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Voenkor "Mag" about the situation in Donetsk

Resource published a summary of the military officer "Mag" in which it is reported on the situation that has developed over the weekend in the front areas of Donbass.

Voenkor "Mag" about the situation in Donetsk

“The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for whatever reasons, has returned to the old shelling schedule. I do not know what this is connected with, the shelling schedule has shifted from weekends to Monday-Tuesday in January, February and March, now everything is returned, as was the last two years. Namely - on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday almost all day and night, and early Monday morning.

From the shelling, I'll start on Saturday 16.04.2016:
In 16: 15 from the eastern positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Marinka began to work first machine guns and snipers, a little later joined 82-mm and 120-mm mortars. Petrovsky district of Donetsk again came under fire. 16: 45 was hit by Staromikhailovka from AGS, grenade launchers and LNG-9.

In 19: 15 with short interruptions the art to the west of Krasnogorovka was connected, the western outskirts of Staromikhailovka and the brick factory again suffered. At the same time, in 19: 15, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire from 120-mm mortars and AGS at the YPG (Yasinovatsky traffic police post). Our, as they can, respond, but rarely and with long interruptions. In 19: 50 simultaneously with Sands and Skilled Dill began shelling Volvo-Center, DAP and Spartak. At the same time, Gorlovka and Zaitsevo, small-arms, machine-guns and mortars, came under fire. Immediately, 2 militiamen died, 8 was seriously injured, and two more militiamen died on the way to the hospital.

In 20: 10 in October, a distant rifle duel is heard. 20: 40 began shelling the village of Golmovsky, something heavy arrived, most likely the D-30 howitzer 122-mm was working. 21: 40 still suffers Zaytsevo, Golmovsky and other northern areas of Gorlovka. Locals report incendiary projectiles arriving in residential areas. 21: 40 after a short break under fire again Volvo-Center, DAP, Oktyabrsky, Spartak and YAPG (Yasinovatsky post), worked for half an hour to 22: 10.

In 22: 30 The northern outskirts of Donetsk were subjected to heavy shelling, shells flew to the railway. For a long time this was not. In the Petrovsky district you can hear gunfire and incoming mines. At the same time in 22: 30 under shelling Wide Beam, Zaitsevo and Golmovsky. Lighters again. Also worked Ukrainian tank.

The shelling continues throughout the front line, with interruptions for 10 minutes. Mortars replaces art and vice versa. In the interim, small ukrov groups in black uniforms for 6-12 people are trying to get closer to the militia positions. One such group of six militants was laid in the radar area, north of Spartak. Also, a lot of enemy snipers are working, two militiamen have already sentenced, one was killed in the Marinka area, the second in the Zaytsevo area.

23: 40 Volvo-Center, DAP, Oktyabrskiy, Zhabunki, Veseloe, Spartak and before YPG began shelling of the northern regions of Donetsk.

Sunday 17.04.2016:

In 0: 10 Zaitsevo and Golmovsky under heavy shelling. In 01: 10, Donetsk and Makeyevka heard a short 10 minute shelling of YAP. In 02: 00 is again a short artillery attack, 02: 30 is sitting under shells and mines for five minutes. 03: 00 flew two 122-mm projectiles. Ukry went to sleep and we also go.

Good morning DNI!

05: 00 Gorlovka under shelling from the west, in the morning 6 again shelling, but from the north. Two different batteries, four units each, worked.

From 6: 30 in Marinka came the shooting and arrivals of 82-mm mines. Then there was a big break to 15: 30 on the whole front, even snipers did not work. In 15: 30 Green Guy, Trudovskie again under fire from a rifle weapons and mortar intermittently. 16: The 00 connected SAU to the west of Marinka and Krasnogorovka in Petrovsky district. Donetsk.

Again a big break until the evening. Around 19: 10 started a shooting battle between the industrial zone and the YPG. Ukry hooked 120-mm mortars. The same is true on the part of Marinka in Petrovsky District. All day in Gorlovka and suburbs it was quiet. In 19: 50 north and southwest of the city hears a rifle. 19: 50 Donetsk, Makeevka and Yasinovataya continue to hear the battle on the YaPG, heavy calibers also fly in.

