Fight at May Day. Who betrayed our soldiers?

Fight at May Day. Who betrayed our soldiers?

“January 9 1996 of the year in 9.45 in accordance with the instructions of the Director of the FSB of Russia, General of the Army M. Barsukov “A” personnel were raised for alert for further instructions. ”

Ancient and wise Sun Tzu advised: "Feed the soldier a thousand days to use one hour at the right time and in the right place."

This hour came in Kizlyar and Pervomaisk. The country is tired of the threats and bloody affairs of the Chechen terrorists. All hoped to win. Completely forgetting to feed and train the soldier.

Then shouted: who is to blame? Worthless generals or gifted terrorists? Completely convince ourselves that the generals and colonels are to blame for all our military troubles.

Who spat and destroyed the army lack of money, thoughtless cuts, insane conversion? Who was yelling from the parliamentary tribunes that the KGB’s “black dog” could not be laundered and, therefore, must be killed?

It turns out that they are not to blame, who, under the guise of a holy war with totalitarianism, were disorganizing the army and the special services. But then who? Until we answer this question, we will be held by the bloody fingers of the Basayev by the throat. We do not see victories in the fight against terror. We cannot protect our citizens in our own land. After all, the pledge of these victories in Sun Tzu's wise advice: feed the soldier for a thousand days ...

... And now we will return to Pervomayskoye.

From the service report of the group "A"

"According to primary information, a group of militants in the number of 300 people, armed with small weapons, firing at civilians, captured around 350 as a hostage in a hospital in Kizlyar, Republic of Dagestan. At the same time, the militants attacked the helipad of the town of Kizlyar, as a result of which the 2 helicopter and the tanker were destroyed, and a dwelling house was also captured.

In 11.30, one hundred and twenty employees headed by Major General AV Gusev, carrying weapons, special means and means of protection, equipment necessary for the tasks of releasing the hostages, left for the Chkalovsky airfield.

12.00. The personnel arrived at the airport and in 13.00 on two Tu-154 aircraft by special flight flew to Makhachkala. In 15.30 and 17.00 aircraft landed at the airport of Makhachkala.

In 20.00, the personnel on the vehicles arrived at the FSB Department of the City of Makhachkala, where Colonel-General Zorin VN, the head of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service’s antiterrorist center. brought the operational situation at the moment.

At 01.20 on January 10, upon the arrival of two armored personnel carriers, the column began to move to the city of Kizlyar, where it arrived at 5.30 "

What did the Alpha fighters see in Kizlyar? In essence, they saw the tail of the column with terrorists and hostages who were leaving the city. By this time, the leadership of Dagestan decided to release the Chechen gangsters from the city hospital and ensure them unimpeded travel to the border of Chechnya. The terrorists promised to free the hostages at the border.

In 6.40, a column of terrorists on 9 buses, 2 vehicles KAMAZ and 2 ambulances started moving. Kizlyar hospital remained mined.

The persecution began. Originally it was planned to carry out an operation on the route: block the convoy and free the hostages. Although, I confess, this option was a considerable risk. Some high-ranking officials, deputies of Dagestan, and a convoy - 9 buses went hostage. Imagine the death of at least some of the hostages. And it would have been inevitable, since the terrorists are not one and not two, and they are armed not with rifles, but with machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers.

Now “impose” these events on the military, bloody, tense situation in the Caucasus - and you will understand what doubts tormented the leaders of the operation.

In a word, Raduyev and his terrorists were not stopped on the route, not blocked. He safely reached Pervomaisky, disarmed the Novosibirsk OMON checkpoint, which meekly raised their hands, added to the number of hostages and their arsenal.

From the service report of the group "A"

“In the course of further negotiations, the militant commander Raduyev made demands to provide an opportunity for the convoy to enter Chechnya, where he promised to release hostages. In connection with this, “A” headquarters has developed a version of the operation to free hostages on the route.

The plan of the operation provided for the blocking of the column with armored vehicles, the destruction of terrorists by sniper fire, and the detonation of KamAZ vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition, the inclination of terrorists to surrender weapons and the release of hostages.

Employees of department "A" conducted a reconnaissance of the area and selected possible locations for the operation. The unit was assigned a combat mission and a scheme of communication and interaction was worked out, a calculation of forces and means was made.

