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Krymofoby, suffer! Article 2

In the last article "Krymofoby, suffer!»We talked about the myths associated with the Crimea. Of course, the situation is such that it will not be possible to debunk all popular fables about the Crimea with one blow. That is why there was a need for new counterarguments. After all, seeing a lie, you can just pass by, or you can try to strangle it.

So, remember the definition. Krymofoby - are citizens who are poorly versed in the political situation, unable to carry out in-depth analysis of current events and objectively evaluate information from various sources about events in Ukraine, in the Crimea, in Russia and the world as a whole, as well as independently build a chronological chain of events to detect cause-effect relationships.

In fact, trying to persuade the Crimean phobians is the same as persuading a drunk who does not stumble beneath him, but he is on it. But it's not about them. The myths created or spread by them often live their own lives and are able to capture the neutral part of the world community and even quietly enter into the minds of supporters of the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

And now the points:

1) "Crimea is the new Sudetenland, and a similar fate awaits it." Recently, Crimean phobias have been trying to draw an analogy between the Crimea and the Sudetenland, annexed by Germany in the 1938 year. The differences begin with the fact that a referendum took place in the Crimea. It does not hurt from this fact in Crimean phobias ... Another fact that serves as a contradiction to such a comparison is the suddenness of the Crimean decision, which was a response to a certain event that radically changed life in Ukraine. In Crimea, Russia was forced to act as quickly as possible to advance to the first blood. Despite the fact that pro-Russian sentiments were always present in Crimea, there were no radical political forces on the territory of the peninsula that would actively call for the Crimea to join Russia and simultaneously conduct any activity in this direction, unlike the Sudeten German Party, staged an armed riot. In the Crimea, there were only unpopular fragmented pro-Russian movements, which themselves hardly believed in the return of Crimea to Russia, and their agitation tended more towards the pro-Russian vector of Ukraine. Another important difference is the absence of legal authority in Ukraine.

However, the comparison of the Crimea and the Sudetes is popular with the Crimean phobians primarily due to the events of 1945, when the Sudeten Germans were forcibly evicted and thousands were killed. In the Rome Statute, deportation is a crime against humanity. But even in the 21st century there are elements that dream of it. It is a pity, while the opponents of the Russian Crimea forget to remember that Germany owes its fall to the attack on the USSR and the unleashing of the Second World War.

2) "They do not decide anything." This item overlaps with the previous one. The fact of the presence of a pro-Russian position in most Crimeans naturally arouses insane anger in Crimean phobias. That is why even the very idea of ​​a democratic vote offends them for the most alive. Realizing the impossibility of the fact that the majority of the Crimean people will vote for Ukraine, the krymofoby begin to console themselves with the thoughts that the Crimeans do not decide anything and will not decide if "the most efficient army of Europe" wins all the "green men".

Most often, the ardent opponents of the Crimean people cite the figures of a certain adviser to the president of the Russian Federation or a “professional Tatar” ... In the case of the adviser, we are talking about the head of the Voskhod human rights organization Yevgenia Alexandrovich Bobrov, who “from 16 to 18 in April 2014 made a private trip to Crimea, the outcome of which was a review of the problems of local residents in various spheres. ” And now the essence: “In the opinion of almost all of the polled experts and citizens, the overwhelming majority of residents of Sevastopol voted in a referendum for joining Russia (turnout is 50-80%), in Crimea, according to various sources, 50-60% voted for joining Russia voters with a general turnout in 30-50% ... "

Wow! The survey, in which the number of respondents is unknown, and the numbers jump as much as 30%. Probably, someone said that, as it were, plus or minus 10-15% ... Phenomenal! But, although it is possible to agree with the proposals of the Russian leadership in his blog, and most of them were indeed implemented.

And who said that a referendum cannot be prepared in a few weeks? Does the world practice have clear deadlines for the preparation of referendums? Here it is only a matter of desire and factors that contributed to speeding up the process, and above all the main role was played by the threat of Europe’s largest interethnic conflict. That is what determined the predictability of the decision Crimeans. And here, as already mentioned, there are primarily 2 threats:

Firstly, the Ukrainian Nazi gangster groups that were well-armed and successfully sent to different regions (there could be a maximum of 5-10 thousand of them in the Crimea);

Secondly, radical supporters of the Majlis, who had a much greater mobilization resource already in the Crimea, but at that time they could only dream of good equipment and weapons (although we know that today there is a punitive battalion "Crimea").

At the same time, only the Crimean "Berkut" publicly stated about non-obedience to Kiev from the security forces, and the Ukrainian authorities had the opportunity to use armed forces from other areas in support of the pro-Ukrainian militants. What, in fact, did in the Donbas.

3) "There are no tourists in Crimea! Even the Russians do not go!" Screenshots of empty beaches from Koktebel webcams, “familiar owners of the hotel” ... All this is very suitable for arguing to the Crimean phobians. What can you agree with them? Only that the number of tourists in 2015 is less than in Ukraine. But how much?