20: 50. Marinka-Petrovsky rn shooting battle, working sniper and to / to machine guns. From the side of Krasnogorovka, shelling of Staromikhaylovka began: AGS, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles. The northern suburbs of Donetsk under shelling of 122-mm and 152-mm calibers, arrives immediately on 4-6 shells. 21: 00. From the area of ​​Kurakhovka-Gornyak heavy art (ACS) of the Ukronatsista is shelling Petrovsky district. Ours began to respond. Volvo-center, DAP, Zhabunki and Spartak are shelling from the Sands and Experienced Ukrainian Armed Forces district. Ours also began to respond. In 21: 00 in Gorlovka, the southern direction is audible, the Ukrainian self-propelled guns are working on the highway to Donetsk, in the Verkhnetoretsky - Red partisan area and south to YPG. 21: 10. Zaitsevo, shooting battle with the support of the BMP.

Sorry to be so detailed, but I wanted those who were far away and who were reading these reports to feel everything that was going on here.

21: 50. Donetsk, continued shelling of Petrovsky district with heavy artillery (SAU). Kuibyshev district is also under heavy artillery fire. People call from the 1 site, they say they can still hear the gunshot. In the south of Donetsk in 21: 50, Elenovka and Dokuchaevsk came under fire. Under the cover of the art of ukry trying to move forward, the shooting started. Our answer.

22: 10. Dokuchaevsk, from the area of ​​the Steppe of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, began shelling the village of Yasnoe with mortars and heavy metal. the arts. The militia responded. 22: 20 from the side of Krasnogorovka on Staromikhailovka art ukrov began to work. Our battery began to respond.

In 22: 12 during the "response" of the militia in the area of ​​Krasnogorovka blew up a warehouse with projectiles and two units of artifacts (most likely ACS).

22: 35. Three UAVs appeared over the northern suburbs of Donetsk. Also, UAVs were seen in the area of ​​the YAP, two UAVs were noticed above Gorlovka. Air defense VSN works on them. Some residents confused the sounds of breaks from anti-aircraft shells with the sound of incomplete Grada packages.

22: 50. Donetsk continues to suffer from shelling, militia positions on the Trudovskys under fire from two directions at once - Marinka and Krasnogorovka. We answer in all directions. Gorlovka, Settlement sh. Gagarin short battle. Panteleimonovka-Red Partizan battle continues. In Zaitsevo also intense battle. Everywhere all weapons are widely used, except for the MLRS.

23: 00 South direction, Mariupol. From the positions in the area of ​​Sartana and Lebedinskoe, the Nazis conduct artillery and mortar shelling of the Cominternovo.

23: 55. The LC, southeast of the town of Popasnaya, began an intense battle using heavy cannon artillery. Militia LC replied, covered the APU battery, the loss of ten 200-x, several 300-x. Information has already been confirmed by the APU.

Monday 18.04.2016:

00: 20. Dokuchaevsk, the second shelling on Sunday, or rather Monday has already begun. APU from the same areas worked. The shelling from heavy artillery of the settlement Yasnoe (near Dokuchaevskiy) and Yelenovka. Resumed the fight. We answer. 00: 20, the northern outskirts of Donetsk, again under artillery fire.

In 00: 20, Zaitsevo beats Ukrainian tank and mortars. 01: 10 YaPG, Zaitsevo, Dokuchaevsk, after a brief lull, another shelling of Arta.

01: 20. One of the positions of the Nazi artillery near the village Kurdyumovka suddenly stopped shelling Zaytsevo. As it turned out later, the careless handling of matches led to the ignition and detonation of an ammunition depot and several guns of “ATO heroes”.

01: 45 From the positions near Codem from heavy cannon artillery, ukolakisty shelling Golmovsky. 02: 00 in Gorlovka heard strong shelling in the north. 07: 00-08: 00 - Volvo-center, the DAP is small.

Relatives from Krasnoarmeysk, friends and acquaintances from Kurakhovo, Konstantinovka, Kramatorsk called, they had a stream of ambulances from 7 in the morning until 9, everyone was coming from Donetsk. For 5-6 machines, there are several goers to and fro. In the Ukrainian media already in the morning howl and cry, about the fact that the “separatists” are shelling the unfortunate gunners of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The same is in social networks.

