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Manager instead of Gagarin

Why do we eat royal inheritance

The stagnation in the development of the space industry, which has been observed for almost a quarter of a century in all the leading countries in this regard, has the fundamental basis of a social nature.

The fall of interest in space is caused by the dominance of the individualistic worldview in the ruling elites of developed countries, their intellectual degradation and the personnel policy pursued by them, leading to the “washing out” of specialists. Technological development as a whole is held back by the power elites for fear of losing their privileged position.

Threshold of the earth

In the last quarter of a century, the problem of the survival of mankind with an increasing scarcity of natural resources has been actively discussed in the expert and political community. The volume of their consumption is approaching a critical threshold. This factor is the root cause of the global crisis. The main conflict is between the growth of production and consumption and the possibilities of the Earth’s ecosystem. Other contradictions that form this crisis: between “rich” and “poor” civilizations, industrial powers and raw materials “appendages”, spheres of production and distribution, in fact, are to some extent derived.

There are two ways out: limiting the consumption of resources or finding new ones. The first way with the accelerated growth of the population of the Earth in the long term is unacceptable in any variant of economic development and social model. No matter how you restrict the consumption of the individual, anyway, the time will come when it will exceed the capabilities of the planet. That is, it is necessary to stop the growth of the population. This path will inevitably lead to wars for the redistribution of resources and reduction of the population at the expense of other countries, up to the complete extermination of entire nations, because the question of who to limit in consumption will be decided. Obviously, in the long run, only the second path is possible: the expansion of the resource base by the exploration of other planets - initially in the Solar System, and then in deep space.

Meanwhile, the modern technological basis of even the most developed countries is still very far from conquering other worlds. And it will take a lot of time to acquire such opportunities at the current pace of development. So much so that it may not be enough until the critical threshold for the consumption of Earth’s resources is reached. At the same time, an obvious loss of interest in astronautics is observed at all levels of society, especially in elite circles.

The flooding of the "World" as the highest achievement

Starting from the flight of Yuri Gagarin to the middle of 80-x, that is, in about two decades, mankind has gone from the initial timid attempts to enter outer space to full-fledged orbital bases, expeditions to other planets. At the same time, there were only two leading countries in the exploration of extraterrestrial space - the Soviet Union and the United States, whose competition determined the direction and speed of the space race.

However, with the collapse of the USSR, even the achievements of the past years began to be lost. The Russian orbital station Mir was flooded, the United States curtailed the Shuttle program, effectively losing its own carriers, instead of increasing government efforts, began to focus on the development of the private sector, which is obviously unpromising in terms of launching large-scale projects. We still have the basis of the space industry "royal inheritance." In general, it can be stated that in a quarter of a century there has not been a single serious breakthrough. This development is in striking contradiction with objective necessity. However, it should be noted that the interest disappeared precisely to the exit into deep space with the prospect of developing new planets. Military presence in orbit is growing very intensively.

It is noteworthy that the decline in interest in space activities on the whole on the planet coincided with the collapse of the USSR. Apparently, the cosmic progress of the capitalist world was due precisely to the need for competition. It should be noted that the main role in the curtailment of space programs is played by the political elites and the global economic players behind them, above all the transnational corporations, especially the banking ones. Here we must look for the reasons for the fall in interest in the space industry.

If we are talking about progress or decline in a particular industry, first of all you should pay attention to the processes of goal setting. With regard to the management of social development, the general orientation of the individual is of paramount importance: we work for myself or for society, which is more important - my well-being or all. The primacy of higher interest forces a person to look for ways to achieve overall success even to the detriment of himself, since it is a collective victory that, in his opinion, raises him personally. The primacy of the personal involves finding any way to achieve individual success, even to the detriment of the general. You can often hear that it is necessary to create conditions in order to ensure the coincidence of personal and public interests. But this is not always possible. And even if such a coincidence arises, the contribution of personal interest in the form of a “margin” of any type still substantially increases the cost of production and complicates its production.

The space industry does not bring immediate personal or corporate benefit, therefore, with the philosophy of individualism currently dominant in the elites, it is of no interest to them.

The primacy of corporate interests over national and especially global has generated serious distortions in the personnel policy of national and global elites, which has become a tool for capturing commanding heights in certain industries. As a result, people began to be appointed to posts, especially high ones, by the criterion of reliability and loyalty. At the same time, due to their qualifications, they sometimes turned out to be unsuitable for the performance of duties, especially in significant posts.

