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About promising ship projects for the Russian fleet

During its heyday, the Soviet Union had one of the largest naval fleets in the world. Later, after the collapse of the country, the situation deteriorated significantly. A large number of ships and submarines ceased service and went to the break. The remaining, in turn, could not continue to full service, which seriously hit the country's defense. Nevertheless, it is now possible to re-engage in the construction of ships, submarines, auxiliary vessels and the necessary infrastructure. Some of the earlier plans have already been implemented, which allows us to determine the course of action in the future.

Currently, at various stages of construction, there are several dozen orders for the naval fleet. Over the next few years, the fleet will receive a large number of new and repaired ships and submarines. In addition, deliveries of completely new equipment are planned for a more distant future. Already now some details of promising projects are known, with the help of which the power of the Navy will be created in the distant future. In recent years, several new projects of ships and submarines have been presented or announced, which will have to begin service, at least in the middle of the next decade.

Aircraft carrier

Perhaps one of the main topics of discussion in the context of the development of Navy ships in recent years is a promising project for a domestic aircraft carrier. At present, our country has only one ship of this class, which leads to the corresponding expectations. The general public, and with it some representatives of the military and political leadership of the country, show great interest in ships with the possibility of carrying aviation groups. Nevertheless, while this interest does not leave the stage of preliminary study of the problem.

About promising ship projects for the Russian fleet
Model of a promising aircraft carrier, presented a few years ago. Photo

Over the past few years, the topic of building new aircraft carriers has been raised repeatedly at different levels, but so far the matter does not go further than discussions and elaboration of some issues. According to various statements by representatives of the armed forces and the leadership of the country, a new aircraft carrier can be built no earlier than the end of this decade. In addition, it is possible to further shift the time to the right with the delivery of the first ship of the new type no earlier than the middle or the end of the twenties. Thus, the possibility of building an aircraft carrier is not excluded, but the timing of these works does not inspire optimism at all.

Despite the absence of any clear plans, shipbuilding already offers its options for promising ships. Earlier it was reported, Krylov State Research Center is developing several versions of the aircraft carrier project. These ships must differ in size, displacement and other characteristics. Back in 2013, a model was shown at one of the Russian exhibitions, showing the main ideas of one of the new projects. For obvious reasons, it is only a visualization of one of the proposals, because of which it can (or even should) seriously differ from the ship that will be built in the future.

According to available data, the possibility of building ships with a displacement of up to 80-90 thousand tons with a nuclear reactor or non-nuclear power plant capable of carrying about fifty aircraft is being considered. Take-off is proposed to carry out with the help of catapults or a springboard, and the landing is carried out using an aero-finisher. Which of these proposals will reach practical implementation, and which will be changed - time will tell.

The timing of the start of work on the creation and construction of a promising aircraft carrier is still the subject of controversy and therefore is unknown. Moreover, the absence of significant News Recently, it suggests that the construction program is shifting again. As a result, even the mid-twenties seems too optimistic for the deadlines for the delivery of the ship. Thus, at least over the next 10-12 years, the “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov” will retain the title of the only aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy.

Amphibious assault ships

Most recently, there was an active discussion of the contract for the construction of two French-developed Mistral-type amphibious assault ships. At first, the contract itself was discussed, its necessity and consequences for the fleet, and then the theme of the disputes was the refusal of official Paris to transfer the constructed ships and the events that followed. The result of all the events around the two ships was the return of money paid to Russia and the search for a new buyer. However, safe resolution stories with the Mistrals, the issue of creating new amphibious ships did not drop from the agenda.

Layout UDC "Avalanche". Photo of Wikimedia Commons

Currently, the main hope of the amphibious fleet are the ships of the 11711 project. The first large landing ship of this type ("Ivan Gren") has already been built, and the second ("Peter Morgunov") was laid last year. According to the 11711 project, as announced, only two ships will be built. In the future, new types of ships will go into the series.

