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Failed exam of the Russian opposition. The “blue” revolution instead of the liberal one?

"... How justifiable in the current, dramatically changed conditions is to rely on the Russian opposition, building a dialogue with Putin's Russia? Can we still use it to fight the regime or should we stop its financing and support?

- All your questions could be answered, perhaps, with one single phrase: there is no real, efficient opposition in Russia today! However, everything is not so clear and we still keep the doors open ... "

(From the press conference of US Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland.)

Than not a sensation: no, it turns out, the opposition in Russia! Or rather, there is, but not the cake already, for it is spineless, the toothless and generally useless. Select someone one, call the leader the language does not turn! PARNAS Kasyanov, Navalny’s Progress Party, Milov’s Democratic Choice, the names and surnames are different, but the essence is the same — semi-criminal frauds, outright hatred for one’s own people, readiness to fight for anything, not for nothing: today’s abstract “putin” on the money of American funds, tomorrow with each other, ordered by private investors. In the inner ideological kitchen of the “opposition” camp, a mess is altogether: human rights, corruption, Crimea’s “annexation”, housing and communal services reform and road construction, “aggression” in Syria, own ambitions, business, grants ... who, why, and, most importantly, for what.

Although the signs are not that of life, but rather of reporting events are still manifested: they will put the “exposing” reading on Kadyrov into the network, then they will gather at some regular anti-regime rally with ten men (here, random onlookers and then more!). It seems that not all the funds of the grantors were spent, although, judging by the “scope” of the last revolutionary parties, they were worn out decently.

The saddest thing is that any strong emotional vibrations that bring a semblance of life into the liberal opposition agenda can only breathe in the death of one of the leaders of this staged protest. Here, for example, they commemorated Nemtsov, "broke two accordions", as the people joke: nobody went to the cemetery, but on the bridge there were shows with songs, jokes, no universal sorrow, no tears. "Political disco", and only! Both Nemtsov’s corpse and his daughter Jeanne were raised to a propaganda shield, and with “deeply personal” memories of the deceased they tried to earn at least some points in the eyes of a not too strict international jury.

And here it is not about political leaders! What can be said about people who commemorate the departed in this way, about their moral and ethical appearance? After all, they do not even hide (and why ?!) that the dead Nemtsov was much more useful to them than the living, with whom not a single one of the "mourners" had greeted a hand a year and a half ago. But now it is “the father of Russian democracy”, an excellent occasion for self-praise and justification of the investments made in the Russian revolution.

However, God is with them, nothing human has been there for a long time, the shell is one. It was impossible to mold the sacred sacrifice from the political insignificance of the opposition, to shake up Russia, to smoke it with Maidan, to the point of tearing down the “bloody Putin regime” is not destiny either. That is why, see, the Washington curators were confused, because no one (nobody !!!) from their fosterlings, the so-called protest leaders, justified either the hopes pinned down or the nested grandmas.

But on the rise, defenders of sexual minorities, who have taken the lead from their opponents from the liberasis camp. In Washington DC, without hesitation, they decided that it was more promising to promote democracy in Russia with the help of the GayRussia.Ru project and other LGBT communities. And the more traditional, though not systemic, opposition, which has failed not only to form something, but to at least imitate civil society in Russia, will write off time for scrap. In other words, the State Department is cutting funding for opposition politicians like Navalny, Yashin, and so on, because they are no longer considered a profitable investment: their level of support by voters can be attributed to statistical error.

How profitable will be the investment in the LGBT movement, time will tell, but judging by the fact that the main US expert on flower-color revolutions, the US Ambassador to the Russian Federation John Tefft is meeting with gay activists, this is not a one-time action, not a public flogging penalized partners, and the beginning of a new campaign with new faces and introductory. Let's add here adherents of the Turkish religious sect "Nurcular" and Jehovah's Witnesses, among whom the US is also persistently looking for support when working in Russia, and we get all the necessary elements for the coveted "blue revolution"! This is exactly what Washington likes to call “soft power.” It was about this kind of "open door" that the US senator spoke at the press conference.
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  1. sever.56
    sever.56 24 March 2016 12: 38

    And for me, they seem to be little different from each other ...
    - We say - pederast, we mean - liberalist,
    - We say liberalist, we mean pederast ...