Tell me, what was all this for? What combat missions did they solve during these attacks? To finish off the remaining, somehow miraculously at home, in the western and northern regions of Donetsk and Gorlovka? Or think someone else intimidated by these shelling? I, as I wrote, those who were afraid and could, left two years ago, some a little later. But basically, people are already returning, because of lack of money, they are traveling both from Ukraine and from Russia.

Over Saturday we were shot at 365 times. Not 365 mines and shells, and 365 times, and this may be two shells at a time, and maybe twenty.

All patience and health. "
Photos used:
AFP 2015 / Anatolii Stepanov
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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr April 18 2016 13: 06
    Rabbit resignation and war escalation? In this way celebrate the new-old government? Or was it getting warm on the outskirts, the roads were dry and it's time to play war games?
    1. cniza
      cniza April 18 2016 13: 11
      Quote: oleg-gr
      Rabbit resignation and war escalation? In this way celebrate the new-old government? Or was it getting warm on the outskirts, the roads were dry and it's time to play war games?

      It was not the rabbit who decided, and it will not be the new prime minister who will decide, as they will from the USA, it will.
      1. CORNET
        CORNET April 18 2016 13: 28
        Namely - in the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday almost round the clock, and early on Monday morning.

        An interesting schedule of shelling at kaklov ..... As I understand it, on Friday evening they begin to thump without drying up, and in the early hours of Monday, alcohol ends and a terrible hangover begins ..))) Peaceful people beat randomly ... You should cover them all in the morning on Monday all at once!
      2. Coconut Tima
        Coconut Tima April 18 2016 13: 28
        Quote: cniza
        It was not the rabbit who decided, and it will not be the new prime minister who will decide, as they will from the USA, it will.

        In Bandera, only the owners change, the goal remains the same. Donbass will be Ukrainian, or deserted - the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Briginets.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. RUSS
          RUSS April 18 2016 13: 38
          Quote: Tim Coconuts
          In Bandera, only the owners change, the goal remains the same. Donbass will be Ukrainian, or deserted, - the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Briginets

          Yarosh announced the imminent collapse of Ukraine
          Ukraine may disintegrate before the end of 2016, Verkhovna Rada deputy Dmitry Yarosh said in an interview with the local Mir news agency.

          The ex-leader of the Right Sector, banned in Russia, spoke about a pessimistic scenario, according to which the country's margin of safety will last only a few months, until about the end of the year. “After that, we can get several quasi-states on the territory of Ukraine,” said Yarosh.

          The politician named the reasons for this situation: corruption of power and poverty of the population. Yarosh noted that he no longer believes that something can be changed legally.
      3. Same lech
        Same lech April 18 2016 13: 38
        It was not the rabbit who decided, and it will not be the new prime minister who will decide, as they will from the USA, it will.

        That's right ... BIDEN rabbits are just rabbits.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. svp67
      svp67 April 18 2016 14: 20
      Quote: oleg-gr
      Rabbit resignation and war escalation? In this way celebrate the new-old government? Or was it getting warm on the outskirts, the roads were dry and it's time to play war games?