However, the efforts of commanders and special forces soldiers were in vain. Raduyev refused the demands put forward, remained in Pervomaisk and began to equip firing positions. I must say that it was a strong move of the bandits. Now the operation of the special - for the release of hostages and the destruction of terrorists - turned into a military. Or rather, in a special, KGB military. By the way, experts still have no consensus on this.

The Ministry of Defense considers the operation in the Pervomaisky Special, and the Federal Security Service to be the combined arms. Who is right, who is wrong?

Since the hostages were taken prisoner, the terrorists put forward demands and shot some of the captured, there are all the components for the operation of anti-terror.

But the terrorists are not one or two or even a dozen or two, but more than three hundred bayonets. They are armed with mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles. They dug out full-profile trenches, created a fortified defense zone according to all the rules of military science with advanced and cut-off positions, with communications and even blocked gaps. Ask anyone who understands in military affairs a person: what is it? This is nothing more than a motorized rifle battalion in defense. And since the battalion did not dig in the open field, but in a sufficiently large village, then for the attackers it is also a storming of the settlement. With all the ensuing consequences.

What are the consequences? They can be very deplorable, if not perform a few "ifs".

If you do not conduct artillery preparation and do not suppress the enemy's firepower, if you do not create at least three times (during the Great Patriotic War, five and ten times were created), if you don’t throw unprepared soldiers and officers at the assault, then ... I think that's enough. In this case, people who go on the attack will simply die and the attack will choke.

What actually happened. Artillery training by and large was not. The shelling from several anti-tank guns, perhaps, looked more like psychological pressure than the actual destruction of firing points.

Wow pressure ... firing cannons, destroyed the village. Yes, and fired, and destroyed. This is all seen on television. But here the gunmen, buried in the ground, firing caused little harm. When, after the shelling, the first units moved to the assault, the terrorists met them with hurricane fire. Dagestan riot police immediately lost several people killed, wounded and retreated. According to the laws of tactics, this meant only one thing - the front edge of the enemy’s defense was not overwhelmed, the gangsters retained their firepower, and anyone who tries to rush forward is expected to die.

From the service report of the group "A"

“On January 15, at 8.30, the management personnel took up their starting positions. After a fire strike aviation and helicopters, the fighting groups in the divisions, setting up a forward patrol, in cooperation with the Vityaz unit, fought with Chechen fighters and advanced into “square four” on the southeastern outskirts of the village of Pervomaiskoe.

During the hostilities on January 15-18, employees of the department identified and destroyed firing points of militants, provided fire cover for the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, provided medical assistance, and evacuated the wounded from the battlefield.

There are many things behind these stingy report lines. For example, the withdrawal from under fire of the fighters of the “Vityaz” detachment, who were, in fact, in the firing bag. They were helped by the employees of group “A”.

In the war, when the attack choked, the artillery was tightened and the front line began to be “processed” again. Whenever possible, they called in aviation and bombed them. Or there was another option: the advancing troops avoided the center of resistance and moved forward.

This option was not the "feds", as, indeed, there was no other. They could not resume artillery preparation, since from the first cannon volleys a howl rose: the hostages were being destroyed.

It turns out that there was only one thing left: to destroy our special forces - Alpha, Vympel, Vityaz, throwing them under the dagger fire of the bandits.

I often think of a terrible dilemma: yes, the state must, must save the lives of the hostages. But what is the price of this salvation?

Recently, we often look at the problem through the eyes of a captured unarmed person. The bitter, humiliating role of a suicide bomber, besides innocent of anything. But how humbled and crushed a professional, powerless in his main task - the release of prisoners and the punishment of bandits! What could a fighter "Alpha" in Pervomaisk? Even the most experienced, first-class fighter? To rise to his full height in the attack and heroically die? But this, at least, is nonsense. Although this is enough for the war.

Do not die yourself, save as many hostages as possible, destroy the terrorists - this is the triune task of special units.

The fighters of the group “A” successfully succeed in attacking captured buses, airplanes, houses in which the terrorists are stationed, but are not taught to walk in chains and are not strong in general tactics. Not their business. But then whose? Motorized riflemen, artillerymen, tankmen ...

“We have arrived,” my opponents will say. “Eighteen-year-old unshooted, untrained boys were thrown into the fire, and excellent shooters, athletes, experienced fighters who have been in more than one alteration will remain on the sidelines.”

