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Washington is tired!

The words of sailor Zheleznyakov, “The Guard is Tired!” Became the phrase-symbol of the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly in January 1918 in the Tauride Palace in St. Petersburg and the end of a short period of revolutionary parliamentary democracy (or chaos) after the October Revolution 7 in November 1917. The tired "guard" changed the dictatorship of the Communist Party, or the "dictatorship of the proletariat," headed by Lenin.

Paraphrasing the great L.N. Tolstoy, it can be said that all revolutions, both left and right, are equally unhappy: here and in the “hydraulic” Nazi-Bandera revolution there is an imminent dispersal of domestic democracy, because this time Washington is tired. Many ukropolitiki talk about cooling Washington to Ukraine, even Andrei Paruby understood this. True, as usual, the State Department continues to lie about the wrong reforms in Banderia, about corruption, but, in fact, he was tired like a sailor Zheleznyakov, tired of looking at the revolutionary-hydraulic mess. (What reforms can be when a mess, even in the Rada?) And removes his guardianship, or guard.

As a result, uncontrollable processes began in Kiev, which some political scientists call a political crisis. President Poroshenko asked Attorney General Shokin and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk to resign. Shokin agreed, but Yatsenyuk did not, citing the fact that the Washington Regional Committee did not endorse this request. However, Poroshenko was not punished by either the State Department or his ambassador Payette: everyone is tired!

Then the “European Coalition” collapsed in the Verkhovna Rada, and a “democratic opposition” from “Batkivshchyna” and “Self-help” was formed, and not only Yatsenyuk, but also President Poroshenko! Chaos is growing, as in the Constituent Assembly in the Tauride Palace!

Kiev political analysts say that the Maidan power is weaker than ever: "It will all get out of control." But how all this will not work, and on the new Maidan, when Washington is tired! Moreover, the State Department Poroshenko does not let go of the free bread: he did not allow Yatsenyuk to resign, and an “oligarchic coup” occurred! This is the fundamental difference between the State Department and the sailor Zheleznyakov: the State Department, headed by Joe Biden, turns out to be much more stupid than this revolutionary Russian sailor, who trusted Lenin.

Many experts already agree that only dictatorship can save Banderia from collapse, but there is still no dictator. Poroshenko said, as recently as February 18, about the possibility of "imposing martial law in the country throughout the territory." However, we need a reason, or sailor Zheleznyakov, and real power resources for this. Neither one nor the other of the President Zits is available in the required quantity, therefore he only thoughtfully speaks of the “martial law”. You can, of course, declare a dictatorship, that is, “martial law”, but this does not mean that you have already introduced it: you have to suffer, deserve it, that is the problem.

Nevertheless, in the nomination "dictator" Poroshenko is still in the lead: for him the APU and the SBU. Yatsenyuk’s iron grip on the premiership says that he is also thinking about dictatorship, which is apparently very much supported by Interior Minister Avakov, with the national-electoral Azov.

Among other nominees here can be noted necktie, ex-Georgian President Saakashvili. Avakov’s adviser, Anton Gerashchenko, noted this rival firm: “Saakashvili said his ambitions are much greater. It seems we are seeing the birth of another candidate for the presidency of Ukraine. ” Indeed, the tie-eater is able to devour many ...

In the nomination "Fuhrer" there are no clearly defined leaders. It is open to all the favorites of the Nazi-Bandera battalion masses. Along with the familiar Dmitro Yarosh, new faces appear, for example, Nikolai Kokhanivsky, the tribunes of the Third Quiet Maidan, in which he loudly said that “Akhmetov is a real separar” for humanitarian aid to Donbas. It is too early to write off the “Radical Right Forces” of the Third Maidan and Kokhanivsky. This is part of the "Right Sector" (without Yarosh), and they were not subjected to any punishment for their Maidan, but they hid in an organized manner. And Kokhanivsky hid, it seems, under house arrest.

Well-known political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes that the Nazi battalions are out of control: “Foci of opposition to illegal armed groups, which are formally assigned already somewhere - where the National Guard, where the Defense Ministry - start in different places and with different participants. And this is due to the fact that the government is trying to control them. But so far unsuccessfully. ” What does it mean? What is ahead is the “night of the long knives” ...

