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The leaders of the 29-ti regions of the Central Military District took part in the command-staff mobilization training

The press service of the Central Military District reports that the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, held events of command-and-staff mobilization training with the heads of 29 regions. During the event, special attention was paid to how effectively the leaders of the subjects of the federation are able to mobilize human and transport resources.

The leaders of the 29-ti regions of the Central Military District took part in the command-staff mobilization trainingThe material of the press service states that the commander of the Central Military District heard the heads of the 29 regions in order to implement the mobilization plans, as well as the previously developed mobilization documents and calculations.
In addition, during the events held under the command of Colonel-General Zarudnitsky, issues of increasing the efficiency of organizing the command and interaction of the district headquarters with civil administrations of the regions were discussed. The authorities did not provide any information on which regions of the federation that make up the Central Military District, the authorities worked in the best possible way.

For reference: the Central Military District includes such regions of Russia as the Republic of Altai, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Mari El, the Republic of Mordovia, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Tyva, the Udmurt Republic, the Republic of Khakassia, the Chuvash Republic, and also the territories of the Altai, Krasnoyarsk, Perm Territories, Irkutsk , Kemerovo, Kirov, Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Penza, Samara, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk Regions, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous s districts.
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  1. Ami du peuple
    Ami du peuple 3 March 2016 12: 46
    It smells more and more clearly of gunpowder in the air .. Can we slip through all the same? Although every day there is less and less optimism .. The question is no longer whether "it will blaze or not blaze", but "where it will blaze"
    1. chikenous59
      chikenous59 3 March 2016 12: 47
      Quote: Ami du peuple
      Gunpowder in the air smelled

      They smell for a long time.
      1. Blondy
        Blondy 3 March 2016 16: 21
        In my opinion here, everything is connected not so much with the smell of gunpowder, but rather as the embodiment of Kuzhugetych’s blue dream, so that all government agencies are transferred to new ways of managing. Recently, I watched a film about the opening of the national center for the control of the defensive Russian Federation, where Kuzhugetych escaped in the spirit so that civilian structures would also learn new forms and methods of management, and even that the heads of local administrations take something like special two-month courses before taking office.
    2. vanavatny
      vanavatny 3 March 2016 12: 48
      whatever smell in Russia, there will still be the smell of spring
      1945, but not by itself, so let them practice
  2. Saffron
    Saffron 3 March 2016 12: 50
    Even if it doesn’t smell, you should always be prepared, otherwise these officials, starting from the governors, are sitting on a budget cut and don’t think about anything else, but what if a schucher comes and they don’t know what to do, they need to be trained
  3. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 3 March 2016 12: 58
    It's time to start training local officials.
    As before the middle of the 80's they trained - they taught, including the basics of the partisan struggle of the functionaries of the CPSU at the level of the district committee of the city committee, and the so-called Soviet workers - executive committee members.
  4. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 3 March 2016 12: 59
    By the way - let's see - who will explode from the ship!
  5. maxim1987
    maxim1987 3 March 2016 13: 11
    you need to "kick" the locals a little on this topic
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 March 2016 13: 13
    how effectively are the leaders of the subjects of the federation able to mobilization human and transport resources.

    The leaders of the subjects (how loud it sounds) think little about this and rely on lower-standing bodies. Those dump it on even lower standing. As a result - in a simple plant they can carry out all mobilization actions and clearly report, but above they don’t have any clue on this issue and don’t know how to act in the OP.
  7. erased
    erased 3 March 2016 13: 17
    Too many republics in one country. The Federation may destroy Russia if the enemy begins to swing the national swing intensively. Moreover, bureaucrats will add kerosene to the fire. Why does the government not conduct exercises to repel internal aggression? It will be worse than NATO. And the fight against corruption is more like profanity. And the struggle against the poverty of the people is not visible.
    Indeed, among all enemies, the external is not the most dangerous.
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 3 March 2016 16: 25
      If the official has real estate, business or money over the hill, then his actions are obvious - he will run away or sabotage.
  8. pts-m
    pts-m 3 March 2016 13: 40
    There’s a saying among the people ... until the roasted cock bites, the man in the tunic doesn’t move ... small countries such as the Baltic states have been training for a long time, only we hope for a miracle. Probably ordinary people have lost confidence, although all the holes are plugged in them first in an extreme slaughter.
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 3 March 2016 16: 24
      When and if we are attacked. Those forces that are "professional and combat-ready" will be sorely lacking. The divisions of yesterday's citizens and students + partisan militia will patch up the holes.
      It always has been.
      It seems that the contract units will not show the "necessary and expected" stamina, because a military employee in peacetime differs from a military employee during a war. Not a single general who, in 40, took part in the military games and meetings of the General Staff of the Red Army, by the 45th year did not reach Berlin. in wartime, those who wanted and knew how or learned, fought, and not in the military registration and enlistment office in Siberia sat and called in all who could, and he himself - after all will go.
      Of course, not all the contract soldiers are talking, there are decent and patriots among them.
  9. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 3 March 2016 16: 17
    Until June 41, under the "Stalinist order", "when the enemy was obvious," they were not ready.
    In general, readiness for war or defense is possible with 2 cases:
    1. When you attack first.
    2. When the enemy starts the war sluggishly and hesitantly, giving us time to deploy troops.

    Given the missile capabilities of the enemy, the rear in this war will not be at all, and it’s practically impossible to throw up from the depths of the divisions.

    Our task is to decompose foreign armies and society through an NPO before such an attack, to aggravate the contradictions between the government, people and migrants.
  10. midshipman
    midshipman 3 March 2016 20: 06
    In 1987, he directed similar exercises at the enterprises of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry. The headquarters was in Chelyabinsk at PO Polet. The introductory notes were very interesting and many of them came true today. The exercises were held for 5 days. Then analysis in the Government by Yu.D. Maslyukova. I have the honor.