Start degradation

Two more factors contribute to the deepening personnel crisis. The first is that there are two types of thinking. One of them can be called “creative”, since it is aimed at generating knowledge that forms new values, material or spiritual. The other is usually called “social” because it is focused on creating a supportive environment around a person, extracting various benefits from it. Every person has both types of thinking. But in some, the first prevails, and in others, the second. At the same time, the latter seek to assign everything that is interesting to them, not only material wealth, but also social status, seeking posts and titles that are not in line with merit or competence. The second type of people, in the absence of a reliable system of management responsibility for erroneous actions, gradually displaces the creators from management structures. As a result, the system is saturated with incompetent and ambitious personalities, which leads to developmental paralysis.

Manager instead of Gagarin

The second factor is determined by the diversity of the world, which cannot be captured by the mind of one person, no matter how ingenious it may be. The more complex the social life, in particular the economy, the higher the level of specialization necessary for effective subject activity, the narrower the circle of competence. However, when specialists in a certain field of activity are declared priority in the management sphere, and moreover there are layers of “universal managers”, “universal top managers” who are ready to steer anything, incompetent people come to leadership posts, destroying the intellectual potential of the entire production system.

The “washing out” of professionals from the highest echelons of the state hierarchy of different countries is promoted by the absolutization of financial instruments for regulating the economy (and whole life), when the main solution to any problem was the allocation of funds. Issues of organization and administration are considered as derived from funding. As a result, financiers, sometimes lacking practical organizational skills, are gaining more and more influence in management.

The consequence of this is a general decline in the intellectual potential of national and world elites. Lacking sufficient qualifications and knowledge of the subject area, the manager is unable to select a real breakthrough solution or technology among ineffective ones, and is unable to distinguish a truly first-class specialist from the showroom imitating the presence of skills by an abundance of recommendations from “authoritative people”, not always deserved rewards and titles. As a rule, the calculation is made on the fact that the organization of the case will be taken over by qualified subordinates. However, those who really know such a leader pushes them away, because they allow themselves to argue, and incompetent compromisers are unable to organize anything worthwhile. As a result, production stagnates at best, and collapses at worst.

Intellectual degradation of higher transnational elites is superimposed on the whole complex of negative factors leading to the cynicalism of the control layers. Possessing the only real power at the global level, they today live in conditions of undivided domination and lack of control, attributing responsibility for their own mistakes and incompetence to representatives of lower levels, including political leaders of the countries under their control, in particular the American presidents. This process is aggravated by the mystical basis of their worldview, which implies the predetermination of events. Accordingly, the need to carefully analyze the current situation in order to develop correct solutions is lost.

The intellectual degradation of tops is in stark contrast to the growing unprecedented rate of new knowledge. Moreover, their main part is formed outside the system of strict control by elite groups. A new social stratum (more precisely, a class) —the intellectual proletariat — is intensively forming. Without possessing significant material property, he absolutely dominates the information sphere, thereby possessing enormous opportunities for social transformations, which can mean the complete collapse of the current power elites. The most unpleasant thing for them is that they cannot control the activities of intellectuals because the breakthroughs achieved are beyond the comprehension of the upper classes. This means that the control of the new proletariat is possible only through the “tame” representatives of the same stratum. Long so can not continue. This also gives rise to fears of the power elites for their future and their desire to slow down the development of humanity in the conditions of increasing intellectual backwardness in order to maintain their privileged position. And this is possible only by deterring the most high-tech industries, including the space industry.

