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Results of the week. "Do you know who they are?" Oh brother! They are crooks! ”

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If even 10-15 years ago, the officers of the military commissariats announced that conscription issues related to staffing would be resolved before the conscription began, then many would think that they only smiled bitterly. To serve the Motherland themselves - without stretching through numerous subpoenas or engaging law enforcement officers - not all persons who fell under the draft campaign were called. Many had to, as they say, drag them by the ears, neck and other parts of the body, so that they would realize their honorable duty.

For the first time, the number of people willing to serve exceeded the number of those who are willing to call. Employees of military registration and enlistment offices on this occasion is not a sin, and to skip a glass of tea ... Although it’s too early to relax, of course, and there’s no need for anything at all. After all, the committees of single fathers and birthless mothers continue to work on their own waves and “firmly know” that the Russian army is a hotbed of hazing, a construction site for summer houses for generals, and in general there is one rifle for three. They also know that one half of the Russian army fell somewhere in the snows under Debaltseve, while the Ukrainian army valiantly retreated from the bridgehead to the previously prepared positions. ... And the second half is learning to glue the "Almaty" from the packaging cardboard from the sanction food, because in Russia there is nothing left as a result of the absolutely correct sanction policy of Western friends ...

Comments from our readers:

I have been waiting for such an attitude towards the army for twenty-five years — I thought I would not live. I saw - now you can easily die. I will send the grandson to send to serve only in 4, and the game was played successfully. He is already going - it means that I still hammered something right into him ... My daughter somehow blinked out like: "I won't let you, they will kill me ...", I nodded to shut my mouth, otherwise it will be like Taras Bulba ...

And dandruff liberal will write that:
1) Mothers run out of money for excuse children from the army because of the crisis.
2) In bloody Russia there is no work in the civilian world, and everyone goes to the army.
3) The vicious suppressor of liberal freedoms of GDP is preparing to destroy free proebaltics or Ukraine.
Well, or even some crap come up)))

We must also recall the “Committee of non-bearing mothers”, which successfully spoiled the blood of military commissars and military commanders of all ranks, beginning at the end of 80, and especially turned into dashing 90 with their hysterical cries about the notorious hazing and crimes committed in the military environment, not even pouring out the tubs, but mud tanks on the army.

By the way, here in Kazakhstan, too, there are no problems with calling young people for military service (and contract service too), since we have one who has not served, almost no longer has the opportunity to go to the civil service (not to mention law enforcement agencies), or often just find a well-paid job. And so the number of potential recruits exceeds the number of vacancies. Although there are certainly enough of those who are ready at all costs to "otmazatsya" from military service.

And the liberals will scream in any case - either at the call of the heart (i.e., from the "love of art", or for a fee - those who are smarter). They are - "the conscience of the nation!"
I have the honor.

Did the reward find the heroine or vice versa? ..

Zhanna Borisovna Nemtsova among 14 "courageous women" was awarded the prize of the US State Department "for exceptional courage and leadership in supporting peace, justice, human rights and gender equality." The US Department of State reports that from April 1 (what jokes can be!), Ms. Nemtsova, along with other “activists, journalists and social activists” awarded with this prize, should “walk” around the United States as part of the “leadership support” program. ".

Results of the week. "Do you know who they are?" Oh brother! They are crooks! ”

In principle, the award has found its heroine. Well, how else ... Is it worth to expect that the State Department of the United States for its exceptional bravery will award not Jeanne Nemtsov, but, for example, Dr. Lisa, who is helping to remove children from the war-torn areas of Donbass for their subsequent treatment? Or (if the talk is about men) - the captain of the Russian Armed Forces 25-year-old Alexander Prokhorenko, who caused the fight against international terrorism in the region of Syrian Palmyra, fired upon him. Or, in the end, Edward Snowden, who actually found himself the courage and the whole world announced a total surveillance of US intelligence, including surveillance of the top officials of foreign countries? No, of course ... Gosdepovskie awards find only "rodents" - those who are ready for the American cookies to find a suitable mink.

Comments from our readers:

The black
In Moscow, culinary hooligan brigades proved themselves. Liberasts incapacitate with diabetes by throwing cakes.

Once again, you are convinced that Russian sayings and proverbs are based on a huge everyday experience. In this case: "The apple does not fall far from the apple." The “courage” of this lady obviously lies in the fact that for several years she had led anti-Russian propaganda as best she could at RBC. But what is the courage when the state permits you?

Yes ... the election is one word. And the cookies are distributed among us. The process has already begun. Now irreconcilable fighters against corruption, all kinds of singers who care about the fate of the Motherland with songs like: "Uncle Vova, where are the landings?" etc. Everything will seem to be correct, if not for the cloying smell of cookies from these patriots.

Russian hero named Alexander Prokhorenko

The Orenburg edition of names the name of the sixth Russian soldier who died in Syria. We are talking about an officer of the special operations forces, who died during the liberation of Palmyra from the ISIL militants, causing an airstrike on himself. The name of this hero is Alexander Prokhorenko. According to this portal, he was 25 years old. He was a native of the village of Gorodki, Tyulgansky District, Orenburg Region.

The captain of the special operations forces of the RF Armed Forces Alexander Prokhorenko, surrounded by ISIS militants near Palmyra, unable to wait for the rescue group, made a truly heroic decision. He contacted the base and, indicating the coordinates of the attack on the "stationary target", called Russian fire aviation to myself. Eternal memory to the hero Alexander Prokhorenko, who showed the whole world how real a Russian soldier he is!

Against this background, all the statements of the representatives of the so-called American coalition about the fact that they, too, you see, are also fighting terrorism, look like a cheap parody of active struggle. Yes, and how it must be difficult for “partners” to fight with those with whom yesterday your senator negotiated arms supplies ...

Comments from our readers:

Very sorry for the dead Hero! From such a man, great happiness for a woman to have children! Great father would have come out of it! Sorry is not destiny! My condolences to his spouse, parents, relatives, friends and comrades! The bright memory of the Russian hero Alexander Prokhorenko!

There is evidence that his wife is pregnant ... So ... In general, if the boy is - will continue the lineage and dynasty ... Health to his wife and unborn child. Well, Hero - eternal memory and respect.
PS In the photo - the boy himself is still young ... Iahhh ...

Alena Frolovna
Following the British, our journalists insulted the memory of RUSSIAN OFFICER ALEXANDER PROKHORENKO, calling it Russian “Rambo”. Alexander is not a “Russian Rambo” (there is nothing to compare our heroes with your murderers and occupiers).
Russian warriors have never been called that. Russian warriors - it is rich.

An army in which there are such officers cannot be defeated.
Decent officer, husband and citizen of our Motherland !!!

Viral action in Minsk

The Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva reports on the Freedom Day action held in Minsk. The event in the Belarusian capital was held under the slogans, among which were the following: “We cannot be banned from living in a free Belarus”, “Away, Russia!”, “Away, Russian fascists!” under exclamations "Who does not jump, that moskal!"

Of course, it was not without spells in the style of “Freedom to Nadia Savchenko!” And without wrapping it in Ukrainian and Belarusian-opposition (white-red) flags. It seems that in addition to the concept of "viral content" (on the Internet) it is time to introduce the concepts of the viral flag. For as soon as somewhere in the crowd, at a rally, a two-tone yellow-blakitnoe panel appears at the concert, either “jumps to the ceiling” or a megasor begins ... with the constant mention of the “cursed Muscovites”. Hopefully, But father has his own antivirus programs with constantly updated databases ...

Comments from our readers:

99% of these oppov under the hood of the Belarusian KGB, and on such "events" they monitor a wormfish and potential inadequacies. Do not worry, in Belarus Maidan in principle is not possible.

Here I do not agree, such events should not be, in principle, the organizers are calculated according to cash flows, and the sponsors of which must be burned with a hot iron. Do not lose vigilance, it is fraught with ...

Now you are free
"Gadya Khavchenko" has now become an icon for "kastrilegovlovyh" the whole world? ..
And the Brothers of Belarus can be advised on a quiet p ... these d ... that jump under the flags of the country "404", and then so through jokes and waving hand on the flash mobs of these marginals you can suddenly quietly slide to the level of 404. You don’t need to go far for an example - look at the neighboring country, in which св svidomosyfilis ’in the last stage is even alive, and is already decomposing (it’s not necessary to be trafficked ... by anyone, but it’s not protected).

So, Brothers, push this "Svidomo trash" until it has come to your beautiful country on your throat and made Belarus a second "schenevmerlu"! ..

