in Ukraine, this "revolutionary" was in Ukrainian and Israeli hospitals. Does this underdog really think that he will be allowed to steer Ukraine? There is a lot of insanity in Washington, but not enough to entrust it to such a nonentity.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza April 21 2016 07: 38
    Yarosh repainted in time, but did not wash off. And the PS is well aware of this. He intends to grab a kusmanchik for himself, and it is in the memory. No wonder it was there that the PS became active. They are being driven to the ATO, but they are not fools to go there. Here are the "smartest" and support Yarosh. What? His rhetoric has not changed, he is tired of idle talk. so they will support the one who proposes to take radical action. though there is still "Freedom" can interfere, but he will agree with them.
    Actually, yesterday there was a direct line with Zakharchenko. Those interested can read on Politicus. 26 of April will be the second?
    I didn’t notice that Petya stopped talking about the "aggressor" country. As for "decentralization", then they clenched their teeth, but they will carry it out, because 1. They were ordered from the Washington Regional Committee, 2. I really want to profit from myself at least with the remnants, otherwise "What were they fighting for?"
    1. domokl
      domokl April 21 2016 07: 46
      The casket just opens ... Regarding a straight line. The article was written two days before the straight line. This is not news. that's why they come out late for a few days ... such is seljava ... why am I traveling abroad? Greetings Elena.
  13. Riv
    Riv April 21 2016 07: 40
    Well, how can you seriously take this clowning? Even if Hoholland tomorrow announces to the whole world that it wants to restore all economic ties with Russia, this will remain empty words. The plants themselves will not start and the cars will not go by magic. And no one considers Ukrainians as business partners.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 21 2016 08: 21
      Quote: Riv
      And no one is considering business partners of Ukrainians anymore

      Well, there are still "naive" ones. We were told with enthusiasm yesterday that Saudi Arabia was going to buy ANs, but, well, bastards - only if "Antonov" becomes a joint venture! but then they will buy as much as 80!
      QUESTION! And who is the goof here?
      1. Riv
        Riv April 21 2016 10: 36
        So it's called: buy with giblets.
        But there is also, as in a vulgar joke, a nuance: AN still needs to be assembled from something. If you glue it together from Boeing parts, then Boeing will work. And where to get the "native" kit? It turns out that half of the economy should be given to the Saudis, so that they can pump it up with money, raw materials, and still release a complete set from which NA can be assembled.
        So "goof" is not quite the right word. :)
  14. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 21 2016 08: 40
    Why did Yarosh talk about the collapse of Ukraine, and Zakharchenko draws a “straight line” with Kharkov

    The answer is simple.
    Behind both are external forces that solve the problem of Ukraine ...
  15. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 21 2016 08: 42
    Something you guys mixed sour with fresh, shorter confused horseradish with a tram handle, but let's take it in order.
    Yarosh understands that sooner or later he will have to answer for his foul affairs, since banderlogs are less likely to remain in power, simply because their west will be left to their own devices because of their insanity. He is interested in the collapse of Ukraine, because it is possible to keep himself and his fighters in relative safety somewhere in the West.
    And the direct line with Zakharchenko was quite successful and he answered many questions, so your forecasts did not come true. And they’re right in doing what they conduct such events, it comes to the point of absurdity, ukroSMI turn into madhouse. In all seriousness, arguing that in Russia there is nothing in stores and the famine begins. I know first hand. Such direct lines must be drawn not only with Kharkov, but also with other cities.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 21 2016 09: 02
      Quote: Ros 56
      And the direct line with Zakharchenko was quite successful and he answered many questions,

      If not a secret, what is the purpose of a direct line with Kharkov? If it was a direct line with Donetsk, it would be clear. But the fact that already today in ukroSMI we will see many comments on this subject, and quite negative, I’m sure for sure.
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 April 21 2016 09: 36
        And what is the point of drawing a direct line in Donetsk, it is not necessary to free it from banderlogs, it is necessary to prepare the ground where people (not all of course) are waiting for the coming of normal power. I absolutely do not claim that everything is fine in LDNR, by the way, like in Russia, but just killing and mutilating people just for their views and killing the memory of their ancestors and their history is by no means.
