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Poroshenko - Yatsenyuk: the end of diarchy

Yatsenyuk was “docked”, as many Ukrainian experts promised: the hated Rabbit and Kul in the forehead all over Ukraine announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister “of his own will,” now he “sees his tasks wider than his authority heads of government. " What does this mean? This question is asked by analysts.

Poroshenko - Yatsenyuk: the end of diarchy

Probably, the ex-prime minister would like to solve some broad problems outside Ukraine, somewhere in Europe or America: with 1 billion dollars, reformed during his premiership, much can be solved. If, of course, he can leave the country for which he has done so much, dropping GDP almost twice! .. More interestingly, what consequences will Yatseniuk resigning?

Recall that the tandem of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk is the American construction of the stability of Nazi-Bandera Ukraine, and Washington insisted on its preservation at the end of last year to prevent destabilization, US Vice President Joe Biden talked about this on his last visit to Kiev. And Yatsenyuk leaves ...

That is, the US is handing over its henchmen in Ukraine, after all, it was Yatsenyuk who was their head? The dismissal of Yatsenyuk by the US Department of State agreed on the conditions for his successor to continue the policy of reform, submission to the IMF, Euro-Association and the implementation of the Minsk agreements. These are all empty words of duty, a new stage of the “revolution of dignity” begins in Krajina: the period of Poroshenko’s diarchy-Yatsenyuk ends, and the struggle for full power begins, that is, for the establishment of a dictatorship, of course, very democratic.

The resignation of Yatsenyuk unleashes the domestic political crisis, which was delaying for so long, put off by Washington, insisting on a bunch of Poroshenko - Yatsenyuk. Interestingly, the offshore scandal hit Poroshenko, it can be no accident: Washington merges not only Yatsenyuk, but Poroshenko. That is, Washington generally leaves Ukraine, and abandons it to the mercy of fate, and the elements of the revolution, and drowns all its accomplices at the same time, for they know too much. Salvation of drowning people is the work of drowning people ... And Washington washes its hands ...

Yatsenyuk, undoubtedly, represented the “war party”, was the head of the fierce Nazi-Bandera, and even once fought in Chechnya on the side of bandit groups. With his departure, an armchair will also be rolled up near Avakov, which is headed by a power neo-fascist bloc (Nazi regiment “Azov”).

The vacated premier seat was prepared for Groysman, who is difficult to call a politician, rather, it is Poroshenko’s talking “doll”. Trying to put his obvious protege in the chair of the prime minister, the president is striving to establish his dictatorship, but will his numerous opponents put up with it? They did not resign themselves, and Groisman had already refused to head the cabinet. Is the casting of the premiers beginning in which the names of Turchinov, Lutsenko and Kubiva have already sounded, are Tymoshenko and Lyashko preparing?

How will the “European” opposition in the Rada react in general, that is, “Batkivschyna” of Tymoshenko (Nalyvaychenko), “Self-help” of Sadovy and Lyashko’s party on Poroshenko’s offshore corruption? The end of diarchy is always civil strife: either Poroshenko will deal with the “European” opponents to the end, or opponents will declare Poroshenko “impeachment”.

The dark horse of this revolutionary-reformist race is the Odessa governor and the ex-president of Georgia Saakashvili. He began by saying that Poroshenko’s ultimatum was “not an ultimatum, but an urgent need of the moment,” and demanded that the mayor of Odessa be arrested for separatism and dismissed by the prosecutor of Odessa for corruption.

However, Saakashvili’s ambitions are much more: “The problem is not only in Yatsenyuk. The problem is in the political class and in the approach of the President of Ukraine to the processes inside the country. ” He also accused the deputy head of the administration Poroshenko Vitaly Kovalchuk of organizing a conspiracy to transfer Odessa under the control of the separatists. What processes does Saakashvili dream about? It seems to be eager for a remake of "1937 of the Year" in Ukraine.

The resignation of Yatsenyuk is the beginning of the struggle for dictatorship in the Bandera Krajina, and it’s very difficult to say how it will end. For the time being, it is pouring into Makhnovshchina on the periphery of the Kiev regime. The crisis of diarchy turns into a crisis of power, when everyone wants to be, at least a little, Napoleons.

