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Execution through support

Mr called me a key partner

The United States intends to provide the Central Asian countries with an additional 50 of millions of dollars in military aid for the Pentagon program through the Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund. In its current form, it was formed in the 2014 year with the aim of training foreign armed forces to combat terrorism. Until now, the main flow of funding under this program went to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and now Central Asia has become the target of assistance.

Why a target? Because in the end, the funds went to support the IG banned in Russia, which was called to cover the “moderate opposition” and used as a means of war against countries to be destroyed according to the plans of global puppeteers.

Now, apparently, it is the turn of Central Asia. Based on the tragic experience of Africa and BSV, this assistance can be viewed as a “black mark” which pirates sent to the future victim.

In the “Counter-Terrorism Partnership Fund” document issued by the US Department of Defense in February concerning the defense budget for the 2017 year, the designated regions are divided into the areas of responsibility of the two commands - African (AFRICOM) and Central (CENTCOM). Thus, Central Asia in the military-strategic sense is inseparable from the BSV. A "financial assistance", planned for the next two years, means that the war from the Middle East will be extended to Central Asia and will come close to the borders of Russia.

At first glance, it seems that the amounts allocated - 20 million dollars in 2016-m and 30 million in 2017-m - are not so significant. But these funds should serve as a clue that provides access to a strategically significant territory, to a new springboard of a planetary war against our statehood.

Referring to the Pentagon document. In particular, it says: “The Ministry of Defense proposes to allocate funds to the Counter-Terrorism Partnership Fund for Central Asia in order to counteract the Taliban, the Islamic State and other regional terrorist groups, to ensure stability in the region. Tajikistan is the key partner country in the region. The funds will be used to support counter-terrorism partners in the region, where the war with Afghanistan and other risk factors are a challenge to the interests of the United States, its allies and partners. ”

The external reason for the intensification of military "aid" to the Central Asian countries of the United States is the fight against ISIS and other terrorist organizations. And since the United States itself sponsors and exploits these organizations, one should expect that the “help” will be accompanied by the activation of the IG and the like.

Execution through supportThe fact that Tajikistan is declared the key partner country of the United States in the region should be seen not only as interference in the internal affairs of the state, but also as a desire to drive a wedge in the CSTO, of which it is a member. At one time, the collapse of the USSR was begun through the destruction of the Warsaw Pact. This plan in the USA was called the Polish Project. A similar scenario is being viewed now with respect to Russia. The main interest of Washington and its puppeteers, as follows from official statements and documents, is the opposition to our country and the struggle against it, including armed. One of the battlefields is Central Asia. Its destabilization can blow up the situation not only around the perimeter of Russian borders, but throughout the APR.

The following quote from the Pentagon document: “The fund’s assets will be used to protect the borders with Afghanistan in order to counteract the smuggling of people, drugs, weapons, to prevent access to violent extremist organizations and conduct operations to destroy them. The fund will facilitate operational and US cooperation with partners. ”

What does protecting the borders with Afghanistan mean? On its territory there are American troops. So let them protect these borders from Afghanistan. And with regards to “countering the illegal transfer of people, drugs and weapons”, it is no secret that the United States is actively engaged in drug trafficking not only to enrich the authorities in their own country, but also to receive extrabudgetary money for subversive activities and covert operations. Setting control over borders and security agencies will provide American intelligence agencies with complete freedom of criminal action and finally turn the countries of Central Asia into a narcotic state. What the US has been doing for many years. Drugs flow to Russia and Iran. In American terminology, this is called “using criminal organizations in the interests of irregular warfare”. In short, the end justifies the means.

According to the Kiev recipe

What exactly is the money allocated from the Counter-Terrorism Partnership Fund? In the document, the US Department of Defense designated relevant directions. This is the creation of structures in the border troops (naturally, under the leadership of the United States) that would be engaged in reconnaissance and engineering support, as well as rapid reaction forces for, as it is written, to protect the border.

The American “aid” provides for direct intervention in the state affairs of Central Asian countries: “In addition to providing operational training and equipment, the fund will support the development of the institutional capacity of partners to introduce new opportunities in the security forces. The fund will also fund joint action with partners to expand the United States’s understanding of issues related to gaps in partner potential in order to enhance operational collaboration and cooperation. ”

In essence, the activity is announced to be placed under the control of the security authorities of the countries of Central Asia. The same was done in Ukraine in the preparation of the coup. Security forces were subordinated to the US intelligence services and followed the commands of Washington.