Sensing the smell of roast, ex-President Viktor Yushchenko suddenly came out of his lethargic sleep, he said in an interview with the media: “I smell the burning tires. And, believe me, this will be the real Third Maidan, and not an imitation that recently took place in the center of Kiev. ” And there is also his friend in the old-old coalition Yulia Tymoshenko. 12 March, when the next session of the Verkhovna Rada will begin its work, the list of nominees for dictators and fuhrers will obviously increase.

If Mongolia compensates Ukraine for the damage caused by Khan Batyi taking Kiev, the official demand of the Verkhovna Rada has already been received by the former headquarters of Genghis Khan, we will see an unprecedented race of dictators in Kiev. It may be worth helping Mongolia to “repair the damage” to see this amazing sight! Then how many candidates for Napoleons in Banderia, we will see!

... However, Washington is tired not only of Banderia, but also of Europe. The United Kingdom, which is closer to the insider information of the State Department, already shoots the EU away from the “super-state” at sea, is fenced off from its problems by a referendum. The head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, recently told us about the state of affairs in this “superstate”: “The situation is complicated and explosive, but we shouldn’t get hysterical and solve problems one by one ...” So solve, or immediately call another guard ...
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 3 March 2016 06: 08 New
    Well no. They just postponed the project to the right vile moment. We’ll get in the Middle East, and the United States will kick ukrov to the DPR and we will work on two fronts. We can handle it, but we’ll throw up difficulties.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 3 March 2016 06: 17 New
      Washington is tired!
      Well, what can I advise ... let the hand change ... lol
      1. aba
        aba 3 March 2016 22: 24 New
        . We will not spoil you!))

        Exactly, exactly! why get married with sick hands! laughing
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 3 March 2016 17: 02 New
      Washington is acting long. But is this length enough for Ukraine? What a nausea to everyone with her eternal beggars!
      1. indulf
        indulf 10 March 2016 15: 17 New
        Long? And let's see who the jackpots trample.
  2. nimboris
    nimboris 3 March 2016 06: 18 New
    boiling of fecal masses, in the varieties of which I do not understand.
    1. gergi
      gergi 3 March 2016 07: 37 New
      There are few real violent ones, and there are no leaders! Let the ropes chatter in the mental hospitals, there are the Fuhrer for every taste.
      1. Voha_krim
        Voha_krim 3 March 2016 09: 10 New
        Quote: gergi
        Let the little roars chatter in the mental hospitals,

        Morons of the day or We all live in a yellow submarine
        1. Wiruz
          Wiruz 3 March 2016 20: 08 New
          They and Soviet champagne in Sovetovskoe renamed laughing I'm not kidding bully
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 3 March 2016 06: 27 New
    Washington is tired! ...

    Or maybe just money for all the thieves is not enough ... the reason is banal.
  4. Aleksander
    Aleksander 3 March 2016 06: 31 New
    Chaos is growing, as in the Constituent Assembly in the Tauride Palace!

    Absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate analogy of the supreme Legislature of Russia with Bandera’s garbage dump.
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 3 March 2016 08: 42 New
      In fact, the task of the Constituent Assembly was to prepare a draft constitution for a "constitutional conference." The Constituent Assembly was not given direct legislative functions.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Aleksander
        Aleksander 3 March 2016 09: 23 New
        Quote: OldWiser
        In fact, the task of the Constituent Assembly was to prepare a draft constitution for a "constitutional conference." The Constituent Assembly was not given direct legislative functions.