        As for ukroSMI, take it for granted, because this is the second oldest.
        1. domokl
          domokl April 21 2016 11: 02
          Quote: Ros 56
          it is necessary to prepare the ground where people (not all of course) are waiting for the coming of normal power

          No. Do you seriously think that people are waiting? I would say ak, the people are against what Kiev is doing. But it is doubtful that what is happening in the Donbass. There are no separatists in Kharkov. There are protest moods. And these are completely different things. And Zakharchenko just advocates the creation of a new republic.
  16. e2e4
    e2e4 April 21 2016 09: 39
    "Both there, and there are more populists than economists in power."
    When they talk about economists in power, I am always interested in what this will bring. Smart economists-practitioners cannot be found with fire during the day, and diplomas of "economists" are issued in many educational institutions and not only in higher education! It seems to me that our country ranks first in the world in the number of people with an economic education! But so far I do not see that it somehow improves our life!
    According to the article: I don’t understand what dear authors wanted to say when they combined information about two people with opposing views. That they have something in common, but I don’t know about it?
    1. domokl
      domokl April 21 2016 11: 04
      laughing I’m not sure about economists, but the fact that until recently all the posts were pasted over with advertisements for accountants, lawyers, and managers agrees. Three months and a certain amount of money and you are already a lawyer
      1. e2e4
        e2e4 April 21 2016 11: 23
        I work in the field of employment, I see our statistics yes
  17. vmo
    vmo April 21 2016 09: 50
    Quote: baudolino
    This clown has never been an independent figure. I always went under the sponsor.

    And it is true!
  18. Demeter
    Demeter April 21 2016 09: 59
    I will voice my opinion not from the point of view of those who came to the Russian Federation after the collapse of the USSR, or who have close relatives abroad, but from the point of view of a native of Russia who have no relatives over the hill. 1) Economic ties ?! And why should Russia place orders in Ukraine and feed the Maydan, at a time when in Russia itself unemployment and Russian factories are almost 25% overloaded with orders ?! I now think that the Russian government is not obliged to feed all sorts of foreign people, especially those from whom Russia does not have to expect anything good, namely Bandera. Moreover, in my deep conviction, the Russian government should provide work and a decent standard of living for the population of Russia itself, and not give out loans to foreigners, including Finland, aspiring to NATO. If the Finns need a nuclear power plant, even if they pay for it, stop playing charity at the expense of the population of the Russian Federation. Tomorrow, this Finland will join NATO and refuse to pay its debts, under the pretext of any sanctions ... 2) The collapse of Ukraine, this is the best thing left Ukraine. A) Some want in the EU. B) Others in the Russian Federation. C) Others do not want to go anywhere. The conclusion is obvious: either a long war of all against all, or the disintegration of Ukraine and anyone who likes ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 21 2016 11: 06
      Confused, but basically true. Priority should always be on creating a good life, first of all, for your people on their territory. As, incidentally, the same Americans do ...
    2. Bramb
      Bramb April 21 2016 11: 45
      You, like many, are missing a small, but the main detail: Russia needs UNIFIED Ukraine.
      Why? Very simple: when disintegrating into parts, the zapadents will immediately fall under NATO and in a year there will be a NATO base and missiles.
      At such a time of arrival, this is not at all interesting to us.
      And about this little argument, all the billions of words, conclusions and other clever speeches are broken into small, useless splashes.
      1. Demeter
        Demeter April 21 2016 11: 58
        You are missing one completely small detail. The violent Ukrainization of eastern Ukraine, which has been going on since 1920, will sooner or later lead to the fact that NATO missiles will appear near Kharkov, but Russia certainly does not need this, therefore a single Bandera Ukraine, which exists from the day of separation of Ukraine from the USSR, Russia is definitely not needed. Tell me at least one pro-Russian president of Ukraine! You will not name him, because this simply did not exist! Ukraine fought against Russia on the side of Dudaev and Saakashvili, albeit not officially, but fought, and the Ukrainian government, including Yanukovych, constantly refused to extradite the militants who fought against Russia, despite all the requests of the Russian prosecutor’s office.
