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Media: Indonesia will deploy military aircraft on islands in the South China Sea

The Indonesian government plans to deploy F-16 aircraft on the Banguran archipelago (South China Sea) to deter Chinese “thieves”, reports RIA News the statement of the head of the Ministry of Defense of the country Ryamizard Ryachuda.

The minister made this statement after 2 weeks "after the clash of the Coast Guard of China with the Indonesian ship in this region," the agency said, citing Bloomberg.

According to Ryachuda, this "step is part of a campaign to increase the military contingent on the islands of the South China Sea, where the runway will be updated and the construction of a new port will be carried out."

He said that the Ministry of Defense "will deploy or have already deployed the naval infantry, special-purpose air force, army battalion, three patrol ships, a new radar system and UAVs."

The publication reminds that Beijing claims a significant part of the South China Sea "and is engaged in territorial disputes with such countries of the region as Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia."
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  1. seti
    seti April 1 2016 10: 23
    And the escalation is growing there. No matter how stick sticks. I would not want to.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 1 2016 10: 32
      So, "IS" is stationed in Indonesia with its connivance on other islands, or on those on which it will deploy military aircraft laughing
    3. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz April 1 2016 10: 32
      Quote: seti
      And the escalation is growing there. No matter how stick sticks. I would not want to.

      To us, only sales of Rosoboronexport will grow
      1. Kostyar
        Kostyar April 1 2016 10: 48
        Rub for a hundred, the Americans conduct !!!
        Around them, you need to start a mess, according to their own manuals !!!
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 1 2016 10: 24
    Redistribution of the region. The US is insinuating. And they themselves are pressing China.
  3. Barakuda
    Barakuda April 1 2016 10: 26
    Yeah .. China has one more appetite. The main thing is that I wouldn’t open my mouth to the Far East.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz April 1 2016 10: 35
      The main thing here is not to click your mouth if he sees that it will not cost him much, he will certainly expand, and we will split into some places as soon as we see what can be taken at a low price - geopolitics is predatory.
    2. gleb0606
      gleb0606 April 1 2016 13: 24
      It is useless to him to the Far East, his third territory is empty.
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 1 2016 10: 26
    China would not go anywhere if not for the risks from the United States on the supply routes.
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 1 2016 10: 30
    A little strained and oil from B. Vostokav China will not get. China is doing everything right, but not enough. Pipelines need to be pulled. But expensive and tight binding to the supplier.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda April 1 2016 10: 47
      It seems like the Power of Siberia is being built little by little, although the news has quieted down recently.
  6. V.ic
    V.ic April 1 2016 10: 46
    Indonesia is a part of ASEAN, whose members are Vietnam and Cambodia, which also "breathe unevenly" in the PRC.
    1. Vivan
      Vivan April 1 2016 11: 05
      Among ASEAN member countries, Vietnam and the Philippines are in tense relations with China, to a lesser extent Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Myanmar (Burma). Thailand and Laos are neutral, while Cambodia is most supportive of China.
  7. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish April 1 2016 10: 46
    What the ** 8 in the text? Indonesia has no official territorial disputes with China. Unofficially, the truth is. In Indonesia, there is a solid Chinese minority.
  8. got137
    got137 April 1 2016 10: 49
    All weapons have a sea. Everyone has a claim to their neighbors. All teeth snap. One hundred years ago the whole planet was already biting two years ago. Can we hold on now?
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 1 2016 12: 31
    In vain they are so in relation to China. China will not miss such an attack. Indonesia is obviously not enough of its internal problems, they also decided to tease the PRC.
  10. Gunther
    Gunther April 1 2016 15: 09
    Clearly, China is jumping with its hegemony in Southeast Asia, a matter of time.
  11. ser-pov
    ser-pov April 2 2016 01: 57
    We have our own, not small borders that need to be protected! Therefore, we will see ... Second Damascus can not be allowed ...