Judging by the direction of conceptual construction, the world and the elites of the leading states are not at all oriented toward expanding the resource base of mankind. The concept of the Golden Billion has been put forward as a global model of social order. Its essence comes down to the fact that few “chosen ones”, defining themselves as “the intellectual core of humanity”, preserve and increase the achieved level of consumption due to the cruel exploitation of the rest with artificial reduction of their number, bringing to a critically minimum level of material consumption and spiritual degradation. The disappearance of inter-civilization differences is supposed to be the unification of peoples with the division of all mankind into two super-civilizations: the Golden Billion and exploited subhumans. In this model, the problem of expanding the resource base of mankind is removed - it will not grow. However, this is followed by inevitable general degradation, since the basis for development is eliminated. There is no need to strain the Golden Billion especially - everything is guaranteed for it, and the slave community, humiliated and deprived of the right to knowledge, cannot make intellectual breakthroughs even with the most keen desire.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 13 2016 12: 21
    What not wrapped up in the article! I read something ... and didn’t understand anything!
    1. Engineer
      Engineer April 13 2016 12: 29
      In general, the meaning is that the oligarchs do not want to invest in space, because they are stupid and do not understand what huge resources can be mined outside our blue ball. And also that Navalny is an "intellectual proletariat" that can overthrow the rule of this stupid ruling class.
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik April 13 2016 12: 44
        Quote: Engineer
        And also that Navalny is an "intellectual proletariat" that can overthrow the rule of this stupid ruling class.

        Navalny is not striving for this, he just wants to be among the "chosen ones."
      2. opus
        opus April 13 2016 13: 19
        Quote: Engineer
        In general, the point is that the oligarchs do not want to invest in space,

        The author (K. Sivkov) is simply not in the know:
        1.Private Russian Lunokhod: Google Lunar X Prize competition
        ENG ENGRUS RUS "Selenokhod" - participant of the lunar race, The Selenokhod engineers team has finished assembling a prototype of the lunar robot.

        2.Russian businessman Yuri Milner and the famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking are launching the $ 100 million Breakthrough Starshot project, whose goal is to deliver the robot to the closest star system Alpha Centauri in 20 years

        1. Lt. Air Force stock
          Lt. Air Force stock April 13 2016 13: 46
          How will such small satellites from Alpha Centauri transmit telemetry? We need a powerful transmitter, but where does it come from on such a small board.
          1. opus
            opus April 13 2016 14: 35
            Quote: Lt. air force reserve
            How will such small satellites from Alpha Centauri transmit telemetry?

            Everything from KA - laser beam
            Transmitting images and information from the device to the Earth using a laser as a transmitter and a sail as a receiving antenna on a spacecraft.
            Sail Good size.

            None of the spacecraft had such receiving antennas (the voyager is resting)

            The 1Watt laser on board nanocraft will use the sail to focus the laser communications signal. "Fresnel lenses"
            For a 4m sail, for example, the diffraction limit of the spot size on Earth will be about 1000m.

            A kilometer-long receiving array will intercept about 10-14% of the transmitted signal.
            In order to maintain a high transmission rate through the Earth’s atmosphere, communications must operate at a wavelength shorter than the propulsion laser system used, due to the Doppler shift of the nanocraft relative to the Earth.

            The configuration of the sail will be changed for communication (it is understandable, behind the Pluto the laser beam will no longer accelerate the spacecraft)
    2. CONTROL
      CONTROL April 13 2016 12: 53
      What not wrapped up in the article! I read something ... and didn’t understand anything!
      Intellectual degradation ... is in stark contrast to the growing unprecedented pace of new knowledge.
      The article is mainly about THIS: for those who "didn't understand anything"!
  2. Zordan
    Zordan April 13 2016 12: 26
    Well, in the last thesis, I would add that Russia does not fit into the golden billion, so we must develop in a different way than everyone else! In particular, go to other planets, systems, galaxies!
  3. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol April 13 2016 12: 26

    From star to star in space,
    From labor to dreams in caring,
    We open our wings
    Speeding up your flight path.

    We know how to fly for life,
    To better and further and more
    Expanding the boundaries of the mystery
    Finding meaning in them is finer.

    Conscious of being a creature
    Destroying the myth of Darwinism,
    Gaining its meaning
    The universal mechanism.

    Revealing the meaning of meaning,
    What is bequeathed to us from the beginning,
    Learning the creations of numbers,
    That the picture is woven together for reference.

    Comprehending the laws of the universe,
    Through thorns, exactly, to the stars,
    Opening up a naked soul
    To play her victory a chord.

    The deafening cry of the bell
    Scream out loud - hello.
    I came, I am your legitimate son
    And the universe says - rule.