        1. Bramb
          Bramb April 21 2016 13: 04
          Not at all. I thought it was obvious not to mention that we did not need Bandera Ukraine.
          You interpret some facts frivolously, elevating them to the rank of large-scale actions, but we lost the last 20 years of the struggle for the minds of Ukrainians because we surrendered the battlefield.
          But now there is a struggle for Ukraine.
          1. Demeter
            Demeter April 21 2016 13: 35
            No, my dear, it’s like you all this time turned a blind eye to the fact that Ukraine is exactly Bandera’s, turning a blind eye to Bandera’s chaos in the Russian Caucasus ... It's like you loaded Ukrainian factories with orders, to the detriment of Russian factories. It is through the fault of people like you that today the Russian fleet does not have turbines for frigates ... It is people like you who do not want to face the truth now, but the truth is that Ukraine is originally an anti-Russian project ... Since the declaration of independence of Ukraine , there the slogan was put at the forefront - Ukraine, not Russia, and this is the most innocuous of Bandera's anti-Russian propaganda ... Ukraine has never been united, there has always been Mazyp's Ukraine and Khmelnytsky's Ukraine and it is not given to you to unite these two completely different Ukraine, not even to God and the Devil ... I'm not talking about the fact that Donbass and Crimea, which the Bolsheviks forcibly annexed to Ukraine in 1920-54, are not Ukraine at all ...
            1. Bramb
              Bramb April 21 2016 14: 04
              They accused me of many things, which I never did, including politics.))
              Suppose I am to blame for all this. But where have you been all this time? What does Russia have thanks to you?
              Well, what do you suggest? "Take and Share"?
              1. Demeter
                Demeter April 21 2016 14: 17
                Exactly. I propose to return to the borders of 1654, in which Ukraine once became part of Russia and let them live as they want ... Crimea was accepted into the Russian Federation and correctly done. It is necessary to accept into the Russian Federation all territories that gravitate towards Russia historically, but put the rest big and thick, once and for all ... It’s enough for everyone to rush around like a monkey from a joke, then smart, then beautiful, it's time to make a choice, once and for all ... Enough duplicity, lies and uncertainty!
                1. Basarev
                  Basarev April 21 2016 15: 31
                  It’s not easy to take lands historically gravitating towards Russia — to restore historical justice. Khrushchev’s present is already with us. Now they are supposed to return the gifts of the Russian tsars and the gift of Lenin. And Stalin's gift - let it be shared by Poland, Romania and Hungary.
                  1. Demeter
                    Demeter April 21 2016 15: 56
                    I agree with you. + Moreover, I’ll send the Bandera’s Caudle sick with Russophobia from the territory of the Russian Federation at 24 o’clock so that their spirit doesn’t exist in Russia ... Russophobes, bandits and terrorists have no place on the streets of Russia!
  19. Cucumbers
    Cucumbers April 21 2016 11: 30
    The country was deliberately disassembled (sorted) into bricks. Another building will be built from these bricks. Anti-Russian. People in this country are not needed. The trouble of Ukraine is that it has the best chernozems on Earth. But the Ukrainian is not given to manage them, he has a hut on the edge.
  20. koshmarik
    koshmarik April 21 2016 11: 56
    Russia is not idle - the struggle for Ukraine continues. In this case, Zakharchenko and Yarosh are only external manifestations of this struggle.
  21. antifa
    antifa April 21 2016 12: 04
    Yarosh - recruited by the Americans with ... who cooked Maidan for a long time, training fighters with 2 convolutions ... Sorry for the harshness ..
  22. black
    black April 21 2016 14: 23
    Yesterday I was wondering why Kernes went to Moscow. Formally, he met with the head of the union of Russian fighters. But what a statement he made! Say, Kharkovites are tortured by "Azov". I would like to look at Russian peacekeeping tanks. Here's a straight line. And Dima Yarosh, I do not take into account. He does not have much support from the Ukrainians. True, you rarely hear a kind word from them about their politicians. Yarosh is a torpedo. Wherever they kick, it will float there.