In the summer of last year, information appeared about plans to build larger amphibious assault ships, as described in the class-specific universal ones. According to press reports, the first such ship will begin to build in 2016 year. It must differ from existing ships in large sizes and in the possibility of a landing party at a considerable distance from the coast. He will be able to transport not only armored vehicles of various types, but also helicopters. It was alleged that the fleet will receive at least four such ships.

Apparently, unnamed media sources, speaking of the new UDC, meant the “Avalanche” project developed by the Nevsky Design Bureau. At the beginning of last summer, a model of such a ship was presented at the Army-2015 forum. The project was created as a possible replacement for already built ships, which France refused to transmit. According to its characteristics, the ship "Avalanche" should not yield to "Mistrals". In addition, it is planned to provide some advantages over the existing equipment, both domestic and foreign.

UDC "Avalanche" should have a displacement of 24 thousand tons with a length of about 180 m. The ship should receive artillery and rocket weapon for self defense. Most of the volume of the hold and the deck will be allocated for the transport of armored vehicles and aircraft. Declared the possibility of transporting 50 armored vehicles, up to 16 helicopters and up to 500 people. At its own expense and with the assistance of amphibious assault boats, the Avalanche will be able to land assault forces both at a distance from the coast, and directly on the coast, equipped or not equipped.

Last year it was reported that the construction of new amphibious ships could begin as early as 2016. However, there were other dates, not earlier than 2018 of the year. In this case, there is reason to assume that the command of the Navy has already determined the need for the construction of such ships, which is why only the deadlines for the execution of these works and the contractor remain in question. What enterprise and at what time will begin the construction of ships such as the "Avalanche" (or other similar project) - will be known in the foreseeable future.

Destroyers "Leader"

At least since the end of the last decade, a new destroyer has been developed, which in the future should replace the existing ships of several projects. From time to time the shipbuilding industry published some details of current works, and also revealed certain features of the project. Finally, in 2015, for the first time, a model of a promising ship was shown.

Layout destroyer "Leader". Photo of Wikimedia Commons

According to previously announced data, the destroyer of the new project "Leader" will have a displacement of 18 thousand tons, which will equip it with all necessary equipment and armament. It is planned to entrust this ship with the implementation of anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense, as well as strikes against ground and surface targets. It was argued that the "Leader" will be able to replace the existing destroyers of the 956 project and large anti-submarine ships of the 1155 project. In terms of its strike capabilities, this destroyer will be inferior only to 1144 missile cruisers.

The use of a nuclear power plant was mentioned. In addition, it was supposed to equip the "Leader" with universal launchers for missiles of various purposes. Total ammunition is estimated at 150-200 missiles. The full composition of the ship’s armament has not yet been disclosed, which leads to the appearance of various assumptions. For example, there is a version about equipping a destroyer with a long-range anti-aircraft missile system developed on the basis of the promising ground-based C-500 system.

The next few years it is planned to spend on completing the development of a new project. The construction of the head "Leader" starts in 2019 year. On such plans last year, said the commander in chief of the Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov. The number of destroyers has not yet been clarified, but some sources mention the possibility of building a series of 10-12 ships in the interests of several fleets. Probably most of the new destroyers will leave to serve in the Northern and Pacific fleets.

Underwater fleet

In recent years, special attention has been paid to the development of the submarine forces of the navy. The consequence of this is the serial construction of nuclear submarines of the 955 “Borey” and 885 “Ash” projects, as well as the diesel-electric 636.3 “Varshavyanka”. Thus, in the case of the latter, the program is already nearing the end of construction of the first batch of six submarines, after which it is planned to order the second such series. Also in June, it is planned to lay the next submarine of the Borey project, and the construction of the sixth Ash-tree will start at the end of the year.

Diesel-electric submarine project 636.3 "Varshavyanka". Photo

Recently, there have been some news about the further development of the submarine fleet. It is reported that at present the Malachite Design Bureau is engaged in shaping the look of a new multi-purpose nuclear submarine, which will belong to the fifth generation. The project received the cipher "Huskies" and is in its early stages. At the moment, very little is known about this project. Boats of the Husky type will have to solve the same tasks as the submarines of the 885 project, and their main armament will be Zircon missiles. It’s too early to talk about any characteristics, if only because of the current stage of the project. So far, experts are only engaged in shaping the appearance of new technology and determine its main features.