You can argue about the scale of future events, the “breadth of tasks”, but they will have one positive aspect: there will be no war in the Donbas this spring. Bandera, of course, want to translate the domestic political crisis into military actions in the Donbas, the governor Zhebrivsky in Mariupol publicly declares this.

But in the conditions of growing internal civil strife at the top, it is impossible to achieve the necessary unity and concentration of efforts.
An attack on artillery positions without air support requires an enormous advantage in forces. Provocative shelling is the maximum that the junta will be capable of in conditions of an internal crisis.

... Panikovsky from the novel about the great combine Ostap Bender with something very reminiscent of Yatsenyuk. The people did not like Panikovsky for stealing geese and eternal requests to pay for kefir. The people could not endure this dialectical contradiction and Panikovsky was bival. Yatsenyuk cost the people much more ...
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  1. Scud
    Scud April 13 2016 06: 38
    It is extremely important for the Americans, the Anglo-Saxons, the geyrop to have a ramming fist against Russia. And so they will do everything to ensure that the power of dill was Russophobia, the Nazis and other Bendery substance.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt April 13 2016 09: 10
      In order to somehow plug the "black hole" in the Ukrainian budget, it is simply necessary to get rid of the darkness of gluttonous mouths and thieving little hands. It looks like the end of Ukrainian parliamentarism and the establishment of a dictatorship is coming. And what kind of dictatorship will become one can only guess (there are only two main options). So we'll take a look.
  2. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx April 13 2016 06: 47
    Probably, the ex-prime minister would like to solve some broad problems outside of Ukraine, somewhere in Europe or America: with 1 billion dollars reformed during his premiership, much can be solved
    This one would decide
    1. Lantau
      Lantau April 13 2016 07: 44
      It's okay, Ukraine has a more worthy candidate ....
      1. Pavel Tsybai
        Pavel Tsybai April 13 2016 11: 42
        What a HIGH syllable, plus.
    2. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim April 13 2016 08: 26
      The world-famous and super-popular series “Game of Thrones” has acquired a Ukrainian twin. In any case, almost European patriots and fans of the unsurpassed television and literary masterpiece have already sketched the outline of the plot and transferred Westeros to Ukrainian realities. Well, of course, they ridiculed their "adored" grief rulers.
      Yatsenyuk had to be content with a place on the block. His severed head should please the people and remind of the imminent punishment for the embezzlement and the actual murder of Ukraine. It’s not at all a subtle hint of obvious circumstances. The people are ready to trample and publicly execute the mediocre reformer and snickering thief.
  3. Aleksander
    Aleksander April 13 2016 06: 49
    Endlessly tired and ALL're coming out, "politicians" and their seething, like a yard toilet after yeast, "country".
  4. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery April 13 2016 07: 08
    How nice that the Americans are consistent in relation to their friends and agents of influence - worked, not needed, went to # ren! Interestingly, it’s even very interesting how long Rabbit will now live free and healthy !?
  5. parusnik
    parusnik April 13 2016 07: 13
    And if, Yatsenyuk will return .. how many times he has already left ..
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya April 13 2016 07: 16
    "a struggle begins for the fullness of power, that is, for the establishment of a dictatorship"
    The dictator is there ...
  7. Alexandr2637
    Alexandr2637 April 13 2016 07: 50
    What a parasion, what an egg.
    What is the difference now?
    One horseradish Hohland - not to be ..
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 13 2016 07: 51
    The animal cube spun. And pieces of blood will fly. There will be only one - drunk! laughing
  9. volodya
    volodya April 13 2016 07: 58
    Until the Ukrainians themselves understand that this power will not help them in any way and throw them in the trash, there will be no sense.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza April 13 2016 08: 07
    Groisman has refused so far. Naturally, after all, Petya has already dispersed to appoint his ministers. Does Groisman need it? All financial flows are past him, but the responsibility for social policy is on him. Therefore, nothing came of it yesterday, only a proposal was introduced to consider the resignation, as they immediately announced that "BP is mined" and the work was interrupted. Well, yes, people have already settled down at the TV for the circus to watch, but here - a bummer. We did not agree, neither at night nor during the day.
    Lyashko got crazy about the impeachment of the president. Well this is purely "talk". We DO NOT have an impeachment law. All presidents (except for the first one) were filmed through the Maidan. So it is simpler and "our way". But Europe does not understand. So we can expect the next after the approval of the "new government", especially since the tires are already on fire.
    1. avt
      avt April 13 2016 09: 51
      Quote: Egoza
      Groysman has so far refused. Naturally

