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The record for the duration of the flight on the aircraft MiG-31BM

The assistant to the commander of the troops of the Central Military District, Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin told reporters about the established record of the duration of the flight on MiG-31BM planes. He reported that during the flight from the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the airbase in the Astrakhan Region, the pilots spent 7 hours 4 minutes in the air. In this case, refueling of aircraft in flight was carried out three times.

Once the aircraft were refueled in the air over the Novosibirsk region, two more times - over the Perm region. Refueling was carried out using IL-78, which at the time of the fuel pumping process was at a distance of 10 m from the MiG-31BM.

From the statement of Yaroslav Roshchupkin:
Currently, the crews of the 14 Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Central Military District are the only ones who practically carry out long-distance flights on the MiG-31 with three refueling.

The record for the duration of the flight on the aircraft MiG-31BM

In total, when changing the home base, the planes traveled about 8 thousands of kilometers. The record for flight duration on MiG-31BM airplanes is now the 7 hours mentioned in the 4 hours mentioned above.
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  1. The black
    The black April 8 2016 12: 17
    The Ukrainians gave Russia an asymmetric answer: 31 crest, holding hands, galloped on the Maidan without stopping not 7, but 8 whole hours! laughing
    1. Byshido_dis
      Byshido_dis April 8 2016 12: 19
      The Ukrainian military airborne assault set a new record, after 2 buckets of cabbage, gas-powered paratroopers were able to jump up to 3 meters ... wassat
      1. cniza
        cniza April 8 2016 12: 49
        The skill of our aces is growing every day ... success, I think they will be awarded.
        1. hartlend
          hartlend April 8 2016 13: 20
          The Russian word as is written with one "s". English - with two, but it has a different meaning.
          1. guzik007
            guzik007 April 8 2016 14: 03
            The Russian word as is written with one "s". English - with two, but it has a different meaning.
            Oh too smart.
            The non-Russian word "as" in the transcription of the Russian language is written with one letter "C"
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Vasya_Piterskiy
      Vasya_Piterskiy April 8 2016 12: 22
      It seems that the news is not so loud and large-scale, BUT! From these mini-exploits of such kind (I don’t know how to say it better), the power and spirit of Russia and its authority are built! They did one thing best of all, here they built the other better than anyone else. etc.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 8 2016 12: 17
    aircraft covered about 8 thousand kilometers.

    So if necessary (I repeat for the fighters against the cheers-patriots - if necessary), the Americans do not have time to blink an eye, the planes may also be in Cuba.
    1. FID
      FID April 8 2016 14: 20
      From Moscow to Havana - about 9700, another refueling is needed ... Question - where?
      1. alexmach
        alexmach April 8 2016 20: 32
        Probably over the Atlantic.

        With Cuba, the question is different. They are waiting for us vryatli.
  3. The black
    The black April 8 2016 12: 26
    But Parasus will buy new cyborgs in Japan laughing
    1. Tibidokh
      Tibidokh April 8 2016 12: 51
      Nobody rode ... all moscowlee! laughing
      1. The black
        The black April 8 2016 13: 17
        Nobody rode ... all moscowlee!
        Definitely ... Even Paras laughing ... but in general, for me, the Japanese lowered the piglet below the plinth. Look at his face. laughing
        1. Tibidokh
          Tibidokh April 8 2016 15: 17
          Quote: Black
          Look at his face.

          - Winnie, once again say that I have a "face", you will get in the teeth.
          - Sorry, Piglet, but what about you?
          - Snout!
    2. alexmach
      alexmach April 8 2016 20: 35
      The Japanese showed Poroshenko robot

      A masterpiece, level 80 trolling.

      No .. well, you can’t do that, I looked at the original, there he just jumps and digs the ball, without chants.
  4. Engineer
    Engineer April 8 2016 12: 27
    It is a pity that Gleb Evgenievich did not live up to yet another record of his brainchild.
  5. Voyager
    Voyager April 8 2016 12: 28
    I would reward some pilots.
  6. Alex_59
    Alex_59 April 8 2016 12: 37
    That's why I always say that aviation for Russia is the main striking force. With our open spaces, this is the only type of aircraft that, having flown up in Siberia on the same day, can strike somewhere in the Caucasus. It will take weeks to transfer a motorized rifle regiment to the same distance, and months to transfer a ship from east to west.
    1. dauria
      dauria April 8 2016 15: 14
      That's why I always say that aviation for Russia is the main striking force.

      Until now, there were Strategic Missile Forces, they keep this planet in balance. smile (Although, they say, this is not the last planet in the universe, why worry so much?)

      Well, seriously, in our Gorky they were riveted (more precisely, welded), as a kid, they saw them almost every day in the sky over Sormovoy. When I first saw the MiG-25 after the usual 21s, I thought, well, a huge ugly ... And now, it seems, even handsome. laughing Fashion set for half a century, crazy.
  7. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 April 8 2016 12: 52
    For two years, I had to fly to the Far East (from Moscow to Khabarovsk or Vladivostok) for 8-9 hours of flight, it was just awesome, but you could even get in the aisle and go to the toilet. Even fighters couldn’t stretch their legs and load on the pilot during refueling in the air is comparable to unloading coal with a shovel for a while. This is a strong personal achievement of pilots.
    True, I remember an anegdote: a passenger is flying under the cover of a fighter, the fighter gets bored, he does a few aerobatics and on the radio asks the passenger captain “can you do that?” He answers “I'll try now” in half an hour the passenger answers “no, I can't . For that I just went to smoke, vdul stewardess and went to shit! "
  8. Verdun
    Verdun April 10 2016 15: 20
    Records are great. But how many of these machines (MiG-31B) remained in service and what will we do when they exhaust their resources?