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Mysterious Russians and their Syrian cunning plan

The world press is still discussing the "sudden" withdrawal of the main part of the Russian troops from Syria. The second most popular topic is the creation of federative education for Kurds in Syria near the Turkish border. Oddly enough, both events are surprising to many experts. Yes, and politicians, too: Obama said that the Russian "bogged down" in Syria, but they are not bogged down. At the same time, analysts unanimously admit that Putin proved his status as a major player on the world stage.

Egyptian journalist and commentator Fahmi Huwaidi in the Qatari newspaper "The Pininsula" told about the "mystery of the sudden withdrawal" of the main part of its troops from Syria by Russia.

The author recalls that the global media are now “concerned” with two major Middle Eastern topics: the sudden withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and the announcement of the Kurdish federation in the Syrian border zone near Turkey.

"Both news became unexpected for everyone, ”writes a columnist. There was a lot of analytics, lots of comments. Until now, experts are trying to understand how these events will affect the outlined redrawing of the map of the region. Many have written on these topics, but analysts have no agreement on the reasons for the sudden partial withdrawal of Russian troops.

The only thing that all analysts agreed on was the recognition that the step taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed his status as a major player in the international arena and, in particular, in the Middle East. It also became clear that the fate of Syria is in the power of Russia, which now has strong positions at the naval base in Tartus and at the Hmeimim airbase).

The general understanding of the actions of Russia is as follows: Moscow planned mainly to protect the Assad regime, and not to fight ISIS. In addition, Moscow “reacted” with the Syrian scenario to Western sanctions imposed due to the Ukrainian crisis. Most analysts believe that the reason for the withdrawal of troops was the success of the agreement between the US and Russia (on a political settlement in Syria). The second possible reason is that the pressure from Russia on Assad forced the latter to accept the idea of ​​the federalization of the country, which he had previously rejected. The third likely reason is the economic crisis in Russia due to the decline in oil prices. This caused a reduction in the military budget, and the war in Syria, according to estimates, requires up to three million dollars in everyday expenses. The fourth reason may be that President Putin is concerned about Obama’s decision to deploy military forces on a permanent basis along the borders of the Baltic and Eastern European countries.

Anyway, everything will become completely clear in the next few weeks. Something is already clear today: the Arab states have lost control over their own destinies, the author believes.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now rejoicing: they were not satisfied with the Russian troops in the region.

Three other players are concerned: 1) Syrian regime, which "lost one of its key supporters"; 2) Israel, who felt comfortable in the presence of Russia, because it impeded the growth of the influence of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria; 3) Syrian Kurds, who increased their influence along the borders of Turkey with the help of Russian troops and wanted to create a federal system that would be supported by both Russia and the United States. Russian fighters, in fact, helped them "achieve their goals."

What did the parties to the conflict come to in the region?

Today, not one of the Arab capitals has an answer to the question “what will happen next,” the Egyptian columnist believes.

Why so?

According to the analyst, the Arab states share the loyalty of the masters: some glances at Moscow, others at Washington. There is no other choice: local states have to follow one of these two capitals. Now the Arabs are busy "listening to the daily news from there."

However, "the only correct answer," the author believes, must "come from the Syrian people." According to Fahmi Khuvaydi, this people “have not abandoned their dream of freeing themselves from Assad,” despite the fact that the clashes in the country have been going on for five years now.

Apparently, we add, for “clarifications” about this “dream of the Syrian people”, the American Secretary of State also flew to Moscow and Kerry. Probably, his visit is connected with an attempt to find out something about the actions of Russia - after all, "the mind does not understand Russia." Oh, American something for sure.

The fate of Assad, whom Russia has openly supported by military force since last year, is no longer in the hands of the “Syrian people” that Fahmi Khuvaydi is praying for. It is rather in the hands of Putin. (By the way, the Egyptian realizes this, it is not easy to write that “the fate of Syria is in the power of Russia.”) And Kerry went not to the “people” to negotiate, but to the Kremlin: to get at least 1%, even a hint, that for “sly plan "prepared by the Russians. Do not know. Not those times. On the issue of "learn" it was good to talk with Gorbachev or Yeltsin. They learned everything, and even more. Today, the Kremlin has somehow changed abruptly, and prefers to make surprises in politics.

