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New Indian armored vehicle with turret from BMP-2

The newest Indian 4-axle armored vehicle received a tower from the BMP-2, which is manufactured in India under a Russian license, reports Messenger of Mordovia with reference to the resource

New Indian armored vehicle with turret from BMP-2

For the first time, a model of a promising Indian wheeled BMP was presented at an exhibition in Delhi in 2012. In the autumn of last year, photographs of an already finished machine, called Kestrel, were published.

And at the next exhibition the car was shown to the public with a tower from the BMP-2.

According to the resource, “the combat vehicle weighs 26 tons. 600-strong engine with an automatic transmission allows it to reach speeds of 110 km / h on the highway and more 6 km / h on the water. The capacity of the car is a crew of two and eight paratroopers. ”

According to the information, in the future, the BMP will be equipped with a modern combat module.

The publication also notes that "the armored steel used in the BMP is currently of import origin, but most of the components and assemblies were created in India."

Tests of the machine are scheduled to be completed in 2017 g, after which the designers at its base will create a "whole family of combat and auxiliary machines."
Photos used:,, Brave2004
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  1. Herman
    Herman 30 March 2016 13: 55
    Berezhok would be her, and there would be quite a modern wheeled bmp.
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 30 March 2016 14: 08
      Look at the side view (left). In my opinion, the tower is installed on an unsuitable case (too large). Therefore, the "dead zone" for turret weapons is too big.
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 30 March 2016 14: 11
        Even more interesting - who is sitting in it - the crew - 2 people - one of them is the driver ....
      2. goose
        goose 30 March 2016 14: 43
        This is not WOT, for a real armored object a negative angle of the order of a couple of degrees and 50 meters of the dead zone ahead is normal. Much more important than vertical, I would say, it is extremely important that there is at least 55 degrees for light or medium weapons. And with this, everything is in order, there should be about 75 degrees. Remind me what angles and dead zone were BMP-1 and 2 with their 4 and 5 degrees? Here, of course, the height is more by a meter, but this is not particularly critical.
        A normal car, especially if you are in a mountainous area first on the tracks will crack. Compared with the same BMP-2, this is just a limousine.
        1. alekc75
          alekc75 30 March 2016 18: 12
          Look at the clearance above the wheels, in the same place you want to fly!
      3. st25310
        st25310 30 March 2016 14: 46
        This is a freak - here the Indians along the way surpassed themselves))
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. st25310
            st25310 30 March 2016 15: 22

            The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass issued a machine gun system Maxim.
  2. Samen
    Samen 30 March 2016 13: 57
    The tower is pretty! Everything else was not impressive ...
    1. Primus pilus
      Primus pilus 30 March 2016 13: 58
      Better Bahchu-U put.
  3. bronik
    bronik 30 March 2016 14: 01
    Once upon a time such "inventions" were called Kozlotur.
  4. An60
    An60 30 March 2016 14: 05
    Title nravitsya.I painted krasno.Po compared with ukrovskie "creations" -shedevr.
  5. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 30 March 2016 14: 07
    Well, this is a prototype, we will see such with various changes more than once, it is too early to draw conclusions. But, apparently, they wanted a "sprout".
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 30 March 2016 14: 17
    Let them drive. The percentage is dripping to us. Experience will be improved.
  7. Lanista
    Lanista 30 March 2016 14: 20
    On bezrybe and Kestrel - fish.
  8. demiurg
    demiurg 30 March 2016 14: 23
    If modern ammunition is put in the ammunition, a 30mm gun is sufficient for separation.
    Yes, there are no new fashion trends, in the form of an out-of-date ammunition, and a bunch of cameras on the roof. But it weighs 26 tons, and at the same time it floats, if you put 57mm or melon, who knows how much the weight will increase. And buoyancy in the jungle is a great thing.
    Yes, and in principle, they did it for themselves, well done, well, the denyuzhka for us falls under the license. And if the TTX BMP suits the Indians, this is generally fine. Our soldiers will definitely not see this bmp on the battlefield.
  9. Wolka
    Wolka 30 March 2016 14: 24
    that with the tower, that without, nothing remarkable and progressive in this wheel gurney I did not see how it is better than our BTR-80
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 30 March 2016 14: 30
      The fact that there is no need to pay for the BTR-80 under the license))
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 30 March 2016 14: 38
      Quote: Volka
      that with the tower, that without, nothing remarkable and progressive in this wheel gurney I did not see how it is better than our BTR-80

      Type domestic, aft ramp, more powerful weapons, power and speed, theoretically, the best booking. Add ceramic overhead - it will look quite modern for itself.
      Questions about the suspension, and the fighting compartment - with a tower, there a maximum of 6 people will fit or four comfortably.
    3. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 30 March 2016 15: 01
      Volka (2) RU Today, 14:24
      ... than she is better than our BTR-80

      The output for the landing from the stern, the engine, probably in front (which improves protection in the frontal projection), again, the weapons are more powerful (if we are not talking about the BTR-80A).
      People made a car for themselves - they uploaded their production, and we got dripping. Things are good!
  10. kamski
    kamski 30 March 2016 14: 28
    first impression gypsy
  11. Observer2014
    Observer2014 30 March 2016 16: 11
    Quote: DMB_95
    Look at the side view (left). In my opinion, the tower is installed on an unsuitable case (too large). Therefore, the "dead zone" for turret weapons is too big.

    I don’t think it’s normal, the main thing is that the vertical angles would be high. Not from hordes of wild monkeys, fight back on it.
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 30 March 2016 17: 54
      Vertical angles should be normal. But they are important in the mountains and cities. And in India there are more than just mountains. Lowlands - valleys of large and small rivers with dense vegetation. There, the grenade launcher can go undetected to the dead zone. But the Indians know better where to use this car.