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Eleven Congressional Declarations of "Declaring War"

Although American troops were used very often since 1776, the US declared the state of war only 11 times as a sovereign state, starting with the first declaration of war on Great Britain in 1812 and ending with the acts of the Second World War era. The constitution provides the Congress with the exclusive right to declare war, and since then it has allowed the use of military force, as well as formulating military policy through the allocation of funds and the exercise of oversight. Below are images of each of the declarations of war declaration adopted by Congress. All documents are available on the US Senate National Archives website.

Declaration of Declaration of War on the United Kingdom (17 June 1812 of the Year)

Eleven Congressional Declarations of "Declaring War"

Not to be confused with the American War of Independence. The 1812 war of the year, as it is called in the USA, is little known here in Russia, but for the Americans and the British it is an exceptionally important event. The results of the war turned out to be quite contradictory. Americans have not been able to capture Canada, but failed to defend the independence again. The British burned the White House in Washington and staged a deaf naval blockade to the States, but they failed to achieve complete victory.

Declaration of War Mexico (12 May 1846 of the Year)

A border dispute between the United States and Mexico led to an armed conflict where 16 American soldiers were killed. President Polk demanded a declaration of war, falsely claiming that "Mexico crossed the border of the United States, invaded our territory and shed American blood on American soil." 12 May 1846, the Congress agreed to declare war on Mexico. The war lasted a year and a half. American troops occupied New Mexico and both California, parts of northern Mexico. Texas was rejected earlier.

Declaration of War of Spain (April 25 of the year 1898)

During the uprising against Spanish rule in Cuba, President McKinley sent the cruiser "Maine" to Havana after riots began to threaten American citizens. 15 February 1898, a powerful explosion occurred on the ship that killed 288 American sailors. This event led public opinion toward war, although the cause of the explosion was never determined. 25 April 1898, the Congress approved a resolution declaring war on Spain. The ten-week conflict ended with an American victory. In 1898, the Treaty of Paris established the American occupation of Cuba, as well as indefinite colonial power over Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, which precipitated the collapse of the Spanish empire.

Declaration of War of Germany (April 6 1917 of the year)

Declaration of War of Austria-Hungary (December 7 1917 of the year)

In 1914, World War I began between Germany and Austria-Hungary on the one hand, and Great Britain, France and the Russian Empire on the other. America did not formally intervene in this war for the first three years, although it was inclined to help Britain. But in 1917, thanks to British intelligence, Americans learned about the German plan to finance the Mexican military invasion of the States, to help regain control of the territories of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. 6 on April 1917 of the year Congress approved a resolution declaring war on Germany, from 7 on December 1917 of the year - Austria-Hungary.

After the collapse of the German front in 1918, a truce was signed. The Versailles Treaty of 1919 of the year formally ended the state of war between the Western allies and Germany. It is noteworthy that the Ottoman Empire of the United States did not declare war and did not conclude peace with it later.

Declaration of War on Japan (December 8 1941 of the Year)

Declaration of War of Germany (December 11 1941 of the year)

It is curious that initially the document was written about the Japanese Empire, but later corrections were made with a pencil. On the whole, remarkably large number of errors and corrections in such important documents.

Declaration of War of Italy (December 11 1941 of the year)

Declaration of War of Bulgaria (4 June 1942 of the Year)

Declaration of War of Hungary (4 June 1942 of the Year)

Declaration of War of Romania (4 June 1942 of the Year)

Between 8 and 11 December 1941, the Congress declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy, and 4 on June 1942 approved military resolutions against other Axis countries - Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. After five years of hostilities, all the Axis powers capitulated.

After World War II, the US Congress did not officially declare war on any country, but it voted 23 times, allowing “limited military actions”, including in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Many of these polls came post factum.
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  1. baudolino
    baudolino 28 March 2016 09: 17
    Except perhaps the wars with Japan, all the other wars were clearly calculated business projects.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 28 March 2016 09: 58
    After World War II, the US Congress did not officially declare war on any country.. The war was connected with aggression .. They are fools, declare themselves aggressors ...
  3. tundra
    tundra 28 March 2016 10: 18
    Someday the descendants will look at the surviving documents of the West and decide
    how (peaceable) the nation lived on the North American continent.
    And how aggressive was Russia.
    And it will not be familiar to them that there are nations that make history,
    but there are those who write it, in a favorable color for themselves.
  4. Captain nemo
    Captain nemo 28 March 2016 13: 28
    It seems that Japan, several hours before the attack on Pearl Harbor, declared war on America itself. Why, then, after her attack, declare war on Japan?
    After the note on the declaration of war, one should think about the evacuation of diplomats, and not the delivery of reciprocal notes with a "declaration of war."
    After all, Germany did not declare war on France, attacking it in 1940 after France and England in 1939 formally declared war on Germany.
    And Germany seemed to be the first to declare war on America.
  5. Litsvin
    Litsvin 28 March 2016 21: 29
    More than 100 years ago, Henry Ford, a talented engineer and well-rounded educated man, said golden words about the Zhydomason elite of the United States: "It is necessary to isolate the 50 richest Jews and all wars on Earth will stop immediately!" A century has passed, and these words have become even more relevant. Now, wherever you look in the World, where violence and wars are taking place - everywhere "American financial and political ears" stick out. They would take these and cut off these "ears together with a head" with an ax on the deck, you look and there will be less troubles in the World. hi