In 2015, 4,598 million tourists came to Crimea, 2014 - 4 million, 2013 in year - 5,890 million, in 2012 - 6,134 million people. What do these numbers say? The fact that after a trial and crisis 2014 year, the number of tourists gradually went up. Naturally, the lack of a full-fledged land corridor greatly affects the carrying capacity of the Crimea. A trip through the ferry is still associated with queues and storms, and the plane is associated with a high price for residents of not so priority areas as Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is why the bridge is the main starting point for entering Crimea large-scale investments. No infrastructure - no confidence, no investors.

Although even the airport of Simferopol contradicts the stupidity of the absence of tourists. In the summer, he took over 100 aircraft for landing, and as many took off. At the same time, over the Crimea, there was up to 10 civilian aircraft, which is beautifully displayed in such online services as Flightradar24.

Separately, there is statistics on the number of Russians who came to Crimea. If in 2013, the number of Russians was 1,5 million, in 2015 year - 88%, or 4 million people. Data on the total number of tourists for 2015 can be found by months on the official website of the Government of Crimea.

Krymofoby, suffer! Article 2

4) "Crimea is turning into a military base." Apparently, for tanks Russia is building highways and the Kerch bridge, for VKS fighters it is upgrading the civilian airport of Simferopol, and for cadets and recruits it is repairing all schools ... Despite the Ukrainian tantrum about building up military units in Crimea, their number has remained constant and unchanged since the referendum - 22,5 thousands (although even under an agreement concluded with Ukraine, up to 25 thousand troops of the Russian Federation can be in the Crimea).

And now some foreign examples. In Israel, on the territory of 22 072 km² (5000 km² less than Crimea) is the strongest army in the Middle East, which includes 176 500 military personnel, 5 is the world's first air defense force, the best missile defense system in the world for short-range missiles, up to 200 nuclear charges and thousands of armored vehicles. Did hundreds of nuclear charges and tensions with neighbors scare 3,1 into a million tourists in 2015? Does this prevent Israel from developing agriculture and high-tech production?

A good example is our main "partner" - the United States. On the island of Oahu in Hawaii, which has an area of ​​only 1545,3 km², there are 150 military personnel and the most important base of the 000rd fleet Pearl Harbor, where 3 cruisers, 6 destroyers, 2 frigates and 16 nuclear submarines are “stationed”. Also on this small island, a million local residents are pleased with the storage of nuclear warheads for the Tomahawks (50 pieces) and 40 nuclear aerial bombs. And yet, at least 6-8 million tourists annually do not deny themselves the pleasure of riding a wave, or try to touch a hot lava with a sneaker.

Well, in the meantime, California residents regularly admire delightful loops in the air, which remain after the launch of ballistic missiles from the Vandenberg airbase (200 km from Hollywood).

5) "Crimea is on a mission. It will lead to the collapse of the Russian economy." And again, simple numbers are across the throat of haters of the Russian Crimea. The federal target program of the Crimea to 2020 of the year provides for the use of 681,2 billion rubles, of which 658 billion rubles will go from the budget of Russia. It also includes the main infrastructure projects, including the Kerch Bridge. Almost all the money from it today is implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Money to the bridge goes immediately Rosavtodor.

The Crimean budget stands apart. The budget of the Crimea on 2016 year is 86,653 billion rubles. At the same time, own revenues of 23,894 billion, and from Moscow, 62,76 billion were allocated. Thus, before 2020, subsidies, subventions and subsidies from the federal budget for the local budget of Crimea will be about 350 billion more rubles.

As a result, we have 1 trillion rubles from the budget of the Russian Federation for 6 years. And now let's try to figure out what this trillion means. And here everything is simple! The budget of Russia per year is about 15 trillion rubles. 15 x 6 years = 90 trillions. As a result, only the 1 / 90 part of the Russian budget goes to the Crimea (not to be confused with GDP). 2,3 million people live in Crimea, or 1 / 64 is part of the population of Russia (total 146,5 million people).

But that's not all. Recall the sanctions. Last time, we already found out that sanctions against Russia can be introduced under any pretext. And the refusal of the European Parliament to lift at least part of the sanctions, despite the Minsk agreements, and the demonization of Russia's actions in Syria are excellent proof of this. Russia's losses from sanctions until 2017, taking into account the reduction in investment, amount to 160-170 billion dollars. Here, the estimates of both the Russian government and experts coincide. Of course, this already plays a significant role for the Russian economy. But, according to the same experts, losses from falling oil prices amounted to $ 400 billion. Well, in the end, we recall that the ruble is beginning to move rapidly not on occasion News on the introduction of new sanctions, and on the occasion of changes in oil prices. And the graphs are direct proof of this ... But is it even possible in the case of a record drop in the ruble from energy prices to talk about the collapse of the economy? Let it be said by those who predicted the collapse of Russia, as soon as oil drops below $ 80.

6) “Indigenous people are being oppressed in Crimea”. If we recall all the years in independent Ukraine since the return of the Crimean Tatars, the “rights of the indigenous people” have always been the main argument for the business interests of its individual representatives. Grants and the Crimean land - that's the main factor. It was enough for the authorities to give a hint at the demolition of self-capture, as several thousand radical supporters of the Majlis immediately come, who block the roads and organize riots. It is thanks to them that in the Crimea there were most of all the Berkut special forces in comparison with other regions of Ukraine.

