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On the days when we all fell so low

This line in the title of the article is the beginning of the poem of the young poet, Cornet S.S. Bekhteev, written by him in 1917, accurately defines what happened this year, the most important event that radically changed Russia.

27 February 1917, after the Manifesto on the dissolution of the State Duma was issued, the Provisional Committee was formed by part of the deputies of opposition views. In his appeal, he stated that he was taking “into his own hands the restoration of state and public order” and expressed confidence that the army would help him in the difficult task of creating a new government.

Hope State Duma Chairman M.V. Rodzianko, who signed this appeal, was justified by the army. Some of the military commanders closest to the Supreme Commander in their official position — the military elite of the army, having violated the military oath, supported the Provisional Committee.

Officer rank ordered to destroy

It is possible that at that time they still did not represent the full scale of the catastrophe that would befall, first of all, through their fault, the entire officer corps of the Russian Imperial Army. Even some members of the Dynasty hastened to salute the Interim Committee. March 1, 1917, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich with his subordinate Guards Navy Rodzianko reports to the crew about his readiness to be at his disposal, who in his memoirs wrote about this fact as a violation of the oath.

He did not show loyalty to the Sovereign and the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, General M.V. Alekseev. Evidence of this is his written request with the question of the Sovereign's abdication of the Throne and the inadmissibility of a different decision, sent in the morning of March 2 by the commander-in-chief of the fronts who did not express their readiness to act in accordance with the oath "to serve the Emperor faithfully and without mercenaries"

In the text of the document there are heartfelt words emphasizing the tragedy of the situation: “It is necessary to save the army in force from collapse; continue until the end of the struggle with an external enemy; save Russia's independence and the fate of the dynasty. " In fact, they became a beautiful wrapper around the criminal act and were not executed.

The path chosen by the generals to achieve the goal of saving the army, refusing allegiance to their Sovereign and Supreme Commander, became the road to the end of the whole army. Approaching him began with the publication of the order No. XXUMX by the Petrograd Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, which undermined the fundamental principle of military discipline - unity of command. Addressed to the troops of the Petrograd garrison, he became the property of the whole army and caused unprecedented decomposition of the troops.

Having lost the Supreme Leader, the army received from the Provisional Government a new, mockingly defamatory name — the Revolutionary Army of Free Russia, which quickly lost its sense of continuing the war, and no provisional rulers could save it from collapse. What name you give the ship, it will float like that, people say, so the army plunged into the waves of revolution without beginning and without end, losing all their spiritual strength to defeat the external enemy. At the front began fraternization with him and mass desertion.

Especially hard the collapse of the army reflected on the officers, representatives of the social group of the state, which throughout its existence has always been a loyal and reliable defender of Russia. The cleaning of personnel, detentions, arrests, lynching and killing officers became common in the army. Only in the Baltic Fleet by mid-March 1917, more than 100 people were killed.

The officers tried to somehow save the army and themselves by creating public organizations as an alternative to the soldiers' committees, romantically supporting the political slogans of freedom, equality, fraternity and expressing confidence in the Provisional Government, but it acted with caution on the political preferences of the Soviets, and the soldiers did not show willingness to be in unity with the former gentlemen. This was shown by the failure of the idea to create a public organization called upon to restore the destroyed unity of officers and soldiers - the "All-Military Union."

The democratization of the army, coupled with the lack of success at the front, confidently led it to collapse, and the officer corps to death. By order of the temporary military and naval minister A.I. Guchkov on the Navy and Navy Department No.150 from 21april 1917, the naval officers were deprived of shoulder straps, which replaced the sleeve insignia. Then SNK RSFSR in its decree from 16 of December of this year ominously announced to all that the officer ranks, and with them the officer organizations are destroyed.

In ideological captivity

Everything that happened testified to a deep spiritual and moral crisis among officers. Giving an oath, they said, "I promise and swear by the almighty God," which gave her the value of not mere obligation to man, but of a sacred character, as well as the royal power itself. The idea of ​​a monarchy in principle should have been closer to an officer than the republic, because strict subordination and unity of command in the army, the most conservative institution of the state, made him the bearer of autocracy. However, it turned out that, according to IA Ilyin, a part of the "Russian generals" monarchical consciousness was supplanted by "anarcho-democratic illusions and a republican way of thinking."

Since the time of Peter I, the Russian nobility was under the ideological influence of the West. Being in ideological captivity, it lived with its life of imitating Europe and ousting all Russian from itself. By the beginning of the 19th century, the nobleman’s library had 70 percent of the literature of French authors, and they themselves began not only to speak French, but also to think. The Decembrists, for example, testified at the trial in French, because they did not know their own. Misunderstanding grew between the highest strata of society and the simple people who continued to preserve their traditions.

The moral beginning of the military oath of allegiance was gradually lost, it became a mere formality that could not be met for certain purposes. One of the reasons for this was the abolition by Peter I of the ancient custom of transferring the royal throne to direct descendants through the male line, which caused a constant revolutionary ferment in the upper echelons of power and the army during the next change of monarch. The nobility coups entailed a violation of the oath, weakened and shook the foundations of the monarchy.

In the 1725 year, with the accession of the Russian throne with the help of the first foreigner's guard Catherine I, the Supreme Privy Council was formed, contrary to the ideas of the Russian autocracy, which limited the power of the empress so that no her decrees could come out until they were "held" in the Council .

The next action to weaken the monarchy became the Supreme Privy Council, developed in 1730, consisting of senior civil and military officials, the so-called "condition", which imposed serious restrictions on the monarch's authority, reducing them to representative functions, but this time "constitutional monarchy" lasted only a few days. Then most of the nobility and the guard was not ready to support it.