        Yeah that's why it took "Land Law" and Proclamation Act Russian Democratic Federal Republic. yes
        The preparation of the Constitution of Russia is only part of the functions of the CSS.
  5. valent45
    valent45 3 March 2016 06: 39 New
    Is Washington tired? Yes, these are flowers! What is ahead? Visible to the naked eye.
  6. oxana_iv
    oxana_iv 3 March 2016 06: 47 New
    In fact, it’s quite difficult to understand what exactly is ripening in Kiev - either a change of puppets, or indeed a change of regime. Perhaps it is time for our special services, which we actively discussed in another thread, to show what they are capable of? It’s time to already tell the Ukrainian comrades the correct orientation yes
    1. k174oun7
      k174oun7 3 March 2016 12: 01 New
      The correct orientation has already been shown to them. If they had changed the lover of the stolen hats of Yanukovych to the pro-Russian hetman, then most Ukrainians would surely have yelled that Putin again closed the way to Europe. And so they should drink their bitter cup to the bottom, then sober up and begin to see the environment with their own eyes, and restore the memory. This does not happen quickly, but inevitably.
  7. Knowing
    Knowing 3 March 2016 06: 59 New
    But this is only the beginning, there will still be roofing felts:
    "Since the" color revolutions ", which the Ministry of Defense consider, in fact, coups d'etat, are one of the forms of conducting a hybrid war, it is impossible to respond to them with the use of conventional troops: they must be counteracted only by the same hybrid methods."- these words are not just that, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the first deputy defense minister, Valery Gerasimov, said.
    So they too, "behind a puddle", will soon experience the "joy" of democracy in an exceptionally "democratic" country ... laughing
  8. sergant1.1
    sergant1.1 3 March 2016 07: 02 New
    my grandfather said, WHERE TWO GOGLES, THERE THREE HETMANS.
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 3 March 2016 07: 07 New
    Washington is tired!..Played the first half..not a break left ..
  10. alex-cn
    alex-cn 3 March 2016 07: 15 New
    I think that the current "leaders of Ukraine" will not be able to establish a dictatorship. To do this, it is necessary to have the support of serious security officials (the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs), and not only at the very top, but also in the middle echelon. But this is not, it seems ...
    If only the army itself rebels ....
    1. aba
      aba 3 March 2016 22: 28 New
      establish a dictatorship will not work.

      That's the paradox: there are punishers, but the dictator is dumb! In short - anarchy!
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 3 March 2016 07: 50 New
    There are just enough violent ones, there are still no leaders. So Vitalik decided to show who was the boss in the house ... remembered his youth. or incorrectly translated what they said in brussels ...
    The wandering philosopher of European Ukraine and part-time mayor of Kiev in his own way set about eradicating small business in the capital and demolishing illegal structures, which, by the way, were recently erected under its roof.
    The former champion outfitted several teams of athletic fighters with everything necessary, up to unlimited powers, and sent them to drive traders out of their homes and lands. And it turned out to knock in the literal sense of the word. Either Mr. Klitschko, as usual, incorrectly expressed himself, or whether the “city activists of the mayor”, who had been beaten to the full head, had a full carte blanche for bloodshed and massacre, but the guys organized a raid on the noble.
    In the largest sleeping area of ​​the capital, in Troieschyna, the mayor’s team staged a real bloody battle. The militants rushed into the shops, turned everything upside down, and businessmen defending their goods were roughly thrown out into the street. Following the fighters, builders walked and quickly dismantled the stalls and shops.
    Mayhem occurred under the vigilant supervision of the police. Probably, no one escaped, because the law enforcement officers did not react in any way to the beating of the merchants. Most interestingly, the "orderlies in Kiev" did not present any permits: neither court orders, nor a tax order. The owners of the property were simply offered to leave the premises in a good way (and that was not always the case) and then they started to beat. The only excuse for the attackers was Klitschko’s instructions.
    One of the most striking episodes was shot by a random passerby. 6-7 youngsters are violently beaten by the store owner, and the cops are on the sidelines and calmly watching the slaughter.
    Mr. Klitschko has not yet commented on the atrocities of his subordinates, but warned that raids on the hot spots continue. In this way, the mayor turns Kiev into a glorious European capital.
    Kievans fully felt on themselves all the charms of European civilization in the minds of Ukrainian officials, and even can not imagine that all this is just the beginning. The guys who staged a massacre on the Maidan and seized power are ready to shed rivers of blood in order to stay in their seats and rule the ruined country.
    The whole tin of the regime is yet to come. Such events are just petty trainings of the main logger Poroshenko before real purges. Ostap Samoyed
  12. Freeman
    Freeman 3 March 2016 08: 26 New
    ... The State Department continues to lie about incorrect reforms in Bandera, about corruption, but, in fact, he was tired as a sailor Zheleznyakov, tired of looking at the revolutionary-hydraulic mess. (What reforms can there be when a mess is even in the Rada?) And takes off his guardianship, or guard.
    ... urgently call another guard ...

