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China has completed the development of a new DRLO aircraft

Chinese designers have completed the development of new aircraft radar detection and control KJ-500, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to Defense News.

According to the resource, "Flying Radar" was developed by the designers of the research institute No.38 of the Chinese corporation CETC based on the four-engine military transport aircraft Y-9. "

It is noted that "a radar station with sectional antennas with an active phased antenna array is located under the radio transparent radar housing, while the mutual orientation of the antenna sections allows for a circular view without" blind zones "in the horizontal plane."

More detailed specifications are not given.

Currently, there are “flying radars” KJ-200 and KJ-2000 in the PLA. Their main disadvantage is the presence of “blind zones”. For example, KJ-200 has such zones (30 degrees) in front and behind the aircraft.

The publication adds that the development of the DRLO aircraft for basing on aircraft carriers is also under way in the PRC. This “flying radar” will be created on the basis of the Y-7 transporter.
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  1. MARK
    MARK 17 March 2016 18: 14
    Of course technology is being dug and yet well done! They are torn into space ...
    1. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 17 March 2016 18: 29
      And just why the Chinese have everything new, so it looks like our old ??)) .......
      1. demo
        demo 17 March 2016 18: 42
        So the family breathed.
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        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Pravdarm
          Pravdarm 17 March 2016 20: 11
          If you look closely - AN-12
          1. zennon
            zennon 17 March 2016 20: 33
            Quote: Pravdarm
            If you look closely - AN-12

            Not really, but Antonov assisted in the development. In particular, he blew through the pipe and licked the aerodynamics.
          2. Ros 56
            Ros 56 18 March 2016 08: 49
            Quote: Pravdarm
            If you look closely - AN-12

            Similar, but judging by the keel washers on the stabilizer, it is similar to the AN-10
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    3. Baikonur
      Baikonur 17 March 2016 18: 31
      Quote: MARK
      Into space explode ...
      Anyway - We are the BEST!
      drinks I sincerely congratulate you on the 50th anniversary of the first launch of all the Mirninsky (Mirny), that is what we called them when we entered Mozhaika (we were called Leninsky (Leninsk, Baikonur - from 20.12.1995/XNUMX/XNUMX).
      50 years ago, on March 17, 1966, the first space launch was carried out from the Plesetsk cosmodrome - the Vostok-2 carrier rocket launched the Kosmos-112 military satellite (closed service name - Zenit-2; satellite -photo reconnaissance).
      Plesetsk (The official status of the Plesetsk cosmodrome was received on November 11, 1994 - on this day, President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on converting the test site to the 1st State Test Cosmodrome of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - the Plesetsk cosmodrome) - the northernmost cosmodrome in the world. It is located in the Arkhangelsk region and covers an area of ​​1 thousand 762 square meters. km The administrative center is the city of Mirny (it was founded almost simultaneously with the cosmodrome; the population is about 32 thousand inhabitants).
      In total, starting in 1966, 1 launches of space rockets were carried out from the cosmodrome, 611 spacecraft for various purposes were launched into near-earth orbits.
      From the cosmodrome, the Soviet space rockets Voskhod, Vostok-2M, Kosmos-2, Kosmos-3M, Molniya-M, Soyuz-M, Soyuz-U, Tsiklon- 3 ".
      In 2011, the first navigation satellite, Glonass-K, was launched into orbit (before that, all launches under the GLONASS program were carried out from Baikonur).
      The technical facilities of the cosmodrome allow launching various spacecraft into all types of orbits, including geostationary. For this purpose, the launch vehicles Rokot (since 2000), Soyuz-2.1a (since 2004), and Soyuz-2.1b (since 2008) are used. Since 2013, flight tests of the Soyuz-2.1v rocket have been carried out at Plesetsk. In 2014, the first test launches of the Angara-1.2PP light missile and the Angara-A5 heavy missile were carried out.
      More on TASS:
      I know a lot of those who serve there! Including after the disbandment of the military contingent of Baikonur! ( crying is a separate, deplorable story)
      And today - Hurray, comrades!
      Hello "North" from "South" !!!
      I have the honor! soldier
    4. avt
      avt 17 March 2016 19: 05
      Quote: MARK
      Of course, they are tying technology and well done!

      Tyryat, but outwardly it’s some kind of flying, judging by the washers on the tail - obviously they did not calculate and the design thought further, I blinded him from what was “does not go.
      Quote: MARK
      They are tearing into space ...

