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Sovereignty of conscience


"You should not respect a person who does not respect himself." Popular wisdom.

Now here on this slippery topic of sovereignty. In fact, the topic is really very slippery, but many people are not aware of this. Or do not want to suspect. Nevertheless, sovereignty is, it can not be. I read about Russian waggons blocked in western Ukraine, and decided to lay out all about sovereignty. Just do not understand most of the meaning of the word. Or stubbornly understands "crooked", and this is fraught.

So what the hell is behind that beautiful foreign word? Let me quote. "State sovereignty - it is an inalienable legal quality of an independent state, symbolizing its political and legal independence, supreme responsibility and value as the primary subject of international law; necessary for the exceptional supremacy of state power and implying disobeying the authority of another state... Respect for sovereignty is a basic principle of modern international law and international relations. It is enshrined in the UN Charter and other international acts. ”

And then everyone says, they write, they argue, but not to turn to the basics. And there everything is there. In fact, everything is simple. Honestly, I myself wrote this damned word constantly with errors! That's why I became interested in the question. So we looked at the definition, looked at Eastern Europe, so actively urging Russia to respect its sovereignty ... And it became completely sad for us. Respect, sorry, what? State sovereignty implies disobeying the authority of another state. It's a shame. And what about those who suffer from a sense of aggravated sovereignty, but reluctantly / readily executes other people's orders? It is hard to say. In fact, sovereignty is to some extent a relative concept. Any state, even in the “pre-superpower” era, was forced to reckon with the opinion of the most influential states in its region. From this you can not escape, otherwise - the era of the Napoleonic wars. So absolute sovereignty is "a spherical horse in a vacuum." Of course, the United States in 90 or the Roman / Han Empire in its heyday - were very close to this concept, but did not reach out, because it was impossible to reach a spherical horse in a vacuum (you would suffocate).

But, having made such a reservation, we will all have to recognize that there are states that can and should be regarded as sovereign. In this location, for example, Germany, France, Turkey, Iran. There are less sovereign. And there are frankly colonies. Nothing personal, just political geography. Germany’s strong dependence on the United States should not be overestimated: the Germans play quite fully adult games in the Middle East, and even more so in Europe. Simply, their position is frankly anti-Russian, and it seems to us that ... It seems wrong: if tomorrow the United States "surrenders" to the size of Bolivia, we will not make friends with the Germans, rather, we will finally quarrel. Simply, the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany are uniting negativity towards Russia and we are creating the illusion that the Germans are not independent. This is not true. And under the sanctions, they consciously made an anti-Russian decision. It is unpleasant, but what to do. Life is life. By the way, if for the USA Russia is a business (we are too big on the map), then for the Germans Russia is personal (I will not translate). Both culturally and politically, Germans and Americans have much in common. So here it is. And France completely defends its interests in Africa. And with the Mistrals, this is not so much a “trough”, but exactly Russophobia. So there is a certain sovereignty, only we are neither hot nor cold from it: decisions are all made in our favor, albeit for other reasons.

I understand that here now many will come running and start shouting that France and Germany are “under occupation” and are not pursuing an independent foreign policy. Yes, for God's sake, shout. The situation is all one will not change. Neither my opinion, nor yours is not authoritative here, and the printed article does not have the “magical” property to change the current reality. So, no matter how offensive we are, France and Germany have sovereignty. Yes, not about our honor. If tomorrow the United States disappears completely from the map, this does not mean that all the Champs Elysées will hang Russian tricolors as a sign of love and friendship. Napoleon blew up the Kremlin without any American clue. And even without the British. That is, France and Germany could, but would not quarrel with the United States over Russia, not because they were under "occupation," but because they decided so. It's a shame, yes? If it seems offensive and wrong to someone that they are beating him only because he is Russian, then there is always the possibility to change the passport. Or try to do it. To go to Uniates or there are Mormons ... In general, do not sit in one seat and do not shed tears like the Nesmeyana princess - try. I donate a unique idea of ​​joining a democratic subtype of Homo sapiens for free - write a book: “I am ashamed that I am Russian”. The prize / passport with the "double levoy" is practically yours.

And we will continue: Erdogan, most likely, made the decision independently. It is unpleasant, but, judging by the nervous reaction of NATO, this is not at all a joy to them. In any case, even if Obama had begged him, Erdogan could refuse. Politely refuse. And everyone would understand him. He had enough sovereignty for that. But he decided to hit. He himself decided, and the Turkish elite supported him completely. The idea that all of them, from Berlin to Ankara, are the six of the State Department, is comfortable and even somehow pleasant. The idea that there are very serious disagreements between Russia and Turkey / Germany is less obvious. Regarding the same Germany, one more thing should be taken into account: cultural, political and ideological proximity to the United States. Those. The USA is the West, but the FRG is the West. They have a lot in common, and they together. This, too, can not be ignored. Germany forms its own vision of the world and its future based on American ideas, and above all. But not from Russian. That same - soft power. The funniest thing is that the United States is very far away from Russia, and we are selling very little, but Germany is near, and it is one of the main partners (along with China). So, our political and ideological conflict with the United States is not a very “hot topic” in itself, but its projection on Russian-German relations is very serious.