As for the opposition forces necessary for the revolution, it is already evident. This is the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan. In its ranks, according to management, there are more than 40 thousands of members. The founder of the party, Said Abdullo Nuri, was an active supporter of the creation of an Islamic state in Tajikistan. Secret and scattered party groups in the middle of 80-x turned into an extensive secret network, which for two years secretly published the "Truth of Islam." In 1991, the Supreme Council of Tajikistan lifted the ban on the activities of the IRPT. During the civil war in the country, the party was part of the united Tajik opposition, which opposed the Popular Front. In June 1997, Said Abdullo Nuri and the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, signed the General Peace Agreement. In the parliamentary elections in March of 2015, the Islamic Revival Party failed to overcome the five percent barrier, gaining a percentage of votes 1,5.

17 September 2015 by the Tajik Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed 13’s detention of members of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, including its top leadership, on suspicion of criminal ties with former Deputy Defense Minister Abduhalim Nazarzoda. He, on behalf of and under the direct supervision of the IRPT leader Muhiddin Kabiri, assembled and armed 20 small groups, with the help of which it was planned to destabilize the situation in the country. And on October 8, a “US Government Statement on the Political Opposition in Tajikistan” appeared. The paper said: “The United States joins the EU and others in expressing its concern about the future of political pluralism in Tajikistan. On September 29, the decision of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan banned the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan. This happened after months of increased government pressure on the opposition in the IRPT and its members. In addition, the Supreme Court called this party an extremist organization. International observers believe that these actions are politically motivated and are intended to eliminate the IRPT - the last remaining opposition group and intimidate its supporters. ” Further, as usual, there is a reference to human rights.

All this was already in Syria, where the United States’s support for the so-called moderate opposition resulted in the formation and maintenance of the IG. Another vivid and tragic example of the repression of the national statehood hateful to the globokrats and impeding the implementation of their plans to build a world empire is Libya. This process is carried out purposefully and in stages.

The policy on the collapse of the USSR was focused on the transformation of the Soviet republics into US protectorates. Now the task is to direct their armies to the war against Russia - the main stronghold of national statehood in the world. Why it is necessary to deprive these countries of the remnants of sovereignty through the randomization of life through "color revolutions".

The main object of capture and trophy of the unconventional war are not territories, as in the past, but the army (power structures). To completely and completely destroy the state, it is necessary to deprive it of its defense sovereignty. Ukraine is an example.

But the United States is an example of this, whose armed forces are fighting not for the interests of this country, but for the interests of the occupying it with the help of neocons in the power of the global democracy. The Pentagon is simultaneously turned into an occupying and occupied army. He was stuffed with weapons and money, he was "fattened" for slaughter. This is the main means of global war, whose motto was the cynical words of Hillary Clinton about the murder of Muammar Gaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died."

An American politician and former congressman Ron Paul writes in a recent article about how, in his opinion, the US military should be reformed: “I would not rebuild them so that they could drop even more foreign governments that refuse to follow orders from the neocons in Washington. I would not rebuild the armed forces so that they better protect our rich allies in Europe, NATO, Japan and South Korea. I would not rebuild the armed forces so that they could more successfully occupy countries abroad and help create conditions for a response outbreak of discontent here, at home.

Not. The best way to truly rebuild the US military would be to stop the violence against them in the first place. The purpose of the US military is to protect the United States. This does not mean making the world safe for oil pipelines or the corrupt monarchies of the Gulf, or NATO, or Israel. Unlike the neocons, which are eager to send our troops to the war, I really served in the American armed forces. We must adhere to the policy of non-intervention and reliable defense of our country.

