Military Review

In captivity of neutrality

Ashgabat’s independence is conditional, like its army

The grouping of the Soviet army, which remained in Turkmenistan after the collapse of the USSR, was somewhat better in quantity and quality of weapons than that of Uzbekistan, not to mention Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. On the other hand, Turkmenistan did not have and does not have its own military-industrial complex, and the level of combat training of personnel is traditionally low.

The neutrality of Turkmenistan has been elevated to the rank of state ideology, therefore, Ashgabat does not maintain relations that even remotely resemble allies with any country. With Uzbekistan, the country is in a state of almost open border conflict.

From the world of gun

Modernization of existing military equipment and the acquisition of a certain amount of relatively new ones were carried out in Ukraine and Georgia. Recently, the latest samples were purchased in Russia (Tanks T-90, BMP-3, BTR-80A, Smerch MLRS, missile boats of Project 12418) and in China (FD-2000 air defense missile systems) - however, in very limited quantities. The country has very large funds from oil and gas exports, but a serious limitation on the development of the Armed Forces is the lack of qualified personnel. The state of armaments and Soviet-made equipment is difficult to determine, so their number is known very approximately.

Ground forces include 9 brigades - 7 motorized rifle and motorized infantry (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 22), artillery, anti-aircraft missile. There are also several separate battalions for various purposes.

On arms consist 10 PU OTR P-17. The tank fleet includes the 10 of the newest Russian T-90CA, 640 already quite old Soviet T-72, 55 T-80БВ, to 30 modernized T-64БМ and 7 of absolutely ancient T-62. Approximately 200 BRM (from 12 to 51 BRM-1K, to XNHX, BRDM-100 and 1 BRDM-70), no less than 2 BMP (936 BMP-525, 1 BMP-405), and no more than one year (2 BMP-6, 3 BMP-800), and no more than one year (384 BMP-60, 350 BMP-70), and no more than one year’s BMP (77 BMP-80, 27 BMP-8, and no more (up to 80 BTR-10, 4 BTR-73, 17 BTR-2, including 9 or even more upgraded with the installation of new combat modules, 40 newest BTR-2А and, possibly, to 1 BTR-16). Artillery includes 2 ACS (3 400S180, 197 30S6, 46 17S76) to 1 towed implements (72-20 D-6, 2 M-65, from 6 to 2 D-36, 100 D-31, 66 38A131, 56 21A9 ), about 1 mortars (60, 27 PM-6), 100 MLRS (45 BM-20 and 25 "Grad-4", 72 BM-12 "Hurricane", XNUMX "Smerch"). There are at least XNUMX Soviet Malyutka ATGM, Fagot XNUMX, Konkurs XNUMX, Sturm XNUMX, and the newest Belarusian-Ukrainian self-propelled Carakal ATGM on the vehicle chassis XNUMX. There is also an XNUMX PTO MT-XNUMX.

Military air defense includes the 1 regiment “Krug” (27 PU) and “Square” (20 PU), 53 short-range SAM (40 “Osa”, 13 “Strela-10”), 300, “Strela-2” PZRK “Strela-60”, to 20 “Igla-S” and, possibly, to 48 French “Mistral”, 23 ZSU-4-22 “Shilka”, 60 anti-aircraft guns C-XNUMX.

The air forces have a rather chaotic structure of air bases, regiments and squadrons. Shock aviation It has 55 Su-25 attack aircraft (including 6 Su-25U). At least 65 Su-17s are in storage. Fighter aircraft includes 24 MiG-29 (including 2 UB). 24 MiG-25PD interceptors and from 130 to 230 MiG-23 fighters (including 10 combat training MiG-23Us) are in storage. Special aviation is purely symbolic. It includes 5 transport aircraft (1 An-24, 2 An-26, 2 An-74) and 2 training L-39s. Another 3-4 training Yak-52 in storage. There are 10 combat Mi-24, 12-14 multi-purpose and transport helicopters (8-10 Mi-8, 4 European AW139).

The ground defense consists of the 13-th anti-aircraft missile regiment of the C-200 (12 PU) and approximately 40 PU-C-75 and C-125. In 2015, the FD-2000 (export version of HQ-9, which is close in TTX to the Russian C-300) entered service.

The Navy and the Border Guard incorporate the 2 of the newest Russian missile boats of the 12418 project (with the Uran missile) and the Turkish 1 (with the Italian Marthe missiles), to 25 of the patrol boats (from 2 to the 10 Soviet 1400 project and the Ukrainian Grif -T, 2 Russian 12200 project, 1 American Point-type, 4 Ukrainian Kalkan, 8 Arkadag) and, possibly, 1 minesweeper of 1252 project.