Such a funny paradox: the Germans live close to Russia, but their vision of the world is largely shaped according to American templates (we also had this in 90). And then the contact / conflict develops along a completely predictable path: they simply do not understand what we say / offer them, assessing our actions from the “only correct standards”. And here, of course, the missionary idea is present, that it is worthwhile for the Russians to jump onto those same “universal values”, as all problems with “compatibility” will be solved by themselves. What they are counting on. As we once dreamed of a world communist fraternity. Something like that. By the way, the question of choosing and preserving values ​​is also a question of sovereignty. Moreover, this is the most important question. If you do not control your education system and information space, then you do not have sovereignty, and rockets will not help you, as they did not help the USSR in the 1991 year from the birth of Christ. The USSR was mighty and absolutely invulnerable, but people were brainwashed that in the West there was a paradise with 30 varieties of smoked sausage and there was freedom. And Bobby is dead. Despite the world's best missiles and submarines. So the loss of information sovereignty is no better. Sooner or later it will be affected. By the way, in Ukraine, Bobby still died twice!

So, it is one of the causes of our problems in relations with many neighbors, even those who are not Russophobic-minded, that they completely lose their information and valuable sovereignty. They look at the world with American eyes and evaluate everything from the point of view of “American values”. Alas, most people do not know how to think independently and are forced to use someone else’s ideology, like homeless people use someone else’s clothes. Well, okay, Ukraine and Poland, but Germany and France, too, have no value and information sovereignty. State they have. But there is little point in this if the value system correlates with the American one, and the picture of the world is taken from American news agencies. Not necessary to control weapon, you can control the head arrow. When they talk about the supposedly existing total control over the Germans, for some reason no one asks the question - do the Germans have an alternative value system? Can they offer something to their young people besides tolerance and big maca? Give me the opportunity to control the TV, and I will not care who prints your money. Where to run if you were born in a special settlement?

So, I am afraid, misunderstanding with Germany, Ukraine or Poland will only increase. We do not meet the standard "big-poppy", from which end there is no measure. Although everything is not so sad here: in our large cities, too, the people, who determine the status of a person according to the model of his car, also divorced. And with the care of savages New Guinea tries to copy the "Western system of values." And they dream that one day all Russians will become like them. They do not have their own system of values, and they copy the western, like little foolish children imitate a new game, and they play it very toughly and aggressively. So, in fact, “universal human values” are very dangerous. Someone very tricky declares his "system of vital coordinates" the only true one. Everything else is good as far as it fits. And we will not win the long jump, which is measured by someone else's roulettes by someone else's rules. It's just that from the very beginning this is a hoax and a “rabbit layout”: the United States officially declares itself the most free and most open country for business, investment and innovation. And go and see what “rulers” they intended. Further, they line up the “beloved wives,” according to which they are very proud.

By entering this game according to their rules, we will certainly lose. Therefore, the right to its own, namely its own system of values ​​and its educational standards, is not less important than the nuclear shield. Otherwise, a nuclear shield is a waste of money. If the country is rotting from the inside, then no "huge combat robots" will save it. But we must understand that, by embarking on this slippery path of cultural sovereignty, we finally break with “tolerant Europe”. Here our paths diverge forever. For us, they will not go, and we feel sick with them. That is, we cease to be Europe completely, and for many of my compatriots, it is like death. But then, as they say: "died, so died." We are now at a fork in the road: either with Europe or on our own, but both are impossible together. And it is necessary to explain to those who like to measure status according to the form of the body that their arguments will be heard after they take part in a city-wide rainbow parade in a disciplined and tolerant manner and place a couple of “Syrian refugees” at home. And do not laugh - European values, they are so European. You see, more than once I came across an amazing situation (amazing for me) when for a Russian (with a passport) a person’s visa to Germany is much more important than the mass murder of Russians in Donbas. "They let them sit there quietly, and I will go to Munich to drink beer ..."

For these people, the Germans, they are their own, European, and "those from Donetsk" - it is not clear who. Dirty some kind of refugees. “They will impose sanctions, they will not allow them to enter Europe, and I have already picked up pink leggings, I have traveled all the malls ...”. In the spring of 2014, they wanted to keep “everything as before.” Did not work. The euro was already under ninety, and sanctions became commonplace ... So for Russia now is the time of choice: either there; or here; I would not recommend trying to follow the example of Yanukovych on two chairs - you can break your pants. In a sense, we are lucky: either we will have our own “with blackjack and whores” sovereignty, or they eat us. But “like a rocket here, and I went to Europe ...” - so it will not be so.