I found out about this event just now. On our forums it is clear that such close-minded people in our country (RB) are, unfortunately. But when they themselves all gather in one place, in my opinion, measures must be taken. That is why they do, and I feel ashamed?

The train left

The Ukrainian freight train, which, under the holiday fanfare, was escorted from Ilyichevsk (Odessa region) to China, and which moved 16 days before the border of Kazakhstan and the PRC, now cannot return. Soon already two months as the Ukrainian structure, "testing the new Silk way", is on the Chinese-Kazakhstan border. They can not lure those who carry on this train to Ukraine at least some goods ...

The arrow of the meter is again oscillating at the “total zrada” mark. After all, if earlier people fled from the Ukraine and did not return, now whole trains are running and not returning. Illichivsk-China, one way ticket ...

Apparently, in order not to “run away” even the last four ocean-going vessels on the state balance of Ukraine, Kiev decided to sell these ships urgently. Says: to the development of "internal fleet". In any case, for the development ... of the Dnieper rowing flotilla with the hiring of professional burlak teams. Although Kiev needs to be on the alert with these teams. Putin’s agents - they are everywhere ... The hour is uneven - they will drag the "fleet" into the Crimea, and look for Kiev, winds in the field ...

Comments from our readers:

So for the parking / storage of the composition probably also need to pay. The solvency of 404 is now known. So, the Chinese can and take the composition for the debts, and even penalties count how impudent enough.

The black
Like this! I warned! .. Feral Ukrainians on a ghost train - it's scary! How many projects have been inspired by the dignity revolution! And submarines, and fences, and container transport. One problem - no one needs it in FIG.

Damn, during this time, the Bandera galloping herd could dig a tunnel and lay a railway from Kiev to China.

Ever since the times of the USSR I have been sympathetic to both Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Ukraine is a great republic - and in the USSR it occupied a worthy place - both industry and science and everything was there.

For us there wasn’t much difference — that Russian is Ukrainian — by and large everything is ays

Now some dark time, an external enemy plunged us all into darkness and an eclipse of reason, these Russian enemies are called and hated (for me it turns out that they hate almost 4 million citizens and my country) and the Russians excel in hatred of Ukrainians.

The first thing to do is to stop generating mutual hatred. Ukrainians are not completely lost. In fact, time will pass and cure.

Ukraine will understand that its fate is not in Europe, but with us, with the steppe and with Russia, with the “horde,” as they now call us all. We have a sales market for their industry - which we will all someday recover. We have oil and gas - at domestic Eurasian prices.

For Europe, Ukrainians will always be second class - and we are all glad to see you brothers. Expel scumbag Bandera and go back!

Not like before

Russia will no longer silently agree to the intervention of the United States and its allies in the internal affairs of other states. These words, spoken on the air on the Russia 1 channel, are a commentary on Washington’s statement that Moscow should not rely on previous relations with the West, on “business as usual”.

Well, if we still continued to do business with the Americans "as before," it would be quite surprising ... "As before," it would continue, for example, to look at the limp how Washington is breaking into other countries and starting destroy everything to satisfy their own interests, striking blow after blow not only at the world order, but also at the security of Russia.

The good news is that the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sounded quite tough and quite unambiguous rhetoric precisely in response to American statements.

Another thing is that relations "as before" with the Americans in a number of areas remain now. "As before" Russia invests in American debt. “As before” we provide an opportunity for American astronauts to get to the ISS (did they allow our cosmonauts to do the same in the opposite situation?) “As before,” many Russian officials send their children to study in the US, while stating the need to support exclusively domestic educational system.

In general, if we don’t want “as before,” then we must be systematic. And what the half measures lead to is well known, for example, the residents of Donbass ...

Comments from our readers:

(C) Zakharov: as before, there will be no dealings with the Americans (C). And we didn’t have to "like before" before! Just one part of the "elite" realized that in the West it was not expected even with their capital and took over the offshore "aristocracy". This means an official rejection of the policy of national betrayal, but the struggle continues and the one who can rely on the people will win. This requires a domestic policy of social justice, and it is not yet offered by the home-grown bourgeoisie from either side.

That is, almost openly sent to the US far away? Hang out, put a candle ...

Well, finally my pride is satisfied! I pay tribute to Zakharova and the Foreign Ministry as a whole.
Well, GDP - for perseverance, endurance and good tactics! Still inside the country, finally, to put the oligarchic-bureaucratic superstructure in place and turn its attention to the working people and pensioners!

Where are the soldiers?

Ukroboronprom presented in India at the exhibition “DefExpo-2016” 40 samples of military products from 11 Ukrainian enterprises. In particular, the exhibition features the BTR-3, the Dozor-B military armored car and the An-132, An-148, and An-178 aircraft.

Approaching the Ukroboronprom stand, the Indians decided that they lost their way at the exhibition and got into the local Detsky Mir — beautiful models, well painted — the very thing for children for fun ... - And where is the department with the soldiers? - they were looking with their eyes ...

Then they explained to them that this is not the “Children's World”, but the Ukrainian defense industry. Ukraine? “This is where?” Asked Indian partners. - Where there is not a large number of neokrishnaits, but they also walk in orange and with pots on their heads ...

Thank you, we will call you back, - the Indian visitors of the exhibition responded to the representatives of Ukroboronprom on the offer to buy at least something, hurriedly running off to the stands of other countries.

Comments from our readers:

Is this a toy store?

The fact that they can bring to India, the USSR drove everything there in 80's. Hindus saw all this then, and you won’t be surprised with the new painting ...

They need to "Spetskoteleksport" to organize. Who can buy a buit from the ancient glass technics, after the disgrace from the miners and the stopping of serial plants? Bulgarian MiG-21 with interrupted numbers on the details of the times of Vietnam did not forget to bring?

Spring Jingle

The press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eve spread the message that command and staff exercises were launched under the common name "Spring Thunder - 2016". The exercises were announced under the following “slogan”: “the next stage of preparation of the Ukrainian units and formations for the enemy’s possible invasion” and “adequate response to external threats”.

Against the background of constant rattling and shaking about what is available, Poroshenko, who is on a visit to the United States, once again announced that in order to normalize the situation in the Donbass, the OSCE police mission must be deployed there.
The proposal, of course, is interesting ... It’s just strange that Mr. Poroshenko did not call for the introduction of the OSCE police mission at a time when pravoseki and other Maidan gangs on Institutskaya smashed the constitutional system of Ukraine, when Parubiya snipers shot "Berkutovtsy" and " evromaydanschikov? Then Mr. Poroshenko declared that it is a victory of democracy. And now, when in the Donbass, and on the basis of the Minsk agreements signed by him, local elections are to be held, Poroshenko suddenly chirped about the OSCE police mission, realizing that if his army again allowed itself an “offensive”, then the third and final cauldron would not be overlooked. ..

Comments from our readers:

Dmitry Potapov
That's right! Simultaneously with Russia in the Donbas, they are fighting and conducting exercises in case of Russia's invasion! I'm sweating with them!

What rattle? Covers from the boilers thunder!

The Ukrainian army resembles ours, the times of the first Chechen campaign, also with peace, a bare shirt. Only we ran this distance, and Ukraine sold everything that can be sold, because a lot of things were left. Western districts were better equipped than those of Russia. 20 years have passed and the result is obvious. As with the construction of their state, and the means of protection of independence.

ZY Although not. It was built, built. It was built a system of total sales. This, by the way, is demanded by our liberals. Faster sell, take profits and fall down ... Again, the need to sell off state assets is being discussed on TV. Panacea, damn it ...

I’m watching the Ukrainian generals all dressed in a polevochku, I didn’t want to play again in the war in the spring ...

Syrian victories

On March 28, Russian aviation attacked the positions of militants of the Islamic State in the area of ​​the Sukhne (Sushna) settlement in the north-east of Homs province. It was to this village that many militants of the IG fled from Palmyra after the liberation of the ancient city by the Syrian government army. The final route point of the retreating Igilovites is Ar-Raqqah.

29 March it became known that the Syrian government army and the militias are ready to take to the ring an important settlement El Qaryatayn, located south-west of the liberated Palmyra.

The West, willy-nilly, had to admit that Russia effectively destroys lousy bearded men in Syria. Beats Islamic terrorists and the Syrian army, inspired by the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The thugs, who had already imagined themselves to be the creators of the “world caliphate,” are now retreating in disgrace. Rather, they flee to save their stinky skins.

Comments from our readers:

Damn, the EU imposed a moratorium on shooting in the back running. Looks like we imposed a moratorium.