If in the upheavals of 1725 and 1730, the officers involved in them did not violate the oath, in the next two they already went to the perjury, overthrowing the emperor's baby, John VI, in favor of the daughter of Peter I, Elizabeth, and in the 1741 year - Peter IIIrd in favor of his wife Catherine. An example of this in this was the future empresses themselves.

Over the years of the reign of emperors, who were enthroned by the upper layer of the nobility, it was corrupted by its leading position in the coups. The nobles were convinced that the fate of the emperors was in their will, and for their oath of crime they did not receive punishment, but regular liberties and signs of gratitude for their deeds, based on their future loyalty. The discipline of the guard officers fell, they turned into idle, spoiled by the luxury of dandies, who were only listed as regiments, and instead of combat training and order, they preferred haunting.

An important step for the termination of these iniquities was made by Paul I, restoring the previous procedure for transferring royal power and taking measures to strengthen military discipline. In order to raise the values ​​to the proper moral height in the life of a military oath officer, he personally was solemnly encouraged by the assignment of military ranks to Major General inclusive and retired Prime Minister Abramov, who retired to Catherine II, was rewarded with an oath still Sovereign.

This moral lesson has long been the subject of discussion in society, and yet the highest dignitaries and guards did not learn it. Having lost the opportunity to influence the choice of applicants and not having time to grow out of previous liberties, they once again changed, staining their uniforms with the villainous murder of the Emperor, but later the attitude to the oath among the officers changed.

The time of the last military noble 14 coup of December 1825 of the year was chosen so as to create at least the appearance of not violating the oath. However, this was for the bulk of the participating soldiers who did not know the true state of affairs. The organizers, who were members of secret societies, simply could not be unaware that their activities were anti-state in nature, but they took on other obligations that put higher national ones.

Crime charge

Adjutant General 1917 of the year did not take another oath, but at the decisive moment they did not firmly declare support for the Emperor. Very soon, for their infidelity and indecisiveness, the generals themselves felt the gratitude of the temporary and long-time leaders of the republic, as well as the people and soldiers, freed from their obedience.

One of them, the Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the Western Front, General A.Ye. Evert, who made his choice after hesitation, realized his guilt: "I, like other commanders-in-chief, betrayed the Tsar, and for this atrocity we all have to pay with our lives." Perhaps these penitential words became salutary for him personally, but not for many others.

Four of the eight top army officials paid dearly. The first to fall was the commander of the imperial Baltic fleet, Vice-Admiral A.I. Nepeninin, on his own initiative, sent a telegram to 1 in March with a request to support the demand of the State Duma, and the fourth - already arrested by revolutionary sailors for not wanting to hand over the cases to their new commander and meanly shot in the back.

In contrast to him, Vice-Admiral A.V., Commander of the Black Sea Fleet. Kolchak did not leave a written evidence indicating that his infidelity did not take the oath, but, having all the information with the opinions of the commanders-in-chief of the armies of the fronts, he kept silent and did not express his support for the Sovereign. Arrested already as a former Supreme Ruler, giving testimony to the investigation, he said that he “wholeheartedly” welcomed the fact of the transfer of power to the State Duma. Therefore, his silence can be considered as solidarity with the opinion of the top military leaders of the army and navy. On the night of February 7 1920, he was shot.

The most tragic was the fate of the Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the Northern Front, General N.V. Ruzsky, who made a lot of efforts to remove the sovereign from power. The misbehavior of the general during personal contact with him in Pskov and the offer made to surrender to the winners deprived Nicholas II of forgiveness. It was not by chance that the bundle with his chases from the initial officer rank to the last, which he carefully kept, was cut up, found during the search of the general's house in Pyatigorsk in 1918, was cut down, as if symbolizing the unworthiness of their owner. In October of this year, among a large group of hostages, he himself was hacked to pieces at the Pyatigorsk cemetery.

In August, 1920 was shot by the "green" in the Crimea, dismissed from office in April 1917, and retired assistant to the Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the Romanian Front, General V.V. Sakharov. In his telegram, he called the suggestion of renouncing vile, but nevertheless, disoriented in the situation, he supported it.

The rest escaped physical violence, but received a moral lesson that ended in humiliation for them. The Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich, who knew about the preparation of the coup and did nothing to prevent it, then sent the appropriate telegram and was counting on the post of Supreme Commander, was not necessary for those for whom he tried because of his dynastic relationship.

M.V. was entrusted to lead the revolutionary army. Alekseev, who provided support to the Provisional Committee and immediately after the Sovereign left Stavka, sworn in to the new government. Feeding illusions about the salvation of the army, he tried to do it, but did not get the understanding and support of amateurs from the Provisional Government. Soon after the appointment, who understood the futility of his efforts, the High Command spoke frankly at the constituent assembly of the Union of Officers being created: “The military spirit of the Russian army fell; just yesterday, menacing and powerful, she now stands in some kind of fatal impotence before the enemy. ” A similar assessment of the state of the army gave the next revolutionary Glavkoverh, A.A. Brusilov. In his memoirs, he admitted that by May 1917, "the forces of all fronts had completely withdrawn from obedience, and it was impossible to take any measures of influence."

If yesterday the army was formidable and powerful, then it was not necessary to save it. If she came out of obedience, then when she still had discipline, the top military leadership had to fulfill her duty of allegiance to the Sovereign, but it went on about the creators of the coup d'état.