I often find in our media data how many tons of jamon and parmesan we lost because of the embargo, how many import-replacements, but how many Russians were killed in the Donbass, the public is somehow less interested. Recently, the Italian ambassador addressed the Russians about the Parmesan problem: “If you want to try the real one, do not try to deceive yourself — go to Parma ...” He did not say anything about the fascists from the volunteer battalions. When Serbs were slaughtered in Kosovo and Orthodox churches were blown up, some of my compatriots said: "This is far away and this is not our problem." Now death walks around the Donbass and mows the Russians under the root, but this, of course, is also not our problem, we have a euro under ninety ... I am sad to talk about it, but if people are willing to consider the exchange of compatriots for jamon in some proportion, then new weapon systems may not be required. By the way, you still won’t believe it, but many Donetsk residents (the region was rich!) Also traveled with pleasure to Europe and shared its values, and then the fascists sponsored by Europe the fascists came after them. That very Europe where the European Court of Human Rights sits and the Berlinale and the Venice Carnival are noisy.
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  1. Stena
    Stena 29 March 2016 10: 06
    Unfortunately, based on the definition given to sovereignty by the author, Germany cannot be regarded as a sovereign state. Germany lost in World War II. And in politics there are 2 rules, one of which is "Woe to the vanquished." Therefore, their actions in relation to other countries in general and Russia in particular are not completely independent.
    According to the German economy, it is supported only by cheap Russian gas. The Germans have 2 gigantic problems in the economy - a small number of the German population (the problem with pensions in the near future and high social benefits) and a huge dependence on cheap Russian gas, which has no alternative. The United States tried to remove gas dependence (shale gas), but did not seem to succeed. And the problem with the population can be solved at the expense of migrants (this is about those who are screamed about like this, but do nothing). And after 2 MB, where did the money come from, equipment, etc. to rebuild Germany and Japan? Here the Germans are trying to free themselves from such addictions. The Japs generally cancel humanitarian education - why is it for slaves? Let the equipment riveted, for this managers are not needed ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. jjj
      jjj 29 March 2016 11: 12
      Only Russia and the United States are sovereign today. Even China is addicted. In general, only that state can feel free if, against its will, it has raw materials, industry, people, territories, products, etc. Who has everything of his own. And there is something to protect against "tatey in the night". Russia has it all. We can say that Russia trades in dollars and is dependent on American money. But here, after all, not everything is so simple: we have a product, you have a merchant. We will not be lost with our goods, but when the buyer wants to. They dropped the ruble so much that the overseas guests fell
      1. Bacha
        Bacha 29 March 2016 11: 49
        Today, only Russia and the United States are sovereign. Even China is addicted.

        But I think that China is the most sovereign country! There was ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and China remained distinctive, while maintaining its culture to this day. And Europe will perish in its current form, there will be no states, and China will continue to exist. And when they tell me that the Russians are never Europeans, I don’t even take offense))) Yes, I’m Asian, I’m a barbarian and I’m proud of it, it gives a chance that my country will live another thousand years. And I know that our women will not be raped with impunity by the crowds of savages, that I will not go under the rainbow flag and even more so wash the feet of those who trample on my god!
    3. Mahmut
      Mahmut 29 March 2016 11: 26
      The ghost of communism, wandering around Europe, was not born in the minds of the most inveterate Russophobia. And it is probably no coincidence that this ghost so confidently stuck in the minds of exactly the Russian majority. So either the author is too clever, or the missiles will no longer help.
    4. Galich Kos
      Galich Kos 29 March 2016 11: 40
      Quote: Stena
      According to the German economy, it is supported only by cheap Russian gas.

      This statement is equivalent to the statement that the Russian economy is 100% dependent on the cost of oil, which in itself is nonsense!
      1. Stena
        Stena 29 March 2016 14: 14
        Quote: Galich Kos
        This statement is equivalent to the statement that the Russian economy is 100% dependent on the cost of oil, which in itself is nonsense!

        Without statistical calculations - the German economy consumes a large amount of energy. Where to get it from? They closed nuclear plants, alternative sources - it’s not yet clear whether they will give the necessary volume or not, oil and gas remain. The cheapest gas and oil are in Russia. Take away cheap Russian gas - immediately they will become more expensive, which means less consumed goods made in Germany.
        Where is the mistake here? I’m just too lazy to go into German statistics in order to show this in tablets and numbers. If you are not too lazy to look for such figures (official, of course) - I will be glad to talk in detail.
        If I simply agree to the expression of this opinion, I first wrote sloppy. But the meaning is just that ...
  2. Wolverine
    Wolverine 29 March 2016 10: 09
    And what a normal article, refreshed the memory so to speak ...
    1. Altona
      Altona 29 March 2016 10: 38
      Quote: Wolverine
      And what a normal article, refreshed the memory so to speak ...

      An article where the author takes one thesis and begins to suck it from all sides, not noticing the forest for the trees. At least to begin with, I classified sovereignty into "political, informational, military and security sovereignty, cultural, economic." But as usual, everything is in a heap. Now the most important sovereignty is ideological, everything else grows from it.
      1. dogens
        dogens 29 March 2016 11: 03
        Quote: Altona
        Quote: Wolverine
        And what a normal article, refreshed the memory so to speak ...

        An article where the author takes one thesis and begins to suck it from all sides, not noticing the forest for the trees. At least to begin with, I classified sovereignty into "political, informational, military and security sovereignty, cultural, economic." But as usual, everything is in a heap. Now the most important sovereignty is ideological, everything else grows from it.

        Sorry, but for me, sovereignty is the only one. Either you're addicted or not addicted. It doesn’t matter what constitutes a violation, but if your sovereignty is violated, then it is violated. And the point. Therefore, I do not agree with you about the classification, but with the author, that he is trying to separate interconnected things from each other. He is out of state sovereignty, pulls out some kind of information ... what is it all about? information sovereignty - the right to propaganda? Or is it just a broadcast right? What are cultural values ​​in propaganda? If, according to the Author, Europeans slipped the values ​​of the United States, replaced the Bavarian sausages with the American Dream, then I'm sorry they are not sovereign. And with the Internet, according to the logic of the Author, then the meaning of this word as a whole is lost.
        1. Altona
          Altona 29 March 2016 11: 30
          Quote: dogens
          Sorry, but for me, sovereignty is the only one.

