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Ukrainian Cabinet: "We choked, choked, choked, choked! .."

For several days in a row, the Ukrainian “experts” relished with particular zeal the fact that excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel are rising in Russia from April 1. The general message of the passages is approximately as follows: “Well, are you still willing to pay for“ Crimea is ours? ”The Ukrainian media added to the Svidomo heat that Su-25 attack aircraft crashed near Budennovsk, and that in Moscow the Uzbek“ nanny ”had decapitated the child and threatened to blow up the subway station.

They wrote so that the threats of the “nanny” uproar were decided to turn into a disinformational reality, and one after another began to appear in the Ukrainian medianews»About the alleged explosion at the Oktyabrskoe pole metro station. Without checking the information, they immediately decided to publish several Transcaucasian publications, including Azerbaijani portals. About this, the TV channel presented its exposing material. LifeNews.

Svidomo audience, as it should be, experienced extremely positive feelings from negative reports from Russia. The impression was that Ukrainian media resources were trying to redirect the attention of Ukrainian citizens from something very significant in Ukraine itself by a flood of negative news about Russia. And the emerging impression was not deceptive. Literally a few hours after the applause of information about the events in Russia on the Ukrainian TV channels, in print media and on the Internet, the very same materials appeared that ordinary Ukrainians should not have noticed - well, so to speak, against the background ... But no, noticed ...

We are talking about the publication of plans of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers for the withdrawal of the Ukrainian economy from the crisis. Yes, yes, the plan is called: "... on the conclusion of the crisis." I would like to touch upon in more detail what the plan of Mr. Yatsenyuk and his desk is. Among the "multi-book" about the economic efforts of the Ministry of Finance and other economic agencies, those that directly relate to the implementation of the requirements of the IMF attract attention. It should be recalled that earlier the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, said that the fund, they say, may not send another credit tranche to Kiev, because the Ukrainian government is launching "major" economic reforms on the brakes. As a "most important" reform, Ukraine was obliged to kick up utility tariffs in order to "replenish the treasury."

And indeed - Kiev announces that, starting from April 1, ordinary Ukrainians will experience a new increase in tariffs for housing and utility services. Moreover, tariffs will grow so that at least to dock with the bar of more than impressive Ukrainian inflation.

The minimum tariff for gas from next month will be 5,5 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters. The head of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, Dmitry Vovk, told the press that gas prices would rise by 53% at once! For comparison with the official (averaged) indicators of Gazprom (for example, in the Saratov region) - gas prices in the Russian Federation: 8490 rubles per thousand cubic meters - gas stoves, 4750 rubles per 1 thousand cubic meters - heating and power generation. If we take into account the bank rate of the hryvnia to the ruble (2,8), then it turns out that 1 thousand cubic meters of gas for Ukrainians will now cost in the country in 15,4-15,6 thousand Russian rubles (and this if we take the official hryvnia rate and the minimum tariff as a basis) . Of course, one can say that it is foolish to compare, if only because Russia exports gas, and Ukraine imports most of it. But you have to compare, because all the recent gas in Ukraine was considered something of a natural substance, which could be pulled out of a pipe, thereby turning the prices requested by Gazprom into fiction. Even the sums in 450 dollars (with the 100-dollar discount), which Yulia agreed to, and which seemed adequate for Ukrainian “reliable partners”, all these years were also fiction, for Kiev not only did not pay what it was needed, so also and with a smirk of the Ilfo-Petrovsky "blue thief" he was stealing gas heading from Russia to Europe. They used to argue with the argument: “you still owe us more, because we are your brothers, and indeed the Holodomor with the Soviet occupation” ...

It turns out that for the first time in all the years of existence of the “Square” Ukraine, the Kiev authorities are signing that there will be no freebies for fuel. If Kiev today buys gas in Russia and in Europe (such as a reverse) on average 200-212 dollars for 1000 cubes, then it is the Ukrainian population and the Ukrainian generating industry that will pay for these purchases. But to pay for the same gas at a real market price, neither one nor the other used to. And now how can Mr. Yatsenyuk explain to the population that the IMF is forcing to pay bills, and even send the saved pennies to pay off interest on previously issued credit tranches? ..