    And with "non-traditional" and "non-systemic" we have only one way of communication can be:
    - I saw this, - silently, without talking, - in a nickle !!!
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 24 March 2016 12: 43
      For example, they remembered Nemtsov, "broke two button accordions," as the people joke: no one went to the cemetery, but on the bridge there was a show with songs, jokes, no universal sorrow, no tears.

      That's for sure. Yes, and the buggers bridge is waiting. yes
      1. Pravdarm
        Pravdarm 24 March 2016 12: 49
        How profitable will be the investment in the LGBT movement, time will tell, but judging by the fact that the chief American expert on flower and color revolutions, the US ambassador to Russia John Tefft, personally meets with pederast activists, this is not a one-time action, not a public flogging fined partners, and the beginning of a new campaign with new faces and introductory.
        Judging by the comments, here on VO to a recent article about LGBT people, and indeed in Russia, this is a 100% losing "blue" horse!
        in Russia Pederasts - DO NOT PASS!
        And the liberals - in general - NURSE!
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 24 March 2016 14: 21
          All this fits into the plan of the US Houston project, as a continuation of the US Harvard project against the USSR / Russia to conquer our country.
          The “Collective West” has always dreamed of morally destroying Russia from within and enslaving its peoples through it and appropriating Russia's wealth.

          Such techniques began to be called in the so-called. a "hybrid" war by "soft power" as opposed to a direct armed invasion of a country victim of direct aggression by the "collective West".

          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 24 March 2016 14: 55
            When we are offered to legalize the rights of the LGBT community in the so-called rights of sexual minorities, then, according to the US geopolitical doctrine of the United States to establish and maintain the so-called The "new world order" of US power over the whole world, it is about giving rights to sexual perverts and - and, in fact, biological degenerates of humanity (!) - to stand up over the rights of HEALTHY people to live and develop humanly.
            In fact, according to the law of dialectical identity, all equality between people can only be temporary and relative. However, regarding what can all representatives of sexual minorities be equated with healthy people? If at the ultimate level of comparison as people as representatives of the same biological species (Homo sapiens) they are not equal to each other.
            Normal, healthy people give healthy offspring as a successful continuation of the biological species, but representatives of sexual minorities do not. On the contrary, they only harm the human race by their behavior, measuring the history of mankind only by the size of their own lives. Their egoism is unlimited. They do not care about other people, humanity as a whole, because they do not have their own offspring, and therefore only they themselves are important to them. They need everything at once and now, because life is short and does not extend in their offspring - because they do not have it. And even in God they do not believe. Therefore, they have transcendental activity in rebuilding the world for themselves and their morals.
            They do not value the human life of other people. What did she tell them if someone stood in his way? Another person for them is just a thing for satisfying their personal immediate needs - the environment. Therefore, their jealousy is unlimited, and the reprisal against a sexual partner is extremely cruel sadistic. Psychopathologically brutally sadistic! Those who do not believe in this, I recommend reading the book of cand. honey. sciences, psychiatrist Enikeeva D.D. Popular psychiatry. - M .: AST-PRESS, 1998 .-- 528 p.
            And here we have not discovered anything new. Everything is as old as the world.
            So, for example, all this in traditional religious Christian denominations as ancient institutions of social management, which have come down to our time, has historically been regarded and persecuted always as the DEVIL degeneration of personality - as a movement against God.
            Indeed, any state is strong for its healthy, prosperous demographic issues, a truly educated and able-bodied population, with family values, the ability to personally realize themselves in life and receive recognition for their work from society - and therefore a patriotic population.
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 24 March 2016 14: 59
              It is noteworthy that in the SECOND version of the issue of the DEGENERATION of society, for example, the Soviet scout defector Grigory Klimov addressed in his work “Red Kabbalah”. He wrote the following:
              “- That is, the old story of the struggle of the classes appears to us in a new light. Indeed there was a struggle of classes, but of OTHER classes, it was a struggle of healthy and sick people.
              - Well, Karl Marx invented a kind of class war: on the one hand, the damned bourgeoisie, and on the other, good and poor workers and peasants. But the real class struggle is a struggle between healthy, normal people and degenerates, which from time immemorial has been called the struggle between God and the devil. <...> Today I would advise the Yeltsin Politburo to reconsider a little bit of views on the class struggle and go not along the line of Marxism, but along the line of higher sociology. To learn about the composition of water in the ocean, just take one drop and put it under a microscope. <...> ... we understand how tsarist Russia perished and perished. Degeneration at the top of society gave rise to rotten liberalism and provoked a revolution, unfortunately. And today we all have to clean up this bloody mess.
              - The main thing and the church has completely decayed! And the state has lost its immune system.
              - Yes Yes. Religion once played a positive role ”[G. Klimov, 1994, S. 304 ÷ 305]