          Then, according to the logic of the author, however, in this case, correct, one single sovereignty in nature does not exist. There is a division of labor in the world, which no longer implies absolute economic sovereignty. Even the DPRK uses a lot from the outside, despite the Juche.
      2. mikh-korsakov
        mikh-korsakov 29 March 2016 11: 34
        The author, using the example of the collapse of the USSR, showed that military, cultural and economic sovereignty do not play a role if people are put in the right mind. Very pessimistic article after reading. it seems. that everything is correct, but what to do? Alas. The story of the collapse of communism has shown how most people behave with their nose to the wind. In early 1991, the majority was in favor of the USSR, and in December no one rose to defend. And further. the driving force behind the coup in 1991 was the Moscow "intelligentsia". The author rightly noted that now this audience recognizes only material success and is measured by the toughness of the car. And their sovereignty ... And it's sad! Do you really have to go through this shame again.
  3. Pravdarm
    Pravdarm 29 March 2016 10: 11
    Sorry for healthy literacy, but
    Quote: author
    Honestly, I myself wrote this damn word constantly with errors!
    Damned why, by whom damned ?, and what is there in this word that it can be "write with errors constantly"?! Therefore, he became interested in the question.
    Quote: Author Oleg Egorov
    So we looked at the definition,
    Who are we?
    PS: Why is this phrase?
  4. vladimirw
    vladimirw 29 March 2016 10: 19
    So the loss of information sovereignty is no better. Sooner or later it will affect.
    This is a very correct idea, and everything else is understood after this loss - the loss of economic, political sovereignty
  5. tiredwithall
    tiredwithall 29 March 2016 10: 19
    Unfortunately, the author does not fully own the material. "It's just that the US and the FRG are united by a negative attitude towards Russia, and we have an illusion that the Germans are not independent." It does not take into account the Marshall plan, the Chancellor Act, and the setting off of Germany and Russia in two world wars in the absence of fundamental contradictions, etc. Turkey is also included in the category of sovereign states ...
    "Such is the funny paradox: the Germans live next to Russia, but they shape their vision of the world according to American patterns (we also had this in the 90s)." Dear author - it is not the Germans who mold, but the Americans imposed their own patterns. All media are controlled from across the ocean. Compare, for example, old French films and remakes.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 29 March 2016 10: 39
      There are three types of freedom.
      - Western freedom - freedom according to the Anglo-Jewish export canons imposed by the Golden Billion on the whole world with the aim of destroying or total subjugation of the enemy.
      - Internal freedom - the canon of freedom for internal use in countries exporting Western freedom.
      - True freedom - life in accordance with their own ideas about freedom, its boundaries and the degree of responsibility.
      1. tiredwithall
        tiredwithall 29 March 2016 10: 56
        Well said. Only the first type I would attribute not to "freedom", but to the system of gangster concepts (life according to concepts).
    2. Altona
      Altona 29 March 2016 10: 40
      Quote: tiredwithall
      Compare for example the old French films and remake.

      I enjoy watching by the way, and French and Italian cinema, which was filmed before the 1990s.
    3. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 29 March 2016 10: 49
      Pitted then pitted .... But in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. there really was a bunch of very influential ideologists, journalists, politicians, publicists of their own, German, spill, who openly expressed anti-Russian views.
      1. 97110
        97110 29 March 2016 11: 16
        Quote: Sergej1972
        But in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. there really was a bunch of very influential ideologists, journalists, politicians, publicists of their own, German, spill, who openly expressed anti-Russian views

        At the institute, the teacher of scientific communism recommended seeing the economic base as the basis of any social phenomenon. The Germans took in the east was cheaper and more than in the west. In any case, they always imagined that. Under this and anti-Russian theories were in demand.
    4. 79807420129
      79807420129 29 March 2016 11: 03
      Quote: tiredwithall
      Compare for example old French films and remake

      Otherwise, only French and Italian, you can and can compare the Soviet and Russian remake, one solid Hollywood. request
    5. marl
      marl 29 March 2016 13: 25
      Quote: tiredwithall
      "It's just that the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany are united by a negative attitude towards Russia, and we have an illusion that the Germans are not independent."

      If the Germans were independent, their healthy pragmatism would have overpowered Russophobic sentiments long ago. What kind of German sovereignty can we talk about, if it has not been a secret for a long time that any more or less serious appointments in power, including in the military sector, are impossible without coordination with the State Department. The Germans themselves are not shy about this.
      Germany’s strong dependence on the United States should not be overestimated: Germans play adult games in the Middle East, and especially in Europe.

