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Rambo is the last century

In Gudermes, they know how to win the respect of the King of Jordan and are ready to share their experiences.

“In the media, reporting on law enforcement agencies of the Chechen Republic, we are mistakenly called SOBR“ Terek ”. This is not true. Officially, we are called an instructor group and do not belong to Terek. We are engaged in the training of the personnel of this detachment, ”Daniil Martynov, assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic for interaction with the security unit, told the Military Industrial Courier.

The instructor team appeared in 2013, after it was decided to build an international training center in Gudermes to train special forces. In it, as the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, wrote on his Instagram page, special forces units of all types and types of troops and special services of both Russia and other countries will train.

Universal Sensei

“The center is not only educational classes, simulators, models and so on. First of all, these are instructors - people who organize and conduct classes, show by example what to do and how to do it, ”explains Daniel Martynov.

“In nature, there are no even shapes and black. These are all signs of unmasking. Therefore, we pay close attention to the coloring of our weapons "
The group selected officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic - with a higher education, experience of participating in hostilities and having awards. All candidates passed serious tests for physical training, passed psychological tests.

“We paid close attention to tests for intelligence, for compatibility in the team. We need not just great fighters, teachers. People who can teach fighters, ”the assistant head of the Czech Republic in the security unit formulates the task.

By the middle of 2014, the backbone of the instructor group was formed. The mentor fighters were divided into several divisions: for operations in mountain-wooded areas, urban, airborne, diving (combat swimmers) and fire training. Last summer, picking was completed.

“If an employee is from the airborne department, then this does not mean that he only jumps with a parachute. All instructors, regardless of which department they serve in, have the same training. They know how to scuba dive, storm buildings, fight in the highlands. In the summer of 2015, we conducted an internal final exam following the results of the training, - continues Daniil Martynov. - In the process of training, instructors received a second degree. Initially, all had a legal, and now they are certified teachers. The construction of the training center has not yet been completed, but the instructor group is already training the Ministry of Internal Affairs officials of the Chechen Republic, police officers from other regions, military personnel of the internal troops and even the Ministry of Defense of Russia coming to special courses. ”

Students learn the basics of tactical medicine, the "alphabet" of action in difficult combat situations, other important elements of special training. Instructors lead classes and take tests.

In April last year, employees of the Gudermes center became winners of international competitions of special forces for the prize of the King of Jordan, ahead of teams from more than forty countries.

“There were severe tests, they took away a lot of strength and nerves. To be honest, by the end, many already “broke down”, had various injuries, damages. Rescued willpower. If in the first days none of the participants took us seriously, then at the end everyone wanted to take pictures of themselves with tactical bearded men, as we were called then, ”says an employee of the instructor group.

But according to Daniil Martynov, one cannot stop at what has been accomplished: “If we want to train combat-ready special forces, then we must be aware of world experience, moreover, in many respects be ahead of it. We are constantly testing new models of equipment, equipment from around the world. We develop and hone new tactics. ”

As already mentioned, the center has a fire training department. “Now the so-called practical shooting is actively developing in the world. Of course, this is primarily a sport. There the main task is to perform the exercise and get an assessment. But for the special forces soldier, the task is completely different: he must win not a competition, but a fight. Act as part of a unit, cover comrades, perform a combat mission. Although some elements of practical shooting are useful in combat training. On the basis of these, we are already creating our own tactical exercises, introducing new standards, ”the instructor in charge of fire training shares his experience.

High school special forces

The future alma mater of world special forces is located at the entrance to Gudermes. To get here, you need to drive through a forest near the village of Dzhalka, well-known to all participants in the fighting, where militants attacked columns of federal forces several times a day. Now it is a quiet area, which we pass in minutes. “In the summer, there will be cafes with excellent barbecues,” the attendant laughs, who has previously been on a business trip.