This is where the main question arises from which I began my reflections and which lies at the heart of all our recent defeats: why are Russian Armed Forces soldiers not shot, untrained, poorly equipped, or even hungry?

All this, by the way, was present in Pervomaisky. And the drivers who made their first march on the BMP, and cold for many days, and the lack of basic living conditions.

I was told by the employees of group “A” how the freezing Russian soldiers were asking for them on the buses for the night. "Alfovtsy" and would be happy to let it go, but they themselves slept sitting, consider, on their knees each other.

And our television is all doldon: a cordon, a ring, a block. Forgetting that every word is people. How many days and nights without sleep and rest can one “block” militants sitting in a trench or in a winter field? Given that the militants were basking at this time in the homes of Pervomaisky.

Now many people are surprised to ask: how did Raduev slip away? Yes, and slipped away, breaking through with the fights. Because by and large there was no ring there. And not only that external and internal, but even the usual environment. Well, except that the "islands" of defense, one of which was defended by three dozen army special forces. A handful of fighters, to which the gang of Rainbow. They killed the bulk of the terrorists, letting them almost close. However, remember how many people Raduev had - more than three hundred. So the advantage is almost ten times. These Russian special forces guys, of course, heroes. They are almost all injured, there are dead.

As it was, few people know. In general, there are only a few of them left after that battle - the special forces of the 22 brigade. Who retired, who went to other cities, military districts. After those events, I hardly managed to find several heroes. Here is one of them:
“We were once again set up. The press then wrote - three rings of encirclement, snipers. All this is nonsense. No rings were there. The guys from our special brigade 22 and took a punch.

The density of the front was 46 man and a half kilometers. Imagine! For all standards, the excess of the length for each fighter is three times. And weapons - only small arms, light, but two armored personnel carriers attached.

Our site was most likely to break through. Why? Yes, because only here, in the only place, you can cross the Terek. I emphasize in the singular. There, the oil pipeline across the river is stretched, and above it is a bridge. And the fool was clear: nowhere else to go.

We offered to blow up the pipe. No, it's oil, grandmas are big. People are cheaper. And they would have blown up - and the "spirits" have nowhere to go.

By the way, on the other side, two KamAZ Chechens approached. Stood, waited. For our part, nothing; the turntables did not work for them.

As such, the training of the terrorists was not. They began firing, and their strike group went on the attack. Coming to a strong point of one hundred meters, the front thugs lay down, began to exert fire pressure. In the meantime, a covering group was pulled up, and everyone rushed forward in a crowd.

In terms of tactics, they acted correctly. In another way and could not. After the battle, we checked the documents of the dead. Afghans, Jordanians, Syrians. About fifty mercenary professionals.

Each, as a rule, has two knapsacks, in one — ammunition and canned goods, in the other — drugs, syringes, and so on. So they attacked in a state of narcotic dope. They say fearless suicide bombers. They were afraid of bandits.

Yes, Raduyev slipped away, but we laid many. About 200 terrorists went into battle. 84 man we destroyed. Not counting the wounded and prisoners. In the morning I looked in the footsteps - twenty people escaped, no more. With them and Raduyev.

The brigade also suffered losses: five died, six people were injured. If two or three companies were put on our site, the result would be different. Much has been done stupidly. In defense a small handful were planted, they did not mine the approaches. What counted on? Maybe someone needed such a breakthrough? ”

These are the bitter confessions.

In that battle, the head of the 58 Army’s intelligence, Colonel Alexander Stytsina, the commander of the communications company, Captain Konstantin Kozlov, and the medical captain Sergey Kosachev, were killed.

Lost in Pervomaisk and group "A" of its two officers - Majors Andrei Kiselev and Viktor Vorontsov.

Vorontsov was from the border guards, served in a separate detachment of control in Sheremetevo-2. At first I got into Vympel, and in 1994, I switched to group “A”. He distinguished himself during the liberation of hostages in Budennovsk, for which he was awarded the Suvorov Medal.

Andrei Kiselev - a graduate of the Ryazan Airborne School. He served in the company of a special purpose regiment of the Airborne Forces, was an instructor in airborne training. In 1993 year adopted in the division "A".

