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The time has come, or we play the net!

The time has come, or we play the net!

If you clearly imagine only two things: the US dollar is not a US dollar at all, but a dollar of a private firm called the Federal Reserve System (FED), as well as a catastrophic climate deterioration coming in the coming years on both sides of the North Atlantic, then you can confidently understand in the seemingly unimaginable chaos of so-called world politics. No chaos! There are clear actions of the Fed (as already said - a private organization) on the future arrangement of itself beloved on the planet Earth after a sharp cooling in the United States and Western Europe, exactly where the so-called “golden billion” lives now.
About private world currency - the dollar (it is "Bucks", "greens", "cabbage", etc.) let's talk separately. Let's start with the climate.

Gulf Stream - there is
The warm and supercomfortable climate of the USA and Western Europe on 90% is due to the warming effect of the ocean current Gulf Stream, with a capacity of 50 mln m3 of warm water per second - ten to the fifteenth kilowatt (one and a half petawatts) of thermal energy. And this is equivalent to the capacity of one million nuclear power plants that have warmed Europe, the USA and Canada (areas adjacent to the Atlantic) for centuries. This “heat additive” on 8-10ºС raises the temperature in Europe and the USA, and even on 2º in Moscow! The average annual temperature of the Russian capital + 3,8ºС. Located far to the north, Reykjavik is warmed up by the Gulf Stream to + 5ºС, in Helsinki - on average + 6,8ºС, while in Yakutsk located at the same latitude the temperature is ¬10,2ºС. London with the Gulf Stream - + 11ºС, Voronezh (without the Gulf Stream), but at the same latitude - + 5ºС. Berlin is + 10ºС, and the “one-latitude” Novosibirsk is -0,2ºС. What creates exceptional conditions for agriculture in these areas. Grain yields in nonchernozem Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Ireland ... range from 60 to 85 centners per hectare, and the yield of Ukraine’s chernozem is only 24 t / ha, and in non-chernozem Russia - 12-15 t / ha. In Europe and the USA, there are no droughts and spring frosts destroying crops, and today the USA and Canada export 100 million tons. grain, and Western Europe 50 mln. in year. There, the yield of agricultural crops only on 5% depends on the climate (Gulf Stream !!!), whereas in our country - on 50%!
The blessed warm climate, the absence of permafrost and freezing of the soil, make it possible to save trillions of dollars in infrastructure and its operation. Remember the favorite scene of Hollywood action films, like some kind of half-wit of Rambo type, with a fist, pierces the wall of a house! And so it is! Do not need there powerful walls. Heat. I would try Comrade Rambo to break through the wall of our house into four bricks !!! I think he would still be in the hospital.
... A huge amount of fuel (gas, oil, coal, electricity), building materials, insulation is being saved. No need to build powerful heating plants and heating mains. The population in a warm climate saves on warm clothing, without the need to eat more high-calorie food in colder climates. Ten times longer, due to the lack of deadly freezing processes - defrosting, roads remain. And so on…
In general, the Gulf Stream for Europe and the USA is a royal gift to their economies and their populations. So they would live further. Everything is under control! A private dollar is a global currency, warmth, media under control. Talk to yourself about developed democracy (for others, the police state is for the United States), about human rights (for your own person), compose yourself ratings and draw zero inflation (for yourself), fight world terrorism (create it beforehand, who "fight"). In general, cases a great deal. Hang noodles on the ears on a global scale and create "marches of dissent" - this is for you "not lobio eat." And expensive and troublesome. But then a large-scale nuisance happened. "Darma" Gulf Stream began to act up.

Gulf Stream - no, or no one wanted to freeze!

