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Army-2016. Army Intelligence

Without thinking too long, we decided that, thanks to our established good relations with the press service of the Western Military District, we were quite ripe to make a new cycle of materials. And it is very simple to call him, but with a taste: "Army-2016". Because all materials will be devoted to the processes taking place in our army.

Teachings, army competitions, which are now called competitions, and everything else.

The beginning, in principle, was made from a visit to the qualifying competition of the air defense defense defense system calculations. A continuation of the material was about training artillery fireworks. And here is the third report this year.

On the good will of the press service, the representatives of the Military Review and the Zvezda TC visited the final stage of the competition of the Army intelligence officers of the Western Military District. It was the last qualifying competition, which resulted in the best teams taking part in the final, which will be held in the summer in Novosibirsk. There they will fight for the title of the best representatives of intelligence services of all districts.

Intelligence - the structure is thin. And it imposed a lot of restrictions on us. Much (and many) can not be removed immediately for a bunch of reasons. Mention who comes from - too. But all this is completely understandable, and the fact that the material's brilliance suffered a little did not in any way detract from what we witnessed. And there was something to see. More precisely on whom.

On that day, when we arrived at the landfill of one of the parts of ZVO, there passed the next stage. Namely exercise "Path of the Scout". Who does not know, I will explain. It is like an obstacle course, only more diverse, more sadistic and passed by the team. That is a branch.

We walked this path several times with the participants, but only in the horizontal plane.

Wire fences abound. Not thick, but work with your hands.

Storm at home.

Bridge. We must first remove the sentry, and then mine the bridge.

The bridge in conditions of obstructed visibility. Yes, and breathing. The special effects at the site were managed by a very generous man. A whole squad of fighters worked at him, tirelessly dragging tires on the track, then bringing boxes of smoke to him. In general, the fresh air at the site ended very quickly.

A scout should be able to throw not only knives.

Knives also need to be able to send where necessary.

Transportation of the wounded.

Another exercise for the sapper: search for mines with a probe.

Smoky and smelly aspects.

When your friend - support in the truest sense of the word.

There, behind the smoke, a target for a grenade ... and time passes ...

And where is the spiderman?

Mining railroad tracks.

Without the command "Gaza!" also not done.

But, by the way, gas masks came in handy, because the headmaster regularly threw smoke bombs into the underground passage.

Who will win this competition, will find out four days. And the winner will receive not a reward, but the right to plow even more, in order to meet the best of the best in the summer.

A worthy task for real men.

Having passed more than once (just passing, following the group, then running to the side, then overtaking), we estimated the level of training of our intelligence officers. And, frankly, special forces are, of course, cool, we will not argue here. But intelligence is power!
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  1. crasever
    crasever 2 March 2016 07: 04
    Let the adversaries see - there is someone to protect the Fatherland !!!
  2. domokl
    domokl 2 March 2016 07: 37
    no questions .. Not in vain ... We got a great report
  3. PKK
    PKK 2 March 2016 07: 40
    It is advisable to go through such training lanes before automatism and not rest only on the approved program. In the same YouTube, there are a lot of all kinds of exercises that develop movement. And here's the question for backfill: After passing the lane, the person begins to cool off sharply, how and what does the fighter get warm with? And yet: After an hour of exercise, running, in the muscles, starvation sets in, before switching to intramuscular nutrition, cramps and muscle pain are possible, how to overcome this failure?
    1. Riv
      Riv 2 March 2016 10: 20
      The recipe is very simple and very old (no matter how five thousand years): add wine to the flask. A couple of sips help a lot. However, such exercises are unlikely to be allowed. Then a piece of sugar, honey, or a slice of chocolate on the cheek. It also contributes.
      1. Chisayna
        Chisayna 2 March 2016 11: 30
        Yes, refined sugar. And from another experiment. After long, many hours of transitions, decoction of lemongrass helps well.
      2. aiw
        aiw 2 March 2016 12: 28
        The Lord is with you - alcohol is indicated for sugaring ONLY when it is already warm. Otherwise, a good chance to catch a common hypothermia.