Despite the fact that the construction of the center began recently, in the summer of this year, according to Daniil Martynov, a landfill will be commissioned for urban fighting, and in the fall a wind tunnel will appear, followed by a parachute complex, a runway and equipped jump landing sites. Team members are already training in several fully equipped shooting galleries.

“Urban combat is an important element of combat training. But we went further. Look at the modern war. The fighting takes place not only in urban areas, but also on the ruins of complex technological structures. The assault on the Donetsk airport is a case in point. But modern urban buildings are underground communications, in fact, another city that can be successfully used. Therefore, we will have a separate course in the center - fighting in the ruins and underground communications, ”the assistant head of the Czech Republic on the security block shares his plans.

Paratroopers will work out in the center both long jumps with a dome opening on the ground itself (the so-called HALO - high altitude low opening) and jumping with a high altitude opening immediately after leaving the aircraft (HAHO - high altitude high opening), which allows commandos secretly plan from a point of release for several kilometers.

In total, the center plans to create 33 training sites. There will be separate shooting ranges for all types of small arms - ranging from pistols and ending with machine guns and sniper rifles, swimming pools for combat swimmers, training places for mine explosives, autodrome.

With the completion of construction, the 12 Russian sports federations will move to the center, and in the spring of 2017, a parachuting championship will take place in Gudermes.

Survive by clothes

“We do not strive for modern tactical fashion, but choose the most suitable equipment for us, uniforms and equipment. We test everything, we check, and we always fire off the means of protection. No matter who the manufacturer is, the main thing is that it is convenient, practical and reliable, ”says the instructor team member responsible for logistical support.

For this reason, they abandoned field uniforms in cartoons so popular in the world today. For the area prevailing in the Chechen Republic, A-Tacs was more suitable. In urban settings, the AU variant with a predominant gray color is used, and in the mountainous and wooded area - a greener FG.

It is noteworthy that for the instructor group not only trousers, pants, tactical shirts, but also wind and moisture protective suits made of soft-shell and membrane materials are purchased not from world leaders like Crye or Tactical Perfomance, but from Polish companies producing similar products for the Polish special forces group. Thunder".

On the one hand, the group has no strict requirements on the form of clothing. The staff wear what's comfortable. The manual encourages instructors to choose what suits them. But there are certain standards that cannot be violated.

“At one time, we also took thermal underwear from the Polish Helikon, but now we switched to Italian X-bionics. "Teplyak" (clothing for low temperatures. - AM) we have the company Carinthia. But we also buy a lot in Russia, for example, Polartek caps. Now we are testing products of the domestic company "Magellan", - said the interlocutor of "MIC".

From the shoes, the instructor group gives preference to LOWA - both tracking models and products with shortened berets, so-called tactical sneakers, convenient for work in urban environments.

But the individual means of protection are all Russian.

“Our armor plates are much better than Western ones, even widely publicized American ones. We design bulletproof vests together with manufacturers for specific tasks. True, while in Russia, certain difficulties with materials, so the threads, fabrics and accessories for our products have to be taken abroad. The group has all types of body armor - ranging from mobile plate-carrier and ending with heavy assault. We also have ballistic helmets produced in Nizhny Novgorod, ”says one of the instructors.

The group’s own development was an unloading vest for operations in mountainous wooded areas with the possibility of installing an armored plate. “It withstands hit of an X-NUMX B-32 armor-piercing bullet of a millimeter 7,62 from five meters. As experience shows, such a decision increases the head patrol a chance to survive in the forest and mountains, if he suddenly collides with the enemy. Put the plate in unloading as needed. The rest of the time is carried in the backpack, ”explains the instructor team member.

Weapon by measure

Great attention is paid to the tuning of weapons: Picatinny rail, various handles, adjustable butts, sights and other necessary elements.

“It is important that everything is adjustable. Each person has their own physiological characteristics, and when fitting a weapon, all this must be taken into account. We worked with various products of the company MAGPUL and FAB, but still give preference to the domestic "Zenith", - the instructor admits.

Despite the fact that now on the world market there is a huge amount of different tuning for Russian Kalashnikovs, the Zenith products are distinguished for the better by their durability.