But the growth of gas tariffs is not all. If a significant increase in gas prices in the “Square” is only expected, then the electricity tariffs have already jumped - from March 1. The cost of electricity rose by up to 25,2%. From the table of tariffs published by the Government of Ukraine:

1 kW • hour - 57 Ukrainian kopecks (1,6 Russian rubles.) With consumption up to 100 kW • hour;
1 kW • hour - 99 Ukrainian kopecks (2,8 Russian rubles) with consumption from 100 to 600 kW • hour;
1 kW • hour - 156 Ukrainian kopecks (4,4 Russian rubles.) With consumption from 600 kW • hour.

Tariffs by Russian standards are very low, and they (changed 1 in March 2016) demonstrate how acceptable were spending on housing and communal services even under Yanukovych, if such changes cause a wave of indignation among Ukrainians now. True, we must not forget that since the days of the “corrupt official and the bloodsucker Yanukovych”, the real incomes of the average Ukrainian, due to the hardest inflation jumps, have turned into something economically ridiculous, which put Ukraine economically in one niche with African Gabon. Naturally, the sinking of incomes also affected Russian citizens, however, this sinking doesn’t compare with the “democratic achievements” of Ukraine. And then homegrown pessimists must say: well, this is for now ... So it's not about what will happen next, but about what we have now, without trying to look into the distant future, where Ukraine is expected, of course, by European prosperity, and Russia (according to the same pessimistic-minded fellow citizens) - the clouds of the Middle Ages and the indispensable financial collapse with eating the last hedgehogs ...

Ukrainian Cabinet: "We choked, choked, choked, choked! .."

Meanwhile, Yatsenyuk in the government is discussing a road repair plan.

Dmitry Vovk, already mentioned in the article, “pleased” Ukrainian citizens with one more perspective. According to him (material "Correspondent"), already in the next heating season (that is, from October-November 2016-th), the heating in Ukraine can go up by 80% immediately!

I do not read whether reports about such an impressive increase in tariffs, Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovich through his lawyer and decided to declare his readiness to return to Ukraine ... the Savior of the nation ...
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  1. Temer
    Temer 2 March 2016 06: 25
    Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.
    1. oldav
      oldav 2 March 2016 06: 28
      Go to them on social networks. You all pity for them will disappear moment.
      1. Hubun
        Hubun 2 March 2016 06: 33
        I absolutely agree with you. I was already tired of marveling at the anger and aggression of my former compatriots, I lived in Ukraine for about 20 years, where those with whom I had pioneered and served with shared. In social networks, you communicate in the photo as if the same person, but in the soul and in the brain, you see, no. some kind
      2. Pig
        Pig 2 March 2016 07: 00
        "Visit them on social networks"
        Yes, at least half of these "social networks" have never been to Ukraine! Some Eastern European and Baltic IPs ...
        1. oldav
          oldav 2 March 2016 07: 21
          So these are the same Ukrainians who have only achieved "success" by becoming scrubber driers and plumbers in the EU and Canada.
        2. Cap.Morgan
          Cap.Morgan 2 March 2016 08: 05
          Quote: Pig
          "Visit them on social networks"
          Yes, at least half of these "social networks" have never been to Ukraine! Some Eastern European and Baltic IPs ...

          I don’t know what IP they have, but the fact that a huge number of scumbags in Ukraine is a fact. Many are sure that the Russians attacked them and so on ...
          1. goose
            goose 2 March 2016 10: 26
            They really believe in the regular army, because otherwise all the other explanations for the defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine put Ukraine in a very unsightly light.
      3. jetfors_84
        jetfors_84 2 March 2016 09: 38
        To paraphrase, we can say "That normal citizens do not go to social networks" laughing
        1. dorogvalera
          dorogvalera 2 March 2016 10: 15
          jetfors_84 (1) RU to be honest, this is only hope. Although reading their social networks and comments on the news, I begin to worry that this is a diagnosis.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. bk316
        bk316 2 March 2016 13: 49
        Quote: oldav
        Go to them on social networks.

        I went in once, not that pity disappeared, disgust appeared.
        It was as if he had plunged into something: a mate-mate, a complete disrespect for the interlocutor, even his own, and for some reason, all the time an anal-fecal topic.

