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Washington instituted reward for fighting ISIS

In the United States of America, a new award has been instituted with the pompous name “Unshakable resolve”. Holders of the award will be the US military personnel who have taken (are taking) part in an operation conducted by the American army in the territory of Iraq and Syria since June 2014.

The Pentagon emphasizes that such an award is connected with the “struggle against ISIS”. What is the effectiveness of the actions of the American military contingent operating in Syria and Iraq? - The main US defense department did not report. For almost two years of participation by the US military in an operation against ISIS, the militants of the so-called “Islamic State” have managed to significantly expand the territories under their control. Only with the beginning of the Russian military operation against international terrorist gangs in Syria, ISIS in this country began to burst at the seams. However, as is well known, Washington loves to appropriate other people's victories, and therefore there is a high probability that the United States will record the final victory over the ISI fighters and distribute it to all its servicemen on a medal ...

RIA News announces that the executive decree on the establishment of the “Unshakable Determination” award (what exactly is it? - in shocks to excavators and aqueducts?) was signed by Barack Obama on the recommendation of the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter and the head of the United States Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 31 March 2016 06: 43
    Hangs on the ass. For perseverance.
    1. The black
      The black 31 March 2016 06: 49
      I can imagine how they will reward a warrior who destroyed two excavators .... they will immediately see the order of the purple heart .. laughing
      1. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 31 March 2016 06: 56
        Unshakable ... unshakable ... determination ??? From dill chtoli infected?
      2. Kostyar
        Kostyar 31 March 2016 07: 56
        Washington instituted reward for fighting ISIS

        That's a plaque fly! They have there all the disabled heads or something ...?!
      3. Blondy
        Blondy 31 March 2016 10: 05
        Well, God bless them. what they have established, why intervene in internal affairs. But if you give it to your deserts, then first let our pilots and special forces be awarded.
    2. Hubun
      Hubun 31 March 2016 06: 53
      And issued not for the struggle but for all kinds of assistance
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 31 March 2016 07: 17
        Quote: Hubun
        And issued not for the struggle but for all kinds of assistance

        And who doesn’t have enough, the Nobel Prize at once!
    3. Finches
      Finches 31 March 2016 07: 32
      "Unwavering Determination" - I love the Americans! And the first cavalier, the most unshakable and decisive is the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! Respected the head of IS! laughing
    4. Pig
      Pig 31 March 2016 08: 32
      Well, what ... they themselves have established, they will hand over to themselves ... well, they will not award Russians with the Syrians;)
  2. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 31 March 2016 06: 43
    What is the reward? Badge for staying in the right place at the right time.
  3. bronik
    bronik 31 March 2016 06: 44
    The number of recipients will be reported? Very curious.
  4. avvg
    avvg 31 March 2016 06: 45
    What will they be awarded for? Probably, the awards will be handed out to everyone who has been to Iraq.
    1. The black
      The black 31 March 2016 06: 52
      Is there anything to reward them for?
      But how is it ... the sun, sands, air conditioners do not pull ... unbearable to serve! laughing
  5. Romanenko
    Romanenko 31 March 2016 06: 45
    I can imagine a list of persons nominated for the award, starting with Poroshenko and Erdogan and other other "fighters" from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates ....
  6. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 31 March 2016 06: 45
    Medal number 0001, Putin? If not, then this medal is worth nothing laughing
    But if so, then it will be a reward ..! Over 0002, wrangle ... laughing
    I'm kidding, of course. The price of this award, as well as the Nobel prize for the "cause of peace", is zero.
  7. Rav075
    Rav075 31 March 2016 06: 51
    RIA Novosti reports that the executive decree on the establishment of the award "Unshakable Determination" (what exactly is it? - in the attacks on excavators and water pipes?)

    It is made of water pipes in the form of a twisted excavator and at the bottom there is a signature "For Impossibility" of such a degree. wassat
    For example, a hospital medal "For Impossibility" with a red cross.
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 31 March 2016 06: 51
    The award will feature a scuffed excavator against the backdrop of a broken hospital.
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 31 March 2016 06: 54
    The first medal, of course, to Erdogan. He is the main in this struggle. If it weren’t for him, there would be no Daesh, and, accordingly, medals.
  10. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 31 March 2016 06: 54
    Until you praise yourself, no one will, for America's "unshakable resolve" in Iraq and Syria is complete diarrhea!
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 31 March 2016 06: 58
    Some smart man said in humoresque: unknowingly! This suits their salads best.
  12. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 March 2016 06: 59
    "After the rain on Thursday,
    I'll give you another medal over and above! "L. Filatov
  13. pvv113
    pvv113 31 March 2016 07: 05
    The Pentagon emphasizes that such a reward is associated with the "fight against ISIS"

    Probably, the states of Erdogan will be awarded. Well, yourself for the hospital and excavators hi
  14. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 31 March 2016 07: 13
    entertainers, however! "unsurpassed stupidity" or "blued softness" .. many awards laughing
  15. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 31 March 2016 07: 21
    And the diaper will be depicted on the medal.
  16. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 31 March 2016 07: 36
    unshakable determination, great!
  17. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 March 2016 07: 54
    Unshakable Determination

    The recipient will benefit from benefits from the US government: a bucket of oil from each well captured in the United States and free return to his homeland if in zinc.
  18. koralvit
    koralvit 31 March 2016 08: 26
    And then without the awards of the fight against ISIS, you can’t see it, but if you reward it, it means that there was a struggle.
    1. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 31 March 2016 09: 15
      We must at least somehow draw attention to US actions in Syria. I won’t be surprised if the United Nations expresses special gratitude to the United States and ignores the activities of the Russian Federation. To the evil of the enemies, to the delight of Obama.
  19. Goha
    Goha 31 March 2016 09: 12
    It seems that the outskirts and mattresses of one pair of boots.
  20. Romanenko
    Romanenko 31 March 2016 09: 17
    Well, yes, the Russians, the Syrians and the Iranians dispersed the state "people's" militia, now the mattress makers somehow need to get out, save their face, and, according to the established tradition, have moved on to summing up - punishing the innocent and rewarding the innocent ...
    And what to do, because you don’t admit that again
  21. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 31 March 2016 09: 22
    "Washington instituted an award for the fight against ISIS"
    Obviously a misprint, it sounds literally like this: "Fashington instituted a reward for helping ISIS."
  22. Russia
    Russia 31 March 2016 09: 40
    Everything as usual! "Exceptional" ascribe victories exclusively to themselves! Then they will say: "We have a medal -" we fought ", you do not -" you watched "!
    Interestingly, the award will be in accordance with the number of "destroyed" excavators, hospitals and weddings? Or the amount of weapons and money transferred to IS? Will the number of heads cut off by the ISIS members "count"? I heard about other "losses" by ISIS and "victories" of Kallicia over them only only from Obama and his generals.

    Hypocrites! They lie like breathing and breathing to lie!
  23. Pavel Tsybai
    Pavel Tsybai 31 March 2016 12: 26
    Quote: Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy Today, 06:43 AM New
    Hangs on the ass. For perseverance.

    The medal should be on a twist of 50 mm in diameter, and should be screwed into the ass at the time of delivery.
    RUSIVAN April 1 2016 00: 14
    Washington instituted reward for fighting ISIS
    And the main founder of the ISIS terrorist organization presents this award ... very logically)