      That's right, they play, but only according to the rules that are dictated to them from across the ocean.
      The same can be said about France, with all its independent foreign policy. Suffice it to recall how Mr. Hollande rushed between the State Department and the Kremlin after the Paris terrorist attacks, and how then he was skillfully blown away. I don't even want to comment on the half-year passions around the contract for the supply of Mistrals to Russia. If all this means sovereignty, then yes, the French certainly have it.
  6. Abbra
    Abbra 29 March 2016 10: 22
    Good journalism, what can I say. And the thoughts are right. I note that Western culture after the 90s managed to level much in Russian society. Of course, not everywhere and not with everyone. But fact is fact. Here is just one example (the first thing that occurred to me): friends, relatives, gathered at a feast, stopped singing songs. Our. Tell me a trifle?
  7. LukaSaraev
    LukaSaraev 29 March 2016 10: 23
    Personally, I completely agree. No need to delve into the style. The idea of ​​the article is very true.
    Remember how Napoleon and Alexander in the middle of the Neman on the raft signed the same treaty against England. And all the same, it was profitable to buy machines and everything else, bypassing the agreement on the Continental blockade. After that there was Berezina ... Now The same sanctions invented by Napoleon ... Only here, the Russians buy rocket engines anyway. Hey, they don’t fall under sanctions. People are driven by greed and envy ...
  8. revnagan
    revnagan 29 March 2016 10: 25
    The author speaks about the Russians in Donbass. And this is correct, because they are exterminated there only because they wanted to remain Russian people in their land. But in Ukraine 40% of the population is Russian. At least. There is no talk about these people at all. More those who are not in the Donbass are considered almost traitors. Millions of Russians live all over the world. What to do with them? Who are they for Russia? Look at tiny Israel: let someone in the world try to catch a Jew. What forces will be thrown on protection of "honor and dignity"! And the Russians, you can. And no one will notice. Or they will also say with satisfaction: "This is what they want, traitors!" Why, there are a lot of us, Russians. There are still a lot of Russians. You can scatter. Do not protect. Just pushing the Russians away in the same Ukraine, leaving them to the mercy of fate and calling them traitors, what kind of attitude should we expect in return?
  9. Enoch
    Enoch 29 March 2016 10: 26
    Germany’s strong dependence on the United States should not be overestimated: Germans play adult games in the Middle East, and especially in Europe.

    The German people, like the French and other European, have not played anything for a long time. They play it - railway masons building a world government without being tied to borders. This anti-Christian pseudo-state is created by them under the direct control of Dennitsa, that is, the devil. And all the rulers of the United States and Europe are members of the Masonic lodge, and their peoples are hostages. And ISIS they created just for this. Only Russia Orthodox them, like a bone in the throat, because God punished us, but did not leave us. Thank God!
  10. kotvov
    kotvov 29 March 2016 10: 28
    I can’t agree with the author. What can he explain, to the statement of the Chancellor, he (the Chancellor) must go to Fashington. Also with the Mistrals, weren’t they exceptional, did they exert pressure on Paris? There are no independent states in Western Europe.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 29 March 2016 10: 51
      Well, there is no formal procedure for approving the German Chancellor in the United States. It seems to me that this is largely a myth. How then did the Americans allow the election of Willy Brandt or Gerhard Schroeder?
  11. urapatriot
    urapatriot 29 March 2016 10: 30
    Entering this game according to their rules, we will certainly lose. Therefore, the right to one’s, namely one’s own system of values ​​and one’s standards of education, is no less important than a nuclear shield.

    Harold Joseph Laski - Quote. “Where the rules of the game do not allow you to win, English gentlemen change the rules.”
  12. pts-m
    pts-m 29 March 2016 10: 31
    I completely agree with the opinion of the author, but one small BUT remains. The determination of the status of a person went from the top, and this was supplemented by a double standard of relations with an ordinary citizen. Although, as the Constitution states, the law is equal before the law. And really? It is from here that the feet of all sovereignty and the thinking of citizens grow.
  13. Alex66
    Alex66 29 March 2016 10: 38
    You see, for me the choice is not difficult, to drive Russians to the Donbass or Europe, but the president (our elite) does not ask me to do this. During the Second World War, the people gave the last and knew what it was doing for, and now there are a lot of examples when some save their homeland by causing fire on themselves, while others get off with suspended sentences for embezzling billion rubles.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 29 March 2016 11: 16
      Quote: Alex66
      some save their homeland by causing fire on themselves, while others get off with suspended sentences for embezzlement of billion rubles.

