Military Review

Who do we have there in the rain and in the mud?


So, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu visited Kaliningrad with a check. I think that to say that all the military were standing on their ears, is to say nothing. But - so it should be.

But, in general, the whole Western Military District was on its ears. Regular exercises, regular checks from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Started with command and staff exercises. And who is the first to start fussing, if command exercises, along with staffs?

That's right, our valiant connection.

We visited one of the parts of ZVO just on the day when the order came and the beginning of the command-staff exercise. And the personnel (along with the equipment, of course) were instructed to arrive at one of the integrated landfills of the ZVO in another area. But just to take and send the vehicle on the march would be too easy and uninteresting. As well as to give such an order by telegram or by telephone.

No, dear communicators, simply - this is clearly not with us.

To begin, the units involved in the exercises will have to move into the area of ​​deployment, carry out this deployment, take all necessary actions to connect to the communication and information systems, receive an extension order through closed channels, assemble, and only then start their way on teachings.

It is clear that a military man differs from a civil one in that he does not discuss orders. And from the very morning a lively action began in the unit.

Where does any process begin in the army? That's right, with the construction and formulation of the combat mission.

Then begins the process of withdrawal of equipment, loading of personnel and other movements.

[center] The company commander looks at the head machine for the actions of subordinates.

Motors are running.

The "By car" command is performed as expected, that is, by running.

Plunged. Now the signalmen will be back in part only in a week.

The column moves through the city.

[center] Place of deployment. Dirt for communication, as you can see, is enough.

The process of deploying communication complexes begins.

"Stick and rope" is the best way to ground.

The sledgehammer is an essential attribute of the 21 century army. Paradox, but without it - no way.

"Comrades of the military! Be careful when performing their duties! Do not let bungling and curvature!"

In fact, it sounded a little different, but the meaning is as follows. With petroleum jelly, you often deserve ...

To accomplish the task, it was necessary to put two complexes on alert. And with their help to receive data through closed communication channels.

This station is all called "Cosmos". But in general it is "Rain".

Installing tensioners is a bit like playing the harp. Only it is impossible to fake, there will be a lot of roar.

With the help of P-419, you can not only provide everything and everyone with communication, but also with the Internet. With decent speed.

We will continue our reports as soon as possible from the test site in the Kursk region, where the trainings themselves will be held directly.
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  1. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 29 March 2016 06: 00
    What a cool screensaver in the video.
    1. Finches
      Finches 29 March 2016 06: 53
      Lieutenant I loved to go to the 419th! Only not L1, as it is now, but ordinary, then still on ZIL-131! A comfortable station - it was convenient even to visit a girl .... invite .... laughing
      1. Bort radist
        Bort radist 29 March 2016 08: 04
        Quote: Finches
        and ordinary, then still on ZIL-131! Comfortable station

        If not mistaken, with a removable body. One of the most unpleasant cargoes on the AN-12. Guides to install, skidders to get there ...... magic words to pronounce.
        1. Finches
          Finches 29 March 2016 09: 56
          Yes KUNG is removable!
      2. Batia
        Batia 29 March 2016 08: 52
        Would you try to work on the predecessor -409. Erotica while providing communication is guaranteed.
        1. Finches
          Finches 29 March 2016 09: 55
          And at 409 I worked as a hammock, it’s not trestled, but the equipment is reliable!
        2. Bort radist
          Bort radist 29 March 2016 11: 52
          Quote: Batia
          Erotica while providing communication is guaranteed.

          Erotica, this is embellished life, real life - ..... graph.
          1. 1rl141
            1rl141 29 March 2016 12: 47
            There was once an unexplained case in Saryshagan.
            In general, we arrived, settled in "Tulip-4", the first thing the signalmen provide communication. We deployed our station, if I’m not mistaken 412, on the base of the “Ural”, well, let's establish ... There is no connection! They are already collecting a consultation, what kind of garbage? Everyone is checking, running around the station, by all indications everything should work! But the quality of the connection is no, one might say, it simply does not exist.
            And suddenly, after dancing with a tambourine, a good connection was established. Just excellent! No one can understand what they did to make it work. Well, there’s no time to understand yet.
            We are working.
            It must be clarified that there is a hatch on board the cabin. In this hatch, all sorts of outputs-inputs and 2 lamb for connecting a field vole for remote TA-57.
            And after a couple of days, when everyone had calmed down, the connection was excellent, one officer noticed that the wire had fallen off from one lamb. It was evident when they were running around, they hooked and torn off their hooves. It’s a mess! He connects the wire, screws up all proletarian hatred and the connection disappears. But he doesn’t know. He spun and went with a sense of accomplishment belly to warm the belly in the clearing.
            You are boiling again! There is no connection! The investigation begins, who did what. Find out about the fallen off wire. Disconnect - there is a connection. Connect - no connection.
            As a result, they worked like that. What does the remote TA-57 also work.
            Here's a riddle.
            1. Cat man null
              Cat man null 29 March 2016 13: 01
              Quote: 1rl141
              Disconnect - there is a connection. Connect - no connection

