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Will Alchevsk Monument to the Brain?

It all started with the Internet broadcast, in which we briefly tried to set out our vision in the investigation into the death of Alexei Brain. Of course, everything did not turn out as smoothly as we would like, but we are not experts in this. Lovers.

It so happened that this program, which was broadcast on the LPR, was also listened to by Yuri Valerievich Shevchenko, the former chief of staff of the brigade / battalion "Ghost", and now the deputy commander of the 4 brigade. And in the second part, he joined the conversation at the invitation of the presenter.

By the way, it is highly recommended to get acquainted with his opinion of those gentlemen who constantly make reproaches to us about our investigation. Like Mr. Leprechaun. Well, if the opinion of Shevchenko is nothing to you ... Well, God be with you then.

In general, Yuri Valerievich special thanks for the coloring of several white spots. But more about that later.

One moment came up in the conversation, which we discussed in great detail after the broadcast.

May 23 will be exactly one year from the moment of the events we are paying attention to today. And in this regard, the question arose about the installation in Alchevsk of the Brain monument. The initiators, of course, became the command and the fighters of the battalion. Plus, the idea was supported by several societies in Russia. Funds were found, there were no problems.

The problem was different. The authorities of Alchevsk for some reason did not express enthusiasm for the installation of the monument. More precisely, they do not mind that the monument was. But at the burial site, as stated in the official response. That is, at the cemetery.

In fact, you can install anything at the cemetery. Suffice it to recall the growth monuments in 90-e in Russian cities, which were installed by the "brothers" to their colleagues who fell in battles with competitors or law enforcement agencies. But here the case is somewhat different.

In a small town Alchevsk, oddly enough, a lot of monuments. And to the victims of the Holodomor, and metallurgists-laborers, and metallurgists-soldiers, and Soviet soldiers, and the peaceful victims of fascism. And the monuments are really beautiful and touching. Judge for yourself.

Will Alchevsk Monument to the Brain?
Monument to the soldiers and officers of the Red Army

Mass grave of victims of fascism

Monument to Soviet soldiers-metallurgists who died in World War II

Another monument to Soviet soldiers, opened on the eve of the 30 anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi occupiers

Monument in honor of the 20 anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Height of 30 meters, cast from stainless steel at the Alchevsk Combine

Monument to soldiers-internationalists

Monument to Chernobyl victims

Monument in honor of the 30 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Monument to metallurgists-fighters for the Soviet power

There are also monuments historical personalities. To the founder of the city, industrialist and philanthropist Alexei Kirillovich Alchevsky, for example.

It’s hard to say what this attitude is about. You can come up with many arguments, you can even refer to Russia, where Nemtsov was not allowed to erect a monument. But forgive me, where is Nemtsov, and where is Brainstorming?

In addition, the Brain Monument could become a common monument for all fighters of the brigade who died in the battles for the republic. There is a common monument for warriors-internationalists, why the memory of warrior soldiers cannot be perpetuated? They are, frankly, more than internationalists.
Or maybe the authorities are afraid that the government will change?

There is not much time left for 23 May. As Shevchenko said, they will do everything possible so that the monument is ready and erected for this day. And the cross on the road to Lugansk, near the place of death. Yuri Valerievich invited us to the day of memory and the opening of the monument. Well, we hope that we will arrive at the opening of the monument. Wait a short time.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik April 7 2016 06: 25
    The republic must remember its heroes .. Without it, there will be no republic ..
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 7 2016 06: 37
      Quote: parusnik
      The republic must remember its heroes .. Without it, there will be no republic ..

      unless the republic itself had a hand ... it’s still unclear.
    2. aleks700
      aleks700 April 7 2016 09: 42
      If they intend to transfer the republic to Ukraine, then everything is clear. Why does the administration have a conflict.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 7 2016 06: 35
    Indeed - a lot of monuments !!! It is very good that they honor and remember the story. And to erect a monument or not to erect a monument to A. Mozgovoy, I think that the people will decide. And this is likely to be a positive decision!
    1. Belarus
      Belarus April 7 2016 07: 36
      I’m not sure that there will be a hundred people asking someone. That’s Mozgovoy would ask these authorities ..... I doubt it.
  3. Leprekon
    Leprekon April 7 2016 07: 58
    The monument is and will be installed whether someone likes it or not! The city respected Mozgovoy and his comrades for the fact that grabbers, looters, criminals and opportunists did not take root in the brigade!
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. black
          black April 7 2016 12: 06
          Well, what can I say, my friend. I also cannot understand the desire of some to create saints and pray for them day and night. Maybe all our left-wing patriots really need a bright image of at least one fighter against the system. Those living today cannot boast of cleanliness of their underpants. I'll give you one, but a weighty argument. Not a single Donbass revolutionary commander has passed by such a phenomenon as "spinning". Even though Sparta was supplied and cherished, they managed to cut the trolleybus wires for scrap on the way to the airport.
          1. Rivares
            Rivares April 7 2016 16: 01
            Quote: black
            Not a single Donbass revolutionary commander has passed by such a phenomenon as "spinning"

            Didn't pass by - what do you mean by this phrase? Struggled with this or used for yourself?
            You, according to the meaning, write that everyone participated ... the phrase sounds like slander.
            Quote: black
            I, too, cannot understand the desire of some to create saints and pray for them day and night.

