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Suffragist women who want equality!

When today we watch TV shots with scenes of violence on the streets of European cities, we somehow forget that at the beginning of the 20th century in Britain it was all the same. It can be said, just overwhelmed by extremism. One after another, mailboxes flashed in the houses, glass was broken in offices and houses, the buildings themselves were also set on fire, although they were mostly empty. But if now migrants are doing all this, then at that time the “colored” people knew their place and didn’t do anything similar. All this was done not by any gangster “Outlaws” (outlawed people) with baseball bats, but by quite law-abiding British ladies, who thus demanded to give them the right to vote in elections!

Suffragist Demonstration in London on 1907

Well, for the first time, women declared their desire to get voting rights back in 1792 year. Then Mary Walstonecraft published her article entitled “In Defense of Women's Rights”, where she asserted the right of women to equal pay for work and the right to education. The reason for her speech was the patriarchal legislation of the European states of the time, which provided absolutely no rights for married women, who by law became a de facto appendage to their husband. So it is not surprising that by the year 1890, among the same Englishwomen, there were quite enough women who were very radical-minded and needed to be equalized with men.

In the same year, in the United States, radicalists formed the American National Association of Women Fighting for Electoral Rights. And I must say that the "wind of change" was already felt by many even then. For example, in 1893, women were granted the right to vote in New Zealand, and three years later the same was done in the United States, although only in states like Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. In conservative England, the matter stalled, but even there the National Union of Women's Voting Rights was organized in 1897.

It is interesting that among the opponents of the women's movement for equality with men there were not only men themselves, which would be understandable, but also women, who saw in the emancipation the collapse of their habitual way of life. It was believed that a woman is more stupid than a man, that politics, for example, cannot be a worthy female affair: that she can corrupt a woman, and besides, if women become involved in it, then it will destroy all their knightly feelings in them. In addition, the same male politicians feared that gender equality in public life would lead to a decrease in the birth rate and the British Empire would not receive the soldiers for the army! And this was highly relevant, because the Anglo-Boer War had just ended, in which the male population of England suffered significant losses, and the number of women began to significantly exceed the number of men. But, on suffragists (from the English word suffrage - “suffrage”), all these arguments did not work at all!

Suffragist women who want equality!

Suffragist in London. Linocut from the journal of the early twentieth century.

In order to draw public attention to the problem of equality of women and men, they organized marches, during which they were engaged not only in carrying banners and slogans, but also ... thrashed the British policemen with their umbrellas. The slogan was put forward: “If politicians do not hear us, a blow must be inflicted on the fact that these gentlemen especially appreciate.” Therefore, the ladies declared a merciless war on golf courses, smash the windows of government offices and smash ... wine cellars.

Sir Winston Churchill himself caused the most ardent hatred of the suffragist women, because he had the imprudence to insult one of them, after she called him a drunk and heartless dork. "I will sober up tomorrow," Churchill replied, "and your legs were as crooked as they will be." For the honor of the offended lady, one man decided to intervene, sympathizing with the suffragist movement, who attacked Churchill with a whip in his hands.

Then, at the train station in Bristol, Churchill met a picket suffragist, and one of them, Teresa Garnett even hit him with a flag pole and loudly exclaimed: “Dirty cattle, an English woman deserves respect!” After that, poor Churchill was thrown stones and pieces of coal. Yes, there was such a page in his turbulent biography, when, when leaving his car at the House of Commons, he was forced to look around so as not to get a headstone from a completely respectable looking Miss or Mrs! And although he was never a coward, he had to get a bodyguard for himself, because the police learned that suffragist decided to kidnap his child. Interestingly, most emancipated ladies - members of the British National Union were offended by the fact that they - the owners of estates have in their submission gardeners and butlers, and they can vote in elections, while they - their employer, with all their high position in society has no such right!

In 1903, Emeline Pankhurst founded the Women's Social and Political Union. Her two daughters, Christabel and Sylvia, played an active role in it. It was the members of this society that received the nickname of suffragists, but they began their activities in England quite peacefully.