Both officers took part in complex operational activities and combat operations. For courage and bravery shown in rescuing the hostages, Andrei Kiselev and Viktor Vorontsov were awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously).
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  1. +20
    5 December 2022 05: 32
    So who betrayed our soldiers? Surname? Job title? Rank?
    1. +48
      5 December 2022 05: 41
      Quote: 2я19
      So who betrayed our soldiers? Surname? Job title? Rank?

      Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin... the president of Russia and the commander-in-chief at that time.
      By status, he is responsible for everything ... I saw how he twisted googolins and brainwashed the people about dozens of super snipers ... I suspect at that moment he was already drunk as a snipe ... and did not think much.
      The whole special operation could be seen live ... liberal journalists were pissed off as best they could ... the bandits felt after Basayev's successful raid on Budennovsk on horseback and intended to repeat this success ... they showed the disgrace of our country to the whole world.
      1. +19
        5 December 2022 05: 48
        One blue plum and no one else? The fact that Russia was drunk, I remember that, but so that only one drunk ...
        1. +14
          5 December 2022 05: 56
          Quote: 2я19
          One blue plum and no one else? The fact that Russia was drunk, I remember that, but so that only one drunk ...

          Do not forget what Yeltsin's entourage was at that time ... one adventurer Berezovsky was worth what ...
          The people still believed then in the image of a wise and honest general secretary, a tsar or a president... who knows everything and can do everything, who is honest and incorruptible like a baby's tear.
          It took many more such Pervomaisky and Budenovsk to finally reach the people that the kings are not without sin in their souls.
          The rest is all details and trifles ... if the top is rotten, then rot from top to bottom goes with the corresponding result ... and then ordinary soldiers and officers pay for everything with their lives and health.
          1. +10
            5 December 2022 12: 11
            Everything is either in its place or on an excellent pension of a civil servant, a military man. Nobody was punished.
      2. +10
        5 December 2022 07: 14
        It was drunk and betrayed even earlier. EBN is a consequence of the collapse of the party elite.
        1. 0
          11 December 2022 13: 36
          Yes, everything, by and large, began with Khrushchev, when he forbade the development of party leaders by Chekists. And delegations, exchanges, etc. rushed abroad. All promising ones were processed, then promoted. There is only one principle: "time goes by - people grow up." Take my word for it. Well, then Feinstein, aka Andropov, brought Combiner, a marked bear, then this drunk from a family of repressed and ...
      3. +6
        5 December 2022 16: 12
        Quote: Lech from Android.

        So who betrayed our soldiers? Surname? Job title? Rank?

        Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin... the president of Russia and the commander-in-chief at that time.

        Do you want to say that Yeltsin forbade the commander of the operation to carry it out correctly?
        Who commanded the operation? Here is the demand from him. Excuses like - they didn't let him, they put pressure on him, they are not accepted.
      4. 0
        9 December 2022 15: 42
        Lech from Android. In vain you are driving in vain against the main president of Russia, Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin. He was still hoo, and relentlessly poured himself into a glass and the guy whom he saw in the mirror. I saw him exactly like this at the Stalin Club at Uralmash, when a guest from Cuba arrived. He was very surprised by the tricks that Yeltsin showed him. A magician, but still on his feet, like a cavalryman in the saddle.
      5. TIR
        14 December 2022 00: 46
        Grachev did a lot of things there. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Berezovsky chanted. Wild time. They earned everything they could
    2. +16
      5 December 2022 06: 59
      Nobody betrayed anyone. It’s just that the author of the article is emotional and simply doesn’t say a lot for some reason. Although why, for "some" for all the reasons known to us - the unwillingness to put in an unnecessary light those who led and managed this operation. And the reasons for what happened on the surface. In addition, the so-called village of Pervomaiskoye had already been prepared by the residents for the militants. When they showed what kind of fortifications they had, it was a no brainer that such trenches, shelters and pillboxes could never have been dug and arranged by the militants themselves in a short time. In addition, there were already warehouses with weapons and ammunition, as the militants traveled light with a minimum of ammunition. And how the operation was carried out without any fire support by artillery, armor and from the air ... so why be surprised ... savings, squabbles between leaders, unwillingness to spend "their" resources, the desire to "substitute" a "competitor", etc. ...
      1. +5
        5 December 2022 08: 09
        That's another conversation, otherwise they set up a "crooked bruise" It's all to blame and no one else, still names, titles and the prosecutor's office ... Some of them are still alive.
      2. +5
        5 December 2022 11: 32
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        Nobody betrayed anyone.

