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Chinese "special squad" on the protection of the economic corridor

In order to protect the Sino-Pakistani "economic corridor" in Pakistan, the military contingent of the PRC will be deployed. This was recently announced by a number of major media outlets, including Pakistani and Indian. And the Pakistani newspaper “Daily Times”, not sparing paints, described how the Celestial Empire would become Pakistan’s partner “on the way to a miracle.”

In one of the publications of the Pakistani newspaper Daily Times (March 16) states that China will become Pakistan’s partner "on the road to a miracle." Li Jun, Assistant Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, kindly reported this.

The Institute for Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), according to the publication, held a discussion with a delegation from the international department of the Chinese Communist Party.

ISSI General Director Mr. Masood Khan welcomed the delegation and stressed Pakistan’s strong relations with China, including with government agencies and the CPC. He thanked China for the initiative.

In turn, Comrade. Li Jun gave a comprehensive report on the Chinese economy, the current slowdown and its future prospects. He added that the 2016 anniversary of China-Pakistan bilateral relations will be celebrated in 65. He also focused on the issue of deep bilateral strategic relations.

He expressed optimism about the Sino-Pakistani bilateral economic relations and the potential of the economy of Pakistan. According to him, in Pakistan you can "work wonders."

Earlier, 13 March, Afghan Agency Khaama Press With reference to NDTV, it announced plans to deploy Chinese troops in Pakistan. The placement target is to protect the 3000-kilometer-based China-Pakistan “economic corridor” that connects the Gwadar port in Balochistan and the Xinjiang region in China.

In addition, there are reports of three brigades of infantry and two additional artillery regiments, which are brought in for protection in Pakistan itself. This was informed by the security authorities from New Delhi (India). It clarifies that the brigade consists of at least three regiments, each of them has about 1000 soldiers.

Although units of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) will be on display to protect the “corridor,” the very presence of Chinese units in Pakistan is a cause of concern for India, the agency said. In New Delhi and previously objected to the presence of Chinese troops. “We are closely following these events,” said one of the top government officials on NDTV. He added: "We have a clear idea of ​​the number of Chinese troops that can be deployed in Pakistan." (However, not a word is said about the number of Chinese troops.)

The first stage of the corridor is likely to be built by December 2016. All the way will be ready within three years. He will give China direct access to the Indian Ocean and beyond.

The Corridor is likely to be used (among other things) to transport fuel and oil products from the Gulf region to China. The new route will reduce the route for importing energy resources to China from the Middle East by about 12.000 km.

"Free press" recalls that at the beginning of February, there was information in the media that Islamabad would provide ten thousand troops to ensure security along the China-Pakistan economic corridor. Pakistan’s foreign policy assistant to Said Tariq noted that the decision to create a special squad was made in connection with the PRC’s concern about the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The China Daily newspaper reported that China is involved in more than two hundred projects in Pakistan, involving about 14 thousands of engineers and technicians.

Lead Researcher at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Kamennov does not exclude that China has already begun to place parts of the PLA in Pakistan. “Port Gwadar,” he told Free Press, “is of great strategic importance for China and is seen as an alternative to the Strait of Malacca, through which more than 80% of China’s oil is currently flowing. As you know, now this strait is actually controlled by the United States. ”

“I do not exclude that the situation with Pakistan is the first sign of economic expansion with physical protection. I note that China has a lot of ambitions. So, now he has come close to considering the possibility of his participation in the reconstruction of Syria, since he feels that the need for this will be enormous. Moreover, this way you can gain a foothold in the region. He has the resources for this, both the staff and the money. ”

16 March in the media appeared and other information about the expansion of the Middle Kingdom.

The creation of a political alliance of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan under the patronage of the PRC was one of the topics of negotiations between the special representative of the Russian president for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov and the special representative for Afghanistan of the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China Dan Sijun, who passed 15 March in Moscow, the newspaper reports "News".

According to Kabulov, the main topic of the talks was the situation in Afghanistan, the threats and challenges to the interests of Russia and China and the cooperation of the two countries in this regard.

Moscow understands China’s concern about the situation in Afghanistan: Beijing is worried about stability in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The newspaper reminds that earlier negotiations were held in Dushanbe by the chiefs of staff of China, Tajikistan and Pakistan (without Russia). Then, 2 of March, PLA Chief of Staff Fan Fenghui arrived in Kabul, where, in addition to political interaction, they discussed the formation of the legal framework between Beijing, Islamabad, Dushanbe and Kabul to ensure regional security.

An expert from the Center for the Study of Modern Afghanistan, Andrei Serenko, believes that this is unpleasant for Russia историяbecause Moscow is not involved in the negotiation process. “In the new security alliance, in addition to Pakistan and Afghanistan, China includes Tajikistan, which Russia until recently considered as part of its zone of influence,” the expert noted. - It is here that we see the first point of misunderstanding between Beijing and Moscow. Russia's fascination with Ukraine and the Middle East has led us to lose our position in Central Asia. It turns out that with the creation of such a “Central Asian NATO” under a Chinese umbrella, Russia may be alien. ”

The expert reminded Izvestia that Moscow and Beijing have been competing for influence in Central Asia not for the first year. Moscow is trying to use political levers (the Eurasian Union and the CSTO), and the PRC is penetrating the region with capital and infrastructure projects. “This pool of states — Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China, and Pakistan — is a fundamentally new regional construct that will attract other countries of Central Asia, possibly Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan,” the expert said. “That is, Beijing is building an alternative security system for the CSTO in the region without Russia's participation.”