The weather kitchen is located in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The role of the heating system is played by the warm ocean current Gulf Stream, which many people call “the stove of Europe”.
Now, the cold and denser Labrador Current is “diving” under the warm and easier current of the Gulf Stream, without interfering with its warming of Europe. Then the Labrador Current "emerges" off the coast of Spain called the cold Canary Current, crosses the Atlantic, reaches the Caribbean Sea, warms up and, under the name of the Gulf Stream, rushes unhindered towards the North. Labrador current density is a key factor in the well-being of the world. Not the "greenhouse effect", not the "ozone hole", not the man-made activities of mankind, but the density of the waters of the Labrador Current determines the current warm period. Currently, the density of the Labrador Current is only one tenth percent higher than the density of the Gulf Stream.
Total 0,1% excess density, and - palm trees in London, the beaches of Palma de Mallorca, the ice-free fiords of Norway and year-round navigation in the Barents Sea.
As soon as the Labrador current becomes equal in density with the Gulf Stream, it will cease to “dive” under the Gulf Stream, rise to the surface of the ocean and block the Gulf Stream movement to the north. It will instantly overlap, instantly even by the standards of human life: 3-10 will last for the whole process - and the Gulf Stream will be “turned off”. The great interconnected "eight" of ocean currents will turn into two circular currents characteristic of the Ice Age. The Gulf Stream will go to Spain and begin to circulate in a small circle, the cold Labrador Current will break through to Europe, which immediately begins to freeze.
The process will be extremely sharp, as evidenced by direct data on previous cooling, obtained when drilling ice in Greenland. The air temperature in Europe will become Siberian in a very short time. Living in Europe, Canada and the United States will become unbearable as soon as the Labrador switch works. Today there are palm trees in London, and tomorrow tomorrow London will be buried in the snow, the frost will reach -40 ° C, and even reindeer will refuse to live there. A sharp, chilling cold is the real prospect of the coming years, which is being seriously discussed. The fact is that even now the strength of the Gulf Stream winter flow to Europe is considerably weakening (according to some data - by 30%). Probably the abnormally cold winters of recent years in Europe are a direct consequence of this.
The process of the “extinction” of the Gulf Stream has begun in full swing. The acceleration of the process was the large-scale accident of the oil platform British Petroleum 20 on April 2010 of the year in the Gulf of Mexico.
In early May 2010, President Barack Obama called what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico "a potentially unprecedented environmental disaster." Spots of oil were found in the thickness of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico (one spot of length 16 km, thickness 90 meters at a depth of 1300 meters).
Dispersants of the Corexit family: Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527 were widely used to combat oil stains on the surface of the water. About 9 million liters of cortexit, as well as more 10 million liters of other dispersants, BP was added to more than a billion liters of crude oil, which was poured over several months from a well drilled by BP at the bottom of the Mesquicana Bay. The group was able to effectively hide most of the oil, dropping it to the bottom to seriously reduce the size of the federal fine, depending on the size of the oil disaster.
But it turned out that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the massive use of dispersants influenced the flow rate of the Gulf Stream.
According to the latest satellite data, the North Atlantic Current (Gulf Stream) no longer exists in its previous form, and the Norwegian Current has disappeared along with it. These two warm currents of water are in fact part of the same system, which has several names, depending on where it is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This water circulation system has already died in a number of places and is dying in other parts.
Dr. Zangari, a theoretical physicist at the Institute of Frascati, who for several years has been working with a group of monitoring scientists in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time already told 2010 in August: “... a huge amount of oil, constantly expanding in scope, covers such huge areas that It has a serious impact on the entire system of thermoregulation of the planet, by destroying the boundary layers of the warm flow of water. The pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico ceased to exist a month ago, the latest satellite data clearly shows that there is currently no North Atlantic Current, and the Gulf Stream is starting to break apart, about 250 kilometers off the coast of North Carolina. Thermohaline vascular system, where warm waters flow through cooler ones, have a much greater effect, not only on the ocean, but also on the upper layers of the atmosphere, up to ten kilometers high. The absence of this common phenomenon in the eastern North Atlantic disrupted the normal course of atmospheric flows in the summer of this year, resulting in unheard of high temperatures in Moscow (up to 40ºС), droughts and floods in Central Europe, with high temperatures in many Asian countries and massive flooding in China, Pakistan and other Asian countries. "
According to satellite data from 22.08.2010, it can be seen that the average water temperature in the north of the Gulf Stream has dropped by 10 degrees Celsius compared to the year before the disaster of 2009. The belt conveyor broke into separate sections and ceased to transfer warm water to Europe. Dr. Zangari claims: "They killed the global pacemaker on the planet"
On the comparative diagrams of the water surface temperature and the speed of ocean jets in the Gulf of Mexico, even non-specialists can see that in the Gulf of Mexico there is a blockage of internal currents, and that the Gulf Stream warm water pump stopped at the very beginning - in the Gulf of Mexico. The scientist argues that the problem will worsen in the fall and winter, when the Gulf Stream completely disappears, and the temperature in Europe and North America will begin to fall. It has long been calculated that the disappearance of the Gulf Stream will lead to a fall in the average annual temperature of the continent by 9 degrees - Europe will turn into Siberia. Siberia in Europe is already beginning:
* In Germany, for two months in a row (during November and December 2010 of the year), stable snow cover with a thickness of about 10 cm was maintained, which was not the case for many decades, and there were unusual frosts for these places, reaching up to minus 20 ° C at night. There were no thaws typical for the beginning of winter last year.
* The strongest frosts of the last 100 years in December in December 2010 covered England. Due to unprecedented frosts, both London airports were even closed for a while.
* The icy winter rains of Moscow and the region in the winter of 2010-2011gg are also “greetings from the Gulf Stream”.
In this regard, the statements of Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, curious, appeared on the Internet 11 in May 2011: “It is May, and the export volumes of Gazprom practically correspond to the winter levels. The application for today is almost 500 million cubic meters. ” Further, Miller happily called the current European gas market "skyrocketing" and confidently predicted the December 2011 price of gas in 500 dollars for 1000 м3, adding: "I am sure this is not the last record this year."
In general, LOST! What happened naturally (due to the desalination of the Labrador Current) could happen during the 5-10 years, happened yesterday. Gulf Stream as it is. Officials and official media are trying to shut up this, really, terrible newsbut thanks to the internet, the news is leaking. To drown the truth about the Gulf Stream, thousands of horror stories and misinformation are thrown on the Internet that the climate may change from “gravitational bubbles”, from “displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth”, from “giant protuberances on the Sun”, from “changing the magnetic poles of the Earth”, from the “greenhouse effect”, from the “destruction of the ozone layer”, from the “explosions of the caldera of the supervolcano in the USA”, as well as from the direct effects of “global warming” or the “global cooling” that allegedly is happening now, etc.
The “beacon of democracy and the standard of humanism” of the planet Earth - the United States of America (they present themselves with such suckers from the rest of the World), in the person of their President Bush Junior, they went even further. About 1600, American scientists admitted that they were either forbidden to use the terms "climate change" and "global warming" in their writings, or they edited the materials in the necessary way before publication. (from from 28 July 2009)
As a result, very few people know about the real state of things, including the leaders of most countries.
Due to the ongoing processes of freezing of Europe and the USA, desertification of agricultural regions, every person from the “golden billion” will have to spend more on 3-4 thousands of dollars per year (3-4 trillion dollars), to adapt the infrastructure - 15-20 trillion more, to maintain it in working condition in the winter - a couple of trillions of "green". But this is not the worst. The worst thing is that it is necessary somewhere to take the missing heat for the winter heating of a billion people, and feed these “gold” ones. Let me remind you that now the grain yield is in Europe-USA 60-85 c / ha, and will be 15-20 c / ha, now they export 150 million tons. grain a year, but it will be necessary to buy somewhere about the same amount of grain per year. And began a feverish, secret preparation for the climate collapse, sharply accelerated thanks to comrades Obama and uncles from British Petroleum.

