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Gun Browning Model 1906 of the Year (FN Browning M 1906)

17 website has already written about the first John Moses Browning pistols in the articles 1900 (FN Browning model 1900) and Browning 1903 Browning model (Browning FN 1903).

The Browning pistol sales of the 1900 model of the year were on the rise in 1905, when the designer patented another pistol in Belgium. Perhaps the company Fabrique Nationale offered him to develop a compact pistol for self-defense, deciding that it will sell well. Perhaps John Browning himself came up with the idea of ​​creating a self-loading vest pistol.

In any case, in 1905, the first pistol manufactured at FN went on sale. Weapon called Pistolet Browning 6.35 mm. However, at first, the gun was called the Model 1905 of the year, according to the date the patent was obtained, Modèle de Poche and even “Baby” or “Le Bebe”. The name Baby Browning later officially received another gun, and the name of the Gun Browning Model 1906 of the Year (FN Browning M 1906) stuck with the weapon. It was in 1906, the gun began mass-produced by Fabrique Nationale.

Gun Browning Model 1906 of the Year (FN Browning M 1906)

Browning 1906 of the Year is essentially a miniature version of a Browning FN 1903 pistol. Of course changes to the design have been made. So in the trigger mechanism hidden trigger with a flat combat spring was replaced by a drummer with a coil spring. In the early versions of the 1906 model, there was no manual safety device.

Especially for the new pistol, John Browning asked William Morgan Thomas of the Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC) to develop a small cartridge. The caliber of the new ammunition had to match the waistcoat pistol with a free gate. Thomas worked on the development of the cartridge from 1903 to 1904 year. In June, 1904, Browning received the first 500 ammunition for testing in the prototype of his pistol. Starting in 1906, the cartridge began to be mass-produced by FN, and received the name in Europe as 6,35 × 15 Browning or 6,35 × 15,5 mm HR (Halb-Rand). In the USA, this cartridge went on sale in the 1908 year under the name .25 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol).

The Browning Pistol Model 1906 of the Year was protected by several patents. Here is an example of the graphic part of the patent from 25 January 1910 of the year, which illustrates the device of the manual safety of the gun.

The weapon turned out very compact and lightweight and easily fit in the palm of your hand. The total length of Browning M 1906 is 114 mm, height is 76 mm, width is 24 mm, barrel length is 54 mm, weight without cartridges 340 gram.

Gun Browning Model 1906 of the year consists of the following parts:

1,2, 10,11 - handle cheeks with screw and nut;

3 - shutter cover;

4,5,6 - ejector with a spring and an axis;

7 - trunk;

8,9 - return spring with a guide rod;

12,13 - trigger with axle;

14 - trigger lever;

15 - frame

16,17,18 - drummer with a mainspring and a guide spring of a mainspring;

19,20 - manual safety with a spring;

21,22 - whispered with the axis;

23,24,25 - store fuse with axle and spring;

26 - store lock;

27 - dvuperaya spring whispered and the trigger lever;

28,29 - automatic fuse with an axis;

30,31,32 - feeder, spring and body of the store.

The automatic operation of the Browning 1906 pistol of the year is based on the recoil of the free shutter. The barrel was locked by the mass of the shutter and the impact of a recoil spring located under the barrel. To load the weapon you need to pull the bolt to the rearmost position. In this case, the drummer cocked. After releasing the bolt, the return spring returns it to its original position, sending the cartridge to the chamber. When cocking, it is necessary to tightly grip the handle with your hand in order to press the automatic fuse. Otherwise, the upper ledge of the automatic fuse lever will block the sear and prevent the shutter from being pulled back to the extreme position.

The cheeks of the handle are made of hard rubber and fastened with a screw and nut. The surface of the cheeks is covered with a small diamond-shaped notch. In the upper part of the cheeks there is a classic stamp in the form of interlaced letters “F” and “N” - the marking of the manufacturer’s company Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (abbreviated FN).

The operation of the trigger mechanism of the gun during the shot is as follows. The shooter pulls the trigger, which turns on the axis and acts on the trigger lever. The trigger lever at its upper end acts on the sear and turns it on the axis. After turning the drummer was whispering under the action of the mainspring, it breaks off from the platoon and strikes at the cartridge primer - a shot is fired.