The very same policy of the Majlis was based on the isolation of the Crimean Tatars and the deepening of the cultural division on the peninsula under the pretext of the threat from the authorities and the Slavic majority. Contrary to all the principles of democracy, the Crimean Tatars were inspired that only they had the right to own the Crimea, based on their national characteristics, which created a fertile ground for interethnic conflict. This makes the Majlis look like a meeting of Ukrainian Nazis, who also formed in the minds of Ukrainians the idea of ​​establishing national characteristics in the first place. In this regard, it is important to note that the split was primarily transnational, and not interfaith. By the way, at the mourning meetings of May 18, which were held by the extremist group of the Majlis, for some reason, figures from Freedom appeared.

In addition to the organized-crime group Mejlis, there was an Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir (banned in Russia) in Crimea, which dared to hold a rally in Simferopol on June 6 of the year, which brought together thousands of like-minded people to 2013. Her people from Crimea died in Syria on the side of the terrorists.

All these groups in total had a considerable impact on the Crimean Tatars, and it is natural that radicalism on the part of their active members poses a threat to the residents of Crimea. Naturally, the Russian special services are interested in maintaining order on the peninsula, since it is order and peace in Crimea that are the main objectives of the annexation of Crimea to Russia. And there is no point in doubting the professionalism of the Russian special services. Modern methods of identifying terrorists have allowed Russia to avoid major terrorist attacks by Daesh on its territory and, of course, this required dozens of detentions and searches. Why should the radical Crimean Tatars, who are followers of the Majlis organized criminal group or Islamist groups, be untouchable? It’s as if in Crimea only criminals with anti-Russian views are caught ...

According to the Ukrainian “human rights activists”, 230 was already “violated human rights” in the Crimea. So, according to their data, 20 criminal cases are in themselves a “violation of human rights”. Well, nothing that for the undermining of power lines and the preparation of explosions and in Ukraine, according to the law, many years of prison are supposed. It does not matter. Naturally, all missing Crimeans with pro-Ukrainian views were hanged on “occupiers”, and it does not matter that 2014 people were missing in 156, including 13 Crimean Tatars, 24 Ukrainians and 119 Russians (the report Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Ella Pamfilova). I must also mention the number of immigrants. 21,7 thousands of Crimeans went to live in Ukraine for the entire time of the "occupation". 21,7 thousands of 2,3 million. For comparison: the number of citizens who left Ukraine since 2014 of the year exceeds one million people. So Europeanization!

So, there is no question of any oppression of people on a national basis or for the pro-Ukrainian position. Russia has a wealth of experience, based on the joint peaceful residence of completely different nations, and the Crimea in this regard is not some special exception.

Well ... This is how the next 6 myths related to the Russian Crimea look like, and, as we see, they clearly do not stand up to scrutiny.

All the propaganda of Crimean phobians is designed to emit as many fakes as possible in the hope that their refutation will be significantly inferior in popularity to the fakes themselves. In this regard, the “own and other” media factor plays a huge role. Most people on Earth really cannot adapt to the new informational reality in conditions of large-scale informational collisions, when information can be just the opposite. Therefore, only the party that wins the most detailed and honest description of the events taking place here will win, not covering up the failures from “its” side due to the opposite failures.

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  1. Good cat
    Good cat April 13 2016 06: 35
    Crimea is Russia!
    1. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun April 13 2016 07: 17
      I don't give a damn about my fears! I'm going to rest this year in Crimea with my family!
      1. aba
        aba April 13 2016 08: 07
        I'm going to rest this year in Crimea with my family!

        I agree, everything is fine there! In addition to prices.
        1. 70BSN
          70BSN April 13 2016 08: 45
          Nature class, prices HORROR, service HORROR. At the expense of prices, this is the same as the ski resorts built in SOCHI, but few people can afford it !!!
          1. bk316
            bk316 April 13 2016 15: 49
            Quote: 70BSN
            ski resorts built in SOCHI, but few people can afford

            You were there?
            Yes they are packed (bases) like herring in a barrel!
            What is the point of making cheaper? So that you can’t ride at all?
            1. 70BSN
              70BSN April 14 2016 08: 37
              It was !!!! Have you been ??? You need to correctly make the cost of this vacation for your citizens living in this country, and not the cost of vacation, how to go to a hot country to relax !!!

              And who do you think can go there to rest from the "working class"!?!?
              1. woron333444
                woron333444 April 14 2016 17: 34
                My daughter went last year, for four 74 thousand rubles, this year they are going again.
                1. 70BSN
                  70BSN April 15 2016 08: 18
                  Good afternoon EVERYONE ........ Actually, I wrote about SOCHI, more precisely, ski resorts ...... as an example of the fact that in Crimea it will be the same !!!
                2. aba
                  aba April 15 2016 11: 18
                  four thousand rubles, this year they are going again.