Nominal power

Thanks to the latest purchases of the Russian equipment of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, in terms of their potential, they took the second place in Central Asia after Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, due to the very high proportion of outdated Soviet technology, the lack of its own military-industrial complex and the weak training of personnel, the potential of the Turkmen army remains low. At the same time, the country does not have allies, and almost all neighbors are potential adversaries (including even Azerbaijan, with whom Turkmenistan has a dispute over the Caspian shelf). Some (however, unsuccessful) attempts by Ashgabat to flirt with Washington cause only bewilderment: as the experience of recent years shows, an alliance with the United States does not guarantee the slightest security even to more geographically and ideologically close and useful to America countries. The gas pipe now very closely connects Turkmenistan with China, but there should be no illusions here either - Ashgabat depends on Beijing an order of magnitude stronger than Beijing on Ashgabat. In addition, the Chinese leadership has not yet been seen in the desire to sacrifice at least a little bit of their own interests in order to help any foreign country (even if, with that, in words it’s stated “the most magnificent in stories strategic partnership ").

In captivity of neutrality

It’s not a fact that the Turkmen army will cope even with the Uzbek one: although the first is now better armed, the second can simply crush the enemy with a mass (Tashkent’s human resources are about five times more). Moreover, the armed forces of Turkmenistan will not be able to resist the armed forces and the IRGC of Iran. Ashgabat will have very big problems if the pressure of radical Islamists from Afghanistan increases. The fight against guerrilla and sabotage-terrorist formations is a daunting task even for armed forces that are of higher quality than the Turkmen ones. In addition, there is not the slightest confidence that the personnel are resistant to the propaganda of the Islamists and that the army, while trying to suppress them, does not fall apart from the inside, having begun to cross over to the side of the enemy.

Thus, Turkmenistan is in the same geopolitical situation as the rest of Central Asia - one can only speak about their security and defense capability with a very high degree of conditionality. In an advantageous position is only Kazakhstan. Firstly, it does not border Afghanistan, and secondly, it has established a fairly close military alliance with Russia, thirdly, it has its own good armed forces and military-industrial complex (for more details see “Competecy seekers” on page 07). All other countries in the region in the foreseeable future will face very serious tests that may endanger their very survival.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 23 2016 05: 17
    Thus, Turkmenistan is in the same geopolitical situation as the rest of the Central Asian countries - we can only speak about their security and defense capability with a very large share of conventionality.

    The main guarantor of tranquility of the Turkmen is still RUSSIA ... not letting the Taliban through the borders of TAJIKISTAN ... and the rest is just the ambitions of the local rulers.
    1. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun April 23 2016 07: 42
      I agree. In case of aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan will not last long.
    2. Beaver
      Beaver April 23 2016 07: 47
      The main guarantor of tranquility of the Turkmens is a huge waterless desert, stuffed with poisonous reptiles and creatures, a terrible climate and a lush bouquet of specific local diseases. Not a single sane person voluntarily tucks in there (unless of course he is not a Turkmen and this is not his homeland). And oil and gas can be extracted in more pleasant and safe places. laughing
      1. nov_tech.vrn
        nov_tech.vrn April 23 2016 12: 33
        Well, all the same, the guarantor on the one hand is the very low population density on the Afghan side, although border violations on the other hand are not uncommon, and the fact that the Islamists do not yet feel enough strength for adventures, the roads have never particularly bothered them, and oil and gas it is possible to export only through Kazakhstan and Iran, then Russia, Iran or China, and there nobody likes Islamists. Due to old disputes, Azerbaijan is excluded, and it’s expensive to carry it across the sea.
        1. Beaver
          Beaver April 23 2016 13: 18
          Quote: nov_tech.vrn
          off-road especially never bothered them

          What off-road? request There are as many drivers in the desert as many roads. laughing
          Quote: nov_tech.vrn
          very low population density on the afghan side

          Since Turkmen is not higher.
          Quote: nov_tech.vrn
          Islamists do not feel enough strength for adventures yet

          Rather, the Turkmens do not feel like contacting Russia. Very well, they were pacified under Alexander III. Until now, Russians are not particularly fond of, but are afraid of. hi
          1. Talgat
            Talgat April 23 2016 21: 51
            in fact, Turkmenistan is a potential ally and almost ready member of the CSTO

            Firstly, in Turkmenistan there is no Amer’s anti-Russian influence

            Secondly, Turkmenistan has no conflicts with the CSTO republics - neither with the Russian Federation nor with the KZ; moreover, it is quite friendly relations