        I don’t feel like it anymore.
      6. north67
        north67 2 March 2016 19: 23
        I agree to all 100%
    2. rf xnumx
      rf xnumx 2 March 2016 06: 36
      Quote: Temer
      Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.
      Generally not a pity!
      1. subbtin.725
        subbtin.725 2 March 2016 07: 03
        Somehow, the non-brothers started jumping less, I would even say sadly. The feed base is narrowing.
        1. Voha_krim
          Voha_krim 2 March 2016 07: 51
          Quote: subbtin.725
          Somehow, the non-brothers started jumping less, I would even say sadly. The feed base is narrowing.
      2. Dilshat
        Dilshat 2 March 2016 10: 19
        Yes, but Kharkov and Donbass were never Ukrainian, and now they are infected territories. It is possible to save the eastern territories and let the rest be hollowed before the Bosko is completely depleted.
      3. pensioneree
        pensioneree 2 March 2016 11: 29
        I absolutely agree, but BROTHER is out there somewhere! Although Estonian, but no longer a crest?
      4. otter.1
        otter.1 2 March 2016 12: 50
        I agree completely! When I was undergoing military service at KTOF 1984-87, I saw all this already then: “We feed you, drink, dress you, if only you ... got the scoop, bast shoes, we wow, but you are servants. .. we would have been there for a long time, but you are here "In general, nothing has changed.
        All the same nagging and whining.
    3. Kuzyakin15
      Kuzyakin15 2 March 2016 07: 32
      Quote: Temer
      Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.

      It’s better to regret yourself. I mean, my compatriots, in Russia. If we are lagging behind the price and tariff growth rate, then not by much.
    4. Litsvin
      Litsvin 2 March 2016 08: 33
      Here is what a "trick" the crazy Kiev Zhydovskaya junta threw out yesterday - sent to the Khural of the Mongolian People’s Republic a demand to compensate Ukraine for material and human losses from the invasion of Genghis Khan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it .............. They already begin to fool around seriously. sad
      Mongolian tovarischi reacted "with understanding to the current political situation in Ukraine" and officially promised to pay compensation. But for their calculation they demanded from the Ukrainian authorities to provide lists of "victims" and their "heirs" from among the inhabitants of the former Kievan Rus.


      By the way, the illiterate Zhydou-Ukrainian junta made a claim to the wrong - not to the Great Genghis Khan it was necessary to file a claim, but to his grandson Baty, who arranged the "rage of garnished Ukrainian choloviks".
      The next lawsuit from the Zhidovka junta, apparently, will be against Prince Oleg (Prophetic) who destroyed the Khazar Kaganate, who arranged a kind of "mini-cholokost" in the past. Remember how in the poem ".... he condemned the sword and fires ....". Eh, to raise the great Prophetic Oleg with his retinue now and bring him under the walls of the "city of Kiev" - as if these zhydomasonons scattered in different directions.
      1. Ostwest
        Ostwest 2 March 2016 18: 12
        Not only Prince Svyatoslav, Prophetic Oleg, but also B. Khmelnitsky put on a count of Jews and Uniates (that is, Bandera), even more often than psheks. They knew from whom famine could be expected, and as we see in modern Little Russia (in Leninist-Ukraine), they were not mistaken, and Hetman today is pan Jewish Jew Valtsman, who is fighting for the Cossack affair with the Bandera-Uniates. It is impossible to imagine more absurdity.
    5. GSH-18
      GSH-18 2 March 2016 08: 40
      Quote: Temer
      Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.

      No. Not at all a pity. The moment of truth just comes. And Svidomo language can not turn him away.
      We are waiting for new wild races on the Maidan under the addict's gull wassat
    6. tux
      tux 2 March 2016 08: 53
      Quote: Temer
      Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.

      But they are not at all sorry for us, on the contrary, only gloating against us.
    7. Kent0001
      Kent0001 2 March 2016 09: 18
      And I have a pity for them has long evaporated. The guys need to understand that sooner or later they have to pay for everything.
    8. Sidel45
      Sidel45 2 March 2016 10: 02
      And why, Mr. Temer, and at the same time not be sorry for us? Today it was reported that this year in Russia more than 500 thousand people will be thrown out of the gates of enterprises. True, they promise new unemployed to retrain and offer jobs for thousands of miles from their native nest (the famous mobility of the population of our liberal rulers). So imagine that you, a high-class specialist with a good salary, an apartment, a car, a summer house, are fired and offer retraining with the move from Voronezh to Blagoveshchensk. That is, you become a newcomer specialist with a beggarly salary in a rented apartment in a city that is foreign to you without a cottage and all that. Rainbow perspective? And the increase in the excise tax on gasoline, the valuation of real estate for taxation at the cadastral value, i.e. the increase in these taxes at times, and the rampant increase in utility tariffs, etc., etc., etc.? So, before you call someone miserable and feel sorry for them, you should first look in the mirror. In Ukraine, ordinary people live shittyly, I agree, but ours is not much better. Here, however, we surpassed Ukraine in terms of dollar billionaires. It’s for sure, only to me, a working pensioner without indexing pensions (another concern of our rulers), what is the use of this?
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 10: 38
        In Blagoveshchensk state employees are being reduced. Factories and factories have long been gone. Only the workshop. Agriculture can be engaged only in one and a half rural areas of the region. Do not take 1 ha. In our garden in Am.obl. weeds after plowing did not grow for a month - such a fertile land. There are not even bandits there! And corrupt officials! No one to pay them. 20 tr salaries at their prices are equivalent to 12 tr in Voronezh. My classmates at AmSU gathered in Moscow. Do not go there from Voronezh. Well, if only breathe clean air, but look at not scared people.
        1. subbtin.725
          subbtin.725 2 March 2016 13: 07
          Quote: Uncle VasyaSayapin
          There aren’t even bandits there! .... don’t go there