        If Yeltsin and his henchmen were just fools, then this is even worse. But in the ability to fill his pocket, all his lackeys from Chernomyrdin to Gaidar showed unprecedented ingenuity. The weekly parties of Gaidar's entourage at the Cosmos Hotel deserve a separate story. These guys spent more in a day of their parties to prostitutes and a hotel than all the other visitors in a week.
        1. 0
          9 December 2022 15: 49
          gsev. There is no sadder story in the world than the story of a drunken jalopy. Everything is like that of one poet - they took out what needed to be hidden, what needed to be taken out was buried.
    3. +5
      5 December 2022 11: 30
      Chkbais is to blame for everything.
      Dr is not and will not be.
      They didn’t walk around Moscow in uniform, they dishonored, totalitarianism and other ulcers of socialism were destroyed with the army
    4. +9
      5 December 2022 11: 30
      No one betrayed anyone there. There was simply poor interaction between the command of different departments and divisions.
      Here we must begin with why the terrorists suddenly stopped in Pervomaisky. And who gave the command to strike from two helicopters on the column. There is still no answer to this question.
      And the breakthrough was deliberately organized in the place where our forces were not sufficient. The terrorists listened to all radio communications and if they had any doubt that there were few military personnel there, they would not have gone. This was later confirmed by Raduev.
      Well, if you want, who in the leadership was a traitor at that time, then start with Berezovsky, and the role of Yeltsin himself is not pretty there.
      1. +7
        5 December 2022 12: 28
        But a museum was created for Yeltsin, but not for Berezovsky! Although it is one pair of boots.
  2. +8
    5 December 2022 05: 40
    Gouging at the top and leads to such tragedies ... ..
    1. 0
      9 December 2022 15: 52
      The most amazing thing of all is that gouging continues, no one knows by whom. And no organs and other parts of this body know who, when, why. They are on opposite sides of the same body. The hand does not wash the hand, if it were so, the other hand would grab it, this hand is wet.
  3. +3
    5 December 2022 06: 02
    why a soldier of the Russian Armed Forces is not fired, untrained ... _____________ Because in civilian life, for a small sum of money, officials drown for "civilian" patriotism. And they do not just drown, but bring the legislative base under it.
  4. +9
    5 December 2022 06: 03
    About these events there is a book by the Hero of Russia Albert Zaripov "May Day". During this battle, Senior Lieutenant Zaripov (commander of the reconnaissance group of the 22nd Separate Special Forces Brigade of the GRU), was seriously wounded in the head and, as a result of unsuccessful treatment, became completely blind.
    1. +5
      5 December 2022 06: 18
      My regards!
      I myself recently read this book by Zaripov. In principle, all questions are answered there, and Zaripov wrote something else, the rest is also revealed there ...
      As always, "rule P": "bad preparation and planning lead to bad consequences."
    2. +1
      6 December 2022 12: 36
      I read his memoirs, there were no militants blocking the shelling. He was one of the first to see them at night and described them as a silent wave of people going to break through. He fulfilled his duty to the end, respect for the person
  5. -1
    5 December 2022 06: 23
    Our site was most likely to break through. Why? Yes, because only here, in the only place, you can cross the Terek. I emphasize in the singular. There, the oil pipeline across the river is stretched, and above it is a bridge. And the fool was clear: nowhere else to go.

    We offered to blow up the pipe. No, it's oil, grandmas are big. People are cheaper. And they would have blown up - and the "spirits" have nowhere to go.

    And what prevented these "specialists" from the 22nd brigade from arranging their positions there, and not 46 people per kilometer? He contradicts himself.
    1. +1
      5 December 2022 15: 23
      Quote: Konnick
      And what prevented these "specialists" from the 22nd brigade from arranging their positions there, and not 46 people per kilometer?