            Thirdly, a few years ago, Kazakhstan, having embarked on a strategic partnership with Iran, agreed to build a railway with Iran - but should go through Turkmenistan, - they already built by the way - and this is already big geopolitics - this is the connection between Eurasia and Iran - a guarantee of Iran’s security from the sea blockades - and the Turkmens here met both Iran and the KZ (read the Russian Federation)

            It is very likely that Turkmenistan will soon and openly join the CSTO - in the face of future challenges it will still have to choose the side - and they obviously are not Georgia and Ukraine
            1. Yeraz
              Yeraz April 23 2016 23: 08
              Quote: Talgat
              in fact, Turkmenistan is a potential ally and almost ready member of the CSTO

              The CSTO is a dead organization, which was once again shown in the events in Karabakh.
              The most reliable mechanism is a bilateral agreement with the Russian Federation.
        2. Nagaibak
          Nagaibak April 24 2016 14: 55
          nov_tech.vrn "Well, the guarantor, on the one hand, is the very low population density on the Afghan side."
          There are 31 million people in Afghanistan. Is this a low population density for Afghanistan or not?)))
    3. Cartalon
      Cartalon April 23 2016 08: 42
      Em, how can the Taliban not be allowed into Turkmenistan by the Tajik border?
    4. RUSS
      RUSS April 23 2016 09: 23
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      The main guarantor of tranquility of the Turkmen is still RUSSIA ... not letting the Taliban through the borders of TAJIKISTAN ... and the rest is just the ambitions of the local rulers.

      Tajik border guards are now guarding the Tajik border since the withdrawal of Russian border guards completed on July 13, 2005, the limited contingent remained in the status of foreign advisers. In 2011, the Russian contingent was reduced from 350 to 200 people until 2016.
    5. Oorfene Deuce
      Oorfene Deuce April 23 2016 16: 45
      I’ll express my own philistine opinion (I don’t pretend to be analytics, I can challenge it) ... The Turkmens have never been famous for their combat effectiveness, they better manage to raise beautiful trotters (I remembered the 45th parade with Zhukov on a horse). And in the USSR, sending to Kushka was perceived as almost a reference. Turkmenistan is a fairly stable republic in the post-Soviet space, I don’t want to talk about Niyazov ... Boh, his mother.
      A neutrality policy is a good option, but claims and ambitions transform over time, and with the example of Japan, which is trying to sculpt the armed forces from self-defense forces and already heard the wounded samurai voices sound ... In general, I am wary of Turkmenistan.
    6. user
      user April 23 2016 18: 33
      Only Kazakhstan is in a privileged position.

      This situation will continue only until the departure of Nazarbayev, and then it will be even more interesting than in Tajikistan.
    7. garnik64
      garnik64 April 24 2016 09: 10
      Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have a common border.
    8. siberalt
      siberalt April 24 2016 11: 58
      Taki again have to make one of them ZSFSR. Not that they will gouge each other.laughing
    9. moskowit
      moskowit April 24 2016 18: 12
      That's right! As the "fried rooster" pecks, they will immediately run to the "elder brother" for help.
  2. Gvas1174
    Gvas1174 April 23 2016 06: 04
    Damn, and again, respect to the author, you made my morning. Just applaud, the alignment is true
    1. HERMES
      HERMES April 23 2016 06: 19
      Quote: Gvas1174
      Damn, and again, respect to the author, you made my morning. Just applaud, the alignment is true

