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Summary of the situation in Donetsk on the first day of spring

Resource PravdaNews published a summary of the military officer "Mag" about the situation in Donetsk on 1 March 2016.

Summary of the situation in Donetsk on the first day of spring

Voenkor reports:

“With 10 in the morning, skirmishes began in the west of Donetsk, and then shelling with self-propelled guns and howitzers. Petrovsky district, Aleksandrovka, Staromikhaylovka were under fire again. Destroyed house in Petrovsky district, burns in Staromikhaylovka.

Two hours later, our two began to respond to the APU batteries, located near the village of Gornyak. There are several heavy howitzer artillery batteries. Apparently, the VSN gunners were successful, as the punctures in the positions of the punitive gunners were heard even in Kurakhovo.
Nevertheless, the terrible shelling continued, all weapons worked except for the MLRS and aviation. The northern suburbs also came under fire from small arms and mortars.

Quieter than in the morning, it was in the western suburbs. It lasted until the evening with breaks in 30-40 minutes.

Around 17: 15 again fired on Trudovsk, Staromikhaylovka.

In 17: 50, shelling of the northern suburbs began, and it lasted longer than usual - up to about 18: 30.

Then, as usual, before 18: 50 there was a break from 18: 50 to 19: 15 shelling with a heavy Volvo center artifact, DAP, Oktyabrsky.

In 17: 45, all the front-line cities heard a strong explosion in the northeast of Donetsk. What has exploded is still not clear, maybe another depot flew up at the APU.

In 18: 05 Trudovsk and Green Guy under shelling mortars, also BMP-2 worked from Marinka.

In 19: 15 shelling of heavy artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Krasnogorovka at the brick factory and the positions of the guard in Staromikhailovka.

In 19: 40 from Mayorsk, in the north-west of Gorlovka, ukronatsisty rolled out the tank and having fun, congratulated the civilians of Gorlovka on the first day of spring. Slightly to the south, from the direction of Verkhnetoretsky, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired from the mortars of the VSN positions in the area of ​​Red Partisan.

And then the heavy artillery of the western and northern suburbs and villages, the Yasinovatskaya fork and the suburbs of Gorlovka began.

It all started simultaneously in 20: 30 and lasted until 22: 30.

In 21: 30 was very strong and heavy arrivals were, the whole city heard from the explosions. The explosions were strange in sound, as if one was loud and many small ones followed, maybe some kind of cluster ammunition or something.

Around 21: 40 had a bright flash above the village of Staromikhailovka. In general, the entire horizon in the west and north of the city - one continuous flashes and glow. Problems with mobile communications, in some towns and districts of the city began interruptions in the light.

Mariupol direction. Located in the village Chermalyk ukratsisty fired from barreled artillery in the direction of n. Quay. Also, the fire was fired from the side of n. Gnutovo in the direction of Comintern.

All patience and health! ".
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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 2 March 2016 09: 06 New
    OSCE ????? .........

    1. Dazdranagon
      Dazdranagon 2 March 2016 09: 08 New
      They will creep out when in the APU a more serious answer flies ...
      1. 79807420129
        79807420129 2 March 2016 09: 12 New
        Quote: Dazdranagon
        They will creep out when in the APU a more serious answer flies ...

        By that time, the OSCE will make their legs and scream from afar that Russia and the militias are to blame.
        1. cniza
          cniza 2 March 2016 09: 23 New
          It seems necessary to make non-standard decisions, otherwise people will die and the junta will be fed with money for the war.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Romanenko
      Romanenko 2 March 2016 09: 34 New
      Symbolically, but probably three goats would be more correct ...
    3. Ros 56
      Ros 56 2 March 2016 10: 20 New
      Beautiful, and most importantly, the truth.
  2. from punk
    from punk 2 March 2016 09: 09 New
    Your mother ... And what kind of monster in the picture?)))
    It’s better not to disturb the OSCE, otherwise the militia will be the main violators again
  3. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 2 March 2016 09: 10 New
    Ukrainians slowly began to develop immunity to chocolate! )))
  4. domokl
    domokl 2 March 2016 09: 12 New
    Who knows what the explosion was there ... Really, many people heard with their feet ... So they kicked in the warehouse or ... In short, who has the info ... Dill seriously began to rattle the nerves of Donetsk
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 2 March 2016 09: 13 New
    all weapons worked except for the MLRS and aviation. The northern suburbs also came under fire from small arms and mortars.