              And in another place of “Red Kabbalah” by Grigory Klimov we read the following:
              “- That is, knowledge of the laws of higher sociology is beneficial to any state. Any healthy people, biologically positive people, no matter what country they are in, in order to survive and not go through the bloody crucible of another revolutionary slaughter, they simply need to know all these dirty things. This is unpleasant, it can be said not aesthetically pleasing, but if people do not do this, then another bloody massacre may soon come. Because when the Gomintern takes power, he will not give you peace, he is the father of lies, he is a destroyer. And sooner or later it will end with bloody purges or another upheaval ”[G Klimov, 1994, p. 275].
              1. Tatyana
                Tatyana 24 March 2016 15: 35
                Were there any problems with representatives of LGBT societies in the USSR? Of course, they were, but the police and the KGB kept them under control - for the good of the country's national security. In order to prevent biological DEGENERATES from expanding their unhealthy influence on those around them, both socially and medically, especially young people. There were corresponding articles of the Criminal Code of the USSR, which B. Yeltsin abolished in the Russian Federation in 1993.
                A correct understanding of the place of LGBT people in medical and social terms is very important.
                For example, in Soviet times there were certain behind the scenes historically established places where sexual perverts traditionally gathered. The police and the KGB knew about them, and these citizens were “registered” with them. So far, representatives of the so-called “Sexual minorities” behaved quietly and revolved only in their narrow circle, they were not particularly touched. But God forbid they were to "light up" with new and young citizens and women who they tried to draw into their LGBT community.
                The fact is that during a bisexual intercourse (namely, vaginal, not anal), heterosexual hormones are exchanged between partners - and this maintains a balanced hormonal background within the body for healthy life. In same-sex sexual acts, such exchange of heterogeneous hormones between partners does not occur, which causes a repeated reaction of the copulating organism of individuals to obtain them. As a result, sexual activity from same-sex intercourse in same-sex partners is manifested in an increase in the number of sexual intercourse, to a frequent change of partner, to the organization of group orgies and, accordingly, with a shift in the psyche of the pervert. Therefore, perverts cannot live in peace - even according to the basic physiological needs of a healthy body. Not understanding and not knowing this circumstance, homosexuals stubbornly expand their partners network, drawing youth into their community. And sometimes they do it deliberately, as if a venereal patient deliberately spread the infection among his healthy sexual partners.
                Moreover, group orgies need money and more money. Where to get them? Only by light labor can they be "cut down" in an ever-increasing amount required. And this is a direct path to the illegal activities of LGBT people - especially for young people who do not yet have a profession and the ability to earn a lot at once.
                Therefore, homosexuality is a public evil.
                At the genetic level, no more than 2–3% of people who are “innate” homosexuals and lesbians are born. All the remaining %% (and in the West their number already exceeds the limit of 33%) are genetically healthy people who are transformed due to improper sexual education and the degenerate parasitic orientation of Western society itself. Sexologists and psychologists of such people successfully treat. And this is really treated if the patient himself is interested in this.
                Now the comprador LGBT lobby in the legislative and executive circles of the Russian Federation is very large. The origins come from the privatization process in the country of national ownership in the 1990s.
        2. WINovikov
          WINovikov 24 March 2016 18: 03
          Chukhna is a chukha, but in power.
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 24 March 2016 19: 27
            From the text of the article
            The Washington regional committee, without hesitation, decided that democracy in Russia is more promising to promote with the help of the GayRussia.Ru project and other LGBT communities.

            And the pushing experience in the world of so-called Washington already has “sexual non-traditional values” in the West.

            Two explanatory videos for an example of the true nature of what is happening.
            Is it true that gay orientation is a disease?

            Europeans are programmed for non-traditional sexual orientation.
    2. vodolaz
      vodolaz 24 March 2016 12: 48
      To my shame, I once supported the bulk, until I found out that according to his lists the mattresses were a sanction list. In short tryndet they are all much more. But mattresses will not work with LGBT as well, it’s not customary to advertise our orientation.
      1. sever.56
        sever.56 24 March 2016 12: 51
        Quote: vodolaz
        it’s not customary to advertise our orientation.