      "Author: Alexander Khramchikhin" ... this man knows his business ...
      1. Kasym
        Kasym April 23 2016 20: 29
        Couch Analyst. Turkmens and their neighbors are fine, there are traditional disputes, but no more. They built a railway from Kazakhstan to Iran through themselves. Aliyev is ready to build a gas pipeline through the Caspian Sea, but we don’t give it, etc.
        They will trample from Afgan. Friends, these scarecrows can come true only in one case - you need the coolest sponsor. But this sponsor lifts sanctions on Iran and coaxes its Central Asian neighbors with gingerbread. What does this mean? Why is the 15 contingent sitting behind fences at their bases, and in general, what can be done with such forces there? They are trapped. All neighbors have "friends" in Afghanistan. What is it worth that Iran to destabilize the situation for the Yankees in Afghanistan - to plant money and weapons from the BC, for example, the Hazaras; or to "incite" Dostum to the Uzbeks (the general does not even ask for money and fighters - give only weapons and he is ready to deal with everyone - agreements between the Russian Federation and NATO on non-supply of weapons to illegal armed groups). And if the Yankees leave Afghanistan, internal squabbles will immediately begin and a complete loss of face (in Afghanistan, NATO will be put - they will be the main shaitans), they will never be able to return. Those. it is strategically unacceptable for them, the whole of Eurasia is getting out of control and they cannot rely on Pakistan (a nuclear country) alone. All the work of Washington from the beginning of the century will go to smarck (to surround the PRC and the Russian Federation). And this is an incomprehensible proposal for the New Silk Road (they create the appearance of friendly relations) north-south in Central Asia, without the PRC and the Russian Federation. Therefore, I think that the NATO members themselves are not so hot. Their neighbors in Afghanistan can arrange such a bloody bath that they seem like a second Vietnam. hi
        1. Kasym
          Kasym April 23 2016 21: 10
          Think about it. Why do NATO members feel at ease in Afghanistan? Yes, because there is a ban on the supply of weapons to Afghanistan - the Yankees have agreed with all. Therefore, we do not see large-scale hostilities, only acts of terrorism and explosions. The beards do not have such a BC to attack the coalition. But if there is an attack on Central Asia from Afgan, then this ban will be automatically lifted. The Uzbeks will wait for their bearded men to attack - will they arm Dostum to the teeth in a moment ?! And all this will spread to Afghan - is it the Yankees need? Now in Afghanistan, only the Taliban are stirring up, but they are directly connected with the Pakistani special services, which can plant something. When the Pakistanis did not like the "behavior" of NATO, the Taliban immediately became active.
          So that Daesh does not declare on Afghanistan right now, but they really will not find ammunition in Afghanistan. And their units, it’s just some gangs of bearded men declare adherence with Daesh and maybe some grandmas from them.
          On the Afghan side, it is beneficial for us that Tashkent is not in the CSTO - an independent player, to which the Yankees are forced to listen. Otherwise, everything would have been decided only in Moscow (CSTO). And so Tashkent and Moscow "stretch" NATO's capabilities in Afghanistan, putting forward different demands. hi
          1. Kasym
            Kasym April 23 2016 21: 45
            By the way.
            NAS was last week on visits to Uzbekistan and Iran. So, according to the MK in Kazakhstan (Moskovsky Komsomolets), in the last issue, page 8, the article "Iran aims at joining the Union": "... Iran asked for Kazakhstan's assistance in joining the EAEU ...". The National Academy of Sciences got burned with Erdogan, and now it will be more accurate, but Tehran is just getting out of the sanctions, gulped on Western promises, has grown wiser and is probably more negotiable than a Turk.
            If this is so, then the CSTO is also interested so that someone does not decide to bomb the nuclear power plant or what else they come up with. Of course, Iran should behave accordingly - for example, it will fit under the nuclear umbrella of the Russian Federation and all matters, in my opinion, so as not to play poison with ourselves. with a club.
            In such cases, nothing will remain of Ashgabat’s neutrality. wink . Where will he go when the CSTO and the EAEU are everywhere - where to send their gas to, if the borders of the EAEU are everywhere. Uncompetitive, at least. So the Almighty himself commanded! lol hi
  3. avva2012
    avva2012 April 23 2016 06: 27
    Good article, interesting. Turkmenistan perfectly understood their capabilities and correctly voted for the preservation of the Union.
    Alas, the rulers are not the same. There were only ambitions.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 23 2016 06: 38
    With the world on a string - and arm the army. There would be dibs.
  5. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 April 23 2016 06: 43
    And how many military units, airfields, and training grounds were there in Soviet times? I was there in Kelyat once during shooting and climbed Kopetdag too, beautiful mountains ... In Karakum at night, when moving by themselves, fluorescent lamps shone.
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 23 2016 07: 20
    a serious limitation on the development of the Armed Forces is the lack of qualified personnel.

    This is the problem of all the former southern states of the USSR (perhaps except Kazakhstan). After the collapse of the Union, for example in Kyrgyzstan, local lieutenants immediately became majors, colonels. On the lack of fish and cancer will go.
    Tajik cattle breeders and partly farmers in life, it’s not their lot to fight, the 2-3 generations must be replaced in order for their military specialists to grow.
    1. Beaver
      Beaver April 23 2016 08: 02
      Quote: avg-mgn
      Tajik pastoralists and partly agrarians for life, not their lot to fight

