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"Kalashnikov" buys the company "High-precision systems and technologies"

The Kalashnikov Concern has reached an agreement in principle in negotiations on the acquisition of ZAO NPO High-Precision Systems and Technologies (TSA), the transaction will be concluded after its approval by the regulatory authorities, reports Expert Online Rostec message.

“The decision to acquire the VST company is aimed at further expanding the Concern's product line as part of the development strategy up to 2020 and forming a multi-disciplinary defense holding specializing in the design and manufacture of integrated armaments”
explained the director general of Kalashnikov Alexei Krivoruchko.

The report notes that "the PTS, in particular, specializes in the development and production of weapons and military equipment, including short-range guided missiles, onboard and ground elements of anti-aircraft missile systems."
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  1. Michael67
    Michael67 April 12 2016 13: 29
    Let's get it already and for work.
    Imperialist reptiles surround.
    Fruitful work for the benefit of the Motherland.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov April 12 2016 13: 43
      I remember how many screams there were about zrada when Izhmash went bankrupt

  2. nazar_0753
    nazar_0753 April 12 2016 14: 16
    Good news. Not "optimization")
  3. flay
    flay April 12 2016 14: 23
    Why does Kalashnikov need high-precision systems?
    What will a high-precision intelligent bullet (such as a CALIBR) do? wink

    1. d1m1drol
      d1m1drol April 12 2016 14: 43
      Our "partners" already have such developments regarding the guided bullet.
      1. quote
        quote April 12 2016 19: 21
        Quote: d1m1drol
        Our "partners" already have such DEVELOPMENT, about the guided bullet.

        On paper? Video saw (good cartoon) Graphics at altitude (night).
        And that the "dawn" never came? F-35s are even trying to "fold", from the fact that "COMPLETED"(color in the quote)!