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Bloody Tuesday in Brussels. About difficult science not to turn into pissing boys

Every day in Syria at the hands of the terrorists "Dzhebhat al-Nusra", ISIL and other groups, on average, about 50 civilians are killed. In Yemen daily, forces of the so-called Saudi coalition and al-Qaida militants kill 18 civilians. The death of 15 civilians at the hands of the Taliban and ISIL militants is recorded daily in Afghanistan. Every day, Turkish security forces kill at least 8 civilians in the country's Kurdish provinces. DAILY! And then there is Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria. There is also a suffering Donbass. In the year - tens and even hundreds of thousands of victims of the terrorist plague!

So what? Have any of us seen Ms. Mogherini, the head of European diplomacy, crying about this? Or did someone take photos painted in the colors of the Syrian (Iraqi, Afghan) national flag of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Has anyone heard the wrathful denunciation of terrorism destroying the Syrian state from representatives of the US State Department? Not! Not. And again - no.

But the terrorist attack in Brussels, as it turns out, is another matter. For in Brussels, by the standards of Western civilization, democracy lives, and in all the above-listed countries and in all the mentioned territories - “little people of the third grade”. They can be blown up, killed, cut their throats, sold into slavery, burned and cut into pieces in squares, shoot them in the back of the head - the western little world will express its “concern”. And that's it! They say it's not worth it ... Another calico is the Brussels tragedy ... Another ...

Bloody Tuesday in Brussels. About difficult science not to turn into pissing boys

"Military Review" expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of all those killed in the terrorist hell in the Belgian capital. We sincerely say: we grieve! At the same time, we are addressing the representatives of the power structures of the Western world with the question: tell me, my dear ones, and you yourself are 100% sure that the terrorist attacks in Syria, Libya, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, the rampant Ukrainian punitive units in the Donbass and Turkish war criminals in the Kurdish regions of Turkey do not need to be treated with the same sorrow as you feel about yourself, and with the same hatred that you feel today with those who plunged Brussels into chaos? ..

However, from emotions to facts ...

As you know, on the eve of the Belgian capital, whose police only recently announced the capture of Salah Abdeslam, called the organizer of the Paris terrorist attacks, has undergone a whole series of terrorist attacks. The first explosions thundered at the Brussels airport Zaventem. Eyewitnesses reported that before the bombings by suicide bombers, they allegedly heard loud cries in Arabic. About half an hour after reports of explosions in the Brussels Air Harbor, local media began to report the terrorist attack at one of the stations of the Brussels Metro. It's about the subway station Maelbek. It is one of the closest metro stations to the complex of administrative buildings of the European Union. A few minutes later the explosion thundered at the Schuman metro station. People who survived at these stations, as well as on underground trains, were led out through heavily smoky tunnels.

The Belgian police was lost, not knowing in which areas to cordon, and where to put on additional outfits. As a result, at first it was decided to take under enhanced protection of the main transport hubs of Brussels, and then - the decision to close virtually all urban transport infrastructure, including airports and train stations. In addition, it was decided to stop passenger traffic between certain areas of the city.

The street blocked by the police near the metro station Maelbek:

At the entrance to the subway:

According to preliminary data, 34 people died as a result of terrorist attacks in the Brussels Air Harbor and subway stations, more than 150 were injured.

In the afternoon, anxiety was announced at the St. Pierre Hospital in Belgium. Local media reported that police officers received signals about a bomb planted at a medical facility. At the same time, for some reason, the Belgian police did not evacuate. But the evacuation announced for employees of the European Commission. Through the emergency exits from the building, several hundred European officials were evacuated, whose lives, apparently, seemed much more valuable for European democracy than the lives of the patients of Saint-Pierre's clinic. As a result, no bombs were found either in the hospital or in the EC building.

Evacuation was also carried out in relation to the personnel of the Tiange nuclear power plant. In a report by the Belgian media, it was said that the duty at the NPP was continued by “reduced in number of brigades of staff”. More than a hundred Belgian police arrived to guard the nuclear facility.

At this point, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belgium has already reported on the preliminary findings of the initiated investigation. These conclusions were that the explosions were carried out by suicide bombers. The bombs used a large number of additional damaging elements in the form of metal brackets and nails. Some time later, the RTBF channel, citing a representative of the investigation, issued a report in which it was said about the Kalashnikov assault rifle allegedly found at the Brussels airport. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Ukrainian parallel reality, high-ranking officials (including the head of the SBU Gritsak, later Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federation called the jerk, and the head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov, named the degenerate) in the attack on Brussels . Media reports that three Belarusian citizens were allegedly detained in the Belgian capital: brothers Ivan and Alexey Dovbash and Marat Yunusov (who came from Dagestan with both a Belarusian and a Belgian passport) added fuel to the fire.

On the photo - Alexey Dovbash:

Literally an hour after the reports appeared in the media about the detention of Belarusians, who were declared “ISIL terrorists who grew beards”, the Dovbash brothers decided to get in touch with journalists themselves. According to the brothers, they themselves contacted the secret services of Belarus and Belgium after the information appeared in the media, and they were told that they were not talking about any likely delay. From the statement for Euroradio Ivan Dovbash, outraged by the publications:

If we are suicide bombers, why are we now alive? If we are terrorists, why haven't we been arrested?

Alexey Dovbash:
I have no problems with the Belgian police, I calmly move around the European Union. The police told me that the information about my involvement in the terrorist attacks is local gossip, and they do not pay attention to them.

While some media outlets described in detail “the involvement of Belarusians in ISIL”, others published photos of alleged terrorists by recording video surveillance cameras at Brussels airport. Edition Derniere heure stated that the idea that this is the suicide bombers, they pushed the image of a gloved hand. The submission says that under the glove there could be a mechanism for activating an explosive device. Perhaps there was a button under the glove.

So this is what the “Putin's hand” looks like, together with adherents of conspiratorial versions, according to which the president of Russia in this life is literally involved in everything: from the death of tiger cubs in the Crimean zoo to the collapse of the Argentine glacier and terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital. In this regard, you can speak, perhaps, the epic tirade of Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov ...