              Reminded: the first cause of any malfunction is the lack of contact in the place where it should be .. or its presence in the place where it should be should not laughing

              The classics are immortal .. however yes
            2. Finches
              Finches 29 March 2016 13: 50
              412th is a tropospheric station! It's hard to say, but I had a similar case only on 423-1, though due to the fact that someone, somewhere in 100 meters from the station, drove a little along the connecting line, ATGM 20x2, break not tore, but crumpled and from the formed "shorty" that came to the building the protection was triggered, cutting off the power of the station! Until I found that it was all about the cable, I spent a lot of time and nerves! And if you take into account that the command constantly has you, the task is being disrupted, then it really is not eroticism, but real pornography! the valiant infantry travels everywhere, even where it is impossible to pass in principle! laughing

              By the way, in one of the photos, the fighter pulls the cable, it’s not right, he didn’t teach it! It can just damage the coupling, but communication is really the science of contacts!
            3. NATS84
              NATS84 29 March 2016 19: 09
              Very similar to the button accordion.
              The channel switching unit is in no way tied up with electronic circuits with a transceiver.
              Most likely they tried to get in touch on the same frequency numbers in one
              range (must-one station in the first, her correspondent in the second)
              due to the lack of care when considering the order scheme.
              1. Finches
                Finches 29 March 2016 19: 20
                Let's not quibble - it’s clear that probably it was a little wrong, and you put it, a little wrong, but in this case it does not matter! After all, no one has canceled the postulate that communication is a coincidence! laughing
        3. Comrade Bender
          Comrade Bender 29 March 2016 15: 34
          There were times both on the R-405 and on the R-409 I had a chance to serve as the station master. Deploying the R-405 is not a telescope mast on the 409th. Everything is only on muscular strength, and if the "crooked looking" is also caught behind the mast, then you can easily "lower" the mast to the ground or break wooden knees: hi

        4. Lunic
          Lunic 29 March 2016 18: 26
          And I also served on the P-410-10 (Athlete) (tropospheric). Two burdocks will be hung up 10 meters in diameter, and after 3 days of training, the yellow forest was facing the burdocks .. the old station was already in the late 80s but reliable.
          And when the "Cosmonauts" came to the training ground to us near Poltava for trainings, our command staff together hid away to "save eggs"
          1. Finches
            Finches 29 March 2016 19: 11
            "Athlete" is still in service! Only the trunk is sealed with a digit! And the station still wow! Antennas are used not 10 meters, but mainly 5,5, but it does not matter!
            1. Lunic
              Lunic 29 March 2016 19: 48
              P-410 Antenna machine SOSNA-M
              Still in service? I remember back then they were going to switch to R-417. Cadets from the Donetsk VVUS have already completed training on the R-417.
              I wonder how many channels of digital compression adds? As far as I remember, the old woman R-410 gave like 100 channels .. It worked perfectly! In the exercises, we built a connection between them between the rates from Berlin to Moscow.
              And when the two Germany united, then we were taken to the Baltic States near Riga. Labuses looked at our obscured antenna machines (Zil 131 with "SOSNA-M") and thought that we had delivered rocket launchers to them. Demonstrations were organized around part of week 3. The battalion commander then specially arranged an excursion for Labus around the town - he showed that there were no missiles .. :)
              1. Finches
                Finches 29 March 2016 20: 38
                In the photo you have an antenna machine with "Pine" and a trailer with burdocks, as well as the control room itself, MOSS, power supply, plus the equipment for long-distance communication P-257-24 K - for terminal stations or a second antenna for intermediate ones! Total 5 cars! smile