The Kurdish issue and the federalization of Syria, too, certainly do not bypass the agenda, even if the press does not know anything about it. After all, the United States favors the Kurds and is ready to pinch here a barrel of Turkish "neosultan". Washington is left to negotiate with Moscow, for which Erdogan has for some time ceased to be a “partner.”

In addition, after the withdrawal of troops from Syria, John Kerry and his boss, Obama should be very interested in the almost forgotten situation in the east of Ukraine.

Mr. Kerry has often gone to Russia in recent years, and this suggests that the Egyptian commentator is somewhat right: Russia has managed to prove its status as a major player in the international arena. Even the transatlantic hegemon, who recently spoke of the “international isolation” of Moscow, has to reckon with this “player”.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Bureaucrat
    Bureaucrat 25 March 2016 06: 43
    At the embassies of the Russian Federation in the Arab countries it is necessary to hang up the poster "ANY ACCOMMODER TO REVOLUTION!" laughing
    1. Lekov L
      Lekov L 25 March 2016 12: 27
      And it would be good to be a marker below, krivenko like this:
      with the loot
  2. Приговор
    Приговор 25 March 2016 06: 48
    The article says so, as if our military presence in Syria has been completely canceled. This is fundamentally wrong. Only a PART of the contingent has been withdrawn, and then only one that will be ineffective during the period of sand storms. In general, neither in Syria, nor in the former Ukraine, our dances with the United States have far ended, all the most interesting will be ahead. And even more so, no one is going to cancel the sanctions regime, this also needs to be understood. Understand and plan your actions, remembering and considering this unfortunate fact.
    1. Masya masya
      Masya masya 25 March 2016 08: 58
      And we bear losses.
      "In the area of ​​the settlement of Tadmor (Palmyra, Homs province - ed.), An officer of the Russian special operations forces was killed while carrying out a special task of directing Russian aircraft strikes against the targets of IS terrorists (Islamic State, banned in the Russian Federation - ed.). a combat mission in the Palmyra region for a week, identifying the most important objects of the ISIS and giving out the exact coordinates for attacking Russian planes, "the Russian representative said.
      According to him, the soldier heroically died, causing fire on himself, after he was discovered by terrorists and surrounded.

      RIA Novosti
      So still ahead ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. n.kolesnichenko
        n.kolesnichenko 25 March 2016 20: 51
        In war, as in war !!! So far, not ONE army in the world has learned to fight without losses .... And the highest efficiency! Syrians are already taking Palmyra !!!
  3. sa-ag
    sa-ag 25 March 2016 06: 48
    "Doesn't know."

    I am also a "binomial of Newton", it is enough to look at recent history, this is a state of unstable equilibrium, the idea was indeed not a fight against ISIS, but just a fight for a gas market in Europe in this territory
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 25 March 2016 10: 01
      Cynical, but KMK is the closest thing to the truth. well, and a bunch of side "hares".
      To support the Kurds against the "kicking" Turkey (which disrupted the construction of the gas pipeline). Explain to the dull-witted that it is impossible to "PICK" with impunity as before, that oil prices can be brought down, and you can get problems ... and so on. etc.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 March 2016 06: 50
    Putin has proved his status as a major player on the world stage.

    And, I want to note, this is not the first time. The attitude of Americans toward Russia, right before our eyes, began to change. Once again, Kerry hurried to Moscow, and a line of other politicians began to line up behind him, both Western and Middle Eastern. But this is all politics and diplomacy. But in reality, the attitude of the West towards Russia remains not only at the same level, but is also ready to worsen at any time. Something tells me that a major provocation against our country, inspired by the United States and their satellites, is not ruled out.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 March 2016 07: 03
    In addition, after the withdrawal of troops from Syria, John Kerry and his boss, Obama should be very interested in the almost forgotten situation in the east of Ukraine.