      That's about the Tajiks do not need la-la. Tajiks are just the bulk of the warriors, the mountainous terrain is very conducive to this: there are very few pastures and fields. But after a successful raid on the neighbors there is where to hide. laughing
      As for the shortage of military specialists, this can be seen from the national composition of the Soviet army: mainly Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, a little the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, Tajiks and Kazakhs met, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks are rare, but I did not meet a Turkmen officer or ensign! sad Where did they get the current personnel "backbone" of their army? request I do not understand. If only some of the SA officers had joined their army. crying
    2. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 April 24 2016 01: 29
      But cattle farmers are not agrarians?) Maybe cattle farmers and farmers?))
  7. aba
    aba April 23 2016 07: 45
    If physically weak, then be smart. But if neither one nor the other, it is better to be just a good guy, otherwise everything will depend on the will of others.
  8. zyablik.olga
    zyablik.olga April 23 2016 07: 45
    Quote: HERMES
    "Author: Alexander Khramchikhin" ... this man knows his business ...
    No, I do not know. No. The author again uses the 10 data of a year ago. As I am prompted by the composition of the armament of the Turkmen army, a lot of inaccurate information. Or do you believe in hundreds of Turkmen MiG-25 and MiG-23?
    1. Bongo
      Bongo April 23 2016 09: 50
      Quote: zyablik.olga
      No, he doesn’t. The author of the next operates with 10 data from a year ago.

      I will not say for the ground forces, but the data on the Air Force and Air Defense absolutely do not correspond to reality. Where did such astronomical figures for the MiG-23 and MiG-25 come from? Perhaps so many fighters remained after the USSR invaded, but the author apparently forgot how many years have passed and what "trained" personnel in Turkmenistan. In reality, only a few Su-25 and helicopters are of combat value. The rest of the aircraft has long been for the most part shackled to the ground.
      The performance of the Krug and Kvadrat complexes is highly questionable. The resource of rockets for them has long gone out, and it is still necessary to manage to maintain the lamp element base in working order. In Russia, the last complexes of this type were decommissioned 10 years ago, although our repair capabilities are many times higher.
      Regarding the C-200 and C-75, they are armed with a purely formal. Yes, they are shown in parades, but they have not been on the database for a long time. These liquid rockets are very complex and expensive to operate. Well, as for the Chinese FD-2000 air defense missile system, let us leave this to the conscience of the author.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt April 23 2016 10: 55
        Quote: Bongo
        In reality, only a few Su-25s and helicopters are of combat value.
        I disagree a little. What are the weapons of the Turkmens, they clearly demonstrate the footage from their October parade and March exercises. They have few MiG-29s, but they have them and they are combat-ready. By the way, they have the Pechora-2M. As for the Chinese anti-aircraft complex, then the complex was involved in the exercises and it was recorded.
        P.S. It is difficult for the Turkmen army to wage a protracted war with its neighbors, but it can stop the aggressor and hold down the aggressor before the military-political intervention of large players is possible.
        1. Bongo
          Bongo April 23 2016 11: 04
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          What armed the Turkmens clearly demonstrate footage from their October parade and March exercises.

          Duc, they are in parades and missiles S-200 ride painted in the colors of the national flag.

          Just the point of this?
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          They have few MiG-29, but they are there and they are combat-ready.

          Units and heavily worn.
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          Pechora-2M "they have, by the way.

          I did not deny this; they really modernized a couple of divisions.
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          With regards to the Chinese anti-aircraft complex, the complex was involved in the exercises and this was recorded.

          But this FIG knows him, what kind of technique in the photo is not at all clear request On TPK SAM FD-2000 is not like.
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt April 23 2016 11: 46
            And in my opinion the similarity is 1 in 1.
            1. Bongo
              Bongo April 23 2016 11: 50
              Quote: Thunderbolt
              And in my opinion, the similarities of 1 to 1

              Most likely you are right yes The HQ-9 for "internal use" looks a little different.
      2. SokolfromRussia
        SokolfromRussia April 23 2016 13: 37
        Military balance 2016 is broadcasting:
        AIRCRAFT 36 combat capable
        FTR 24: 22 MiG-29A / C Fulcrum; 2 MiG-29UB Fulcrum
        ATK 12 Su-25MK Frogfoot
        TPT • Light 1 An-26 Curl
        TRG 2 L-39 Albatros
        ATK 10 Mi-24 Hind
        TPT • Medium 8 Mi-8 Hip
        AD • SAM S-75 Dvina (SA-2 Guideline); S-125 Pechora (SA-
        3 Goa); S-200 Angara (SA-5 Gammon)
  9. max73
    max73 April 23 2016 07: 48
    Very little information is received about the state of affairs in Turkmenistan. In general, any information ... I recently read on some third-party resource that conscripts and officers are not eager, say, to serve on the Afghan border and in some cases it comes to desertion and flight to neighboring countries.
    1. Fatih88
      Fatih88 April 23 2016 08: 10
      Because Turkmenistan is a closing country. Even citizens are not easy to leave Turkmenistan.
  10. semirek
    semirek April 23 2016 07: 55
    Neutrality is a good thing, but try to explain it to the Taliban or Ishilovites.
    1. Fatih88
      Fatih88 April 23 2016 08: 21
      In fact, 100% neutrality is not possible. And even now in the world there is such geopolitics that sooner or later every country chooses allies for itself.
  11. with
    with April 23 2016 08: 19
    And here a lot depends on external factors. Iraq and Libya were heavily armed countries. Iraqi officers were bought by the Americans, and the army is gone. East is a delicate matter. Although money plays a greater role there than, say, in really "closed" countries. To blow up the Asian underbelly of Russia is no less worthy for American strategists than to wipe Syria off the map with the hands of ISIS and send troops there to restore order. It should not be forgotten that the main goal of the neoconservatives in the United States is to establish total world domination. To do this, they use the principle of separation and bleeding. Russia is still the "threat number 1".
  12. 149GB
    149GB April 23 2016 08: 25
    Interesting country! How can one shut oneself off from the world in the age of the global Internet, etc.? Even cunning-ass Americans cannot crawl through! Very little information, very much. I would like to know more about how Turkmen live!
    1. Beaver
      Beaver April 23 2016 09: 49
      Quote: 149RUS
      I would like to know more about how Turkmen live!