                E1 (2048 kib / s) - it works a decent length! And in Donetsk, political officers were trained for the communications troops and engineers - the Donetsk Higher Military-Political School of Engineering and Communications Troops named after Army General A. A. Epishev. Perhaps you had in mind the Poltava School of Communications!
                I am also familiar with 417 stations, but not many of them were dispersed in troops, in contrast to 412, 423, there were already various digital modifications!
                1. Lunic
                  Lunic 29 March 2016 21: 54
                  all right, in a complex of 5 cars.
                  I meant the Donetsk Higher Military-Political School of Engineering and Signal Corps named after Army General A. A. Epishev (I confess, it was too lazy to write the full and correct name). My father served in this school in the late 60s, early 70s after he graduated from the SVAKDKU them. Frunze (Sumy)
        5. NATS84
          NATS84 29 March 2016 19: 21
          In total, the qualities of P419, in my opinion, did not have any special advantages for the P409 crew. The standard for special training, Problem No. 1, is the same.
          The main advantage is new. As a rule, P409 rigging was by the time
          appearances of P419-were basically all gouged, as a result of intensive training
          process (in particular for GSVG-ZGV)
          1. Finches
            Finches 29 March 2016 20: 42
            If in the aggregate of qualities ... But this is the next generation - compaction equipment, no longer "Topaz", but "Azur", the possibility of data transmission has appeared, the automation of all tuning and control processes has increased, etc. And it became much more comfortable for the crew than in 9s! Just the next step in modification!
      3. Dart
        Dart 29 March 2016 23: 15
        419 exploit and commerce. When you need to arrange a quick promotion in the area with fast Internet)) in the absence of wholesale. In order to be winning against the background of competitors. Well, then 419 to minimize and use the already built infrastructure.
    2. jet 43
      jet 43 30 March 2016 19: 16
      where are the shishigi? nice car but for a damn damned
  2. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 29 March 2016 06: 05
    How close and familiar everything is! 22 years ago, the army, Airborne Forces, I am a driver of a KShM based on GAZ 66, demobilization is coming soon!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 29 March 2016 07: 02
      It’s familiar ... 5 kW on the ZIL-157, communication with Moscow, provided ...
  3. Akella
    Akella 29 March 2016 06: 26
    Any good deed can be ruined when "crooked" reporters take on a report. Why antics, freaks? If you know how to write normally - write, if you don't know how - don't try!
  4. avia12005
    avia12005 29 March 2016 06: 52
    Eh, where are my 17 years ... All is well, only it is desirable that we maximally automate the process of deploying-folding antennas. And then C-400 is ready for use in 5 minutes, and then while the antennas are deployed, all 40 will pass. And if the crew is also incomplete?
  5. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 29 March 2016 07: 21
    It's a shame for sarcasm slipping through the article, (I can’t call it with subtle humor). Gone are the days when they taunted the signalmen, today not a single army in the world is combat-ready without the organization of command, the nerves of which are the communications units. The service implies the presence of sufficient, but mostly high intelligence l / s, excellent knowledge of entrusted technology and understanding of the capabilities of technical means of counteracting the enemy. So you don’t have to stupidly joke with guys, and you could probably pick up a photo or change the shooting angle.
    1. Chiropractor
      Chiropractor 29 March 2016 11: 10
      historical anek in the subject:
      Zhukov (Zh) submits to the chief of staff (NSh) award sheets:
      NS: gunners ...
      J: yes, the artillery preparation was carried out, the earth was buzzing, I heard ...
      NS: the pilots ...
      F: yes, they flew, they bombed, I saw ....
      NS: Tankers ...
      F: yes, we drove, clanged with trucks, shot, saw ...
      NS: Signalers ...
      J: Signalers ... Was there a connection?
      NS: Yes, it was!
      J: Well, the connection should be ...
      Crumpled in hands, throws aside.
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 29 March 2016 11: 35
        Later this anecdote was reduced to:
        Gunners hit the target - reward!
        Tankers reached the line on time - to reward!
        Signalers ... since there was a connection, we will not punish signalers.
        1. 1rl141
          1rl141 29 March 2016 12: 26
          Communication - it is like air. When she is, no one notices her. When she is not there, everyone suffocates.
          1. Alexey RA
            Alexey RA 29 March 2016 16: 15
            Quote: 1rl141
            Communication - it is like air. When she is, no one notices her. When she is not there, everyone suffocates.