So the words of two military leaders who saw the salvation of the army and Russia in the Sovereign’s abdication, but who were unable to do it without him, became their moral conviction for infidelity. The new government has ceased to need their services, which is why “Calculated as a servant,” Alekseev said bitterly about his resignation. With Brusilov, temporary workers also did not stand on ceremony for a long time. The commander-in-chief, without being constrained, as before, by the instructions of the Stavka, could not show his military talent when the 1917 year came on in June, which undermined his authority. Therefore, it remained in stories only as a hero of the “Brusilov's Breakthrough”, awarded and marked by those whom he refused allegiance at a difficult moment.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 24 March 2016 10: 02
    Do not ask for whom the bell tolls; know it is ringing for you.
    Who did not fulfill his duty, paid for treason with his life ..
    1. WKS
      WKS 24 March 2016 10: 12
      You can’t change anything already, you can only analyze these events of bygone days. The combination of many probable factors led to the collapse of the great empire. A combination of completely unlikely events led to the power of the Bolsheviks.
      1. just exp
        just exp 24 March 2016 10: 21
        the one whose sponsor is richer always wins in the political struggle after the revolution, and then and now in Ukraine, the proteges of bankers have won, who do not know that Trotsky is a direct relative of the banking clan, and has been grumbling for years at their expense in New York, and a trawl with Swedish steam locomotives just from this series, it was one of the debt payments they took for the revolution.
        1. DMB_95
          DMB_95 24 March 2016 10: 43
          When the political struggle turns into hostilities, then "who has the richest sponsor" can be ruthlessly defeated by hungry, angry, but confident fighters. In the War, sponsors are no longer a decisive force. At least in Russia. Our war is always "not according to the rules."
          1. Erg
            Erg 24 March 2016 11: 05
            DMB Complete nonsense, sorry for directness hi
            1. DMB_95
              DMB_95 24 March 2016 11: 30
              Erg. Full crap. I see no reason to apologize. hi
              1. Erg
                Erg 24 March 2016 12: 15
                Everything has its time, friend. "And you will be cured." I myself was the same, ten years ago. lol
            2. Vladimir16
              Vladimir16 24 March 2016 11: 30
              army military elite breaking the oath of war, supported by the Interim Committee.

              The military swore allegiance to the Tsar.
              The king denied. I threw all of Russia.
              And the military as well.
              The military, who gave their lives for him on the fronts of the war.

              Here is how the oath sounded like this:

              I promise and swear by Almighty God, before His Holy Gospel, that I want and owe to His Imperial Majesty the Autocratic All-Russian and His Imperial Majesty the All-Russian Throne, it is faithful and unprincipled to serve the Heir, not sparing his belly, to the last drop of blood and all to His High Imperial Majesty For autocracy, power and authority own rights and advantages, legitimized and henceforth legalized, at the very least, power and ability to fulfill.

              No need to drive on the military.
              Politicians ruined the country.
              They created a turmoil.
              Then Kerensky and his comrades issued decrees on the breakdown of discipline in the army.
              Well, then all the actions for the sake of the British and their associates.

              Do you want to ask the military ????
              This, my friend, doesn’t climb into any gates!
              1. gray smeet
                gray smeet 24 March 2016 12: 01
                What a pop, such a coming!

                Nicolas would have to deal with his family, he is an excellent family man (!), But he, by the will of fate, is the Russian Emperor! In short, the person turned out to be out of place - here is the role of the individual in history! The weakness of the king is the weakness of the Empire!

                1. Take Yeltsin and the army with him ... Betrayal, embezzlement, etc.
                2. Take Putin and the army with him .... you yourself know everything

              2. Lieutenant Izhe
                Lieutenant Izhe 24 March 2016 12: 31
                Mikolashka turned out to be a hacked autocrat, not without reason his father Alexander III wanted Nicholas to rule until the age of Mikhail, and then renounced in his favor, but ... Nicolas got a taste, and ...
                ALL PROSALA, son of a bitch!
                1. WKS
                  WKS 26 March 2016 09: 41
                  It was under Alexander 3 that this terrorist infection of narodovolchestvo originated and spread throughout Russia.
              3. alex321
                alex321 24 March 2016 13: 33
                Once Kerensky, when he was already in old age, they asked:
                "What had to be done to prevent the revolution from happening."
                "There was only one person to be shot"
                "Who, Lenin?"
                "I am not here"
              4. just exp
                just exp 24 March 2016 13: 43
                the tsar did not renounce, it was a setup, the soldiers fought not for the tsar, but for the Fatherland (Serbia is part of the Russian world).
              5. tveritianin
                tveritianin 24 March 2016 16: 15
                Climbing, my friend. is climbing. Officers in Russia have always been more responsible for the state than the rest of the nobility. Well, it’s not with the intelligentsia to ask for the ruined State and the treachery of the emperor ...
          2. just exp
            just exp 24 March 2016 13: 42
            When the political struggle turns into hostilities, then "who has the richest sponsor" can be ruthlessly defeated by hungry, angry, but confident fighters. In the War, sponsors are no longer a decisive force. At least in Russia. Our war is always "not according to the rules."