    It is better to change their guard on our convoys. lol
    EC, dreams, dreams ...
  13. Belousov
    Belousov 3 March 2016 09: 18 New
    Fashington is not tired. He just thinks what and how to do. Crimea fell off (for the sake of which everything was actually started), the Donbass actually fell off, shale gas also turned out to be a fiction. And what to do now with these clowns is unclear. To send them to fight directly with Russia is a dead issue and in a literal and figurative sense of the word. Therefore, they simply heat up the anti-Russian hysteria, take on what is left. And whoever strangles whom in the parliament is absolutely not interested in them, staff members have always used a system with several players on the field, in order to quickly replace unwanted ones if necessary.
  14. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 3 March 2016 09: 18 New
    What does “Washington get tired”?
    The military conflict in the Donbass calmed down. The rest of the americans
    there is little concern.
  15. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 3 March 2016 09: 29 New
    There is still a difference between the situation in Ukraine and Russia in 1917, and it is significant and significant.
    The Bolsheviks managed to quickly strangle the opposition.
    And Donetsk and Lugansk have been actively opposing the Kiev junta for 2 years thanks to the support of Russia.
    Odessa, Russia did not come to the rescue, and there the popular rebellion was eliminated in the bud.
    The further development of events will depend on who pulls the rope to his side: Russia or the United States.
  16. engineer
    engineer 3 March 2016 09: 31 New
    The dictator must have support in the armed forces and financial means. there are none yet. so the new Maidan will not be soon. if at all. the collapse of the state with the division of spheres of influence among neighbors is possible. how many times it was with ruin and poland.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 3 March 2016 09: 59 New
      Quote: engineer
      just the collapse of the state with the division of spheres of influence among neighbors. how many times it was with ruin and poland.

      So Poland is trying ...
      Polish deputies propose organizing a powerful EU office in Ukraine, which will “terrorize” certain ministries, forcing them to fully implement the plan for the implementation of the Association Agreement. The powers of European politicians will be quite extensive, up to the possibility of dismissing non-building ministers of the Ukrainian government, as well as control all government documents and Ukrainian laws. Judging by the fact that Europe wants to create a staff of 300-400 workers in Ukraine, the entire country has gathered to control “from and to”. This is all done ostensibly in order to achieve the Independent due level of development according to the European model. Only the methods are still weird.

  17. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 3 March 2016 10: 57 New
    They will never tire of doing bad things and meanness !!!
  18. vladimirw
    vladimirw 3 March 2016 12: 14 New
    This is the fundamental difference between the State Department and the sailor Zheleznyakov: the State Department, led by Joe Biden, turns out to be much more stupid than this revolutionary Russian sailor, who trusted Lenin.
    Cool phrase!
  19. pts-m
    pts-m 3 March 2016 12: 36 New
    Pendostan decided to brainwash
    , but it turned out that there wasn’t enough brains for all the setups taking place in the world. Moreover, the setups were getting out of the control of the pendostan.
  20. iouris
    iouris 3 March 2016 14: 44 New
    I do not understand what the author wants, MIRACLE? This is in Russian.
    1. kush62
      kush62 3 March 2016 17: 37 New
      iouris (1) Today, 14:44 PM New
      I do not understand what the author wants, MIRACLE? This is in Russian.

      In Russian, this author wishes a miracle. And hell knows where it is.
  21. antifa
    antifa 3 March 2016 14: 48 New
    Washington important territory chaos near the borders of Russia. They will beat the barrel with a radical ukroderm.
  22. SIT
    SIT 3 March 2016 20: 40 New
    The main goal of launching the Ukraine2014 project is to create a supplier of cheap cannon fodder for drawing Russia into the war so that Russia cannot put sticks in the wheels of controlled chaos in the Middle East. She did not set in Libya, but the further advancement of this chaos showed that Russia will also enter the zone of this chaos, because Islamic caliphate includes the south of Russia too. According to this, most likely all the maneuvers of Washington and Kiev will end with another escalation of the military conflict in the southeast, and maybe even start a thread in the Crimea.
  23. siberalt
    siberalt 3 March 2016 20: 46 New
    True Ukrainians rule Ukraine laughing
    There are also Avakyan and Mishik-Georgians. They hate the Russian world.
  24. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 4 March 2016 06: 29 New
    Indeed, a tie eater is capable of devouring many ...
    The test characteristic.