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Burn, but save. In memory of the pilot Mamkin

The pain that pilot-hero Alexander Mamkin experienced in a fire in the cockpit is difficult to imagine. And it is absolutely unthinkable that, tormented by this pain, the person lost control and saved the children ...

The events in question occurred in the winter of 1943-44 years, when the Nazis adopted another brutal decision: to use pupils of Polotsk Children's Home No. 1 as donors. German wounded soldiers needed blood. Where can I get it? Children.

The first to stand up for the protection of the boys and girls was the director of the orphanage, Mikhail Stepanovich Forinko (he was in charge of the underground group). Of course, for the occupiers, pity, compassion and, in general, the fact of such atrocities were of no importance, so it was immediately clear: these are not arguments. But the reasoning became weighty: how can sick and hungry children give good blood? No way. They will not have enough vitamins or at least the same iron in their blood. In addition, there is no firewood in the orphanage, windows are broken, it is very cold. Children all the time catch cold, and patients - what kind of donors are they? First, children should be cured and fed, and then used.

And the German command agreed with such a "logical" decision. Mikhail Stepanovich proposed to transfer the children and employees of the orphanage to the village of Belchitsy, where there was a strong German garrison. And again, the iron heartless logic worked. The first, disguised step to save children was taken ...
Then a big, thorough preparation began. The children were to be transferred to the partisan zone, and then to be transported by plane.

And on the night of 18 on 19 in February, 1944 of the year left the village 154 of an orphanage pupil, 38 of their educators, as well as members of the underground group "Fearless" with their families and partisans of the Shchors squad named after the Chapaev. Please note, dear readers: the children, it was from three years to fourteen. And all - all !!! - silent, afraid to even breathe. The older ones carried the younger ones. Who did not have warm clothes - wrapped in scarves and blankets. What the fascists had to bring people to, so that even three-year-old kids would understand the deadly danger - and they were silent ...
In case the fascists understand everything and go in pursuit, partisans are on duty near the village, ready to enter the battle. And in the forest of the children there was a sleigh train - thirty jumps.

Very helpful pilots. In the fateful night, they knew about the operation, circled the Belchitsy, distracting the attention of enemies. The children were warned: if suddenly light flares appear in the sky, you must immediately sit down and do not move. During the journey the column sat several times.
Everyone has reached the deep partisan rear.

Burn, but save. In memory of the pilot MamkinNow the children were to be evacuated beyond the front line. It was required to do this as quickly as possible, because the Germans immediately discovered such a "loss." Every day the guerrillas became more and more dangerous.
The 3 Air Army came to the aid, the pilots began to take out the children and the wounded, while simultaneously delivering ammunition to the partisans. Two aircraft were singled out, with special capsule-cradles attached to them under the wings, where several more people could be placed. Plus, the pilots flew without navigators - this place was also taken care of for passengers.

In general, during the operation, more than five hundred people were evacuated. But now it will only go about one flight, the very last one. It took place on the night of 10 on 11 April. Children of the Guard lieutenant Alexander Mamkin. He was 28 years old. A native of the village of Krestyanskoye in the Voronezh Region, a graduate of the Oryol Financial and Economic College and the Balashov School. By the time of the events in question, Mamkin was already an experienced pilot. Over the shoulders - no less than seventy night flights to the German rear.

That flight was for him in this operation (she was called "Zvezochka") not the first, but the ninth. As an aerodrome Lake Vechelier was used. I had to hurry also because the ice became more and more unreliable every day. The plane R-5 fit ten children, their teacher Valentina Latko and two wounded guerrillas. At first everything went well, but when they reached the front line, Mamkina's plane was hit.

The front line was left behind, and the P-5 was burning ... If Mamkin were on board alone, he would have gained altitude and jumped with a parachute. But he flew not alone. And he was not going to give the death of boys and girls. Not for this, they just started to live, on foot at night they fled from the fascist bloodsuckers to break up. And Mamkin led the plane ...

The flame reached the cockpit of the pilot. The temperature melted flying glasses, prikipaya to the skin. The clothes were burning, the headset, in smoke and fire it was hard to see. On the sly, only the bones remained. And there, behind the back of the pilot, there was a crying. Children were afraid of fire, they did not want to die.

And Alexander Petrovich almost blindly led the plane. Overcoming hellish pain, already, you can say, legless, he still stood firmly between the children and death.

Mamkin found a site on the shore of the lake, not far from the Soviet units. The partition, which separated it from passengers, already burnt out, clothes began to smolder on some. But death, waving a braid over the children, could not put it down. Mamkin did not give it. All the passengers remained alive.

Alexander Petrovich completely incomprehensible way he could get out of the cab. He managed to ask: “Are the children alive?” And he heard the voice of the boy Volodya Shishkov: “Comrade pilot, do not worry! I opened the door, everyone is alive, we exit ... ”And Mamkin lost consciousness.

Doctors could not explain how he could manage the car and even safely plant her man, whose faces were fused glasses, and from the legs were only bones? How could he overcome the pain, the shock, what efforts did the mind hold?

The hero was buried in the village of Maklok, in the Smolensk region. From that day, all the fighting friends of Alexander Petrovich, meeting already under a peaceful sky, drank the first toast “For Sasha!” ...