It is planned to include the construction of new non-nuclear submarines with an air-independent power plant in the next State Armaments Program, which will be implemented by the year before 2025. Thus, in the foreseeable future, the navy will receive the submarines of the new project "Kalina", created in the CDB MT "Rubin". The number of submarines required has not yet been determined, but this issue will be resolved over the next few months. A new state program is planned to be approved by the end of 2016.

It is reported that the new project "Kalina" implies equipping the submarine with an air-independent power plant and the Caliber missile system. Other technical details have not yet been disclosed. According to the domestic press, the new project already exists, but has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Defense and has not received its approval. Thus, in the near future, several important stages of the project must pass, which will open the way for serial construction.

Near future

Construction of new aircraft carriers, destroyers "Leader", amphibious assault ships "Avalanche" and submarines "Huskies" is a matter of a rather distant future. The laying of these ships and submarines will take place at least at the end of the current decade, which will lead to the corresponding deadlines for the delivery of finished equipment. Nevertheless, the construction of ships and submarines of various types is already underway, which allows for fleet modernization and increasing its combat capability without waiting for the creation of new promising projects.

The frigate "Admiral Grigorovich", transferred to the 10 fleet of March. Photo

According to reports, before the end of the current 2016 year, the navy should receive about a dozen new warships and submarines of several types. By the end of the year, the main frigate of the 22350 project “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshki” is scheduled to be handed over to the fleet. March 10 was signed acceptance certificate on the lead patrol ship project 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich." Until the end of the year, another two such ships, the Admiral Essen and the Admiral Makarov, will give the fleet. It should be noted that the construction of the following ships of the project 11356 should be seriously delayed due to problems with the supply of components. Due to the temporary lack of suitable engines, they will be able to be completed and transferred to the fleet only by the end of the decade. Not earlier than the middle of 2016, the fleet combat squadron will be replenished by the large landing ship Ivan Gren of the 11711 project. Also in the plans for this year, the delivery of the corvettes "Perfect" and "Loud" of the 20380 project. Thus, this year the fleet will receive seven large surface ships: the first of them (the frigate Admiral Grigorovich) has already been handed over, six more are waiting for their time.

Plans to complete the construction of submarines for the current year are much more modest. At the end of the year, two submarines of the 636.3 Varshavyanka project will be handed over to the Black Sea Fleet: B-268 Velikiy Novgorod and B-271 Kolpino. The following atomic submarine transmissions, which are currently under construction, are planned only for 2017 of the year.


At present, a program to build new ships and submarines is being implemented in our country. Several new units should be part of the Navy by the end of this year. In the following years, the delivery of a large number of new ships is also planned. This will increase the share of new technology to the desired level and thereby increase the combat capability of the Navy.

Simultaneously with the implementation of current orders for existing projects, the domestic industry is developing new ships and submarines. In some cases, as with an aircraft carrier, the future of current projects has not yet been determined and is the subject of controversy. Other projects already have some plans that will be implemented in the future. Construction of the destroyer “Leader”, submarines “Husky” and other new equipment will start no earlier than 2018-20, and they will be in service only by the middle of the next decade. Thus, now, for many years before the proposed start of the service of new ships, experts create a groundwork to protect the country in the future.