      How they live now, little is known, I can tell you how they lived before - the differences are hardly great. I didn't have to stay in Turkmenistan for a long time, all the impressions of the military training lasting a month. To Tashkent by plane, from Tashkent to Krasnovodsk by train, from Krasnovodsk to Kizyl-Atrek by bus. First impressions are the brightest and most memorable. The railway is partially electrified. We trudged for a long time on diesel traction, the speed of movement was slightly faster than a pedestrian. In reality, you can jump off on the move, run across the steppe and return to your carriage. At the stations, grandmothers with pies. They asked "what are the pies with"? "With grass". They just thought they couldn't explain it in Russian, got into the car, drove off, began to try - really with grass, in the sense not with the grass, which is nonsense, but wait, which is hay. The beer in the bottles is kind of cloudy, with sediment, the shelf life has passed three times. The first days of April, the heat is around 30. Mom dear, what will happen in July-August?
      Bus in Krasnovodsk: come in, dost (friend means, the locals all refer to Russians like that) what tickets, why tickets, come in, we'll go soon. Crammed like fish in Soviet canned food, 3-4 hours drive through the desert, a stop between two dunes. As if on command, everyone poured out: boys for one dune, girls for another. Back to the bus - what tickets, give me money, don’t give money, don’t go further! Paid, another 3-4 hours and arrived. The part is near the village, in the evening you can go to the summer cinema. The premiere of "Pirates of the Twentieth Century" every evening and a full house every evening. laughing
      Imported water is 30 kilometers away (very good by local standards), local vodka is horror, it doesn't go "there", but it just jumps out itself. A separate topic is the local Chemen wine. An extensive section of officers' folklore is dedicated to this "drink of the gods". The locals are friendly, while it is strictly forbidden to enter into the slightest conflicts with them - they will finish off immediately. Women in the village bake cakes in the front gardens, seeing the uniform, they shout "soldiers", wave their hands affably, and treat them to halves of cakes. There is a library in the village; all the signs indicate that a person has never set foot here. In general, there are many books from local publishers on sale, but they are in demand only among visitors. April ends, the heat is already simply unbearable, we return through Nebit-Dag. It is a fairly large modern city. Suddenly I understand that for a whole month I saw only women in national dresses up to the toes, so the very first short skirt I meet leads to a very "high spirits". I would like to catch up and immediately ooo-oo, I-I, fantastish ... With great difficulty, it is possible to overcome the primeval instincts. The last couple of days before leaving we climbed Krasnovodsk and the surrounding mountains. Both are admirable. laughing hi
      1. 406ppm2gv
        406ppm2gv April 24 2016 22: 53
        Well, on the account that each driver has his own way, that’s loudly said. In Karakum, you won’t roll out very much in the sand. In April it’s still normal in heat, it starts in June. I always wanted to look at these writers, like night comes and the heat subsides, then come stuffy. Of 3 nights, 2 for sure. And you will toss and turn, hard to fall asleep. Also, no one canceled the sand storms. In Soviet times, Nebit-Dag is a city of oil industry workers. In the city there lived oilmen, military men (close to Iran still with American bases). For 60 thousand. population of about 70 nationalities, but lived in harmony. Water was given to apartments in the morning — 2 hours, in the evening — 3 hours. Therefore, they always kept a little water in the bathtub. The problem remained from the Soviet times and still cannot be solved and it got worse. Great seismicity. He lived at one time in a two-story building and knew where to get up in an earthquake. I saw a skyscraper on the site on 12 floors, but no one wanted to live in it, stood for several years, made a hotel out of it. I was very glad that my father was transferred from there at one time. Local staff were always weak in life. So the army is weak and not enough spirit.
    2. kryuger.mark
      kryuger.mark April 23 2016 11: 04
      Well, S. Korea has closed. The Internet is normal, only Kim has it.
  13. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 23 2016 09: 13
    At the same time, the country has no allies, and almost all neighbors are potential opponents