            Well, tell me how the valiant fighters of the APU defeated the Supreme Rada
        2. Erg
          Erg 24 March 2016 10: 56
          EXPL. And Sverdlov? This whole "revolution" was a generously paid Western project.
          1. just exp
            just exp 24 March 2016 13: 44
            What is the real name of Sverdlov?
            Kostrikov does not roll.
            1. Erg
              Erg 24 March 2016 16: 45
              Is this an exam? Mentioning Sverdlov, I had in mind his kinship with Western capital. And with his last name there are many versions, but this interests me little.
              1. just exp
                just exp 24 March 2016 20: 24
                when you find his real name, you will understand that he has just the last name of family ties with Western capital.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. Erg
        Erg 24 March 2016 11: 02
        WKS. Precisely because in those ancient times, many reasoned the way you did, that is, they did not see the true reasons for what was happening, and a great tragedy happened in Russia. There was nothing accidental. Both the provisional government and the Bolsheviks had the same sponsors. And as for the people ... - So "glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes." Bitterly...
        1. just exp
          just exp 24 March 2016 13: 45
          and the main thing is that now people see that the sponsors of the law-enforcers and ordinary tseevropecev are the same, but they believe that the Socialist-Revolutionaries and Bolsheviks did not have sponsors, and if they were, they were different sponsors.
          1. Erg
            Erg 24 March 2016 16: 50
            If everything is simplified to a scheme, Russia was sold and bought in the 17th.
            1. just exp
              just exp 24 March 2016 20: 29
              it is, Russia in those days went nuts as Svidomites went crazy now, and the psychotechnologies are the same (they are generally as old as mammoth excrement).
              or remind about the evening parties, about the fact that every Komsomol member must satisfy his sexual needs, and each Komsomol member must meet him, otherwise she is a bourgeoisie, as they wanted to cancel the institution of the family as a relic of the past and so on and so forth.
              then they wanted to break everything old, what doesn’t it seem like to remind? look at Ukraine, so schizos are even smaller than then in Russia (although the vector is the same).
              and the king’s orders were not executed, as he wrote that betrayal is everywhere, and by the way betrayed by aristocrats who believed in Western ideas, and sooooo much then the Masons worked on this ground (you can make fun of them, but it’s real strength), who promised the aristocrats that nobody perform and was not going to.
              in fact, then it was like now in Ukraine - promise anything, but we will hang it later.
      3. vladimirw
        vladimirw 24 March 2016 12: 14
        For the salvation of Russia, after the overthrow of the monarchy, there was no other force besides the Bolsheviks.
        indicate where i'm wrong
        1. just exp
          just exp 24 March 2016 13: 46
          By the way, but do not tell me why they were called Bolsheviks? otherwise I thought because there were more of them than all, but it turns out that there were more SRs than Bolsheviks, so what's the truth about brother?
      4. g1v2
        g1v2 24 March 2016 15: 07
        Yes, the scheme is the same. First, a group of beautiful-hearted idealists and ambitious scum overthrows a weak king, and then when they sign their impotence, other ambitious guys come with their interests and easily crush them and a weakened country with paralyzed power structures.
        How does Humpback differ in fact from Nikolashki 2? What about the State Emergency Committee of February 1917? And the fall of 1917 from the ratification of the Bialowieza agreements and the collapse of the USSR? And 1993, from the uprising of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries in Moscow? When you compare, the hairs stand on end as far as everything is the same. But fortunately the template goes further and then after the turmoil comes a strong leader - Stalin or Putin, and again rebuilds the country and gives it a kick for development for the next years. request
      5. kare
        kare 24 March 2016 16: 09
        Quote: wks
        WKS (1) RU Today, 10: 12 ↑

        You can’t change anything already, you can only analyze these events of bygone days. The combination of many probable factors led to the collapse of the great empire. A combination of completely unlikely events led to the power of the Bolsheviks.

        Jews who rule Russia
        The staff of the Soviet bureaucracy:
        Central Committee of the CPSU of the Bolsheviks (all Jews):
        Leiba Trotsky (Bronstein).

        Lenin (Ulyanov. At least a Jew by his mother's Blank). Zinoviev (Apfelbaum. He wrote and edited works for Lenin). Lurie (Larin), Krylenko (Klichka - "Abram", later People's Commissar of Justice, and the first chairman of the USSR Chess Federation), Lunacharsky (Bailikh-Mandelstam), Uritsky (Moisey Solomonovich), Volodarsky (Moisey Markovich Goldstein),
        Kamenev (Lev Borisovich Rosenfeld. He is the husband of Trotsky's sister and also
        editor of Leninist works). Smidovich (Petr Germogenovich Smidovich).
        Sverdlov (Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov) YM Steklov (Ovshy Moiseevich Nakhamkis) Bureau of the First composition of the Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies of the city of Moscow (all Jews):
        1. kare
          kare 24 March 2016 16: 12
          Three co-chairs:
          The chairman of the first Moscow Council after the revolution is Leyba Khinchuk.
          Chairman of the Council of Workers and Red Army Soldiers - Pyotr Germogenovich
          Chairman of the Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies - Moder.
          Members of the first Moscow City Council:
          Zarkh, Klamer, Gronberg, Scheinkman, Rothstein, F.Ya. Levenson,
          Krasnopolsky, Yu.O. Martov (Cederbaum), Rivkin, Simson, Tyapkin, Shik,
          Falk, Anderson (Lithuanian Jew), Wimba (Lithuanian Jew), Solo
          (Lithuanian Jew), Mikhelson, Ter-Michyan (Armenian Jew).
          The Secretary of the Bureau is Klausner.
          Head of the Chancellery - Rocenholtz.
          All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Fourth All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers and Soldiers
          Deputies: (According to the constitution of the 1918 of the year, formally, the highest authority).
          Of the 34 members of the CEC, not a single Gentile.
          The chairman is Yakov Sverdlov.
          Members: Abelman. Veltman (Pavlovich), Axelrod, Yu.O. Martov (Zederbaum), Krasikov, Lundberg, Volodarsky (Moisey Markovich
          Goldstein), Zederbaum (Levitsky), Lenin, Zinoviev-Apfelbaum,
          Trotsky (Bronstein), Orphan, Sukhanov (Himmer), Rivkin, Tseybut, Ratner
          (Leiba Grigorievich), Bleikhman (Solntsev), A. Goldenrudin, Haskin, Lander, Aronovich, Kamkov (Boris Davidovich Katz), Fishman, Abramovich (Rein Rafail Abramovich), Fritsche, Ilyin (Goldstein), Likhach M.A., Leiba Khinchuk,
          Berlinrut, Distler, Chernyavsky, Ben (Benjamin) Smidovich
          1. kare
            kare 24 March 2016 16: 16
            List all the names of the great Jewish revolution simply does not give the moderator.
            I give a link to the book. Read, and you will be happy
            Victor Marsden
            Jews in Russia
            Thank you for downloading the book in the free electronic library
          2. sherp2015
            sherp2015 24 March 2016 16: 28
            [quote = kare] Three co-chairs:
            Of the 34 members of the CEC, not a single Gentile.
            The chairman is Yakov Sverdlov.