Disaster preparation

Unlike our leaders, who always broadcast intelligently on television on what to do after a catastrophe, Western private “guys” from the US Federal Reserve System and dedicated “guys” from Europe do not want to starve and freeze. They have enough sense to think that you will not dine with a private dollar and will not heat a house, even if it is burned in furnaces. Therefore, the preparation for the Lurch is in full swing, before our eyes, naturally masking only the essence and the true meaning of what is happening. Let's start with the heat.
So that the people would not guess anything, everything that happens with gas is disguised as an energy showdown between Russia, Ukraine, the European Union and other participants. It was solely because of these fights that the construction of several “alternative” gas pipelines began. To the uninitiated in the essence of what is happening people are not only ordinary people, but also the vast majority of the heads of European states.
That is why they are so selflessly trying to deal with the “energy expansion” of Russia and are engaged in other “noble” affairs to curb “aggressive” Russia. In fact, the essence of what is happening is quite different. German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder announced that by the year 2015 Europe will consume over 200 billion m3 of natural gas per year. Now consumes 500 billion m3 / year. Why did it happen? No one is going to increase the chemical industry, and the consumption for 200 billion m3 / year is planned to increase! The explanation is one thing: I really do not feel like getting cold. And therefore, as if on cue, all planned gas pipelines are agreed, including the notorious Nabucco.

Shock construction of additional gas pipelines for freezing Europe

Name Power in billion m3 Input
Nord Stream 55 2014
South Stream 63 (was 30) 2013
Blue Stream II 16 2014
Nabucco 30 2015
In addition, the gas pipeline system of Belarus and Ukraine will increase by 40-60 bn m3 per year after reconstruction.
When coordinating gas pipelines, there were several amusing incidents when the leaders of Estonia and Finland all over there, as well as Bulgaria, being "out of topic", tried to freeze the coordination of flows. They say that mines at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, or the ecology will be violated ... A lightning shout followed the “watching” from the States, and after a day or two, the embarrassed mini-leaders signed everything, saying: “Mistake’s gone. Realized. Will not happen again".
It is interesting that for Nabucco gas can only be supplied from Iran, which categorically does not want to do so yet. In this regard, I have a disappointing forecast for Iran. Either developed democracy will be declared victorious in Iran, such as, for example, it “won” in obedient Saudi Arabia (if Iran agrees to sell gas cheaply), or there will begin a strip of revolutions - kashimir, tulip-camel-livers with the prosperity of terrorism, the killing of Iranian leaders and t . d. Ceremony will not be. Attacks on Iran go constantly. Iran understands this and is trying to hold out. To this end, he dramatically strengthens ties with China, which is now the de facto "Acting USSR", trying to organize a single bloc with Turkey, Syria and Azerbaijan, and most importantly, dramatically enhances the combat capability of the army. God help him!
I report on what Russia is doing to save the future "frozen".
Decisions on construction have been made and plants for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Yamal with a capacity of 5 million tons (equivalent to 7,3 billion cubic meters of natural gas) are already being designed. Some of this gas will be supplied to the United States, and some - to Europe.
An LNG plant is being built in the Murmansk region (settlement of Teriberka) with a capacity of 15 million tons (LNG) (equivalent to 22 billion cubic meters of natural gas). Deliveries will go to Europe.
The previously frozen decision on the construction of the Baltic LNG plant in the Leningrad Region was again made; its capacity was 3,5 million tons of LNG (equivalent to 5,1 billion cubic meters of natural gas). Deliveries to Europe.
All of these gas pipelines and plants must be commissioned in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015. That is, everything is in full - no later than 2015 of the year.
Yes, by the way, the price of natural gas will rise in the near future to 1 000 dollars for 1 000 м3 (from 200 - today).
In addition, Russia began to build the world's first Floating Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP), at the Baltic Plant in St. Petersburg, with a capacity of 70MW. Urgent construction of another seven such stations is planned. I would like to believe that the "floating" will warm Murmansk or Pevek, but I am very much afraid that they will still sail to perform the "international duty" somewhere in Manchester-Liverpool; I do not exclude Marseille or Barcelona.
Europe is also feverishly arming itself. Spitting on the lamentations of the "greens" began to build nuclear power plants in Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany ...
Started on alternative renewable energy. Lead Germany. Already, the share of renewable energy in Germany is 10%, it will be 20% by 2020 year. There are more than 17 thousands of wind generators in Germany, April 27 of the year, the Alpha Ventus first offshore energy wind park was commissioned on 2010.
The UK urgently plans to build several offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 32 GW (equivalent to the capacity of the 30-40 NPP).
Denmark already has (since 1991) nine offshore wind farms, with a total capacity of 630 megawatts.
France is generally trying to get electricity using wind flows along motorways. An experiment has already begun with an experienced "autoelectric power station" on the A6 motorway connecting Paris and Lyon, in the department of Yona.
The European Union plans to build in the Sahara the world's largest system of solar power plants worth 400 billion euros, the so-called "Sunny City".