What do we have? We have five months of the "special operation" of the Belgian security officials in search of the organizers of the November terrorist attacks in Paris. In the course of this “special operation”, the highest-most-exceeded level of terrorist threat was declared. Police patrols walked along the streets of cities, ducking from any rustle and bird-tweets, sparkling with new automatic rifles and helmets, hung with walkie-talkies and spare "armored gum machines." And all these five months in the Molenbek quarter, dozens of radical cells continued their activities, recruiting citizens and guests of Belgium into terrorist groups. All these five months, the pseudoimags continued to gather Islamic youth not only in the semi-basement premises of Molenbek, but also in completely legal Brussels mosques, to tell them that "an Orthodox Muslim is one who can cut off the head of an unauthorized person with a camera." All these months, the European Union has been busy digging out nail polish in the form of statements that the 2 of a million refugees is normal, and that they are all about to adapt to European democratic laws, and in general, refugees are the work of Moscow, bombing Syria nonUinoUnyh bearded boys ...

And now - in five months, the gallant Belgian policemen, who announced that they "would cope with terrorism", still caught Salah Abdeslam. As if this Salah Abdeslam is generally the only copy of its kind, the capture of which automatically nullifies the very fact of the existence of international terrorism. And in The main headquarters of international terrorismHaving fairly laughed at the successes of the Belgian police, they decided to deliver another blow to Europe, to the European population, by choosing Brussels. At the same time, the European population itself in the current situation resembles a chick that has fallen out of the nest of careless feathered parents who are making mercy with a predator, believing that in this way they can protect themselves in the emerging food chain ...

How many "defenders" from the USA are currently located at military bases from the Iberian Peninsula to the banks of the Daugava? 30 thousand, 40, 50? .. Effective "protection" - no doubt ...

By the way, the ISIS group claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Brussels - and this is the current agenda ... And once Bin Laden, who was valiantly defeated by the knights of the American democracy, assumed responsibility for any explosion ...

PS Once again we express our condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the terrorist attacks in Brussels, as we express our condolences to the relatives of those killed at the hands of the terrorists in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, and all the relatives of the victims from the hands of criminals from punitive units in the Donbass and Turetsky Kurdistan. Russia itself is well aware of what a terrorist plague is, and itself has repeatedly buried the victims of international terrorism. And Russia knows perfectly well where the legs of this global evil are growing from. Do you know? .. Or are you afraid to admit to yourself that you know?

We express our sincere condolences and appeal to the peoples of Europe: Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly and do not turn completely into peeing boys.

Photos used:,, Еврорадио
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  1. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 23 March 2016 06: 06
    The predictions of Muammar Gaddafi, the ruler of Libya, who was executed and the state destroyed, come true.
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 23 March 2016 06: 24
      Quote: Pvi1206
      The predictions of Muammar Gaddafi, the ruler of Libya, who was executed and the state destroyed, come true.

      Muammar Gaddafi reaches the Tolerasts even from the grave, and his bloody little hands rubbing themselves over the ocean.
      Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly and do not turn completely into peeing boys

      Yes, they will not open, for a long time they have already turned into pissing and pooping boys. request
      1. Nevsky_ZU
        Nevsky_ZU 23 March 2016 08: 50
        Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly and do not turn completely into peeing boys

        Alexey, the police chief of Brussels, I heard you !!!

        in the middle is the head of the Brussels police.
        1. gray smeet
          gray smeet 23 March 2016 11: 25
          Quote: Nevsky_ZU

          in the middle is the head of the Brussels police.

          I will add a photo - here he is also in the middle - "catching criminals."
          And here all his photos speak for the complete safety of Belgium:

          1. smart Fox
            smart Fox 23 March 2016 12: 08
            Well, so what a boss, such a police. And whom do you say they catch? love
        2. Lelek
          Lelek 23 March 2016 19: 36
          Quote: Nevsky_ZU
          Alexei, Brussels Police Chief, I heard you!

          I heard, yes, and gave an oath of assurance that from now on only girls will write in public places.

          Meanwhile, DAISH: "We ordered a terrorist attack? Then we are coming to you. What? How much does it cost? No, no, you don't have to pay - Recep Tyipovich has already paid for everything. Wait."
      2. grandson of the hero
        grandson of the hero 23 March 2016 10: 56
        I might say terrible things. Maybe cynical and cruel, in relation to the dead. But, really ...
        If in the foreseeable future, one and a half or two months, there will be more terrorist attacks, if this starts to happen systematically - and Europe physically cannot oppose any methods of struggle - refugees will appear from the Old World. Europe will surrender to the mercy of the "bearded broads". There will be no fight. Europe will shrink in all directions. Initially, until the loophole is closed, to the states, Australia, etc. Well, most of them come to Russia.
        1. smart Fox
          smart Fox 23 March 2016 12: 12
          No, really. no really. Just not to us. We have: gays are oppressed, salaries are small, housing is uncomfortable, drunken bears with balalaikas are wandering around the streets, tyrant Putin and his minions around every corner. No tolerance. And we also eat ice cream in the cold in the street!
        2. Kamchatsky
          Kamchatsky 23 March 2016 12: 16
          I wrote everything correctly, I support it. And Russia - the border is locked now! "+" from the heart!
          1. Onotollah
            Onotollah 23 March 2016 14: 15
            Quote: Kamchatka
            border to the castle now!

            Well, it depends on whom.
            In Europe, there are enough people professing normal family values. It is enough to recall the thousands of demonstrations against the legalization of same-sex marriage in France.
            Yes, and the Germans are quite adequate people. husband leader of a good one. Not like an angel.
            In any case, such neighbors are better than the Chinese in the Far East or the inhabitants of the former Soviet Central Asian republics (everywhere).
            Let Europeans settle on the lands from Irkutsk to Vladivostok by farming, improving demography and creating a buffer from our overly cunning eastern neighbors, so that they do not cross the border in small groups of 2-3 million people.
            And people of non-traditional European orientation are generally a most valuable resource. From them it will be possible to form the First Volunteer International Homosexual Foreign Legion (PEDIGIL) (yes, almost ISIS, you heard right. But there is a nuance.), Especially since there are plenty of examples in ancient history, which will carry with massive support from tanks, barrel and rocket artillery and from the air the light of democracy and European values ​​to some dull partners who "do not mind, Ukraine is Europe, and Europe is Ukraine?" or all sorts of donkey drivers who have beguiled their life guidelines and goals.
            And the first is fun, and the second or third to benefit.
            1. mark2
              mark2 23 March 2016 19: 33

              Yes, and the Germans are quite adequate people. They would have a good leader’s husband. Not like Angela.