        And from fatigue, a proper diet, including hamster
        chocolate-sugar-dried fruit-nuts during the play. Well, hot sweet tea.

        Schisandra and other stimulants will only go if the peak is peak and then rest is possible.
        1. Chisayna
          Chisayna 2 March 2016 12: 44
          And where’s it about alcohol. Refined sugar, it’s from the hungry 90 (nineties). I have the very first vus (if you know what it is). 106646-reconnaissance machine gunner. Who would give conscripts in hungry 90, raisins, chocolate.
          1. aiw
            aiw 2 March 2016 20: 49
            I didn’t answer you, but Chiisana ;-)

            We, poor students, ate in the hungry 90s in the mountains quite nuts and raisins. Half a day, you won’t take much. And now granola appeared in the bars ... Chocolate, dog, melts ;-(
  4. Xpyct89
    Xpyct89 2 March 2016 08: 09
    When will camouflage and equipment for winter be introduced? And then these masks, bathrobes and summer outfit I already got. I watched something like a story about mountain scouts so they were there in summer camouflage in the mountains where there was nothing other than snow and stones
    1. bandabas
      bandabas 2 March 2016 10: 47
      What's the point? First snow and rocks, and then dirt and cellars. Or vice versa. By the way. The SS forces used bilateral parkas with white and camouflage colors, but this did not particularly take root.
      1. Xpyct89
        Xpyct89 2 March 2016 14: 57
        Well, let it become dirty but dirty white in winter is better than green
  5. lotar
    lotar 2 March 2016 08: 19
    The army should be a single organism, all the organs are important in it, where intelligence is the eyes of the army, hands alone, and the rear services of the digestive system without which no organ can exist, including the brain, in our case being the headquarters. This is, of course, simplified the picture, but it’s clearer. I hope these guys will be equally prepared for any possible actions on the territory of the enemy, regardless of their location and time of action.
  6. dimonl
    dimonl 2 March 2016 09: 16
    Everything is fine, but really when the troops are dressed as expected. Shoes rewound with tape - sad to look ....
  7. Riv
    Riv 2 March 2016 10: 16
    The soldiers of the logistics company should be praised. At the test site, everything is neat, where it is needed - it is lit, where it is necessary - a thorn. Respect, even considering that the training is indicative.

    And the scouts themselves ... Well, they also probably know how to do a lot, but ... guys, don't be offended: "A blind man won't notice them ..." :)
  8. Lopatov
    Lopatov 2 March 2016 13: 26
    Somehow ... I don’t know. Maybe all this is needed more for infantry than for scouts?
  9. Reeds
    Reeds 2 March 2016 18: 59
    Intelligence glory!)
    Eyes and ears - Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
  10. ingenera
    ingenera 2 March 2016 20: 32
    Guys of course, well done! But they always told us in the army that the main thing in intelligence was secrecy. A scout who started shooting, from that moment ceases to be a scout. In this story, we should rather talk about the physical and psychological form of scouts. But, anyway, great!
  11. SIT
    SIT 2 March 2016 21: 57
    Well, they probably showed what they thought was necessary, and what looks spectacular. Will they really have to shoot the sentry on the bridge in real life? Hardly. Nobody will risk it and use glushak. I hope these guys are shown how to make a bonfire so that smoke spreads on the ground, how to make it with a piece of Christmas tree and snow np, which is impossible to notice and in which you can lie for 3 hours and not freeze, how to go skiing in the forest and sweep tracks, etc. . The knife and shoulder blade can only be thrown if you get exactly 3 fingers above the body armor, i.e. in a landfill, you should not fall into a piece of fence, but into a matchbox. This requires so much time for training that it is better to spend it on which thread is more useful. For example, to train the calculation of the time of advancement for XNUMXD space images in a tablet computer.