    This is called MINSK-2 ..

    What then will be MINSK-3 ??? request
    1. The black
      The black 2 March 2016 09: 25 New
      I hope Minsk 3 will not be .... but there will be Kiev 1 smile
      1. Gomunkul
        Gomunkul 2 March 2016 11: 44 New
        I hope Minsk 3 will not be .... but there will be Kiev 1
        Nuremberg -2.
  6. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 2 March 2016 09: 14 New
    All patience and health! ".
  7. Riv
    Riv 2 March 2016 09: 26 New
    In the right way, we should also write in this report how much coal went from Donbass to Ukraine ...
  8. OlegV
    OlegV 2 March 2016 09: 31 New
    All patience and health!
  9. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 2 March 2016 09: 32 New
    Campaign war flares up again and it is clear that a fat pig needs to raise a rating that has already fallen below the baseboard. If these creatures (ukrofashists) are not judged in the near future, there is no truth on this land.
    1. Mercenary
      Mercenary 2 March 2016 12: 33 New
      I don’t know about you, as for me, the war parashenka only lowered his rating. And about the court ... it's generally from the realm of fiction.
  10. alex74nur
    alex74nur 2 March 2016 09: 32 New
    All media attention is focused on Syria. On the situation in the Donbass silence.
  11. Buzater
    Buzater 2 March 2016 09: 54 New
    These are the laws of media.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 March 2016 09: 55 New
    Why are they shooting? Waiting for BCH to launch an attack? Strange desire. They won't wait. There will be no offensive VSN until the start of the APU offensive. It's time for the ukrovoyaks to get used to it - first they attack, then they fall into the cauldron, then the VSN comes ... And these shootings - well, it's just not clear for whom and for what. There is nowhere to raise the degree of hysteria in society. And in the Russian army there are no longer any "Armat", no horse divers. laughing
    1. DimerVladimer
      DimerVladimer 2 March 2016 12: 40 New
      There is such a thing - a harassing fire. Nerves shake - they beat periodically on the areas.
      The goal is simple - to provoke, disturb, intimidate civilians, spend the accumulated ammunition produced by the plants of the chocolate king Potroshenko, and which will again be purchased at the expense of taxpayers of Ukraine - the blood money for oligarchs is no different from the money on chocolate ...
  13. Mihail55
    Mihail55 2 March 2016 10: 10 New
    Is it possible to understand the train of thought of mentally abnormal people?
    Yesterday, Kovtun convinced Babayan that 90% of the shelling by New Russia. But what an advanced uncle! What about ordinary zombie residents say square. Their children are perishing in vain, and they believe that it is necessary to stop Russian aggression. SICK!
  14. koshmarik
    koshmarik 2 March 2016 10: 24 New
    The Kiev government would have launched a new offensive in the Donbas long ago, but for some reason the US does not give the go-ahead. Most likely, Obama's peacekeeping, by the way not only in Ukraine, is due to the upcoming US presidential elections.
  15. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 March 2016 11: 19 New
    All the defenders of the South-West of Russia have a lot of strength, endurance, courage, support of all the forces of Light, Truth, Life! Hold on!

    God save you!
    We are with you, we are for you!
    Grateful compatriots
  16. black
    black 2 March 2016 11: 25 New
    Judging by my data, the Armed Forces have bad ammunition. And then something went wild. In armored vehicles and artillery, there is no advantage. They have an advantage in poor quality personnel. Well, even surcharges go for being under fire, such as fought. Tantrum, however.
    1. Mercenary
      Mercenary 2 March 2016 12: 38 New
      They generally have everything bad there, but it doesn’t stop parashenka from declaring that the Ukrainian army is one of the strongest on the continent ... they have everything bad there and not only in the army, and not only on the material level, however ...
    2. DimerVladimer
      DimerVladimer 2 March 2016 12: 43 New
      why would it be bad? - Poroshenko privatized factories producing ammunition, - he urgently needs to spend and replenish ammunition at the expense of state purchases at his factories, now he is not only chocolate, but also the powder king ...
      1. Mercenary
        Mercenary 2 March 2016 13: 59 New
        At least from the fact that production requires resources that need to be bought somewhere. And to buy you need loot, which is not. For me he’s the king of the threshing floor and a couple, no more ...