            The connection has two stable states: "just was" and "about to be". (with) smile
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 29 March 2016 16: 22
      Quote: avg-mgn
      It's a shame for sarcasm slipping through the article, (I can’t call it with subtle humor). Gone are the days when they taunted the signalmen, today no army in the world is combat-ready without the organization of command, the nerves of which are the communications units.

      Yes, no one mocks the signalmen. I personally stopped "mocking" when across two borders from a field telephone he called home to the center of Russia (then still not the Russian Federation, but the RSFSR) to the city hospital and asked if his wife had given birth or not. And although one of the main skills of our service was the ability to work autonomously (there was no cellular and satellite communications then, and a walkie-talkie is hard, you can do without it, no other load), but I always respected the signalmen with respect and wherever I served - the communication division is always among the first invited to the event drinks

      Where are we without them ...

      And then we made a grandiose salute - we were friends with the gunners too .... laughing A son was born.
      1. Lunic
        Lunic 29 March 2016 18: 35
        They did the same in ZҐV .. You go out to the ZKP from the field TA, you persuade the girl-prompter to connect to the ZKP in the military unit in your hometown, and there they pick up your favorite on the city switch ... The main thing that the battalion commander wouldn’t recognize
        1. Dart
          Dart 29 March 2016 23: 25
          six months I gave it to him, my beloved)) to the switch. A heavy load all the sexual ins and outs of DOS and parts settled on the equipment)))
    3. cdrt
      cdrt 29 March 2016 17: 27
      How is it ... "The Red Army is strong, but communication will destroy it" (c) Budyonny
      because they tease :-)))
  6. Adik89
    Adik89 29 March 2016 07: 29
    Thanks to the author for the excellent quality article and photos! Very interesting!

    I think the connection does not have such a need to deploy in 5 minutes! She doesn’t catch a rocket.
    If you constantly conduct exercises and train, then you can automate the whole process :)
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 29 March 2016 11: 41
      Quote: Adik89
      I think the connection does not have such a need to deploy in 5 minutes! She doesn’t catch a rocket.

      You are those who are waiting for this very connection, explain. smile

      In addition, the rapid deployment and folding of radio-emitting means is the key to a long life. For the RR / RTR is watching, and a gift from artillerymen or rocket men, given by them according to the coordinates received from listening and direction finding professionals, can fly over their heads.
    2. Comrade Bender
      Comrade Bender 29 March 2016 16: 07
      In 1983. the standard of deployment with the R-409 connection was "excellent" 35-40 minutes. After long "workouts" they were brought up to 25-28 minutes. This is certainly not rocket catching, but the timely transmission of information is sometimes no less important.
  7. semirek
    semirek 29 March 2016 07: 49
    The author is only a plus!
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Bort radist
    Bort radist 29 March 2016 08: 14
    Interestingly, for 12 months, conscripts with a connection to you or only, only. Now DOSAAF only train drivers. I was engaged in radio engineering at school, then for half a year DOSAAF and training for 8 months.
    1. Comrade Bender
      Comrade Bender 29 March 2016 16: 10
      It depends on who and how will prepare the conscript. In the Soviet army for the year they trained the head of the radio station (sergeant) in the troops, and in the training - they trained for six months.
      1. Lunic
        Lunic 29 March 2016 18: 45
        In our training center (Poltava), specialists in the troposphere were prepared for half a year. most went to the army as sergeants. And he drove into the army recruited directly from the citizen after DOSAAF courses. Strange, but most of us drove in baht (Leipzig) was from western Ukraine. radio specialists - eastern Ukraine and Russia, Turners / mechanics - Kharkov, Kiev, drove- Ivano-Frankivsk, Berdychiv, Lviv,
  10. nivander
    nivander 29 March 2016 08: 15
    +100500, according to the legend of the exercises, the field kitchen will be destroyed (and the SA was a mandatory point or fad) and the unit switches to dry land or opens the NZ.
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 29 March 2016 08: 22
    The photos are great! thank!
  12. Bort radist
    Bort radist 29 March 2016 08: 28
    Quote: nivasander
    +100500 according to the legend of the exercises, the field kitchen will be destroyed (and the CA was a mandatory point or fad)