“There is a famous movie of amateur shooters, when they dragged several kilometers of a Kalashnikov assault rifle with a Zenith receiver behind a pickup truck, and after that, the AK shot normally, the cover did not fall off, and the scope retained“ zero ”, explains the team member.

Depending on the task, a reactive muzzle brake compensator or tactical flame arrester is installed on the Kalashnikov machine gun.

“Although a reactive DTK boosts sound and flash, it seriously reduces recoil, which helps even novice shooters hit the target. And a tactical flame arrester is a kind of silencer, which partially removes the sound of a shot, but completely hides the flash, which is very important at night when working with a night vision device, ”one of the instructors reveals the secrets of the profession.

For AK-74M rifles, EOtech's collimator sights with triple magnifiers are used, which, depending on the task, can be supplemented with either night or thermal imaging attachments.

Instead of the new PKP Pecheneg machine guns, instructors use old, time-tested PCs and PKMs. “PKP is harder, because it has a thicker barrel, designed for 1500 shots. I don’t know if the special forces had to shoot so much in battle. Special Forces cannot get to such a war. And everything has to be dragged to its back, so a lighter PC, in my opinion, is preferable, ”the mentor admits.

On machine guns, as well as on Kalashnikov assault rifles, front handles, reactive or tactical DTC, as well as AImPoint or ACOG sights are installed. “Since the fire from a machine gun is conducted mainly at a long range, we immediately set the sights three to four times. But on the same ACOG, if necessary, we deliver small collimator sights, it is more convenient to carry out close combat with them. We use sights in combination with night or thermal imaging attachments, ”the instructor shares his experience.

Rambo is the last century

The machine gunner always works with a partner, and when they go into the forest or mountains, in addition to the regular box with cartridges, the first number carries two more, each with 100 cartridges, plus spare tapes in the backpack. Total 500 rounds. The same number carries the second number. “The situation in the city is different. There are machines and equipment where there are ammunition, which, if necessary, will bring you comrades. Now we have tested in a city environment a pack of ammunition for 500 cartridges, ”says the interlocutor of the“ MIC ”.

True, for work in a mountainous wooded area, for tasks solved by special forces, even PCs are heavy. “Americans have an M249 machine gun. We would like the same chambered 5,45. Modern ammunition of this caliber is not inferior in its ballistics and 7,62-mm characteristics. Such a machine gun will be lighter, more compact, and most importantly, in case of need, unlike a PC, you can put a full-fledged silencer on it, ”explains the instructor.

Depending on the location of the task, ammunition is also selected. Instructors categorically do not recommend the use of tracer and armor-piercing tracer ammunition in the forest and mountains. They unmask the position of the shooter. But BZT must necessarily be at the machine gunner, if you work in an urban setting, when it is often necessary to stop the car trying to break free of the cordon ring.

“Another important element, on which many prefer to save, is the coloring of their weapons. But in nature there are no smooth forms and black. These are all signs of unmasking. Therefore, we pay close attention to the coloring of our weapons, ”says the center employee.

Nightlife set

The conduct of combat operations at night is an important element of combat training. “It only seems that he put on a night vision device and won all. With NVG you need to be able to work not only for one fighter, but for the entire unit. Competently cover each other, move around, do not fall under the fire of colleagues. There are a lot of nuances, and everything must be taken into account, ”says the instructor.

If 10 – 15 years ago, when night-vision technologies were not so common, and the price of devices, various illuminators and lasers looked excessively high, the party using night-vision equipment had an undeniable advantage over the enemy. But now, when relatively cheap night vision devices have become widespread and it is easy to buy them, during the operation it must be borne in mind that the same terrorists may have equipment no worse than that of special forces. And the victory will be won by a more trained, and most importantly, a well-coordinated and able to work at night unit.

The group tested various night vision devices and sights, including products of the Russian firms "Daedal" and "Sot", American PVS-14, PVS-15 and even the newest ones, often called the four-tube PNVG-18 for their characteristic form.