Battle of the harvest

As mentioned earlier, soon yields on both sides of the Atlantic will begin to fall. And grain exporting countries will be forced to buy grain. The question is where? And the grain importing countries will also have to find the missing 150 mln. grains. In this regard, we recall Madagascar, where in January-March 2009, there was an uprising of the masses, which led to the overthrow of President Ratsirik. I have been to Madagascar in 90's, have seen the presidential palace, talked with the leaders of the country. The President’s Palace has been moved outside the capital and is a real fortified area, with walls, minefields around the walls, and earth-to-air and rocket systems. To take such a palace is a difficult military task. Have taken. And the army for the time being was completely loyal to Ratsirike, and then suddenly began to en masse to the side of the people. In the bloody short-term civil war, Razirik lost, fled the country, and now somewhere in France, eats up all that he has gained with unbearable presidential labor. In this regard, I recall the wise statement of our President Putin, that presidential work is akin to slave labor in galleys. Why suddenly calm Madagascar stood up, and so stood up that no minefield with rockets helped?
Western "democratic" media unanimously murmured something about the enlightened people, who decided to go on land mines and remove the hated dictator. In the name of the triumph of democracy. But how! Once upon a time there were simple Madagascar peasants, 50% were pagans, 80% were illiterate, they lived for themselves, and then gathered under a palm tree and thought: “But how do we live without a developed democracy, brothers?” it was a shame to live without democracy, that they abandoned to sow bread, raise children, armed themselves with spears and knives, and went to die (and the death toll amounts to many thousands), storming the fortified palaces, to die for democracy. And this nonsense, without blinking an eye, gives us all the New York Times and the Washington Post for the truth! Reality, as usual, is simpler and more severe, having nothing in common with developed democracy. The real reason for the unrest was that the president (I think not free for himself) gave 99 years to rent South Korea 1,3 million hectares of agricultural land near the capital of Madagascar - the city of Antananarivo, driving the mass of peasants off the ground. And this is despite the fact that only arable land on the island is only 2,5 million hectares. The land was given away to 99 years of South Korea for growing corn. Only this reason made the peasants "leave the hut" and go to war. Madagascaris, though pagans and illiterate, quite definitely realized that it was better to die in battle for their land than to die of starvation without land.
For many years, the war was burning in Sudan. Her, as usual, the main misinforming force of modernity - the Western media, gave the fight to the Christian north of the Muslim south. Christians and Muslims also lived peacefully for hundreds of years, and then they decided that Christ and the Prophet Mohammed could not live under the authority of one government. Giving independence! Lepot All at once "clear!" What really? Actively advancing on all fronts, China, thinking of its daily bread, borrowed several million hectares of agricultural land from Sudan for a long-term lease. And when the boys from the Federal Reserve System rushed to buy land in Sudan, realizing finally that there would soon be nothing to eat in the United States of America, it turned out that China was ahead of them. “Oh, so!” Said the men from the Fed and rushed to organize a religious civil war, and succeeded in this. A referendum was held in Sudan, at which it was decided to create two Sudans: a Christian and a Muslim. Q.E.D. All former Chinese treaties with the former Sudanese government have lost legal force at once! There is no such state of Sudan, and the damned China for the US has to start everything all over again.
Not quite clear to the masses of the people flared North Africa and the Middle East: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco ... suddenly, suddenly decided to live in a new, democratic way!
The means of Mass Disinformation of the United States and Western Europe together yelled about the sight of the people, who decided at the same time, in a dozen countries distant from each other, to fight against dictatorships. For the same reasons: for decades everything suited them, and then suddenly overnight everyone immediately decided to live with the “dictatorship”. And so that the enlightened people did not think of returning to their homes, everywhere “unknown” snipers appeared who shot the demonstrators, providing a “television picture” about the atrocities of the regimes and fueling the hatred of the masses. An interesting pattern: almost everywhere, where gray-brown-crimson revolutions “suddenly” begin, “unknown snipers” appear !!! Many began to guess who organized all these “revolutions”, for example, Igor Shishkin: “Why did America explode the Greater Middle East?” (News agency Regnum from 17.04.2011). For Shishkin, the organizer of the explosion is absolutely obvious - the USA. But to the question: "Why?" - followed by an explanation that the current foreign policy strategy of America fits into the theory of "organized chaos." Chaos for chaos. Beautiful, but explains little. Pragmatists from the Federal Reserve, controlling the rogue state of the United States and most of the World, simply do nothing. Chaos began precisely in the Sahara and the Middle East. These regions in the near future will become areas of beneficial climate, it is here that the abundance of sun will add plenty of water from the climate moistening that is imminent after the “reformatting” of the Gulf Stream. Earth in the Sahara will be worth its weight in gold! And the local leaders, who are overdue and well-packed, do not want to sell the land cheaply or rent it out for a long-term lease. Leaders need to be changed to new, obedient, their own. Therefore, the “people”, of course, demand: “Down with the dictatorship!” But the strategy stumbles: Gaddafi never gave up, while Yemen and Syria still hold on, even in Egypt, not American puppets came to power, but the army, which has its own, not coinciding with shtatovskimi interests.
To knock out power from the hands of the Egyptian army, the United States began to organize inter-religious clashes in Egypt, killing 10% of Coptic Christians with 90% of Muslims.
In addition to this main carefully concealed goal - to seize the land, hiding behind words about progress and the welfare of the people, there are others. It is useful for the USA to weaken and loosen the strengthening Europe, especially Germany, which is increasingly kicking, for this purpose to send there crowds of organized refugees themselves. It is useful to weaken the euro, extending the agony of a private candy wrapper called the “dollar,” it is useful to try out new weapons systems — by killing women and children in Libya. Wherever you throw - good everywhere! Good for the USA! But we need to talk about the United States separately. In a nutshell: The USA of the last decades - the cannibal regime that creates the main evil on planet Earth! Naturally, evil for the sake of "democracy": not just bombs fell on Libya, but "democratic", the most "free" bombs in the World. To die under such bombs, according to the executioners from the United States - happiness! I am sure: it will be rewarded according to merit! "How much string does not curl, and the end is near!"