    This is what kind of commander, from the Moscow region they were transferring communications (by plane) and the kitchen with them, and firewood. Our commander rebelled against firewood, the lieutenant colonel persuaded. Got somewhere a network of rope she landed her firewood.
  13. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 29 March 2016 08: 55
    The authors are sarcastic.
    But the word "connection" can only rhyme with the word "dirt" ...
    As a result, after reading the article there is an unpleasant aftertaste ...
    1. japs
      japs 23 September 2017 20: 24
      It was put aside in memory of Murom (textbook of communication):
      "Murom, a city of mud, ... people and communications."
      77 years old equipment.
  14. Batia
    Batia 29 March 2016 08: 56
    Thanks to the author. Signalers are extremely rarely written. The reason is clear and quite correct. For this reason, the photos in the article do not show brightness, semantic load. NO COMMUNICATION NO MANAGEMENT; WITHOUT MANAGEMENT NO VICTORY.
    Give a connection without marriage !!!
    1. Bort radist
      Bort radist 29 March 2016 10: 23
      Quote: Batia
      Give a connection without marriage

      Marriage without communication and communication without marriage does not happen. smile
      Troposphere, ionosphere, ionization, .........
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 29 March 2016 12: 31
        Maybe they rarely write.
        But often punished.
        And the joke is more than required.
        Who ... lives a sex life ... in rain and mud?
        Our valiant connection!
        While the signalman was shaking the coil,
        The tankman ... loved .. his girlfriend.
        Tired already jabs.
        A communications service, not oil workers, but nearby. So with the beginning of spring field trips begin.
        From March-April, once a month, from May to October, there are no breaks.
        In 5 minutes there is no need to unfold, of course.
        But for a five-minute absence - ANSWERS - on the radio ... they tear us up. And not .. "tankers", damn it.
        And this "tankman" is in KUNG and he has to get into the cabin where the station is mounted.
        What does he answer when they begin to ask questions - and the connection junked.
        And the whole calico.
        I would hang these "tankists" .... instead of reflectors.
        1. Nord2015
          Nord2015 29 March 2016 20: 49
          I can also add how the emblem of communication is deciphered - The bosses ... are numb in a perverted form .., already sparks are pouring from my eyes.
          In general, the article is normal, but the comments are just wonderful. Felt native signalmen. Nice damn it. Although it didn’t work with the troposphere, it took quite a long time to work with relays and radio stations)))
    2. Colonel
      Colonel 29 March 2016 15: 55
      Quote: Batia
      the photos in the article do not demonstrate brightness, semantic load.

      What kind of "brightness" do you need? Are the pieces of fieldworm in the teeth clamped? Whoever fucked at least once with the deployment of units, with the establishment of communication, will appreciate. And the men in the photo were lucky. Dry, not cold or hot.
  15. Senior manager
    Senior manager 29 March 2016 09: 00
    Without hesitation - communication is the basis of everything. "In the beginning there was a word ..." - that is, the transmission of information, and in any case, how the communication works, and the whole war goes on. IMHO. The photo series is great, for those who are in the subject, and sarcasm in this case is not appropriate.
  16. tundra
    tundra 29 March 2016 09: 09
    Quote: Bort Radist
    Interestingly, for 12 months, conscripts with a connection to you or only, only.

