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A young man from Krasnodon was planning terrorist attacks in Rostov and Moscow. How "dangerous games" lead to prison bunks

The war in the Donbas inevitably led to the intensification of pro-Ukrainian radicals in the territory of the Russian Federation itself. This was facilitated by the numerous influx of refugees from the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Although the overwhelming majority of refugees were just people sympathetic to Russia, including militia families, pro-Ukrainian elements could also penetrate the general flow, hoping to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation. By the way, this question was raised by law enforcement officials. In the past two years, a number of lawsuits against pro-Ukrainian radicals took place in Russia. Most of them were associated with accusations of pro-Ukrainian nationalist propaganda on the Internet, attempts to recruit supporters of extremist organizations banned in Russia. Among the serious processes should be noted so-called. "The case of the Crimean terrorists," accused of which Oleg Sentsov received twenty years in prison, Alexander Kolchenko - ten years, Gennady Afanasyev and Alexey Chirniy - seven years in prison. Men were accused of having planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks against pro-Russian political parties in the Crimea. However, in recent days, information has appeared that the Ministry of Justice of Russia is preparing for the extradition of Sentsov and three more Ukrainian citizens to Ukraine - it is likely that they are going to be exchanged for Russian citizens who are in the hands of Ukrainian special services.

It seems that in the near future in the Rostov region will be another trial in the case of the Ukrainian radicals. At this time, a very young man - eighteen-year-old Arthur Panov can appear before the court. He is accused of preparing to commit an act of terrorism on the territory of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Recall that a seventeen-year-old Ukrainian citizen was arrested on December 5 2015 in Rostov-on-Don. An improvised explosive device was discovered in a dormitory room on Zakrutkina Street, where a young man stopped, arriving in Rostov, allegedly for employment in one of the local supermarkets, as well as a detailed plan for a terrorist act. The young man planned to detonate a bomb in the Theater. M. Gorky. Who does not know - this is the famous "theater - tractor", one of the most important cultural monuments of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region. Fortunately, the plans of the young terrorist were prevented by the operatives of the FSB and the State Ministry of Internal Affairs, who became aware of the plans of the young citizen of Ukraine. After the arrest, the young man was taken to the police department, and then transferred to a temporary detention center and then to the remand prison. Since the young man had not yet turned 18 years old at the moment of detention, his name and surname did not appear in the media. Only after 24 February 2016, when the young man, who was at that time in the detention center, turned 18 years old, everyone learned that it was Arthur Panov, a person well known in certain circles.

Work with Panov investigators managed to find out about a lot of interesting young man. Artur Alekseevich Panov was a native of the famous Krasnodon - the very one where the legendary “Young Guard” fought the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War. In Krasnodon Panov was born in February 24 1998 years. By the way, since childhood Panov differed extraordinary abilities. He played the piano and the accordion well, at the age of eleven he began to write poetry. Creations of Panov even published in Lugansk newspapers. For the first time in the field of view of the law enforcement agencies, Panov came at the age of fifteen. 16 December 2013 an unknown young man visited the premises of the branch of Aval Bank in Krasnodon. He handed the bank teller a note in which it was necessary to put the cash in the bank in a bag and, within two hours, hand it over to the person who came for the bag. Otherwise, the unknown threatened to blow up a bomb in the bank.

The cashier reported to the law enforcement agencies and soon 15-year-old Arthur Panov was detained. He explained to the investigators that he was going to emigrate to the United States of America because of disagreement with the political regime of Ukraine, but for this he needed money - so he decided to try to rob the bank. A criminal case was initiated against the young man on 1, Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (a false report on the preparation of an explosion), which provides for two to six years in a colony. But since Panov had not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility under this article, the court released him from punishment, ordering that compulsory educational measures be applied to Artur Panov. In addition, a forensic psychiatric examination revealed the presence of mental disorders in Artur Panov, in connection with which the young man was registered with a psychiatrist.