          Uncle Vasya, do not scare, and so fearfully. lol
      2. co-creator
        co-creator 3 March 2016 05: 44
        Seidel45, well, that means this is a high-class specialist, not a specialist at all, because once in his specialty he cannot imagine a job. Unfortunately, every year in any country of the world enterprises are closed and people lose their jobs, the main thing is that new ones appear.
    9. siberalt
      siberalt 2 March 2016 13: 17
      Carried away BDSM. Not a state, but some kind of continuous disgust. laughing It is a pity there is no survey on the most stupid government in the world.
      1. Oprychnik
        Oprychnik 2 March 2016 14: 07
        But Masha Rasputin was able to stand up for themselves in front of these clowns ...)))
    10. ak13-blood
      ak13-blood 2 March 2016 15: 37
      They grieved, now we have to live and say to those who wanted the Maidan: "But I told you that it will be so." And most importantly, many continue to jump, and some are already beginning to understand through an empty wallet.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 2 March 2016 06: 34
    Yesterday I read on our forums about our pilot. Disgusting!

    And let them be filled with their bile. Inute on the whole head.

    They even tied Syria there and on and on. There is no limit to delight.

    Well, the truth is why do we need such a neighbor, it’s a pity not to tear them away and not to take them somewhere to the moon.

    Fuck you brothers ???? Give time, they will draw a similar poster like a reptile - "Hai Zheve".
    1. PKK
      PKK 2 March 2016 08: 04
      The best treatment for demonized Svidomo cockroaches is an extraportation to remote areas. They have no place among people.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 10: 50
        It’s not easy for people in separate regions to live, but you want to send them these new ****. Siberia is not a dump. Take yourself for re-education.
        1. pensioneree
          pensioneree 2 March 2016 11: 52
          That dida Vasya rightly says, do not take root! (ps. with Mrs. Spelling, eternal problems!)
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 2 March 2016 06: 35
    Apparently, in the Ukraine, the day is a holiday and every day there is a victory over the "vorogom" and with each step of the Ukraine, it is getting closer and closer to a brighter future ..
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 March 2016 06: 44
    Based on what I have read about the "statements" and the reaction of Ukrainian figures, we can congratulate the United States and Europe for having developed a new kind of man - Homo Ukrainius. Outwardly, it looks like Homo sapiens, but differs in high aggressiveness, Russophobia, silly and hypertrophied megalomania (they did not manage to deduce it as a species, but he already declares that humanity came from him).
  5. Bongo
    Bongo 2 March 2016 06: 45
    Ukraine is "Ukraine", and let them deal with their cockroaches themselves. I, who live in the Far East, from where every year thousands of people leave for the central regions of the country, by and large do not care about them. The question is, with what joy are excise taxes on fuel raised in our country? Or in this way they decided to "support" the population at a difficult time?
    1. Lyton
      Lyton 2 March 2016 07: 55
      We’re in the opera ourselves, but we all nod to Ukraine, everything is fine with us in the State Duma, and such laws are being adopted.
    2. goose
      goose 2 March 2016 10: 52
      The Far East is a pity, the climate there, minerals, soils and the proximity of China make it possible to live more efficiently than in central Russia, but the lack of infrastructure and the chronic transfer of money to the center are killing these regions.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 11: 05
        There are indeed minerals far from the infrastructure. What did you write about the climate and soil? How does a cold climate with rains washing away crops along with roads and bridges, and "soil" in the form of a mixture of sand and clay allows you to live more efficiently? Or proximity to China? Build a factory or factory near China and sell teapots and socks there?
        No? ... Ah, to import goods from there and live on resale further to Russia! So Russia, even without the Far East, can do this through Novorossiysk.
        And they pump less money from the Far East than from the central regions. Just download nothing at all!
        Such a place is good! Either fires, then the flood, then the invasion of caterpillars. lol Why didn’t anyone live there before the Russians? The Chinese do not even really want to go.
        Any nonsense write.
    3. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 10: 55
      There are few Far Easterners, central officials on them ...
      As Khrushchev once said: I’ve arrived in the Far East, I didn’t feel the difference in climate. What do you pay extra for odds? And canceled their nafik.
      1. KBR109
        KBR109 2 March 2016 14: 16
        Ukraine and Syria are really corny of our eyes. Let's look at our housing and communal services since July. Rising serious unemployment and prices. The fall in salaries and the growth of debts on them. They start to love the electorate - elections are coming soon. On television, in general, Narnia is shown a fabulous show - one wants to join the Russian Federation together with the entire Krasnodar Territory. But I clearly understand that we are still considered the leaders. belay
  6. Gray 43
    Gray 43 2 March 2016 06: 46
    They have an orgasm from our troubles ((((apparently, this is the "trend" of Europe, when a trouble of any scale is turned into a farce and sincerely surprised when they receive a response - "And what are we for ?!"
  7. isker
    isker 2 March 2016 06: 46
    "- Did you have dinner?
    - I drank a glass of tea and wants more.
    - To give! - the sergeant-general has generously allowed. "
    (Y. Hasek - Schweik)