    The same story, DOSAAF, study and a half years.
    And whom of the platoon at the end of the service, it’s sad, to train the youth again,
    but I need people like you.
    It’s also interesting how to train in a year r \ tlg.
    1. avia12005
      avia12005 31 March 2016 04: 43
      When the service life was 2 of the year, the 1 class rtlg received at almost absolute hearing in the last six months of service.
  17. Paranoid50
    Paranoid50 29 March 2016 09: 15
    Thanks for the report, the service immediately comes to mind - "explosions", "jerks", "movement" ... And the technique is familiar. It is not for nothing that communication is called the circulatory system of the army. Even when the body is at rest, blood continues to circulate throughout the body. Our "knots" were also always the first to "undermine" and move forward "into the hills" (Kola Peninsula). It happened that even a few days before the main "movements". "Knots" - because the communications battalion in our unit was called "communications center". During normal training, the guys often turned right on the territory of the unit, since there was where to turn around ... So I had to watch the process more than once. By the way, our signalmen, and this was in the mid-90s, were very well "packed" in terms of technical equipment, even by today's standards. Well, if there was a good acquaintance and an agreement with the duty shift, once a month it was possible to "use the right to call", because until the era of general mobilization (from the word MOBILE) there were five years left ... Thanks again for the report. hi
    1. japs
      japs 23 September 2017 20: 35
      For a call home, you could row in full. Although in a hopeless situation had to take risks. I mean calls through the closed one from the Waterfall, Karat to Rubin (Mother of Pearl). 78-79 years About the mobile then ...
  18. dimonl
    dimonl 29 March 2016 09: 26
    Well, at the end, on the "space" p-440-o, they made a fence on the roof. I saw a dear photo of how the soldiers were holding a "plate" and remembered how once a soldier was blown off the roof by the wind, it was good winter, I landed in a snowdrift along with a "plate". As the chief of the control room, I almost gave my soul to God.
  19. sdc_alex
    sdc_alex 29 March 2016 09: 53
    Teaching is good, right, right. But you look at these photos and wonder: why are there children in the army.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 29 March 2016 10: 20
      The call should not be completely abandoned. But maybe. Do you need to increase the draft age? Or individually take into account the physiological characteristics of a person? After all, even at school someone at the age of 6 can go to first grade. and someone at 7 or even at 8.
      1. max702
        max702 29 March 2016 11: 10
        Quote: Sergej1972
        The call should not be completely abandoned. But maybe. Do you need to increase the draft age? Or individually take into account the physiological characteristics of a person? After all, even at school someone at the age of 6 can go to first grade. and someone at 7 or even at 8.

        It will not work, it seems to be more sensible to call in 25 years. but .. not only are many children on hand .. the main reason at 18 is easier to manage than at 25, what a kid at 18 will do out of stupidity there or not weakly, or maybe just because of fear that 25 will not ! even cut it! Yes, and more literate in 25 people a priori, that's why the appeal at 18 is easier to manage such, and the officers do not know how to fuck horseradish for this and exist ..
  20. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 29 March 2016 10: 15
    Communication is the same god of war as artillery. It is unacceptable to speak of a communications force in a derogatory tone. Authors should change rhetoric.
  21. Algetxnumx
    Algetxnumx 29 March 2016 11: 18
    Quote: max702
    It’s not generally accepted to think about the soldiers, that the sidors that the bags are gas masks trash some ..

    I agree with you one hundred percent, in the 21st century and again with "sidors" this is certainly not correct, I myself use a similar tactical backpack for my work, only "weighed" a little with pouches, it is very convenient, everything is at hand, and it costs reasonably, production, by the way ours.
  22. APS
    APS 29 March 2016 11: 22
    Communication is power! Without a high-quality connection, victory cannot be won! To the author - plus!
  23. bad
    bad 29 March 2016 12: 28
    the article is clear and with humor laughing
  24. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 29 March 2016 12: 45
    ah beauty is just a sight for sore eyes!
  25. iouris
    iouris 29 March 2016 13: 03
    Here is a very old story about how signalmen accompanied the deputy commander of the district, who followed as an "assessment spotter" on firing with missilemen.
    At the intermediate airfield, the deputy commander of the district asks the signalman: "Major, how much time do you need to deploy your station?" Answer: "Ten minutes". Command: "Expand!" The conversation lasted about three minutes: "Operational? It's me. Connect to my apartment ... Lyuba, how are you ..."
    It took two hours to bring the station to marching condition.
  26. Trigger-Happy
    Trigger-Happy 29 March 2016 13: 49
    Reward everyone, do not punish communication !!!!
  27. tundra
    tundra 29 March 2016 18: 04
    Quote: colonel
    What "brightness" do you need? Pieces of the fieldworm in the teeth clamped