    1. Demeter
      Demeter April 21 2016 14: 35
      You know, I don’t have confidence in Kernes. For me, he is one of those who leaked the People’s People’s Republic at the time. I have absolutely no desire to come from my Murmansk to Kharkov and at the risk of my own life to gain power for the two-faced Kernes. Let Kernes with Bandera, in Lviv, hang, he loved them in 2014 in Kiev so much, bow to run!
      1. black
        black April 21 2016 15: 20
        You see, dear, there are people who depict politics, and there are those who make it. You belong to the first, Kernes to the second. Why is he worse than other Ukrainian politicians? And this will go to advance Russian interests.
        1. Demeter
          Demeter April 21 2016 15: 53
          Thank you, but Kernes, I personally, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, will not do. Enough of all the two-faced presidents of Ukraine taken together from me ... All territories that were not part of Ukraine in 1654 should return to the Russian Federation and not be controlled by the Kernes ... Kernes does nothing, he is a typical political prostitute ...
          1. black
            black April 21 2016 16: 38
            I like your imperial ways and ambitions. Idialist, you are ours.
            1. Demeter
              Demeter April 21 2016 19: 17
              It is better to let our imperial ambitions be afraid and respect than to laugh at the stupidity of those who for all these years, at symbolic prices, supplied Ukraine with oil and gas, gave orders to its plants, to the detriment of Russian plants, and in return received 30000 UNA-UNSO fighters in Chechnya, on the side of Dudayev and the Ukrainian Air Force shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners over Georgia, in 2008 ...
              1. black
                black April 21 2016 19: 29
                Well, at the expense of 30 000 - it's you who got excited. And the prices were by no means symbolic. Capitalists do not work at a loss.
                1. Demeter
                  Demeter April 21 2016 20: 40
                  At the expense of 30000 UNA-UNSO militants, I heard these figures from the FSB. The prices were purely symbolic because all sorts of wise men thought that they were thus fighting for Ukraine ...
                  1. black
                    black April 21 2016 21: 00
                    Most naive, you are ours. Maybe we can remove a couple of zeroes. 30 are three divisions. Although what am I talking about? You still won't understand. Maybe there are still three "K" German women and well, her fig, this policy?
                    1. Demeter
                      Demeter April 21 2016 21: 11
                      You are a naive person. And you didn’t ask yourself a question - With whom has Russia fought in Chechnya since 1993, if some Chechens didn’t fight at all, and some fought on the side of Gantamirov and other leaders, against Dudaev’s bandits, while there are about one million Chechens, including women children and old people ?! And here Russia fought in the Caucasus with UNA-UNSO, Arabs of all stripes and other scumbags who fought on the side of Dudayev against the Russian Federation and there were a lot of these scumbags ...
                      1. black
                        black April 21 2016 23: 15
                        Are you telling me this? Thanks I know. I think that maybe yours. Borscht. Learn to cook borsch. You will not be charged.
                      2. Demeter
                        Demeter April 21 2016 23: 32
                        Well, I don’t want to argue about who knows how much with a guy with an American flag on an avatar ... You probably know better from Arizona ...
  • iouris
    iouris April 21 2016 16: 00
    Power belongs to the oligarchs - they are oligarchs, not oligophrenics. This just makes the unification of Russia impossible. And without a second superpower, the prospects for peace are not very bright. But apical coups are very real and very dangerous. Fresh examples: Gorbi and Yanukovych. And we will not have another life.
  • Vladimir Vasilich
    Vladimir Vasilich April 22 2016 15: 37
    The Svidomo author of the article is somewhat fornicating in geography, talking about "there is a war here and there ...", but Zakharchenko has not bombed Kiev yet and in every possible way asks for the exchange of prisoners of all for all, that "basements" and "dungeons" he has not so too many - just one dilapidated Donetsk. And as for the small-scale figure of an army commander, many world leaders grew out of this environment. There would be a "will to win"
  • Former battalion commander
    Former battalion commander April 22 2016 19: 48
    The little article is rather weak and even stupid. The author, knowing almost nothing about the state of affairs of TAM, is trying to transfer his imagination to reality. Better not to write such nonsense.