    and pathetic and disgusting ...
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 2 March 2016 07: 49
      and pathetic and disgusting ...
      It’s neither pity nor disgusting ... Complete indifference !!! In my opinion, the INDIVIDUALS are the most disgusting feeling ...
  8. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 2 March 2016 06: 50
    The minimum gas tariff from next month will be 5,5 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters

    Well, this is $ 200. Those. gas is sold at cost, excluding transportation and operating costs, which are subsidized by the state.
    1. Former battalion commander
      Former battalion commander 2 March 2016 16: 47
      They have extracted enough of their own gas to provide all of their population. You want to say that ukropovsky gas costs 200 bucks for them? Do not make me laugh!
  9. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 2 March 2016 06: 50
    We then produce gas, but judging by the increase in prices, gas fields are clearly on Jupiter, and the stations in near-solar orbit give electricity.
    1. Conrad
      Conrad 2 March 2016 11: 02
      I just advise you to read the book "Why Russia is not America" ​​there everything is detailed and clear about gas on Jupiter, and about
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Electricity is provided by stations located in near-solar orbit.

      Well, or take a calculator yourself and calculate how much it costs to extract resources in Russia. Only expenses need to be taken into account completely, without looking back at the Soviet habit of a freebie !!!
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 11: 36
        This is all true. Only now there is one more thing: apart from many positive qualities, we still differ in slovenliness and indifference (moyahataskraiu) and we do not differ much from xoxlov in character. And the rulers begin to "appreciate" our people when the war looms ahead. And the rest of the time we are rams for them.
        I don’t know if it was necessary to write about it. But it is already boiling.
        And in my opinion once it’s time to end this. Our country is poor and sparsely populated. If we do not change, nothing will help us.
    2. Black
      Black 2 March 2016 14: 40
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      but judging by the increase in prices

      Here you are! All accept at your own expense! And you need to look wider !!!! And this one .... more cheerful! Macroeconomic policy is calling us to that!
  10. dvg1959
    dvg1959 2 March 2016 06: 55
    Greedy and vile adventurers. But we did not have to endure for long. Victory will be ours, the enemy will be defeated - an irrefutable axiom confirmed by the historical events of the past times repeatedly.
  11. valent45
    valent45 2 March 2016 06: 56
    -16 qualifying.
    The title of the article is quite suitable for the republics of LDNR.
  12. rassel0889
    rassel0889 2 March 2016 06: 57
    Whatever the authors write here, for example, the previous article about the "blitzkrieg" type, they do not succeed in everything, or rather, nothing at all works out. Is this really so? They quarreled and brought to war, in fact, once a single people! Success? Undoubtedly! We were dragged into a real war against the militants (albeit on our terms and on their territory). Success? Undoubtedly!

