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Ecology in a nuclear repository. How is it in the spirit of modern Ukraine!

It is worth starting with an old joke. Dad is checking the notebook of the schoolboy son. “Yes, son, you are trying hard ... There are crooked hooks that turn out ...” - “No, Dad, these are not hooks, these are integrals”.

Why with a joke? Yes, simply because the only way to describe the level of competence of the modern Ukrainian government. Not the fact that "gone", and the new, "freshly baked."

Ecology in a nuclear repository. How is it in the spirit of modern Ukraine!

The first "father" was the Ukrainian Minister of Ecology Ostap Semerak. It was he who found the "hole in the budget" through which Ukrainian hryvnias flow into the hated Russia. And this hole is in the field of nuclear energy. Nothing that Semerak is as far from ecology as it is from nuclear energy, but politically savvy. I managed to visit members of the Reform and Order, Batkivshchyna and Popular Front parties. And to participate in the work of the European Integration Committee.

And now - ecology ...

Ukraine has long been "playing with fire" in its nuclear power plants. Everybody knows about it. And playing quite dangerous. Thanks to the Soviet scientists who laid such safety factor in reactors in due time. They keep ... True, leaks, the radioactive background periodically jumps, but ... there are planned repair works.

The fact that the Ukrainian nuclear power plants frankly reeling, Semeraka not confused. Let three units of the South-Ukrainian NPP be stopped, and only one for scheduled maintenance. At the Zaporizhzhya NPP, three out of six are also disabled, and in the capital only one power unit. At the Rovensk NPP there are two blocks out of four. On the overhaul - one.

It is alarming that half of the unscheduled repairs are devoted to work on generator coolers. Very alarming.

Nevertheless, Semerak boldly declares: "Ukraine must create a full-fledged nuclear cycle and reach the world level in dealing with spent nuclear fuel without Russia's participation!"

"This is a matter of national security and economic expediency. I don’t see why we have to pay Russia money to bury nuclear fuel, if we can safely do it ourselves."

It is clear that the Minister of Ecology does not necessarily distinguish between "hooks from integrals". Not that profile. The full cycle is what, according to Semerak, will allow Ukraine to save quite well. However, as always, there are nuances.

1. Ukrainian nuclear power plants are "sharpened" for Russian fuel.

2. Russia assumes all work on the disposal and recycling of fuel elements after use.

3. American TVELs of Westinghouse are not quite suitable for use in Soviet (Ukraine does not have its own "VNA"), and, attention, the company does not dispose of TVELs!

Hence the funny situation. Americans are happy to provide their TVELs to Ukrainians. But what will happen to them (TVELs) then - a headache of only Ukrainians. As well as everything that follows the use after loading into the reactor. South Ukraine NPP was "pumped out" in due time after Russian experts loaded the American fuel into the test; who will do it now is difficult to say.

Hence, the hopes and aspirations of the chief ecologist of Ukraine to the radioactive waste repository at Chernobyl. And to hell with it, that there is not the slightest experience in this matter. America will help! The main thing - not a cent "klyatymi neighbors." This is the most important thing.

Ban Semirak doesn’t really think about the fact that the bomb is already under Europe. Not a political entity, but purely geographical. And this bomb is real.

By the way, especially for those who are waiting for new Peremog. A new Ukrainian trend has appeared. Since 16 April 2016, Ukraine has been a pioneer in the study of nuclear disasters.

"Ukraine is a pioneer in the research of nuclear catastrophes, so it must use this experience to become a world leader in the engineering and research space in relevant areas. These advantages should be used by the state to create a modern scientific base here in the zone."

The fact that Ukraine has extended the life of its nuclear power plants by 10 years without prior consultation with specialists is not surprising. The fact that they are trying to use American TVELs instead of Russian ones, too. The fact that they are “playing” with NPP capacities is in the same basket. But somewhere worth staying. Until again, not poplohe on a global scale.

It is clear the desire of Ukrainians to become a nuclear power again. It is also clear that no one will allow it. First of all, because the "monkey with a grenade" is dangerous in itself. Today, even these monkeys, after such statements, begin to curse Darwin. Previously, only some of the people refused to believe that they had once evolved from monkeys. Now the monkeys are challenging it. They do not want their ancestors to be dishonored by such ministers of ecology.

To arrange a repository in the center of the country with a population of almost 40 million at the suggestion of the Minister of Ecology is indeed in Ukrainian. As well as to rebuild all the nuclear power plants of Ukraine into bombs (nuclear, note) ticking. For the sake of the political course.