* * *

It can be stated: China is carrying out economic expansion in a number of areas, and in Pakistan the construction of the “corridor” is already planned to be supported by military force. "Discussions about the miracle", which are conducted in Islamabad, are also not accidental. Negotiations over Afghanistan are no coincidence.

Russia, on the other hand, should think about what exactly it can offer Central Asia instead of “political projects”. China now offers investment and construction, and it cannot be said that Asians are not interested in these proposals. If the Celestial Empire continues the negotiations in the “square” of China - Afghanistan - Tajikistan - Pakistan, “bypassing” Russia and building its own security system of the economic way, then it will become clear: China in Central Asia does not need Russia.

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  1. Ramzes33
    Ramzes33 17 March 2016 06: 22
    The dragon spreads its wings. Sooner or later, economic power is reinforced by military argument. So far in the form of a demonstration of capabilities and intentions. What will Russia do when China penetrates the Central Asian region. To protect the Silk Road from terrorists, we say Economically, we have long since surrendered to China.
  2. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 17 March 2016 07: 00
    Live with wolves, howl like a wolf.
    With the ever-increasing economic competition in the world, this is the only way to ensure the country's interests.
    Or become a satellite of some kind of strong power.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 March 2016 07: 26
    In New Delhi, and previously opposed the presence of Chinese troops.

    To the Indians, the presence of the Chinese is like a faber sickle.
    That is, Beijing is building an alternative CSTO security system in the region without the participation of Russia. ”

    The Chinese are always faithful only to themselves. And then, perhaps, they will look towards Russia.
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 17 March 2016 08: 13
      Quote: aszzz888
      The Chinese are always faithful only to themselves. And then, perhaps, they will look towards Russia.

      Why would they look? In words, anything can be presented to the electorate, am I curious about the Chinese going to Afghanistan for lithium or not?
      1. castle
        castle 17 March 2016 09: 56
        Maybe they will. They will only make it so that no Chinese soldiers will be seen in Afghanistan, as much as possible "employees of security companies" in the territories of "mining complexes". Engineers, foremen and merchants will be visible. Village aksakals will be bought. I would like to say that they will be happy to work with Chinese mining companies. And if they balk, the Chinese will knock out half of Afghanistan.
        1. dengy12
          dengy12 17 March 2016 12: 08
          Quote: hrad
          And if you get bored, the Chinese will knock out half-Afghanistan there.

          Well, this is unlikely, no one has yet succeeded
  4. Symarokov897
    Symarokov897 17 March 2016 08: 06
    In our troubled world, this is indispensable .....
  5. excomandante
    excomandante 17 March 2016 10: 57
    I wonder what is the meaning of blue camouflage? Well, apart from originality.
    1. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 17 March 2016 15: 15
      So that it was clear where the police (I don’t know how the Chinese Air Forces are called) and where is the army (the one in green or gray-yellow camouflage).
  6. Falcon5555
    Falcon5555 17 March 2016 14: 01
    The Corridor is likely to be used (among other things) to transport fuel and oil products from the Gulf of Mexico to China. The new route will reduce the route for the import of energy resources into the PRC from the Middle East by about 12.000 km.

    Since when did the Gulf of Mexico end up in the Middle East? As they say - the shores have beguiled.
    If we are talking about the Persian Gulf, then we should say: "Near and Middle East". For example, Iran in Russian geography always refers to the Middle East, and in the English-speaking world the entire region, usually including even Israel, is the Middle East.
    1. Max
      Max 17 March 2016 14: 44
      I also wanted to insert kament about the Gulf of Mexico. They only write what to write a thread - from *** what’s called, they themselves would at least read.
      1. Falcon5555
        Falcon5555 17 March 2016 17: 45
        In general, it is more and more like something like a joke or delirium. There might be some kind of transport corridor, but why the hell would Pakistan allow it to host three other brigades, that is, a division, plus artillery regiments? Who are they going to shoot at? Has Pakistan already decided to give up independence? And this is a nuclear power! The article cites some small newspapers that are even reluctant to search and verify.
  7. kuz363
    kuz363 17 March 2016 18: 17
    In Kazakhstan, China buys out oil fields, builds gas refineries, participates in main pipelines ... So, we will not have time to look around how the Chinese troops will also stand there to protect their property. It remains to relocate by any means 1 million Chinese to each region, and we can say that China will be under the Urals and Siberia of Russia. While the authorities amuse Russians with success in Syria and Ukraine
  8. dv_generalov
    dv_generalov 17 March 2016 18: 30
    N yes! A lot of questions about allied relations. But the geopolitics of primacy is not the limit, the struggle for hegimony in the region and resources.