And what about Russia?

Russia benefits from climatic changes in the course and nature of the Gulf Stream stop! This is most clearly established when analyzing multiple data. In 1995, on 63 million hectares of land, Russia received 63,4 million tons of grain (in weight after revision), that is, the yield was 10,1 c / ha. The Russian authorities didn’t give a finger, ruining chemicalization, irrigation, fertilizers, etc., that is, almost ruining everything that was achieved in the USSR and reducing the acreage for grain to 47 million hectares, but Russia received, nevertheless, 2008 year - 108,2 million tons grains, and in 2009 - 97,1. Yields were respectively 23,0 and 20,6 c / ha. Gulfstream in these years only stopped! But even this climate change has had such an effect! Naturally, the boys from the Fed could not disregard Russia. And our vassal government issues the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 25 from 2010. No.1874-r Moscow ”, where, of course, for the saint’s goals“ to create conditions for attracting investments, stimulating the development of the stock market, and modernizing and technological development of the economy ”approve the“ list ”of legal entities for the organization on behalf of the Russian Federation sales of privatized federal property and (or) the implementation of the functions of the seller ". The following is the list itself:
The list of legal entities for the organization on behalf of the Russian Federation of the sale of privatized federal property and (or) the exercise of seller’s functions:
1. Closed Joint-Stock Company “Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow)”
2. Closed Joint-Stock Company “VTB Capital”
3. Limited Liability Company “Deutsche Bank”
4. Limited Liability Company “Investment Company Vnesheconombank (VEB Capital)”
5. Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank “G.P.Morgan Bank International”
6. Limited Liability Company “Merrill Lynch Securities”
7. Limited Liability Company “Morgan Stanley Bank”
8. Limited Liability Company “Renaissance Broker”
9. Open Joint Stock Company “Russian Auction House”
10. Branch of a private company with unlimited liability “GOLDMAN SAKS (Russia)”
The home government of the Russian Federation published this list only 5 months later - March 18, 2011, in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Six Western banks and companies have been appointed as sellers of property of Russia on behalf of Russia’s “tearful request”, including the organizer and permanent member of the Federal Reserve GOLDMAN SAKS, which even in the USA is considered to be the culprit of all the last six crises and often apply the epithet “gangster” to them. The circle is closed! At the dawn of Russian statehood, according to the official version, desperate Slavs called on Rurik with a tearful plea: “Come and volodya us ...” A thousand years later, the current organizer of the Popular Front, Putin, invites the Federal Reserve boys to quietly buy the remnants of Russian property. "Come, they say, and buy us." But if earlier our fronts: 1-th Ukrainian, Belarusian ... took Western capitals, defending our right to independence, then the current Popular Front, created by comrade Putin V.V., will hand over the remnants of Russian property and independence to the Western boys, pass Moscow! 20 December 2010, the Russian government added 13 to federal property sellers on behalf of the Russian Federation. The algorithm is the same. From 13 sellers - 8 foreign banks, including LLC Barclay Capital, LLC UBS Bank and so on. Calmed offended. Do not worry, they say, Russian property for free - that's enough for everyone. The list of items sold is easily found in the government 10 privatization plan for large companies on 2011-13. Here, Sovkomflot and Russian Railways, and part of Sberbank and much more. From 10 companies, only one is sold completely, all 100% shares! It is easy to guess which one: “United Grain Company” (up to 2012 of the year).
It would be nice if I was mistaken, but I believe that since the 1 of January 2012, our grain will be managed by Goldman Sachs!
And in order to better clean up ours for the time being, but in the near future “their” grain harvest, it was decided to urgently build in Russia US forces two factories for the production of combines and tractors in the Kaluga and Voronezh regions.