The Pentagon according to the plan of the global puppeteers should lead the campaign of the occupied armies captured as a trophy, linking them into a single global network, and lead the war against the main enemy - Russia. We must rebuild our armed forces, restoring the defense of the United States as the main mission, not of the Washington overseas empire. ”

"Black Label" Pentagon

The occupation of the national armies of the Pentagon conducts in different ways. An indicator of a possible threat to the state is that it becomes an object of strategic interest in the Pentagon’s CAPSTONE program. Dushanbe was in the focus of this attention. According to the US Embassy in Tajikistan, in October 2015, the country was visited by a group of generals and admirals, participants of the CAPSTONE training program, who arrived to familiarize themselves with the region. During the visit, the program participants met with high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Guard of the Republic of Tajikistan. The delegation’s plans were to attend as observers the training conducted by the United States for the National Guard and the riot police. The US Embassy further explains that the goal of the CAPSTONE curriculum created in 1982 for all those who received the rank of general or admiral is to make students more effective in planning and engaging the US military in joint and combined operations ... different regions for a deeper understanding of the challenges facing key partners. ”

In other words, Tajikistan is considered as a key partner that the US armed forces plan to engage in joint and combined operations. The country's involvement in the CAPSTONE program is also a kind of indicator, the Pentagon’s “black mark” in anticipation of the chaos and deprivation of statehood.

Into the CAPSTONE orbit there are states that should become future battlefields, where "interested military" from among the generals and admirals should apply the knowledge gained in the territory of the object of aggression. Information already dated 2016 year: from 12 to 16 February in Moldavia with an official visit on the program for training senior commanders in national security and foreign policy arrived 17 recently elected generals and admirals and one civilian from the US Department of Defense. This group is part of the CAPSTONE program for training senior commanders on national security and foreign policy.

The "black mark" of the Pentagon is now received by Moldova.
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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer 24 March 2016 21: 53
    Good article. It makes you think ... I hope Moldova and our southern neighbors are smarter than Ukraine. Her bloody example is clear
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 24 March 2016 21: 59
      Quote: Magic Archer
      I hope Moldova and our southern neighbors are smarter than Ukraine. Her bloody example is clear

      Do not hope that the same events in Moldova showed that simple honest people are not able to control or change the power purchased and supported from outside. In the east (Tajikistan), money, flattery, and promises have an even more detrimental effect. recourse
      1. Pravdarm
        Pravdarm 24 March 2016 22: 09
        Moreover, they are much poorer! And they can be stirred up for much less money!
        I just said that Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan-Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan are the main triangle that is really EASY to blow up! There and ethnic hatred are very high! Everyone considers himself superior, more cultured, smarter! And the neighbors are blamed, disrespectful, squeamish! There is not even enough spark, but words, hearing! And p ... c - the massacre to the last drop!
        1. Michael67
          Michael67 24 March 2016 22: 20
          Will be on sale. For momentary concessions will be sold.
          You can give more. Buy. Their whole story is buying and selling.
          1. Baikonur
            Baikonur 24 March 2016 22: 37
            In my experience of living in Kazakhstan:
            Many Kazakhs also, to put it mildly, do not respect (contemptuously) the Kyrgyz, although this is, in principle, one nation! to Tajiks, Uzbeks - also, and mutually! So, there really is the slightest, even a staged incident - and that's all - of the Warrior, the Revolution, the CHAOS !!! That is what the USKals always and everywhere seek and what they end up using for the money "their" Chiefs (Kaz. - BASTIK)!
            The most dangerous part of the border for us! The entire expansion of NATA in Europe to the east is possible - a diversion of our forces from a much longer southern border! and - Muslim !!! That's what is VERY DANGEROUS !!! Moreover, everyone knows how easy it is to hurt their feelings and stir up anything on religious grounds! And they will start slaughtering the alleged "offenders" like two fingers on the asphalt! They will not think if even a small-scale leader, who is provoked or bribed, shouts - "these are enemies", they are shouting "Algaaa!" (forward!) rush to kill!
            1. 1rl141
              1rl141 24 March 2016 22: 54
              Quote: Baikonur
              they are screaming "Algaaa!" (go ahead!)

              Kazakhs are asked:
              - How is “forward” in Kazakh?
              - Alga
              - And what will happen back?
              - We do not have such a word.
              - How so? But what about you back?
              - And we turn around and alga.
              1. V.ic
                V.ic 25 March 2016 06: 47
                Quote: 1rl141
                But what about you back?