    We know how to fly for life,
    The stars wait patiently gazing
    We just need to take off from the threshold
    Break away from the earthly "paradise".
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich April 13 2016 12: 27
    K. Sivkova, you can not read, like Kabardin, everything was painfully sad for him, everything is always in a minor ... only spoils the mood. It is difficult, but not to the same extent. Have you started to restore the industry, time is needed ...
  5. Altona
    Altona April 13 2016 12: 28
    Well, finally, a more or less normal article. We already have a whole party of such "managers" called "United Russia". You can even write nothing more. And in the Government and state corporations there are "universal managers", there is even one downshifter, albeit with a huge salary.
    1. vanavatny
      vanavatny April 13 2016 13: 35
      funny, heard, the other day an official from cx a girl asked about beets? uncle in response drilled slurred about being offended, so he went on a raise, Khautov now became First Deputy Minister, Comrade Medvedev appreciated the manager, but this is an isolated case, right?
      1. Saratoga833
        Saratoga833 April 13 2016 16: 44
        Quote: vanavate
        Comrade Medvedev appreciated the manager,

        And who will appreciate Medvedev? And give him a worthy place in our society? Preferably in gold mining or logging! With a kyle or a saw in hand!
  6. FID
    FID April 13 2016 12: 32
    The directors of aircraft plants - the liveliest confirmation of the thoughts from the article .... The directors of the aircraft plants appoint anyone but aviation specialists ..
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 13 2016 12: 40
      Quote: SSI
      The directors of aircraft plants - the liveliest confirmation of the thoughts from the article .... The directors of the aircraft plants appoint anyone but aviation specialists ..

      Sergey, hi "effective managers" are universal specialists, Serdyukov is an example! wink
    2. gray smeet
      gray smeet April 13 2016 12: 43
      Quote: SSI
      The directors of aircraft plants - the liveliest confirmation of the thoughts from the article .... The directors of the aircraft plants appoint anyone but aviation specialists ..

      In place of directors of Russian enterprises, economists are now being appointed! (These are my observations). A producer in the director’s place is a horror and a nightmare for an economist! laughing plus to you.
      1. Lt. Air Force stock
        Lt. Air Force stock April 13 2016 12: 56
        Quote: gray smeet
        In place of directors of Russian enterprises, economists are now being appointed! (These are my observations). A producer in the director’s place is a horror and a nightmare for an economist! plus to you.

        If the economist at the head of the plant is basically okay, if this same economist consults, for example, with the chief designer on all matters not related to the economy.
        1. Beaver
          Beaver April 13 2016 13: 34
          Quote: Lt. air force reserve
          If the economist at the head of the plant is basically okay

          In vain minus the comrade. In the Union, it was the economists who appointed the heads of enterprises. And at the present time financiers rule. An economist and a financier are two big differences. hi
    3. Letnab
      Letnab April 13 2016 16: 51
      You are not alone, this is happening in all areas ...
  7. 2s1122
    2s1122 April 13 2016 12: 42
    Space occupants will normally start only when the roasted cock specifically bites in the ass hi
  8. Verdun
    Verdun April 13 2016 13: 07
    Quote: SSI
    Directors of AIRCRAFT PLANTS appoint anyone except aviation specialists ..

    This is a problem not only for the aircraft industry. Recently, almost all over the world, the view has prevailed that there is a "general leader" who can effectively manage anything. Such "effective managers" are a boon for the dividend-receiving shareholders. But a nightmare for the end consumer of the product. As for space flights, it is high time for humanity to understand that the development of science and space exploration is a matter of the survival of the species. The Earth and the Sun are not forever ...
  9. Igor V
    Igor V April 13 2016 13: 15
    The "royal inheritance" was cut a little. He himself writes that one person cannot "embrace the immensity." There were several dozen chief designers in the space industry, and all of them were important and without each of them it could not have gone off. So the legacy is collective.
  10. Algetxnumx
    Algetxnumx April 13 2016 14: 16
    Quote: Finches
    The collapse of the state begins with the collapse of education! And if earlier - the education of ALL inhabitants of the country was considered a state task, up to coercion and completely free, then now, this is an ordinary provision of the service - if you want to study, study, if you don’t want to - go fool

    Everything is correct, to the very point, already now, as they are called, the "victims of the exam" are taught, treated, supervised, etc., etc., but when it takes on a massive character, when the last cadres brought up and trained in the USSR leave, then it will be complete and the final "polar fox".
  11. Calter
    Calter April 13 2016 14: 18
    The space industry does not bring immediate personal or corporate benefit, therefore, with the philosophy of individualism currently dominant in the elites, it is of no interest to them.