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  1. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 25 March 2016 06: 48
    The key word here is "promising".
    But what the prospect will be - no one really knows ... Unless the Lord God request
    Because as they say "dreaming is not harmful - it is harmful not to dream." And for dreams to come true, you just need to do at least something to make them come true. what
    To begin with, deal with the conditions of the political conditions within the state (oligarchy, corruption), solve economic (nationalization). Then dreams can come true winked
    1. SU69
      SU69 25 March 2016 10: 50
      In addition to boats, one big thing: Blah! Blah! Blah!
      If we collect all the projects and promises for the last 15 years, then we must live in the richest country with a powerful army.
      But in fact, they just ... if 1.5 trillion petrodollars and filled only the pockets of powerful invaders.
  2. qwert
    qwert 25 March 2016 07: 12
    Quote: Rurikovich
    To begin with, deal with the conditions of the political conditions within the state (oligarchy, corruption), solve economic (nationalization). Then dreams can come true

    And it is right. Otherwise, our priority is football clubs, ocean yachts and real estate in Nice. Fleet, somewhere out there ... At the level of piece corvettes and "perspective projects"
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 March 2016 07: 35
    As Comrade Bonaparte said, in order to conduct military operations successfully, three conditions are necessary: ​​money, money, and again money. Here is a hitch.
    1. Ride78
      Ride78 25 March 2016 10: 31
      The budget for 1000 T-50 aircraft is stolen per year, and they decide how much to do before 2020 - 12 or 24
    2. ametist415
      ametist415 25 March 2016 11: 58
      With money but without specialists, you won’t do anything. Cadres, they are not masses, and therefore decide everything.
    3. PSih2097
      PSih2097 25 March 2016 13: 37
      Quote: inkass_98
      As Comrade Bonaparte said, in order to conduct military operations successfully, three conditions are necessary: ​​money, money, and again money. Here is a hitch.

      the first to say it was not bonya ...
      Three things are needed for war: money, money, and again money ...
      Erroneously attributed to Napoleon I (1769-1821), theorist of military art, Count Raimondo Montecuccoli (1608-1680), etc.
      As the Italian author Ludovico Gvichchardini wrote in his essay "Leisure time" (1565), he replied Marshal Gian-Jacopo Trivulzio (1448-1518) to the question of Louis XII, what preparations are needed to conquer the Duchy of Milan, and Bonaparte simply coordinated.
  4. Hammer
    Hammer 25 March 2016 07: 38
    Russian frigate = American destroyer, Russian destroyer = American cruiser, Russian cruiser = American aircraft carrier, Russian aircraft carrier =? smile
    1. Brother
      Brother 25 March 2016 09: 36
      The Death Star winkwell... or Emperor-class Titan (it's from Warhammer 40k).
    2. Ride78
      Ride78 25 March 2016 10: 32
      By displacement? Whenever possible, cruise missile attacks are much worse.
      1. KaPToC
        KaPToC 25 March 2016 20: 59
        What cruise missiles are we talking about. By Russian standards, Western URO ships are generally unarmed.
        1. Kalmar
          Kalmar 28 March 2016 12: 00
          Quote: KaPToC
          What cruise missiles are we talking about. By Russian standards, Western URO ships are generally unarmed.

          Why is this? They have strike weapons - the Tomahawks are the same. In the future - anti-ship LRASMs; now they are simply not given the task of combating large NKs.
          1. KaPToC
            KaPToC 28 March 2016 19: 09
            Tomahawks are only against motionless targets - against the shore, LRASMs are only being designed. At the moment, the Americans have only Harpoon, a subsonic missile with a combat range of 120-150 km.
            In the case of a squadron battle of our fleets, how will they shoot? By the time the US Navy approaches the range of the harpoon battle, how many combat units will remain in their ranks?
    3. ametist415
      ametist415 25 March 2016 12: 05
      = not better than Lada viburnum. Happy people live in illusions.
    4. tchoni
      tchoni 26 March 2016 22: 13
      You whose one is not smoking ... :-)
  5. surrozh
    surrozh 25 March 2016 08: 03
    Beautiful boats, you still have to live, so as not to look at the pictures.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 38
      At the same time, it is advisable to work, due to its capabilities. smile
  6. Kenneth
    Kenneth 25 March 2016 08: 24
    IMHO well-armed frigates are the best version of the modern fleet. Although, of course, to frighten the Papuans (demonstrate the flag) you need to have one or two aircraft carriers, not very large, and two three BDKs. Well, the submarine, so that the Americans do not think that they have forgotten about them. And all sorts of destroyers, cruisers - expensive and irrelevant toys
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 25 March 2016 09: 02
      Quote: Kenneth
      And all sorts of destroyers, cruisers - expensive and irrelevant toys