                ... ort'g'-ka!
            2. siberalt
              siberalt 24 March 2016 23: 51
              Do not confuse nationality with a nation. A nation can consist of many nationalities, but only in a single economic space, connected by a single ideology, territory and central authority. Without a state, there is no nation that differs from other states in sociological terms. Nationality is an ethnic group of the population that differs from others in its language, culture, faith, customs, and conceived by physiological and anthropological characteristics.
              1. Throw
                Throw 25 March 2016 02: 15
                You somehow mixed up the meaning of the words: nationality, citizenship and ethnicity.
              2. saksan
                saksan 25 March 2016 07: 16
                Quote: siberalt
                A nation can consist of many nationalities, but only in a single economic space, connected by a single ideology, territory and central authority

                Therefore, in the passport we don’t have the fifth column - nationality, and we all now represent one nation - RUSSIANS. And all this with the filing of the wino Yeltsin rebuilt Russia at the direction of the State Department ...
            3. Talgat
              Talgat 26 March 2016 18: 00
              Quote: Baikonur
              Many Kazakhs, too, to put it mildly, do not respect (contemptuously) the Kirghiz, although in principle this is one nation! to Tajiks, Uzbeks - too, and mutually!

              Let me be clear. Yes, at the household level they can sometimes joke about the Kyrgyz - but in fact, the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz are very very close and the mutual sympathy of the peoples is huge. Ask any Kazakh- who in the south is closest to him - the answer is Kyrgyz. Culture and languages ​​and customs are too close, etc. It’s like Russians and Belarusians.

              You take household things for negativity - this is a mistake. Also inside the Kazakhs there are jokes or some critical remarks about some of our families, etc. - but for the most part, anyway = the Kazakhs are united and there is not even any discussion about any opposition. Also in relation to the Kyrgyz - for any Kazakh it is almost one of the Kazakh families

              Other peoples of the SA - yes - they are "further". But honestly, there is no enmity either to the Uzbeks or to the Turkmens or Tajiks. It's not even close at all what is going on with the Poles or Ukraine, for example.
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 24 March 2016 23: 16
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Good article. It makes you think ... I hope Moldova and our southern neighbors are smarter than Ukraine. Her bloody example is clear

      Unfortunately, the colleague is not so that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, although Ukraine is approaching it at a fast pace, but has not yet outstripped it, Tajikistan is not only poor, it is also very religious, especially since the mattresses failed to fulfill the 2 main tasks, take the Crimea, they do not care about the Ukrainians from the high bell tower, who controls the Crimea, controls the Black Sea and overthrow Assad, and again Russia has prevented them, now they will swing, and Central Asia will be swaying with might and main.
    3. Dilshat
      Dilshat 24 March 2016 23: 55
      What does the neighbors have to do with smart or not? What will we do in return? And will we even move? Will it be like in Ukraine?
  2. Pereira
    Pereira 24 March 2016 21: 56
    But the problem is not that the United States wants to buy someone to occupy, but that the local people are eager to be bought and occupied. And we can only look at it from the side.
    1. Delink
      Delink 24 March 2016 22: 00
      Why from the side, if Tajikistan is a member of the CSTO, Russia and China can influence. In general, they themselves should have a head with brains on their shoulders.
      If you do not understand, you need help with understanding.
      1. Pereira
        Pereira 24 March 2016 22: 11
        Do you offer to buy or outbid?
      2. alex74nur
        alex74nur 25 March 2016 06: 23
        Some have their own wallet replaced.
  3. PKK
    PKK 24 March 2016 21: 59
    Russia managed to extinguish the IS in Syria, it is a great success. Now, against the background of the liberated air forces, the success of the ISIS in Afghanistan and Tajikistan looks ghostly.
  4. Arkan
    Arkan 24 March 2016 22: 00
    The "black mark" of the Pentagon is now received by Moldova.

