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Oreshkovo 7 February 2016: A prototype of the CP-10 light training aircraft

And we flew to Oreshkovo to ensure some tasks, the performance of which failed due to external reasons. But at the same time we were able to see a lot of interesting things.

Upon arrival, we found the honored test-pilot Kabanov Yury Mikhailovich in the CP-10 cockpit. Maxim Sergeevich advised him on the settings of Garmin 530W.

While here lies a video about CP-10 flights on this day.

The aircraft is prepared for flight and display.

Yuri Mikhailovich climbs into the front cockpit already in full robe.

Button safety belts

Another little question ... :-))

The second cockpit will take the hero of Russia test pilot Kvochur Anatoly Nikolaevich.

And I'm distracted by the neighboring aircraft. Classmates CP-10 from the past: L-29.

The aircraft is being prepared for launch. In the first instance, the same engine as the L-39 is installed: AI-25TL. Only the plane itself is easier ...

Watchdog keeps an eye on strangers :-)))

There will be many types of this aircraft from different sides.

Well, just beautiful with a bright sky

First, they start the VSU from external batteries, and then the engine itself?

Both crew members in the cockpit.

You need to properly attach yourself to the ejection seat.

Anatoly Nikolaevich Kvochur

Helmet and mask items are individual

The lantern is closed, the engine is running, external power is removed. You can steer.

Blowing snow from the parking lot.

The plane did not wait for us at the executive, where we moved on his plane, took off. And at this time on the strip dvizhuha.

In the distance, CP-10, a passage at a low altitude, appeared.


Even closer

And up

Slightly smoked engine

Another lap and landing approach



Over the strip

Whistled a little, even on the ground began to worry a little ...

There is a touch ...

And lowered the nose rack

And sat down ...

Spread 180 degrees and executive

Cheerfully they rule us


Photo 79.

Photo 82.

And again on the 180 degrees

Photo 84.

Photo 85.

Photo 86.

Photo 87.

Photo 88.

Photo 89.

Photo 90.

Photo 91.

Photo 92.

The flight is over, all is well ...

Photo 94.

Photo 95.

The ladder is certainly not branded, but the functional aspect is inherent ... :-)))

Let loose

Anatoly Nikolaevich shares his first impressions, on this plane he has his first flight.

Photo 101.

Photo 102.

Photo 104.

Photo 105.

Photo 106.

LDPE and flyugarka

It is done...

Front view

General view

Wing and Aileron


And this is our little bug next to the strip ....

Tank cap.

General rear view



Photo 122.

Photo 123.

Photo 124.

Photo 125.

And what is this protrusion?

Main Stand

Maxim Sergeevich and Boris Igorevich get warm in the cabin

One of the creators of the aircraft: Alexei Mochenkov, he and my planes had a hand.

Photo 131.

Boris Igorevich is always at work ...

FLA on my board

By car advertising Propmotors. Once all the people in Myachkovo and this team were one.

In the meantime, refuel our plane.

Photo 136.

Maxim Mironov is also worried, CP-10 is his brainchild ....

And along the lane at the same time, mothers with wheelchairs walk calmly, without fear, ... Amazing people !!!

I, too, climbed up a little.

Helicopter arrives with important persons.

Among them, the deputy commander of the VKS.

They planted at the butt, so as not to run far ...

Photo 151.

Anatoly Nikolaevich welcomes honored guests

Test pilots on one side and ... on the other side!

They thought it was all right, just 4 people on board :-)))

Photo 6.

deputy commander of the air force decided to fly

Crew ready

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

External power to run

Photo 17.

Take off and immediately steep climb

And then the barrel

Wind, cold ....

Photo 27.

bottom view

Well, I didn’t have a big lens with me, I confess, we should always carry, but I don’t have the strength :-)))

We catch a silhouette in the sun through the clouds

Photo 53.

Photo 54.

Photo 55.

Photo 56.

Photo 57.

Maxim Sergeevich does not leave the plane, he gives out instructions through a window leaf.

The sun looked out, everything immediately became more fun. I repeat the photo session, but with the sun :-)))

Photo 62.

Photo 63.

Photo 64.

Photo 66.

Photo 67.

Photo 68.

Photo 69.

Turn off the motor, he says ....

To fresh air

Photo 74.

Yuri Mikhailovich

Photo 77.

Photo 80.