Disengagement of the trigger lever with the sear is due to a special recess made on the inner surface of the bolt.

After the shot, the bolt begins to move to the rearmost position. At the same time, the recess in the lower part of the shutter is shifted and the lower plane of the shutter presses on the upper part of the trigger lever and disengages it from the sear. When the bolt moves backwards, the drummer hooks and whispers and puts it on the combat platoon. Until the shooter releases the trigger, the trigger will not be attached to the ledge of the sear and the next shot will not occur. After the shooter releases the trigger, one of the ends of the two-spring will return the trigger lever to its original position and the upper protrusion of the trigger lever will again engage with the shear protrusion.

In the Browning 1906 pistol, an oval window for extracting the spent cartridges is located in the upper right part of the shutter casing.

The ejector tooth catches the sleeve and pulls it out of the chamber. The role of the reflector in the gun performs striker striker. At a time when the sleeve is almost removed by the ejector from the chamber, the firing pin striker under the action of the mainspring comes out of the surface of the gate mirror and presses on the bottom of the sleeve. As a result, the sleeve is ejected from the shutter housing window to the right-up.

Browning The 1906 model of the year is easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. A box-shaped single-row magazine holds 6 cartridges. On the sides of the store are five round holes to control the amount of ammunition.

In the Browning M 1906 pistol, the barrel is connected to the frame by the protrusions in the lower part and the corresponding slots in the upper part of the frame. On the barrel at the muzzle end, longitudinal grooves of an oval shape are made to conveniently hold the barrel when disassembling the weapon, when it is necessary to turn the barrel, removing its protrusions from engagement with the frame.

In order to prevent involuntary rotation of the barrel in the grooves of the frame in the gun provides an additional lock. In the upper part of the barrel protruding stud is made, which enters the hole of the shutter and fixes the barrel. Prevents the rotation of the barrel as the protrusion of the hook of the ejector, which is included in the corresponding groove of the barrel.

Sights are made in the upper part of the housing-bolt. In the longitudinal groove, a protruding front sight was made at the muzzle end, at the rear section of the shutter, a slotted rear sight.

The Browning Pistol Model 1906 of the Year has three different fuses. An automatic fuse is a lever in the back of the frame. When the hand of the arrow does not clasp the pistol grip, the lever of the automatic safety device under the action of the spring moves to the extreme rear position. At the same time, its upper ledge blocks the sear, which does not allow either to take the bolt back or to make a shot. The protrusion of the safety lever does not allow to turn the sear and pull the drummer off the platoon.

The automatic fuse is turned off when the grip of the pistol grip is turned off. In this case, the lever is slightly recessed inside the frame and the sear will have the opportunity to rotate on its axis. website has already described the device of such a fuse in an article about Browning 1903 pistol.

The manual safety lock of the Browning 1906 pistol is located on the left side of the frame. The protrusion of the lever of the safety lever engages with one of the groove on the gate. In the position where the protrusion of the safety lever enters the leftmost groove, the protrusions of the barrel are arranged so that they can be turned to the side of the window to remove the sleeves and separate the barrel with the bolt from the frame of the gun.

In the on position, the manual safety locks the sear and the bolt, preventing the loading of the weapon and the production of shots.

The third pistol fuse - shop. It is a spring-loaded lever, rotating on an axis in the frame of a pistol. When removing the magazine from the pistol, the lever turns on the axle and with its rear protrusion locks the automatic fuse without allowing it to be turned off. After installing the magazine in the pistol grip, the rear wall of the magazine presses the front protrusion of the magazine safety lever and its rear protrusion lowers and enters the slot of the automatic safety lever lever. Those. when the magazine is inserted, the automatic safety lever can be freely pressed and turned off.

The Browning Pistol Model 1906 of the Year was supplied with an ordinary leather holster.

On the front of the holster was a pocket for a spare store.

Holsters and other models were made especially for concealed carrying weapons. Here is an example of a holster, made in the form of a wallet.