      So I am. ONE-CHILD. Well, think of it, they stole a hundred billion, but then they changed pink slippers to patriotic T-shirts. And those who are with parmesan, they also want to eat, but how to eat an oyster without an avocado salad with parmesan? So ask Vysotskaya, she will tell you everything in detail and with cost.
  14. kam4atka
    kam4atka 29 March 2016 10: 39
    You cling to the words, the author wrote everything available either "tse Europe" or his own way. How many more wars are needed? to understand, only his own path of development is capable of truly elevating the country and the peoples living in it. Something like this.
    1. dogens
      dogens 29 March 2016 11: 26
      In general, as I wrote above, I fundamentally disagree with the author that state sovereignty can be distinguished from the state, or some other. SUVERINET ONE! Either you are independent and independent, or you depend on something. point.
      Further, when the author spoke about Ukraine, and about the wrong opinions in society, it seemed to me for a second that we were ashamed now that we had violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, and this, as we know, is of the greatest value. And I was ready to argue that God be with him with Ukrainian sovereignty, when you have NATO missiles in the Crimea can get up .... but no. I did not even understand how the author jumped to other topics about Germany, France and the United States, and their full independence. Here.
      And further on the article itself:
      1). I agree with the author that Europe is not fully controlled. This is the same force as the United States, which just for the time being acts in the same direction with the United States. And sometimes their paths diverge. But the fact that they bend their policy with an eye on overseas "capital" and other "benefits" I think no one will argue.
      2). The fact that Europeans do not have their own values ​​fundamentally disagrees. The vast majority of Europeans have their own opinions. And to sign them all under a rainbow parade is not worth it. There are quite normal people there. Who, like us, reflect, think, seek the truth. Just like ours. After all, we also hold rainbow parades ... I also know that in the same Germany, quite a few disagree with the policy of the Chancellor, as well as the entire EU. Is this possible in a dependent state? where is the Gestapo? and where are the brainwashed?
      3). The author’s very true idea is that in our big cities the value system has been replaced. Moreover, from a schoolboy to an adult uncle with gray hair. And these uncles sometimes sit in offices. And sometimes our fate is decided. This is a problem, and this course needs to be changed. But I am afraid that we have everything from extremes to extremes. Now, as a new plan for the return of cultural property is announced, the theater of the absurd will begin. Remember Putin, we ride on a combo, on viburnum, and on badminton. Now what? to which extremes? all officials in shorts? Kokoshnik women? The main thing is not to go too far. But the direction of self-determination is very important.
      4). Associated with 3. Education system. I recently wrote that, unfortunately, only our next generations will be able to get rid of many of our problems. These should be people who are tired of all this to the land. What we can do for the country now is to raise our children correctly. This is the right education. And parenting. There may be moderate religious education, so that the child knows that we are all mortal and God (if you want a conscience) sees / does not slumber everything.
      five). It’s necessary to start at least something ... tired of exaggerating. The construction of factories. Technology development. Infrastructure development. Social Reforms. CX raise. At least start.
  15. smirnoff-spb1
    smirnoff-spb1 29 March 2016 10: 54
    Dear Oleg Egorov!
    Allow me to insert your "five cents" to the last paragraph of your essay, after all, after all, the last paragraph is the rational kernel of the whole work. Conclusion on the above, to be more precise.
    The DPR and LPR can (a priori), without much effort, put under arms at least 100 thousandth army of real men from 27 to 45 years old. And in the end ?:
    - Picking a coal for the uncle of the capitalist;
    - They work at construction sites, or rather "shabashki" in St. Petersburg and Leningrad. region (20 thousand people), (this is only data registered with the FMS). And not only at construction sites but also by small enterprising "businessmen" - (buy - sell);
    - They work similarly in maskvabad (away from the clutter of independence), I think it's not difficult to guess the number, judging by the standards of St. Petersburg.
    So what's the fuss about? Who should nurture their independence? 100 thousand people with the help of a chance tool and earthmoving equipment from coal mining enterprises would have dug a border ditch-reservoir 10 m deep and 100 m wide along the 40 meridian long ago. We set up observation posts a la border and smoked "bamboo". But they don't want to. The mentality, if you please. This is where you need to start talking about freedom, independence and peace on this earth. And if for the local peasant the position is: "my house is on the edge, I am working," then forgive me, pompous speeches are useless.
    So truly: "you should not respect a person who does not respect himself", returning to the title of the topic, so to speak.
    V. Smirnov
  16. koshmarik
    koshmarik 29 March 2016 10: 56
    Somehow everything is gloomy. Or or? But in history this does not happen. There is an endless movement. Someone is fighting with someone, someone is reconciling, then best friends, then sworn enemies, and this is normal. It will take some time and relations between Russia and the EU will normalize. Dialectics.
    1. 97110
      97110 29 March 2016 11: 24
      Quote: koshmarik
      It will take some time and relations between Russia and the EU will normalize.

      It is doubtful. Some want to take someone else's (EU), others want not to give their (RF). They normalize when either the EU or the Russian Federation wants to fall off.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 29 March 2016 11: 24
      Quote: koshmarik

      Everything can be, everything can be, everything can be, maybe it just cannot be - that which cannot be.
  17. guzik007
    guzik007 29 March 2016 10: 57
    USSR -that was a sovereign state. And Russia, if not regrettable, still does not have full sovereignty. If you already undertook to write an article, then give a complete definition of the term.
    First of all, what does it consist of, the main whales, i.e. Yesterday on the next branch there was an unlikely stronger article on this topic. and about food and about industrial and about all other components of the definition of "sovereign state".
  18. atamankko
    atamankko 29 March 2016 11: 01
    I did not understand what the author wanted to express in his article.
    1. Olezhek
      29 March 2016 11: 28
      We will seize the continuation (intrigue the main thing, entice the reader) and so 10 articles ... am
      How are the series done? Put it all in the first part - who will watch you? Who will pay advertising?
    2. ProtectRusOrDie
      ProtectRusOrDie 30 March 2016 04: 58
      It seems that something in between "we will die" and "all prophesied" ...

      Personal opinion - the truth is in the article, but more / more emphasis is placed on the next escalation of hysteria ...

      Personally, I am for objective information, criticism of government actions, etc.
      BUT! Similar articles appear 5-10 per day (and this is only on this resource).
      For a normal person, such charges of negativity (daily! And in abundant quantities) can completely discourage the desire to be interested in the picture of events! - And this already smacks of the "theory of shock therapy" of our "partners" (by the way, adopted for execution in relation to our country)

      Gentlemen - "let's in moderation"?
  19. RomanS
    RomanS 29 March 2016 11: 08
    The issue is not freedom, and not even ideology. "West" is good at making a PRESENTATION! You (us) are being sold something interesting and beautiful. And whether it is log or necessary, the seller does not care. So the Soviet Union took the lead behind a shiny wrapper, ignoring its real achievements (even more abruptly than Western counterparts). We eat the results today. If you love and respect YOUR achievements, then imports are perceived more real.
  20. weksha50
    weksha50 29 March 2016 11: 12
    "So for Russia now is the time to choose: either there; or here; ... In a sense, we were lucky: either we will have our own “blackjack and whores” sovereignty, or they will eat us"....