    This situation will continue only until the first serious military conflict and its result. Without allies, even the United States does not howl.
    The combat readiness is determined not so much by the quality of weapons as by the fighting spirit of the personnel.
  14. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 April 23 2016 09: 50
    In 1994, on the basis of the storage of the airfield "Sunflower" left 218 aircraft. 50 -Su-25, other MiG23. Until the end of 1992, they were periodically reactivated and flown over. Then the exodus of Slavic specialists began. The technique was transferred by Art. l-that of the indigenous nationality, and most importantly a UAZ with a forced engine fellow
    1. Turkestan
      Turkestan April 23 2016 13: 51
      In 1994, on the basis of the storage of the Sunflower airfield proud KIZIL-Arvat wink
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. a.hamster55
        a.hamster55 April 24 2016 07: 56
        Now it's kind of Serdar. And probably only color from technology.
      3. garnik64
        garnik64 April 24 2016 10: 18
        I myself come from Kizyl-Arvat. In the city there was a division headquarters, the headquarters of one of the regiments, an air regiment, an artillery regiment and border guards. Being on the territory of the unit, I felt like in another dimension (in terms of cleanliness). In general, the locals left a positive impression, although there was everything. And what sweet grapes, watermelons, and melons are the best in the world. It’s a pity that it’s problematic to get to Turkmenistan and it’s only through Moscow. Nostalgia ....
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. a.hamster55
          a.hamster55 April 25 2016 06: 16
          There is a chance to get to Turkmenistan, maybe not on the first try, but only along a certain tourist route and under "supervision" fellow
  15. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 23 2016 09: 57
    I liked the article. But the current isolation and closure is really unusual. It’s interesting to read about present-day Turkmenistan at all, somehow I didn’t think about it, except for photos of huge statues (gold or gilded) of their president, nothing is remembered. I will read a closed country.
  16. Chisayna
    Chisayna April 23 2016 10: 17
    The same Lёha. And name at least one battle of Russian PV or SV with the Taliban.
  17. Chisayna
    Chisayna April 23 2016 10: 30
    When there was a civil war in Tajikistan. And the CCM-Collective Peacekeeping Forces, consisting of Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, were created, then Turkmenistan, in the person of Niyazov, evaded this.
  18. iouris
    iouris April 23 2016 11: 32
    Neutrality is not possible in this region. Either Turkmenistan becomes a regional superpower with all the burdens, or it will be eaten.
  19. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 April 23 2016 14: 38
    It seems to me that the rulers of many countries, including European ones, only on the basis of assimilating themselves to "some national deity" unnecessarily amuse themselves with the presence of their own army. Of the nearly 200 countries that make up the political map of the world, only a few dozen can demonstrate not a "ceremonial" army, but a structure that is really capable of protecting the independence of the state from its closest neighbors. And those who are able to withstand world conflicts can be enumerated on the fingers of one hand!
    So, by and large, in most countries, we see variations on the theme of "guard of honor army"!
  20. APASUS
    APASUS April 23 2016 14: 45
    The main problem in Asia has always been the local ruling elite.
    Countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, according to the management system and not only, simply returned to the Middle Ages.
  21. EvilLion
    EvilLion April 23 2016 15: 06
    And as a result, the Russian soldier will have to put things in order.
    1. CAH4OYC
      CAH4OYC April 23 2016 15: 21
      This is subject to the condition that the Russian soldier will have order at home. Nevertheless, False Dmitry and Naebulina are sitting at the helm!
  22. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 23 2016 15: 16
    full review! thanks to the author !!!
  23. CAH4OYC
    CAH4OYC April 23 2016 15: 23
    Oh, actually, Turkmenistan is building a medieval state, so don't bother them!
  24. semirek
    semirek April 23 2016 19: 35
    I just thought, but have we not "gorged" on Asia for all centuries? Maybe it's time to take care of Mother Russia, let's say, for example, there will be a mess on the border, they have, and that they will have to protect the Turkmens? there must be clear rules of the game.
  25. Sgt.
    Sgt. April 23 2016 22: 55
    Our authorities should not forget about Russia's southern neighbors. Otherwise, NATO will come there quickly.
  26. Grishka cat
    Grishka cat April 23 2016 23: 09
    The article inspired memories. In 86-87 years. served urgently in air defense in Mary in the mention here ZRS-200. The complex itself was (is) south of the settlement of Murgab. I even found a position on the satellite! Some buildings. It is very likely that the position exists. At least from the satellite. Yes, about the officer’s national personnel, we had the foreman of the group of divisions, Ensign Ataev, even remembered his name. I have not met other Turkmen, in the sense of not conscripts.
    In general, the warmest memories were left of Turkmenistan, when I still got there! Many things are remembered: a hospital in Mary (hepatitis), a lip in Mary (just one day), live firing at the Sary-Shagan training ground! The young ones were crazy, not beaten by life.
    1. Bongo
      Bongo April 24 2016 01: 41
      Quote: Grishka the Cat
      The article inspired memories. In 86-87 served urgent in air defense in Mary in mentioning here ZRS-200. The complex itself was (is) south of the settlement of Murgab. I even found a position on the satellite! Some buildings. It is very likely that the position exists.