    This is not surprising, because the country is ready, ripe for colonial status.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. aleksr2005
    aleksr2005 24 March 2016 22: 10
    What say IG published a photo from the camera of the Russian commandos killed by them in Syria
    a photo
    ubitogo-imi-v-sirii /

    1. Pereira
      Pereira 24 March 2016 22: 16
      What can you say?
      No luck guy. Everlasting memory.
      I expect that my colleagues will be reckoned for him many times.
      It’s sad that they left. Although, who knows how things were there? It is not for us to judge his comrades.
    2. Zefr
      Zefr 25 March 2016 00: 40
      And why be so frustrated? Those. a Russian paratrooper in Syria took packages of the Russian army with him. This is not very spyware. He could take them and heat up only if such packages were delivered to Assad's army. But then this is not proof at all - any Syrian soldier could have such
  7. newcomer
    newcomer 24 March 2016 22: 11
    I have to hope that our special services, political leadership, military leadership, and in the end the internal organs of the CSTO knew this and took measures, I hope to be ahead of the curve. and our internal agents, which are all the same in the republic, are acting.
  8. atamankko
    atamankko 24 March 2016 22: 13
    Deliver us, God, from such "friends".
  9. Izotovp
    Izotovp 24 March 2016 22: 18
    Without any slogans: this means introducing into the state apparatus, power structures at all levels, subordinating operational control, reconnaissance on the ground and ensuring the actions of our own special forces in Tajikistan, and Moldova too. With the subsequent change of leadership and the deployment of its base. Everything goes according to plan.
  10. samarin1969
    samarin1969 24 March 2016 22: 19
    Barbed wire, PCB, tough visa regime, death penalty for drug trafficking ... It makes no sense to negotiate with Central Asia: they will sell and eat away military and financial aid from the Russian Federation and flee to China, under the American umbrella or to other "new brothers".
  11. newcomer
    newcomer 24 March 2016 22: 22
    Aleksr2005, Something I do not believe I am delirious. at least because the special forces do not abandon either living or killed. I do not believe.
  12. Ivan Burygin
    Ivan Burygin 24 March 2016 22: 34
    I have this question for connoisseurs: Is it not possible for us (Russia) to work out the same principle? America, Mexico and other countries adjacent to the mattresses of the country ??? So that their life doesn’t seem to be honey and the temptation to bring vanity near our borders disappears?
    1. iouris
      iouris 24 March 2016 23: 30
      First you need to "work out" with your neighbors. It has been said that a problem is brewing in the "soft underbelly". If the USSR existed for another 10-15 years, then the United States would have these problems.
      Who was the first to shout: "Stop feeding Central Asia!"? Receive. And what will be the solution to the problem? He's gone.
    2. flay
      flay 25 March 2016 00: 29
      Quote: Ivan Burygin
      I have this question for connoisseurs: Is it not possible for us (Russia) to work out the same principle? America, Mexico and other countries adjacent to the mattresses of the country ??? So that their life doesn’t seem to be honey and the temptation to bring vanity near our borders disappears?

      I'm certainly not an expert, but it seems to me that actually we can theoretically, but practically ...

      1 \ need money, and not small. Our Central Bank does not print rubles without the permission of the US Federal Reserve, and the Fed, in turn, prints and does not look at anyone. You understand what a gap in financial opportunities, and if you look at the rate, then in general crying

      2 \ it takes time (and long enough) to gradually acquire the necessary connections, to tune officials to "our wave" (taking into account the opposition and competition of Western intelligence services). There is not enough professional intelligence personnel, and "local maydauns" need to be raised.

      3 \ you need an understanding of this issue by the military-political leadership of the country and its constant monitoring (understanding may and may or may not. Well, I think it is.
      Also lacking is that in paragraph 1 and paragraph 2)

      4 \ should have the prestige of our country among the Western inhabitants, but it does not, because Russia does not use the policy of "soft power" even with the former republics of the USSR, what can we say about Latin America.

      In general, quite a lot small stepsin this matter, but at the end we have the most serious leap of Russia so far on the world "chessboard". Which GDP is trying to level out, albeit at a different level.

      Z.Y. I remember that under the Soviet Union in Britain there was a fairly active terrorist organization, the Irish Republican Army, which fought for the separation of Scotland from Great Britain. So, after the collapse of the Union, the activities of this organization came to naught. As I understand it, EBN is for Bill's friend, and at his request he covered the financing.
    3. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 25 March 2016 01: 33
      Quote: Ivan Burygin
      : But can we (Russia) not work out y according to the same principle. America, Mexico and other countries adjacent to the mattresses of the country ???