      Because the positions were chosen not by them, but by those who commanded the operation. And if they had taken not those positions that were assigned to them, but those that seemed to them tactically advantageous, they would have gone on trial for violating the order.
      This is the army, here like it, don't like it - follow the order, beauty.
    2. 0
      5 December 2022 18: 13
      Again. The enemy listened to all the negotiations and if there was any doubt that there was an ambush, he would not have gone there. And ours would have had to pickle this settlement for a long time, and much more civilians and military would have died. And so they abandoned all civilians.
      1. 0
        11 December 2022 16: 32
        Well, why didn’t the special forces themselves mine the crossing and the approaches to it?
        1. +2
          12 December 2022 02: 51
          There was mining like stretch marks. But when the stoned bandits flooded the crowd, this did not play a role.
  6. +3
    5 December 2022 07: 04
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    In addition, the residents of the so-called Pervomaiskoye village had already been prepared for the militants.

    Was the surrender of the Novosibirsk policemen also prepared? belay
    1. +2
      5 December 2022 08: 57
      Surrender of policemen? Yes, she was prepared, "to the trading points that they protected", then among the policemen corrupted by impunity, they were not soiled at the level of statistics and they did not want to die for the "fight".
  7. +1
    5 December 2022 08: 00
    Unfortunately, gouging is our national trait, and even more so in troubled times.
  8. +5
    5 December 2022 09: 59
    It's sad to read all this.
    nothing changes - the selection of personnel in the RF Ministry of Defense follows the same principles: as Griboyedov wrote 200 years ago - “I would be glad to serve, it’s sickening to serve ...” - but this is the main indicator for career growth - loyalty, as they call it streamlined today .
  9. -1
    5 December 2022 11: 24
    Certainly heroes. Nonetheless. 46 special forces, all experienced, fired, trained officers, sat and waited for them to be attacked by 300 thugs. Why they didn’t report the situation to the leadership and demanded to take action is unclear. They themselves understood that they were at the forefront of the attack.
    1. +2
      5 December 2022 15: 25
      Quote from Eugene Zaboy
      Why they didn’t report the situation to the leadership and demanded to take action is unclear.

      Reported. They even reported about the KAMAZ trucks that came up from the adjacent side. And nothing.
      This is 1996. Then betrayed and sold in bulk.
      1. 0
        6 December 2022 01: 11
        Maybe they betrayed, or maybe it was sloppiness and did not take any decisions on reports and reports, forgot, postponed for later. In general, everything is as always. I don’t think that Berezovsky was privy to the smallest details of the operation and knew about the pipe through the Terek, and even more so decided how to conduct military operations in order to betray. Maybe he wanted to, but in that mess, who will give him reliable information so that he can use it. Most likely, no one there really understood what was happening around him. He was in Moscow, and the appointed officer or headquarters was in charge of the operational situation on the spot. All the subtleties did not reach Moscow. Moscow at best
        allocated the required resources from what she had and could. Nevertheless, the special forces could, by virtue of their privileged position, even raise a fuss to Moscow. They did not want to and ended up at the forefront of the attack without support. Everything was screwed up on the spot, and then dumped on Moscow. As always happens.
      2. +1
        6 December 2022 01: 38
        That's how an ancient drone flew to Engels yesterday? Where is air defense? The same thing happened in Pervomaisky - sloppiness. We need Suvorov, but we have Surovikin. Maybe I shouldn't have said it. The same thing happened in Pervomaisky. Lack of understanding that you will die if the operation is not prepared to the smallest detail. The headquarters, on the spot and the people in the positions hoped for a chance, it became known that. Nevertheless, they are winners and heroes. Do not throw words out of the song.
  10. +2
    5 December 2022 11: 24
    Idiots planned the operation. It seems that after 50 years, dementia begins in these unfortunate leaders.
    A bare field around the village, trenches cannot be dug, because there is water. On small elevations, something could be depicted, therefore there was no continuous ring. There were a lot of troops, but there were no solid units, separate groups and consolidated detachments, respectively, the problem of interaction .
    Alpha refused to storm the village, they said that it was none of their business, this was a combined arms operation. As a result, the Vityaz special forces detachment went on the assault with the support of internal troops from the operational regiment, and SOBR and OMON went on the flanks, which, by the way, are also not for combined arms combat.
    The Knights entered the village, but the Sobrovites lay down on the approach under fire, and the special forces had to go back. But the militants realized that the 18-20 year old fighters would press them anyway, and went for a breakthrough.
    1. +2
      5 December 2022 14: 56
      Idiots planned the operation.
      They are no less now.
  11. 0
    5 December 2022 11: 33
    the battle is later, but what was a long time before the battle ...?
    And long before the battle, there was the Andropov KGB, into which it caught scammers and even sent out all sorts of Solzhenitsyns from the USSR, but it missed the formation and penetration into the party and government structures of tens of thousands of traitors into the republican authorities, headed by the main traitors in Moscow - Yakovlev, Shevardnadze , Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Sobchak, Shumeiko and all sorts of Burbulis there. So, Barsukov wiped his pants all his life in the Kremlin offices of the Adropov
    KGB, and under the traitor Yeltsin, he headed the FSB, which took the place of the KGB. And he headed just during the events in Pervomaisk.
    Having become director of the FSB, Barsukov was only engaged in transferring special forces, the army and other power structures to operational subordination to liberal forces. Do you remember how these liberal forces mocked the Soviet Motherland, the Soviet state system, the Cheka, the NKVD, the Red Army, the Soviet Army and even over the KGB, which overslept, and maybe didn’t want to see how the liberals suddenly crawled out of all the cracks throughout the USSR and crawled into power.
    And what, with such a leadership of the country and the main special service, how could it have happened then in Pervomaisk otherwise.
    By the way, Barsukov was soon replaced by one former KGB colonel as director of the FSB, in those terrible times when liberals raged across Russia, he carried an umbrella to the main liberal St. Petersburg Sobchak and still swears to the Center on behalf of the main liberal traitor in Yekaterinburg .. But he did away with the Chechen terrorists. Such betrayals and fractures of fate, with such twisting of one's own skins and such victims of the elite who were sworn to the oath
    spets.nazovtsev, only Russia can withstand. But the names of the traitors and the perpetrators must be named, as should the names of the dead through the fault of those traitors be called.
    1. +3
      5 December 2022 15: 27
      Quote: north 2
      And long before the battle, there was the Andropov KGB, into which it caught scammers and even sent out all sorts of Solzhenitsyns from the USSR, but it missed the formation and penetration into the party and government structures of tens of thousands of traitors into the republican authorities, headed by the main traitors in Moscow - Yakovlev, Shevardnadze , Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Sobchak, Shumeiko and all sorts of Burbulis there.