              About the Germans. From the old. From Zadorny.

              Berlin, The traffic light does not work, There is a crowd of Germans ... does not know what to do .. cross the street or not ... drivers, also indecisive ... at the zebra .. a bunch of people have gathered .. everyone is standing ... back, there’s a squall in the crowd, our compatriot is fighting ... and says ... yes, well, all .. to hell .. and went ... seeing .. this, the Germans also followed him in a crowd .... in the middle of the passage ... ours a compatriot turned around ... looked .. at the Germans following him and said .... YES, DIFFICULT YOU LIVELY LIVELY WITHOUT THE Führer ...
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 23 March 2016 19: 50
            Quote: Kamchatka
            I wrote everything correctly, I support it. And Russia - the border to the castle now!

            How do you imagine it? Now in Russia there are about 6 million migrants from Central Asia and the border countries of the North Caucasus, and 30% of them are illegal immigrants (about 1,5 million). And how many of them do you think adhere to the teachings of Wahhabism - the spiritual basis of Daesh? So your release "the country is locked" and "hurray, we are breaking ..." does not work. But also "guard!" There is no need to shout, but the relevant services need to work "carefully", and not only collect bribes from violators in the inner pocket of their uniform. yes
        3. Luga
          Luga 23 March 2016 13: 16
          Quote: Hero's grandson
          Europe will surrender to the mercy of the "bearded broads".

          Europe is different. Benelux - you're right - most likely to give up. Sweden and Norway, too, remember Breivik, he showed the Europeans everything - who is what is in this world. There is more life in Britain, France and Germany — they will resist if forced to do so. There is also the Slavic part of Europe, including the Czech Republic and Poland - the calico is completely different, it is not known how they will behave ... So Europe is still different.
          1. Lelek
            Lelek 23 March 2016 19: 55
            Quote: Luga
            So Europe is still different.

            So let them now scratch their turnips: why the hell was it necessary to unite and transfer their powers to a protoplasm called "EU". bully
    2. Finches
      Finches 23 March 2016 06: 45
      Unfading desire to impose my fucking "universal, western" filled with hypocrisy, values, will always lead to blood ...! And it didn’t start now, with the defeat of Libya, it started back in the days of the Crusades!
      1. Dembel77
        Dembel77 23 March 2016 07: 35
        Well done - I wrote everything clearly. I shake my hand and join. The dead people are sorry, because they are not to blame for the fact that they were only pawns in a large chess game called - THE LIMIT OF EUROPE.
        1. Darkmor
          Darkmor 23 March 2016 08: 41
          François Hollande issued a condemning statement yesterday. I had a keen sense of déjà vu. So I wanted to ask this Frenchman - "and WHAT? What are you going to do?"
          And then I realized that the Frenchman would not answer. Not because he is far away in France, but I am in Siberia. He will not answer, even if someone asks him a question in person.
          Because there is no influential political figure in the EU to make an unpopular and undemocratic decision!
          And this is the whole EU with its system of bloc solidarity - they have no leaders, they have a crowd of like-minded people. For decades, they deliberately squeezed out any dissent in political circles - in order to level all nations under one EU comb.

          You know, when transplanting organs, special drugs are introduced into the human body that seriously lower immunity. This is necessary so that the body does not begin to fight with transplanted tissue, as with a harmful object.
          So the EU is such a drug that completely removes the state’s immunity to any threat - and all in order to create Frankenstein from a bunch of different parts that would not be torn away. And in the end, they cannot fight the cancerous tumor of terrorism - because tolerance and democracy DO NOT allow selective dissolution of dissent.

          And nothing can be done about it.
          1. ruAlex
            ruAlex 23 March 2016 09: 44
            Bravo! All right.
          2. panfil
            panfil 23 March 2016 11: 12
            Well said. I’ll add that the development of such a situation has long been predicted by adequate and thinking people. I do not want to be a prophet, but in my opinion, these are flowers, and berries in front. I will join the words of the author. Terrorists blew up airplanes with our people, the gay men did not particularly sympathize with us. Now they are reaping the fruits of their stupidity. I sympathize with them ...
      2. thinker
        thinker 23 March 2016 08: 13
        And it was said - “Do you even understand what you have done, d ***, b *** ?!”
        1. smart Fox
          smart Fox 23 March 2016 21: 03
          Now they understand, but they can’t do anything, because they have forgotten how!
      3. The comment was deleted.
    3. vyinemeynen
      vyinemeynen 23 March 2016 08: 31
      Once again, we express our condolences to the families of those killed in the terrorist attacks in Brussels, as we express our condolences to the relatives of those who died at the hands of terrorists in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, all those close to us who died at the hands of criminals from punitive detachments in Donbass and Turkish Kurdistan. .

      I hope Europe’s understanding of this formulation is achievable!
      1. 1234567890
        1234567890 23 March 2016 11: 33
        Quote: vyinemeynen
        I hope Europe’s understanding of this formulation is achievable!

        It is unlikely.
        European politicians have long spit on their peoples from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And the European bureaucrats from EU structures are even more so up to the lantern - they will be given mattresses for good behavior to each according to some fund (as the former NATO Secretary General)
    4. 222222
      222222 23 March 2016 16: 45
      .... "" Alan and I constantly collide in women's clothing boutiques, but pretend that we do not know each other, "wrote a resident of Brussels otchitchina in the comments.
      Alan is Alan Vanderboot, Brussels Police Commissioner. A man of free views, whose only appearance is capable of paralyzing in the place of a lawbreaker. In ladies' panties, a hat and a skirt, high heels, this guardian of the law is fighting crime in the capital of Europe - Brussels. No Cattani, Poirot, Colombo or Maigret! Now European underworld fighters look like this "....