The black
Nobody destroys anybody ... Just for the Barmaleans, there were organized tests for putting the TRP on a zinc badge (the super prize is the fattest Guria). And the planes are like that, such as doping, to make it easier to run. Tushkanchik pity. All poobs ... rali, when draped, now do not wash.

Drive to Istanbul.

What more! Nafig we need them in the future Constantinople?

The archaeological plan of Mr. Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson offered to help restore Palmyra. In an article for The Telegraph, the Mayor of London notes that “alas, it is very difficult to argue that the success of the Assad forces was the result of any particular British or even Western policy”. "How could this happen? - the author asks. “We rightly hate his regime and what he stands for, and over the past few years we have been engaged in an honorable mission, creating opposition to Assad, which was not made up of IG.” These efforts did not work. ”

But Putin’s plan worked. The Russian leader “with ruthless clarity” came and defended “his client”, and his actions helped to “turn the tide”. Putin’s troops “helped pick maniacs out of Palmyra” (Putin’s troops had helped;). And Johnson was “painfully admitted" that the Russians had fulfilled their mission with honor. Not only that, they demonstrated how ineffective the West is.

The time has come for us to “make amends”, Johnson sums up. We can also show the "strengths", notes columnist. “We have some of the largest archaeological experts in the world,” he points out. - I hope that the government will finance their expedition to Syria: they will help there with their participation in the reconstruction work. This is much cheaper than bombing, and very likely will lead to a long-term rise in tourism and economic prosperity in the region. ” British experts should be at the forefront of this project, the mayor is sure.

Obviously, the Russians and the victories in Syria are not spoken about because they are mentioned by a famous person like the mayor of London. On the contrary, Johnson and all other politicians, analysts, or military experts speak of Russia because she gained serious victories in Syria and helped Assad return Palmyra.

Against this backdrop, even the United States is very difficult to continue to feel "an indispensable superpower." And Britain does look like a political dwarf. And there is only one chance to improve the situation a little - to send not military men to Palmyra, but archaeologists. Maybe even they are capable of "efficiency." Yes, the only question is: will Cameron give money?

Comments from our readers:

... Archeology is a robbery covered with beautiful diplomas. And so the British archeology ... cannot be described in words (and the numbers cannot be cited, the results are very boundless), how much these funny "scientists" stole from all countries of the world. Why would they not try to rob Syria once again? I've always done that ...
West in his repertoire. We won, and slowly begin to heal wounds. Then a “kind” western uncle appears, waving bundles of banknotes. And tries to buy the country protected by us! How many times have it been. It is ridiculous that the costs are insignificant in the end, everything is limited to buying a couple of dozen traitors ... but we managed to take away the fruits of victory more than once.
I hope, now they, reptiles, will not break off.

... Now they want to scoop up everything that they did not have time to pull apart through ISIS. These bloodsuckers in any way try to cling to everything a little bit valuable. These even do not take the dust.
Yes, and with the permission of the arrival of archaeologists, by convention, from 100, the arrived 10 will be really archaeologists. The rest are residents of all stripes. It's like the OSCE in the Donbas. Which can 9 from 10 shoot and you will not be mistaken, having decided an innocent.

... Borka Johnson is here in favor: it hurts him different from the rest of the crowd of political nonentities. The journalist and the drinker, however, is undoubtedly a thinking person, extraordinary and very independent in his judgments and actions. Very loudly and clearly expresses his thoughts, for example, an ardent supporter of exit from the EU. Even with ambitions: I won’t be surprised at seeing him in the prime minister’s chair after the next election (2020), if I live, of course. (Opinion of the reader from the UK. - Ed. "IN".)

Mother bearded

Republican Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, told Fox News about the ugly foreign policy role of Hillary Clinton. Just think: the ex-mayor called her one of the founders of the "IG"!

At first, Giuliani seriously attacked the B. H. Obama administration on air: he reminded the public that the president was at a baseball game in Cuba immediately after the terrorist attack in Brussels.

Then the speaker hit a potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Speaking about her, Mr. Giuliani noted that the former secretary of state “had a chance” to develop a strategy to combat IS, but instead of implementing a suitable plan, “she helped create an IS”. According to Juliani, Hillary Clinton can be considered "one of the founders of" IG ".

The Russian army has proved the effectiveness of force strikes against terrorists and contributed to the release of Palmyra, and US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not in a position to propose any specific countermeasures to the radical militants. As a result, scandalous accusations are heard against the former Secretary of State: they say, Mrs. Clinton is the creator of IG.

At the same time, Russia is being thanked not only by former diplomats like McFaul, but also by current politicians like German Foreign Minister Herr Steinmeier.

The former ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, expressed gratitude to Russia for the release of Palmyra via Twitter. Against the background of the message “Palmyra is liberated,” he wrote a short tweet in Russian: “Thank you!”

According to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the SPD assesses Russian actions against the Islamic State as the most successful. “The ceasefire agreement, humanitarian access, the beginning of peace talks in Geneva - all this would not have been possible without Russia's constructive participation,” said Steinmeier, giving an interview to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

Comments from our readers:

The problem is that in the eyes of the bosses of America, it will be counted as a plus, not a minus. That is the person they need at the helm. And let the president in the United States does not solve much, but this is significant.

The fact that the collective US spawned Daesh / Islamic State (as well as many other terrorist entities, al-Qaeda, etc.) is not at all news. And whoever made the greatest contribution there ... Well, they know better. It is clear that Hillary Clinton did not stand aside, she also put her hand ...

I am afraid to seem rude and risky to be banned, but what can we expect in politics from a woman whose husband piled another on the cheek, and the whole world has learned about it? Well, obviously some complexes play ...

How - what to expect? It will take the Oval Office, recruit a young intern and mark this case with him on the table, like the previous Clinton, tradition ...
And voters, purely out of interest, will spend Clintonsh in the White House, to see if she will repay her hubby with the same coin on the same table, or not.

Turkey seemed to them a "threat"

According to the press secretary of the main US military department, in the near future about 670 family members of American military personnel, as well as Pentagon civilian personnel involved in the NATO military mission at Incirlik air base and other military facilities will be evacuated from Turkey. On such measures, the Pentagon is coming in connection with the increased threat to US citizens in Turkey.

According to some reports, representatives of the US diplomatic mission in Turkey decided to take similar measures. The number of representatives of families of State Department employees, who are urgently evacuated from the territory of Turkey, has not yet been reported.

Recall that the Turkish authorities continue to use force against the Kurds in the south-east of the country. Representatives of the Kurdish population say that if official Ankara declared war on them, they are ready to give their answer to Erdogan.

And there is no doubt: Erdogan will get an answer.

There is no doubt that "neosultan" stands like a bone across the throat of the United States. Military analysts write for a reason that Turkey could become a new hot spot on the planet.

That’s why Davutoglu and Erdogan were led by the “policy of zero problems with neighbors” ...

Comments from our readers:

Given that Obama refused to meet Erdogan, it is likely that the evacuation of staff is similar to preparing for a sink.

This does not mean anything good, and it will be (planned) not just a mess, but something more serious.

Diana Ilyina
I also wonder what will come of all this. But why no one views this as an option of pressure on Turkey or Russia ?! Look, they say, now there will be something, such as Obama’s “cunning plan”. I do not insist on this point of view, but as an option ...

Yes, there is no tricky plan. The color revolution in Turkey has long been conceived, just now some processes are being catalyzed. Erdogan himself opened Pandora’s box, flirting with terrorists and starting a large-scale suppression of the Kurds. The situation is like in Ukraine - a break in relations with Russia, ethnic cleansing, Nazi terrorists.

It seems to me, on the contrary: Erdogan’s hands are untied, they will be taken out of their own, then they will say we were not there, we don’t know anything, this is a showdown between Turks and Syrians or Kurds, NATO has nothing to do with it. Now, everyone imitates hostility towards each other and the gap / tension of relations, the EU has also connected to the circus.
It seems that since Assad does not leave, and the SA began to take away little by little from ISIL, more stringent tools will be used up to a serious war to eliminate / limit our presence and eliminate Assad.

SRC P-15
But it seems to me that the United States has completely taken the side of the Kurds, and therefore they want to secure themselves by withdrawing their citizens from Turkey.

Unexpectedly justified

31 March The leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Šešelj (a man who had spent nearly a dozen 12 years in the dungeons of the so-called International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) was suddenly acquitted in all respects.