Infrared laser illuminators combined with both IR and conventional laser target indicators are installed on automatic machines and machine guns of instructors of the center.

“The IR illuminator illuminates the night vision devices in places where there is no necessary amount of light, especially such products are important in urban environments, when storming the enclosed space without windows. For these purposes, not only in the world, but also in many Russian special forces, the American device AN / PEQ-15 is popular. But we conducted long-term comparative tests with the use of foreign products, in particular, DBAL-D2 and AN / PEQ-15, and products of Russian firms "COT" and "Zenit". We stopped at the Zenit "Finger-3", which by its characteristics surpassed even the Americans, "- explains the employee instructor group.
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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 20 March 2016 06: 36
    It is pleasant to read that domestic products are not worse, and even better than imported ones. The difficult legacy of perestroika, when it was hammered into the head that the western is the best, must be overcome. Let it not be one year, but it is necessary. We constantly have to prove to the unbelievers that the inscription "Made in Russia" does not mean second-rate.
    1. Mahmut
      Mahmut 20 March 2016 08: 01
      A stove is put into unloading as necessary. The rest of the time is carried in the backpack, "

      And the meaning is to drag on yourself anyway, but there is a risk of surprise attacks.

      PKP is heavier, because it has a thicker barrel, designed for 1500 rounds.

      Doctors At a minimum, the barrel life is 10000 shots.
      1. DMB_95
        DMB_95 20 March 2016 12: 20
        A thicker barrel is, in general, not a drawback. If only because it heats more slowly with intense shooting. And the resource, I read, up to 30 shots - according to the developers. Let them lie a little, but not 000. Make two attachment points for the bipod. "Pechenegovskaya" - at the end of the trunk, and the "old" - in the middle.
      2. Valera999
        Valera999 20 March 2016 14: 01
        What kind of resource are you confusing or don’t understand that this person is not telling you about the total resource of the trunk, but the possible shooting without a break. After 1500 shots at Pecheneg, if you continue to shoot, the barrel will simply become worthless if you do not let it cool.
        1. PKK
          PKK 20 March 2016 16: 48
          Special Naz is friends with Italians and Poles. Apparently they have everything else and policies and sanctions. You can throw a couple of dozen proposals, but there is no connection.
      3. Fox
        Fox 21 March 2016 06: 06
        Quote: Mahmut
        At a minimum, the barrel life is 10000 shots.

        the author had in mind continuous shooting. and not the barrel resource.
    2. would
      would 21 March 2016 02: 13
      If you carefully read the article, you will see that domestic products are not worse than only in a few "nominations", and they are dressed in almost all imported items. So the difficult legacy of perestroika is not only that something was hammered into the head, but also that it is, alas, true. And the truth is to such an extent that the elite special forces, which are not constrained in the means, are buying imports.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 March 2016 06: 51
    Great help for special forces. What teachers, such and students will be. Good luck, Center!
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 20 March 2016 14: 09
      Quote: aszzz888
      What teachers, such and students will be