But let me make myself an offer to the new government.

Dear ministers, and deputies of the Rada, if everything in your Chernobyl zone is so good, then prove it to your people and everyone around you. Hold exit meetings of your government and Rada there. Or, at worst, at the Zaporozhye NPP ... Everything is normal there too.

And the second sentence. Once, in the past life, in Soviet times, during the bloody dictator Stalin (1946 year), a compulsory additive in iodine food was introduced in the Ukrainian SSR. Scientists have found that iodine deficiency affects a person’s mental development. Maybe you should revive the practice? You have quite a lot of nuclear power plants ... And iodine is not enough ... Even the ministers, as can be seen from their statements, receive less ...
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 18 2016 06: 30
    Ukraine has long been "playing with fire" at its nuclear power plants.

    I wonder what Europa is silent about? Or pretend not to notice? I doubt it! The same German intelligence works very well. At least it worked. If it bangs, but it should bang, LITTLE will not seem to anyone! laughing
    1. Bramb
      Bramb April 18 2016 10: 32
      Because they themselves in Ukraine quietly and bury their waste!
      No need to pay Russia a lot of money. He dumped his waste into Ukraine at a landfill in Chernobyl (there is still a fonte there) - and that’s it! A little money for Julia for silence is quite a reasonable price.
      1. volodya
        volodya April 18 2016 10: 47
        In order not to pay the hated Russia, all the ways are good!
    2. Megatron
      Megatron April 18 2016 16: 08
      I’m more interested in another, why Russia takes back its fuel rods? Or is there too little of this gna? I think it's time to take an example from the states in many ways.
      1. 13elf
        13elf April 19 2016 04: 54
        And about new full-cycle non-waste reactors did not hear ??? Who will refuse free fuel, for the storage of which they also pay. smile
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 April 18 2016 06: 47
    And the second sentence. Once, back in the past life, in Soviet times, under the bloody dictator Stalin (1946), a forced iodine supplement was introduced into the Ukrainian SSR. Scientists have found that iodine deficiency affects the mental development of a person. Maybe it's worth reviving the practice? You have a lot of nuclear power plants ... But there is not enough iodine ... Even ministers, as can be seen from their statements, get less ...

    Take my word for it, even iodine will not reach the end consumer, they will still be stuck ... and in the appendage, even if you give them iodine, even if you don't give them, the exhaust will be zero, while such "speakers" like a parubiy and others like them smoke the sky at 404 For even though genetics is a "venal" girl for capitalism, as one historical character used to say, you cannot contradict it. Ragulya from Galicia is a direct example of this, since the time of Ivan the Terrible, a sump of human scum, which has now seized hold of power, as sad as this does not sound ...
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 18 2016 07: 10
    Even the ministers, as can be seen from their statements, get less ...

    Nothing will help the Ukrainian ministers, no matter how much you add (iodine). They are better off taking money a year in advance.
  4. Andrey K
    Andrey K April 18 2016 07: 13
    "Ukraine is a" Pioneer "in scientific research in the field of nuclear energy ..." ...
    Then yes! And not only!
    The primacy alone in the reuse of military equipment that was in use by the liquidators at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is worth something! This is an ukroklondike. Paramog for peremog! In the ATO, half of the Ukropov equipment is already firing! For "cyborgs" bells no longer ring, but simply whistle ...
  5. Olfred
    Olfred April 18 2016 07: 25
    Article +, but the authors raised the burning topic! how the repair is carried out, we do not know, and is it done at all? where to bury the waste is also a question. something scary became for their nuclear power plants, more precisely for people who can, due to their small mental abilities, come up with another trick, no matter what ...
    1. goose
      goose April 18 2016 16: 42
      Quote: OlfRed
      how the repair is carried out, we do not know, and is it done at all?

      There are reports at the IAEA, but their correctness cannot be verified without expert evaluation. About the burial of irradiated fuel, this is certainly amateurish, if the power has slipped to such a level that science is in the background for them after politics, then this is obscurantism of early feudalism. Dark ages begin. Soon witches (scientists?) Will begin to burn in the thousands. Preved from Torquemada.
  6. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie April 18 2016 07: 48
    From my experience of operational work at the electric station. There is one golden rule of stationers (though it is also true for any strategic object of a continuous cycle). In common people it is called the "seven oblique" rule, foreign companies have something similar - they call it the "Swiss cheese" rule.