And the plane drove into the hangar. He is still waiting for a lot of work ....
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  1. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 13 March 2016 06: 29
    This is an excellent training machine for pilots SR-10, a worthy replacement for the L-39 !!!
    Cheap, single-engine, economical, easy to operate, what else is needed for military flight schools and DOSAAF.
    The Yak-130, which is so actively advertised as a training aircraft, and after that the piston Yak-152, as an aircraft for initial pilot training, is a squandering of the military budget, and not a mass training "desk" of Russian pilots.
    Well done designers, engineers, workers who created this aircraft for Russia, so needed to replace the Czechoslovak L-39 that are retiring from service by resource!
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 13 March 2016 09: 18
      they didn’t fly on piston YAKs in military schools, and they don’t fly. And not L-39, but L-29 is being replaced.
      No one squanders the military budget (Yak-130)
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 13 March 2016 10: 48
        ... they didn’t fly on piston YAKs in military schools, and they don’t fly.
        - bober1982

        You probably don’t know, but just recently there was an article on the VO with the presentation of the Yak-152 piston aircraft as the future training aircraft of the Russian Air Force (VKS).
        Much has been written on the Internet about this, for example, the article "The Ministry of Defense announced a competition for the creation of a Yak-152 training aircraft" on the website
        where they write in black and white:
        Rosoboronpostavka has announced an open competition for development work under the code “Bird-Air Force” to create a light Yak-152 training aircraft for the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry. The corresponding document is available on the official portal of public procurement, ITAR-TASS reports.
        The aircraft of initial training Yak-152 is a part of the training complex Yak-130 and is designed to solve the problems of initial training and professional selection at an early stage of pilot training.

        Those. instead of one cheap single-engine economical jet training aircraft, the MO will create 2, complementing each other.
        And where is the logic and government calculation?
        And where did you get the idea that the L-39 was not operated in flight schools? Look for fun if you don't know.
        1. bober1982
          bober1982 13 March 2016 12: 14
          The flight schools dispersed everything, and the Yak-130 is a well-tested, reliable and successful machine, which can be used as a light attack aircraft as well.
          In Russia, it is possible to make aircraft only at the state level.
          Those who are trying to do on a private level, only arouses respect, there is nothing more to add.
          1. vladimirZ
            vladimirZ 13 March 2016 12: 33
            The flight schools dispersed everything, and the Yak-130 is well-tested, reliable and successful.
            - bober1982

            The Yak-130 is a very complex machine for training cadets, uneconomical and expensive, which was indirectly recognized by the Ministry of Defense by announcing a competition for a simpler "training flight board".
            If you disagree with my opinion of an engineer for the operation of aircraft and engines, then, probably, the arguments of the Ministry of Defense about the need for a simpler "flight deck" will be more convincing for you?
            By the way, in Soviet times there were no training piston or turboprop aircraft for primary training and selection of pilots. It was training L-29 (L-39) and then a combat aircraft of future specialization.
            And now you see you needed a screw, with limited speeds, a machine for training pilots. Meaning?
            1. bober1982
              bober1982 13 March 2016 13: 30
              As long as there will be MO, so will the arguments of the MO about the need for a simpler flight desk. Yak-130- what is, and apparently no longer is expected. Everything is expensive.
    2. glasha3032
      glasha3032 14 March 2016 04: 01
      It is SR-10 that is the squandering of the military budget. There is already an established concept of TCB on the basis of the Yak-152 and Yak-130 and why it should be broken because of the ONE-MOTOR (and the competition at the time set the concept of the TWO-ENGINE airplane (MiG-AT is the second applicant for the contest, precisely because of this and not went to the finals!)). To return to the past due to the fact that some aviation enthusiasts made a good plane, but late in time, is nonsense.
  2. Reklastik
    Reklastik 13 March 2016 06: 56
    Quote: vladimirZ
    The Yak-130, which is so actively advertised as a training aircraft, and after that the piston Yak-152, as an aircraft for initial pilot training, is a squandering of the military budget, and not a mass training "desk" of Russian pilots.