                  And so, the price has not changed? I think that your daughter will be unpleasantly surprised by the prices this year.
              2. lukewarm
                lukewarm April 15 2016 15: 37
                And our country is not for the working class ... But this is a completely different story, which does not detract from the annexation of Crimea.
            2. pilot8878
              pilot8878 April 15 2016 14: 29
              Quote: bk316
              What is the point of making cheaper? So that you can’t ride at all?

              So let's increase it threefold, no, fourfold, in order to get rid of the "cattle", there is nothing for them to rest and ride, let them work for your benefit?
            3. polkovnik manuch
              polkovnik manuch April 15 2016 20: 33
              In Sochi, more precisely in Krasnaya Polyana, the prices are really very high, and the service is poor, it was in November 2015.
            4. twincam
              twincam April 16 2016 00: 12
              Go to Courchevel so that it is not cheap and you can ride.
              and then on such pontoreza prices are rising.
          2. Airdefence_107
            April 13 2016 17: 50
            Service is not terrible in terms of when prices are HORRIBLE UGLY :))
          3. Crimean
            Crimean April 13 2016 21: 53
            I do not agree with you. My family and I had a summer vacation in a private guesthouse for 1,5 weeks (although it’s local, but the sea does not bother. And the kids are good).
            So, I talked with the Russians, they came to rest with their families, everyone was pleased with our prices in stores and markets. And as for the service, it’s possible to rent a palace and a suite for loot. There is EVERYTHING on any wallet and the same service.
          4. woron333444
            woron333444 April 14 2016 17: 32
            It can’t afford it, but everything is busy there, so someone can afford it
    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 13 2016 08: 09
      Krymofoby, relax ... in the Crimea!
    3. Val_y
      Val_y April 13 2016 09: 53
      And Odessa-Russia! And Kherson - Russia! All - Russia except Kosovo, Kosovo - Serbia!
      1. kvd015
        kvd015 April 13 2016 19: 09
        Whose Serbia is it?
    4. siberalt
      siberalt April 13 2016 10: 02
      Just yesterday I caught a movie with Aksenov. He looked at the view of the beach in Gurzuf, at the numerous multi-story building and without ceremony he ordered the military - to calculate the losses from the construction, to demolish everything, to put the guilty in jail. This is our way!
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 April 13 2016 10: 39
        Quote: siberalt
        This is our way!

        It's time to do this throughout our vast Mother Russia. And not just to plant, but with a complete confiscation for damages and a complete ban in the future to work in government agencies.
    5. RBLip
      RBLip April 13 2016 10: 59
      Quote: Good cat
      Crimea is Russia!

      indisputably. I demand the continuation of the banquet!
    6. Lukich
      Lukich April 13 2016 17: 27
      Quote: Good cat
      Crimea is Russia!
  2. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik April 13 2016 07: 32
    Crimea was and will be Russian! And liberal nonsense profitable or not profitable, let the liberals shove themselves somewhere!
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 13 2016 07: 41
    Surely in Crimea in September. And along the coast on pleasure boats. I remember my youth ...
  4. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik April 13 2016 07: 52
    if Russia turns Crimea into a military base, this is Russia's business! and no one should care about it, especially Ukraine or the West
  5. volodya
    volodya April 13 2016 08: 06
    I have relatives in Crimea, they say everything is fine with them. If not for Russia there would be a second Donbass!
    1. Mikado
      Mikado April 14 2016 00: 16
      Quote: volodya
      I have relatives in Crimea, they say everything is fine with them. If not for Russia there would be a second Donbass!

      It would be much worse. There would be a massacre of our people, it would also be with oriental flavor. And to escape, with extreme desire, from the Crimea would be much more difficult than from the Donbass ..
      Thank God justice has been restored, and we are together again! And people are alive and happy!
  6. samuil60
    samuil60 April 13 2016 08: 11
    We don’t need to convince us: everything is clear. But the liberals also cannot be convinced of anything: for them, Russia is an enemy, and with it, under any social order. And, no matter what our country does in domestic or foreign policy, everything is always bad. One thing is surprising: why they will not leave us to hell or, at worst, to the States? We would live there and enjoy our beloved power, but we would be left alone ....
    1. bk316
      bk316 April 13 2016 16: 00
      Quote: samuil60
      why don’t they leave us to hell or, at worst, to the States?

      A ha ha
      And who needs them there?
      What will they do?
      What can they do except how gov..m pour everything around them?
    2. lukewarm
      lukewarm April 15 2016 15: 43
      Quote: samuil60
      why they will not leave us to hell or, at worst, to the States

      Yes, because:
      1. The states need them here, and they get paid for it. There they will be unemployed (with the exception of their cones)
      2. The meaning of the existence of such "people" is hatred, discord, denunciation, humiliation and protrusion against this background of their exclusiveness. There they lose it all.
  7. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 13 2016 08: 24
    It’s a very good article. Crimea --- Russia! You just need to know that the opponents of the Russian Crimea will not calm down. Another 2013 broadcast program appeared on the network in Russian, which explained that on the spiritual plane the Crimean Tatars were subjects of the Sultan. (Formerly) All programs oohali Russia. Now this cycle seems to be going on, I don’t look at the abomination. They’ll spit poison, asshole.
  8. Aleksander
    Aleksander April 13 2016 08: 24
    The main thing is that the Crimeans themselves wanted to live in Russia. From this we must proceed. Everything else is secondary.