            Well, actually there are decent.
            General Rokhlin for example, but he was eliminated
            1. kare
              kare 24 March 2016 16: 57
              [quote = sherp2015] [quote = kare] Three co-chairs:
              Of the 34 members of the CEC, not a single Gentile.
              The chairman is Yakov Sverdlov.

              Well, actually there are decent.
              General Rokhlin for example, but he was eliminated [/ quote]

              If you come across decent, then reckoned with goyim. The Levitical hierarchy does not in this case distinguish
      6. sherp2015
        sherp2015 24 March 2016 16: 21
        Quote: wks
        You can’t change anything already, you can only analyze these events of bygone days. The combination of many probable factors led to the collapse of the great empire. A combination of completely unlikely events led to the power of the Bolsheviks.

        1917 - revolution and devastation with hunger plus civil war and
        the beginning of the 90s the Gorbachev-Yeltsman brothel with centers of civil war, as well as the destruction of industry ... Why was this all about?
    2. rkkasa xnumx
      rkkasa xnumx 24 March 2016 10: 48
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Who did not fulfill his duty, paid for treason with his life ..

      This fully applies to Nicholas II.
      The autocrat, being in his right mind, does not have the right to abdicate. "Abdicated, as if the squadron had surrendered".
      Compare for example with Paul I.
    3. milann
      milann 24 March 2016 11: 13
      We all have a lesson, however, the current nouveau riche, it seems, do not want to learn any lessons.
      1. Lieutenant Izhe
        Lieutenant Izhe 24 March 2016 12: 39
        We all have a lesson, however, the current nouveau riche, it seems, do not want to learn any lessons.

        What lessons are you talking about if the current Russian government insistently touches us about the autocracy of the last worthless emperor, relying on modern obscurantism?
        and the Russian Orthodox Church asks scientists to confirm genetic affiliation the remains of the royal family for ... their CANONIZATION!
        (this is already a complete scribe ...)))
        The figures of the Russian Orthodox Church (led by Kurilla) after this must come to the prosecutor’s office and write a statement about their participation in the organized FRAUD by their criminal community ...
        1. bober1982
          bober1982 24 March 2016 12: 57
          and the Russian Orthodox Church asks scientists to confirm the genetic affiliation of the remains of the royal family for ... their CANONIZATION!
          Why write nonsense? all turned upside down, some nonsense, like your other comments.
    4. vv3
      vv3 24 March 2016 15: 54
      SOVIET ARMY AND ITS OFFICERS dedicated ...
      I hold in my hands a certificate of participation in the All-Army Officer Assembly, Moscow, 1989. A short history. Trying to improve their authority, the party and government leaders are organizing a revival of the institute of officer meetings in the Army in order to demonstrate the unity of the Party and the Army; we are not talking about the increasing role of junior and middle officers in strengthening the army. The initiative comes from above. Under the leadership of political departments, they are created and elected. And now the selected and sifted, the best of the best go to Moscow to approve. And ... from the rostrum of the meeting, the officers declare that the Army is ... at the last line, no reforms are carried out, new management methods and organizations are not being introduced, about mass show-offs, bureaucracy, etc. That is, the Army needs urgent reforms and offers to start them together with the General Staff. They intimidate them, bribe kiosks in the corridors, persuade members of the CPSU Central Committee to try to get aside from this question. It doesn’t work. The Assembly decides to recommend that the army leadership urgently develop and carry out such a reform and elect a committee to facilitate such reforms. Honest, loyal officers, whose soul was sick for the fate of their country, believed in their Army, hoped for it ... They did not know what was happening outside the walls of the meeting, the press and television did not cover the event, nothing went beyond the walls. The country did not recognize and you do not know. Among the patriots there was not a single general, few colonels. The Soviet Army rotted from above. I saw the full hall of the Generals' stalls. I did not see so many generals anywhere. From the division commander and above, they were invited to a meeting. They saw and heard everything ... It was with their general tacit consent that the army first collapsed, then the country .. I despise these generals ... I pay tribute to ordinary officers! What kind of people we had in the ARMY, it was they who bore the whole burden of perestroika, confusion and vacillations and saved RUSSIA. Bottom line: the entire elected committee was fired from the army, no one knows about the meeting and its decisions, the institute of officer meetings just as suddenly disappeared as it appeared ...
      1. tveritianin
        tveritianin 24 March 2016 16: 18
        but I was waiting, someone would remember about the Soviet Army in the early 90's. After all, people voted to preserve the Union, without reference to Gorbachev or Yeltsin. And when a gang of 4 signed the Bialowieza agreements, the army was silent and our country - the Land of Soviets - went around the world ...
        1. vv3
          vv3 24 March 2016 17: 49
          Dedicated to the SOVIET ARMY AND ITS OFFICERS. (Part 2)
          I’m holding in my hands the certificate of the delegate of the Constituent Conference of the Independent Association of Officers, 1991, Vinnitsa. When strange events and not quite clear things started to happen in the country, not everyone wanted to accept them. The group of the Soviet Army, which was located in Ukraine, did not accept them either. officers from the missile headquarters in Vinnitsa sent invitations to all military units to send representatives to the constituent conference, to unite the SA units located on the territory of Ukraine and develop a common position. I called the regiment commander and set the task, while he gave me 2 mission orders . In one, I introduced myself as an authorized representative, in the other, as an observer. I hope you understand the difference. The commander took risks, but considered it necessary to participate in the meeting. Asked to keep him informed and not to make decisions without his agreement ... The combat unit, powerful weapons, equipment, hundreds of troops. You recognize the strength and consequences. And other combat units, representatives of more than half of the units located in Ukraine came to the conference. It’s not even a putsch in Moscow ... Black Sea Fleet representatives gathered at the conference. True, they set a tough condition: the name of the organization should not contain a word related to Ukraine. The fact is that the command of the Kiev, Carpathian, Odessa military districts, all land and of the air armies withdrew from making decisions on evaluating the events and took a passive, expectant position ... An independent organization of the Independent Association of Officers with the participation of the Black Sea Fleet was created ... Imagine what kind of power it could do. The congress was prevented by provocations from the side Bendera and pseudo-representatives of the army - the union of officers of Ukraine. The latter, for history, was a group of conspiratorial careerists, no one chose them and did not give them the authority to speak on behalf of the army. Even Colonel Marterosyan represented only 1 part, being its commander. This is a drop in the ocean from which he made the ocean and even went down in the history of Ukraine and became a traitor-general ... The conference made 2 decisions: about its creation and ... not obey instructions of the Ukrainian authorities, but to maintain central submission. Consider that there could be no independence in this option. This is the only organization that represented the army units in Ukraine ... There was not a single general, not to mention the group, in Ukraine, which led this movement ... There was not a single general in the USSR who would hear these officers. Neither the KGB, nor intelligence ... It was with their tacit consent that the Country died ... And you are a conspiracy of the 3rd, Gorbachev ...? Who destroyed the USSR - it has rotted from above ... There are no other reasons ... There was very strong pressure on the constituent committee, there were only a few colonels and lower ... The movement died away ...
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Passer
            Passer 24 March 2016 19: 19
            I read the comments, and I don’t know what to call you, gentlemen or comrades? ...
            That is, from your point of view, in October 17th, the Jews, capitalists and Bolsheviks were to blame? Reread the works of Marx (although some claim that he is Jewish), the works of Lenin (although he is a Bolshevik), the history of the Revolution and the Civil War, the memoirs of the participants (on both sides). Do not engage in empty shaking of the air, appointing the guilty and looking for traces of the Masonic conspiracy.
            In the Revolution of the 17th year there was a historical need, which is why it happened. Regardless of the desire (or not desire) of the above persons.
  2. RUSS
    RUSS 24 March 2016 10: 03
    Thank you for the article.
  3. avvg
    avvg 24 March 2016 10: 05
    And yet, "Fish always oppresses from the head." The elite of Russia, during the twentieth century, twice (1917 and 1991) drank and sold their country.
    1. chikenous59
      chikenous59 24 March 2016 10: 09
      Quote: avvg
      And yet, "Fish always oppresses from the head." The elite of Russia, drank and sold the country, twice (1917 and 1991)