        We, Russian men, have not decided to change their traditional sexual orientation!
        1. dyksi
          dyksi 24 March 2016 14: 05
          Yes, they will be torn into flaps instantly, suicides or something. I remember the video. Day of the Airborne Forces Gorky Park (like), there are such healthy men in vests all around and here in the middle of them appeared a dodik with a homosexual poster. Men for a minute speechless from such impudence. There, like a police outfit pulled him from an imminent grave. laughing
          1. Am
            Am 24 March 2016 19: 35
            That was a special provocation.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. lis-ik
        lis-ik 24 March 2016 12: 54
        But I imagine about Navalny and didn’t hear until his media outlets. By the way, I also found out about Bolotnaya somewhere in a month.
      4. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 24 March 2016 13: 24
        it’s not customary to advertise our orientation.
        Advertise? Yes please. But to change against physiology - nea ... Not accepted.
    3. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 24 March 2016 12: 52
      Maybe send them all on the bridge for a walk.
      1. jjj
        jjj 24 March 2016 13: 16
        Build a special bridge
    4. Samen
      Samen 24 March 2016 12: 54
      However, things are not so simple and we still keep the doors open ... "

      Welkam in the "hollow", gentlemen, positioners!
    5. Dam
      Dam 24 March 2016 13: 01
      Nature had joked, and the name of the cabbage roll is suitable. But in fact, I completely agree, liberalism and pederasty are inseparable neither in essence nor in form
    6. Coconut Tima
      Coconut Tima 24 March 2016 13: 01
      Blue revolution instead of liberal?
      What for ? There is an easier way to get into power.
      The well-known Russophobic oppositionist, sympathizer of Euromaidan and the hater of “pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass”, ex-adviser to Nemtsov and long-time associate of Khodorkovsky, broadcasting “I vote against Putin’s course, which leads the country into a dead end”, may become a deputy of the State Duma from the ruling party ...
      Boris Borisovich Nadezhdin will go to the State Duma elections in the 118th Dmitrov single-member district through the primaries of United Russia.
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 24 March 2016 13: 48
        But why?