    Russia was forced to act as fast as possible ahead of the first blood. Despite the fact that pro-Russian sentiments were always present in Crimea, there were no radical political forces on the peninsula that would actively call for the annexation of Crimea to Russia and at the same time carry out any activity in this direction, unlike the Sudeten German Party, staged an armed riot. In Crimea, there were only unpopular fragmented pro-Russian movements, which they themselves hardly believed in the return of Crimea to Russia, and their agitation leaned more toward the pro-Russian vector of Ukraine.

    But in the Donbass people did everything SAMI-and the referendum and the Republic, but .....
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow April 13 2016 09: 29
      The GDP warned them that they started this early!
  9. Riv
    Riv April 13 2016 08: 29
    My daughters this year offer a ticket to the summer children's camp in Alushta. Che then I’ll give her one to let go ...
    1. pticas
      pticas April 13 2016 08: 50
      I am writing from Sevastopol, everything is peaceful and good with us. Do not scam.
      The flag (enuresis rag) is similar from the provider, do not pay attention.
      1. KaPToC
        KaPToC April 13 2016 18: 39
        The flag does not bear blame, people are to blame.
    2. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow April 13 2016 09: 30
      You shouldn’t be so. Do not hesitate, your daughter will be grateful.
    3. SerAll
      SerAll April 14 2016 21: 52
      You take it, do not want it yourself, give it to a friend
      ps I’m all my girls there (Alushta) for 3 months ... let them vitaminize-))
    4. Fast_mutant
      Fast_mutant April 16 2016 18: 51
      Quote: Riv
      My daughters this year offer a ticket to the summer children's camp in Alushta. Che then I’ll give her one to let go ...

      Yes, everything is fine! Last year I had a son (12 years old) who went to a sports camp in Crimea. In general, he liked it. Not without cons, of course, but overall good.
  10. McLuha-MacLeod
    McLuha-MacLeod April 13 2016 08: 34
    We traveled by car to Crimea from Yekaterinburg last year. Just wonderful!!!!
    1. Crimean
      Crimean April 13 2016 22: 06
      I confirm. It is impossible not to fall in love with our CRIMEA. Come to us, we are all happy. CRIMEA-OUR!
      1. zenith
        zenith April 15 2016 16: 13
        Quote: oleggun
        Crimea is ours! Russophobes, banderlogs and other Anglo-Saxons bomb this situation is not childish! And this is good!

        Nothing, only Krymnash doesn't sound very good. Something else did not come up with slogans. Rather, "today" slogans are appointed without alternatives. There is one more.
      2. zenith
        zenith April 15 2016 16: 13
        Quote: oleggun
        Crimea is ours! Russophobes, banderlogs and other Anglo-Saxons bomb this situation is not childish! And this is good!

        Nothing, only Krymnash doesn't sound very good. Something else did not come up with slogans. Rather, "today" slogans are appointed without alternatives. There is one more.
  11. Raven2705
    Raven2705 April 13 2016 08: 38
    Quote: Riv
    My daughters this year offer a ticket to the summer children's camp in Alushta. Che then I’ll give her one to let go ...

    Don’t worry, everything is normal there! In 2015, in the summer, half of the Crimea traveled by car with his wife, people are very welcoming and friendly. Sam from Nizhny Novgorod.
  12. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov April 13 2016 08: 39
    Thorough article. He was in Crimea six times under the Soviets, a couple of times under the rule of ukrov. And Crimea itself always considered itself Russian, and treated visitors from Russia with open arms. Only once, in Yevpatoriya, did I see a drunk Tatar, he walked along the road and yelled: Russians! You have Petersburg! You have Moscow! Drive to yourself!
    So, there can be no question of any capture of Crimea. Crimea itself chose
  13. code54
    code54 April 13 2016 08: 53
    I live in Yalta, so it feels like every second taxi driver is Crimeophobic!;))) Now they don't like everything! But the prices are breaking! for 5 km 200 rubles, who is on the radio, but I don't talk about lured places at all .... And about the prices of food, I will say so, there has always been a difference in prices with the mainland, but there were and remained seasonal products that were cheaper. Although even now in the "winter" period, fruits are cheaper than in Siberia! So you can and should have a rest in Crimea! Come and see, don't just read articles about Crimea!
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm April 15 2016 15: 48
      Quote: code54
      every second taxi driver krymophobe !;