    I think that Obama will not wait until he can blame all the mess that he made on his next successor. And there’s something to disentangle!
    1. Drmadfisher
      Drmadfisher 25 March 2016 08: 16
      it seems to me the same way, Obama will dump, and the steamed porridge will go to two inadequate ones and what will come of it ...
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 25 March 2016 07: 33
    Will not know. Not those times.... they will not lead to the bathhouse ...
  7. kirgudu
    kirgudu 25 March 2016 08: 26
    Some garbage. In the last 100 years, Arab states themselves have rarely been governed by themselves without the orders of the gentlemen from above. And who said something is being deduced? We changed planes for helicopters with dust filters before the start of the dust storm season. The Syrian Express goes to Syria, empty back.
  8. tan0472
    tan0472 25 March 2016 08: 33
    Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now rejoicing: they were not satisfied with the Russian troops in the region.
    Interestingly, if planes withdrawn from Syria end up in Armenia, will Turkey continue to rejoice?
  9. Ros 56
    Ros 56 25 March 2016 08: 34
    Like kids right. The mind can not understand Russia, and so you striped and even more so.
  10. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 25 March 2016 08: 46
    The guys did not understand that we were there seriously and for a long time.
  11. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 25 March 2016 09: 06
    But I wonder why it was Putin who was considered a large player in the arena for the withdrawal of troops?
    But didn’t you count for the deployment of troops?
    Which experts are weird.
    They, in my opinion, expert what they want. One expert, others repeat - because it is fashionable. In a trend.
    Russia declared - the introduction of troops for a limited period. Limited.
    Previously, there were limited contingents and an unlimited period.
    Now - a limited time and unlimited contingents. Including Caliber and White Swans.
    Well, let's continue.
    So Putin clearly knew that sooner or later the troops would be withdrawn! Then, mabey, re-enter. With unlimited contingent.
    And for experts, this is a direct discovery.
    Well, free - the will, experts - paradise. Paid for expertise, but there even though the grass does not grow.
    Some kind of funny experts. Clowns, I’m not afraid of the word.
    1. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 25 March 2016 17: 55
      Quote: Bashibuzuk
      But I wonder why it was Putin who was considered a large player in the arena for the withdrawal of troops?
      But didn’t you count for the deployment of troops?
      Which experts are weird.

      My opinion is that there was no conclusion as such. Another phase began, dictated primarily by economic reasons. Let me explain what I mean.
      The planes that brought out, in fact, completed their work completely. Destroyed infrastructure, warehouses, headquarters, large manpower formations. For aircraft, there simply were no corresponding goals. Agree, chasing individual shaitan cars or the theme of fuel trucks on a plane is upward economic idiocy. Aircraft, fuel, ammunition is very expensive to hit on single targets. That is why most of the planes were withdrawn from Syria, and in return they introduced a helicopter fleet, which is more consistent with today's goals. No wonder there appeared MI-28 and even KAMOV. So, I do not think that someone threw someone .... Support for aircraft by the Syrians, as it was, did not stop, but the helicopter only grows.
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 25 March 2016 20: 02
        Duc, and I'm talking about ....
        Brought ... - one
        Enter ... - other
        In any case, a major player. In the arena. The international
        It seems that these experts ... dtam .. very nravitstso when they enter, then output.
        Well, I say, strange experts.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 25 March 2016 09: 09
    Russia took upon itself the burden of the peacemaker.
    This was already under Emperor Alexander III, when in Europe no gun could fire without his permission.
    The task is difficult, but worthy of Russia. And Russia is worthy of this task.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 March 2016 18: 21

      Do not grind nonsense.

      The role of the Russian peacekeeper in tsarist times was based on a multilateral treaty on the preservation of the autocracy. The state system at the head of which is the king or king. It was an agreement of mutual assistance to preserve statehood.

      At the moment, Russia has fulfilled its military mission in its interests in the first place.

      It is important for Russia to create an international system of understanding based on sovereign states. To renew a politically independent trading system.