      What to do, the person is so arranged, greed in the blood. Only one million is enough for happiness, and another one billion is not enough ...
    2. Major Yurik
      Major Yurik 24 March 2016 10: 13
      Quote: avvg
      And yet, "Fish always oppresses from the head." The elite of Russia, drank and sold the country, twice (1917 and 1991)

      This always happens when the “elite” appoints itself to it. The appointment of oneself to the position of the “elite” usually occurs on the basis of inflated self-worth and marginal complexes. Therefore, the libers who have appointed themselves "elite" openly call people cattle, although it is impossible to look at them without gag reflexes! am
    3. Aksakal_07
      Aksakal_07 24 March 2016 11: 35
      Quote: avvg
      The Russian elite, during the twentieth century, twice (1917 and 1991) drank and sold their country.

      You might think that the "elite of Russia" after 1991 became white and fluffy. And who then withdrew and is withdrawing hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia every year? Is it really done by "hard workers" and "lower ranks" of the Russian army ???
  4. Pig
    Pig 24 March 2016 10: 09
    this article only confirms the thesis that military people do not understand politics ... and tsarist generals and admirals didn’t understand much at all ... little ones with a beard and big eagles on shoulder straps
  5. xam0
    xam0 24 March 2016 10: 09
    God forbid us to step on the same rake again. Thanks to the author for not letting history lessons be forgotten.
  6. valent45
    valent45 24 March 2016 10: 09
    The traitor generals contributed to the collapse of the empire. Well, rightly so.
    Now in Russia there are also enough of these. I do not mean the army. Modern liberals
    contribute, so something like that awaits them.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 24 March 2016 11: 36
      Quote: valent45
      The traitor generals contributed to the collapse of the empire.

