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Day of the specialist in electronic warfare of the Armed Forces

15 April in Russia is annually celebrated Day Specialist EW (electronic warfare). Like many other military holidays of the Russian Federation in the calendar appeared on the basis of presidential decree number 549 of 31 in May 2006 of the year "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation."

The date of the celebration of the Day of the specialist in electronic warfare is 15 chosen April in connection with the events that took place 112 years ago. On this day, in the distant 1904 year, the Japanese battleships Kassuga and Nissin attempted to fire at the forts and the internal raid of Port Arthur. At the same time between the Japanese ships went continuous telegraph exchange.

Day of the specialist in electronic warfare of the Armed Forces

Japanese armored cruiser "Nissin"

The Russian forces at the Golden Mount station and the battleship Pobeda carried out effective opposition to the Japanese telegraph exchange.

The cabling was broken by the so-called “big spark”. This is the name of a signal that exceeds its power and at the same time suppresses the frequency signal of the enemy. Subsequently, the Japanese themselves admitted that the targeting of interference by the Russians did not allow them to exchange information on the radio channel used with the required efficiency.

It is noteworthy that, about a year before this event, Alexander Popov, an outstanding Russian engineer and inventor of the radio, described the theses on the high probability of conducting radio intelligence and interfering with the enemy’s radio traffic. According to his version, which was later confirmed, a more powerful signal at the frequency of the enemy (or very close to it) is able to minimize the efficiency of radio communications. And if initially far from everyone in the military command understood the effectiveness of such opposition to the enemy, then the events in Port Arthur in April 1904 of the year demonstrated the real significance of the “frequency battles” and the correctness of A.S. Popov.

One of the activities of military specialists in "frequency battles" was the direction associated with the interception of enemy telegrams. The tasks of the commanders of the groups working to intercept information included the definition of, as it were now said, the call signs of the enemy with the possibility of using these call signs for their own purposes, including targets for disorienting the enemy on the radio.

Many years have passed since then, and the electronic warfare systems have been significantly transformed, adding functionality in several orders of magnitude, but many of the tasks that were put to EW prototype specialists then remain quite relevant today.

Constant training of specialists in electronic warfare can improve the skills of using electronic countermeasures against a conventional enemy. Soldiers during the recent exercises have mastered the use of EW complexes of several models. These are “Krasuha-4”, “Leer-3”, “Murmansk”, “Moscow”. With the help of these complexes, not only the radio-electronic cover of their troops is carried out, for example, from the strikes of adjustable bombs and missiles, but also the suppression of the enemy’s command and control systems.

The Murmansk-BN complexes are used to intercept enemy signals and suppress them in the short-wave range. For example, reconnaissance aircraft work in this range. In March last year, these complexes were successfully used for the first time in the North navy RF During training maneuvers, “Murmansk-BN” was used to disorganize the command and control of the conditional enemy at a distance of over 2 thousand km. The maximum radius of action of this complex is 5 thousand km with the possibility of simultaneous suppression of more than 20 targets.

The use of the complex "Krasukha-4С" allows you to cover command posts, groups of troops, air defense systems, important objects of industrial and administrative importance. Based on the analysis of the enemy’s signal, the complex is capable of responding to its radar station with interfering radiation.

The number of annual trainings of the EW military personnel in the “field” conditions goes up by hundreds, which even 10-15 years ago seemed impossible.

"Military Review" congratulates specialists in electronic warfare of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the holiday!
Photos used:, Википедия
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich April 15 2016 06: 02
    Happy EW, and the creators of unique systems! drinks
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana April 15 2016 07: 35
      Happy holiday, dear warriors of electronic warfare of the RF Armed Forces and all those who are related to it!
      All health, happiness and military success! love
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 April 15 2016 08: 23
        Happy Holidays!
        In my opinion, these troops are now as important as in the 2nd world artillery and tanks.
        Here is the article "Analyzing Russia's Military Power: A Secret Study":
        In Ukraine, the rapidly mobilized rebel army, which Russia equipped with surprisingly effective tanks, artillery and anti-tank weapons, launched into the air whole swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles and conducted a series of cyber attacks, which brought down tactical communication systems and even GPS.
        - in the fact that the Americans "took care" and appointed a leading military "planner" to understand the failures in Ukraine:
        After the overwhelming success of the allegedly secret Russian invasion of Ukraine, McMaster quietly led an important expert group trying to understand how the US Army could adapt to this new Russian threat. In part, this has become a tacit recognition of the failures of the American army - and the state as a whole.
        - in this I see the decisive merit of the EW units ...
        1. Inok10
          Inok10 April 15 2016 11: 35
          ... EW with Professional! ... drinks
    2. cap
      cap April 15 2016 09: 10
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      Happy EW, and the creators of unique systems! drinks