This decision was extremely unexpected, said journalist Elena Gromova. The Hague judgment is known for its bias against the Serbs. It was the Serbs who were awarded the largest prison sentences. It is the Serbs most among the accused The Hague. It was against the Serbs that the politicians of the Western world worked all these years and, simultaneously with them, the world's leading media and the Hague Tribunal itself.

“It’s just that the leader of the Serbian Radical Party was so innocent that the accusation simply crumbled,” says E. Gromova.

It can also be assumed that the Hague Tribunal decided for the sake of diversity and for the sake of cleaning up its messed-up reputation to finally make a loud acquittal. True, Seselj spent so many years in the dungeons, and his health was so undermined that it was necessary to speak about “justification” strictly in a legal, more precisely, chickenship, sense.

Comments from our readers:

The courageous man, the winner. The fact that he had nothing to show, it was clear before. But a bunch of criminals at the Hague Tribunal could do anything, but he survived and smashed them. These criminal judges themselves must be judged for the fact that the innocent spent almost 12 years in prison ...

When our troops occupy The Hague, it would be necessary to assemble the notorious tribunal and force it to reconsider acquittals of Croats and Bosniaks, while establishing a norm of acquittals, similar to the Serbs. Carla, who threw Ponte, also judged.

Seselj can only be congratulated and supported by his desire to financially punish the so-called. the tribunal for its brutality against the Serbs. And at this time the main Croat expresses his outrage with the verdict. Correctly, Šešelj has given a description to the Croats and Bosnians:
- Croats are Catholic Serbs;
- Bosnians are Serbs Muslims.
First, the West divided Yugoslavia according to religious principles, then it kindled a civil war, and then itself began to bomb peaceful cities.

Your water, our islands

The United Nations actually recognized the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands beyond Argentina. This took place as a result of granting Argentina the right to extend Argentina’s territorial waters from 200 miles to 350 miles. It is in this zone that the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands are located.

In London, have already commented on the UN decision. The British authorities noted that the commission’s decision related to the expansion of Argentina’s territorial waters “does not affect the fact that the Falkland Islands are part of the UK”.

The British newspaper The Guardian published a material stating that residents of the Falklands "are concerned about the territorial claims of Argentina." It is reported that the Falkland authorities sent a letter to London asking them to explain how to be in connection with the decision of the UN Commission.

Residents of the islands, we recall, do not want to "turn" into Argentines. The results of the 2013 referendum of the year showed this well.

The referendum on the political status of Falkland passed 10 and 11 March 2013. Residents were asked to answer the question: “Do you want the Falkland Islands to retain their political status as the overseas territory of the United Kingdom?” Turnout was 91%, and almost all of those who voted (99,8%) were in favor of maintaining the status of the islands overseas territory of Great Britain.

Comments from our readers:

What an unheard of insolence. Some kind of UN recognized the old woman England occupier. Shame on the jungle!

Here you have the annexation, gentlemen insolent.

He worried about Argentina as his relatives, when they fought for them with small britis.
And at the same time a bell to the whole "democratic world" from the UN. Like, smaller paws themselves run the devil knows where - you also will be easier to live. Either take off the cross, or put on the panties. And so, by the way, there is talk of dividing Antarctica, so small-british people are climbing there, like we are having at Gorbat for a beer ...

What does the UN, right? I see most are not aware of the topic. This is a personal curtsy from Obama to Argentina, a splash for arrogance and exacerbation of tensions in the region. Plus, they scored a couple of small hares with one blow.

Well, the UN decided. But the Americans do at least make a view that they respect the decisions of the United Nations.
It is clear that the United Nations has long been a pocket office at the US State Department, but if Obama decided to SO flop small-brit, then “Obama’s cunning plan”.
Although it is unlikely that small-brites will go to the aggravation of the situation - well, they will not fight the territory again, which the UN recognized as a sovereign part of Argentina! But what about democracy and world peace, under the guise of which 250 impersonant Saxon years shed blood all over the world? Rather, some kind of “revolution of vision” will start and show the whole world how dictatorial and undemocratic Argentina will crush it.

Weapons to Argentina! Exceptionally defensive, of course!

The hard way to "partnership"?

The United States adheres to a policy of weakening Russia and creating pro-American regimes in neighboring states. Such a US policy is the main strategic threat to Russia, says the report International Threats - 2016 of the Valdai Club and the Foreign Policy Agency. In addition, a "weak" Russia will fear a "Chinese expansion." As a result, Moscow will still have to become the "partner" of America, which seeks to contain China.

There is nothing unusual in stating the fact of American “threat” to Russia. And even nothing “personal”, since the USA considers any geopolitical interference (not necessarily of Russian origin) as a reason for opposition. According to some experts, Turkey or, for example, France can become a similar obstacle. The current standoff of Russia is also a “side effect of American geopolitical logic.”

In essence, this is not just geopolitical logic. This state of mind, which, in spite of the emerging multipolar world, continues to claim the role of hegemon - the role of that “exceptional” power, without whose approval no major decision on the planet can do.

Comments from our readers:

Do not underestimate the threat from a country that bends half of the world, and no matter what purpose they did it! The threat is real! We must remember that we didn’t have easy victories, and there’s even less of it. And the article says that relations with Russia are a side effect of amerskoy politics, just remember, gentlemen, there are primary tasks, and there are secondary ones. And the weakening of Russia for amers is the primary task, since only Russia and China can plug them in their belts, they do not seriously consider all the others! With a serious player, you need to play seriously, and not throw hats!

Tatar 174
The US has already missed all the moments when they could really destroy both Russia and China, which means that it means that there will be no repeated opportunity for them. Thanks to the USSR for the nuclear weapons that we have, if not for them, then Russia would not exist, as the examples of many former socialist countries showed. Territories remained, even their names remained, and they no longer have what they had in their internal content, and they are now controlled from Washington.
It is doubtful that the Americans have already missed all the moments contributing to the destruction of Russia. Most likely, it is we who ask ... or all the achievements of the USSR !!! And we continue to do this with success thanks to the ruling liberal top ...

For the American elite, who grew up on a “victory over the USSR,” Russia is the losing side, so their entire policy comes precisely from this position. For them, we just a priori have no right to cross their hegemony. Therefore, the number of those who want to put us in place only grows and will grow.
Our view, naturally, on events with the collapse of a great country is diametrically opposite, as we have experienced louder defeats.
Therefore, the confrontation will continue. But, unlike the United States, we are ready to negotiate, and this is viewed in the West as a weakness, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. And all because the United States with the losers do not agree.
Draw conclusions, comrade, and get ready, nothing good, in my opinion, is not expected.

Termination of participation

Washington has hosted a nuclear security summit. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, previously reported that participation in the event was not on the schedule of Vladimir Putin. In the West, Russia's refusal to participate was called a "boycott" and even "self-isolation." However, the reason for the refusal of Moscow is simple and lies on the surface.

As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said earlier, “in the field of international cooperation on nuclear security (nuclear security), there are no objectively maturing breakthrough decisions requiring the involvement of heads of state and government.” Changing the concept and developing a kind of "guidance" will be an attempt to impose the opinion of a limited group of states to international organizations. “We consider it unacceptable to create such a precedent of outside interference in the planning of the work of international structures that have significant expertise and are based on democratic procedures,” Interfax quotes Zakharov. “In connection with this, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, as is known, made a decision to stop our participation in the preparations for the 2016 Summit of the year.”

Moscow, of course, cannot accept a unilateral change in the concept of the “limited group of states”. The position of Moscow in this case is by no means “isolation”, as other American strategists believe, but demonstrates Russia's unwillingness to dance to the Washington tune. West, as always, deftly replaced the concept.

The Kremlin does not want to be "imposed" opinion. And it would be strange if he behaved differently - especially in the era of the new cold war, from which Barack Obama for some reason stubbornly denies it.

Russia's position, expressed clearly and unambiguously at the level of the Foreign Ministry, shows that Moscow’s “ignoring” is not the issue of nuclear safety on the planet, which is hinted at by the American press, but by the behavior of a number of Western states that decided to change the concept of the summit close to the Washington "hegemon".

And Moscow refused to go. After all, the “discussion” of issues with those who consider themselves “hegemonic” and “exceptional” is simply impossible on equal terms. Blocked!

Comments from our readers:

They broke off beautifully) And without Russia, the leader in the nuclear field, this forum is a fiction!

Pavel Vereshchagin
Properly done. It is time to stop attending events that engage in empty chatter, turning into attacks on Russia. Do not be like Poroshenko, who only does that dangle around the world and cry, like them, Svidomo, poorly.

