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Anti-aircraft gunners of ZVO arrived in Buryatia, where they will conduct live firing from S-300

Anti-aircraft gunners of the Western District will conduct live firing from the C-300 air defense missile system at the Telembe range in Buryatia, reports RIA News Post press service ZVO.

"Two anti-aircraft missile regiments of the Western Military District (ZVO) completed a combined march from the permanent deployment points to the Telemba training ground in Buryatia and began preparations for the conduct of combat firing from the C-300 air defense systems (SAM)," release.

It is noted that "at present, the military are checking the accuracy settings of the guidance systems, the combat parameters of the equipment, as well as the readiness of the launch sites to perform missile launches on targets like" Strizh "and" Reis "."

“Shooting will start in two weeks. The anti-aircraft gunners will have to conduct an anti-aircraft battle and repel a missile strike of a conditional enemy. The calculations of the complexes will detect, escort and hit targets imitating airplanes and conventional enemy cruise missiles, ”the press service added.

In total, the order involved 250 troops and about 100 units of equipment.

In addition, the press service of the anti-aircraft defense system reported on a surprise test that began in the district, to which air defense units were subjected.

"Today, air defense units of the ZVO were brought to the highest levels of combat readiness within the framework of the started planned bilateral exercises ... of different range, they will perform the tasks of detecting, tracking and tactical defeat of conditional enemy aircraft in combat duty sites, ”the message says.

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The press service noted that “Su-34 bombers, Su-27, MiG-29-CMT and MiG-31BM fighters will be involved in the role of a conditional enemy.”
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 29 March 2016 15: 59
    Countrymen have intensified! Good luck, fair wind!
  2. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 29 March 2016 16: 12
    And glad, and suggests bad thoughts, our chief of the General Staff, a clever girl, doesn’t just do anything and is not an alarmist, but the Eastern strategic direction is clearly worrying him. In my deep conviction, our eastern strategic partner is a friend when he needs to be a friend, and his billion is clearly a bit crowded.
  3. Observer2014
    Observer2014 29 March 2016 16: 13
    "ZVO anti-aircraft gunners arrived in Buryatia, where they will conduct live firing from the S-300 air defense system"
    Panic starts at the word Buryatia in the Ukrainian media! And if "live shooting" is also subtracted, then it can be anything.
    Well, our anti-aircraft gunners success. It’s hard to learn easily in battle.
  4. Holsten
    Holsten 29 March 2016 16: 26
    I can imagine how hysterical the "Baltic tigers" would start if the exercises were conducted in the west. But out of fright, they would have announced surrender and what to do with them then?
    1. Koshak
      Koshak 29 March 2016 18: 53
      Kakli in a panic. Buryat armored cavalry also received S-300, S-400 and Pantsir-S.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 29 March 2016 21: 20
        Quote: Holsten
        how hysterical the "Baltic tigers" would start if the exercises were conducted in the west.
        The last paragraph clearly states that our pilots and air defense crews have become more active in the west. They reflect the raid on Leningrad, including from the direction of the Baltic states. This means that the "air police" and NATO reconnaissance aircraft will work out this moment in an enhanced mode. And NATO's Baltic air surveillance network will be added to the work. Finland will be closely watching through its radar-post system. Such a peace-loving "quiet", but I would not be surprised that all information from the Finnish air defense flows in real time to the German Uedhem in the Joint Air Operations Center. And how would not apply to the statements of the Baltic politicians, but the fact remains: NATO is increasing its presence in the Northwest (in the Baltic in particular) and reducing the flight time to our strategic centers. It is working out episodes of an active offensive operation and adapting the personnel to a specific theater of operations. without hysterics to project their strength in this region at a favorable military-political moment. We can flog any "nonsense" in the style of Psaki or Kiev inadequate. This white noise masks their clear strategy --- the desire for global military superiority. Declaring the right to defend, they are preparing to attack. Quite normal Jesuit politics for the West. Has a historical basis.
  5. dr.star75
    dr.star75 29 March 2016 16: 39
    Well, everything is clear. In Buryatia, troops are gathering. It’s not local, you yourself know where. bully
  6. pint45
    pint45 29 March 2016 17: 57
    It’s time to shoot old cartridges, and then there’s not enough space to store new