      Blow up the inside of the country to spoil the mattress ... D .... fool B .... !!
      1. guzik007
        guzik007 25 March 2016 08: 20
        Quote: Ivan Burygin
        : But can we (Russia) not work out y according to the same principle. America, Mexico and other countries adjacent to the mattresses of the country ???
        -------------------------------------------------- -
        ... long forgotten old. And they supported and fed at the expense of their people. Until they finally broke. Do you want that?
    BULB TARAS 24 March 2016 22: 37
    Quote: aleksr2005
    What say IG published a photo from the camera of the Russian commandos killed by them in Syria
    a photo

    ubitogo-imi-v-sirii /


    A mess when they go to reconnaissance with phones ... they may have found them on 08.08.08 and in Donbas we got caught ... the Americans had already gone through this, they could help the "spirits" with equipment or info. And then put a photo on public display and with a mockery say "you are not there"; (
  14. Panabebis
    Panabebis 25 March 2016 00: 57
    It would be necessary to arm the inhabitants of Mexico :) The Mexican government, with its 200 billion foreign debt, controls only 12% of its own territory. And there are "moderates" in the Mexican slums ... laughing
  15. Panabebis
    Panabebis 25 March 2016 01: 15
    What say IG published a photo from the camera of the Russian commandos killed by them in Syria
    a photo

    ubitogo-imi-v-sirii /


    Fake most likely ... I read the comments on the video, even foreigners are not being led to this ... Then we find out how everything was there. You won’t hide the awl in the bag)))
  16. Leprekon
    Leprekon 25 March 2016 02: 08
    Well done Tatyana, timely search for a threat and its analysis!
    Let's hope that our politicians and the military will dynamically record the results of such "concern for partnership" on the part of the United States and promptly bring them to the international community.
  17. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 25 March 2016 02: 29
    American help is bringing a fleece with ammonia to the nose. They are not capable of anything else.
  18. Siberia M 54
    Siberia M 54 25 March 2016 05: 57
    And you also need to drive all this fraternity from the territory of Russia.
  19. Neophyte
    Neophyte 25 March 2016 06: 12
    I wonder what retaliatory measures by Russia to split the "Evil-US Empire" are being planned by our special services? Support for groups in those states that want to secede from the United States, lobbying for the movement of Latinos, Indians and other national groups, or, better, detonate a charge in the Canary region and a giant tsunami will wash away this filthy evil empire?
    1. trantor
      trantor 25 March 2016 09: 22
      Quote: Neophyte
      Support for groups in states that want to secede from the United States; lobbying the Latinos movement

      If you mean the north of Mexico (the states of Bahia California, Tamaulipus, etc., adjacent to the United States), then this is not an option - everything is completely different there, as seen from the other hemisphere. This territory is at least 50 percent controlled by the drug mafia, and not by the Mexican government. So in this case we can talk not about the secession of the southern states from the United States and their inclusion in Mexico, but about turning them into an uncontrolled crime zone, there is no better regime than in the territories of the Islamic State. Heads, by the way, they also famously cut.

      And no matter how much we want the United States to feel “what they have done” in its own skin, I still think that this is not our method. For two reasons:
      - when they sponsored all these color revolutions, regime changes and even bombed, how little children "did not know what they were doing" - they are really children, they do not have their own History and they do not understand what can come from there if it is not taken into account. In general, according to Chernomyrdin: "We wanted the best, it turned out as always."
      - when and if we will destabilize the situation in these regions, we will have an understanding of what this will lead to, and Russia (Empire, USSR) has never acted in such a way. If otherwise, it will be another country. And who will we turn into after that?
  20. Ros 56
    Ros 56 25 March 2016 06: 20
    Also news to me. Striped hands rubbed for a long time, as if to attach Central Asia to themselves, and to direct against Russia. Our government does not need to sleep, and especially the Foreign Ministry. Our interests are not only in Syria and Ukraine, but around the world, if we take this matter seriously, the world, and even more so along our borders. You need to think with your head, and not push loot into your pockets. Honestly, I am surprised by the primitivism of our elite, because they have one goal, to grab and dump to the west, that's all, the ultimate dream.
  21. trantor
    trantor 25 March 2016 06: 28
    All this is financed, it seems, already from elementary impotence. They are looking, they are looking for an option how to slip out of Afghanistan so as not to lose a person very much.