What's the bottom line?

1. Catastrophic climate change has begun on both sides of the North Atlantic, due to the slowing of the warm Gulf Stream to Europe. At the beginning - from 2006, the slowing down of the Gulf Stream was caused by natural causes: desalination of the Labrador Current, after the disaster of 20 in June 2010 of the British Petroleum Oil Platform, the Gulf Stream was stopped by incompetent human intervention.
2. In parallel with the deterioration of the climate in the North Atlantic, according to the principle: “If it diminishes in one place and arrives in another,” a dramatic improvement in the climate began in Russia and Africa (especially North Africa).
3. The battle for the lands of Africa began primarily from the private Federal Reserve System (the sovereign of the United States) and China. A series of obscure revolutions and wars in Africa is perfectly explained by the Fed’s attempts to seize the lands of Africa at ease, pushing aside all the rest, especially China.
4. Europe, and the States do not want to freeze, and therefore immediately agreed to the construction of all the controversial gas pipelines from Russia, hoping to increase gas supplies to 2016 to 700 billion m 3 instead of the current 500. In parallel, a boom began in Europe for the construction of "alternative" (wind, solar) and nuclear power plants. Russia has been instructed to start seven PAES (floating nuclear power plants) for the beginning to heat the cities of Europe.
5. In order to fully control the grain market of Russia with a sharply increased yield from 10,1 centners / hectare to 23 (and higher) centners / hectare, the vassal Russian government issues 25 of October 2010 of the year No. 1874-p, where mostly our western property is appointed as sellers of our federal property banks, including one of the organizers of the Federal Reserve System Goldman Sachs. In the plans for the privatization of the Russian government on 2011-13, only one United Grain Company must be sold in full (all 100% shares) before the 2012 of the year. Most likely, both Goldman and Sachs will own it.
6. In the near future, the entire most valuable part of the Russian industry, aluminum, oil, nickel, railways, etc., will most likely come under the control of “boys from the Fed”. It is not by chance that the decision of 1874-r is issued, it is not by chance that Nathaniel Rothschild becomes the chairman of the supervisory board of the still “our” Rusal Deripaska, tomorrow he will head Norilsk Nickel. Agricultural land of Russia in droves will pass under their control. The wide sale of the best protected lands of Altai by the organization “ZION” is very symptomatic. Earth in Altai ”( to the English-speaking public
7. Naturally, all this will occur under the smoke screen of all kinds of initiatives such as “destaninization”, fighting extremism, creating fronts of all stripes, and developed “democracy”. Unfortunately, children will die under the bombs of NATO "peace-loving" - yesterday in Yugoslavia, today in Libya, tomorrow in Syria and Iran. No need to believe in any Western, let alone our information agencies, we must think for ourselves. The principle: “Who benefits?” - has not been canceled.
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      yields on both sides of the Atlantic will soon begin to decline.

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        Damn, it’s not at all somehow comfortable ...
      2. urzul
        urzul 15 December 2011 09: 16
        I don’t know how the forecasts are, but grain crops in our country are growing year by year
        1. that
          that 15 December 2011 10: 30
          mostly bank accounts with Putin's gang
          1. Pacifist
            Pacifist 15 December 2011 10: 36
            And also Nemtsovskaya, Zyuganovskaya, Zhirinovskaya ... ovskaya ... so what? This is political economy + biology always grows more for someone than for others. In "democratic" countries, this is called clans. (Kennedy, Bushes, Rockefailers ... etc., etc.) And like everything is fine ... but here you see what an injustice ...
            1. that
              that 15 December 2011 10: 44
              why align with the clans?
              some kind of clans fellow
              not to admit guilt --- nod to an external enemy