The first and truly scandal in which they participated, happened in 1905, when Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Keene, pushing through the guards, broke into the Parliament building and asked the well-known two liberals, Winston Churchill and Edward Gray, why they did not want to give English women have the right to vote ?! They were surprised, looked at each other, but did not answer them. Then the suffragers both took and unfolded a poster with the inscription: "The right to vote for women!" And began to shout out various threats against Churchill and Gray. British shame история before that I did not know! After all, England has always been famous for its tolerant attitude towards opponents, she has always been tolerant of someone else's opinion, especially if it was expressed by a lady, and then suddenly this is ...

Both girls were arrested for hooliganism, an attack committed on the police, and sent to jail. Now suffragists had their own heroines who suffered for the “just cause”, over their representatives “unwarranted violence” was committed, so they got the moral right to respond with “blow to blow”.

Suffragists smash Oxford Street.

And they answered by burning the churches - after all, the Anglican Church condemned them; literally smashed and plundered Oxford Street, knocking out all the windows and doors on it; they dismantled the pavements so that it became impossible to drive through them and interfered with the work of the repair crews, and then completely chained themselves to the fence of Buckingham Palace, since the royal family also had the imprudence to speak out against giving women the right to vote.

Suffragist arrest.1913 year.

And it should be noted the rare ingenuity that English women showed in their struggle for the right to vote: for example, they swam in boats on the Thames and shouted insults to the government and members of parliament. Many women refused to pay taxes, which for law-abiding England seemed unthinkable. Politicians going to work were attacked, and homemade bombs were thrown at their homes. Throughout the first decade of the 20th century, the suffragist movement was in the center of attention of the scandalous British chronicle. And then the movement had its own martyr!

4 June 1913 of the Year 32-year-old suffragist Emily Wilding Davison climbed over the barrier at Epsom races popular in England and rushed under the racing horse. However, she received very serious injuries, from which she died four days later.

Emily Wilding Davidson dies at the 4 derby of June 1913 of the year.

In the pocket of her coat they found a purple-green-white suffragistic flag. Thus, the motive of her act was evident! Although, in general, he brought almost more harm than good, because after that many men in England asked themselves: “If a highly educated and educated woman does such things, then what can an uncultured and uneducated do? And is it possible to give such a vote? ”

Unique photo: Emily Wilding Davidson under the horse's hooves, but no one has understood anything yet!

It is more than possible that the violence perpetrated by the suffrazzist would take on even greater proportions, but here, one might even say “fortunately”, the First World War began. All their energy members of the Women's Union are now sent to help their country. When England began to lack hands, it was Pankhurst who got from the government for women the right to work in military factories.

Millions of young Englishwomen cut off their long skirts and stood up to the looms to produce the necessary ammunition for the army. Others came to the farms and cowgirls in rubber boots, and with forks in their hands they began to do dirty and heavy men's work. The value of their contribution to the victory of Great Britain is difficult to overestimate. By the way, women in France in those years also did a lot of work, but they managed to get the right to vote only after the Second World War ended!

That's how they acted: they could show a leg in an elegant stocking above any propriety, they could smoke men's cigars. Equality is equality, what did you think? A shot from the popular comedy film "Big Race". Starring the charming Natalie Wood.

Any business, as is known, crowns its result. Suffragist movement in England was crowned with a victory in 1918, when the British Parliament gave electoral rights to women, however, not younger than 30 years, and only if they had an education and a certain position in society, that is, the way "without specific occupations" for women the ballot box was still blocked.

And “The Magnificent Leslie” eventually got married to her ... A still from the movie “Big Races”.

Already in 1919, Nancy Astor became the first British woman elected to Parliament, and in 1928, the electoral qualification for the “weaker half of humanity” was lowered to 21, that is, it became equal to the male! In New Zealand, the first woman in the legislature was elected in 1933 year. On the Continent (as Europeans call the British) the first country to give women voting rights ... Finland became, and she did it in the 1906 year, while still in the Russian Empire!

Do you think the suffragist movement is a thing of the past? No matter how! Women got the right to vote, yes. But equality with men in everything is their new slogan! A few years ago it was very hot in Canada in the summer. And Canadian feminists have demanded the right to ride on the subway with a naked torso. If it is possible in the heat of men, then we women are worse than them? It’s not necessary that we will do that, but we need the right - they claimed they achieved their goal!

Well, and these ladies in such a strange way oppose the revival of fascism!