      ..HOWEVER!!! laughing
      1. indulf
        indulf 24 March 2016 14: 28
        It is strange that it is surrounded by women. Or it’s not women.
  2. Good cat
    Good cat 23 March 2016 06: 08
    Europa finished playing, the boomerang came back.
    1. Lantau
      Lantau 23 March 2016 06: 36
      That's right ... I do not mind them ...
      1. ruAlex
        ruAlex 23 March 2016 10: 13
        I agree, no matter how cruel it may sound, but it’s not a pity for which we fought for it and ran into it and it’s not necessary to say that people have nothing to do with, these are the people who chose the politicians that they have. By this analogy, ordinary Ukrainians are not to blame for their mess.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 23 March 2016 06: 39
      Quote: Good cat
      Europa finished playing, the boomerang came back.

      Just do not need this xenophobia, it's just refugees, you need to be sympathetic to their traditions.
      And in response to the terrorist attacks, the inhabitants of Belgium write Peace, Love with crayons on asphalt. And as Sharia-ISIS said the end!

      Summer 2014, Brussels airport during Operation Unbreakable Rock in Gaza (Tsuk Eitan), Belgians in defense of Arab terrorists in Gaza flood the floor of their airport with fake blood in protest against Israeli policies.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 23 March 2016 07: 56
        Well, well, now their fantasies have turned into reality. Stupid deeds, nothing sacred. Someone then washed off fake blood. Now ----- real.
      2. atalef
        atalef 23 March 2016 08: 19
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Good cat
        Europa finished playing, the boomerang came back.

        Summer 2014, Brussels airport during Operation Unbreakable Rock in Gaza (Tsuk Eitan), Belgians in defense of Arab terrorists in Gaza flood the floor of their airport with fake blood in protest against Israeli policies.

        Sanya (+)
        For that fought for it and ran
        1. Zeppelin ml.
          Zeppelin ml. 23 March 2016 10: 49
          Quote: atalef
          For that fought for it and ran

          yes everything will be ok, Sanya. They have "methods for Kostya Saprykin", they do!
        2. Uncle
          Uncle 23 March 2016 14: 46
          Quote: atalef
          For that fought for it and ran

          I don’t feel sorry for them, I myself am surprised at my callousness. I would even say that countries where pederasty, prostitution, and tolerance are the norm should disappear or change. Why not assume that the terrorist attacks are "God's broom" sweeping away the filth?
          1. Zheka40
            Zheka40 24 March 2016 13: 20
            I totally agree! +
      3. andj61
        andj61 23 March 2016 09: 06
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Good cat
        Europa finished playing, the boomerang came back.
        Just do not need this xenophobia, it's just refugees, you need to be sympathetic to their traditions.

        The funny thing is that, apparently, they are not even refugees! These people themselves were born and raised in the European Union, and their parents moved there.
        And refugees will deliver more problems to Europe, this is yet to come ...
        1. natakor1949
          natakor1949 23 March 2016 16: 06
          Well, now it's time to "collect stones". When Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries were "democratized", no one had a crinkle in his head, which is responsible for the consequences of such destruction of entire continents. Syshya stirred up this hive and smiling, looking from the side, what is happening. And the "great" mute ueropa, the mongrel, meekly looking into the mouth of the owner, now begins to hold the answer for this world chaos. These terrorists from the first stream of migrants were born in these countries, and the next ones will be from the newly arrived. This is just the beginning of the terror. For all that has been done, one must answer and pay. It is a pity for innocent people, but there are no merkels and so on. this blood is on their conscience.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      4. dauria
        dauria 23 March 2016 09: 54
        the Belgians in defense of the Arab terrorists of Gaza ...

        Terrorism is not going anywhere. This is the new name for the ancient phenomenon-divide and conquer. Precisely because for some they are terrorists, and for others they are fighters for independence (opposition, revolutionaries, etc.)

        We should call ALL armed groups terrorists, for the actions of which no government is responsible. But the trick is that any country has an adversary country. And the enemy these bandits on hand.
        And we are not without a sin- Lebanese bandyukes are also called fighters. If the fighters, let the Lebanese president announce to Israel that it is his Armed Forces and he began military operations.

        Nonsense turns out, then liberation wars are illegal. Or does someone seriously believe that the United States or the Russian Federation, especially together will not be able to grind the Arabian Peninsula into dust and redraw the map? Could, if not for helping each other, but simply not interfering.
        But we will interfere and push, everyone needs the Middle East. And there will be terrorists. We will feed them ourselves. And we and the USA.
      5. padded jacket
        padded jacket 23 March 2016 15: 25
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Summer 2014, Brussels airport during Operation Unbreakable Rock in Gaza (Tsuk Eitan), Belgians in defense of Arab terrorists in Gaza flood the floor of their airport with fake blood in protest against Israeli policies.

        The situation there was a completely different one - Israeli punishers destroyed the civilian population in Gaza, so in fact the Israelis were no better than those who carried out the attacks in Brussels.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 23 March 2016 15: 32
          Quote: quilted jacket
          Israeli punishers destroying civilians in Gaza

          Vatnik, well, where without you. There your friend Kim promises to unleash a nuclear warrior, go support the insane tyrant from North Korea with comments.
  3. chikenous59
    chikenous59 23 March 2016 06: 10
    Meanwhile, the Turkish cargo ship rammed the pillars of the Kerch bridge under construction.
    1. Erg
      Erg 23 March 2016 08: 47
      I don’t understand what to put - plus or minus request Maybe, finally, we will deal with similar news? ..
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 23 March 2016 06: 11
    Have any of us seen Ms. Mogherini, the head of European diplomacy, crying about this?

    She was scared, she also flies, uses the airport ...