      This is professional, "khataskrai-kulak". It's much the same on the mainland.
  14. Fotoceva62
    Fotoceva62 April 13 2016 09: 07
    As a Sevastopol resident who has been living here all his life, I can say that the events of 1991 were a tragedy for us. As a sailor who gave away “iron” for 29 years of his life, I can say that the division of the Black Sea Fleet was a tragedy for the inhabitants of the city, and an insult for sailors. For 22 years, the “great Ukrainians” tried to erase the Russian soul from us and our children, to spit and trample our memory. They wanted to force them to become “Ivanes who do not remember kinship”. It didn’t work out, slam without us! The people of Crimea are the People who made their historical choice.
    ... We are Russians! What a delight! ... (A.V. Suvorov), we are at home and we will end there.
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow April 13 2016 09: 32
      Completely with you. He himself, had to leave because of his son, is now thinking about returning to his native land.
    2. Retvizan 8
      Retvizan 8 April 13 2016 18: 32
      I and everyone I know are glad that Crimea was returned! Siberia guys are with you, Siberia is for you! Crimea is Russia!
    3. sevsor
      sevsor April 14 2016 06: 56
      I am also a Sevastopol and I want to deepen the topic depicted in the picture)))
  15. skeptic
    skeptic April 13 2016 10: 59
    Crimea did not consider itself "Urkain" for a single day.
    Khrushchev-maize did not ask for the opinion of people and did not hold referenda,
    "giving" Crimea to urkaine.
    For a single day, the residents of Urkain did not consider the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol "theirs".
    They plundered.
    The Russian Navy survived.
    And, do not forget, the Elcinoids paid for everything annually for this.
    to enemies a multimillion tribute in currency!
    How not to call it Cheating?
    And for the tourists do not say:
    there will be a bridge and infrastructure, service will improve
    and tourists will not end up all year round.
    I hope that the Moscow-Simferopol Road will be "overhauled" as well!
    Coming soon!
    1. Retvizan 8
      Retvizan 8 April 13 2016 18: 40
      Yes, guys, our rulers and their entourage in the nineties and Crimeans, and many more who betrayed!
  16. iliya87
    iliya87 April 13 2016 11: 01
    In my opinion, only the "stubborn" believe in these stories, even the systemic opposition does not argue with the turnout and the percentage of the referendum. But still, my personal opinion is that the incident itself is dangerous. Well, really, imagine that, for example, residents of Vladivostok will hold a referendum on joining Japan or full autonomy. What to do then? If we do not take us, the obvious example of Catalonia in Spain. There people, about 90% want to disconnect from Spain and even they are scared they say you will not enter the EU, but they do not care at all. The Spanish parliament refuses to hold a referendum, or rather to recognize it. I think the world society has not developed competent instruments for such issues. This means that they are solved as they can in a particular country and in certain situations by the participants themselves. But that's not the case either. For some reason, such issues have not yet received due attention in the UN. Well, now they will ask to re-vote for the recognition of the Crimea and? Of course, the results may be worse, but still overwhelmingly positive for Russia. Then the same Kotalonia will immediately yell from what yellow he can they can, but we cannot! And like Crimea Catalonia the world is full and what to do? In general, some kind of garbage, it turns out who the fart is cooler and fights as he wants, right or wrong.
    1. bumbarash
      bumbarash April 13 2016 13: 14
      Don't worry like that. Now a new law is being prepared, which will tighten the responsibility for an attempt on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. At the same time, it will be allowed to deprive the citizenship of persons who are involved in this. And since there is no citizenship, "Sho you are doing here dear, get rid of it!"
      That is, what thread is a Yakut, Kalmyk or Tatar who will think about it, that why is it that his people cannot have independence on the land of his ancestors, automatically for an article, in all the ensuing consequences.
      1. Nagaibak
        Nagaibak April 13 2016 20: 31
        "That is, what thread is a Yakut, Kalmyk or Tatar who thinks about there, why can't his people have independence on the land of their ancestors, automatically under the article, with all the ensuing consequences."
        Heh heh heh ... why in your wonderful Uzbekistan is it somehow different at the moment? Is it really that some kind of Karakalpak who also thinks about such an automatic machine will not end up in places not so remote?))) And do you have Kyrgyz enclaves and compactly living Kazakhs with similar dreams in your country?))) And the Tajik cities of Bukhara and Samarkand?)) ) Why did you write this crap?))) Not the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan can also think about something like that.)))
  17. vaay
    vaay April 13 2016 11: 14
    Quote: iliya87
    In general, some garbage, it turns out who has a fart steeper than that and fights as he wants, right or wrong.

    In fact - it was, it is, and it always will be. Epochs are changing, the content of t.s. smoke screen, once this was the idea of ​​converting the Gentiles to the true faith, now the ideals of shit democracy. The essence and basis of the driving moments - does not change :)
    And by this, you need to be strong and able to implement what is beneficial to you. Otherwise, let’s sink into oblivion. Such is the game, or in other words, evolution, and it was not we who came up with these rules.
  18. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 April 13 2016 11: 20
    21,7 thousand Crimeans went to live in Ukraine for the entire time of the "occupation"
    We can only add that basically, these are those who arrived in Crimea not so long ago, under the program of its Ukrainization.
  19. matross
    matross April 13 2016 12: 00
    Empty beaches ?! From St. Petersburg for the summer, the charters are canceled, because all the hotels are packed "under the roof". I am now talking, of course, about organized and civilized tourism. So the problem of crowded beaches is more likely ...
    1. Airdefence_107
      April 13 2016 17: 48
      There is such a problem for Crimea. The main city beaches of the South Coast are always packed. The rest also do not indulge in space. The solution was found in "Yalta Intourist". There is a 2-floor beach)) The problem is that outside of cities and towns there are completely undeveloped beaches, where there are no pebbles, changing rooms, etc., but there are breakwaters, which means little is to be done. Plus the problem of parking. The narrow streets of the South Coast are not at all suitable for cars, even on ONE side, when there is chaotic parking and trade on the roadsides. This is the real problem. There is simply no place to build parking. Even multi-storey ...
  20. vaay
    vaay April 13 2016 12: 03
    When analyzing the situation, black and white should be avoided "hurray
    patriotism. "As a rule, this is the result of a very simplified
    or careless approach and the danger of such an approach is obvious.