    On this occasion, the words of Ulyukaev at the Gaidar Forum come to mind:
    "In the longest perspective, we will all die" (on the "harm" of long-term planning). Do you assume that such people will see beyond their own noses?
    The capitalist model does not contribute to the development of this industry. Do you know how much a pinch of lunar soil is brought to Earth during an unmanned expedition? So it's simple, bent down and scooped up. And if you organize production from the bowels? At least Luna-Mars (where you can organize the landing of a person on the surface). Earth's resources are a million times cheaper, even if they have to be mined from permafrost. As a result, the space sphere will spur its development only with the complete disappearance of any archive resource on Earth, as a result of which its price will skyrocket. Will there be enough remaining resources by that time to organize space infrastructure? I do not know. In this regard, on a capitalist horse, we will swoop down on the wall in a big way.
    In the USSR, the space sphere developed under the centralized leadership of the party, and the United States willingly had to imitate in order not to lag behind in the event that space suddenly becomes a priority. And of course, space is a profitable defensive and offensive bridgehead. ICBMs, communications and surveillance satellites are all the result of the Cold War. Now an international treaty on the demilitarization of space is in force, therefore no one is developing it.
    1. Verdun
      Verdun April 13 2016 14: 47
      Quote: Calter
      "In the long run, we will all die"
      to all appearances, this gentleman did not read M.A. Bulgakov. "Yes, man is mortal, but that would be half the trouble. The bad thing is that he is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick!" But alas, too much power is now concentrated in the hands of those who live in one day.
    2. Saratoga833
      Saratoga833 April 13 2016 16: 48
      And this Ulyukaev has no place at all in the economic component of Russia!
  12. Old26
    Old26 April 13 2016 14: 55
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    K. Sivkova, you can not read, like Kabardin, everything was painfully sad for him, everything is always in a minor ... only spoils the mood. It is difficult, but not to the same extent. Have you started to restore the industry, time is needed ...

    It is necessary to read both that, and another. But at the same time, do not take their revelations as the ultimate truth.
    A good manager is always valuable. That's just one of them is good. And about space.
    Generations are changing, priorities are changing. In the USA-USSR race there was always a competition: who used to be. Priority was in the first place, although it was also not always the best option. could be done first, and your opponent developed all this.
    Now there is no idea that would unite. Flight to Mars is ephemeral. And to do this project alone is stupid and expensive.
    To nod exclusively at the fact that the USSR (Russia) is ahead of the whole planet and without us everything in astronautics will become doubly stupid. Now at least we do not observe the harmonious concept of development as our "enemy". There is no long-term planning that our "enemy" has. It is easiest to refer to the action of the fifth column. There is no need to look for "punctures". Everything is clear and clear - "XXX is the enemy"
    We sometimes do not consider the achievements of our opponents to be something worthwhile, they say it's trifles and drank (for example, the saved stage of the "Falcon"). But this is a step into the future. Or do many believe that a parachute will solve all problems? Yes, as long as the step weighs a couple of tons - this is an option. And what if the stage weighs 300 tons, or 500? What to do then ???
    Space exploration has always been the hottest and hottest topic in the media. But sometimes the secrecy did not make it possible to objectively assess the success of the parties. From an ideological point of view, this was true: to make people feel superior over the enemy ... At a certain point it was right. But that's just not always. The suppression of the enemy's successes led to euphoria and "failures". Alas, but it is so
  13. Gora66
    Gora66 April 13 2016 15: 06
    "Why are we eating up the royal inheritance" ... you can't immediately understand that we are talking about the King and not about the Queen.
    1. Foofighter
      Foofighter April 13 2016 16: 49
      in another article, the Russian flag was painted on Buran, and they drove that space is expensive; in another article, there was no inscription "USSR" in Gagarin's spacesuit, etc.

      probably such digging in each
  14. Lincoln
    Lincoln April 13 2016 18: 18
    If there is no investment in development, in people and science, then after 5 years no one will need Roskomos, private companies are already stepping on their heels and this is not seen only by the blind.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 14 2016 00: 42
      This blind one is our Roscosmos - in which promising programs either close or stretch for a long time - and over the past 25 years we have not created anything new except the Angara and the Vostochny cosmodrome.