    We had a telephone operator at the US, I remarked somehow (when I was young) that he was shifting side cutters from his overcoat to his pants before physical charging. And then bang there is no connection with the water pump, well, they send it, look for a cliff, but he cut it off himself because he cut it, and before lunch, he drives the teas. laughing From half a guy was a guy.
  28. Captain45
    Captain45 29 March 2016 18: 05
    From the Internet stories about military signalmen:
    1983 year Belarus, exercises, ZKP (reserve command post) of the 7-th tank army. Head of Communications - Captain Moshkin. Recently they transferred from Chita, refrain - thieves serve in Germany, bad ones in Afghanistan, and funny ones in Transbaikalia. Summer is hot. From the KShM (command staff machine) bare feet of signalmen stick out, someone is sunbathing on the roof while lying on an AZI (anti-aircraft radiation antenna) Moshkin is resting ...
    Suddenly, Army Chief of Staff Major General Kovalev arrives. The person is legendary - before my eyes I stopped a private soldier and asked why the gate was dirty, then asked who his commander was - a sergeant came running, whom he asked why his boots were not cleaned and who had a commander, a platoon one, he matted for an unbuttoned button on his shirt and asked who he has a commander ...
    Here is such a natural disaster among such a rural idyll. Signalers - the overwhelming population of the ZKP in the state of its own ZKP, fall with their feet towards the epicenter and cover their heads with their hands. Moshkin, pulling on his boots on the go, flies up to the general and reports in the sense that everything is excellent and magnificent - there is no connection with the outside world! (It should be explained that on that day the diesel generator at the Kristall satellite communications station failed - in common parlance, "satellite"). Kovalev, filling with bad blood in a voice hoarse with rage, asks - Why is there no connection? !!! Moshkin bulging his eyes - "On the satellite the diesel has stalled !!!" The general raised his head in puzzlement and looked at the zenith. A second later I dropped it - "Eliminate" and left ... I saw it personally.
  29. tundra
    tundra 29 March 2016 18: 21
    Quote: Bashibuzuk
    But for a five-minute absence - ANSWERS - on the radio ... they tear us up. And not .. "tankers", damn it.

    We, the radio operators, had 2 minutes to answer, after your call sign sounds.
    In case of being late, the assessment of the whole CSS decreased, per day.
    And ... a gubby shift or, at best, out-of-order outfits.
    Without boasting, no one flew with me.
    1. Bashibuzuk
      Bashibuzuk 30 March 2016 22: 45
      We are, in fact, civilians.
      So five minutes is not a deadline for us.
      In general .... how many interesting things. Due.
      My last "hot work", February this year. I am the provider. Those. - for the prize me first.
      A distance of 40 km, a repeater in the middle, all posts are responsible, except for one standing on a perpendicular.
      What the hell? Cellular plow ... I am sending my engineer there, who has thrashed it for 10 years at a point in Chechnya.
      It’s gotten better, it’s coming back, it says that these friends tied the director antenna for the BAR to the mast and sit, fries in KUNG.
      The second day - there is no connection .... again the promise ... again hell. The tangent has sunk. From a match that they don’t understand what they were going to do.
      The third day - again XNYA.
      Only after an unequivocal warning on a cellular ... connection miraculously restored.
      Peacocks, you say ....
      And when I myself, personally, kept in touch with Klaipeda and Leningrad, with Palmas .... from the middle of the Atlantic I spoke with Tashkent ....
      fiction, words and no explanation.
      The signalman must be.
  30. NATS84
    NATS84 29 March 2016 18: 43
    Great of course! New hardware!
    But everything somehow doesn’t seem like the beginning of the KShU district, but the army training in communication
    - why the hardware is located at a critically small distance from each other, one is not
    particularly accurate ammunition, and there is no communication center channel-forming systems.
    For some reason, tropospheric communication is not used - how will the teams be tied to communication centers
    army? Through some relays P409 (419)? Especially in the initial period of the event.
    - Somehow they don’t really bother about masking positions — neither caponiers nor camouflage
    But there are signs, stands for cable routes, which is no way to uninterrupted communication (how many of them will be needed to lay the connecting lines normal in length, you need to carry them on something, and the connecting lines must be dug up), traced paths.
    In a word, there are questions.
    Once, in 1987, the Commander of the Liaison Forces of the 20th Army, a couple of times forced the 6th Regiment of Communications to deploy the ZKP in the reserve area according to similar observations.
    1. ICT
      ICT 29 March 2016 19: 39
      .............. wink
    2. japs
      japs 23 September 2017 20: 45
  31. HAM
    HAM 3 May 2017 13: 22
    in recent years, zhurnalyugi have become insolent and have appropriated this holiday for themselves, only about themselves loved ones trynd from the screens, and not a word is said about those who provide a connection