      Say thanks to dear Nikita Sergeevich, who forbade the KGB to work on the top of the party. The new "elite" obviously did not want purges, but wanted to decide everything in private, in a narrow circle of party comrades.
      1. +1
        5 December 2022 18: 42
        dear Alexei, about the role of Khrushchev, as the one who created the prelude to the further composition of the collapse of the special. services of the USSR and the entire USSR, should only be mentioned as the main thinker of this work ...
  12. +1
    5 December 2022 11: 41
    I remember that in those days and after they often wrote: they were betrayed, betrayed there, they received millions on fake advice letters, there the militants fought with weapons from the warehouses of the RA, which had not yet entered the troops,

    Then the news about the suitcases of compromising evidence .... and there is almost no news at all, so that the masses were tried for selling weapons to bandits, for leaking information, for "starving soldiers in the cold" ..
    So, for the authorities, these traitors are their own, but they don’t leave their own .... common people ...
  13. 0
    5 December 2022 12: 41
    I remember there was a feature there - like militants ran barefoot through the snow to break through. All the generals from among those responsible for the operation, as if on command, voted on the box - that, they say, what scumbags these terrorists are, passion. Raduev, when he came to his senses, also blathered - we are like that, yeah.
    Then it flashed by: the soldiers looted the corpses, good imported boots were taken off everyone.
  14. 0
    5 December 2022 16: 47
    So who did Sun Tzu defeat? With whom and when did you fight?
    1. Fat
      5 December 2022 18: 02
      Quote: Ros 56
      So who did Sun Tzu defeat? With whom and when did you fight?

      As commander of the troops of Prince Helui, Sun Tzu defeated the strong kingdom of Chu, captured its capital, the city of Ying, and defeated the kingdoms of Qi and Jin. Thanks to his victories, the kingdom of Wu increased its power, and became one of the kingdoms of civilized China, headed by the kings of the Zhou dynasty, and King Heluy became part of the "zhuhou" - officially recognized rulers of independent possessions. In the IV century BC. e. Wei Lao Zi wrote: "There was a man who had only 30000 troops, and no one in China could resist him. Who is this? I answer: Sun Zi"
      At the request of Prince Helui, Sun Tzu wrote a treatise on the art of war, traditionally called "The Art of War"
  15. 0
    5 December 2022 16: 54
    Quote: 2я19
    So who betrayed our soldiers? Surname? Job title? Rank?