      And eliminate external threats. Start your path of national development, without external influence.
  13. 72jora72
    72jora72 25 March 2016 11: 01
    Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now rejoicing: they were not satisfied with the Russian troops in the region.
    But what, did they disappear somewhere ?? Well, yes, they brought out excess planes for which there are simply no goals for now, introduced helicopters that are currently more in demand. We saturate the Syrian troops with art and armored vehicles (which implies an increase in the number of specialists and instructors). Our air defense also did not go anywhere .......
  14. iouris
    iouris 25 March 2016 11: 44
    Russians have learned to use PR effectively. There is no conclusion, but it is. The United States has made a mess. First, they destroyed Iraq, creating Kurdish autonomy on the territory of Iraq, then they began to implement the plan to create a Kurdish state at the expense of Syria and Turkey. This part of the task (according to their plan) was to be solved with the help of the Russian Federation. It was for this that Erdogan was forced to shoot down the Su-24. But Erdogan then decided to annex part or all of Syria, and then with the help of ISIS "solve" the Kurdish problem.
    While the S-400 is standing, who can rejoice over what?
  15. 123321
    123321 25 March 2016 14: 21
    Can Alaska return to Russia? A document entitled “Alaska - Back to Russia” appeared on the White House’s petition site. Under it, a person who wishes can leave his signature.

    An unknown author calls on the American government to return these territories to their true owners.

    - A group of Russian Siberians crossed the isthmus 16-10 thousand years ago. Russians began to populate the coast of the Arctic, the Aleuts settled in the Aleutian archipelago, the author of the petition emphasizes.

    The author also reminds Washington officials that the expedition of Shestakov and Pavlutsky, which included the surveyor Gvozdev and sub-navigator Fedorov, landed on the shore of Alaska on August 21, 1732.

    That's just a document on the site is not so easy to find. Only a person who has a direct link can respond to it, but on the main page she was visible for only a few minutes, after which she disappeared somewhere. At the moment, using the search on the White House website, this appeal cannot be found.

    Despite everything, about a thousand and a half people have already signed their petition. Authors need to collect another 99,998 thousand signatures. The collection will continue until April 20.

    The fact is that the White House administration is not obliged to give an answer to the petition, however, according to the rules, if it overcomes the milestone of 100 thousand signatures in 30 days, then American officials must respond to it.


    Recall that Russia sold Alaska to the United States of America at 5 cents per hectare. In 1867, the Russian ambassador to Washington, Eduard Stekl, signed an agreement on the sale of Alaska. The vast territory, whose area exceeds 1,5 million square kilometers, the government of Alexander II gave way for $ 7,2 million in gold.

    Then, both Russian citizens and Americans reacted alike to this - bewilderment and indignation. The only difference was that in Russia they asked why they sold the territory, for the development of which for 126 years the Russian people spent so much effort. And if they sold, then why so cheap. In America, they were surprised - why do we need these 365 million acres of frozen and uninhabited land? It is not worth that kind of money, US citizens were sure.

    Alaska was a real gold mine for Russia. In the literal and figurative sense. One of the most expensive acquisitions of Alaska was a valuable fur of a sea otter, which was worth more than gold, but due to the greed and short-sightedness of miners, valuable animals were almost destroyed by the forties of the XNUMXth century. In addition, oil and gold were discovered in Alaska.

    Alaska Sale Myths

    - It is alleged that in connection with known violations of the contract, the transaction can be challenged to this day. This is a myth, since both the laws of the Russian Empire and the laws of the United States have expired all possible limitation periods.

    - Russian America has gone completely for nothing. For Alaska and adjacent islands with a total area of ​​1 square meters. km royal treasury bailed out 518 million dollars. This is 800 percent of the US budget expenditures of the time. And in terms of current money, according to the Forbes magazine methodology - 7,2 billion 2,6 million dollars.