    That's just what scares! Here, we almost imagined ourselves to be winners both in Ukraine and in Syria, but in fact, we are very competently manipulated. And what they will lead us to is unknown.
  13. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 2 March 2016 07: 03
    Quote: Hubun
    I absolutely agree with you. I was already tired of marveling at the anger and aggression of my former compatriots, I lived in Ukraine for about 20 years, where those with whom I had pioneered and served with shared. In social networks, you communicate in the photo as if the same person, but in the soul and in the brain, you see, no. some kind

    Anger and aggression was already 30 years ago, he personally felt it on himself when he traveled to Ukraine, just before it was curbed by the authorities, and now hatred is supported not at the highest level - by the government, parliament and in all media.
  14. 1536
    1536 2 March 2016 07: 04
    Or can we, as Americans, also begin to buy oil and gas in the Middle East? And save yours. Then it will be possible to compare both in Ukraine and with us, that is, what achievements the government and the people led by it have appeared. And then we pay as in America, but a little sense. In general, there would be no Ukraine, it would have to be invented. Because, what is the death of miners and pilots in comparison with Ukrainian events and the song of black holes? So, the nuance.
    1. Former battalion commander
      Former battalion commander 2 March 2016 16: 56
      You argue like this, the oil and gas located on the territory of Russia belong to the Russians! Forget it! Everything has already been shared for a long time and this resource IS NOT YOURS FOR A LONG TIME. And you will NEVER be planning on how to dispose of it. They awakened at the labeled, overslept at EBN, they themselves gave them for vouchers.
  15. nivander
    nivander 2 March 2016 07: 20
    and this is what the state of Ukraine looks like. There is no reliable support. But it’s worth knocking out one hell;
  16. surrozh
    surrozh 2 March 2016 07: 30
    Tariffs are rising ... And in our region a wave of reductions by 1300 enterprises is expected. You must think about yourself, relatives.
  17. lkom11
    lkom11 2 March 2016 07: 43
    Rabbitry at work lol
  18. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 2 March 2016 07: 50
    The vector of the direction of propaganda depends on the goal.
    When you want to calm down, you compare yourself with someone who has worse things to do.
    When you want to be inspired to move forward, you compare yourself with someone who is doing better.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 2 March 2016 08: 11
      Quote: Pvi1206
      The vector of the direction of propaganda depends on the goal.
      When you want to calm down, you compare yourself with someone who has worse things to do.
      When you want to be inspired to move forward, you compare yourself with someone who is doing better.

      That's just about the state of affairs of the neighbors, we often know from their sources of propaganda.
      Objectively, and who is doing better? Now is the crisis.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 11: 43
        They always had a little worse now too.
        Such a bl *** feeling that they are specially kept in order to scare us.
  19. Cartman
    Cartman 2 March 2016 08: 02
    What do you pester Gabon, let it be known that Gabon is one of the richest countries in Africa. At least read the pedagogy. If so compare with Somalia.
  20. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 2 March 2016 08: 15
    Ukraine reminds me of the poisonous tree of Anchars.

    In the wilderness, stunted and stingy,
    On the soil, with the hot heat,
    Anchar, like a formidable sentry,
    Worth - alone in the entire universe.

    Nature of the thirsting steppes
    His day of wrath spawned,
    And green dead branches
    And the roots of poison drink.

    Poison dripping through his bark,
    By noon, melting from the heat,
    And freezes in the evening
    Thick transparent resin.

    To him and the bird does not fly,
    And the tiger nyudet: only a whirlwind black
    Runs upon the tree of death -
    And rushing away, already pernicious.

    And if the cloud waters,
    Wandering, his sheet is dense,
    With its branches, it is poisonous
    Rain drips into the combustible sand ....