    Semyon Semyonitch was also emotional ... He imagined ...
  5. Aleksander
    Aleksander 23 March 2016 06: 11
    Europeans looked at all the horrors created by their states in the B East, as in the transfer "Behind the glass". Somewhere there, far away, someone is killing someone, and they have peace and beauty. But the glass collapsed, and horror burst into their home, them into a calm world ...
  6. qwert111
    qwert111 23 March 2016 06: 24
    The narcissistic Europe that sow is what you will reap!
    1. Mikhail Harichev
      Mikhail Harichev 25 March 2016 17: 20
      I completely agree with you ... There are no words ... sad
  7. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 23 March 2016 06: 25
    fabulously cartoonish countries, such as Belgium-Denmark, never knew the real truth of life, they lived in some kind of virtual world invented by them. but Mrs. Merkel, returned them to the sinful earth ...
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 23 March 2016 20: 25
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      fabulously cartoonish countries like Belgium-Denmark never knew the real truth of life

      how to say - once really knew! But if for Denmark Ragnar Lodbrok is distant past, then with Belgium more interesting:
      just 110 years ago in Independent (!) the state of Congo (being "personal possession"King of Belgium Leopold II) tax collectors were recruited from ... cannibals - and tax payers they were allowed to simply eat! Whether many have been eaten is hard to say for sure: it is only known that in 23 years (1885-1908) of the wise rule of the good Belgian king, the population of the Congo declined twice - from 30 to 15 million.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. krops777
    krops777 23 March 2016 06: 25
    They put a rake themselves, and jumped on them to run, I think for a long time they will do this.
    The Paris tragedy apparently did not teach anything.
    1. Mikhail Harichev
      Mikhail Harichev 25 March 2016 17: 23
      Ahahah! On a rake with a run, it is strong !!!! belay wink
  9. _umka_
    _umka_ 23 March 2016 06: 27
    Country litter, so they wiped his feet on it.
  10. perm23
    perm23 23 March 2016 06: 27
    It’s a pity they just don’t understand anything. We will again be to blame for them. And they won’t be worried that somewhere they will kill someone.
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 23 March 2016 06: 30
    ISIS was responsible for the terrorist attacks in Brussels - and that’s the current agenda ... But once upon a time, the responsibility for any explosion, and of which Bin Laden took charge, was knightly defeated by the knights of American democracy ... By the way, these knights nourished him .. like ISIS ..
    1. Dimy4
      Dimy4 23 March 2016 08: 09
      We have about the same thing, after it became known for sure that "KURSK" was killed, the bandit groups in Chechnya immediately assumed responsibility.
      1. indulf
        indulf 24 March 2016 17: 19
        What do we smoke? Where do we get it?
        1. Mikhail Harichev
          Mikhail Harichev 25 March 2016 17: 26
          M-yes ... You won’t be protected from this ... request
  12. VP
    VP 23 March 2016 06: 31
    Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly

    Well, open, well, look, then what do you expect from them?
    Refuse Schengen cross-border agreements and thereby bury the EU?
    To dig somewhere for a long time already settled in Europe blacks and Arabs, all several millions?
    Well, what actions do you expect after "opening your eyes"?
    Yes, their eyes have long been open, at least to those who make decisions, they all understand, do not hold them for idiots, they are quite smart and cynical people. But what to do in this situation even with understanding?
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 23 March 2016 08: 13
      Finished: "Come to my house, my doors are open.
      I will sing you songs and treat you with wine "...
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 March 2016 06: 31
    Have any of us seen Ms. Mogherini, the head of European diplomacy, crying about this?

    Why, they again encroached on the most sacred thing - on "order" in Europe, the stronghold of "democracy" and tolerance. The lives of several dozen Europeans (who were killed, including those who were the fault of their politicians) are much more expensive than tens of thousands of lives of someone who lives in an unknown place (the same Europeans do not all know where Libya, Iraq, Syria are). For Europe, this is once again a world-class tragedy. Don't give a damn about others, if only we (Europeans) lived well and calmly. It is already disgusting to look at these double standards and arrogant attitude towards other countries.
  14. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 23 March 2016 06: 44
    How many times do Europeans have to get in the face so that it dawns on them that they need to fight terrorists together? After the Paris massacre, Europe did not understand anything, and the chance that it will understand now is also not great. Two or three weeks will pass, passions will subside and the old song about good terrorists striving for democracy will continue.
  15. Amurets
    Amurets 23 March 2016 06: 46
    Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly and do not turn completely into peeing boys.
    Europe waited for the revenge of God! This revenge is not only for the death of Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, the destroyed states of the Middle East, North Africa. This is a response to the betrayal of the interests of the Arabs by Messrs. Merkel, Ashton, Mogherini, Hollande, Sarkazi, Obama, who climbed with their charter They are not asked. This is only part of the politicians, former and current, who are responsible not only to the peoples of BV, but also to Ukraine, North Africa, and the whole world. I sympathize with the families in which people died, but let the peoples of Europe think again what does such a policy of indulgence and terror lead to.
  16. Centurionix
    Centurionix 23 March 2016 06: 47
    Two-faced west. They felt what terrorist attacks were in their own skin. In this whole story, innocent people feel sorry.
    Not this wind, reap the storm.
    on this occasion, added media reports that three Belarusian citizens were allegedly detained in the Belgian capital
    Why not Russia? It was necessary according to the template from the State Department.
  17. populist
    populist 23 March 2016 06: 52
    And how far have we gone from "pissing Europe"?
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 23 March 2016 13: 56
      -What was the reason for the man with "cons"? If the Minister of Internal Affairs declares that his department is currently unable to cope with its tasks in full, then citizens have something to think about ...
      - We have, almost every Friday, migrant workers arrange a sabbat at an unfinished mosque!
      - "Monkey, seeing his image in the mirror ..."? (FROM).
  18. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 23 March 2016 06: 53
    Yesterday, 13: 14 | Attack of militants on the representation of the EU military mission in Mali

    Quote: corrado
    We took up Geyropu in full.

    No, so far they have only indicated their presence, because there are no victims yet.