      Of course
      Quote: Egoza

      He also wants his own billion. By the way, they decided like Lutsenko. But with what I strongly disagree, so with the title of the article
      Poroshenko - Yatsenyuk: the end of diarchy
      What kind of "dual power" is it that someone encroached on Biden's power? Well, in general, this menagerie is already tired of admitting this menagerie, and now I understand political scientists who are annoying about all this and the Dutch referendum, well, they raise money. well-known and simply not described even on the website back in 2013? Again, I remember the Soviet film Lenin in October "with Strauch as Lenin, it seems -" Everything is going very hagasho! "Well, according to the schedule predicted by Ukraine to the Ruin. in the localities they still hope, again, he already quoted years ago (time flies) the quotation “When he was strangling his wife, and he stood next to him and said,“ be patient, maybe it’ll be okay. ”True, the raguli added another dream to this - And suddenly Russia will disintegrate before they are written into surgical waste and will be seen, and then they will die with a pure, satisfied thought. Here in the LDNR they did not endure, the Kharkovites frankly and brazenly merged Dopa with Gepa, also in Odessa, well, how are these standing on Kulikovo field No. It would be necessary for the inhabitants of Odessa to remember well the then leaders who pickled them and to pay what they deserved according to the recipe to the priest Gapon prescribed during it. With the presence of Transnistria nearby, they had a chance not worse than that of Crimea, but with the organization one to one, like in Kharkov. What else I want to say in the end, of course, they will try to unleash a massacre in the East, and they will shed blood and rake the APUs. But I warn you not brace yourself with slogans "Let's go and cross the Atlantic Ocean." The LDNR will not have enough strength for eight regions, God forbid, they will swing Kharkov, and go south into the steppe under the aviation of the APUK ... Without the intervention of the RF Armed Forces ... Russian troops can only legitimately be able to enter NATO troops in the west of Ruins, which is a risky undertaking in itself, and for the whole world, not the globe of Ukraine.
  11. Riv
    Riv April 13 2016 08: 17
    But what is dual power? Do not make me laugh. Not even a piece - a pawn - was removed from the board. And Poroshenko - also nichrome is not the king. He doesn’t even pull a horse;)
    Here Klitschko - yes, this is a horse. It is intended.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza April 13 2016 08: 22
    The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine confirmed the existence of criminal proceedings on the receipt by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk of 3 million dollars in bribes for the appointment of Vladimir Ishchuk as the head of the Concern PPT.

    In! First, BP rejected the proposal to break ties with Russia, and now money has been found to pay Russia a debt! wassat Visionary guys, however! wink
    Not mine, but it sounds really good ...
    "No one went to the position of chieftain
    “The chieftain will be the first to jump into battle!”
    Then they elected Leo Peyserman,
    He took money for it, my God! ”
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. avt
      avt April 13 2016 10: 07
      Quote: Egoza
      "No one went to the position of chieftain
      “The chieftain will be the first to jump into battle!”
      Then they elected Leo Peyserman,
      He took money for it, my God! ”

      So they decided to go on a song like that by changing a little bit of letters - then they decided to elect Vova Groysman. He took the money for it - my God! laughingAnother thing is interesting - will new sanctions be imposed against Russia for ruining the formation of the government of Ruins? wassat
  13. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 13 2016 09: 10
    The rearrangement of rootless cosmopolitans in the power structure does not bode well for Ukraine.
    Only a nationally oriented power can stop the general crisis of this state ...
    1. Flexsus
      Flexsus April 13 2016 23: 22
      all right. from rearrangement of places of terms the sum does not change ...
  14. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot April 13 2016 09: 34
    "He was the head of the devout Nazi-Bandera, once even fought in Chechnya on the side of the bandit formations."