    Hmm ... I guess I didn’t understand something ...
    How are we lucky - either that we will either have our own sovereignty with our whores, or that they will eat us?

    If the author by "whores" meant our political and oligarchic "establishment", then yeah, what we have, we have ...

    Well, what about eating the sovereignty of Russia ... I wonder who this one will try to do, not afraid to choke ???

    To eat our sovereignty - this will mean at the same time the loss of our own sovereignty of the glutton ... Both the costs and the result will be at least the same ...
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 29 March 2016 11: 27
      Quote: weksha50
      Well, what about eating the sovereignty of Russia ... I wonder who will try to do this without fear of choking?

      Yes there are such. True, the last time they are very lucky and mostly cake on the face. (cry.)
      1. weksha50
        weksha50 29 March 2016 14: 49
        Quote: Lelek
        they are very lucky and mostly cake on the face.

        Um ... The packaging for the cake was invented quite creative ... It would be better - without it, to spread it all over the face ...
  21. ava09
    ava09 29 March 2016 11: 15
    (C) Germany’s strong dependence on the United States should not be overestimated: Germans play adult games in the Middle East, and especially in Europe. (C)
    The "Germans" are so different that they "play" completely different games, just like the Americans and many others. As the saying goes: "Some diamonds are small, while others are liquid cabbage soup." In this attempt to understand, one should investigate not the peoples and countries, but the specific interests of specific groups of supranational administration and coordination. And the original meaning of the word "sovereignty" has nothing to do with independence and independence.
  22. SklochPensioner
    SklochPensioner 29 March 2016 11: 21
    "I understand that here now many will come running and start screaming ..."

    Came running. I cry: What is the article about? !! smile
    We do not respect ourselves, then yes? Am I vaguely sorry for something?
    The author plus for being his, and for his sadness. It happens. Will pass hi
    1. Olezhek
      29 March 2016 12: 05
      Came running. I cry: What is the article about? !!

  23. crazy_fencer
    crazy_fencer 29 March 2016 11: 30
    "If you do not control your education system and information space, then you have no sovereignty, and missiles will not help you ..."

    Neither reduce nor add. Thinly noticed. And for sure. And now it makes sense to look back and see what is happening in Russia with education and with the information space. In this context, Russia has long been a colony. Bologna education system and completely Western standards for organizing the information space.
  24. Rostislav
    Rostislav 29 March 2016 11: 33
    I agree completely, article 10500+.
    Precisely noticed, it’s not necessary to control the weapon if you can control the shooter's head.
    Therefore, the formula for communicating with the West is simple: "Don't tell me what to do, and I won't tell you where to go."
    But to reject an alien ideology and a system of values ​​imposed on us is not enough, we must offer our own in return. Unfortunately, this is a problem.
  25. hartlend
    hartlend 29 March 2016 11: 35
    The article did not like. The author gives the impression of a student who needs to write an abstract and get credit. There is no time to delve into the topic, I thought a little about everything and is ready. I think it already dawned on everyone that the world was arranged (not arranged, but arranged precisely) not as written in the UN Charter. And a good word again needs to be reinforced with a pistol. But why this happens and who is happy with all this is a topic for discussion. The scope of one article is not enough. Who is interested, refer to the works of Sergei Danilov, George Sidorov, General Petrov, etc. Video, books - everything is online.
  26. Wolka
    Wolka 29 March 2016 11: 36
    I'm afraid the author raised a big, sore, but not chewed topic, there will be a ringing and there will be a polemic, and broken dishes will also be, God forbid, not in vain ...
  27. Ru_N
    Ru_N 29 March 2016 11: 37
    "Napoleon blew up the Kremlin without any American prompting. And even without a British one." Here you can doubt a little. There, it seems, as Napoleon's closest ally, did not appear at the final battle. But then he richly lived out his days in America.
  28. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 29 March 2016 11: 45
    Sad ... but overall a very truthful article ...
    It is necessary to raise sovereignty in education and ideology ... to fight for the generations of our children ...
  29. iliya87
    iliya87 29 March 2016 11: 53
    In many ways I disagree with the author. Here is a trivial example: France initially at the highest levels (including President Hollande) argued that the sanctions would not affect the Mistral deal. Lo and behold, a French bank is fined 2 billion dollars because of transactions with still "under sanctioned Iran" not even 3 days have passed since France's position changes. I can cite a lot of such examples, Europeans are free only so much and before it is beneficial to Uncle Sam. And then he asks them, if they do not understand, then at the beginning he gently spanks and everything falls into place.
  30. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 29 March 2016 12: 01
    It became very sad and alarming when I read this article and asked for an analogy with 1991. It's amazing how stereotyped our "friends and partners" work against us. I remember the nineties well and understand the analogy with current events. In the late eighties, the people began to stir up economically against the communists. How? Differently. I well remember how in Leningrad, before the elections to the executive committee, sugar suddenly disappeared from the counters. Before that, there were heaps - and here are the coupons, obviously someone held back in the warehouses, and now there is panic, and here are the coupons. Farther. There was a discrepancy between the amount of money in the population and the amount of goods. A common measure to remedy this situation is to raise prices. Ryzhkov declares this to the entire Union, but the Supreme Soviet forbids him to do so. What will happen from this? People will sweep everything off the shelves until the price rises, and they are right. Thus, the economic basis for the coup was prepared. At the same time, a political foundation was being laid (dancing on the bones of Stalin, criticism of the planned economy, criticism of the CPSU, a nationwide ridicule in the face of the quarrel between Gorbachev and Yeltsin), when people were already brainwashed. act as an entertainer in the arena of a crap circus based on an anecdote, Yeltsin and Gaidar, and voila. What happened next - everyone knows. Now it seems to me that our Western opponents are sure that the economic basis for the coup has already been prepared (rising prices, impoverishment of the population, incessant polemics between economists, but almost nothing is moving). Now they have moved on to the political part. They want to discredit Putin in the eyes of the population. the most sensitive vectors for the population are corruption. The only hope is that Putin is not Gorbachev, despite the fact that he managed to gather talented people in the political leadership. I answer my opponents in advance - I judge by the results of their affairs.
  31. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 29 March 2016 12: 20
    With a deep philosophy, if it is about state sovereignty, then yes, Germany, France and some other countries are sovereign, but only nominally. Indeed, they do not have cultural sovereignty. Yes, and they instill this depraved sovereignty by force, fear. They inculcate non-traditional orientation by force, since many resist. You can’t make a Russian, since he thinks in Orthodox standards, although we also have our own savages. Based on the fact that the information war has been launched against us for more than a century, the Anglo-Saxons have been successful in our country. This is also the revolution of 17, the collapse of the USSR, when the population was raised consumer interest and rightfully, since we lived with the ephemeral expectation of a better of life. Now, we need our own education, our own science, culture, our Orthodox values, as well as Muslims, too, Russian values ​​should be there, not Turkish or imams from Oman. The article is necessary and interesting. Ukrainians have already departed from us, although not all because of the desire to live in a Geyropeisky, although they did not know how to live in a Geyropeisky way.
    1. Olezhek
      30 March 2016 10: 20
      With deep philosophy, if about state sovereignty, then yes, Germany, France are still some countries sovereign, but only nominally.