    Just yesterday I wrote - there are no victims yet. And so, a terrible thing happened. Recently, my friend drove a car in Europe in a rented car (he goes there every year), I ask, what’s the mood like after the Paris attacks? Yes, calmly, they are all on the drum, they work, they rest ... I asked about the regime at airports and roads. Says - did not notice the difference. And now, this is the price for carelessness!
  19. poma
    poma 23 March 2016 06: 56
    Tolerastov is not a pity. It is bad that the European public education will fall apart and in its place there will be shrapnel of varying degrees of bitterness. A terrible end is coming instead of horror without end.
    However, the mattress covers were torn up and kept in the blood - and nothing.
  20. Ozhogin Dmitry
    Ozhogin Dmitry 23 March 2016 07: 03
    I completely agree. Western politicians are completely cynical. So it was after the attack on Charlie ebdo - Merkel with Hollande and another thousand democratic European people cried, carrying posters, and at that time, in New Russia, dozens of civilians died.
  21. Holsten
    Holsten 23 March 2016 07: 08
    God punishes, depriving the mind. What can be counted on to launch an army of refugees, including 70% of men of draft age, not to mention the considerable number of ISIS fighters among them. This terrible tragedy was inevitable.
  22. Neophyte
    Neophyte 23 March 2016 07: 12
    And what a stir did the siloviki raise? They hid the frightened king under the queen’s skirt and urgently hid both of them in a bunker! The Belgian media are reporting witnesses of the tragedy: he was about a km from the airport, but he mastered his fear and quickly ran to the nearest cafe, lay down on the floor and turned off his cell phone. ..?
  23. dima mzk
    dima mzk 23 March 2016 07: 19
    What time! Belarusians are already to blame, a hotbed of terrorism? There is no wind in their heads, there is a concrete hurricane!
  24. Zena20298
    Zena20298 23 March 2016 07: 20
    Interestingly, the geyropa will understand that it’s time to act, to defend themselves, and not to dress up men in skirts in protest? It seems to me that they are there in their various small countries, they still think that their terrorism will not affect them, they think that all refugees are good ... that’s why they all will be gentered there, too, in the Middle East, by the way, non-traditional relationships are common, they just are not advertised.
  25. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. 23 March 2016 07: 33
    Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open!

    no. According to Kubrick - Eyes Wide Shut.
    I do not want to call the mayor of Bru a nerd, but a few hours after the massacre, he said that, they say, was not going to close the city, that Brussels would remain a symbol of openness and tolerance.
    This is their response to the call of the author.
    1. VP
      VP 23 March 2016 07: 39
      Did he have a choice?
      How do you imagine the closure of the city, which is the capital, not only for the country but also for several international associations + a significant transport hub?
      About tolerance, however, I slapped according to the pattern, it should be so.
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 23 March 2016 08: 01
        Quote: VP
        About tolerance, however, I slapped according to the pattern, it should be so.

        it would be smarter to hold the thesis of tolerance until better times, and not stick it in a line when the bodies of the victims of this same tolerance have not yet cooled down. I say that in their minds European values ​​are unshakable, and jihad is, like, a temporary inconvenience. It seems to me that Europe gave up, resigned to the irreversibility of Islamization and the accompanying terror. All officials and the European bureaucracy avoid strong expressions that Europe is declared Islam war, these are, like, episodic actions, we will express our condolences, we go around with mournful faces, we will paint the signs "I am Brussels", we will cautiously condemn ...
        1. VP
          VP 23 March 2016 08: 19
          Quote: Pinky F.
          It seems to me that Europe gave up, resigned to the irreversibility of Islamization and the accompanying terror

          More difficult.
          They just do not have adequate tools to influence the situation. Those who will not go against the basis of the EU and which will not scare away the electorate.
          They cannot close internal borders.
          "Soak in the toilet" - too. And due to the fact that those who need to soak have long taken roots and dig them out is extremely difficult, and due to moral social attitudes - on police operations, the scale of small wars, within European countries, no one agrees, at most on some kind of local police operation on which babai wanted to sneeze.
          "You have no methods against Kostya Saprykin"
          1. Pinkie F.
            Pinkie F. 23 March 2016 08: 29
            Quote: VP
            They just do not have adequate tools to influence the situation. Those who will not go against the basis of the EU and which will not scare away the electorate.

            absolutely agree with your comment! After each action, the bureaucrats demonstrate complete confusion and helplessness, avoiding harsh statements and rigid contractions, limiting themselves to useless fuss and remaining within the framework of "decency" in the European sense.
          2. Corsair
            Corsair 23 March 2016 09: 56
            Quote: VP
            They just do not have adequate tools to influence the situation. Those who will not go against the basis of the EU and which will not scare away the electorate.
            They cannot close internal borders.

            what Wait, they will first gather everyone in special areas, then after 5-10 years they will come to the conclusion that they need to do the same as in the film "13th District", otherwise there is no way to get rid of freeloaders and nurseries
  26. rzstas
    rzstas 23 March 2016 07: 44
    Respect and respect for the author of the article!
    It must be published in Izvestia or the Russian newspaper.
  27. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 March 2016 07: 58
    Very good article. Many thanks to the author.
  28. Hooks
    Hooks 23 March 2016 08: 01
    Interestingly, Europeans will continue to classify according to their own scale of terrorists? It may already come, not over the head, but otherwise. They lived as if immortal, everything for them was a television show.
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 23 March 2016 08: 06
      Quote: Hooks
      and will continue to be classified on their own scale of terrorists?