Refusing to participate in the discussion of any problem and finding a solution will always have both positive and negative consequences. Remember the refusal of the USSR to vote in the UN Security Council for Korea. The Americans quickly pushed through their resolution and, under the aegis of the UN, brought in their troops. As a result, a bloody batch, called the Korean War, began, which almost led to the re-use of nuclear weapons and the consequences of which are still being touched. I really hope that our leadership carefully weighed the pros and cons.

Pavel Vereshchagin
It is one thing to participate in an event in which something depends on you, for example, in the UN Security Council, where we have the right of veto, and another thing in the assembly of inadequacies that constantly threaten Russia with a heavenly punishment.

And nothing, that the war in Korea began before the vote in the UN? And nothing that “citizen Truman” ordered the American armed forces to oppose the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea earlier than the illegal decision made by the Security Council? And another thing: in Korea, nothing comes back. Well, except that the constant provocations of South Korea. Yes! Sorry! I forgot! Neither the Americans nor the Soviet Union in Korea did not enter the troops. They were already there at that time. I know firsthand. Father fought there. He told a lot of interesting things.

They said that they would no longer do business as before. And this is a confirmation of these words. They changed spontaneously the agenda, we gave a refusal!

* “Do you know who they are? Oh brother! They are crooks! ”- phrase from the cartoon“ The Kid and Carlson ”
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  1. Knowing
    Knowing April 3 2016 05: 12
    Authors good! In Washington, the Nuclear Security Summit Obama celebrated as always, confirming that April 1 is indeed April Fool's Day: The whole point of his speech was that progress on the path of nuclear disarmament was stopped ... by the election of Vladimir Putin in 2012 as Russian president ...
    “Obama, it turns out, in the whole complex of nuclear security problems, is worried that Vladimir Putin, after becoming president, began to“ pay more attention to the country's military power, sacrificing economic development. ”They say that Putin is such a person, Obama made it clear.- here is such a "exceptional peacemaker" Obama.
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 3 2016 05: 40
      So, it’s in vain that “peacemaker” Obama was awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize” - the Nobel Committee - it never makes mistakes - Gorbachev, Obama and many others - their contribution to strengthening peace on the planet is invaluable! belay These non-comrades led and are still waging such a "struggle for peace" - that soon there will be no stone unturned from this very peace. And I would not regret the Shnobel Prize for them along with the "golden galoshes", not to mention the Darwin Prize - they deserve (and more than once!).
      I have the honor.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid April 3 2016 07: 31
        Obama was awarded the prize at the very beginning of his presidency. ADVANCE !! That he would do something inconceivably peaceful. The result is terrible. The Middle East is the most terrible crime against the whole world.
        I thank the authors for the review, because I don’t have time to read all the articles!
    2. avvg
      avvg April 3 2016 08: 20
      In my opinion, in the absence of Putin at the summit, Barah Husseinovich Obama felt like "the first guy in the village."
      1. avdkrd
        avdkrd April 3 2016 15: 38
        Quote: avvg
        In my opinion, in the absence of Putin at the summit, Barah Husseinovich Obama felt like "the first guy in the village."

        A comparison of Obama with the biblical Onan is more suitable. The nuclear security summit, without Russia, is very reminiscent of Onan's sin. Quietly the United States themselves agree on nuclear safety .... Everyone understands that everyone except the USA and Russia is just extras, who are extras of one of the parties.
        In general, any insinuations of the State Department that Russia goes along the path of confrontation on the issue of nuclear deterrence should be stopped in the bud, linking it with the American missile defense, which is really a threat.
  2. Vitwin
    Vitwin April 3 2016 05: 18
    Thanks for the review, in the morning we were pleased ......))
    PS Mozha ahead of Cossack Volga))))
  3. izya top
    izya top April 3 2016 05: 25
    Ms. Nemtsova, along with other “activists, journalists, and community activists” awarded this prize, should “take a walk” across the United States as part of a “leadership support” program.
    and some of the former shmarus Borusik wants to dig it out to prove paternity. request
    “Our Niva” reports on the “Freedom Day” action held in Minsk.
    yeah, but father wants gas for himself at prices lower than domestic belay I wouldn’t tear it apart by placing it on several stools
    Soon it has been two months since the Ukrainian squad, "testing the new Silk Road", is located on the Sino-Kazakh border. They cannot in any way entice those who transport at least some goods on this train to Ukraine ...
    the train will enter the annals of economic science lol how are skakly hut-Putin’s nightmare?
    over the past few years, we have been engaged in an honorable mission, creating an opposition to Assad, which did not consist of “IG”. These efforts never worked. ”
    no matter what they do, it’s all the same request
    In the near future, about 670 members of the families of American military personnel, as well as Pentagon civilian personnel involved in the NATO military mission at Incirlik airbase and other military facilities, will be evacuated from Turkey. The Pentagon is taking such measures in connection with the increasing threat to American citizens in Turkey.
    Do they know something or are they preparing something? Or were they planning the intervention of the Turks in the Karabakh?

    to authors hi
    1. Arberes
      Arberes April 3 2016 13: 03
      Quote: izya top
      yeah, but father wants gas for himself at prices lower than domestic ones, he wouldn’t break his ass, placing it on several stools

      Well, as the best ally, why not demand? Only the allies have rights besides rights. Could allied all over the world declare the independence of South Ossetia, so to speak in unison with Russia or a little later ... at least?
      And in general, it seems to me that the entire economic miracle of Belarus is very much dependent on the supply of hydrocarbons at low prices from its eastern neighbor?

      Hello, friend! hi drinks
      1. izya top
        izya top April 3 2016 13: 15
        Quote: Arberes
        Hello, friend!

        big booleans hi
        Quote: Arberes
        Could allied all over the world declare the independence of South Ossetia, so to speak in unison with Russia

        then nishtyakov from the west will not request
        1. Arberes
          Arberes April 3 2016 13: 23
          Quote: izya top
          then nishtyakov from the west will not

          Well, cookies from Mistress Nuland would definitely be sent!
          Shumbrath was lying again! drinks
  4. yuriy55
    yuriy55 April 3 2016 05: 27
    For me, the most important result of the week is that the Heroes on the Russian land have not yet been translated!
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 3 2016 05: 49
      While we have such guys - I am calm for our future - WE WILL NOT BEAT ANYONE FOR ANYONE!
    2. midivan
      midivan April 3 2016 06: 01
      Quote: yuriy55
      For me, the most important result of the week is that the Heroes on the Russian land have not yet been translated!

      here I’m sitting which day I’m wondering, at least one (on) su.ka at the top will guess at least in Moscow to propose to name the street in honor of the guy, and here the troops do not directly go off the air and who as soon as they remember or for example even drove down the street Kadyrov, well, clearly he is a hero request
      1. antipendos
        antipendos April 3 2016 11: 16
        We were going to call the school and the central street in their native village, HERE PRAISED AND ETERNAL MEMORY TO HERO ALEXANDER PROKHORENKO !!!
    3. SHAMAN
      SHAMAN April 3 2016 08: 36
      Quote: yuriy55
      For me, the most important result of the week is that the Heroes on the Russian land have not yet been translated!

      Our from the Urals! We are so ... Young, simple guy .. And what a fortitude! Thank you and eternal memory to you, a real Russian officer!
    4. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna April 3 2016 17: 55
      We thought: that's it! Our peaceful everyday life
      We defended forever in the last battle.

      But here he is again, the thunder of heavy guns,
      Again, a deadly song, the machines sing.

      We thought: that's it! The trouble will not return to us
      And the combat troops will not recognize the loss.
      But the Afghan sun turned black in smoke:
      Private, you will become a sergeant now.

      We thought: that's it! Harvested the death, -
      Near Berlin, the war receded from us ...
      God forbid you rookie son
      Through a blinded sight suddenly see the Caucasus!

      We thought: that's it! No war fires
      In the parades will serve a guards landing.
      But where did you go, old ensign?
      But where did you get, young lieutenant ?!

      We thought: that's it! Our Slav brothers
      We will never be left in trouble forever ...
      Washed Russian blood on the stones in Inkerman -
      It dissolved like salt in the Black Sea water.

      Was the power going for a thousand years in vain ?!
      Let Kitezh reach the sky with a cross,
      And the proud grandson of Svyatoslav will find his kingdom
      And deaf gates will crown with a shield!

      The pipes blow again. Get on the road.
      Fidelity to your old and eternal covenants
      We will carry and pray to God in our hearts,
      And for our friends, as usual, we stand.