    Yeltsin Boris Nikolayevich, President of the Russian Federation at that time. And his environment... sad
  16. +2
    5 December 2022 16: 59
    Glory and eternal memory to the heroes of Russia ... real Russian peasants! Eternal damnation to the drunk Yeltsin and Yeltsin's liberals!
  17. 0
    5 December 2022 21: 00
    It was 1996, and there were a lot of bosses in that operation, but there were few responsible ones. Nobody betrayed anyone there, it was just a mess, as always. in Ukraine, here, which is also a betrayal, there is no mess. When the leaders of the state admit after 9 months that they made a mistake, it was not necessary to beat the enemy like that, but the dead and the dead, while, also in vain.
  18. 0
    5 December 2022 23: 49
    And what is the betrayal? Of the three hundred, 83 died, 20 left. The complete defeat of the bandits.
  19. PC
    6 December 2022 00: 01
    The author writes that almost no one came from the 7nd Special Forces Brigade. Author, read "May Day" by Albert Zaripov. And you don't have to look for anyone. In the book, everything is described by a participant in those events.
  20. +1
    6 December 2022 07: 18
    Now what is better? Look at the tactics of conducting a strange military operation. The same mess. The only difference is that the Kremlin ones don’t get drunk on camera. And so one to one tracing paper
    1. 0
      6 December 2022 16: 03
      The tactics are very simple, while some die, others solve their financial problems
  21. 0
    6 December 2022 09: 03
    This article was published almost 20 years ago. Everyone forgot about it for a long time, but for some reason it was published again just now. Why? For what purpose?

    It seems that we are all slowly being prepared for a repetition of February 1917, like: "Generals traitors, down with the government!"
  22. 0
    6 December 2022 11: 09
    And now the environment is more patriotic? Nabiulins, Siluanovs, oligarchs without family and titles like the Abramovichs and the like, hanging around the authorities - can they be trusted? More to yourself and the people!
  23. 0
    6 December 2022 12: 38
    A delightful passage about a bag of canned food and a bag of drugs .. is it designed for imbeciles?
  24. 0
    6 December 2022 16: 39
    The militants simply left, plus later the hostages thanked for taking them with them. Bombed not those and not there.
  25. 0
    6 December 2022 21: 07
    Yeah ... For 26 (!) Years, nothing has changed ...
  26. 0
    8 December 2022 23: 23
    It would be nice to make a public toilet from the Yeltsin Center and move his grave there under the main vent pipe and so that it constantly leaks
  27. 0
    23 January 2023 22: 25
    We must not dig into the past. What was, you can't change. The article is just a reminder that we have gone a little far from what was. In the mess of 2022, error upon error and "everything goes according to plan." Here is the TROUBLE.
  28. 0
    28 January 2023 00: 44
    Was it the generals who did not allow the special forces to step on their pride in front of the "makhra", take a good example from the defenders in Pervomaisky and dig into the ground on the most likely path of a breakthrough? Or did they also forbid the commander on the spot to make a machine-gun ambush at the river crossing? And the order of the command to take the settlement does not mean a command to the performers to rush head-on at machine guns ....
  29. 0
    6 February 2023 17: 10
    The soldiers were not fed, but the money, pocket money, was kept and divided. Apparently no one from the authorities read the book about Schweik. Where it was written that the money would be handed out after the fight. After all, this way you can save money and create a palace named after someone who is.
  30. 0
    12 February 2023 00: 39
    The hostages had a chance to survive. But not big. They are ballast for terrorists and ballast for anti-terrorists.
    The hostages were ordinary people. Like everyone, or many, of those present at VO.
    To save the first group of hostages, a mess begins with the loss of soldiers and the replenishment of the number of hostages.
    How do the Israelis we hate so much act? Are they going hostage in rows and columns? Or destroy the terrorists, and the hostages died because of the terrorists?
    It's very cruel. But this can save from an increase in the number of hostages.

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