              prices are rising for fuel. foodstuffs. housing and communal services. communication and so on und zo viter
              1. urzul
                urzul 15 December 2011 10: 48
                I thought you left us;)))
                1. that
                  that 15 December 2011 10: 53
                  I said --- first have fun wink
                  leave easily
                  love to have fun
              2. Pacifist
                Pacifist 15 December 2011 10: 56
                Nobody in general is equal, this is a statement of fact. Like what I see. Yes, prices are rising, but should they fall? With the inflationary structure of the world economy, they cannot help but grow; here we are not setting the fashion and dynamics. We can only try to maneuver in the stream, and in my opinion we generally manage to do this better than many. The fact that we are not an ideal utopian world .... well, life is not a fairy tale at all. Admit guilt in what? I don’t care how much money he has ... I remember very well the 90s and I see the objective difference between 1998 and 2008, as well as 1992 when I had nothing to eat simply because there was nothing to eat ... and the present time. At the click of a finger, nothing can change and there are always costs ... what is not the worst case scenario now. The country lives and in it they try to build a normal life after the collapse, and this is already not bad.
                1. that
                  that 15 December 2011 11: 04
                  when I had nothing to eat just because there was nothing to eat.
                  and at that time already unemployed Muscovites went to the SPA salon for procedures tongue
                  on red bentley
                  1. Pacifist
                    Pacifist 15 December 2011 11: 08
                    hmm ... and what time was it, you are our cheerful? fellow
                    1. that
                      that 15 December 2011 11: 11
                      yes right away wink after the collapse of the union
                      when you started buying in a tent
                      at the khachik wink
                      1. Pacifist
                        Pacifist 15 December 2011 11: 17
                        Immediately after the collapse of the union, there were no spa salons. And there were enough girls on the maintenance even in Soviet times. By the way, "khachiks" then were not selling in tents, but from a stall and their prices were such that I could not buy anything from them with all my desire. Tents appeared later. But the time was of course blackout, so if you lived at that time, then all the more you should see the difference.
                      2. that
                        that 15 December 2011 11: 25
                        so what are you squeezing wink
                        well later
                        main point
                        and I lived and served early a little === about forty years old, young man wink
                        and at that time, like many others, it was demobilized
                        and therefore acutely feel the difference
                      3. that
                        that 15 December 2011 11: 40
                        put a minus and shut up wink
                        also from the Ministry of Internal Affairs wink
    2. augsburg
      augsburg 15 December 2011 18: 49
      The question is, why are they growing if the number of arable land has declined and measures to increase productivity are not being applied at the proper level? Because the climate is becoming more favorable. Last year I came across an article in AIF that says that if you start cultivating all abandoned crops with / x, then with proper agro-processing, you can get crops that are enough to feed about 2 billion people!
  • esaul
    esaul 15 December 2011 07: 44
    A kind author, without undue overloading with a mass of information and demonstrating awareness, would straightforwardly take and explain to us (guided by the herd feeling) - for whom does he offer us to follow? And where? However, having “scrolled through” the primary source and, having caught the tendencies of publications, I see that, for some reason, a portrait of a pro-Indian appearance pops up ... It's wise, however ...
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 15 December 2011 08: 05
      Quote: esaul
      And where?

      Good morning! It is not for nothing that there is a prophecy "Where was Narym (the place of Stalin's exile) there will be Crimea." This is my mother talking about Siberia. So there will be cedar palms for sure. Even if the vile was removed, and you can build resorts now.
      1. esaul
        esaul 15 December 2011 08: 51
        Greetings, MARTYRA! And good morning to you, buddy! And in Siberia, the mother - everything is decent - grapes are already grown by enthusiasts!
        1. Radmir
          Radmir 15 December 2011 12: 08
          With our own hands in the South Urals, the 5th year we collect a good grape harvest =)
  • itr
    itr 15 December 2011 08: 12
    Great news, and then the snow blew up, buy apartments in Norilsk before it's too late wink and soon it’s not enough for everyone
    Well, all the same, you probably should not forget about the growing population of Europe due to emigrants from different non-democratic countries, respectively, the expansion of cities and the consumption of everything.
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 15 December 2011 11: 25
      Quote: itr
      buy apartments in Norilsk

      Not! It’s too early in Norilsk. He is standing in permafrost on stilts. The permafrost has already begun to melt, houses may fail! Better so far in yurts by reindeer herders.
  • Al_miller
    Al_miller 15 December 2011 08: 37
    It is better to stock up on ammunition. And clean and lubricate weapons. I'm afraid there are many who wish for cedar palms. You won’t get enough of everyone. Siberia - it is not endless. South is already overpopulated.
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 15 December 2011 09: 02
      Late! And so they came in large numbers, though so far as guest workers .....! Ugh, you’ll break your tongue with such words!
    2. vadimus
      vadimus 15 December 2011 09: 37
      That's for sure. Apparently soon it will be necessary to take back the land. Need to prepare
  • PSih2097
    PSih2097 15 December 2011 08: 57
    Directly a script for the film "The Day After Tomorrow - 2".
  • Anatoly
    Anatoly 15 December 2011 09: 26
    And the article smiled. wink
    A la Nostaradamus! Repent, comrades! the end is near.
  • recruit
    recruit 15 December 2011 10: 01
    They forgot that you’ll have to pay for everything, and not just paperwork.
  • dimitriy
    dimitriy 15 December 2011 10: 22
    Maybe someone close to me can explain what it means for an ordinary person what is discussed in the section "What about Russia?" In the words of one television element - "I'm ogling."
  • 916-th
    916-th 15 December 2011 10: 48
    ... having caught the trends of publications, I see that, for some reason, a portrait of a propindos appearance appears ...