    It sounds like this:
    The system will remain stable, even if there are a certain number of serious omissions or defects, but exactly until such time as there are seven! Upon reaching seven - serious is inevitable !! crash....

    The enlargement method We consider:
    Foreign TVELS - times,
    Underloaded stations - two,
    Inadequate leadership - three,
    Lack of contact / service from Alma Mater (manufacturer) - four,
    The estimated saving factor for repairs is five,
    Old Soviet-built equipment - six,

    I got at least 5 out of 7 at the moment .... One in doubt, one in my mind ...

    God grant that I was wrong.
    1. Riv
      Riv April 18 2016 08: 04
      We have a different saying: "Iron forgives mistakes three times." The fourth mistake - and everything is serious.
  7. Lens
    Lens April 18 2016 08: 00
    Europe is not silent. I spent a year working on the Shelter project. Believe me, everything is not as straightforward as the author claims. The zone is very diverse. In the village of Chernobyl, the background level is lower than in the granite areas of Maidan and Sevastopol. At a minimum, but lower. And waste disposal is a headache of all time. To comply with all requirements, this is almost impossible. So they are repelled by the fact that in Ukraine they even know this problem. And there were a lot of disposal options. And kilometer mine shafts with plugs, and burial in Antarctica, and missile shipment in the direction of the sun. But none of the authors gave an absolute guarantee to ecologists and other supervisory bodies. In general, the cut of finances and materials in the construction of the shelter is enormous. At all levels.
    1. Riv
      Riv April 18 2016 08: 05
      But after all, these jerks will simply drown the spent fuel elements in the Black Sea. Enough is enough.
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 April 18 2016 09: 40
        If they decide to drown TVELs in the Black Sea, it will be their last nonsense in this world.
        But loading American fuel into their reactors is no longer an excuse when not to supply them with our fuel. In this way, the "natural" way to shut down the nuclear power industry of Ukraine. Yesterday we watched "An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov"? How did the tonality change among the Ukrainians! " and blah, blah, blah in the same spirit. There are not any more connections. Only one thing will shine on them. And this is in the best scenario. The country has a large vegetable garden and cheap resort towns along the sea. And tailoring. Everything. The level of life on their the territory should remain several times lower than ours. Electricity should be generated only by hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants, and then with the proviso that they themselves will buy coal from them.
        1. Ros 56
          Ros 56 April 18 2016 18: 34
          Well, I set it up, and as if I wrote it myself. hi
    2. Bramb
      Bramb April 18 2016 10: 21
      And what and who exactly in Europe says this?))
      I doubt that the background in Chernobyl is lower than that of granite. I believe that in Sevastopol on a granite pier at the level of 21-25 μR / h. Like on a sandy beach on a sunny day. Is it everywhere in Chernobyl? I doubt it.
      The main burial requirement is safety.
      The ones listed by you are not disposal options, but only disposal options. The West uses two methods: flooding in the ocean and sending to the USSR / Russia, now to Ukraine. If in Russia equipped mines for burial remained and are functioning, then in Ukraine I have not heard of such mines. Disposal costs money, and suddenly the West in Russia has ceased to bury. They are being taken to Ukraine. Where? Background, say, normal in Chernobyl? Oh well...
      Those cars with radio wastes from France and Germany where in Ukraine they have disposed of, can you tell me? )) However, be careful: Sashko was shot for trying to disclose this information.
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa April 18 2016 14: 45
        In the zone there are places with an extremely high level, as a rule, places with the burial of equipment and structures in the rest of the background are normal, but there are generally places for example in the catfish where the background is below the city level this is a fact.
      2. goose
        goose April 18 2016 16: 50
        Quote: Bramb
        ocean flooding and shipping to the USSR / Russia