            You need to remember and honor your heroes, otherwise they will come and bring others like Bandera-Shukhevych.
            1. black
              black April 7 2016 19: 24
              You read quotes or the whole text. I personally have not met a single more or less large and well-known commander in the Donbass who was not involved in the spin. I wrote about Sparta. Who else to remember? 1st Slavic brigade, which used the wrung-out transport. "Good" that went half a wing to Bezler and squeezed cars from the Komsomolets Donbassa mine with a list of two standard sheets. Yes, it was. And there is no getting away from it. I saw it. And there are heroes. But for some reason you don't know about them. Because then questions will arise. Watchdog and Gupik with the RPG went to the open field, the tank went. And they died. Only no one can answer two simple questions for more than a year: "Who gave the command to leave the Redkodub station and its southern part, which allowed the dill to break through the encirclement." Soon a year as I ask questions. Who knows the answer - either they are silent or they are dead. More about the heroes?
  4. Crown
    Crown April 7 2016 08: 05
    Bastards (local government) campaign are insured.
  5. Avas2006
    Avas2006 April 7 2016 08: 40
    Quote: Leprechaun
    The monument is and will be installed

    The monument should be and, I am sure, will be. But, given the complex personality of Mozgovoy and his enormous achievements, the monument should be more interesting than the one shown in the photo.
    1. Leprekon
      Leprekon April 7 2016 14: 15
      Quote: Avas2006
      Quote: Leprechaun
      Oh how! And I don't see this quote anymore! Instead, the comment has been deleted. A long-proven way to fight the truth is to burn books, destroy monuments and censorship! But, judging by the number of comments, many are already tired of the "rotten" cycle of articles by authors trying to denigrate everything that happens in the DLNR! And there will be a monument! And people in the DLNR will always be grateful and remember A. Mozgovoy, other heroes of Novorosiya, and real, honest, courageous volunteers and volunteers!
  6. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. April 7 2016 08: 54
    Not early attended to the monuments?
    More precisely, they are not opposed to the monument. But at the place of burial, as was said in the official answer. That is, in the cemetery.
    and what are they wrong about? At least, it is not dismantled in any situation.
  7. orphan 63
    orphan 63 April 7 2016 09: 16
    April 3, Alexey Borisovich Mozgov would have turned 41 years old ..........

    Dedicated to the memory of the brave Heroes of Novorosia: Alexei Mozgovoy, Pavel Dremov, Alexander Bednov, and Evgeny Ishchenko.

    A documentary film about the life of Aleksey Mozgovoy from the beginning of the uprising in the Donbass in the 2014th year until his death. Archival shooting. Interviews with close associates of A. Mozgovoy.

    It's not scary to die in May .....

  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. hartlend
    hartlend April 7 2016 09: 50
    Will Alchevsk Monument to the Brain?

    Time will put everything in its place. Not all at once.
  10. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik April 7 2016 10: 13
    Eternal memory to Mozgovoy and all the guys who laid their lives for New Russia, I believe there will be a monument to him, and not only to him!
  11. Nikita Gromov
    Nikita Gromov April 7 2016 10: 33
    For all sane Russian people it is perfectly clear that Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoy, as a patriot of Novorossiya and an unyielding Russian person who defends the idea of ​​a "Russian Spring", was killed by order of the liberal leadership in the Kremlin.
    From the very beginning of the formation of New Russia in the spring of 2014 and a popular referendum on the annexation of Lugansk and Donetsk to Russia, the Kremlin liberals not only denied this to the people of Donbass, not only did not recognize even the independence of these Russian entities (unlike Abkhazia and South Ossetia), but even from the very beginning of the so-called ATO, they didn’t even lift a finger against the bloody meat grinder organized by Kiev there. Only after they completely replaced the national-patriotic leadership of the DPR and LPR with their proteges did they begin to provide military and food assistance with these cuts in more than half of the republics.
    Well, after the Minsk agreements, which were amicable, and absolutely treacherous to the people of Novorossiya (and Russia), it became quite clear that the ruling both in Moscow and Kiev liberal elite, the Russian independent and independent Novorossiya, as such, was completely unnecessary, but only, as a territorial-changeable coin at the Minsk auction, for the greatest benefit to both. And blood and suffering is for the Russian and Ukrainian people.
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. April 7 2016 10: 38
      Quote: Nikita Gromov
      For all sane Russian people it’s completely clear that Mozgovoy was killed on the orders of the liberal leadership in the Kremlin.

      An interesting approach to determining the health of reason. When is the Kremlin assault scheduled?
    2. Kim Klimov
      Kim Klimov April 7 2016 11: 39
      Until we cast off the liberal yoke, Russia will resemble a laced warrior wandering nowhere, with an evil dwarf on his neck.
  12. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. April 7 2016 12: 13
    Quote: Kim Klimov
    Russia will resemble a laced warrior wandering nowhere, with an evil dwarf on his neck.

    Powerful metaphor. A disabled athlete with pediculosis. Reminds creativity of the mentally ill.
  13. drilled
    drilled April 7 2016 16: 43
    Again, a strange impression ... This fuss ... "I love Mr. PZh.- And I him even more Ku!" First, the victory, then decide with the monuments. Now everyone will quarrel over these "problems", and when the offensive begins, anarchy will begin ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Massik
      Massik April 7 2016 18: 28
      When buckets of blood are spilled between the parties, one can not say for sure about some kind of pacification in the next 10 years. If one of the parties does not win. Everyone understands this, but they still try to shout against human nature.