    And semitones in the form "Why?" for the Crimean people in the past two
    year of the year oh so much. Just not everything on the mainland
    fully aware of these small fragments of being from
    which is our sense of current life. And prices
    by the way too. In Crimea.

    The clearest example is greetings to G. Gref with his vision of belonging to Crimea, etc. etc.
    And so it is in almost everything that shapes the realities of the moment. But this is not whining, it is a statement of fact that accentuates the main question - "Why?"

    The most important thing is undeniable - the people in Crimea made their own choice, and made it even long before all the latest events. And most importantly, there is no war.
    And according to sanctions and the like, the installation has been working in the West for centuries -
    there would be Russia, and there is already a reason for containing it.
  21. ando_bor
    ando_bor April 13 2016 12: 21
    I was in Crimea on a business trip almost the whole of March, in Alushta, I traveled to Yalta, to Sevastopol, I didn’t meet people who were dissatisfied with the annexation of Crimea, I didn’t even meet them, they could not recognize a stranger, people said that there weren’t such friends among us. I even had to extinguish the enthusiasm, explaining that in Russia there are problems and not everything is smooth and sweet, the little things say. And the prices are the same, only it is necessary to compare, the network store with the same, the resort point with the same in somewhere on the Caucasian coast.
    Bread, travel, a communal apartment are still noticeably cheaper.
  22. bumbarash
    bumbarash April 13 2016 12: 45
    “... However, Crimeophobes like the comparison between Crimea and the Sudetenland primarily due to the events of 1945, when the Sudeten Germans were forcibly evicted and thousands were killed. In the Rome Statute, DEPORTATION IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

    Oh really!!?
  23. Demeter
    Demeter April 13 2016 13: 29
    Crimeophobia and Russophobia are two diseases of the same people who have foreign roots and are not the indigenous population of the Russian Federation. Do you dislike something in the Russian Federation? You have your own Motherland independent of Russia, and there you have it! I am not interested in the opinion of those who have come in large numbers and are always eager for something!
    1. bumbarash
      bumbarash April 13 2016 14: 13
      Demeter, who are you? Where did the commentary come from, where did I get the quote from?)) The author realized that he blurted out!))) Was that your comment?)
  24. Arkan
    Arkan April 13 2016 20: 58
    Our Crimea forever !!! Phobias are treated by systematic medical examination in special medical institutions.

  25. Sea Wolf
    Sea Wolf April 13 2016 23: 27
    Our Crimea! Our sea! Our sky over the Crimea and over the Russian Sea! Glory to Russia!
  26. Who
    Who April 14 2016 07: 12
    Great article, thanks, Alexander!

    But I have two comments on section 5
    _Losses from oil sales at $ 400 billion are greatly exaggerated by "experts". In the blessed 2013, it was sold for $ 173 billion, and if we take the average oil price for 2014-15, the losses do not exceed $ 200 billion. But the main thing is not this, but how much more the Russian Federation sells than buys ... And here the Russian Federation has everything in full openwork: for 2014 + $ 210 billion, for 2015 + $ 162 billion. And this with all the sanctions. Although there were still losses, for example, in 2015, the budget received less than 1.2 trillion. rub. But with the reserves of Russia, this is "a penny."
    _ The devaluation of the ruble was ripe back in 2013, but there was no intelligible reason. It was precisely the sanctions that made it possible. But the pegging of the ruble exchange rate to the cost of a barrel of oil is artificial - so clear and obvious "for the people." To be convinced of this, look, for example, data from 2002 to summer 2008, when the price of oil increased 4.5 times, and the ruble strengthened only from 33 to 25.

    By this I want to say only that, thanks to the timely action taken by the Central Bank and the Government, the sanctions had little effect on the general state of the Russian economy and it has an excellent state of "health."

    Thanks again for your work.
    1. Airdefence_107
      April 14 2016 17: 29
      Thank you very much for the feedback, Vladimir!

      As for the experts, it was about "experts from the Economic Expert Group Yevsey Gurvich and Ilya Prilepsky." Everything is really as you say, but in 2016 the budget has already lost 2,3 trillion (based on $ 50 per barrel). At the same time, not only the sales of oil itself, but also oil products and gas, depend on oil prices.