At the beginning of the 20 century, the price of the Browning Model 1906 gun of the year is indicated in the catalog of the trading house O. Falkovsky and M. Shirokoriyenko: 17 rubles are worth a pistol of ordinary execution and 23 rubles a Lux model pistol with engraving. For comparison, the price of a conventional revolver Nagant with a double-action trigger mechanism in the same catalog is 26 rubles, Parabellum is 38 rubles. The army captain at this time received a salary of the order of 90 rubles per month.

The cost of the Browning pistol Model 1906 of the year in the antique market is quite low due to the high prevalence of this model, especially in European countries. Within 100-200 dollars, you can buy an ordinary performance pistol in fair condition. In Russia and the CIS, the price of Browning M 1906, which is deactivated, starts on average from 450-500 dollars.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 23 2016 07: 11
    Good selection of photos. You can see everything in detail. However, it seems to me that the photo with the holster is not his "native" holster. Too big itself, and a place for a spare clip. But all the same to the author +.
    1. your1970
      your1970 April 23 2016 12: 27
      obviously not its own holster, even along the length of the pocket under the store it is clear that it is twice as long as a minimum than the pistol grip
      1. Nikoha.2010
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        Quote: your1970
        obviously not its own holster, even along the length of the pocket under the store it is clear that it is twice as long as a minimum than the pistol grip

        Sergei, "drown" him deeper. hi
        1. your1970
          your1970 April 23 2016 15: 08
          pocket length under the store (ruler on the monitor repeatnot too lazy to measure) - 10 cm, the length of the store (on it) - 6 cm. Less than half but still ...
          if you calculate the proportions-3,4 ratio, then again with a ruler on the monitor, the gun in the holster ends where the pocket for the store ends. And the width is much larger than the holster ..
          Well, not this holster, of course you can wear it - but not him
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      Good selection of photos. Everything is visible in the details.

      The author! Thank you for the article!
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        Simpot baby !!! Excellent detailed article !!!
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          Our TC will be better. Powerful, multiply charged - two more cartridges, the domestic cartridge is more powerful and easier to manufacture. The barrel is more reliable in the frame, the fuse is simpler and more reliable. TC is better, although it copies "Browning" a little, but simpler and more technologically advanced.
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    Damn in talent at Browning was!
    1. sherp2015
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      Quote: cth; fyn
      Damn in talent at Browning was!

      Good review article, (to the author ++)
      A successful and inconspicuous pistol for murderers and terrorists of which, if I'm not mistaken, "the sons of pharmacists and watchmakers" (Trotsky's Falcons) killed Russian people in batches during the organized terror
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        Good review article

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        Quote: sherp2015
        A successful and inconspicuous pistol for murderers and terrorists of which, if I'm not mistaken, "the sons of pharmacists and watchmakers" (Trotsky's Falcons) killed Russian people in batches during the organized terror

        You are mistaken. Browning this model was a civilian weapon. Those. killing someone from him was problematic, because the bullet did not pierce the bones of the skull.
        Therefore, under the king, it was a weapon of self-defense and accurate suicides (Alliluyeva shot herself like, but not from Browning). It was also often called "ladies'". It was categorically not suitable for murderers and terrorists. Even TK, enhanced by Browning, was not suitable for them.
        1. jjj
          jjj April 23 2016 15: 04
          Type of "bike ride" so that cyclists can fight off dogs. And Browning's masterpieces - Colt 1911, a BAR light machine gun and a heavy machine gun from the Second World War
          1. Amurets
            Amurets April 24 2016 10: 54
            And among the pistols, I would still consider Browning HP, the latest Browning model. Unfortunately, I had to finish it with Saved Didier, the chief designer of FN /
  3. baudolino
    baudolino April 23 2016 07: 55
    In German magazines of the beginning of the century, advertising of this pistol is often found.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets April 23 2016 08: 17
      Quote: baudolino
      In German magazines of the beginning of the century, advertising of this pistol is often found.

      In pre-revolutionary Russians too. Zhuk.A.B. "Pistols and revolvers".
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    Surprisingly well in the hand.
    Once I dabbled with a gas-signal copy (in my opinion, REKovskaya), the automatic fuse is just a little unusual, yet for a large paw to hold such a "toy" tightly is somewhat unusual.
    Or maybe just a mentality lol without habit, with ..
    The design is simple and tasteful!
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