        laughing You shouldn't delve into the psychological games of tadpoles. There are many such examples, both larger and smaller. That is, if you play a game on four boards, then of course, the moves on each board will be different. In any case, this will in no way affect either the country's course or decision-making. And not only of a strategic nature, but also of a tactical one, for this itself is a tactical move. Personally, I think it's too surprising. On the other hand, the costs are minimal. And the "partners" do not fall for it very much, too primitive schemes, even for them. They are busy weakening Russia economically, hoping to replace Putin. Fools, do not understand one thing, that in such a situation, after the boiling water of the nineties, the replacement can take place only for more radical forces. Who sang to them that radicalism will lead to the destruction of Russia. , radicalism will lead to the destruction of the party system and the concentration of power in one group.
    7. siberalt
      siberalt 24 March 2016 13: 08
      A normal opposition should have a clear ideology available to all citizens, but not in the form of general "blah blah" slogans - everyone will be fine if we are. And if there is no ideology of their own, they use the ideology of their masters, which is not advertised. As for the "protest wave" of LGBT people, it went through all of Europe as if by wave of the conductor's baton. It looks like for the development of the next grants. For instance. Just the other day, a group of LGBT activists arrived in Lviv from Kuev with their guards from five Svidomo and tried to hold their action in defense of some scrapping rights. Received from local residents specifically on musals. The police were there, but only watching. They immediately appeared on the "Shuster on weekdays". There was a LGBT male, practically a clone of N. Savchenko (at least outwardly). But it is curious that she included in her homosexual position the rights of pensioners, disabled people, homeless people, as the same minority community. How is it that pederasts are fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged and needy even without their knowledge? Thanks! But it was they who dispersed the notorious LGBT rally in Lviv, and not the well-fed ones. Draw your own conclusions. hi
    8. 73bor
      73bor 24 March 2016 14: 01
      An attempt to single out the "elite-elite" in society is destructive and destructive for the state, - there are no superfluous in the anthill, and these majors are cut off from the people, therefore the people - "put on them with the device!"
  2. Pereira
    Pereira 24 March 2016 12: 38
    I believe that if Nemtsov’s death spurred the opposition so much, it makes sense to make walking along the bridge with the lady a good anti-Putin tradition.
    However, not with the lady.
    1. lis-ik
      lis-ik 24 March 2016 12: 57
      I believe that now with the bridge everything is also not just like that, if I don’t pass by everyone is photographed, and the photographer is suspiciously the same, probably they are gathering for a new revolution.
      1. Pereira
        Pereira 24 March 2016 13: 50
        The organization of the revolution costs other money. I think this is obedience for the fighter against the regime, and plus is just a way of earning money for a feeder that is not allowed to the grant fee.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Symarokov897
    Symarokov897 24 March 2016 12: 39
    These must be feared ..... they are like vampires .... one stings the other and .... ;-)
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 24 March 2016 12: 57
      Who are they afraid of? Gays or these idiots with faces full of hatred? Or Grefs, Silanovs, Chubais and further down the list? And the first and second must be "annihilated" ... Well, you understand me, otherwise they will come from the authorities with accusations of appeals to ...
      Quote: Symarokov897
      These must be feared ..... they are like vampires .... one stings the other and .... ;-)
  4. Abbra
    Abbra 24 March 2016 12: 41
    All these protest leaders with their teams are shelupon, feeding for money from behind a hill. But if impoverishment in Russia reaches the level of super-chapel ... GDP, maybe I'm wrong, it does much less here than in foreign policy. I judge for a number of reasons. One of them is my communication with those who are really engaged in advertising in the provincial media. The people have no money. Everything collapses along the chain.
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 24 March 2016 15: 15
      Here's the answer, the GDP henchman of those who brought him to power, Sobchaks, Chubais, Gaidars. Remember what team he worked in in the 90s, in St. Petersburg with Sobchak. I support his efforts in foreign policy, but inside the country it’s a complete mess ..He openly declares that he is a supporter of the liberal economy .. well, even so. If you take Poland, liberal reforms were also carried out there (though the patrons gave a lot of money for Russophobia) and it worked, their economy is developing quite well. just a train of corrupt officials for that money flowing into the economy ..
      Quote: Abbra
      All these protest leaders with their teams are shelupon, feeding for money from behind a hill. But if impoverishment in Russia reaches the level of super-chapel ... GDP, maybe I'm wrong, it does much less here than in foreign policy. I judge for a number of reasons. One of them is my communication with those who are really engaged in advertising in the provincial media. The people have no money. Everything collapses along the chain.
  5. xam0
    xam0 24 March 2016 12: 41
    +3 bet on pid-s. Is logical.
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 24 March 2016 12: 42
    It is you guys who are surprised. Gathered the scum of society, handed them the technology of fooling opponents and that’s all, come to the cashier?
    It is only far in Europe passes. And here are the savages. Instead of debate, we’ll fill the face with garbage, and we will also answer you, surely, but then.
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 March 2016 12: 43
    pederast revolution in Russia - IMHO, is not relevant. Most people do not cause anything but a gag reflex.
    1. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 24 March 2016 12: 49
      So far, yes. But young people need to be educated and protected from this infection. It can become a weak link. And Americans know how to play "for a long time". Two to three decades are enough to change the mood among young people.
      1. Igor V
        Igor V 24 March 2016 13: 43
        They will not be able "for a long time": all pi-si will eventually die out. lol
  8. kit-kat
    kit-kat 24 March 2016 12: 47
    And I agree that there is no opposition in Russia. What we call the opposition is a bunch of PR fringes. And those that seem to be, as it were, "systemic opposition", such as Zhirinovsky - well, don't make me laugh.
  9. Altona
    Altona 24 March 2016 12: 48
    Duc and the party will be called "YABLONAS", quite an erotic name from PARNAS + YABLOKO ... laughing
    1. Igor Polovodov
      Igor Polovodov 24 March 2016 13: 26
      ANAN ASS - that’s it!
      1. Altona
        Altona 24 March 2016 13: 29
        Quote: Igor Polovodov
        ANAN ASS - that’s it!

        APPLE ANAL-ASS? In all places in general, nothing was stolen ... laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 March 2016 12: 48
    meets with bugger activists personally the chief American expert on flower and color revolutions, US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft

    Now I am sure that there will be no "color", let alone "blue" revolution in Russia. First, the so-called. The "opposition", not without the help of the Americans, has compromised itself as much as I want. Now the Americans are looking at those who are compromised in life. Something has jammed in American minds, and fundamentally.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 24 March 2016 15: 11
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Americans turned their eyes to those who were compromised in life.
      And who can help them at all? They have little choice: honest dolbonauts or smart creatures.
  11. Riv
    Riv 24 March 2016 12: 49
    Various things are said about revolutionaries at the beginning of the last century. Well, there Lenin traveled around Switzerland for party money, Stalin shot the old Leninist guard, Trotsky betrayed the revolution for which he received an alpenstock ... They tell a lot. But I can’t believe that Savinkov or Krupskaya would have gone to the demonstration in the same column with the blue ones.