      yeah. and what do you order collective air defense squadrons to provide? And the autonomy of swimming, And ammunition far from their native shores ... but they have a lot more.
      Although in general there are many of their own. And financial and organizational problems do not allow now to build ships of such classes. In fact, the shipbuilding program for corvettes, frigates, and Ashes has failed. there is no time for aircraft carriers. But shipbuilding is an extremely complex industry. Fleet development planning should be done 20-30 years ahead. The aircraft carrier raises many questions ... but a large destroyer cruiser, one way or another, will probably be needed. Not as a "white elephant" and "at any cost", but as a means of ensuring the combat stability of naval groupings in distant theaters of operations. And then the question of an aircraft carrier, if not a strike, then an escort one, comes up ... But this is a matter of a rather distant future. Today's realities are MRK (corvettes), alas. But this is also an extremely important help now. And in the conditions of the World Cup, it may even have some advantages.
      1. Kenneth
        Kenneth 25 March 2016 12: 33
        And why do we need squadrons. Which ocean are you planning to get to and with whom to fight there. The defense of their shores is the maximum challenge for our fleet. Well, a demonstration of the flag, for which - a parade group.
        1. Bronis
          Bronis 25 March 2016 13: 10
          Quote: Kenneth
          And why do we need squadrons. Which ocean are you planning to get to and with whom to fight there. The defense of their shores is the maximum challenge for our fleet. Well, a demonstration of the flag, for which - a parade group.

          And the Mediterranean squadron) Is our Syrian coast Russian, or what ... Or do you think that in the future there will not be a situation similar to the present? There, what does the cruiser Moscow do?
          Do not read Wikipedia. The frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" cannot be a replacement for a cruiser. Yes. You can push a long-range anti-aircraft missile into the Redoubt cell. just how many will fit in there? And the electronic weapons of such ships are pure self-defense. Trust me. further more. Many of their "But". We are not talking about 60-80 destroyers, like the United States. But you will have to have the order of 10 ships of the destroyer / cruiser class. Even for action close to their shores. The deployment of a naval surface grouping without air cover is unlikely ... and do not think that the naval aviation will be able to reliably cover the fleet even close to its shores. this is an unrealistic task. Plus, don't think that the idea of ​​missile defense will remain just an idea. it will be promoted by both them and us. The time frame for the creation of large ships from project to series is at least 15 years. so you need to think about them ahead of time.
          1. Kenneth
            Kenneth 25 March 2016 15: 12
            Mediterranean - through the straits, Atlantic - through the straits, Pacific - by the Japanese. Yes, our fleet is locked - calm down. It can roam anywhere only when it is quiet. NATO has overwhelming superiority at sea. And to wander to Syria - Kuznetsov will have enough of the same frigates.
            1. Bronis
              Bronis 25 March 2016 16: 54
              Quote: Kenneth
              Mediterranean through the straits, Atlantic through the straits,