      Only as if then these students did not go to the mountains to partisan
      1. creep: b
        creep: b 20 March 2016 19: 54
        If Chechens have such a craving for war in their blood, then these aspirations should be directed in the right direction. Otherwise, someone else will direct to the wrong. I hope that all past differences are forgotten forever. And together we can do a lot
  3. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 20 March 2016 07: 39
    Import substitution failed, but seriously annoyed that we ourselves cannot provide our specialists with everything we need, although we can even live that way.
    By the way, doesn’t the author know that the US military are whining about the insufficient effective m249 range in Afghanistan? And the 5,65 cartridge, in general. I even remember the articles were that fur seals require the return of the M-14.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 20 March 2016 08: 13
      The infantry has one task, the special forces have different ones. For them (special forces), a compact machine gun under a small-caliber cartridge is just right.
      1. cth; fyn
        cth; fyn 20 March 2016 09: 04
        Well, ok, only foreign experience should be taken into account, if not taken into account.
      2. andrewkor
        andrewkor 20 March 2016 19: 07
        Hello fellow countryman! Personally, they do not like the Sigapur "Ulmax" version for the Airborne Forces - a shortened barrel, no stock, a 100-charge drum magazine can be used and 20-30 standard ones. Weight up to 4 kg.
        1. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 21 March 2016 14: 23
          But it is in service with small states, so it is too early to say anything about it. And the drum is so easy not to equip. Although for transient operations, this is not critical. You need something like Minimi, only better)
    2. Forest
      Forest 20 March 2016 12: 17
      In Afghanistan and 7,62x39 is not enough, only rifle cartridges. In the city or forest-steppe 5,45 / 5,56 is the most.
  4. black
    black 20 March 2016 08: 03
    And 15 years ago, everyone bought and sewed at their own expense.
  5. RuslanD36
    RuslanD36 20 March 2016 08: 04
    Although reactive DTC enhances sound and flash, it seriously reduces recoil, which helps even novice shooters hit the target. And a tactical flame arrester is a kind of silencer that partially removes the sound of a shot, but completely hides the flash, which is very important at night when working with a night vision device, ”one of the instructors reveals the secrets of the profession.

    This is just a paragraph ... The DTK sound returns the arrow, so it seems that it is louder, and the flame suppressor is the opposite, so for those who are standing near the target, the sound from the flame arrester (like "night") is even louder ...

    I think it is still either the instructor did not bore the details or the author crumpled
    1. Valera999
      Valera999 20 March 2016 14: 07
      If only to complain about words !!!)))
  6. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 20 March 2016 08: 13
    Good review, deserved "+". This is how this site should be.
  7. Sakhalin.
    Sakhalin. 20 March 2016 08: 24
    Rambo is the last century, Russian people are in fashion!
  8. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 20 March 2016 08: 35
    What are we admiring? The fact that local professionals have been prepared and continue to prepare in Chechnya. Apparently we don’t have enough! Today there are Kadyrov (whose teip was able to negotiate with Moscow), they will try to remove him tomorrow and what then? .Yes not good fellows, it should be cost in any region except the Caucasus, that we have no mountains anywhere else? Again, put such a mine under your ass with prepared Chechens, smile tired.
    1. Gsxr1300rr
      Gsxr1300rr 20 March 2016 08: 59
      - Question: But what about the Urals, Altai, Sikhote-Alin, Yakutia, Kamchatka? Yes, and not stable in the Caucasus.
      - Answer: You’ll give your own address, I’ve started talking here ... But for those who don’t break 282 there is.
      1. Shpagolom
        Shpagolom 20 March 2016 17: 12
        ... not necessarily 282nd .... comrades from Gudermes will "decide, dispel" doubts!
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 20 March 2016 10: 17
      Well, let the rest of the governors cry for the cause, if Kadyrov managed to break through such a center at home ... then why don't others want to?
      Built, engaged, and what prevents other leaders from doing something similar?
      1. SlavaP
        SlavaP 20 March 2016 21: 11
        Ramzan, by the way, has not only “punched” the center, but also provides support to EVERYONE who needs it - that's right, from the special forces center and kickboxing schools for children to a shelter for abandoned cats and dogs.
  9. Million
    Million 20 March 2016 09: 28
    There shouldn’t be anything in Chechnya regarding military training. Let them learn not to fight, but to live in peace!
  10. lukke
    lukke 20 March 2016 12: 24
    Once in the USSR, in the Crimea, there was a training center for approximately the same purpose, including for foreigners from the social camp (in my opinion in Perevalnoye). And closer to the sea)
    1. n.kolesnichenko
      n.kolesnichenko 20 March 2016 17: 00
      Yes, such a center really was .... called SWOPE, and not only representatives of the socialist countries were trained there !!!
  11. Francois de Vivre
    Francois de Vivre 20 March 2016 12: 37
    Oxymoron is a Chechen patriot of Russia.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. n.kolesnichenko
      n.kolesnichenko 20 March 2016 17: 03
      Do you know who was in the PERSONAL guard of Emperor Nicholas 2?
      1. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 20 March 2016 19: 30
        Quote: n.kolesnichenko
        Do you know who was in the PERSONAL guard of Emperor Nicholas 2?