      Yes, they did. But they were only part of a large and well-thought-out plan, the purpose of which was the overthrow of the European monarchies and world war. Henry Ford (by the way a Freemason) describes part of the ins and outs of the organizers of these events. Mosaic develops grains of grain from various sources.
      So do not focus too much on the role of generals. There, besides the generals, the participants are full (almost all parties in the Duma were sponsored from abroad). Yes, and the king’s guilt is obvious, his weak will reduced the country into chaos.
      A simple example - Who is responsible for the work of government ministers? Whose decision is its composition formed? That's right, the supreme leader, as he is not called. hi
  7. Boatsman_Palych
    Boatsman_Palych 24 March 2016 10: 16
    Why are the monarchists not asking themselves a logical question: WHY did the institute of autocracy and personally the godly Nicholas II "betray" almost everyone - both the generals and the Duma members (whose organ the Tsar-father had dispersed three times before) and even the CLOSEST relatives, not to mention the simple the people? Leave the tales about German spies-Bolsheviks for your grandmother's slippers.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 24 March 2016 10: 30
      To your question: why gentlemen monarchists do not ask ....
      Read the title of the article, the words of the Russian officer Sergei Sergeyevich Bekhteev, it is said simply, clearly and accurately.
      1. Boatsman_Palych
        Boatsman_Palych 24 March 2016 10: 49
        Well, yes, the whole country, up to the brothers, "fell low" - and the tsar-father is not guilty of anything, white and fluffy, shoots himself at crows and is engaged in prayer services ...
    2. just exp
      just exp 24 March 2016 20: 33
      undermined for more than 2 centuries, read about the internationale even in demons, this power of the century, if not millennia. at first they undermine faith (the aristocracy of those times wholly rummaged through the spiritualistic salons, extrasexes of that time, Masonic lodges and circles such as the Rosicruciero and others) and they became an anti-Russian tool. and how all traitors were destroyed by those for whom they worked. for having betrayed God, they became the property of the devil, and he is very secretive at the reprisal with the already unnecessary ballast.
  8. V.ic
    V.ic 24 March 2016 10: 17
    So the question is: in what place and in what position were the top leaders of the security forces in 1991, with the exception of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal D.T.Yazov?
    1. Pig
      Pig 24 March 2016 10: 36
      then there were also traitor-generals like Grachev or Gromov from whom they blinded the "Afghan hero" ...
      all these generals supported the collapse of the USSR and received tidbits after its collapse, Pasha Mercedes in general became Minister of Defense! and Gromov was only thrown out of politics under Putin, and then after he brought the Moscow region to a pen
  9. RUSS
    RUSS 24 March 2016 10: 19
    Quote: valent45
    . Modern liberalists are contributing, so something similar awaits them.

    Again, the liberals are to blame, our home-grown liberals are clowns for TV, it sometimes seems to me that some of them "work" for the Kremlin, so for some lightning rod and "whipping boys", but who contributes to the collapse of the state is, for example, officials embezzlers and saboteurs, a recent example, they took the deputies of the Minister of Culture for "laundering" and theft, and who, in your opinion, brings the country more harm? Those who are in power steal and destroy, or jesters, liberals?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. RUSS
      RUSS 24 March 2016 10: 45
      Quote: RUSS
      Those who steal and destroy power or liberal jesters?

      Another example ...
      In Krymsk Afghan veterans handed over non-existent apartments

      Former war veterans found that the certificates for free housing received from the authorities were fake.
      In Krymsk, a scandal erupts between the head of the region, Anatoly Razumeev, and veterans of Afghanistan. Former war veterans who have stood in line for housing for more than 27 years have been issued certificates for non-existent apartments. In a festive atmosphere with the participation of senior officials of the district, three men received false documents.
      On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, he received a certificate. I was very happy. And then it turned out that he had no power, because there was no seal and identification code on it. As a diploma it turns out, - said Afghan veteran Abdukadir Isaev. - Appealed to many authorities, the prosecutor's office said that this is a filkin letter. If it weren’t for my wife, I would take any steps: rallies, pickets, a banner I would put up with a tent. Just to hear me.
      Despite the fact that the certificates are fake, no one removed from the list of free housing for veterans. However, what to do with the document that is on hand is unknown.

      After receiving certificates for free housing from the authorities, the former participants in the hostilities realized that the documents were fake
      And you are all liberals, liberals ....
      1. Pig
        Pig 24 March 2016 11: 42
        throw a link
        1. RUSS
          RUSS 24 March 2016 12: 08
          Quote: Pig
          throw a link

  10. krops777
    krops777 24 March 2016 10: 20
    The army needed reforms, it is a pity that Emperor Nicholas 2 did not draw the proper conclusions from his predecessors, as a result, they suffered a national catastrophe of 1917.
  11. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 24 March 2016 10: 23
    Here are the Bolsheviks for you, what the authorities love so much, liberals and just political forgiveness ..., it turns out that many of them simply do not know the history of their homeland, that is, they are stupid and mediocre, but have become "people". Theirs also dumped the bloody Nikolashka, a good example for future generations who forget the interests of their PEOPLE.
  12. Begemot
    Begemot 24 March 2016 10: 53
    The lessons of history are cruel. We must always check our position on the backbone of historical truth. That’s why our Duma thinks infuriate me with his infantility and swagger. Looking at them and studying the results of their work, it becomes absolutely clear that lawmaking is not the main thing for them, so they are a side hobby, they came to the Duma for something else. Even condemning truants in their ranks is an impossible task, not to mention corruption. So far, article 20 of the UN Convention against Corruption has not been ratified! For a long time there has been no even a neutral word about what the practice of legally stamped legislation over the past 20 years is in practice. Escalation of the absurd !! Historical parallels suggest themselves. One hundred years ago there was a term: legislative noodles - that was the name of the stupid laws adopted by the Duma in a huge number. Just like today.
  13. raid14
    raid14 24 March 2016 10: 57
    Two lost wars, the economy undermined by the war, the spinelessness and shortsightedness of the "Bloody", have multiplied dissatisfied in all strata of society, just the "top" very subtly feels "where the wind is blowing", it tried to work out of anticipation and seize power in order to carry out its "liberal" reforms, but the initiative was seized by the popular masses led by revolutionaries.
  14. Erg
    Erg 24 March 2016 11: 12
    Thank you for the article. We look forward to continuing, outlining the reasons. And my opinion - have lost their honor - have lost their homeland.
  15. Selevc
    Selevc 24 March 2016 11: 13
    Once interested in the history of the 1st World War, he asked himself the question - What event of the 1st World War in Russia can be considered the most striking and crucial? Against the backdrop of the dramatic battles of the 2nd World War, the events of the 1st World War always seemed somehow muddy and faded ... Earlier, in Soviet textbooks and historical literature, literally crumbs were written about entire periods of the 1st World War or highlighted separate events taken out of the general context. And now, when in the post-Soviet era, a lot of information appeared on this topic - based on the material read and viewed on this topic - you involuntarily come to a global conclusion The central event of the 1st World War in Russia is the abdication of the king !!! The abdication of Nicholas and the events of 1917 determined the entire course of both the 1st World War and subsequent events until today !!!