      No, it doesn’t exist, at least no one is carrying the database. The Russian Orthodox Church really remained, but there are no more launchers. LAW C-200 in the XXI century
  27. Lens
    Lens April 24 2016 13: 06
    I happened to be in Turkmenistan thirteen years ago. Business trip for almost a year. And I saw the parade on the Independence Day, and the deceased Niyazov. Observations and communication with people in general confirm the article. At that time, the army is a pitiful excuse. Technique - the remnants of the USSR repainted for the tenth time, near Bakharden rows of somewhat covered planes and helicopters. The uniform on the soldiers is a terribly hot parody of the "Afghan woman", the special forces have a lump, as I was told, "Czech". But it was wild green! And this is in a desert area!
    On the day of the parade, Su 25, Mi 24 and Il 76 flew over the city. Knowledgeable people whispered - pilots from Russia.
    But about the "forced" neutrality, the author is slightly wrong. The nation is absolutely peaceful. He does not grab for daggers, does not pretend to belong to someone else.
    For supporters of Russian support, in which case, you can not strain. Pro-Russian citizens have long left the country, and every year in the country passes the Day of Sorrow. For the massacre arranged by the imperial imperial army. So the current generation may not know who Alexander 111 is, but he is wary of Russians. They have already poured into their heads ...
  28. garnik64
    garnik64 April 24 2016 15: 03
    In the territory of today's Turkmenistan, one city Göktepe gave battle to the Russian troops. At the beginning of the 20th century, Russians, Armenians and Persians lived in cities, Turkmens lived in villages. Armenians were the second most populated cities. And only in the city of Merv (Mary) there were Armenians more.
    And the Persians are Turkish-speaking, only in the 60s they received passports of Azerbaijanis, and before that they had documents on one sheet. Book: 1905 Turkestan Railway Guide: Original.
  29. mihalych
    mihalych April 24 2016 17: 21
    Yes, guys, you are still analysts ... Someone was in Turkmenistan during the time of King Gorokh, 99 percent were not at all, and they think that the capital of Turkmenistan is Tashkent, and Castor ... he is generally an expert. According to it, it turns out that you can be suddenly slaughtered for no reason or bitten - "The main guarantor of the tranquility of the Turkmen is a huge waterless desert, stuffed with poisonous reptiles and creatures, a terrible climate and a magnificent bouquet of specific local diseases." What geography did you have, Castor, Anika the warrior? And who brought these diseases?
    I myself live here, and everything is not as bad as you imagine or hear. All countries have problems, so you don’t need to look at the specks in the eyes of others.
    Auto RU. Without access to sensitive data, do not use data from a century ago. It turned out - as one grandmother said.
    The army ... yes, there is an army, but soldiers and officers met with feelings of security in the city do not evoke, as its notorious green men do. Aviation - I see SU 25th winding, turntables - crocodiles and MI 8, I can’t say anything about air defense and armored vehicles either. I don’t see, and what should she do in the city. Probably, in the capital or in the border areas there are combat-ready trained combat units, it cannot be that the president does not care about defense. In addition, he uses soft power - builds relations with Afghan Turkmens, of whom there are many on the other side of the border, builds hospitals and other civilian buildings there, in return they promise not to let ISIS and other villains go.
    Turkmens are very peaceful people. And patient. But if necessary, "According to the data of the Soviet period, 300 thousand residents of Turkmenistan took part in the battles of the Great Patriotic War. 86 thousand soldiers and officers from the Turkmen SSR laid down their heads on the battlefields, all of them were declared National Heroes of Turkmenistan by the decision of the head of state. the names are included in the Book of Memory. 78 thousand soldiers from Turkmenistan were awarded orders and medals, 112 people became Heroes of the Soviet Union. "
    1. Lens
      Lens April 24 2016 20: 20
      And in what area of ​​Ashgabat do you live? Maybe I was there ...)))