However, failure in the bank did not “break off” Arthur Panov and he continued to engage in “radical political activity”. Moreover, in 2014, the power in Ukraine has changed, an armed conflict began in the Donbas. All of these events could not but influence the attitudes and behavior of Arthur Panov. Although he considered himself a man of left-wing radical convictions, this did not prevent him from advocating the introduction of NATO troops into the territory of Ukraine. According to Panov, the presence of the American and other NATO military in Ukraine would have allowed the country to be protected from the “Russian aggressive policy”. In July, 2014, the town of Panov, created the human rights organization Freedom Now. True, it was unlikely that there was anyone else besides Panov himself. The organization advocated for the release of Ukrainian citizens arrested by the Russian authorities for committing various crimes against Russian citizens and the national security of the Russian state. But the young man’s “human rights” activities seemed to be little, and he decided to revert to radical actions. First of all, Panov invented a revolutionary pseudonym - now he was called Arthur Romberg, declaring himself on the Internet as a representative of the “IV generation RAF”. Recall that Rote Armee Fraktion is a radical left-wing terrorist organization that has operated since the end of the 1960s. by 1998 in the Federal Republic of Germany. By the way, unlike Artur Panov, members of the RAF and in nightmarish dreams could not imagine the support of NATO troops. On the contrary, the organization has committed a significant number of terrorist attacks against NATO facilities and American troops in the Federal Republic of Germany.

24 November 2015 Propulsion Arthur Panov left for Rostov-on-Don. The young man, according to the investigation, decided to move to sabotage activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. He rented a room in a hostel, got a job at a supermarket, and outwardly nothing was remarkable. Summed up the young man Internet. 4 December 2015, Arthur Romberg, as Arthur Panov called himself on the global network, published on the Internet a text expressing sympathy for the militants who organized an act of terrorism in 2002 in October at the Dubrovka Theater Center. Apparently, the competent authorities are interested in this text. The next day, December 5 2015, Arthur Panov was detained by security forces. The young man told investigators that he planned to detonate a bomb in the Rostov Theater. Gorky, and then go to Moscow, where they also commit a terrorist act. A criminal case was initiated against the suspect under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or wearing weapons“and the 205 article“ Terrorist Act ". Arrest was selected as a preventive measure. The young man was transferred to the detention facility in Taganrog. Naturally, as soon as the Ukrainian media learned about the detention of a young citizen of Ukraine, they they immediately tried to launch a campaign in defense of Artur Panov, but the protection of Panov did not receive serious support from the Ukrainian authorities, perhaps because the young man was really too odious a person even in Ukraine Kim standards.

Most likely, in the near future, Arthur Panov is awaiting trial. The article he is charged with is very serious. The same Oleg Sentsov was sentenced under this article to twenty years in prison with a sentence being served in a strict regime colony. But if, in the case of Sentsov and his accomplices, the Ukrainian authorities and Russian human rights activists were very fussing, so it is quite likely that they will be extradited to Ukraine, then things could be much worse for Panov. Given his radical leftist convictions, he is not very necessary in Ukraine either. But here it should be borne in mind that at the time the crime was committed, Panov was a minor, that is, he could not receive more than ten years of imprisonment. In addition, the young Ukrainian citizen has a chance to avoid punishment due to medical records. After all, taking into account the past of Panov and his observation by a psychiatrist, the court may recognize him not responsible for his actions. Naturally, then the eighteen-year-old Panov will be sent for compulsory treatment.

So far the case according to the investigation of Artur Panov continues. Among other details in the biography of this person, the investigating authorities were also interested in possible links between Artur Panov and the Russian left radicals who could assist him in planning illegal actions on the territory of the Russian Federation. Two days after the arrest of Artur Panov in Krasnodar, a certain Daria Polyudova, born 1989, was questioned. The operatives of the Rostov law enforcement agencies, who had arrived in Krasnodar on purpose to talk with Polyudova, tried to find out from her whether the woman was familiar with the “Arthur Romberg”. But Daria Polyudova reported that she did not know Romberg, and besides, she never maintained any contacts with representatives of radical organizations from Rostov-on-Don or the Rostov Region.