For Sasha, who grew up without a father in two years, and very well remembered the child's grief. For Sasha, who with all his heart he loved boys and girls. For Sasha, who bore the surname of Mamkin and himself, like a mother, gave his children life.
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  1. Vovanfalcon
    Vovanfalcon April 15 2016 06: 18
    Thank you Sofya! Trying to hold back tears ..... I can’t.
  2. Filxnumx
    Filxnumx April 15 2016 07: 02
    I read ... I sit and think: Would I be SO able? Thank you for the article. Eternal memory HERO!
  3. su163
    su163 April 15 2016 07: 08
    Great power: love for children and personal courage.
  4. crasever
    crasever April 15 2016 07: 14
    More such materials !!! Otherwise, he doesn’t climb into any gate - on TV a certain scraper in German uniform, dances, “like in Paris,” and the “writer” on the street, praises the French, who fell under the occupiers in 1940, they say, they acted culturally ...
    1. 16112014nk
      16112014nk April 15 2016 15: 40
      Here is what Sergey Kapitsa said about our so-called TV:
      -Our TV is in a deep hole. I would call it a criminal organization, because I have never seen such decomposition that it practices in society on the screens! am
  5. parusnik
    parusnik April 15 2016 07: 17
    Thank you, Sophia .. in due time the film was shot about it .. But such films no longer show ...
  6. tlauicol
    tlauicol April 15 2016 07: 31
    This guy wasn’t even given a Hero. Although the feat is unprecedented - beyond the reasonable, beyond the possible!

    Kf "Unknown War". Words from the song:

    When I leave for the land, where there are no roads
    I myself will forever become Russia.
    Dewy nights in the trunks of your birches
    My blood will flow ...
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 15 2016 12: 17
      Anyway, he is the Hero of the Soviet Union, the Hero of the Country for which he lived, the Country for which he died, the Country that is no longer on the map.
  7. yawa63
    yawa63 April 15 2016 08: 02
    Yeah, it really doesn’t fit in my head — the generation was definitely iron!
  8. Victor N
    Victor N April 15 2016 08: 21
    Great feat!
    And we need to be worthy of our ancestors. Let not by exploits, but by the preservation of one's own dignity.
    And the dignity and honor of the Russians.
  9. Starshina wmf
    Starshina wmf April 15 2016 10: 13
    Beasts are not like humans anymore. Very few killed the Nazis. They raise their heads in the Baltic states, Ukraine, etc. What needs to be done.
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 April 15 2016 18: 39
      Quote: Starshina wmf
      Beasts are not like humans anymore. Very few killed the Nazis. They raise their heads in the Baltic states, Ukraine, etc. What needs to be done.

      But they did more than that. They took Slavic boys with "Aryan looks" and gave them to be raised by families of SS members. There are no words.
  10. Urfin
    Urfin April 15 2016 11: 04
    There is little just a decision to save the children. There was a will ... no - the WILL to do what needed to be done. Everyone would decide to save the children, but not everyone could maintain consciousness, common sense, but He could.

    Alexander Mamkin wanted to save children by all nature. This is not an instant decision. He lived like this and every day accumulated strength, not knowing why ...
  11. Sobol
    Sobol April 15 2016 11: 52
    Great People. Thank you Sofya!
  12. skobars
    skobars April 15 2016 11: 55
    That's about such as HE we must remember. A real HERO !!!
  13. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 15 2016 12: 05
    Thanks so much for this story, Sophia!
    Children escaped! And the staff of the orphanage as well!
    Killed a wonderful pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. It's good that we know his name, thanks to you!
    Here's what they thought: he saved more than 550 lives. The saved were born children. And they --- more children ... How many people live thanks to him !!!
  14. Sofia
    April 15 2016 14: 05
    Thank you so much, dear members of the forum! Indeed, although Mamkin was not given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, he really is. As far as I know, a few days before his death, he was introduced to the Order of the Red Star. Apparently, there was some confusion, they decided that this order was the last feat. But it is not.
    The hero remembers memorable signs on the plane’s landing site and in the pilot’s homeland, one of the schools bears his name. Together Mamkin and pilot Kuznetsov saved all the students - more than five hundred people. I think these children, and now the elderly, also consider themselves the children of Mamkin and Kuznetsov.
  15. efimovaPE
    efimovaPE April 15 2016 15: 50
    Sonya, dear! Thank you for such amazing stories. To tears! To tears! Reading your stories, you understand how strong we are.
  16. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 15 2016 16: 15
    For the umpteenth time I have noticed that I am very worried when I read your articles, Sophia! I also got worried today. One of the reasons --- I wear glasses, the most common ones. And with yesterday’s article I was also very worried, and therefore I didn’t write all the right words about my grandfather.
  17. Prisoner
    Prisoner April 15 2016 17: 49
    How little we know about our heroes! Turning on the TV is all about criminals or socialites, whom Zhirinovsky once gave a more precise definition. And about such people only on the occasion of the Victory Day a couple of programs and then not all. Thank you for the article. My granddaughter will definitely tell you what a wonderful person and citizen lived in our great country.
  18. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel April 15 2016 18: 15
    To tears!...
    1. Yuri from Volgograd
      Yuri from Volgograd April 16 2016 11: 57
      Quote: Black Colonel
      To tears!...

      Lump in the throat.
      Resentment for the sacrifice and pride in the feat of shifts.
      The kingdom to him is heavenly and eternal memory!
  19. Apt13
    Apt13 April 15 2016 19: 06
    Yeah, however, the Iron People were, persistent, a low bow to Sasha !!!
  20. Dora2014
    Dora2014 April 15 2016 19: 45
    I am an aviation engineer. I happened to fly on my own. As a professional, I can fully imagine what torment the pilot suffered. I can imagine to tears ... I can not imagine how he endured them !!! The first time I read about this feat. Thank you Sofya!
  21. Stilet
    Stilet April 16 2016 22: 47
    I have no words ..... What a Heart this Man had!
  22. Alvin
    Alvin April 20 2016 17: 40
    And now -
    “For Sasha!”
  23. Sofia
    April 30 2016 17: 25
    Dear members of the forum, look what was written about this material ...
  24. den-protector
    den-protector 25 November 2016 16: 24
    To make nails from these people: There would be no stronger nails in the world of nails.