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The delivery apparatus of combat swimmers SubSEAL British company JFD


The operators of the DDS (Dry Deck Shelter) docking cameras for transporting the SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle) combat swimmers and high-speed inflatable boats are members of an elite club and very few fleets capable of operating in the vast oceans have similar systems. Despite the popular image of SDV combat swimmers delivery vehicles, widely known for their American SDV Mk.VIII fleetThis ultra-small submarine is specifically designed to work with DDS. There are relatively few devices of this type that were originally created for transportation to DDS. SubSEAL manufactured by the British company James Fisher Defense (JFD) is one such SDV.

As for the design, the SubSEAL unit follows the successful SDV Mk.VIII model in many ways. In addition to some of the more modern elements, the biggest difference lies in the controlled low-speed main power plant in the aft, which eliminates the need to install rear steering surfaces:

Cabin. Note the lack of displays that were taken for privacy reasons:

Cabin details:

Aft passenger compartment with a swimmer facing the onboard air supply system:

Length: 7,4 meters
Width: 1,7 meter
Height: 1,6 meters
Weight: kg 3500 (dry)
Speed: 7 + nodes maximum, 5 cruise nodes
Cruising range: 50 nautical miles
Maximum working depth: 30 nautical miles
Crew: 8 (2 crew, 4 - 6 passengers)
Load capacity: kg 200, “wet” storage
Powerplant: 2 electric motor for 10 kW plus two thruster engines for 2 kW. Lithium polymer batteries.
Sensors: optoelectronic mast, hydroacoustic station

Materials used:

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  1. qwert
    qwert April 5 2016 06: 59
    Cool thing with a big compartment. Colombians would appreciate it.
  2. Old_Python
    Old_Python April 5 2016 08: 50
    Working depth 30 nautical miles?!?!?! belay
    It seems that the joint is about 1852 times ... laughing
  3. Grandfather Luka
    Grandfather Luka April 5 2016 17: 24
    Quote: Old_Python
    Working depth 30 nautical miles?!?!?! belay
    It seems that the joint is about 1852 times ... laughing
  4. exo
    exo April 6 2016 14: 48
    It would be funny to look at the appearance of these fighters, at a depth of 30 nautical miles;) And so, a serious device, in its class.
  5. Mister22408
    Mister22408 April 6 2016 20: 32
    And where are Bengal lights, crackers, tourist magnets? Places are not enough, and a range of 50 nM is not enough. 12 terro-waterways (round-trip - 24). THOSE. it’s clear where the boat will be, if anything ...