In certain politicized circles, as well as law enforcement, Daria Polyudova is well known. In her biography there is something related to her with "Arthur Romberg." True, Polyudova is nine years older — she was born on 4 in February of 1989, she graduated from piano school and also dreamed of a musical career. In 2005, the Polyudova family moved from Bashkiria to the village of Poltavskoye, Krasnoarmeysky district of the Krasnodar Territory. Daria went to school well, so she could enroll after school at the Novorossiysk branch of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The university graduated with a red diploma, was an intern at the Investigation Committee. It seemed that everything could turn out for Daria in her life and age at thirty she could easily work as the head of the investigative department or, if she chooses commercial organizations, of the legal department in a company or firm. However, in December 2011, Daria suddenly became interested in politics. In the end, her political path, which led her to the bunker, began in the ranks of the Novorossiysk city committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, then it was in the “Left Front”.

A young man from Krasnodon was planning terrorist attacks in Rostov and Moscow. How "dangerous games" lead to prison bunks

Naturally, a career in the investigative bodies after participating in a number of leftist actions was out of the question. Polyudova was stopped to work in her specialty — as a lawyer in private firms, after which she got a job as a cashier or saleswoman, putting up announcements. Most of the actions in which the young woman took part were very specific. So, in 2014, Daria Polyudova tried to act as an organizer of the so-called. The “march for the federalization of Kuban” repeatedly spread anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian information on social networks, for which a criminal case was initiated against it. Polyudova was charged with the blame, including the publication in the open access of the Internet images "Ethnic Ukrainians of the Kuban want to join Ukraine." Polyudova was accused of calling for extremism and separatism. 21 December 2015. Daria Polyudova was sentenced to two years in prison with a sentence being served in a penal colony. However, Polyudova herself did not agree with the decision of the court and continues to file appeals. After being released from a settlement colony, she dreams of moving to Moscow, where, according to the woman, the people are more “advanced” politically than in the Krasnodar Territory.

Meanwhile, 22 March 2016, it became known that human rights activist Vladislav Nikitenko, who defended Polyudova, was sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination. This decision was made Krasnodar Regional Court. Nikitenko should have been checked for sanity in the criminal case in which he is suspect. The human rights defender is suspected of obstructing the administration of justice (part 1 Art. 294 CC), contempt of court (part 1 Art. 297 CC) and defamation of the prosecutor (part 2 Art 298.1 CC). Recall that 17 March Nikitenko was arrested for five days. He himself said on his page on social networks that he called the prosecutor a moron, for which the police officer drew a report on him. 31 March it became known that Polyudova filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. It is noteworthy that any campaigns in defense of Polyudova on a serious level is also not carried out.

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  1. KOH
    KOH April 13 2016 06: 31
    Yeah! SMERSH is becoming more relevant, so many freaks in the country divorced ...
    1. Finches
      Finches April 13 2016 07: 08
      And why the fucking liberals whine about the Brezhnev horrors of overdoses of haloperidol ??? Yes, it’s humane in relation to such inadequacies and the ability to improve your mental health ... laughing
      1. Nevsky_ZU
        Nevsky_ZU April 13 2016 07: 30
        He played the piano well,