      A righteous battle lasts. Duty and Homeland are holy.
      They kill us again. Only they will not kill everyone.
      We have Russia. There are soldiers in Russia.
      Each has its own Shevardinsky redoubt.

      Vladimir Tytsky
  5. siberalt
    siberalt April 3 2016 05: 34
    Amused about the "shmat of youth" from Yanka Kupala to Yakub Kolos with a flower peremog laughing
  6. surrozh
    surrozh April 3 2016 05: 36
    Good review, invigorates in the morning.
  7. Knowing
    Knowing April 3 2016 05: 43
    "The United States believes that the EU-Ukraine association is in the common interests of the countries of Europe and the former Soviet republic," US State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday in connection with the April 6 Dutch referendum on the ratification of the EU-Russia Association Agreement Ukraine. "- MDA, for Ukraine it means one thing:
  8. izya top
    izya top April 3 2016 05: 49
    add wink
    Infa appeared on the network that today at 9 o’clock in the evening they would publish some undesirable info on the president.

    Drew Sullivan was the first to report, not so long ago, reporting some Putin girls there.

    The interested Navalny picked it up by posting an announcement on Twitter.

    Well. We stock up on popcorn and filters for the ears, as the confrontation between the parties concerned (the Kremlin and the opposition) will not be up to the first blood, but to finish off. If the Internet in Russia is not disconnected.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 3 2016 06: 17
      Quote: izya top
      Well. We stock up on popcorn and ear filters,

      Today at 9 p.m., we all learn that Kabaeva gave birth to Putin another son.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  9. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 April 3 2016 05: 49
    Russia proposed to the place of the Silk Road - the Northern Sea Route, where we have no competitors. Let's see how China will respond to this. Eternal glory to Alexander Prokharenko - truly HERO !!! And it’s strange why the news from Nagorno-Karabakh was not included in the week’s results, this should worry us more than the US nuclear security summit, especially since those who were there (over half) have nothing to do with it.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 April 3 2016 11: 47
      Quote: Siberia 9444
      Russia proposed to the place of the Silk Road - the Northern Sea Route, where we have no competitors. Let's see how China will respond to this.

      Why instead? Better for everyone, for us too, if there is both the Northern Sea Route and the Great Silk Road, are we not dill to slow down transit through our territory, but vice versa? This is a great benefit and benefit to us. Another would be the land "transsever" along the mainland from St. Petersburg to the Bering Strait parallel to the Northern Sea Route and the Transsib.
      But the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is very sad ... This problem needs to be sorted out somehow.
  10. izya top
    izya top April 3 2016 05: 53
    and more
    President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov expressed support for Azerbaijan in connection with the resumption of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh and the beginning of the offensive, offering its authorities assistance in resolving the conflict by force.
    According to the Azerbaijani edition of, Berdymukhammedov announced his readiness to send troops of Turkmenistan in case the Azerbaijani authorities ask him to do so.

    "If Azerbaijan wants, we are ready to support it," he said, expressing his condolences to Baku in connection with the losses during the hostilities on April 2.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 3 2016 06: 20
      Quote: izya top
      Berdymukhammedov announced his readiness to send troops of Turkmenistan in the event that the Azerbaijani authorities ask him to do so.

      The Turkmen buy decided that soon the world will forget not only him, but also a country called Turkmenistan. Opa warrior in Karabakh- found a great way to remind the world of his existence.
      1. midivan
        midivan April 3 2016 06: 40
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The Turkmen buy decided that soon the world will forget not only him, but also a country called Turkmenistan. Opa warrior in Karabakh- found a great way to remind the world of his existence.

        most likely he decided that the Karakum are too extensive and they won’t find him there, it’s so tricky desert laughing I don’t understand one thing for which he decided to exchange white-granite with stainless steel columns, the deserted and quiet Turkmenbashi bully
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 3 2016 06: 46
          Quote: midivan
          I don’t understand one thing for which he decided to exchange white-granite with stainless steel columns, uninhabited and quiet Turkmenbashi

          I will be interested in the fact that he will start singing to Putin if Azerbaijan loses to the warrior laughing
          1. izya top
            izya top April 3 2016 07: 01
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            I will be interested in the fact that he will start singing to Putin if Azerbaijan loses to the warrior

            I'm more interested, but what is the CSTO keeping quiet?
          2. midivan
            midivan April 3 2016 07: 47
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            I will be interested in the fact that he will start singing to Putin if Azerbaijan loses to the warrior

            I believe the Ruhnama and the words should know laughing forgive me Niyazov
      2. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 April 3 2016 11: 59
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The Turkmen buy decided that soon the world will forget not only him, but also a country called Turkmenistan. Opa warrior in Karabakh- found a great way to remind the world of his existence.

        In the future, he probably wants to drive Azerbaijani oil to Afghanistan, Pakistan and then India-China through a pipe through his territory, and this is money.
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 3 2016 06: 10
    Moscow refused to go. Indeed, the “discussion” of issues with those who thinks they are “hegemonic” and “exceptional” is simply impossible on an equal footing. Block!
    For several years, the Obama administration has been trying to spit on Russia, and when the time comes for the summit and the United States finds out that Russia will not come, they roll out sheep’s eyes and wonder: “How could this happen!” This is where it turns out that spitting on Russia and spitting against the wind are events of the same order and the result on their own. So, gentlemen from the State Department - wipe yourself and think.
  12. Knowing
    Knowing April 3 2016 06: 13
    Indians at DefExpo 2016 certainly need to send this wonderful phrase: “Do you know who they are?” Oh brother! These are crooks! ”- referring to dill ... Izh cho thought:
    Kiev offers to carry out modernization work on servicing the former Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, which is now called Vikramaditya, in India, which is 50 percent cheaper, despite the fact that this ship was overhauled in Sevmash in 2013.

    In addition, Ukrainians offered India the modernization and repair of anti-aircraft missile systems such as Cube, Strela-1, Tunguska and Shilka, as well as such MANPADS as Igla and Strela-2.

    However, one fact perfectly demonstrates the viability of all these plans, namely the presence of such weapons as MANPADS on this “list”, which is not being repaired in principle.

    see http: //
  13. Egoza
    Egoza April 3 2016 06: 15
    Thanks to the authors for the review. Well, my 5 cents.
    Not hoping for the agitators of the Klitschko brothers, Yaresko herself rushed to the Netherlands.
    The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko met with representatives of 28 Dutch companies. They discussed the possibility of developing Dutch business in Ukraine.

    "Guys! Come in! We'll give it back cheap, just count the referendum CORRECTLY"
    The patriotic public of Ukraine has another brain stem and template break. The cunning Putin appointed the former commander of the only Ukrainian submarine Zaporizhia, Robert Shageev, as the commander of the new submarine of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Veliky Novgorod. In Russia, they appreciated the fact that this officer remained faithful to the constitution of his state and military oath, where the duty of servicemen to remain faithful to the country's legal authorities, and not to various couriers and rebels, was written in black and white. And since there were no longer any legitimate authorities in this Maidanism reserve, the officer was asked to transfer to the Russian fleet, which he did with pleasure.

    S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ... S ...
    Us with your bare hands, ugh, you policemen will not take!
    In the Rivne region is troubled. Amber fever is gaining momentum. Illegal mine workers, in a large crowd of about a thousand people, threw stones at law enforcement officers who arrived to inspect as if closed amber kopanks. There were also many representatives of the law, and there were weapons with me. However, the fact: neither the availability of weapons, nor the threatening statements about the arrival of reinforcements from the national guard of Ukraine - did not confuse the amber archaeologists at all.
    The funny thing is that the law enforcement officers eventually persuaded the Aborigines to let them go back, and if it were not for the deputy of the local council, who “accidentally” appeared in the discontented crowd, it would be unlikely that the policemen would leave the battlefield. As a result of the collision, ten police officers were injured, and mines continue to operate normally
  14. Egoza
    Egoza April 3 2016 06: 17
    Poroshenko invited the lawyer Nadezhda Savchenko to the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine to replace Viktor Shokin, who is under widespread public obstruction.
    Mark Feykin himself spoke about this on the air of the Ukrainian service of CNN television channel:
    “Today, the President called me and offered to take the post of Prosecutor General.”
    According to him, "in the midst of a severe government crisis and a stalled fight against corruption, only such legal experts as myself are capable of pulling the country out of the swamp of legal nihilism and lawlessness, where Putin has dragged it."
    In addition, as the lawyer noted, Poroshenko told him: “where you are, there are always long prison sentences, and this is exactly what Ukraine needs now to defeat corruption.”

