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Su-30CM fighters in Transbaikalia are learning the closest air combat

The crews of Su-30CM aircraft of the fighter aviation regiment of the Eastern Military District, stationed in the Trans-Baikal Territory, as part of training flights, work out the elements of a close air combat.

Air combat is carried out at low altitudes in a confined space with a change in the velocity vector and angular velocity during turns and turns. Crews practice combat both in an "air duel" and as part of aviation couples and groups. Pilots use the super-maneuverability of the Su-30SM fighter when performing aerobatics.

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  1. 52
    52 April 16 2016 05: 32
    They fly almost every day. Beauty !! I also see the Su-25 in the air periodically, also from Domna.
    1. Very old
      Very old April 16 2016 06: 30
      Gennady, isn’t Kerry in the bushes with binoculars?
      Go already protest writes

      I envy white envy - to see BEAUTY with my own eyes good
      1. Lt. Air Force stock
        Lt. Air Force stock April 16 2016 10: 14
        I read that optical systems are capable of detecting an enemy at ranges of up to 50 kilometers, I wonder if it is possible to increase the range to 100-150 kilometers, which optical means could, if not replace traditional fighter radar, but supplement at medium and long distances.
  2. avia12005
    avia12005 April 16 2016 06: 16
    I remember a quarter of a century ago right there Mig-23LD.
  3. Dim Bes
    Dim Bes April 16 2016 07: 42
    As long as I remember - and I remember from the beginning of the 80s, military planes constantly flew over my house (sometimes quite low, as in the recent video, and went towards Voronezh). Even in the 90s, although noticeably less. When the Internet appeared, I determined that it was Su 24. In the summer of 11, activity increased sharply, they flew day and night, then I thought that they were almost preparing for war. Since 2013, if I’m not mistaken, su 34 began to appear. But this year, I haven’t seen it live .. only on TV. For the past year I will not say.
    1. karpah
      karpah April 16 2016 18: 35
      And you are not spies for an hour, dear man?
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 16 2016 07: 50
    Good selection of photos. And studying has not hurt anyone. good
  5. Ramzes33
    Ramzes33 April 16 2016 15: 21
    Happy! And the photos are class!
  6. Consul-t
    Consul-t April 16 2016 15: 45
    Not bad. It is necessary to train pilots, otherwise the adversary in striped pants is completely unbelted.
    And circles in circles.
    We need to learn how to kick his ass.
  7. Nubia2
    Nubia2 April 16 2016 20: 20
    Well. Good news.
    You need to fly more.
  8. vital1505
    vital1505 April 16 2016 22: 35
    The main thing is not to slow down the pace.