        she graduated from piano music school

        sad wassat

        So we do not just have to keep the madrassa under control. laughing

        It’s good that they didn’t send me to the music school for these strict intellectual grandmothers ... I had enough of the boxing section in the 6 class and in my district with constant fights. Street, the best education, in a sense.
        1. mishaia_23
          mishaia_23 April 13 2016 09: 08
          He played the piano well, the accordion ...
          She graduated from a music school in piano and also dreamed of a musical career ...
          Maybe something in the conservatory to fix? ...
          Mikhail Zhvanetsky
          1. the47th
            the47th April 13 2016 11: 48
            The piano is a rather complex instrument and smart people are good at it. Some of them suddenly realize that they are "not trembling creatures, but have the right." The problem is that in reality they have no "right".
        2. Mairos
          Mairos April 13 2016 12: 56
          Hmm .. not a fact! My son went to the music class in the music class, but the pro-Russian anti-liberal guy, quite so-so, grew up already. True, Kudo was engaged in parallel, and then Sambo, for which his teacher in the musician scolded occasionally - you can’t save your fingers! )))
      2. Observer2014
        Observer2014 April 13 2016 10: 27
        Well, what are you waiting for? A young man from Krasnodon planned terrorist attacks in Rostov and Moscow. How "dangerous games" lead to prison bunks.
        I am two years old! I’m talking about this. Two! Create filtration centers at the borders. And all through them. Someone to work, some to permanent residence. And people are comfortable and we are calm.
        1. Jagermeister
          Jagermeister April 13 2016 20: 17
          Quote: Observer2014
          Well, what are you waiting for? A young man from Krasnodon planned terrorist attacks in Rostov and Moscow. How "dangerous games" lead to prison bunks.
          I am two years old! I’m talking about this. Two! Create filtration centers at the borders. And all through them. Someone to work, some to permanent residence. And people are comfortable and we are calm.

          Well, how to filter?
          Is a traveler supposed to live in a barrack for several weeks and will the good fellows interrogate him at night? And for each of the 6 million need to prepare a dossier? How do you imagine that?
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder April 13 2016 15: 21
      these must be treated like the militants igil
  2. sgazeev
    sgazeev April 13 2016 06: 58
    Here in VO and RV horseradish hung from Poltava. Something suspicious.
  3. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 April 13 2016 06: 59
    Diagnosis: "Shiza. Keep locked up!"
  4. captain
    captain April 13 2016 08: 32
    Dear commentators, I dare to assure you that we have quite a lot of such "fighters" in Russia. The worst of this is that our youth feeds on this pro-Ukrainian and pro-American shit on the Internet, considering the Internet the most honest media.
  5. varov14
    varov14 April 13 2016 08: 51
    Something left the coils demolished if they directed their actions against the people, but are they left or is it the machinations of the authorities? Money Bag Hires.
    1. Follow us
      Follow us April 13 2016 10: 02
      These are not leftists, these are leftists. Young, blood riots, no brains. Easy mining for dirty use.
    2. Mairos
      Mairos April 13 2016 13: 00
      A hundred years ago, the most left-wing "Bolsheviks" also advocated the defeat of Russia in the war. (Russian-Japanese and World War I).
      1. Jagermeister
        Jagermeister April 13 2016 20: 17
        Quote: Mairos
        A hundred years ago, the most left-wing "Bolsheviks" also advocated the defeat of Russia in the war. (Russian-Japanese and World War I).

        Well, now the same thing.
  6. Suharik.inline
    Suharik.inline April 13 2016 08: 52
    Quote: captain
    The worst thing is that our youth feeds on this pro-Ukrainian and pro-American shit on the Internet, considering the intern the most honest media.

    I agree completely, the brain is clogging up with the younger ones, so I wonder if I would introduce forcibly visiting libraries for young people, it would be more useful.
  7. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 13 2016 09: 36
    Youth turned out to be abandoned by the state both in Russia and in Ukraine.
    At the beginning of an independent life, young people want to become partakers of something big and preferably good.
    Evil reigns on TV: propaganda of violence, debauchery of the soul and body of youth.
    And this happens with the knowledge of the state.
    Therefore, it is not surprising that young people travel to hot spots and also participate in their creation in their countries.
    And the main culprit is the state ...
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin April 13 2016 10: 08
      Quote: Pvi1206
      And the main culprit is the state ...

      in which "consumerism" became the main ideology of youth development. Therefore, the appearance of such "heroes" of our fall is a natural process.
    2. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 April 13 2016 12: 00
      Vladimir. In this case, it’s not the state that’s guilty, but the individual’s mentality. We were young too, youthful maximalism went through the scale. They also tried to change the world. But they didn’t blow up anyone and the banks didn’t rob the same person. climb under the grand PR for FREE!
    3. Jagermeister
      Jagermeister April 13 2016 20: 22
      Quote: Pvi1206

      Evil reigns on TV: propaganda of violence, debauchery of the soul and body of youth.
      And this happens with the knowledge of the state.
      Therefore, it is not surprising that young people travel to hot spots and also participate in their creation in their countries.
      And the main culprit is the state ...