      No. Go to the astral. laughing In space, we already in the 90s, having sold the technology of the USSR, have already launched it.
    5. Bongo
      Bongo 18 March 2016 10: 34
      Quote: MARK
      Of course technology is being dug and yet well done! They are torn into space ...

      Do not underestimate the Chinese developers, along with copying foreign technology in the PRC, its own research is also underway.
      Chinese designers completed the development of a new KJ-500 radar detection and control aircraft, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports with reference to Defense News.
      Oddly enough, this "news" hasn't been like that for a couple of years. No.
      Chinese airplanes Awarded
  2. PKK
    PKK 17 March 2016 18: 15
    The Chinese are pressing everyone, they are not letting them relax. Everything works in their hands, even the technology of the last century.
  3. dvg1959
    dvg1959 17 March 2016 18: 22
    Y-7 seems to have been redone from our An-12 or even An-10.
    1. FID
      FID 17 March 2016 18: 33
      An-12 - yes, An-10 - no ...
      1. Tibidokh
        Tibidokh 17 March 2016 19: 51
        Quote: SSI
        An-12 - yes

        Only elongated. Ukrainians assisted the Chinese in achieving the goal of increasing range.
        Even with a "mushroom" range with a full refueling 5700.

        On the websites, the Chinese (just like the Ukrainians, by God) are discussing this "change." All as one are sure that we have “flown” with the creation of the A-50 by choosing a jet carrier.
        They are especially proud of the voice control of the "stuffing" of the KunJian-500. For some reason, we are sure that the KunJian-500 has a flight duration of 8 hours versus 7 for the A-50.
        I tried on the forum to explain to them that 7 hours is the time of patrolling with refueling at a distance of 1000 km. (i.e. fly, refuel, then patrol) - it is useless. They say I justify the failed selection of our designers. fool
        They cannot argue about cruising and maximum speeds, one and a half times higher than KunJian-500, therefore they say that it is not important.
        I’m trying to find out why, after all, they needed the A-50 (in the form of Kunjian-2000), they say to learn from experience. request
        They claim that they will soon create a turboprop platform that will allow flying up to 10 hours. I ask, is it anyone who will sit there for 10 hours ??? I ask what for so much? Which person will have enough strength for 10 hours, after 8 hours, the brain will definitely shut down! Disagree ... request
    2. Tibidokh
      Tibidokh 17 March 2016 20: 35
      Quote: dvg1959
      Y-7 seems to be redone from our An-12

      With the An-12, they were not "converted" into Yun-7 at all.
      Yun-7 is a twin-engine An-24.
      On the An-12, the Chinese bought a license back in the USSR (as well as the An-24, however) and produce it under the name Yun-8.
      The article also mentions Yun-9 - this is the "long" version of Yun-8, developed and tested with the help of Ukraine.
      With respect. smile
  4. Pirogov
    Pirogov 17 March 2016 18: 28
    Another clone of someone!
    1. avt
      avt 17 March 2016 20: 15
      Quote: Pirogov
      Another clone of someone!

      No. Frankenstein.
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 March 2016 19: 17
    Well, never impressive. A slightly fancy An 12 with something on the roof, with the parameters "we will tear everyone apart" - but terribly classified. During the Soviet era, ours always UNDERSTANDED the performance characteristics of their weapons, and mattress covers overestimated. Now the Chinese have joined the striped ears. What they will not have a new one is of exceptional quality and higher than the world ... They prefer to buy from us only for their own fighters AL-31, although they have established the production of copies.
  6. exo
    exo 17 March 2016 19: 20
    They took the An-12 and squeezed out of it, everything that is possible. Here, only those who flew on propeller-driven aircraft, including ANs, have an idea of ​​vibration in flight. And working like this, many hours, is generally torture. I think that the operators of our Tu- 126, with "Liana", could tell a lot. In general, not the best platform. And the new turbojet engines do not lose much in efficiency to turboprop.
  7. morprepud
    morprepud 17 March 2016 19: 39
    Quote: Ramzaj99
    And just why the Chinese have everything new, so it looks like our old ??)) .......
    - and that's great! And most importantly, in case of the third world (!) They will be on our part ... and they will be forgiven!
  8. exo
    exo 17 March 2016 19: 41
    China will always be on its side.