    Do you imagine the situation if Peter abdicated in 1708? If Alexander abdicated after the accession of Napoleon to Moscow? If Stalin resigned in the fall of the 41st? They did not deny and Nikolai denied !!! But the situation in 1708, 1812, 1941 was much more complicated and dangerous than in 1917 ... Renunciation is ultimately only Nikolai’s personal decision and no one else’s !!! So, the current position of the Russian Orthodox Church and other representatives of the Russian elite trying to shield and somehow whitewash one of the main traitors of Russia and trying to make him a great martyr looks ridiculous and ridiculous - and understandable only to those who do not include their own brains !!!
    1. Erg
      Erg 24 March 2016 11: 30
      Quote: Selevc
      Renunciation is ultimately only a personal decision of Nicholas and a draw more !!!

      Two in history yes
      1. Samurai3X
        Samurai3X 24 March 2016 13: 47
        * Alternative stories.
        You can not thank.
    2. tveritianin
      tveritianin 24 March 2016 16: 24
      Neither Peter, nor Alexander, nor even Stalin was offered to renounce, and they saw behind them the strength of the Army and the people. The goals were noble - to defend the State from reproach. And Nikolai was clearly made clear to his generals that he was not needed and would be for the benefit if he left. hoping to bargain for themselves the privileges and power of the future rulers of Russia. And the people did not crave a war, the ultimate goals of which were the conquests in Europe and the Caucasus (Turkey), which were not very clear to him, when they had not sowed for 4 years and families went around the world ...
  16. pts-m
    pts-m 24 March 2016 11: 31
    Timely article. It seems that this is a subtle hint of events in the world. History deigns to develop in a spiral, only adjusted for the present. Or the masses are still “not ripened?”, But the “tops” do not want to.
    1. raid14
      raid14 24 March 2016 12: 16
      Yes, they are "fat" trolls, trying by the ears to raise the population's discontent with prices, the "elite" groaning under sanctions for the lack of an affordable ham. At the moment, the “upper classes” cannot yet, the “lower classes” do not want to. They are waiting and hoping for the TV to win over the refrigerator among the lower classes, and the oligarchs and liberals undermine the power foundations.
  17. Million
    Million 24 March 2016 11: 34
    Interestingly, how would the author describe the current state of affairs in Russia?
  18. Vovan 73
    Vovan 73 24 March 2016 11: 36
    Such articles here are nothing more than an attempt to creep up the restoration of the monarchy in Russia. Let the Romanov citizens try. Received little? Get more.
  19. vic58
    vic58 24 March 2016 11: 38
    You know, I see no reason to speak !!! request
  20. kotvov
    kotvov 24 March 2016 11: 53
    What name will you give the ship, so it will sail, they say,
    how can you not call him (even a ship, even an army), if everything is rotten, they, he will not be able to exist.
  21. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 March 2016 13: 05
    Maybe I'm wrong, but in my opinion the Russian officers were so patriotic that it never occurred to them to take power in the country into their own hands, because they saw what remnants these democrats like Kerensky were. Admiral Kolchak did not make a proper assessment of these liberals, and that’s what happened - the Civil War, death, blood, millions of ruined lives.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 24 March 2016 13: 18
      The Russian officers had no time for power, they tore off shoulder straps, not before that.
      1. creak
        creak 24 March 2016 14: 01
        Quote: bober1982
        Russian officers were not up to power

        It will not be out of place to say that the Russian Imperial Army of 1914 and 1917 are essentially two different armies and, accordingly, its officer corps ...
        Most of the cadre officers were killed on the battlefields of the WWI (with the possible exception of the Navy) and the replenishment was due to accelerated graduations from military schools and dozens of warrant officers' schools ... Representatives of all sections of the population of the country who adhered to a wide variety of political views, became officers. and the left ...
        The officer corps ceased to be a monolith, as it was before the war, where military service was the work of a lifetime (cadet corps, school and service) - hence the confusion and lack of unity in the officer environment.
        In addition, by 1917, of course, the Tsar had already lost a fair share of popularity not only among the population, but also in the Army ...
        It came to the point that even Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, commander of the Guards Navy crew, declared support for the February Revolution and put on a red bow.
        What can we say about ordinary officers, who were not very interested in politics before ...
        1. Gorinich
          Gorinich 24 March 2016 14: 41
          Everything was as usual: "The fish rots from the head."
  22. Aleksander
    Aleksander 24 March 2016 14: 58
    General Alekseev did not participate in any conspiracies; he was the chief of staff of the Supreme Commander. Until the last moment he was betrayed to the Sovereign, the monarchy, was a patriot of Russia,forcedly dealing with the Provisional Committee, which at that time was the only semblance of power in the country: neither the Council of Ministers, nor the State Council, nor the War Ministry in Petrograd already existed.
    The military was preparing, for the sake of victory at the front, to impose a state of emergency in the rear. But, since, in Petrograd, Moscow and Kronstadt, the power, administrative structures broke up, there was no one to rely on except the VK (VP) in order to avoid a civil war.интересные подлинные телеграммы тех дней...
  23. technical
    technical 24 March 2016 18: 31
    There was another important factor. This is to attract the people to their side. Lenin in 1917 promised land to the peasants, factory workers. And the people took it and went after him. In the 90s, people were tempted by vouchers with two / Volga / and went after Yeltsin with Chubais. Before the Second World War, after revolutions, civil war, devastation, people were given a free education, medicine, life gradually began to improve and people felt it. Only because of this, we survived in the Second World War and won. If this were not, then there would be no mass heroism of the people at the front and in the rear. Accordingly, the result would be worse than in the First World War.