        The West does not use any of this, at least legally.
        Only test lots came to Russia in large quantities until they go - until the deadline for the decrease in activity came out at the NPP storage facilities. But the real prospect is visible. According to various estimates, the period of decline in primary activity is from 60 to 200 years. Before the expiration of this period, it is not rational to move the fuel assemblies - the remains of high-level radionuclides are decently "firing".
        You can’t drown anything in the ocean, at least - this is a crime today.
        Now, if Ukraine switches to coal again, then they will feel what real radioactive pollution is.
  8. baudolino
    baudolino April 18 2016 08: 18
    By the way, experiments with nuclear power plants on the brink of disaster, when Kiev will no longer be able to control the "patriots" on the ground, is the only legal reason for the introduction of Russian troops into the territory of BU. There will simply be no one else to enter.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 April 18 2016 10: 20
      baudolino I absolutely agree with you! The legal reason for the introduction of troops into the BU can easily become, and most likely there will be "Prevention of a global man-made disaster at nuclear power plants" in Ukraine.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza April 18 2016 08: 26
    There was a leak at the Zaporozhye NPP. About this not a single dog, sorry ukroSMI did not bark. But the residents of Zaporozhye were told "Everything is in order, everything is under control, but try not to leave the house, do not open the windows, take iodine with milk for prevention."
    A catastrophe can erupt faster than you and I think.
    However, not only nuclear power plants threaten the environment ...
    Since April 14 2016 in the territory of the Zhytomyr region there has been an emergency of a man-made nature of a local level in connection with the pollution of the Sluch and Khomora rivers.
    “It is strictly forbidden to use water from rivers, to water animals, to eat fish for any needs,” the message said on the website of the Baranovsky district state administration.
    As a result of pollution of water bodies by an unknown substance, a mass death of living organisms, fish and crayfish was recorded.
    Experts warn that in the near future Ukraine may lose its main waterway - the Dnieper River - due to artificial shallowing caused by the washing up of sandy shores. As a result, the Dnieper loses its own course and cannot cleanse itself, in addition, problems arise for the movement of water transport.

    Well, someone’s factory dumped the waste, well, washed sand for the construction of the castle, so what?
    1. SveTok
      SveTok April 18 2016 09: 49
      It’s time to cover the whole of Krajina with the sarcophagus, the only way to avoid major trouble from the stupid actions of the Kiev authorities.
      1. SteelRatTV
        SteelRatTV April 18 2016 11: 22
        Oh, I would say, than this 404 SAMA will be covered soon, but the presence of the ladies (and moderators) is embarrassing repeat The scary thing is that she strives to drag her "neighbors" with herself to the grave !!! fool
  10. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 18 2016 10: 24
    Three units of the South Ukrainian NPP were stopped, with only one for scheduled repairs. At Zaporizhzhya NPP, three out of six were also disconnected, and at the capital only one power unit. At the Rovno NPP there are two out of four units. Overhaul - one.

    While maintaining the current vector of Ukrainian politics, the most reasonable solution is to stop all nuclear power units. Otherwise, Ukraine will turn into a large repository of radioactive waste. And then the dream of becoming a great agrarian power will not come true.
    American TV elements of Westinghouse firm are not quite suitable for use in Soviet (Ukraine has no own "VNA") nuclear power plants, and, attention, the company does not dispose of TV elements!

    The filthy essence of the United States: Come, take profits, shit and wash off ...
    1. Bramb
      Bramb April 18 2016 10: 45
      In fact, the gradual stop of e / blocks is good news. It is impossible to extinguish the reactor quickly, only gradually. Industry has fallen, electricity consumption has declined - reactors are shutting down. It is very good! Even the post of the so-called shutdown, the reactor continues to work. Shutting down the reactor at all is not a quick affair.
      And Ukraine has already become a radioactive burial ground.

      If they were washed off, it would be nice. They leave their puppets.
  11. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer April 18 2016 12: 40
    The apparent deficiency of iodine, and nuclear power plants, is an explosive thing. True.
  12. roial
    roial April 18 2016 14: 04
    may be enough to pull the hedgehog on the globe?

    in 2015, 7 power units were shut down, in 14 - 8, and so on, I’ll tell you in secret at Russian NPPs that they also systematically shut down power units for various reasons, and they won't wear out there.

    Especially since winter is over and electricity consumption has decreased significantly, and there is time before the summer peak of consumption to carry out prevention.

    "1. Ukrainian nuclear power plants are" sharpened "for Russian fuel."

    So what? Does he not know about this? or have you opened Europe here?

    "2. Russia undertakes all the work on the disposal and processing of fuel rods after use."

    so spelled out in the contract and for that Ukraine pays a lot of money, if Russia does not take recycled solids for recycling, it will lose billions, and Ukrainians will fool others who want to earn recycling, and believe for the money they will be found

    "3. American fuel rods from Westinghouse are not quite suitable for use in Soviet (Ukraine has no own) nuclear power plants, and, attention, the company does not recycle fuel rods!"