    A.S. Pushkin
  21. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 2 March 2016 08: 19
    And maybe enough to pay attention to the problems of our brothers? Let them solve them themselves, I do not care what their level of salaries, tariffs and hatred is. Let them roll their own way and a fair wind to them in the rear panel. We have our own problems above the roof, here are moronic officials of all stripes, liberals, thieves, deputies and deputies, elections again. I'm more worried about my homeland, but neighbors don't care for me :-)
  22. Hecate
    Hecate 2 March 2016 08: 28
    And about how potato, for example, has risen in price in Ukraine, Bandera ghouls do not want to tell, or about, for example, that in the same Dnepropetrovsk there has been no hot water for decades and they have not been waiting for it for a long time, local polls have switched to Chinese electric heaters ... In Russia prices are rising not so much because of the crisis, but because of the exorbitant appetites of local hucksters and officials, who have long had a bank account in Switzerland stolen by overwork.
  23. Scud
    Scud 2 March 2016 08: 40
    It doesn’t matter that the rulers are worthless
    The trouble is that the people match them.
    The people admire them, love to frenzy, take buckwheat but vote honestly for those who speak sweeter and promise more. The fault is not serfs. The stinkers themselves are guilty.
    Small, nondescript, gray-worthy slaves of their masters.
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 12: 05
      Are you talking about the inhabitants of Ukraine, about us or about Europeans and Americans?
      ... Buckwheat ... probably still about Ukraine ...
      Putin is good, ministers are bad, and we ourselves are just human souls. So everyone is easier of course.
      And the boat doesn’t swing ***. Cho to swing it? She is a monument. Pioneers of Siberia and the Far East. Does anyone swim somewhere? Fishermen from the shore are fishing as they can.
  24. Mercenary
    Mercenary 2 March 2016 08: 41
    The funny thing is that they are being promoted, but they can’t catch up with us at any rate!
    By the way, for the first time I see not percent increase, but specific amounts. Compare for yourself!
  25. GUKTU
    GUKTU 2 March 2016 08: 56
    The care of our government about us is no better than the Ukrainian about our !!!!!!!!! Don’t gloat! It’s so simple to blame all your sins on sanctions and the global crisis than to acknowledge your inaction and inability to manage a country rich in minerals
    1. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 2 March 2016 09: 16
      Exactly .... laughing That's just traffic jams are becoming denser even in small towns in Siberia ... In the courtyard there is already competition for normal parking places. hi As the satirist used to say "The paradox however" laughing
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 12: 12
        This paradox is that now women have cars instead of children. And it’s so funny that there aren’t enough tears.
  26. iv.ionov
    iv.ionov 2 March 2016 09: 10
    In the photo they look as if they are standing at the tomb and saying goodbye to the deceased !!!
  27. Ros 56
    Ros 56 2 March 2016 09: 10
    And for me, yes, and to hell with them and with their prices, what they wanted, that and achieved. We need to chat about our sorrowful affairs, as "The Hunchback" said. I don’t understand with what joy they raised the price of gasoline. Therefore, for everything else, and is not it time to nationalize all the energy in the country, and drive money into the country's budget, and not within the pocket of officials? And indeed, to conduct an audit in our economy, and at the same time in the government, there are too many stuck.
  28. Belousov
    Belousov 2 March 2016 09: 37
    I don't care about the horses. With falling oil, excise taxes increase by 2 rubles, and as practice shows, an increase in excise tax by 2 rubles leads to an increase in the cost of goods by 4 rubles. And our hucksters didn’t care that the excise tax was an indirect tax, and they didn’t care about registering it, the main thing is that they can now increase their own profits, and everyone who is dissatisfied should nod “this is the state, this is not us”. And our rulers can only increase taxes and cut medical expenses. But on the other hand, Putin fully approves of such anti-Russian and anti-Russian activities of the government appointed by him. am
  29. engineer
    engineer 2 March 2016 09: 54
    you need to deal with your leadership. import substitution is only a slogan. the development of high technology at zero. industry is not growing. and the ruin is not interesting.
  30. aleks.29ru
    aleks.29ru 2 March 2016 10: 04
    And how much does our electricity cost? 4.50, if not mistaken.
    1. mult-65
      mult-65 2 March 2016 11: 09
      For me, with an electric stove, 2.47 is independent of the quantity.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  31. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 2 March 2016 10: 11
    The rulers of Ukraine can answer all questions with another meme from Vitali Klitschko - "sorry, I'm from Ukraine."
  32. Mestny
    Mestny 2 March 2016 10: 17
    Quote: rassel0889
    They quarreled and brought to war, in fact, a once united people! Success? Undoubtedly!

    You might think that all previous years we have lived not spill water. All this Russophobia has been open since 91 years. Those who only need to be pushed at all not very much.
  33. mr.grin19z
    mr.grin19z 2 March 2016 10: 20
    rams jumped at them all of Ukraine in one person which represents Klitschko
  34. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 2 March 2016 11: 13
    Quote: mr.grin19z
    rams rode

    Not yet, continue to ride in the EU.
  35. Belarus
    Belarus 2 March 2016 11: 18
    As life practice shows, those who rejoice not in the human delight of the neighbor’s misfortune and still embellish this misfortune in every way, will suffer the same misfortunes and misfortunes, but only much worse.
  36. Horn
    Horn 2 March 2016 11: 46
    Meanwhile, Yatsenyuk in the government is discussing a road repair plan.