    Yesaul, open the face of the portrait, otherwise you didn’t catch your hint.
  • Magadan
    Magadan 15 December 2011 11: 00
    I heard about these cataclysms before, everything is quite likely. There was, by the way, one predictor from the USA - they called Casey, so he predicted that Western Siberia would become the best place on Earth. What is most interesting is that his previous predictions about earthquakes and some other disasters came true. They say the matter is not in mysticism, but in the fact that he derived some secret formulas from the motion of the layers of the earth and ocean currents. Interestingly, all his predictions are completely contrary to the Revelation of John. It would be necessary in the internet to read something about him.
    At the expense of Russia, it’s clear to me personally that we just have to go on the defensive and not let anyone interfere in our culture, take over land (no private owners!) And rights to strategic resources. You just have to hold on, as the world itself will soon change in our favor!
  • dred
    dred 15 December 2011 11: 42
    The USA always thinks that it is the first of the entire planet.
  • Ascetic
    Ascetic 15 December 2011 13: 16
    Even if we accept all this as truth, then why are all our rulers rulers
    explicit and behind-the-scenes all their capital, real estate, even children of their relatives
    keep Europe and the USA ready to freeze? If Russia comes to a climate paradise so that they don’t invest here? enough space for everyone and
    his and foreign, Anyway, if Kolyma comes, you don’t get warm with gas,
    then why all the fuss?
  • serge
    serge 15 December 2011 14: 03
    Soon the British will start playing hockey. We’ll see.
  • Alyans
    15 December 2011 14: 12
    Quote: esaul
    for some reason, a portrait of a propindos appearance appears ...

    Dear, this article is more anti-pendosovskoy focus. It is a question of what they are doing with us. And everyone has his own choice of a countermeasure. And albeit approximately, but the general picture of the situation in the whole world is explained. We and our country have an unenviable fate. And here you really have to choose - to be a slave to the new owners or to fight for themselves and their homeland.
    1. that
      that 15 December 2011 14: 44
      it is necessary to drive the invaders from the country
  • tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 15 December 2011 18: 41
    Hmm, apparently the Fed does not like farmers.
  • Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 15 December 2011 19: 15
    I’m not a climatologist, but I would like to see at least some qualified opposing counter-opinion regarding the climate of the golf stream and temperatures.
    Leasing land from Russia looks like idiocy, as soon as Russia needs it, it will terminate all agreements due to non-compliance with environmental standards (for example, Sakhalin-2 project) and for another thousand reasons, or simply without explanation, the reasons in the form of the existing armed forces are enough if anyone doubts that most likely he did not live in Russia and certainly did not conduct business here)))))) This will be the most expensive rental in history.
    George Soros at one time took possession of Svyazinvest during privatization (they say they birch), after which he refused to do business in Russia, where a monopoly on vital and necessary goods for everyone turns out to be bankrupt.
  • Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 15 December 2011 22: 10
    The author, let me understand the essence of the problem about the climate, I don’t agree about agriculture, if the author is too busy how much is being built to ensure that the industry develops, his eyes go to the asshole. Felled Yeltsin be damned his name.
  • Oldmen1973
    Oldmen1973 15 December 2011 22: 44
    The West must be hooked on "gas" and "oil" needles. So that without our fuel life would be physically impossible. Well, then, when they are already addicted as drug addicts, start dictating their terms. Someone will vyaknet something against, we answered: "Sorry, the gas pipe is clogged or the valve began to open poorly, it should be lubricated." And the entire West will walk on line, in clothes of the color of the national flag of the Russian Federation. Well, if the adversaries try to claim their rights to private property, then they can knock with their fist (fortunately, in Moscow, Sobyanin began to lay out sidewalks with tiles - what is not a substitute for cobblestone, which is known to be a weapon of the proletariat)!
    But seriously, it's time to finally choose for yourself which way to go, rather than wait for clues from others. The USSR with the help of diplomacy (and not only) in a short time managed to plant a government loyal to itself in so many countries, which many bourgeoisie did not succeed in for hundreds of years (of course, there were distortions, but so far we are not talking about them). You need to study history, and not scold your past, sprinkling ashes on your head for the joy of the so-called civilized USA and the EU,
  • dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 16 December 2011 00: 54
    The article is correct and generally quite informative and suggestive. But she is old! I read it four months ago!
  • Magadan
    Magadan 16 December 2011 03: 27
    Quote: ki
    some kind of clans
    not to admit guilt --- nod to an external enemy

    Yes you! Well, they are actually in the West exclusively for human rights!
    And Bzezhinsky and Margaret Thatcher wish us exceptionally well. And Churchill was not asking the Americans to use a vigorous bomb to blast us, and Judas Kovalev, not at the behest of the Western masters, poured mud on our soldiers in Chechnya, and those "boys" who were in power in the 90s did not finish Harvard at all. Anyway, NATO gouged Iraq and Libya for the sake of freedom and democracy, they do not need oil. And they do not need our 30% of the world's resources either. The main thing for them is freedom and democracy. They fight honestly, do not start fifth columns, and “divide and rule” was not invented by their Roman ancestors.
  • Magadan
    Magadan 16 December 2011 05: 27
    People! The news is just AAAfiget: In the US on December 14, the Senate received a law according to which in the US it is possible to arrest and hold in the "paramilitary prison of the Guantanamo Bay" any American who is SUSPECTED of aggressive actions. To be honest, I am not particularly dragged in jurisprudence, and therefore translated the combination "belligerent act" as "aggressive action". The name of the law is NDDA (my translation is the National Self-Defense Act for 2013 fiscal year, ie "2012 real"). There it says so - the law allows keeping a suspect in the commission of these very "aggressive actions" UNDEFINED TIME WITHOUT COURT !!!! Opposition to this law, according to the authors of the article, is very small and the authors of the article hope for Obama's veto, because in the course of their Senate the law will pass