    Why squandering a budget?
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 13 March 2016 08: 08
      Why squandering a budget?
      - Reklastik

      Because an expensive twin-engine, uneconomical, difficult to operate Yak-130 can not be a mass training aircraft. As a combat training combat aircraft, it may be suitable, but not in such quantities.
      Well, and the Yak-152 piston training aircraft in the era of mass jet aviation, this is generally archaism in the training of military pilots, a step back in the training of military pilots, after the jet L-39.
      As a training, sports machine, the YAK-152, in small quantities at DOSAAF, it can do, but not like a training plane for military pilots, where training pilots on it will lengthen the process of training pilots.
      But how much budget money will be spent on the purchase of mass expensive training aircraft Yak-130 or on unnecessary piston Yak-152, and then on their operation, only God knows.
      From the point of view of cutting the military budget, unnecessary occupation of production facilities of aircraft factories for mass training aircraft Yak-130 and Yak-152 are suitable, but not for the benefit of the aviation of Russia.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 13 March 2016 10: 55
        As for me, the CP-10 is the initial stage of piloting, the Yak-130 is the second stage, i.e. a plane for training pilots in combat piloting, the third stage is already combat aircraft (although I think it will be a little expensive).
      2. glasha3032
        glasha3032 14 March 2016 04: 14
        Well, probably fathers-commanders, as well as research institutes know you better. WHAT EXACTLY planes are needed for training pilots. The Yak-130 was received not from a floundering bay, its appearance was developed more than one year and not one KB, and various institutes were connected. As for efficiency - Russia is an oil-producing country and how much is needed for training gasoline pilots, so much will be allocated. Technically - complicated - but now all the planes are technically complicated, they are not training on the U-2 now.
  3. Valkh
    Valkh 13 March 2016 07: 58
    Quote: Reklastik
    Quote: vladimirZ
    The Yak-130, which is so actively advertised as a training aircraft, and after that the piston Yak-152, as an aircraft for initial pilot training, is a squandering of the military budget, and not a mass training "desk" of Russian pilots.

    Why squandering a budget?

    A plane is made with private money! Whose budget is squandered?!?
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 13 March 2016 08: 16
      A plane is made with private money! Whose budget is squandered?!?
      - Valkh (2)

      The Russian budget allocated by the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of military equipment from the defense industry complex.
      Or do you think that the Army is arming itself with someone else's private money? No budget money, due to cutting money for socially important sectors of health care, education, and others, necessary for the people.
    UNFAMILIAR 13 March 2016 08: 00
    Who knows, maybe a historical photo report (then shots will be inserted in documentaries about the history of Russian aviation), the VKS is looking for a cheaper training aircraft.
  5. afrikanez
    afrikanez 13 March 2016 09: 28
    God forbid that this plane would pass all the tests and get into the series. good
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 March 2016 10: 16
    What a little one! Right spark Mig 15. Well, and the engine is one, and in general - a very nice airplane.
  7. runway
    runway 13 March 2016 10: 41
    The author is right - there is still a lot of work to make this machine a school desk for our future pilots.
    A machine with the layout of the reverse sweep of the wing and one engine immediately raises a lot of questions about its suitability for training cadets. But the car is beautiful, and I want to wish her successful flights, and the people who work on it so that it meets their expectations.
  8. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 13 March 2016 11: 26
    Very informative photo story!
    Better to see once than to read ten times ...
  9. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 13 March 2016 11: 48
    For a long time there were no aircraft with reverse wing sweep. Nice design. A beautiful plane usually flies well.
  10. AlmaAta
    AlmaAta 13 March 2016 14: 21
    Thanks for the photos ... The airplane is really interesting very compact and wide
  11. Ilya77
    Ilya77 13 March 2016 17: 03
    Interestingly, the Yak-152 and Yak-130 provide a full cycle of training, savings, and here they are trying to push another plane, muddy like that. And the joke itself - AI-25 on Motor Sich did, where they will take it now.
  12. Patriot5000
    Patriot5000 13 March 2016 21: 54
    like replacing AI-25 - this is our AL-55
    but there is no production yet. only in india and for india
  13. Kenneth
    Kenneth 14 March 2016 00: 07
    Fuck you need him. What a mod shovel to make a million types of aircraft for one task. Type too rich. Yak-130 is and basta
  14. Patriot5000
    Patriot5000 14 March 2016 01: 31
    There is no easy. Like turntables. We fly on robins.
  15. Argon
    Argon 14 March 2016 03: 50
    In general, the idea is not bad, but in the photo, I personally see only the rudimentary training course (and not the most successful one). The main thing is to understand that aviation, in general, is exactly the area where - "excessive simplicity is worse than theft" - Who is on Dolphins "-" Albatross "taught me to understand. In general, the realities are such that we cannot get away from the" working pair "of trainers, proceeding from the need to have a supersonic" desk ".
  16. Nitarius
    Nitarius 14 March 2016 06: 17
    Good luck guys! b
  17. vnedra
    vnedra 14 March 2016 20: 20
    very interesting development, reverse sweep ... something from this will be.