        In the course, in the course. Only other times now
    3. Chiropractor
      Chiropractor 22 March 2016 14: 59
      Found out a new word from advertising?
  12. marshes
    marshes 20 March 2016 14: 18
    Well done Chechens, quickly learn and grow in professionalism.
    Maybe someone remembers the CHECHEN-Stroy, not big teams that quickly and qualitatively built not big houses and household objects. In Kazakhstan there are nightmares and frame-reed, adobe houses. At 1/5 of the adobe house, they lived Chechens until 65. You cannot drive a nail into a brick, it bends. In Almaty, in the area of ​​SMU-15 (Beregovoy-Dzhandosov) Taugul, a lot was built before.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 20 March 2016 21: 18
      Quote: marshes
      Maybe someone remembers the CHECHEN-Stroy, not big teams that quickly and qualitatively built not big houses and household objects.
      Shamil Basaev built cowsheds in the Volgograd region for four years ...
      1. marshes
        marshes 20 March 2016 21: 25
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Shamil Basaev

        And who is he by education at all? One General, another colonel, someone was connected with art.
        There Basayev lit up in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict ...
        And the neighbors of Ruslan Gelayev commemorated ...
  13. 31rus2
    31rus2 20 March 2016 15: 52
    Dear, I didn’t understand what’s special for everything, how’s it? The second question, and the Central Organizing Committee, which no longer meets the requirements, the third in the article indicates that the Chechens instructors hardly believe in the presence of so many high-class specialists, different special levels and one Chechens, such all over Russia need to be collected
    1. marshes
      marshes 20 March 2016 16: 03
      Quote: 31rus2
      , the third in the article indicates that the Chechens instructors that it is hard to believe that there are so many high-class specialists, different special levels and Chechens alone, such people across Russia need to be collected

      The most "interesting" thing is that specialists from Kazakhstan, Ramzan Kadyrov, are invited to the base in Gudermes. Probably, the "faces" smile
      And so take my neighbors, two brothers definitely "checked in" in your 90s, calm guys do not share their knowledge well with young people. So sometimes they talk about "business". All the same, some experience.
      1. marshes
        marshes 20 March 2016 18: 10
        I’ll add that in the morning “grandfather” Zelimkhan-ATA will go out into the street, wearing a Kazakh chapan and a hat that does not take off, he has a long stick. He sits on a bench and sits. Then I let my little ones go out into the street. The road was paved, they laid down so the "saigas" are.
    2. Nikolay82
      Nikolay82 20 March 2016 21: 11
      instructors are not all Chechens, judging by the videos about Terek, if they do not speak Chechen. The task is given to the group in Russian, and the Chechen on the Nokhchi already personally brings it to the fighters.
      1. marshes
        marshes 20 March 2016 21: 14
        Quote: Nikolay82
        and the Chechen at Nokhchi specifically brings the fighters personally.