In Germany, women’s voting rights were also obtained in 1918, Spaniards - in 1932, French women, Italian and Japanese - in 1945 ... But in a number of other countries this process took decades to complete. Swiss women received voting rights only in 1971, in Jordan - in 1974, but, in countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, they do not have it until now! Well, as for Christabel Pankhurst - perhaps the most famous suffragist of her time, by the decision of the British government in 1936, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire!

Modern feminists often protest like this!
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  1. Koshak
    Koshak 19 March 2016 08: 09
    Also an interesting article! By the way, in the English tradition, the wife takes not only the surname, but also the name of her husband - "Mrs. John Smith".
    1. KakoVedi
      KakoVedi 19 March 2016 10: 02
      Missed something miss ... suits! It’s a lot more fun to wave an umbrella ... Or to take off the horseshoes on the go ... And then - Mrs. John ...
      1. AUL
        AUL 19 March 2016 12: 30
        They didn’t do it ... That waved umbrellas, now bare boobs - just to pay attention to yourself! All due to uncomplicated personal life.
    2. alex86
      alex86 19 March 2016 18: 20
      As a friend of mine quotes someone’s saying: She wanted to work and wear pants, and now I have to do it ...
    3. SlavaP
      SlavaP 19 March 2016 22: 00
      Surprise - this is still used now, though rarely (my legitimate one doesn’t like it terribly ....). But in general - he invented on his head for example Maggie Thatcher ....
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 19 March 2016 08: 16
    How it started and what degenerated .. Thank you Vyacheslav ..
  3. Dead hand
    Dead hand 19 March 2016 08: 36
    a bunch of hysterical whores) .... so that's where the flippers grow from people like Pussy Wright
  4. excomandante
    excomandante 19 March 2016 08: 57
    The most important point was not noted - the movement of suffragettes was organized by entrepreneurs with the goals of: a) increasing the number of low-paid labor force, b) obtaining a reason for lowering the average wage level in connection with the abolition of the "ethical contract". Previously, it was believed that, by default, an adult working man should earn enough to support his wife and children. When crowds of "equal" goofs poured into the labor market, the "ethical contract" was canceled on this basis.
    1. kalibr
      19 March 2016 09: 36
      But this happened only during the war years. Why did they start a war? Again "conspiracy theory"?
      1. excomandante
        excomandante 19 March 2016 10: 17
        This would have happened without the war, perhaps a little later. For this it was conceived. Equality, figly. The war, of course, was not started for this, I sincerely hope that you yourself understand this, just "slapped it up for a catchphrase." "I live too long not to believe in conspiracies" (c) K. Shakhnazarov.
        1. AK64
          AK64 19 March 2016 10: 59
          By the way, everything is correctly noticed:
          at the beginning of the century, a worker could support a family, and today, with an allegedly increased standard of living - no longer, it is already necessary for a woman to work.

          That’s all feminism.

          And about "equality of salaries": well, a woman cannot do as much as a man does, in any kind of activity! That is, "equality of salaries" is: the salary of a woman steal out of a man’s pocket.

          That's all feminism
          1. alex86
            alex86 19 March 2016 18: 17
            Quote: AK64
            Well, a woman cannot do as much as a man does, in no way
            - a woman comes to us to clean up every two weeks - so in 4 hours she does what I can’t do NEVER wink
        2. kalibr
          19 March 2016 11: 22
          I also live for a long time and do not believe in conspiracies. Why are they when there is a secret telephone and telegraph communication, and why meet and "talk". Secondly, the big conspiracy is a lot of people. Someone will surely blab it out.
          1. excomandante
            excomandante 19 March 2016 12: 26
            We write off the phenomenal naivety of this post to polemic enthusiasm))))
          2. AK64
            AK64 19 March 2016 13: 03
            I also live a long time and do not believe in conspiracies.

            "If you're paranoid, that doesn't mean you're not being followed."

            By the way, remember Ham? He had paranoia, it seemed to him that they were watching him --- and he even was treated for this, and then shot himself. Well, the funny thing is - for him really watched!
            So believe it or not, believe it - but in reality these hens have achieved only relatively lower incomes of their working husbands.

            Secondly, a big conspiracy is a lot of people. Someone will definitely blab.