    Come on ?! belay
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 13 2016 09: 57
      Quote: The Cat
      Come on ?! belay

      oh it was, it was, but it is "not important", although who knows, maybe Russia will also remember.
      Here another interesting thing is how the "authorities" are being formed now.
      It has already been announced that they plan to make Lutsenko the Prosecutor General, in principle, he doesn't care who to be, where they put him, he will be there, the main thing is that drinking companion Petya is nearby. But, here's a bummer - the current version of the law "On the Prosecutor's Office" states that the candidate must have a "higher legal education and work experience in the field of law for at least ten years."
      And Yugik has NO such formation. Only that which in due time on plank beds studied. No problem!
      Bill on cancellation of the obligation for a candidate for the post of prosecutor general of Ukraine to have a higher legal education registered in the country's parliament... The draft law has been published on the parliament's website; its author is Stepan Kubiv, a member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction.

      What time! Attorney General without a higher legal education. Nobody wants to take this position? And then we can have EVERYTHING!
  15. sl22277
    sl22277 April 13 2016 10: 02
    There is no statute of limitations for fascist crimes. For Odessa, Mariupol, Donbass, the people of Ukraine will ask their "leaders". The authorities blame the war on the deplorable results of their activities. Poroshenko is no better than his former prime minister. Until the people themselves "wake up", new Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk will come to power. After all, the country is governed not by the government of Ukraine, but by Washington.
  16. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 13 2016 10: 45
    Well, now the squabble will begin, and explicit and undercover, there will still be something. Wait and see.
  17. rus-5819
    rus-5819 April 13 2016 11: 21
    Washington generally leaves Ukraine, and throws it to the mercy of fate, and the elements of the revolution, and drowns all its accomplices at the same time, because they know too much. The salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves ... But Washington washes his hands ...

    Washington lost interest in Ukraine because Crimea and Sevastopol, as a military base, were lost to him. Shale gas, as a gamble, does not inspire anyone even in America (they abandon their own because of the high cost of production and processing)
    And here "friendly-minded" Russia and Belarus are right at hand.

    Quote: Egoza
    What time! Attorney General without a higher legal education. Nobody wants to take this position? And then we can have EVERYTHING!

    Long live KUKHARKI, governing the state!
  18. Lelek
    Lelek April 13 2016 11: 28
    (It seems that he wants the remake of "1937" in Ukraine.)

    IMHO, a remake of the operation in the entire former Ukraine based on the film "Liquidation" is required.
    In general, the current under-state of Ukraine is the theater of the absurd. Governing state. officials can be any Varangians from behind the hillock, the posts of power ministries and prosecutors can be occupied by profane and outspoken alcoholics, the post of president is a confectioner with an alcoholic-schizophrenic bias, and the post of chairman of nat. security - a Baptist rasstrig with sadistic syndrome, the position of Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada - an outspoken bandit and murderer .... Well, what is there to list the paradoxes, they can not be counted. Only here, the DUA-Europe, for some reason, tries not to notice this for its misfortune and with the tenacity of a masochist seeks to kiss and stretch its tit to this ugly entity, blaming Russia and personally the GDP for its present and future troubles. fool
  19. black
    black April 13 2016 12: 21
    And what will Aunt Julia say. Hidden snake in Parliament. Oh, not good. Or maybe she doesn’t need it? The gold reserves are dumb. I will be a scumbag, if Petro Poroshenko does not think up, by the end of the year, how to ask for money from us.
  20. kolexxx
    kolexxx April 13 2016 13: 02
    How, the owner of such a pozh, could be appointed to any significant position?
    1. Mikado
      Mikado April 13 2016 17: 11
      Quote: kolexxx
      How, the owner of such a pozh, could be appointed to any significant position?

      Also, for the third year I do not understand
  21. RoTTor
    RoTTor April 13 2016 21: 54
    The Prime Minister’s resignation: he didn’t have time to escape.

    If there is today something uniting Ukrainians, then only unanimous, sincere and fair hatred of the Yatsenyuk.

    Versions why it is impudent from impunity and impudence ...., clinging to an office chair, nevertheless leaves him, there are many.

    Our opinion: ///////////////