      I put a plus to everyone. drinks
      Congratulations to my son-in-law. I didn’t even know that there is such a holiday. (((
      1. Was mammoth
        Was mammoth April 15 2016 09: 44
        Quote: cap
        I put a plus to everyone. drinks
        Congratulations to my son-in-law. I didn’t even know that there is such a holiday. (((

        I am joining! I also missed it somehow.
        My children are working in the defense industry, constructor. Younger - just on this topic has education. I’ll call too, congratulations. No wonder they eat bread. In the fact that the country has EW troops there is also a particle of their labor.
  2. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys April 15 2016 06: 11
    Thanks to the VO administration for congratulations. Happy colleagues!
    1. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA April 15 2016 09: 35
      Happy holiday to you! The future is yours ...
  3. parusnik
    parusnik April 15 2016 06: 18
    Here just now, already in the Baltic, "Donald Cook" was trolled again .. Happy Holidays!
  4. domokl
    domokl April 15 2016 06: 28
    Happy holiday enemies of all enemies. EW is what makes many systems useless. Which means they are very useful for us. I’ll drink a glass for you today!
    1. Colonel
      Colonel April 15 2016 07: 12
      Quote: domokl
      I’ll drink a glass for you today!

      C'mon, you can have two. EW all the same.
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov April 15 2016 07: 25
        Can and three. For those who, as usual, in the field.
  5. Egor123
    Egor123 April 15 2016 06: 32
    Happy holiday to all involved! drinks
  6. Amurets
    Amurets April 15 2016 06: 33
    Happy Holidays. There are no words to evaluate your work, not visible, not heard, but so necessary. Where you no one sees anything, no one hears anything.
  7. Knowing
    Knowing April 15 2016 06: 35
    Here are the ratios: Day of the specialist in electronic warfare of the Armed Forces и International Day of Culture- Polite people. hi
  8. Vita vko
    Vita vko April 15 2016 06: 40
    I heartily congratulate all the REB members!
    It is not for nothing that they say - "Communication assumes, but EW has it". This is because in the age of information technology, the god of modern war is not given enough attention. Back in the early 2000s, it was clear that the radio-electronic and information sphere of armed confrontation is capable of independently solving operational and strategic tasks as a type of armed forces.
  9. candidate
    candidate April 15 2016 06: 43
    Spark creates a hindrance
    In a wide strip
    And as in a thunderstorm "you go"
    Alien in the Russian strip
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov April 15 2016 07: 27
      In a very wide band)))
      1. Sunseich
        Sunseich April 15 2016 12: 01
        uh ... And the transceiver on the table is not Kenwood? )
        1. Colonel
          Colonel April 15 2016 20: 59
          Quote: SanSeich
          transceiver on the table

          I suppose this is an AR dash scanner.
  10. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 15 2016 06: 52
    Happy Holidays, Dear Radioelectronic Wrestling Specialists!
    The Russian people rejoice in your humor! Don.Al.d Cook --- must know that you are everywhere!
    Countries know about the wonderful "bubble" in Syria! RESPECT! Hooray!
  11. Masya masya
    Masya masya April 15 2016 06: 59
    And what kind of craftsmen are these employees!
    Need to change the trajectory of the rocket?
    "Bug" where to mount quietly?
    Or what circuit do you need to collect famously?
    Specialists in electronic warfare
    They will cope with any task quickly!
    We appreciate your work, we respect you very much!
    We wish you health, love and good luck! love
  12. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner April 15 2016 07: 21
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    Happy EW, and the creators of unique systems! drinks

    Congratulations are greatly appreciated !!! Especially from the namesake!
  13. krops777
    krops777 April 15 2016 07: 35
    Congratulations !!! drinks In our electronic age, very popular troops.
  14. OlegV
    OlegV April 15 2016 08: 18
    I congratulate all specialists in electronic warfare of the RF Armed Forces, acting and in reserve, on their professional holiday.
    I wish you health and only peaceful exercises.

    Equal to you in this matter is not and cannot be.
    Keep it up, well done.