    - There is also a massive misconception that Alaska was sold by Empress Catherine II. In fact, the sale took place in the reign of Alexander II. During the life of Catherine in Alaska, Russian settlements did not even exist.
  16. igor.borov775
    igor.borov775 25 March 2016 14: 44
    Hi!! Very little time passed and the organizer of the same brew somehow forgotten. But in vain. He is eager for the President of the United States. This is the same former Secretary of State of the United States Department of State. She planned and implemented the Zone of Instability. Thanks to the walkers from Europe, they hurried in front of the engine. How quickly everything is forgotten. One martyr sitting in London in a foreign embassy managed to publish a lot. that the democratic media would never know. Listening to our liberals, democrats who crowded on TVC on the first one whitewash this lady I remember Academician Primakov who rarely got on television. He said during the Libyan war that the Europeans got into the war were kindly favored by the USA but he added the USA got a powerful leverage pressure on the EU. Nobody believed him then in vain. A little time will pass and we will know exactly how this happens. And the EU gratefully accepted the help of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It was with their hands that the revolutionaries were transported. Abama got rid of this Lady for a second term Taking another person to the State Department. It was already then started fussing around Syria. A conference of Syrian friends in Turkey has already taken place. The opponents were terribly afraid to start a war against Assad. It doesn’t matter. Large teams of patriots urgently transferred from Libya and forward. And since the main coordinator left. It turned out how it happened. Now this Lady is zealously eager for the Main Prize - the Presidency. Nothing has ended. A new round of provocations begins. If she is the leader of the United States. With these colleagues you need to keep the powder dry as they used to say.
  17. silver_roman
    silver_roman 25 March 2016 16: 06
    Also in fact we have the following:
    The Yankees put on isolation of the Russian Federation, finally make it a regional power, depriving most of the bases in other countries, + sanctions, the tense situation in the country and an attempt to solve the Russian problem by liberals.
    It turned out the following: Moscow has strengthened its position in the world, more and more different leaders of our "partners" are flying on the carpet, it has strengthened its military presence in the Middle East, expanding its military contingent with a new base and troops, worked out the mechanisms and tactics of conducting a database by the Aerospace Forces and the CLS ( special forces). And this is just what I remembered in 5 minutes.
    Not to mention the tarnished rating of the "exceptional hegemon", economic splash on the Turks, etc.
    I hope for a further strengthening of the Russian Federation. Now the question of Ukraine will be acute. They didn’t agree on this.
    Kerry said that sanctions would be lifted if the Minsk agreements were respected, while the same states had ordered Kiev not to comply with them. Hypocrisy and rushing. In general, what is there to be surprised!
  18. Karabin
    Karabin 25 March 2016 18: 31
    The world press is still discussing the “sudden” withdrawal of the bulk of Russian troops from Syria.

    Egyptian journalist and commentator Fahmi Huwayidi in the Qatari newspaper The Pininsula

    Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
    - specially for topwar.

    Kremlin loans for Uncle Sam

    It is impossible to read the news in RuNet without laughter. Moscow conducted an impeccable hybrid war, its armor is strong and its tanks are fast. Obama is crushed into powder, America is now in a rage, then in shock. Russian troops can take five NATO capitals. Hurray!

    And somewhere in an inconspicuous line: the Central Bank of the Russian Federation increased the share of American treasuries (treasury bonds) in financial reserves to 97 billion dollars. This is from 64 billion a year earlier. That is, the damned American enemy received a $ 33 billion loan from the "victorious" Moscow. Despite the fact that there is an economic crisis in the Russian Federation, reasonable loans are not available for Russian enterprises ...
    The main thing is to continue to pay tribute to the masters of America, and for this, so be it, they will somehow suffer the howl of the Russian press about the complete collapse of American politics. Moreover, the Western press will even play along with this, glorifying Putin. Ah, what a cool guy! (So ​​Napoleon loved to publicize the Austrian generals he had beaten, in order to guarantee them again against himself on the battlefield).

    This is the opinion of M. Kalashnikov, with whom I agree. Propaganda rolls over and has already crossed the boundaries of the rational. Change after change on all fronts, only reality cannot be hidden anywhere. Neither for Fahmi Huweidi’s fabrications, nor for Dude’s comments. How not to fool around.