    Fighting opposition, you say? Like in a common joke: real fighting homosexuals.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 24 March 2016 15: 22
      Quote: Riv
      But I can’t believe that Savinkov or Krupskaya would have gone to the demonstration in the same column with the blue
      Look for information by correspondence between Krupskaya (or “Comrade Krupsky” himself, I don’t remember exactly) with I. Armand on the topic of family and marriage, the society “Down with shame”, etc., maybe you have the strength to believe that the revolutionaries were ready go to the end in matters of struggle against "bourgeois prejudices". True, then the grandmothers crossed themselves, looking at the raging naked people, and the children threw rotten apples at them.
  12. ilija93
    ilija93 24 March 2016 12: 52
    Our opposition is always in the "blue position", they have everything from behind and vice versa! Not only in their heads, but also in their pants. crying
  13. Igor V
    Igor V 24 March 2016 12: 52
    If the State Department really has the main forces in Russia - n-ss, then I am calm for the country's security from Merikosov’s influence.
  14. pts-m
    pts-m 24 March 2016 12: 53
    Pendosy all make “sweets” from Go.n. Probably they don’t understand that they smell like the same Go.N. The people of Russia have eaten Western sweets and are switching to the sweets of their industry, you know, the fight against the “embargo”.
  15. vic58
    vic58 24 March 2016 12: 59
    No comment! Talking about zero means recognizing it as a unit hi
    (C) I
  16. inferno_nv
    inferno_nv 24 March 2016 13: 01
    Interestingly, and who will go for "full of holes"? Oh, those Americans wassat , this may be in Europe and a ride, but obviously not in the Russian Federation! We know from school that you can't shake hands with "leaky" ones, you can't sit at a table, because life is such a thing that you can get into a high-security sanatorium and it will be difficult to explain what you did with the "leaky" ones, and what you not from their ranks bully , well, and there the rest of the term love and work out gifts in the dryer !!! lol
  17. guzik007
    guzik007 24 March 2016 13: 01
    in short, they wanted to shout loudly, but because of the incontinence of a broken-up sphincter, they only loudly per ... whether: =)
  18. Signore Tomato
    Signore Tomato 24 March 2016 13: 03
    It is necessary to throw an idea to Pindocs - let them, like, demand money back from the liveries)))) laughing
  19. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 24 March 2016 13: 07
    Well, the impudent Saxons and other "light elves" cannot understand in any way that the overwhelming majority in Russia has not just hostility, but a squeamish attitude towards rear-wheel drive.
  20. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 24 March 2016 13: 08
    Here is one more confirmation of the level of their "analysts". The seat of this audience is near, um, the first row on the edge. I can imagine the collection of signatures of such a party before the elections - traumatology will be overflowing.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. Stinger
    Stinger 24 March 2016 13: 18
    real, combat-ready opposition in Russia today does not exist
    Yes, there is. Pay and you will be happy. You can see. Here is the Rescue Committee:
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 24 March 2016 13: 49
      I only recognized three ... request
    2. Igor V
      Igor V 24 March 2016 13: 49
      I only recognized three ... request
  23. ochakow703
    ochakow703 24 March 2016 13: 26
    I saw fighting swimmers, fighting elephants, too (albeit on TV), but there were no 3,14 fighting animals. I’ll see a tear. Americans generally beguiled the coast. Personally, I know a person of 500 from 16 to 26 years old, and not one prone to blue. Statistics, ...
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 24 March 2016 20: 53
      Quote: ochakow703
      there were no combat 3,14drasts.