            Why "big"? Here Puski - is it a conspiracy or not? In my opinion, a conspiracy: after all, someone directed and untwisted these macaques (as well as untwisted their actions).
            Just serious guys got together to play golf - well at the same time and expressed the idea "but it would be nice ...".
            - And how to do it?
            - Yes, I have a familiar newspaper editor, he will find a couple of fools to raise the topic ...

            And all
            1. kalibr
              19 March 2016 15: 13
              Quote: AK64
              Just serious guys got together to play golf - well at the same time and expressed the idea "but it would be nice ...". - And how to do it? - Yes, I have a familiar newspaper editor, he will find a couple of fools to raise the topic ... And that's all

              Such "conspiracies" were and will always be. But it’s not about that, I think you understand. Conspiracy theory is somewhat broader. As for the "pusek", there are enough fools and fools without conspiracies, as well as people who just use them! Remember there was such a "end of the world"? How many times have you written about him? And I know people who wrote a lot! "Will" under one name, "not" - under another, and in the same magazine! And they did not belong to any conspiracy - just work. And people hawala anyway ...
              1. AK64
                AK64 19 March 2016 20: 54
                Such "conspiracies" were and will always be. But it’s not about that, I think you understand.

                Hehe ... hehe ...
                Do you think political technology came up yesterday? Polit technologies have existed as practice (not science, but practice) almost since the advent of cheap media.
                And the first here are the British; the rest, even Europeans, are small children in comparison.

                As examples of such experiments (not always, by the way, successful ones), for example, the evangelists - a confession "for the working class" created completely artificially in the middle of the 19th century; and the first few years were very successful in the sense of "stopped drinking and suddenly started working"
                (Later, however, the nonsense subsided, and again our English class brothers began to thump)

                So I would not be surprised if in some closed golf club, between holes or there sets - what they have, "an opinion was expressed"
                1. kalibr
                  19 March 2016 22: 05
                  I have a book on the history of PR on the Web (electronic version), so I have an idea of ​​political technologies. And - yes, "opinions have been expressed" and will be, but this is not quite a conspiracy in the sense in which it has become fashionable to talk about it now.
                  1. AK64
                    AK64 20 March 2016 07: 22
                    And - yes, "opinions have been expressed" and will be, but this is not quite a conspiracy in the sense in which it has become fashionable to talk about it now.
                    That is, your ideas "about how conspiracies are made" do not coincide with reality?

                    But in fact, all the "conspiracies" are done as I described: in some closed golf club two old fart played golf - and ... there is no longer Libya, or Syria there. You can't track or listen on golf.

                    About Libya This is me for example. Where more often "gentlemanly" say to divide the market: why serious people need this nasty thing - competition? She does not need loss from her. Played golf - and no competition. And nobody violates the antimonopoly legislation (and prove it! - not a single piece of paper anywhere!).
  5. Aleksander
    Aleksander 19 March 2016 10: 33
    The pack, of course, is a plus, but, having mentioned all who can be, the author did not say a word about Russia. But in the territory Russian women had a selective election much earlier than in Europe.
    In 1906 The Finnish National Assembly as part of Russia was the first to approve full gender equality. Men and wives received equal voting rights, as well as the opportunity to be elected on an equal footing.
    Women from the rest of Russia also indirectly participated in the elections to the State Duma of the beginning of the 20 century.
    In 1917 during the Provisional Government women received equal voting rights, and also got the opportunity to be elected on an equal footing.
    Leni called Russia the times of the Provisional Government "The freest country in the world" . But that didn’t suit him ...
    1. kalibr
      19 March 2016 11: 24
      This is exactly what the article is about! We must read more carefully! "On the Continent (as the British call Europe), Finland became the first country to give women suffrage, and she did it in 1906, while still in the Russian Empire!"
      1. Aleksander
        Aleksander 19 March 2016 12: 02
        Quote: kalibr
        This is exactly what the article is about!