      When the country gets worse and worse, war is the only way to explain this ...
      1. Michael67
        Michael67 April 18 2016 15: 55
        Have you heard that thoughts are material?
        Let us all together imagine how the troops (remnants) of the junta without any particular resistance left Kiev and are hastily moving in the direction of Lviv. Etc. etc.
        Something tells me that it will be so soon.
        1. svd-xnumx
          svd-xnumx April 18 2016 22: 00
          Let us all together imagine how the troops (remnants) of the junta without any particular resistance left Kiev and are hastily moving in the direction of Lviv. Etc. etc.
          Yes, they will be directly let in by Lviv, they will be the first to disown Kiev authorities if they smell fried and most likely crawl for protection to the Poles.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 18 2016 15: 28
      I’m not looking at the whole summary published. Here is a paragraph that is not included in the summary:
      “That’s why it’s so hard to collect the last mines and shells from the former Soviet warehouses, deliver it all to the brigades and batteries, unload, clean it. So then shoot in the squares? That’s the point? "On Saturday, every next volley was 200 meters closer to my house, then flights began. This is what the Ukrainian battery commander thinks, who received an order from the battalion commander, and that from the brigade, and so on? Especially when the neighboring Ukrainian battery was blown away Does he call the battalion commander with questions - "What should I do? Continue shelling the civilian? What if it will fly over my battery now?" Well, I don't believe that they are all drunk or drug addicts or they are afraid of something there. Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine always starts shelling at the same time along the entire length of the front, even though watch the clock. Strange and stupid war ... "
  2. avvg
    avvg April 18 2016 13: 07
    Zadornov would say: "In connection with Grossman's appointment as Prime Minister," Not fallow "," dill "returned to the old schedule of shelling of Donbass."
    1. Andrey K
      Andrey K April 18 2016 13: 17
      Last year's tactics - the Armed Forces of Ukraine are white and fluffy, they launched the Terbats forward and "they are playing".
      The calculation is to exhaust the civilian population, to blow up the situation in LDNR from the inside.
      After all, to storm - it can come out sideways, and the "cyborgs" have taken off ...
  3. Teberii
    Teberii April 18 2016 13: 07
    They are looking for weak spots in the defense and intimidating the local population. If this used to be chaotic, now the helpers' hand is more visible.
  4. salad
    salad April 18 2016 13: 08
    Something SALOEDS activated in earnest!
  5. Dam
    Dam April 18 2016 13: 09
    The problem must be solved radically. All contracts with Svidomo are not worth the paper on which they are written
  6. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 18 2016 13: 15
    Act from the sly.
    They are afraid of a direct clash.
    Mean cowards ...
  7. black
    black April 18 2016 13: 21
    The fact that they began to use the barrel artillery suggests that they are not doing very well. I think that the BCH offensive has begun.
  8. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn April 18 2016 13: 34
    Are there really no glorious helicopter pilots and helicopters left in Voroshilovgrad? At least the old Mi-2 and Mi-6? We hung up the ATGM guides and once nailed it ... for dill! You look, the brains of the Pravosek people with uhraheroi will fall into place, like that of Mr. Klitschko: "The Netherlands is not Holland! And the referendum has not yet boomed in Holland ?!"
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 April 18 2016 14: 52
      Solve the problem!
      In Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk), the Pilot School (VVAUL) was disbanded in 1960. The helicopter center was in Lugansk since 1960 and was relocated to Voronezh in 1965. Established on the basis of the pilot school in 1967, the school of navigators (VAUS) ended its existence in 1993.
      How old is the last graduate of the VVAUL school today?
      How many helicopters are left in the helicopter center?
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin April 18 2016 17: 03
        I was familiar with one navigator from the latest releases. He was retired 10 years ago. He served in Russia.
  9. Taygerus
    Taygerus April 18 2016 13: 40
    the tsuki gathered to advance on the campaign, they waited for the reptiles to spring, health and courage to everyone, in this confrontation with the Russian world
  10. Gunther
    Gunther April 18 2016 13: 41
    Skodko died, and people will still die due to the fact that the junta was not crushed in time by the Bandera lodge in 2014 (((
    1. 0255
      0255 April 18 2016 14: 34
      Quote: Gunter
      Skodko died, and people will still die due to the fact that the junta was not crushed in time by the Bandera lodge in 2014 (((