    Stop hysteria buffoons and the company, and talk really outright nonsense, the assembly is working, though there are flaws, but they are being worked on so that like iXpert, do not be stupid, you already have a lot of shit with the "shale bubble", but about the disposal of fuel rods, why are you have you decided that the supplier must be obligatory and be a utilizer?
    What should you call companies and countries that can dispose of Russian TV? or do you still show us that you are not a trivial sofa-office ikspert?
    1. goose
      goose April 18 2016 16: 53
      Quote: roial
      so spelled out in the contract and for that Ukraine pays a lot of money, if Russia does not take recycled solids for recycling, it will lose billions, and Ukrainians will fool others who want to earn recycling, and believe for the money they will be found

      Huge? Sound the numbers. As far as I looked at the cost of the contracts, everything is on the verge of a project payback. Compared to the capitalization of the fuel elements themselves, ridiculous amounts.
      By the way, name the normal utilizers, but not those that "drain" around the corner.
      I can name the problem in American fuel elements and the reason if you do not know why they cannot make fuel elements on safe uranium oxide.
      1. roial
        roial April 18 2016 17: 31
        so you think nuclear waste disposal is cheap?
        Well, clearly, they will bury somewhere near Chelyabinsk and all the problems.

        Necessarily normal? or any suitable? in my Khokhlov no matter where to export waste.

        and on a fig I need the reasons of something there? I’m somehow not very interested, you three years ago with the same stubbornness proved that shale gas and oil is a myth, just as here your "reasons" are not confirmed by anything other than your words or you have access to test documents on Ukrainian aes?
    2. tank64rus
      tank64rus April 18 2016 17: 19
      You will soon pull the hedgehog onto the globe. An accident always comes when you don't expect it at all .. I have already raked away the result of actions of such an "experiment" in 86 in Chernobyl in 93 Tomsk-7. Well, now you have a look at the result of the next "experiment". After all, it is necessary to bring the Maidan to its logical conclusion.
    3. tank64rus
      tank64rus April 18 2016 17: 19
      You will soon pull the hedgehog onto the globe. An accident always comes when you don't expect it at all .. I have already raked away the result of actions of such an "experiment" in 86 in Chernobyl in 93 Tomsk-7. Well, now you have a look at the result of the next "experiment". After all, it is necessary to bring the Maidan to its logical conclusion.
    4. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad April 18 2016 22: 07
      Quote: roial
      To stop hysteria and company hysteria, and to bring out frank nonsense, the assembly works, although there are flaws, but they work on them so like “Expert” don’t be silly,

      In the Czech Republic they were already trying to play with the Westinhaus TVELs, they almost got their Chernobyl and stopped this dangerous activity.
  13. Vadim42
    Vadim42 April 18 2016 15: 35
    roial the fact is that in your Ukraine for a long time nothing has been working. Iodine will not help you either, smear you with a brush.
    1. roial
      roial April 18 2016 17: 33
      Of course it does not work, did Kiselev tell you this? or sam?

      how is Peter after boo at his nuclear power plant? Does iodine drink?
  14. Atomist
    Atomist April 18 2016 19: 19
    In Ukraine, they intend to use AES as regulatory capacities, changing the capacity of reactors. This is very serious. It’s like driving a generator’s diesel both in the tail and in the mane, instead of letting it rattle in the most efficient and economical mode. Can you imagine what is happening with the resource and reliability?
    1. Bramb
      Bramb April 18 2016 22: 03
      I do not believe in this.
      Nevertheless, all the specialists studied there in the USSR. Understand that they will die first. It is extremely doubtful.
      1. Atomist
        Atomist April 19 2016 05: 04
        Then why are these specialists of the Soviet spill silent about the safety of using American fuel? Silence, only the earth is cracked by victorious leaps.
  15. Atomist
    Atomist April 18 2016 19: 20
    By the way, I heard about the boo for the first time. The background is normal.
    1. Bramb
      Bramb April 18 2016 22: 01
      Do not pay attention.
      It is strange that they were told only about one "boo", and not about a hundred.)))
      You see how it deduces: "billions for recycling" !!! ))))
      The little girl doesn’t know anything at all. I read it on the fence, but everything was the same: it draws conclusions, how, based on the inscriptions on the fence, the world is arranged!)))
  16. resh
    resh April 18 2016 19: 23
    With a thermal explosion at Ukrainian nuclear power plants, we will suffer much more than Europe due to the western transfer of air masses. Everything is moving east, and radiation is unlikely to reach Europe in the second round, so the EEC does not really move.