              That is why the USSR had a rather significant squadron in the Mediterranean, "not locked" in the Black Sea. You can, of course, say that it was "locked" in the Mediterranean ... But then it will turn out that any fleet is "locked" in the water basin assigned to it in the area of ​​responsibility ...
              Quote: Kenneth
              Quiet - past the Japanese.
              . Yeah. Especially the Kamchatka Peninsula ...) There is a contentious issue of who and by whom. The only question is the available forces and means ... even in the case of Vladivostok.
              And traditionally, the SF has the greatest shock potential of surface forces. It is there that serve large surface ships to a greater extent. Not in the Baltic.
              1. Kenneth
                Kenneth 25 March 2016 22: 11
                There is enough submarine on the SF. The rest was built to ensure the deployment area, which is now irrelevant.
          2. Alex777
            Alex777 26 March 2016 21: 10
            In Redoubt's cell, except Redoubt, you cannot shove anything.
            For many reasons, size is not in the first place there either.
            And against anti-aircraft missiles converted into anti-ship missiles (what the Americans are doing now) Redoubt is helpless.
            It would be better if the Beech M3 was "overwhelmed" as soon as possible.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Andrey77
        Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 52
        Corvette is able to provide air defense, another thing in its seaworthiness. In the gulf or the sea still floats, but you can’t release it into the ocean.
    2. ametist415
      ametist415 25 March 2016 12: 10
      100 thousand tons of displacement, atomic and with catapults, if small, it pumps it and the Papuans laugh.
    3. tchoni
      tchoni 26 March 2016 22: 15
      Here. I completely agree. Moreover, the frigate's slope should be in the direction of air defense and anti-aircraft defense. A separate type of frigate for each task is desirable. And assign the percussion tasks to the submarines.
    4. Andrey77
      Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 45
      The role of aviation in naval forums is greatly underestimated. And from here there are questions - why do we need an aircraft carrier? Needed! And yesterday. Well in Syria, we had a take-off, but if it hadn’t been?
  7. engineer
    engineer 25 March 2016 10: 06
    America needs aircraft carriers, but a couple of aircraft carrier cruisers are enough for us. The rest of the coastal defense (frigates, corvettes) landing ships and of course the submarine fleet with the SSBN and hunters for pl.
    1. ametist415
      ametist415 25 March 2016 12: 20
      Soviet approach to the concept of the Navy. Huge amounts of money were spent, almost like in the USA, but they have a balanced multipurpose fleet with developed infrastructure, and we have neither one nor the other. Compare via google maps the Norfolk base and the SF or Pacific Fleet bases. I repeat that we spent no less money and resources than the United States.
      1. Serg65
        Serg65 25 March 2016 19: 23
        Quote: ametist415
        . I repeat that we spent no less money and resources than the United States.

        bully I even know who it is you! Look, the heirs of the father of Russian democracy B. Nemtsov, with a fight, share the state of an innocently killed BILLION of honestly earned bakery !!! And the former former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the USSR, Mr. Patanin, must have received an inheritance? The career of one of the main managers of Russian resources Prokhorov is generally a detective, in 24, the head of the International Bank, and in 27, the chairman of the board of a commercial bank! Indeed, you have spent quite a lot of money and resources!
        1. Monge
          Monge 25 March 2016 19: 33
          24 years old head of the International Bank, and at 27 years old, chairman of the board of a commercial bank! Indeed, you have spent quite a lot of money and resources!
          It's just that our country has talented youth! There’s a son of Rogozin Dmitry Olegovich what a fine fellow! And the sons of the Attorney General? We must rejoice. Young are our way laughing
          1. Serg65
            Serg65 26 March 2016 07: 51
            Quote: Monge
            Look, the son of Rogozin Dmitry Olegovich what a fine fellow! And the sons of the attorney general?

            laughing AHA, Alexei Ragozin and Artyom Chaika, according to rumors and presumably how much they stole from the state? How much money did a graduate of short-term courses at Yale University, best friend of Gary Kasparov, Gureev, Maria Gaidar, Eduard Bagirov (author of the post "Chilling hatred for the shitty post"), a fighter against corruption, Mr. Navalny, counted in their pockets? Yes, by the way, do not explain how the complete bankruptcy Navalny became a co-founder of Eurasian Transport Systems LLC, and subsequently, not related to Aeroflot in any way, entered the board of directors of this company ... can you tell me who finances this ghoul?
            1. Monge
              Monge 26 March 2016 12: 02
              Yes, I completely agree with you. From the physiognomy of Garry Kasparov, I was nauseous even during his chess career. This whole audience is disgusting. But! But their closest relatives do not occupy key posts in the state.
  8. hamadryad
    hamadryad 25 March 2016 11: 09
    Quote: SU69
    But in fact, they just ... if 1.5 trillion petrodollars and filled only the pockets of powerful invaders.