  15. volodya
    volodya April 15 2016 08: 19
    Congratulations!!! Happy electronic wrestling specialist. Good Americans in the Black Sea scared.
  16. igorka357
    igorka357 April 15 2016 08: 22
    EW troops are more relevant than ever today!
  17. sa-ag
    sa-ag April 15 2016 08: 37
    As the head of KRET said: "Any emitting device has a bearing ..."
  18. Verdun
    Verdun April 15 2016 10: 14
    Happy holiday to everyone who participates in the development and use of electronic warfare! In a neighboring topic, they write that American EW specialists are developing means to intercept ballistic missiles. Guys, prepare an answer, do not blunder!))
  19. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 15 2016 10: 52
    Happy Holidays - EW Guys! Without you, now, as without hands! Be always on top! drinks
  20. Buffet
    Buffet April 15 2016 11: 12
    On behalf of the EW developers - Thank you! yes
  21. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 15 2016 11: 49
    I had to tightly encounter the electronic warfare after transferring from the SA to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (those who served at the turn of the USSR-Russia will understand me), and so in the 1994 near Argun the Czechs massively placed radio-controlled landmines along the tracks. It was extremely difficult for us to find them; there were absolutely no technical means, but those forces and means. FSB support was clearly not enough. Of course, I managed to do something, but the bombings continued. And then it was decided to use for the convoy of vehicles equipment from the military units of electronic warfare, and the situation has changed radically. In addition, the broadcast was closed and all communication of the Czechs was taken under tight control. The Czechs had to change the tactics of carrying out terrorist attacks, but the FSB did not doze off, and even our lads had already grown up and caught them in packs.

    So, with holiday of all REB members !!! Good luck in your most difficult and so necessary country service!
  22. ezuhan47
    ezuhan47 April 15 2016 13: 27
    Happy Spiders!
  23. Bort radist
    Bort radist April 15 2016 13: 36
    With the specialists of Radio Electronic Fight, happy holiday!
    "Make noise always, make noise everywhere, make noise and not any nails!"
  24. svb1261
    svb1261 April 15 2016 13: 49
    Happy holiday to you Rebovtsy)))
  25. Ramzes33
    Ramzes33 April 15 2016 14: 28
    EW-Happy Holiday!
    VOENOBOZ April 15 2016 15: 56
    Forward the lads are up to you.
  27. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 15 2016 16: 40
    Quote: SanSeich
    uh ... And the transceiver on the table is not Kenwood? )

    Each sandpiper praises its own, here I am, too, Icom IC-R8500, and this is it for him, the thing is beyond all praise and the military and security forces chose it because the Japanese supplied it to us only for the national economy (in 94 it cost about 800 $) and they didn’t catch up that his synthesizer was easily pushed up, and when they grabbed it, the fence had already sailed away. So this machine appeared with us, count for nothing.
  28. vglazunov
    vglazunov April 15 2016 17: 19
    Glory to the specialists from the radio faculty!
  29. the dean
    the dean April 15 2016 18: 04
    My holiday.
  30. Gypsy girl
    Gypsy girl April 15 2016 21: 47
    Happy Holidays!
  31. VeteranS
    VeteranS April 15 2016 22: 10
    In 1971, as an air gunner-radio operator YES (in urgent service) on a TU-95 plane, I took part in the largest exercise Yug ... In addition, for the duration of the exercises, a REP officer was included in the crew for active and passive jamming of a conventional enemy ... As a result, we were able to successfully fulfill the order of the Ministry of Defense Marshal of the USSR Grechko and earn gratitude from the minister himself, and the air defense troops received a good "scolding" from him!
    Happy holiday, dear EW, success in service and happiness in your personal life! love
    1. bubalik
      bubalik April 15 2016 23: 17
      '' 'at first he doubted, looked in the internet, indeed, in the SA, in particular at the TU-95, conscripts served! hi
      1. VeteranS
        VeteranS April 16 2016 01: 14
        Thank you for your trust. I will reveal a little military secret. In the city of Kansk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) he graduated from ShMAS for military service (1970) and was assigned to the air regiment in the North Caucasus as an air gunner and radio operator DA. I have a crew raid of almost 200 hours a year. I wish you all the best, and most importantly, our Russian Armed Forces will always be invincible! fellow
        1. Bort radist
          Bort radist April 16 2016 09: 07
          Quote: VeteranS
          I will reveal a little military secret.

          I got to Kansk at 75. 9th company opposite the teahouse. BTA Veterans from BTA hi drinks
          1. VeteranS
            VeteranS April 16 2016 11: 33
            Health and all the best to the soldiers of Russia and our family and friends! hi drinks
      2. The comment was deleted.
  32. Million
    Million April 15 2016 22: 34
    Congratulations! Today, you will not be able to do with paratroopers alone.