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Fallen in the struggle for coal ...


1 March in Donetsk can be considered the day of the second anniversary of the “Russian Spring”. Exactly two years ago, a huge rally of the inhabitants of the mining region, who did not want to put up with the coup in Kiev, gathered on Lenin Square. The rallies were held before that, but previously they were not so massive. It was then that the people of Donbass felt their strength, their cohesion, their determination.

However, two years later, when the Republic conquered in the struggle had already confidently risen to its feet, it did without magnificent celebrations. Donbass is grieving. Grieves for those who consider their compatriots. According to the Russians who fell in the struggle for coal.

While in Moscow and in other Russian cities, crowds of liberals staged PR actions on the bones of Boris Nemtsov, - in the far north of Vorkuta, there were, perhaps, still living miners under the ground. Those who are not lucky to get out right after the terrible accident at the Severnaya mine, which happened on February 25.

And February 28 is a tragedy again. The new explosion, which claimed the lives of six people, five of them - employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations from the Pechora mine-rescue squad, and one - an employee of the mine. These people died at the post, fulfilling their duty.

In the Donbas too much pain from such tragedies. Just like in the north of Russia, here too, the miners descend to the face every day, and their relatives, even those who are used to it, still worry somewhere deep down in their hearts for them. Therefore, what happened in Vorkuta was perceived with deep pain throughout Donetsk.

There is in the capital of the DPR the chapel of St. Barbara, the patroness of the miners. This chapel is called miners'. Every year, at the end of August, when the miners celebrate their professional holiday, there are commemorative events for those who have not returned from slaughter.

1 March, it was here came hundreds of residents of the Donetsk People's Republic. Miners, members of their families, employees of the Ministry of Coal and Energy ... Emergencies Ministry employees headed by the Minister of Emergency Situations of the DPR, Alexei Kostrubitsky, also came to pay tribute to their Russian colleagues who died while rescuing the miners. Ordinary citizens who are not related to the coal industry also came.

At the miner's helmet, brought to the place of an improvised memorial, lit candles. A memorial service was served for the dead. Then everyone laid flowers, and the mining helmet simply sank into them.

Earlier, the Ministry of Coal and Energy of the Republic officially expressed condolences to the families of all victims of the terrible accident in the north of Russia. In particular, it says: “In hard mining work there are no boundaries dividing states, just as there is no foreign misfortune ... The death of people, the breadwinners of families and the support of the labor collective are irreparable loss and boundless grief.”

We all know that Donbass itself now suffers a lot of disasters. Shelling by Ukrainian punishers continues daily.

According to the deputy commander of the corps of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic, during the past week four soldiers of the DPR army were killed. In addition, three civilians were injured.

29 February in the village of Trudovskiy, which belongs to the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, a young woman was injured due to shelling. In the evening, 1 March, in the same Petrovsky district, the electric substation was damaged by ukrokrateley - part of the area was left without electricity.

Despite all this, the inhabitants of the DPR find moral strength in themselves to take on the pain of the people of Russia ...

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Elena Gromova
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 2 March 2016 06: 38
    I join you, Elena, and also express my condolences to the families of the victims.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 2 March 2016 07: 22
    Eternal memory to them ... condolences to relatives and families ..
      PHANTOM-AS 2 March 2016 09: 03
      Quote: parusnik
      Eternal memory to them ... condolences to relatives and families ..

  3. guzik007
    guzik007 2 March 2016 07: 56
    My condolences to relatives. I understand, because he himself has lost many. But ...
    One "but". This article should be continued. Continued with questions.
    Who is to blame, who should be punished, why this misunderstanding in the person of Dvorkovich, who knows how to become deputy prime minister, and not the owners of the mine (by the way, who are they?) Comes forward with excuses on the first channels
    Half-excuses have already appeared, supposedly the miners themselves are so bad-they cover the sensors with quilted jackets so that it does not work, because there will be no plan. Such stuffing, I think, is an abomination and an excuse for the real culprits of the tragedy, which always evade responsibility.
    Maybe the sensors closed and turned off, only such is human psychology. When people are at the peak of danger for a long time, their instinct for self-preservation is dulled. Therefore, on the front line there is a mandatory rotation of troops - go to the rear to rest, recover yourself, otherwise you will die. So then the war - they need to protect the personnel. And in a peaceful life in our time, everything is much more cynical and meaner. Do you download rights? Either climb into the slaughter, or fuck ... with your family and leave your teeth on the shelf.
  4. OlegV
    OlegV 2 March 2016 09: 28
    Quote: guzik007
    .... Half-excuses have already appeared, supposedly the miners themselves are so bad-they close the sensors with quilted jackets so that it does not work, because there will be no plan. Such stuffing, I think, is an abomination and an excuse for the real culprits of the tragedy, which always evade responsibility.

    I myself come from the mining region ... and so from the stories of the miners, I was still a kid, I remember well, ... if God forbid which miner will take matches into the face, but what are there matches - they will see a MATCH, they could kill such a gouging. kidding. It was strict with this, especially in coal mines, but in ore mines it is simpler with this, but there are also enough "surprises"

    I express my condolences to parents, wives and children ..... it will be difficult without breadwinners, they rest in peace.
  5. Signaller
    Signaller 2 March 2016 13: 36
    Not only Vorkutins themselves worked at these mines in Vorkuta. There is a sea of ​​people from other regions. I have a bunch of friends from the Tula region. Many worked and are working there. Almost no coal is mined in the Tula territories. So the people are traveling to the north. Eternal memory to them. Miners are like sappers. Once wrong. Peace be upon them.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 2 March 2016 15: 06
      The miner profession is just as dangerous as the military profession and therefore they are strong in spirit but at the same time they have an extremely keen feeling for any injustice and a desire to help others in trouble, and it was the miners and former military who defended the Donbass when hordes of nationalists moved on it Fascists of the Kiev regime supported from the USA Israel EU.
      Not so long ago, there was also a terrible tragedy in the mine in the Donbass and we, together with all the people of the republic, mourned the lost Donetsk people - an eternal memory to all the miners and simply to all the people of our country who died not only in the mines but also defending their homeland.
      Thanks Elena for the article.