    It’s just such a many-way, inaccessible to the understanding of ordinary cattle. Putin again outplayed everyone! Sarcasm, if Che ... But in fact - in the last two world wars, the Soviet-Russian fleet did not play any role, frankly, his contribution to the fighting It was close to zero. The Korean War, Vietnam gave the same results. In my amateurish opinion, we must use the gift presented by our ancestors - the territory. To put emphasis on the land component. On naval aviation, on anti-submarine ships. And it would not hurt to study the American experience in the construction of civilian dry cargo ships and dual-purpose container ships and in involving them in the transport of military goods. We bypass the issue of logistics, but this is an important component.
  9. iouris
    iouris 25 March 2016 12: 00
    Surface ships are needed ... to scare the pirates who are nasty to world trade within the WTO. All kinds of antennas, superstructures, cannon vents inspire respect in them. Modern "invisible" designs are not capable of producing such an effect on savages.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 25 March 2016 12: 35
      You can stick on top of all sorts of antennas and other crap from plywood.
  10. xomaNN
    xomaNN 25 March 2016 13: 48
    Prospects for the Russian Navy compared with the 90s are good. With regards to the Krupnyka-NK - how is the situation with new large docks for such projects? The costs of both money and time for these structures are rather big.hi
  11. Rubber duck
    Rubber duck 25 March 2016 16: 10
    The epic superstructure of the promising destroyer "Leader" reminded one of the Japanese battleship Fuso.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 25 March 2016 16: 53
      Rather, the "Izumo" - a paper Japanese battleship in the image of "Rodney".
  12. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 25 March 2016 18: 07
    Russian Navy to be!
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 25 March 2016 18: 58
      All these promising destroyers, aircraft carriers and landing ships, will appear in the fleet no earlier than 2030
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 34
        Yes. But if you don’t go, they will never appear. The road of 10000 leagues begins with the first step. (C)
  13. exo
    exo 25 March 2016 20: 00
    Quote: Vadim237
    All these promising destroyers, aircraft carriers and landing ships, will appear in the fleet no earlier than 2030

    For the most part, they will remain projects. If you look at the pace of construction of small ships and you are horrified. I really want to believe in the bright future of the fleet, but the reality speaks differently.
    1. ametist415
      ametist415 26 March 2016 11: 28
      Judging by the comments, many think that with two or three small ships and a few super nano missiles, we will be able to tear apart the entire US aircraft carrier fleet like a "Tuzik heating pad".
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 37
        At the same time, forgetting that the United States has several fleets. And that each of them includes far from 1 aircraft carrier.
  14. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 25 March 2016 20: 08
    Vadim 237! It is possible even earlier than 2030. but it is necessary to modernize the shipbuilding facilities and "something" to change in the brains and organizational structure of the USC? For, as the classic of Marxism - Leninism used to say: "Production relations restrain the development of productive forces"! It is also interesting to read the Program "2020" "Development of shipbuilding in the Russian Federation" of the Government of 2011 (by Dvorkovich) - this is a truly hilarious fantasy: just one "increase in labor productivity by 9,8 (!) Times" of what is it worth? This is how we will increase productivity by an order of magnitude, and like in China under Mao, cast iron in the yards of schools and kindergartens instead of cast iron in the circles of young technicians for modeling aircraft carriers. We will scrape the cruisers and the EM like hats from a cow. 30 each from one skin?
  15. klopik4
    klopik4 25 March 2016 21: 41
    Rogozins and an apartment for half a billion: an investigation of Transparency International - Russia

    Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, possibly owns an apartment worth 500 million rubles.
    After the son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in charge of the military-industrial complex, Alexei Rogozin, was appointed to the position of Deputy Director of the Department of Property of the Ministry of Defense, we drew attention to the declarations of the Rogozin family.