      I wonder if there are a lot of viewers at the family channel, where they show kids, teddy bears, swings and prams ...
      How often do viewers watch the Culture channel. Any violinists from the Bolshoi Theater.
      Yes, they never look. Such a people.
      But everyone is watching porn and criminal news. It lies in the psyche of the individual. No one needs plush bunnies.
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 April 13 2016 21: 24
        Alexander! Let's not talk about family channels. Take the VO and the last articles. A little lower was the release of "A short commentary on the National Guard". Look at the ratio of opinions. We are really being turned into a herd by the media. And you mean "Culture". Another two years back VO was not politicized, they discussed weapons and changes in the army and navy. After the outskirts of the putsch, everything got mixed up, VO was already at the level of "Spring". And at the expense of the violinists, at least we are lucky at the expense of festivals, to YOU ​​IN THE CITY WHEN THE "VIRTUOSES" MOSCOW "? And if the garbage chute is constantly dragged like" House 2 "or" One to one "- then the authorities are easier with vegetables.
    4. iov
      iov April 18 2016 09: 38
      Of course, I do not argue ... in some respects, the decline of morality plays a role ..... but it is worth noting that there have always been those who want to write themselves in history ... From small to large .... Centuries pass, but people remain people ... Nevertheless, the upbringing of various institutions redraws a person, despite the fact that the person himself wants to strive for the best .... So do not rely only on the vices of the media .....
  8. Stas57
    Stas57 April 13 2016 10: 29
    the boy in the photo is some kind of pimpled ass * from
    pens are slender, like matches, I haven’t seen any girls naked, but they’re all terrorists, well, nothing, they just love those in the zone ..
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth April 13 2016 14: 15
      Gavrila Principle fully met your emotional description. And what affairs heaped up ...
    2. Kenneth
      Kenneth April 13 2016 14: 15
      Gavrila Principle fully met your emotional description. And what affairs heaped up ...
    3. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian April 14 2016 01: 34
      Trembling kingdom with inalienable right. And they gave him not a zone but chemistry, that is, he would certainly be there no worse than in his Ukria.
  9. pavelty
    pavelty April 13 2016 12: 57
    Freaks are some kind of finished ...
  10. Demeter
    Demeter April 13 2016 13: 31
    In Russia, it is time to introduce the death penalty for terrorists, drug dealers and their accomplices! Enough amnesty!
  11. Mikado
    Mikado April 13 2016 15: 14
    they have one diagnosis - under..bit. Drisch with ambition and a dumb girl.
    Remember, in the 13th year in Moscow, a certain Vinogradov shot half of the office? The fault was the problem in his inability to build relationships with women. Here is the same.
  12. Arkan
    Arkan April 13 2016 18: 35
    Such drugs should be treated with simple medicines like Kyle, crowbar, shovel, wheelbarrow, haloperidol, chlorpromazine and other therapeutic agents to soothe flashes in the voids of their upper body.
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian April 14 2016 01: 36
      Lead injection. The first time it helps.
  13. Turkir
    Turkir April 13 2016 19: 25
    Such must be sent to places not so remote.
    But we ourselves must be more alert.
  14. raid14
    raid14 April 13 2016 21: 05
    The pimply young man decided to play the role of a revolutionary "Narodnaya Volya", Madame wanted to repeat the fate of Countess Dobrinskaya "Needle" from "The State Councilor"?
    Most likely, these citizens have problems with the psyche, or rather with a dissociative disorder of identity and need forced hospitalization.
  15. sergo42
    sergo42 April 14 2016 13: 51
    Yes, with such an erysipelas woman only in politics! And better in a mental hospital.