        Missed about Finland, to blame. hi
        But you didn’t mention the equal voting rights of women in all of Russia on the 1917 under the Provisional Government. But this happened BEFORE than in Europe.
        1. Vadim42
          Vadim42 19 March 2016 14: 04
          But as usual, Europe considered this not democratic.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. kalibr
          19 March 2016 15: 20
          I was more interested in writing how they parasitize police officers with umbrellas. There were wonderful cartoons where it was all painted at the time, but did not fit in.
  6. Pushyk
    Pushyk 19 March 2016 11: 55
    Comrades, women are a valuable labor resource. Naturally, someone saw such a labor potential and decided to use it. Of course, all this did not take place in a day or two, the process went on gradually. Great Britain is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Women and children worked in mines under the light of kerosene lamps, pulling carts to the surface, it was like it was not gentlemanly to exploit women so impudently. But in the end it turned out that the women themselves made the choice to plow like that. Most of the women in our country are engaged in all sorts of not too prestigious jobs.
  7. King, just king
    King, just king 19 March 2016 12: 56
    Women ..., sekas ...! All because of the English men. The queen came up with: "The ladies do not move", the men stopped logs of "that", so the urine hit the bosses.
  8. Vladislav 73
    Vladislav 73 19 March 2016 13: 37
    No wonder it is said, "if you want to discredit the idea, bring it to the point of absurdity!" The struggle for equality in electoral law inevitably led to a struggle for equality in labor, socio-political and other spheres of activity, and as a result came to a completely absurd neoliberal concept with its tolerant, gender and other overshoots.
  9. magician
    magician 19 March 2016 13: 52
    That's about the women of Britain, something their nature deprived of appearance and brain, literally a few are beautiful and erudite. Perhaps this affects politics such a flaw. I was in a suburb of London in the fall of 96, we decided to sit with a friend in a pub, so there were more women than men, and no less men drink. Horror is complete.
    1. AK64
      AK64 19 March 2016 20: 57
      about the women of Britain, something their nature deprived of appearance and brain, literally a few are beautiful and erudite.

      It’s kind of not true - you’re just not in the trams went there. British women are generally pretty pretty, and by no means stupid. I would even say that they are smarter than Russians (who, thanks to the school and "teachers", until old age think themselves smarter than Russian men; Englishwomen do not do such stupid things)
      1. SlavaP
        SlavaP 19 March 2016 22: 10
        But no, I will not argue about tastes, someone likes British women, someone does not. But here that for young girls here to get drunk in a zyuza almost every weekend (and even better and more often) is considered normal, and despite the social origin.
  10. Vadim42
    Vadim42 19 March 2016 14: 00
    Eh men, men, that's such a villain and slipped an apple to Adam. And so they would live right now in paradise and not steam, like cheese in butter.
  11. RomanS
    RomanS 19 March 2016 14: 38
    Any mass gathering is public propaganda. To what forms has reached the "equality" of the sexes in Europe we see today. And personally I am against "voting with tits". For the norms that we accept today will be developed by our children.
  12. Tired
    Tired 19 March 2016 14: 44
    That is, in Canada, women in the summer ride the subway with a naked torso? I wanted to go to Canada for the summer. I think from the moment women got this right, the summer in Canada has become even hotter. By the way, the one that stands next to a black man of his advanced years is even nothing and an outright outfit only colors her, so I approve of her choice.
    1. kalibr
      19 March 2016 15: 18
      I don’t know whether they go or not, but they have the right!
      1. Tired
        Tired 19 March 2016 16: 40
        Well, they also say that they say only fagots remained in the West. No, sir, only real men could give such a right to women. Now it’s clear as day, there are men in the West! At least in Canada.
  13. Shustov
    Shustov 19 March 2016 15: 51
    They gave them freedom, so they are fools and let's smoke, drink, on dating sites they expose themselves to shame and hang for 10 years the same, it's certainly not bad, but most often it comes to the point of absurdity, the children already say to them, "Mom, take your photo, or me everyone in the class makes fun of ", well, that's a couple of complaints if you dig deeper, then this topic can be discussed for a long time.
  14. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 19 March 2016 18: 52
    So, for millennia, and bark!
  15. Faust
    Faust 19 March 2016 20: 05
    Quote: alex86
    Quote: AK64
    Well, a woman cannot do as much as a man does, in no way
    - a woman comes to us to clean up every two weeks - so in 4 hours she does what I can’t do NEVER wink

    Would you serve on our ship :)
  16. partizan86
    partizan86 22 March 2016 15: 46
    "... fought for the rights of blacks for so long that they finally got them."