      clear pepper! There are doubts that they will continue to target terrorists to "good terrorist", "not very much" and "fuu, nasty terrorist!" ?? Nobody is going to clean up Molenbeck. For the past ten years, the Belgian security forces have only been engaged in looking for and drawing on a pencil Walloon or Flemish separatists.
    2. Mikhail Harichev
      Mikhail Harichev 25 March 2016 17: 44
      Like, Once upon a time there were zombies, only in a slightly different form ... wassat
  29. Wedmak
    Wedmak 23 March 2016 08: 04
    I support the article. Double standards, direct hypocrisy and falsehood. Well, they got what they deserved. It is a pity that ordinary people, and not EU leaders, suffered. And the tears of Mogherini here generally look theatrical.
  30. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 23 March 2016 08: 10
    I was shocked yesterday.
    Two explosions. The dead. The wounded. 100 - 150 people. Tragedy. Of course.
    Empty streets. Buses do not go. The royal couple left the city. Children are not allowed on the streets. On the windows blinds. Horror on the faces. Paralysis of all city life. Military patrols on the streets ...
    The end to everything.
    And with us. Somewhere it exploded. The people were alarmed, but no more. Police rummage through the wreckage, ambulances, but this does not affect the usual city bustle.
    And how are these people going to confront us?
    1. Mikhail Harichev
      Mikhail Harichev 25 March 2016 17: 46
      I can’t imagine such an opportunity ... Maybe, of course ...
  31. ImPerts
    ImPerts 23 March 2016 08: 13
    As a result of the attacks of March 22 at the airport and metro of Brussels, more than 30 people were killed and more than 200 were injured. After the events in Belgium, some media mistakenly published a video of the explosion, which was committed at Moscow Domodedovo Airport in 2011 year. Western media then stated that Russia itself provoked a tragedy by its actions in the North Caucasus. With details - RT correspondent Daniel Bushell.
    Z.Y. How many walking posters will there be now? And the conclusions probably will not change, it provoked Russia with its actions in Syria.
  32. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 23 March 2016 08: 22
    As for the "ordinary Europeans" who are sorry.
    My grandfather died. The old patriarch of a large Jewish family who lived to be 100.
    Numerous descendants from around the world gathered for the funeral.
    A second cousin came from Holland (who has a real pupoise in her son-in-law), who has been living there for about 20 years. Naturally, a dispute arose about the Donbass. What else can Russian people talk about at a funeral.
    - They are all firing at themselves - the "Dutchwoman" proved with foam at the mouth.

    Yesterday I thought, remembering this incident - "they blew themselves up" ....
    In general, this is not far from the truth.
  33. nivander
    nivander 23 March 2016 08: 27
    listen to the cameramas - They are truly blind and fools - to oversleep making suicide belts on such a scale, to oversleep the training of the Tarrakts themselves and their performers. Yes, they are all just parasites there
    1. VP
      VP 23 March 2016 08: 54
      Babai is also not from a kindergarten, they have a vast experience of terrorist acts, it is not so easy to counteract them.
      Look, for example, at Israel, what measures they have to comply with and what forces to oppose.
      And this is in a relatively small country, in the conditions of the united work of the special services and in the conditions of the "police" state.
      But how to do this throughout Europe, in the context of the diversity of countries and their special services? And how to instill in Israel the mentality of the Israelis?
      Something seems to me that in the end the Europeans will come to the idea of ​​creating some kind of pan-European special services. And under them will begin to change the law. And they will have a cloud of new problems on this. As a result, this special service will become another herbivorous bureaucratic structure.
  34. Arkan
    Arkan 23 March 2016 08: 46
    Double standards, brain atrophy and complete helplessness of the police, with the "strange" behavior of the authorities, threatens Europe not only with involuntary urination, but also with more serious diseases.
  35. Erg
    Erg 23 March 2016 08: 52
    Even the sheep feel when they are led to slaughter ... In a word, Europe is a complete furry request
  36. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 23 March 2016 09: 06
    Sincere condolences to the victims of the terrorist attacks, relatives of the victims, their sorrow is limitless.
    But you need to find the answer to the question how? why? And what to do so that tragedies are not repeated, so that people live in peace?
    Those measures that were taken after the tragedy in Paris were not enough. This turned out to be an attempt to cover a cell in a sieve.
    So the answer to the question "why?" we must look deeper.
    If there is no correct diagnosis, treatment will not bring the desired result and the disease will worsen.
    The truth is that terrorism spawned the United States and the EU, interfering in the government of the countries of the former Soviet Union, North Africa, and Asia. There other people, no worse, just different — they have their own history, their own customs, their own language, not like European ones — this is another civilization. Their ancestors needed other knowledge, different habits in order to survive in the natural conditions in which this civilization was formed.
    It is necessary to cooperate with the East, it is mutually beneficial, but one cannot impose one’s will.
    But who has the right to intervene, look back at your story Americans, British, French, Swedes, etc.?
    What can you be proud of? The invention of slavery? The extermination of the Indians? By repeated attacks on an independent neighbor, Russia, which managed to gather many tribes and peoples under a common wing, not destroying them, but exchanging knowledge, finding a common language. How many times have you gone on campaigns in Russia: Swedes, French, Germans. And now, you, weighed down by centuries-old crimes of your ancestors, are going to dictate the will of the peoples of the world? Do you have something to teach other nations? You carry lies and hypocrisy.
    You do not bear democracy, because democracy is the power of the people, the people of the country in which they live, and not the power of the Americans and Western Europeans over the peoples.
    By interfering in the affairs of other states, you bear your will. By declaring a dictator the head of state, which is impeccably, but selected as a substantial part of the country's population, you deliberately destroy the state, replacing state power with the power of the baffled crowd, your media independently looking out of your pocket, or the power of gangs armed not without your help. And this is not democracy, this is a gangster dictate directed by external forces, by your forces, i.e. you kill the sprouts of democracy in the country, replacing the dictates of the crowd or bandits, i.e. impose a dictatorship and call the gangster dictatorship democracy.
    And whether you want it or not, the world is intelligent in itself, like every person has a piece of mind, and you are the destroyers of this mind, the mind that supports life on Earth.
    So stop climbing into the Middle East, stop financing bandits, stop destroying states, for the sake of the irrepressible greed of big business, restore what you destroyed. And if you cannot do this, life itself will take revenge on the hands of those whom you yourself have made bandits.
  37. skeptic
    skeptic 23 March 2016 09: 09
    Gropa - two steps to the grave ...
  38. Pitot
    Pitot 23 March 2016 09: 09
    The law of equilibrium in nature. Time to throw stones - time to collect them. The blood and death of M. Gaddafi cries out. Harvest in geyrop will be bloody .... and gnashing of teeth (s)
  39. Megatron
    Megatron 23 March 2016 09: 09
    It’s not at all a pity, let it go on.
    I wonder how many more explosions should be, after which muslims will be evicted from geyrops?