        And it’s clear! For grandmas he, RK, pulled out specialists. smile
        1. Nikolay82
          Nikolay82 20 March 2016 23: 24
          Martynov Daniil Vasilievich, major, former head of the FSB FSB group.
          He took part in the personal protection of the head of Chechnya, in 2013 became an adviser to the president of Chechnya on the security bloc. Apparently he was not the only one who made a "knight's move".
      2. lukke
        lukke 21 March 2016 21: 03
        and the Chechen at Nokhchi specifically brings the fighters personally
        those. in Russian, some of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya do not speak the state language of the country in which they are in the civil service?))))) sheep .... our government and I am not surprised.
  14. Michael HORNET
    Michael HORNET 20 March 2016 22: 39
    By the way, special forces might well be interested in the Degtyarev light machine gun (RPD) of 7,62x39 caliber or the same modern machine gun (with tape) of 7,62x39 or 6,5 Grendel caliber (the cartridge is commercially available at BPZ)
  15. Yuriy_999
    Yuriy_999 21 March 2016 20: 32
    "There is no ......... black in nature." It's not the first time I've heard this phrase, I can't understand who invented it and why. Or are my eyes not all right?
  16. ABC
    ABC 21 March 2016 22: 09
    Quote: zadorin1974
    What are we admiring? The fact that local professionals have been prepared and continue to prepare in Chechnya. Apparently we don’t have enough! Today there are Kadyrov (whose teip was able to negotiate with Moscow), they will try to remove him tomorrow and what then? .Yes not good fellows, it should be cost in any region except the Caucasus, that we have no mountains anywhere else? Again, put such a mine under your ass with prepared Chechens, smile tired.

    Here, in addition to your words,
  17. Raider
    Raider 24 March 2016 22: 12
    Judging by the wide choice and possibilities of acquiring weapons and equipment, there is no financial limitation. Who obeys this structure is not clear, from this, it is not clear who will be trained? Based on the text - bearded, he himself speaks. In such a shaky area, we are building it is not clear what, it is not clear why and for whom. And not forgetting to mention about the shelling of "federal" troops .... These are our Russian ... There are no other federal ones. Chechen "independence" is not hidden in the textbook. Are we in their composition or are they with us ??? Are we training a dog? In the entire history of Russia, he only bit us. They do not know how to sow, build (as one of the individuals above writes, it can only be under their "sensitive" guidance), the units who fled from there and became famous. Medieval laws, which they call "the laws of the mountains", teips, the feeling there dinosaurs have just died out for a hundred years. When they understand that they are stronger than us, we will be their slaves. While we are - they are friends. This is the Caucasus, it was, is and will be. Nationalism is above all, the rest are all sheep, They rebuilt the city for our money, study, live, no ... How many wolves, for our money .... anyway ... IMHO.
    1. Velizariy
      Velizariy 25 March 2016 11: 35
      I really want to believe that the Guarantor and the person responsible for this direction know what they are doing ... And then, the people of this region are alarming and the type of patriots are treating them, they are ready to carry their leader in their arms, with such a perception have someone carry it on their hands ...
  18. Armat
    Armat 30 May 2016 18: 50
    All this is impressive, but where is the knowledge of languages? How is the equipment problem solved?
    This is what the modern equipment of a real American terminator looks like. And although I am anti-American, but impressive.
  19. Armat
    Armat 30 May 2016 18: 55
    Development of equipment for the future in Russia

    In Russia, it is planned to finish work on creating a set of equipment for the “soldier of the future” by 2020. According to our senior military, Russian equipment will in no way concede to its foreign counterparts. At the end of 2010, Russia began negotiations with France on the acquisition of a batch of French equipment Felin. Perhaps it is on its basis that the Russian version will be developed. The main advantage of the French kit is an order of magnitude lower cost in comparison with other analogues.

    Currently, more than 20 enterprises are engaged in the development of a set of soldier equipment for the future in our country, including the Sozvezdie and Izhmash concerns, ZAO Breastplate, Cyclone OJSC, Center Arkomok OJSC. The set of equipment will include systems of destruction, protection, control, life-support and energy supply.
    Special attention is paid to the development of the control system. The soldier will be connected to a network-centric system and will be able to manage from the highest echelons and timely transmit all the necessary information to the top. The fighter will be able to follow the battlefield, transfer target coordinates and video. A special communicator will allow you to determine the location of the fighter using satellite systems GLONASS and GPS, which will allow to carry out the tasks of target designation, orientation to the terrain and a number of other applied calculations.

    The defeat system will include a modern-day modification of the Kalashnikov or a completely new sample of an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, day and night vision sights, as well as a separate video module allowing the soldier to fire from behind cover.