    - No. This is the painting "The Funeral of Naftogaz".
  37. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 2 March 2016 12: 47

    instead of a thousand words....
    1. north67
      north67 2 March 2016 19: 20
      Judging by the face, we eat something regularly. And Volia is the most expensive presenter. No need to blame for the country in which, by natural conditions, people should not live in 75% of the territory. People work and live from there and oil and grain and diamonds. Better turn in at least one ghoul-corruptionist, and do not speak with them at the carparatives and jam days.
  38. Kenneth
    Kenneth 2 March 2016 12: 54
    The theme of Ukraine is the theme of distracting propaganda. No more.
  39. 4ekist
    4ekist 2 March 2016 12: 56
    Quote: Temer
    Already not even funny. It’s a pity that these wretched people become.

    Sorry for the bee. I take everything more than seriously and nothing good can be expected from these scumbags.
  40. 72jora72
    72jora72 2 March 2016 13: 44
    Having read reports on such an impressive increase in tariffs, Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych, through his lawyer, decided to declare his readiness to return to Ukraine ... Savior of the nation ...
    It’s shameful if you came to Kharkov on February 22, 2014 to the congress of deputies of the southeastern regions of Ukraine, if you declared Kharkov a temporary capital, if you pulled faithful security officials there, raised the people, would turn to Russia for help if ... ... but you froze just ran away, leaving your people to be torn to pieces ....
  41. bk316
    bk316 2 March 2016 14: 09
    Quote: 72jora72
    Having read reports on such an impressive increase in tariffs, Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych, through his lawyer, decided to declare his readiness to return to Ukraine ... Savior of the nation ...

    To return?
    Yes, there is no such place in Ukraine where he can return and live to stay.
    Now he will be "loved" equally in Kiev and in Donetsk.
    And rightly so for me.
  42. eyed
    eyed 2 March 2016 14: 58
    Quote: Kenneth
    The theme of Ukraine is the theme of distracting propaganda. No more.

    Absolutely agree! When everything is bad for you, the best way to justify yourself is to yell, and as loudly as possible, which is worse somewhere, or it was worse, or it will be even worse. And you have to yell for a long time and correctly, with figures and graphs, facts and arguments. And that the house itself is a mess, then sanctions, obamki and Chubais and other European bastard in business, but we have stability ... The current must be pulled in belts, but wait for God's grace from heaven to fall. And under the guise of miliards beyond the hillock - beyond the hillock miliards are more needed and calmer. And the people, and what are the people? "the people are silent ..." (C). I want to and ask to greet. (See "Boris Godunov" by A. Pushkin)
  43. poma
    poma 2 March 2016 15: 16
    Ukrainians were caught dreaming of a brighter future. For the sake of which one must be patient. Well, the mentality of waiting for a freebie - where to get from him.
  44. north67
    north67 2 March 2016 19: 12
    I am not sorry for these miserable wretched idlers. Not only do they not work and kill their citizens, but they also hinder others from working for the good of their families.
  45. ando_bor
    ando_bor 2 March 2016 23: 10
    The author should have seen the numbers, what is the level of Gabon? to Gabon, Ukraine as to the moon, Gabon's per capita GDP is 4 times higher than in Ukraine. By the way, at face value Gabon is on the line above Russia.
  46. Trogvar
    Trogvar 3 March 2016 03: 09
    For comparison with the official (average) indicators of Gazprom (for example, in the Saratov region) - gas prices in Russia: 8490 rubles per thousand cubic meters - gas stoves, 4750 rubles for 1 thousand cubic meters - heating and electricity generation.
    Average .. probably we, the Far East will have to envy even the "maydanutym" I'm not talking about the Saratov province .. 95.20 per cubic meter .. (and this is the last year) that is, for a thousand ..? right .. almost a hundred thousand .. already tired of rejoicing that the neighbor's cow died. I would like not to be like Svidomo ..
  47. Glad
    Glad 4 March 2016 22: 47
    Eh hehe ... People, what are you talking about? And here is the increase in tariffs here in Ukraine? Not in this case. With all, let’s say, not the ideal life in the Russian Federation, no one extols the heavens of fascist henchmen like Bandera to heaven. They are not trying to make us different. Although they tried. In the 90s. Or has everyone already forgotten about this?
    In Ukraine, the opposite process is ongoing. And very intense. Only one thing pleases. Lyashko predicted that the EU was left to live no more than five years. It is unlikely that Ukraine in its current form will survive the EU.