    In our country, it looks like a new profession has also appeared - to carry flowers and candles in different places, and then spread them on Instagram.
  40. sa-ag
    sa-ag 23 March 2016 09: 09
    Until all this interferes with big business, they won’t do anything special, as soon as it becomes an obstacle, they will begin to bury it in the ground.
  41. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 23 March 2016 09: 20
    And here I am gloating. They told us about humanism, etc. when there was a war in Chechnya. Now let human rights, etc., show their humanism. to those who blow them up. Maybe these terrorists lack love and affection, or maybe they have a difficult childhood?
  42. Achilles
    Achilles 23 March 2016 09: 28
    ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in Brussels today.

    They told us so.
    But they forgot to tell us why ISIS needed this.
    And they forgot to tell us who is behind ISIS.
    If it's ISIS at all
    Is the army of Brussels storming Palmyra, Aleppo, Racca?
    Or did the European Union team replace the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria?
    What did Europe not please the Islamists who, according to the official version, are fighting for the creation of a new state in Syria and Iraq?
    Suppose the Islamists plan to conquer Europe. But you do not need to carry out terrorist attacks. The penetration of Muslims into EU countries is safely carried out without any terrorist attacks. On the contrary, the attacks will lead to exactly the opposite result - to strengthen security measures and toughen migration policies. ISIS is completely unnecessary.
    As long as refugees successfully arrive in Europe, no terrorist attacks are needed to Islamize the old world.
    So the purpose of the attacks in something else?
    ISIS is the result of the collective creativity of several countries - the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.
    First, ISIS created chaos and terror in Syria, and now shareholders have become interested in creating chaos in Europe.
    Wars, chaos and terror in the old world (Europe) always lead to the flight of financial capital and "brains" to the new world (USA).
    There is a saying - money loves silence. This means that financial capital always moves to where there is more stability, where there are fewer risks and where there is higher income.
    Recently, the US economy is also facing problems. For further growth, the economy needs to be stimulated with something, otherwise stagnation will begin and a new crisis will break out. The printing press has already been turned on, its potential is almost exhausted, it is impossible to weaken the dollar further, it is necessary to strengthen it on the contrary. One option is to make capital move from the old world to the new, from Europe to the USA.
    But financial capital alone is not enough. We need skilled working hands and bright heads. That is human capital.
    And this problem is also solved by the method of chaos and terror. People, like money, also love silence and try to move from places where there will be riots to places where you can live peacefully and do what you love.
    Was it not for this that a stream of refugees was organized from the very beginning?
    After all, refugees themselves are also a source of chaos and unrest in Europe, even without any terrorist attacks. This is a source of social tension, inconvenience for local residents, the political crisis and budget spending.
    We were simply told that ISIS terrorists staged these attacks in Brussels.
    But why ISIS needed this - they forgot to tell us.
    And who created ISIS - they did not tell us either.
    Too many questions that Western magazines do not want to ask the ruling elites
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 23 March 2016 09: 39
      Quote: Achilles
      ISIS is the result of the collective creativity of several countries - the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.

      Let's just say - a side effect, at first the United States needed cheap oil and Saddam turned out to be not the ruler who suited them, so the United States entered Iraq, ascending to the power of the Shiites, Saddam's army was out of work, and even more so, a confrontation on religious grounds began and blocked with its "sworn friends" the Islamists, then the Qatari pipeline project arose, which was rejected by Assad, it was here that ISIS received an impetus for its development, and here Turkey joined, which could be said to have been looming free oil
  43. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 23 March 2016 09: 37
    Those who are overeating, spitting on other peoples, the so-called residents of Geyropa, "choose" the same in power. The same, they themselves create terrorists, wreaking havoc and death in the world, in order to get free dough. As they go around, they respond. It's not a pity. Let them get it in full.
  44. ruskih
    ruskih 23 March 2016 09: 42
    “Through the emergency exits from the building, several hundred European officials were evacuated, whose lives seemed to be far more valuable to European democracy than the lives of patients at the Saint-Pierre Clinic.”

    Yes, and they also called psychologists. That's where the "delicate, vulnerable souls." Hearing their speeches and statements recently, it is unfortunate that most of them were not sent to a psychiatric hospital under the guise of a noise.
  45. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 23 March 2016 09: 48
    You know, I’m not happy, but I think that Europe got what it deserved, remember how they treat us, what they did and wrote about us during the conflict in Chechnya, how they threw mud at US, our HOMELAND, so let it pass now that WE passed, how pathetic were the tears of magherini, and when you bombed Libya, helped terrorists in SYRIA, when thousands of innocent people and children died in Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, where there was a "democratic" Europe. I DO NOT SORRY YOU, you corrupt su .., YOU and your friends Americans. As there is in the Bible AZ VODAM.
  46. Alekst
    Alekst 23 March 2016 10: 00
    the fact that Ms. Mogherini is crying, in this particular case, is not surprising to me .... as indeed all that is happening in Western Europe in the broad sense of the term
  47. darksoul
    darksoul 23 March 2016 10: 16
    and they reached for the embassy with the flowers of the same sui brussels .... and where is the sui Iraq, Syria, Libya, cat Devoir, Yemen and further down the list or some people are white and fluffy and others wow ... but? we have in the subway how many people died and the plane when the plane crashed in Egypt there was no syui but there were stupid caricatures of ebdo ... this time the plane crashed thanks at least they didn't touch didn't draw anything
  48. ruAlex
    ruAlex 23 March 2016 10: 20
    I liked the article one-time + everything is correctly laid out.
  49. Siberia
    Siberia 23 March 2016 10: 22
    Bravo, Alexey! Everything is very accurately and emotionally noticed. Article bold +!
  50. Oleg Monarchist
    Oleg Monarchist 23 March 2016 10: 30
    Quote: Nevsky_ZU
    Europeans, well, open your eyes! .. Open! Look at the world soberly and do not turn completely into peeing boys

    Alexey, the police chief of Brussels, I heard you !!!

    in the middle is the head of the Brussels police.

    On one resource, where this miracle Yudo was discussed, I read a wonderful thought: "Why is a man who considers himself Napoleon a mentally ill person, and a man who considers himself a woman is healthy?"