      300 Spartans! laughing Joke about whom?
  24. tomatokin
    tomatokin 24 March 2016 13: 30
    All these "actions" are calculated ONLY for SCANDAL and PHOTOSESSION !!! No leaders, no support from the people ... nothing !!! from the word ALL !!! One blue liberal stench. But do not pay attention to it -DANGER !!! It is dangerous to overlook, it is dangerous not to fight back, it is dangerous not to protect young people from this !!!
  25. siberalt
    siberalt 24 March 2016 13: 31
    "Blue wave, speak." We have it and we will raise it. Here, the main thing is not to worry laughing

  26. Altona
    Altona 24 March 2016 13: 38
    Comrades from Haifa is just such a hello ...))))
  27. max73
    max73 24 March 2016 13: 43
    the most rotten n ... dor is moral!
  28. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 24 March 2016 13: 43
    Creative thinking, what is it? This is when a person cannot think up anything, understand, invent anything. But what instead? Instead, he can steal someone else's thought and pass it off as his own, use it to the best of dexterity and shamelessness. Here our liberal politicians are endowed with them - creative thinking. They invent flash mobs and PR actions, pulling crumbs of thoughts from each other and from the owners that they can put into their small heads.
    That is why all this looks so helpless and pitiful. The future prepared for us and for the whole world (except for the USA) is a small tremor instead of movement under the control of single-celled "politicians". Why do you have to pull up LGBT people? Because they, blue and pink, have a need that cannot be realized in the space of modern states, by inertia concerned about health and the future growth of taxpayers.
    It would be funny to find out how people who have led the world to a dead end justify themselves? Well they wanted good! Stop wars, lead the world to a good, just and free future! Did you get it? The stagnating mind and dying feelings of this very "future", expressed in their own creepy children. Complete collapse of the education system. Perverts are the healthiest part of their sick system. What is this fountain of crap instead of the pure source of renewal they envisioned?
    It must be said that the ideologues of the "end of history" are now trying to slowly crawl away from the front lines of the declared war against the old order. They say I'm not me, the idea is not mine ... filth.
  29. Flinky
    Flinky 24 March 2016 13: 53
    And p ... Daras, we will just hit insolent rainbow-colored faces.
  30. shinobi
    shinobi 24 March 2016 14: 13
    And it will be the same with the multi-colored minorities as with the opposites. Moreover, they are somehow tolerated in big cities, the outback is much less tolerant. The carcasses are beaten regardless of their faces.
  31. bad
    bad 24 March 2016 14: 21
    In other words, the State Department is cutting funding for opposition politicians such as Navalny, Yashin, and so on, because they are no longer considered a profitable investment: their level of support by voters can be attributed to statistical error
    ..pichalka! laughing liberals will have to become more open pederasts .. otherwise they won’t give money laughing .. well ... who’s the first ?! laughing
  32. nivander
    nivander 24 March 2016 15: 09
    Roosters must live in a chicken coop
  33. kolobok63
    kolobok63 24 March 2016 15: 39
    Quote: nivasander
    Roosters must live in a chicken coop

    You can’t say better! The poster was very pleased! hi
  34. mr.grin19z
    mr.grin19z 24 March 2016 15: 46
    parnassus and apple burn with a hot iron
  35. sounddoc
    sounddoc 24 March 2016 15: 55
    Hto not pi.tor, that moccal !!!!!! Do not be quilted jackets Euro-integrated! Do not wear you a gold thong, barefoot))))))
  36. Karayakupovo
    Karayakupovo 24 March 2016 16: 25
    Well, excuse the gayrope, we don't like your blue ones. OUR blue berets. True, they love, but only as a whipping bag. Do not like your blue "Caucasians", Muslims, Cossacks, sailors, border guards, ..... I do not even know, probably even Borya Moiseev does not like them. To begin with, make Borya love them, and there you can already as you grow (but I apologize in advance if at the first stage our "intolerant" men will stuff your face in your face). I warned.
  37. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 24 March 2016 17: 26
    Emotion is good, but the bill on the prohibition of LGBT propaganda was rejected by the Duma (there was no quorum) .. question to the deputies, what are you doing ???? !!!!
  38. 1774
    1774 24 March 2016 18: 20
    I think so, in response to these miserable attempts of the parades in no way to parades, the parade is organized by the winners or the military, thousands of men and women should be paraded approximately under such slogans - We are normal men, we sleep with women, go hunting and fishing, we drink only after holidays. We are normal women, we sleep with men, raise children, cook borsch.
  39. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 24 March 2016 23: 30
    Russia has gone through a lot of dirt, but under p.i.d.a.r.ami it will never be !!!
  40. Zomanus
    Zomanus 25 March 2016 05: 47
    LGBT equate to mental illness with exacerbations in the form of pi-r-parades.
    Jehovah's equate to a totalitarian sect and crush everywhere.