      So it was a tricky plan and a multi-way, from which the Ukrainians will throw off the Kiev junta about 2 years
    2. Ros 56
      Ros 56 April 19 2016 09: 10
      But for this we must fully ask Yanukovych. He that people regretted, but nonsense. He pitied his millions on foreign accounts.
      And I would have given banderlogs at the time, and not just radicals, you see, and people would have lived peacefully.
  11. Gunther
    Gunther April 18 2016 13: 42
    How many died, and more people will die due to the fact that the junta did not crush the junta in a timely manner in 2014 (((
  12. 31rus2
    31rus2 April 18 2016 14: 18
    Dear ones, to consider the Armed Forces and battalions as a bunch of drunkards and, it’s just silly if you carefully monitored the information, you will understand the rotation, the exercises, the supplies of equipment, the stocks of equipment, the great forces both technicians and people are concentrated, replenished with communications and protection. And then questions follow, and they started military operations? And what do you think should have been?
    1. Dam
      Dam April 18 2016 15: 29
      That's all, only one trifle, they forget to pay money, motivation is at zero, and the first one you want to bang is the commander of the National Guard. And the teachings here are unlikely to help.
    2. Tungus
      Tungus April 18 2016 20: 32
      It's like that. And one more thing: the first campaigns were replenished with human resources through mobilization. Now there is no mobilization. Question: where did the people get it? Along the way, not all the soldiers in the university at the mov are moving, we will hear English, German, Polish, and Dutch too.
  13. Romin
    Romin April 18 2016 15: 41
    Here such a dilemma arises ... As far as we know, not a single self-respecting party to any conflict leaves unpunished systematic aggression and murder of its own citizens. Ours put pressure on the DPR and LPR to not respond, restrained. At the same time, peaceful people, militiamen perish and infrastructure is destroyed. That is, Putin creates the conditions for murders. And at the same time, he says that we support the choice of the DNI and LC. What a whiteness!
    Or what? Are you not sorry for yours?
    Do not accept. There is no lofty "goal" or "plan-idea" here. Some kind of cowardice.
    Well, Putin decided not to involve the Russian Federation in the conflict, (there’s only a small question, why then had to go to Minsk and give the chance to Ukrainians, talk about the Russian Federation as a party to the conflict. Let me remind you, the militias did not participate in the negotiations).
    Well, we are not taking part, but why keep the response from the DNI and LC. People die from inaction! And the blood is in the hands of the one who, through his actions, contributes to the continuation of the shelling, holding back the response of the militia. I do not understand!
    1. black
      black April 18 2016 19: 10
      Yes, they answer and how else they answer. And not when they didn’t stop throwing the answer. The main thing for you is to spit towards the president somehow. And two army corps and a third in the process of formation? Are they eating the holy spirit? Plywood tanks rule? Wait for news about the onset of BCH.
  14. hartlend
    hartlend April 18 2016 15: 46
    This is how the Slavic peoples are systematically destroyed from across the ocean.
  15. atlantida04
    atlantida04 April 18 2016 16: 08
    So that it doesn’t happen in Yarosh, you need to walk for 2 weeks as Medvedev said, cleanse Ukraine and leave to withdraw all. And see how the new state will be built. The Nazis must somehow be removed from there. Of course, my desires and reality are two different things.
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin April 18 2016 17: 11
      I’m afraid that it will not be possible to separate the Ukrainians from the Nazis. A Ukrainian can stop being a Bandera only by becoming Russian.
  16. Severok
    Severok April 18 2016 20: 45
    Thanks to the author for the information, according to the central media it’s silent, they’re apparently sawing something, not to Donetsk. It would be more likely to crush this abscess so that it splashes right up to Galicia ...
  17. DPZ
    DPZ April 18 2016 21: 09
    they will not advance. they don’t need it. toss firewood into the fire. the offensive they perfectly understand what will end. people simply nightmare and exhaust as the enemy can. and the people are already in turmoil. they wanted to go to Russia but they weren’t taken like Crimea. and life is not normal. I think supporters of kuev among those who doubt and hesitate over the past 2 years have increased. they got an insult to Russia, many appeared, who did not have it. I'm not talking about Russophobia. this is visible on social networks.
    one thing is good, probably, that all the weapons from their 404th were pulled to the demarcation line. if LDNR begins to attack then those already inside the country will not have nichrome. they rely on the Javelins, it seems in vain, but the kikimora said - figurines to them.
  18. dvg1959
    dvg1959 April 19 2016 05: 43
    The US Congress gave the command to conduct military operations, and Ukrainians perform as they can. And where shells fly and who suffers from them is not important for them.
    The main thing the owner does not get angry.
  19. Verdun
    Verdun April 19 2016 10: 24
    Censored vocabulary for comment is clearly not enough. Most of all I feel sorry for ordinary people who have nowhere to go. All the same, this disgusting thing is civil war ...