    [media = http: //]
  16. voldemar_k
    voldemar_k 26 March 2016 01: 29
    I don’t understand why such a thirst to make an aircraft carrier, yes, maybe not one? Isn’t it easier and cheaper to make normal airfields on every island of the Kuril chain? To build a couple of platforms (a la drilling) with landing strips in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, like jump airfields? Why this pathos and aplomb in the form of a ship with a population of 2500 people? Well, a flag demonstration. And where to demonstrate it? In puddles called the Black and Mediterranean Sea with their straits hostile to us? In the northern seas with their storms, an aircraft carrier will be helpless.
    Well, so can calm down and do something more productive? For example, the construction of strategic roads in the Far East, Kamchatka and Chukotka with the possibility of landing aircraft on them? Finally, to create the full technological cycle technique for laying reliable pavement at sub-zero temperatures, which is what our road builders like to do. This task will abruptly collider.
    1. Sally
      Sally 26 March 2016 02: 05
      It is necessary and then that money as always (and now also the capacity for the construction of all these splendors)
      1. aba
        aba 26 March 2016 03: 13
        and now also construction capacities

        ... as well as personnel that "decide everything!"
  17. Andrey77
    Andrey77 27 March 2016 13: 32
    An aircraft carrier is needed as air for .. air. Now the first violin is played by aviation (after the Strategic Rocket Forces =)).
    1. KaPToC
      KaPToC 27 March 2016 15: 47
      Missile ships rule, aircraft carriers carry auxiliary functions.
  18. Kalmar
    Kalmar 28 March 2016 12: 09
    Quote: article
    At present, the main hope of the landing fleet is the ships of Project 11711. The first large landing ship of this type (Ivan Gren) has already been built, and the second (Peter Morgunov) was laid down last year. According to project 11711, it was announced that only two ships would be built.

    I wonder what they are for? As far as I remember, they didn’t manage to think of "Mistrals" of intelligible application. Where are you going to parachute?
  19. Ustinov 055 055
    Ustinov 055 055 30 March 2016 10: 46
    The leader is an eagle redone
  20. Div Divich
    Div Divich April 2 2016 15: 05
    Specifically registered to express their point of view.

    Water open spaces are roads, ships are transport vehicles.

    Russia’s aircraft carriers are not needed, we’ll wipe the entire budget, but we’ll get a barely moving turtle, very highly specialized, unused in everyday life. Aircraft can fly under their own power.

    The same funds can be directed to the mass production of high-speed universal assault landing patrol ships.

    Helicopters for Ka-52 special operations do not need to be constantly kept on these ships so that they can be transferred to any fleet when needed, rather than chasing a couple of fishermen on very expensive vehicles.
    The ships should simply have universal hangars suitable for both the Ka-32 and the Ka-52.

    How many helicopters does one ship need? It depends on what rank the ship is. For patrolling in two shifts, 2 pieces are enough. But to pacify local wars, one ship per fleet with a reinforced air group of 6 helicopters (3 pairs) is needed. On such ships with a reinforced air group, places for 3 pieces of Ka-52 should be reserved.

    Landing - patrol ships must load - unload through the stern, on the equipped shore from the pier, and on the unequipped with a pair of cargo boats, in emergency situations with the help of landing helicopters.

    Nose ramp - it has many drawbacks, you need to refuse it, for example, you need to choose a place where to dock, and with aft unloading you just need to sail to any place.
  21. Div Divich
    Div Divich April 5 2016 01: 40
    The ideal version of the landing ship of Russia now can not be mastered, since it is very expensive and long.

    Then there is the cheapest and fastest option - to improve the BDK 11711 project (Ivan Gren), to complete the feed loading / unloading through cargo boats and from the pier, and to exclude the bow gates.
  22. Div Divich
    Div Divich April 6 2016 04: 45
    Ivan Gren even good for export, if you modify and make the helicopter an additional option.
    Many countries simply cannot afford to buy very expensive UDCs, and all countries that have access to the sea or ocean need a military truck.

    Export is needed so that shipbuilding enterprises do not stand idle.
  23. Div Divich
    Div Divich April 11 2016 16: 32
    Can be made trickier and cheaper.
    There are landing helicopters on other ships, there are no attack helicopters.
    So you need to make universal hangars, and when you need to - load attack helicopters and sail to their destination.

    So simple, without the development of helicopter carriers, we get ships with attack helicopters.