      As already stated in the article: any sovereignty relative.

      No countries whose sovereignty = 0 or = 1 contains intermediate values
  32. Igluxnumx
    Igluxnumx 29 March 2016 12: 35
    Interesting and challenging topic. But, thank God, Russia already has a DOTU - Sufficiently General Theory of Management, which shows how people and countries can be governed simply by imposing their own system of values, their view of the world around them. Moreover, this is the first priority, ideological, the strongest and most invisible. But the sixth priority (military) is the roughest and weakest. So the closeness of the world outlook between, say, Germany and the United States is an artificially created closeness! And it is created by the state media, art, culture, which extol certain values, imperceptibly captivating, forcing to believe. No, I do not want to say that I believed it - I was gone! But, gentlemen and comrades, these are not ours, these are their values. And they are formed proceeding not from ours, but from their interests. Although outwardly everything looks very beautiful: peace, friendship, chewing gum, this and that. We so passionately sought equality with European countries, entry into the common market, respect in the European "family". But it turned out - behind the beautiful wrapper are all the same selfish interests of others, the desire to sell beads to a savage, in return for oil, gas, timber, furs, bread, etc. But time is changing. And the next media - the Internet - began to rip off the masks, it was too fast and all-pervading. And yet - we still achieved our goal and lived for a period in a "single European family", at one table, so to speak. Is there anything to remember besides heartburn? so we are getting smarter before our eyes. And "business will not be conducted as before"! Amen.
  33. hhpp
    hhpp 29 March 2016 13: 53
    That would ban the sale of oil and gas abroad. Only products, not raw materials and only for rubles. Taxed on selling abroad. That's where the benefit would be.
    1. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 29 March 2016 17: 38
      Quote: hhpp
      That would ban the sale of oil and gas abroad. Only products, not raw materials and only for rubles. Taxed on selling abroad. That's where the benefit would be.

      Oil and gas strategic svrye. And the cost of strategic raw materials exported abroad (hydrocarbons, metal, diamonds, etc.) should be equal to the cost of imported goods in the form of equipment, technologies, and not carrots and potatoes, which are capable of and must be produced by themselves, and especially not jamon . Only then will it be an equivalent exchange of goods. The condition for bargaining with the West should be like this - if you introduce a ban on the sale of Russian technologies, then we do not supply hydrocarbons. It is in the country's interests to be strong, and if Russia’s development is restrained from outside, Russia should not help strengthen these countries by providing cheap raw materials, hydrocarbons and financing Western banks to buy bonds of countries with debt many times greater than GDP. Moreover, these Wishlist are directed primarily against the Russian Federation.
      Sovereignty must be provided with economic measures without fail.
  34. romandostalo
    romandostalo 30 March 2016 00: 03
    I didn’t read it to the end, I stumbled on the sovereignty of Germany, France ... Something is wrong !!!
  35. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 30 March 2016 04: 46
    Honestly - from the article remains a persistent feeling "It is not clear why - but everything is bad and you have to cry." 50, 100, 150, 200 ... years ago, the picture of our relations with neighboring states was more or less the same ...

    Therefore - I dare to recall the often-mentioned phrase of the Russian Emperor Alexander III - "In the whole world we have only two loyal allies," he liked to say to his ministers, "our army and navy. All the rest, at the first opportunity, will take up arms against us."

    Personal opinion - in politics and strategy - Friends are not just not there, they basically cannot be! Only temporary allies.

    Mister author - so what is the essence of the cause of the tragic syllable?
    1. Olezhek
      30 March 2016 20: 13
      Mister author - so what is the essence of the cause of the tragic syllable?

      Rather serious, not tragic.