    How to comply with the US order to introduce a new Cabinet? Poroshenko promised to overcome the crisis in a week. Everyone needs and needs money, but because ...
    It took them a little time to think. And today, in the heat of the heat, a new bill was submitted for consideration. The people's deputies of Ukraine decided to amend the Constitution in Article 78. Explaining this by the fact that they will improve and stabilize the efficiency of the Cabinet of Ministers. The co-authors of this creation were 169 deputies from different factions.
    So, they came up with what would be much more convenient and acceptable if the MP could combine the representative mandate with the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. In other words - combine business with pleasure, and receive a double salary for this. This innovation, if adopted, will immediately affect two aspects of the activities of mandate holders. On the one hand, the opportunity to receive double wages, on the other hand, in case of resignation of the government, ministers will remain deputies with a calm soul. Indeed, now in the event of loss of office, ministers will no longer be able to work in the Verkhovna Rada.
    According to article 78 of the Constitution of Ukraine, people elected cannot have another representative mandate, hold other positions, conduct entrepreneurial activities, or be part of the governing body of an enterprise or organization. If changes are nevertheless made, then these prohibitions will not automatically have any legal force. However, these amendments will turn out to be very opportune for the president. Then he will be able to conduct his commercial activities without a twinge of conscience, without asking for special permission
  15. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris April 3 2016 06: 24
    Regarding the draft, this is what I want to say .. We need a "ban on work" for applicants, and even officials of any level who did not pull the army strap .. And then suddenly the guy has hemorrhoids, on the call, and he still has a chair for how many years by kinship law sit up ...
    1. Knowing
      Knowing April 3 2016 07: 10
      Quote: dmi.pris
      ..And then, suddenly, the guy has hemorrhoids, on a call, and according to his family right, he’ll stay in a chair for many more years ...

      You would have put a smiley on something, but ... repeat
    2. Stanislas
      Stanislas April 3 2016 09: 32
      Quote: dmi.pris
      There is a need for a "ban on work" for applicants, and for officials of any level who do not pull the army strap
      Feminists will strongly object: they wholeheartedly dominate and oppose serving.
  16. Egoza
    Egoza April 3 2016 06: 27
    Ukronauka news!
    Oleksandr Lastovetsky, a graduate student at the Department of Ukrainian History at Poltava Pedagogical University, is going to defend his dissertation on decommunization.
    Here is what the “scientist” himself says about his work: “For three years of postgraduate studies, I studied the correlation between the number of toponymic objects with patriotic names and the revenue side of the budgets of Ukrainian cities. In total, 56 cities were included in the research program. I came to the conclusion that cities in which there are fewer Soviet street names receive more tax revenues than those that have not yet been decommunized. ”
    “Also, the nationalistic names of place names, for example, Bandera, Mikhnovsky, Dontsova and the like, have a significant impact on the revenue side of the city’s budget.
    This is a topic for a separate work, perhaps even a doctoral one, but there is every reason to believe that people who live on such streets receive more than 25 – 30% wages than those who live on streets with “neutral” names. They are also less likely to get sick, and their children are better at studying, ”the future candidate of sciences continues.

    Remember, remember and ask for money ...
    The press service of the President of Ukraine said that Poroshenko had discussed with the Secretary General the possibility of deploying an international mission in the Donbass and invited the leadership of the UN secretariat to take part in events in connection with the 30 anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

    A holy place is never empty? Or a “reliable person” needs to be attached.
    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko removed from his post the head of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Sergei Gaiduk, and appointed a new person in his place.
    Ukrainian media suggest that the post may be appointed former deputy coast guard Lieutenant-General Igor Voronchenko, who had previously been directly involved in power operations in the Donbass.
    1. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim April 3 2016 09: 35
      Petya, get your hand out of ... experience and say hello to Uncle Obama!
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto April 3 2016 10: 58
        Damn his iron or something?

        He didn’t take his hand out of, he took out his whole suit from there!
        1. aszzz888
          aszzz888 April 3 2016 12: 01
          DEZINTO (5) RU Today, 10:58 ↑
          Damn his iron or something?

          No iron can help if the lazy and clogged suit after libations, along with its owner, was lying somewhere in the hall of the far-flung living room!
        2. Egoza
          Egoza April 3 2016 16: 34
          Quote: DEZINTO
          Damn his iron or something?

          Electricity saves. It is now expensive with us. wassat
          1. midivan
            midivan April 3 2016 19: 04
            can we give him this? I hope there is enough coal
  17. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 3 2016 06: 31
    Zhanna Borisovna Nemtsova, among the 14 “courageous women,” was awarded the US State Department Prize “for her exceptional courage and leadership in supporting peace,

    Well, mericatos know who to reward. They even the late Bin Laden-if only against Russia! laughing
  18. cap
    cap April 3 2016 06: 50
    "For the first time, the number of those wishing to serve has exceeded the number of those who are ready to be drafted. It is not a sin for the military enlistment offices on this occasion to have a glass of tea ..."

    I join the employees of the military registration and enlistment offices.

    Glory to the Heroes of Russia.
    Quote: Aleksandr72
    While we have such guys - I am calm for our future - WE WILL NOT BEAT ANYONE FOR ANYONE!


    Thanks for the review to the authors. The conclusion is straight to the point. About the "partners" everything is correct
    “Do you know who they are?” Oh brother! These are crooks! ” - we will keep in mind.
    Authors Alexei Volodin and Oleg Chuvakin respect and respect. hi
    But as always.

  19. izya top
    izya top April 3 2016 06: 53
    lol what What-where-when in Ukrainian. Gathering six patriots. Pull out any news. And they are trying in a minute to tie her to Putin.
  20. staryivoin
    staryivoin April 3 2016 06: 53
    For the results of the week +++. The feat of Prokhorenko is an example to the whole world of the strength of spirit of the Russian people. Eternal memory HERO.
    Two neighbors succumbed to the provocation, which it’s understandable where they organized from, it’s about Karabakh, the worst news of the week ...
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 3 2016 07: 10
      Quote: staryivoin
      Two neighbors succumbed to the provocation, which it’s understandable where they organized from, it’s about Karabakh, the worst news of the week ...

      But weren't the Turks fussing there?
      1. Lelek
        Lelek April 3 2016 13: 32
        Quote: Egoza
        But weren't the Turks fussing there?

        Hey. hi
        Symptomatic: March 31 - Kerry talks with Aliyev, April 2 - the beginning of a military skirmish. Does not run into any associations? IMHO, you need to wait for the activation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Valtsman will start for the promised $ 330 million). yes
  21. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 3 2016 06: 57
    Thanks for the outcome! For the week, especially the news on the appeal pleased, I thought I could not wait for such an attitude to the Army !!!! Soul Warmed !!! And about the Maidan in Belarus - here the backgammon will not support - I am calm. yes, and the Old Man allowed them - what would they see how many of them ....... yes on the eve of the lifting of sanctions against Belarus - they say we have the opposition - although the act is not very clear .......
  22. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 3 2016 07: 02
    ... Poroshenko suddenly began to twitter about the OSCE police mission, realizing that if his army again allowed itself an “offensive”, then the third and final boiler could not be avoided ...
    When a cock pecks, it can analyze and most importantly correctly. There will be a third and last. It was said that they would not be taken prisoner. Are you tired of Petya to all the curators and your population? Because you can’t see the lumen. Your fate is not enviable.
  23. lis-ik
    lis-ik April 3 2016 07: 08
    In Kiev, specifically offended by Obama: quote

    In Ukraine, seriously offended by US President Barack Obama - they say he never became a friend of Kiev. This was announced on the air of channel 112 by political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, close to the administration of President Petro Poroshenko.

    According to him, it is Obama, and not Ukraine, who is to blame for the fact that the strategic alliance did not give the expected results. Fesenko complains that all Western aid does not compare with how Russia helps neighboring Belarus.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 3 2016 07: 14
      Quote: lis-ik
      Fesenko complains that all Western aid does not compare with how Russia helps neighboring Belarus.

      Again the toad crushed! laughing But But father - a hint - in Ukraine everything is precisely calculated, appreciate! wink
    2. izya top
      izya top April 3 2016 07: 16
      Quote: lis-ik
      In Ukraine, seriously offended by US President Barack Obama - they say he never became a friend of Kiev

      now lustrate? kuklus clan dill?
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 April 3 2016 09: 21
        Izya Top (5)
        now lustrate?