      "In 2015, Russia's oil export revenues fell 41,7 percent to $ 89,57 billion, according to data from the Federal Customs Service (FCS), published on Friday, February 5.
      At the same time, oil exports increased by 9,4 percent. Its volume reached 244,49 million tons. Deliveries of petroleum products also increased by four percent to 171,53 million tons. They managed to earn 67,40 billion dollars (minus 42 percent) on their sale.
      For the entire 2014, according to the Federal Customs Service, Russia exported 172,6 billion cubic meters of "blue fuel", receiving 54,73 billion dollars in revenue. In 2015, Russia sold gas for 41,84 billion. "

      As a result, we have losses of around 120-130 billions in 2015 alone, plus a reduction in investment. But fortunately, our economy was not so weak. Only in 2015 we had more than 200 productions with an investment volume of more than 500 million rubles each, and this is a positive signal.
  27. Russian dream
    Russian dream April 14 2016 22: 21
    Having captured Crimea, Russia has shown that it spits on its own promises and signed agreements. Such a country will not last long. Here we are not talking about Crimea
    1. SerAll
      SerAll April 14 2016 22: 46
      Nobody grabbed anyone! Crimea Russia, it was, it is, it will be so!
    2. Ingvvar08
      Ingvvar08 April 15 2016 10: 06
      You got it. Go to censor, they will appreciate it.
    3. Bramb
      Bramb April 15 2016 10: 27
      I understand your hatred of Russia: you would like Russia to capture you and then feed you as prisoners at your own expense and restore everything that the Russians built for you, and you destroyed it in 25 years. Freebies wanted again.
      Unfortunately for you, this will not happen.
      Now yourself, all by yourself. Do you know how to do anything yourself at all, except how to shake your tongue for nothing?
  28. rus54strelok
    rus54strelok April 15 2016 10: 50
    In August, we fly to the Crimea, we will rest in Miskhor for 19 days. 5 people. Tickets purchased back in February. Hotel booked. Everything cost 3000 rubles per person. This price includes flights, meals, accommodation, transfer and entertainment. True, two tickets were bought for bonus miles. Vacationers pros always spend as much as needed!
  29. oleggun
    oleggun April 15 2016 13: 11
    Crimea is ours! Russophobes, banderlogs and other Anglo-Saxons bomb this situation is not childish! And this is good!
  30. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 15 2016 20: 55
    The article is correct and interesting! I was in the Crimea as a member of the "polite" people, I don’t believe in the absence of the solidarity of Russians, pro-Russian sentiments have always been very strong. I will remember the night of March 16-17 for the rest of my life: I have never seen so many tears of joy on people's faces !!! Russians and Ukrainians voted very actively for joining the Russian Federation (I was at the polling stations in Orlin and Goncharny), Crimean Tatars also actively came to the polling stations - more than 60% took part in the voting. Even before the referendum, the Ukrainian military approached us, all with the same question, whether they would be recruited into service in the Russian Black Sea Fleet and who should be contacted with this question, I remember only one officer on Inkerman, said that if Crimea to Russia-immediately quit (he was from the city of Lviv). So how do not you twist the Crimeanophobia gentlemen (what kind of gentlemen you are!): Crimea was, is, and will be Russian !!!
    1. Airdefence_107
      10 May 2016 12: 30
      Thanks for your feedback. The lack of cohesion meant not so much the mood of the inhabitants as the presence of a large number of parties and movements that had a small rating and lived in quarrels among themselves. May I ask you a question as a participant in the events? I just want to understand the chronology. I know that active actions in Crimea to confront the illegal government began on February 23, but at that time it was still unclear how this would all end and what Russia would decide on (they were preparing for the worst). Do I understand correctly that it was on February 23 that the Russian leadership made a decision to help us, as Vladimir Putin said in the film "Crimea. The Way to the Homeland"?
  31. 1536
    1536 April 16 2016 05: 38
    The inhabitants of Crimea, the Russian people, will figure out what's what for themselves. They do not need to interfere. The fact that the crime is rushing and lying is to be expected. There have been frequent statements when people say that they are being prevented from registering their property according to Russian laws, or driven from their homes, providing scanty compensation for their property. And how familiar it is: "My" hotel "costs 7 million dollars, and they offer me 250 thousand rubles for it ..." In my opinion, the old Soviet system in Crimea, which Ukraine has nurtured for so long, is itself a preserve of this system. ... People are not yet accustomed to the new reality. And if the Ukrainians just fled to Europe, then Europe comes to Crimea on its own, thanks to the will of the people who live there. Probably, comparisons with the development of the Crimean land under Catherine II and Prince Potemkin are not appropriate, but nevertheless, analogies suggest themselves. Perhaps I am mistaken, but the most important thing now is to prevent unrest on an interethnic basis in Crimea, which the US Embassy in Moscow is striving for, subsidizing all the ugliness in all spheres of Crimean life.
  32. Private27
    Private27 April 16 2016 06: 31
    The clearest example is greetings to G. Gref with his vision of belonging to Crimea, etc. etc.
    And so it is in almost everything that shapes the realities of the moment. But this is not whining, this is a statement of fact that accentuates the main question - "Why?"
    And what good can you hear from a passive homosexual who is an agent of influence of the FSA? 3,14ljhfc he is this word in the most disgusting sense of the word. By the way, in our government there are enough of those in the economic bloc that fall under the article ** PEOPLE'S ENEMIES ** ONLY Pity ARTICLE. am