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Military sappers provide more reliable protection

Military sappers provide more reliable protectionEngineering forces of the Ministry of Defense adopted a new protective kit.

It is called the "Doubleon" and is intended primarily to equip engineer units of the army and fleet.

The developers of the kits claim that the special suit protects against bullets, shell fragments, rockets and bombs. A protective kit covers the chest and head of a person, as well as his legs and arms. In addition, the use of more than fifty light titanium elements in the design allows the serviceman to move quickly.

In battle, the enemy for the sappers leads a real hunt, so the Dublon’s protective and “motor” advantages were immediately appreciated by the troops.

The Interior Ministry did it even earlier. There, the police "Barrier" - an analogue of the military kit - has been successfully operated for more than one year.

In addition, the development of promising combat equipment for Russian officers and soldiers. According to Yuri Borisov, the first deputy chairman of the Military Industrial Commission, dozens of enterprises of the Russian defense industry were involved in these works. They promise, after about three years, to give out to the military a product that, according to its characteristics, will not yield to the best world standards.

It is planned that the new equipment "Warrior" will be integrated. That is, it will combine reliable protection and high functionality. Ten subsystems will enable the fighter to communicate with the command, even with strong interference, to transmit and receive intelligence, to shoot without a miss without fear that the task will be interrupted by a stray bullet.

Also, combat equipment will be modular. For example, if military operations are to be conducted in a desert area, officers and soldiers will use only its elements. In the settlements - the second, in the mountains - the third. The military will approach the order of the new equipment in the following way: do not purchase reconnaissance tools, individual navigation, batteries for radios, etc. separately. Everything should mate with each other and at the same time not to turn the soldier into a heavy truck.

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  1. Dante193
    Dante193 12 December 2011 16: 56
    Knights of the new generation!
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 12 December 2011 19: 35
      Quote: Dante193
      Knights of the new generation!

      Do not forget about the knights of the old generation. Our assault engineering and combat engineer brigades (SISBr) The Great Patriotic War. True, they were generalists and they cleared and were the first to take the advanced positions of the Germans

  2. badabum
    badabum 12 December 2011 17: 12
    Soon it will be necessary to put robots in armor, for contactless fights the future.
    And the equipment process should always go not only in step with the times, but also far ahead with the maximum prospect.
    1. Mr. Truth
      Mr. Truth 12 December 2011 23: 05
      Contactless battle operators will be knocked down in contact combat (let's say tank battalions), it will be fun to watch.
  3. Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 12 December 2011 17: 17
    and where can I see information about the tests? studies of this costume?
    such as: Number of objects and studies, Study of ergonomic characteristics of explosion-proof suits of sapper and mine shoes.
    Determining the severity of contusion injury when exposed to excessive pressure an anthropomorphic dummy made of ballistic soap.
    Measurement of parameters of shock accelerations acting on the head during distant explosions an anthropomorphic mannequin with rigid fixation of a wooden head.
    Studying the physiological response to a high-explosive fragmentation effect
    limbs and lower limb of a human biomaneken ................................

    where is the most delicious to see?
  4. dred
    dred 12 December 2011 17: 37
    I remember sod 8
  5. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 12 December 2011 17: 43
    Now the robot is more and more engaged in mine clearance, in the future it will be overwhelming, technology does not stand still.
  6. bashkort
    bashkort 12 December 2011 18: 19
    You can’t drag robots around villages especially, and there’s not enough to go to the regions, so overalls will not hurt.
  7. starred
    starred 12 December 2011 18: 39
    New equipment "Warrior" URGENT! on stream! Do not spare money !!!
    1. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 12 December 2011 18: 48
      The Russians harnessed for a long time, but they seemed to be harnessed.
      The ice has broken, thank God!
    2. Nick
      Nick 12 December 2011 22: 54
      Money must always be spared. Otherwise, we will collapse as a Union from exorbitant military spending. The motto is necessary and sufficient! But you cannot save on the lives of fighters. First of all, they must be protected not only for humane reasons, but also purely economic.
      Training one professional fighter will become more and more expensive.
  8. Rexei
    Rexei 12 December 2011 19: 39
    I hope that the word "delivered" and the word "used" will come after "adopted", otherwise they like to pull all the innovations ... Minesweepers, I congratulate you on your new outfit))
  9. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 12 December 2011 23: 04
    everything is somehow poorly done here from an esthetic point of view ...... eggs are somehow poorly protected
    here is amerovsky

    from the bottom of the neck, the insert should clearly deflect the blast wave to the sides
    1. koosss
      koosss 13 December 2011 14: 05
      purely sapper) a healthy suit, in this you feel protected by a campaign) .. but in this you can’t run around the field
    2. phantom359
      phantom359 15 March 2012 00: 09
      How is he better? With a close explosion, his eggs will fly off no less quickly than in Russian.
  10. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 12 December 2011 23: 09
    I would like to believe that the infantry and "near infantry" will also receive their new suits on time. They promise by 2014-2015.
  11. storm12
    storm12 13 December 2011 10: 17
    And the nanotechnology in this product would be great! Let's hope that they will finish it by the deadline.