        Well, what? They will take a portrait, doused with green paint, put it in a trash can and will carry it along Khreshchatyk, Proudly singing puppies laughing
        Or maybe they will add him to the list of Nadia Khavchenko ????? what
  24. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 3 2016 07: 21
    Quote: Egoza
    “Today, the President called me and offered to take the post of Prosecutor General.”

    Vovan (pranker) probably called again and divorced the killer's guardian. And he already rolled his lip and thought about a "happy" life.
  25. taseka
    taseka April 3 2016 08: 45
    There is no half a fool, he is either there or he is not! They said - no to America, then stay consistent and give up on the space station and forbid to train children of officials in the USA! But to roar and at the same time wag the tail is unworthy of Russia !!!
    1. Knowing
      Knowing April 4 2016 01: 03
      "Wave a saber" mindlessly- help mattresses in their plans. hi
  26. SHAMAN
    SHAMAN April 3 2016 08: 55
    Interestingly, here on the site in large letters "advertising" SHAME Putin 2016! At the top of the news list .. What's this? Zombie gentlemen! Previously, if Putin and Russia were attacked, they were immediately 100% banned forever ... Has something changed ..?
  27. Corvetkapitan
    Corvetkapitan April 3 2016 09: 15
    I have one question - Why in Russia Bandera mad dogs hang around the streets of Russian cities with Ukrop flags ?! Dill's patriot must live in Dill, or sit in a Russian prison, on the same bunk with Nadya. In Ukropiya there is an article of the Criminal Code `` Household Separatism '', there is at least a prison for walking with the Russian flag, but in reality a person will be quietly killed in the SBU dungeons, where thousands of people disappear as if they never existed.
  28. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 April 3 2016 09: 17
    Only a doctor with polite assistants can cure spring exacerbation from pathological diseases.
  29. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 3 2016 09: 21
    It is high time in our country to declare rootless cosmopolitans as handshakes.
    And the state is nurturing them ...
  30. sergeym2013
    sergeym2013 April 3 2016 09: 30
    With great pleasure I read and wait for each new issue. RESULTS OF THE WEEK. Thanks to the editors for the selection of news. Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!
  31. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 April 3 2016 09: 35
    I’ll add my five kopecks about the non-profit one.
    A petition has been registered on the official website of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which proposes to lay a bare high-voltage cable along the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, a REGNUM correspondent reports.
    Thus, the author of the petition proposes to deal with a possible landing of the Russian Armed Forces on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.
    “To lay an underwater exposed high-voltage electric cable along the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and, if the aggressor is dropped, make a connection to the network,” the petition says.
    In addition, there is a proposal to the president to build a canal system and send water from the Dnieper to the Sea of ​​Azov.
    “To partially transfer the Dnieper water through canals to the Sea of ​​Azov, which will contribute to the washing out of the Kerch Strait and the destruction of sand islands, artificial dams in Russia, the flooding of the city of Taganrog of the Russian Federation (the maximum natural fluctuations in the level of the Sea of ​​Azov are in this area), and the flooding of the lowland part occupied by the Russian Federation Arabat arrows ”- the authors of the petition suggest.
    25 thousand people should support such a petition - so that the President of Ukraine should be obliged to consider it and give an official answer.
    Recall that the other day another petition to Poroshenko was registered, which proposed to officially prohibit same-sex marriage in Ukraine. Such a petition was created as a reaction to the plan of the Cabinet of Ministers in the first half of 2017 to officially allow the registration of same-sex civil unions.
    1. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 April 3 2016 10: 10
      Ukrainians, according to their version, dug up the Black Sea that they would redistribute the Dnieper waters. First, let them do shovels, and then they will dig for a long time with excavators. They probably mix spice in everyone with cigarettes there.
  32. Alex ..
    Alex .. April 3 2016 10: 11
    Russia has existed for so many years, but they still cannot figure it out. Do not touch us !!! For...
    ODERVIT April 3 2016 10: 23
    Thanks to the authors for the review. One remark, in the foreseeable future, the restoration of good neighborly relations with the southern neighbors is not possible. Moreover, they themselves will not want, they cannot. In their hatred and hostility they went beyond the horizon ......
  34. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx April 3 2016 10: 50
    “Do you know who they are?” Oh brother! These are crooks! ”
  35. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov April 3 2016 13: 07
    One of the episodes of the procession was Svidomo races in the style of neighboring Maidan of Ukraine to the exclamations “Whoever doesn’t ride, that’s it!”

    Some already jumped to complete devastation, these, it seems, also dream of washing toilets
    in the West. Flag in hand!
  36. mihasik
    mihasik April 3 2016 13: 14
    Damn, the EU imposed a moratorium on shooting in the back running. Looks like we imposed a moratorium.

    And what, have we already overtaken the Scheeneumerliks ​​with the entry into the EU? Why should we do what they have come up with in the EU? Or is it already a "parrot's disease" - constantly looking into the mouth of the West?
  37. Lelek
    Lelek April 3 2016 13: 20
    (The arrow of the zradometer oscillates again at the “total zrad” mark.)

    Eh, stupidity raised to the level of public policy is a terrible force (tantamount to stepping on your Faberge and trying to jump).
  38. mihasik
    mihasik April 3 2016 13: 23
    The fact that the collective US spawned Daesh / ISIS (as well as many other terrorist entities, al-Qaeda, etc.) is not news at all. And who made the greatest contribution there ...

    And now let’s recall September 11, 2001 ...))) If Al-Qaeda is a Made in USA product, then who failed the Turrets?)
  39. IGS
    IGS April 3 2016 18: 18
    I will run into cons ... but the joy of recruiting into the army is twofold ... Here Alexander72 wrote right to the point.
    loses the opportunity in the future to go to the civil service (not to mention law enforcement)
    Those who had rushed there earlier in "lawyers-economists-managers" rushed there. They are there not by the call of their hearts, but by "their" necessity. Explain why they need the civil service and law enforcement agencies? And in the Army now there is almost a sanatorium.
    The country is only fed by scientists, engineers, and most importantly, a simple worker and a collective farmer, as it does not sound stereotyped. And without them there will be no growth in the country. and indeed there will be nothing, but no, but already ... Honduras. That's just prestige and money these people do not have. Just do not blame me for communist or, even more so, liberal values.
    1. bk316
      bk316 April 4 2016 22: 02
      Quote: IGS
      That's just prestige and money these people do not have.

      This is not the point, I don’t know what country you are in now, but you just have to go to HH to find out that you are a good engineer, and the worker gets more than the average economist or manager.

      The fact is that a good engineer (or worker) or a bad one is immediately visible. A good or bad manager or civil servant needs to collect a commission, and it’s better immediately with the prosecutor at the head, and then there will always be a way to otmazatsya.

      This is all horror, they go to the civil service not because they want to earn more, but because they hope they can do nothing there. So before they wanted to go to economists and lawyers, doing nothing to master the profession. As a result, we have millions of office plankton, and when you need a good lawyer, you’ll find a fuck am Now everything is repeated with the civil service.
    2. bk316
      bk316 April 4 2016 22: 02
      Quote: IGS
      That's just prestige and money these people do not have.

      This is not the point, I don’t know what country you are in now, but you just have to go to HH to find out that you are a good engineer, and the worker gets more than the average economist or manager.

      The fact is that a good engineer (or worker) or a bad one is immediately visible. A good or bad manager or civil servant needs to collect a commission, and it’s better immediately with the prosecutor at the head, and then there will always be a way to otmazatsya.

      This is all horror, they go to the civil service not because they want to earn more, but because they hope they can do nothing there. So before they wanted to go to economists and lawyers, doing nothing to master the profession. As a result, we have millions of office plankton, and when you need a good lawyer, you’ll find a fuck am Now everything is repeated with the civil service.
  40. Horn
    Horn April 4 2016 10: 40
    The referendum on the political status of Falkland passed 10 and 11 March 2013. Residents were asked to answer the question: “Do you want the Falkland Islands to retain their political status as the overseas territory of the United Kingdom?” Turnout was 91%, and almost all of those who voted (99,8%) were in favor of maintaining the status of the islands overseas territory of Great Britain.

    - 99,8 percent !!! Why is "Matza's ear" silent? Ah-ah, this is not Chechnya or Crimea!
  41. TT-33
    TT-33 April 5 2016 00: 49
    Quote: yuriy55
    For me, the most important result of the week is that the Heroes on the Russian land have not yet been translated!