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Swifts flew to the Altai!

5 September the city of Barnaul turned 285 years. On this occasion, a holiday was organized - "Day of the city." Pilots of the Strizhi aerobatic team arrived at the MiG-29 fighters to congratulate the townspeople, as it turned out, the old friends of Barnaul, not the first time visiting the capital of the Altai Territory.

My colleagues and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity, especially since they haven’t come to Stryzhi for some reason.
Having enlisted the support of the leadership of the Military Space Forces of Russia, the Central Military District and the Aerobatic Team, we received permission to shoot at the airport.
We left in the morning and in the afternoon were already in Barnaul. While time allowed, we decided to call on the mountain near the bridge, where the name of the city was written in huge letters, just like Hollywood! Locals call this place VDNH!

The view from there is quite pretty, although we were not lucky with the weather - there were low clouds, it was raining and a cold wind was blowing!
But to take a few pictures with a view of the city is a must!

Suddenly, out of nowhere (or rather because of the clouds), MiG-29 flew out, with a tail number 07.
This is Sergey Osyaykin, the commander of the Strizhi aerobatic team, flew “on reconnaissance” - to see the sky, the height of the clouds, in the general scene on which the aerobatic team will have to turn in a few hours.

We turned out to be completely unprepared for this, the guys didn’t even have telephones, but I didn’t manage to set up the camera. Therefore, the quality of the pictures is not perfect ...
Nevertheless, it was very interesting to watch the MiG, with a roar spinning aerobatics right above the Ob, then zipping upside down

Doing turns, leaving trails from the engines. This feature of the MiG-29 (thanks to the RD-33 engine) was noted by Western experts as early as 1988, at the Farnborough air show. Interestingly, the “smoky” engine runs smoothly in a maneuverable battle, while smokeless motors can even stall!

The MiG-29 is a fourth-generation multipurpose fighter developed by the OKB MiG, named after the names of its “fathers” —the main designers, Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich.
It differed from the previous generation aircraft:
Static instability, with control "by wire", and not mechanical, while such an aircraft can not sustainably fly without the intervention of the pilot, they need to manage and manage constantly!
Turbojet engine with low bypass ratio, which provides high speed (but also high fuel consumption).
Advanced avionics and guided weapons.

MiG ‑ 29 surpasses its foreign counterparts in many ways (F ‑ 16, F / A ‑ 18, Mirage 2000). Due to the excellent aerodynamics, it is capable of accelerated acceleration, has a high rate of climb, a small radius of turns, has high angular speeds turn and is able to perform long maneuvers with large overloads

The MiG-29 is one of the best-in-class fourth-generation jet fighters. “The dream of any pilot” was the response of the German Luftwaffe pilot, armed with the 24 aircraft of this type, previously delivered to East Germany. Recently, the MiG-29 made a splash with its “vertical” take-off at the world's largest military air show Royal International Air Tattoo, in the UK.

In the meantime, Sergey Osyaykin assessed the situation and, having a bit more noise behind the clouds, flew to the airport. We moved forward.
International Airport Barnaul them. German Titov, located in 17 kilometers from the city center, began his work in the 1937 year (albeit elsewhere), and the airport’s name was astronaut German Titov, born in the Altai Territory, in the 2010 year.
The airport greeted us with rain and the complete absence of people on the platform and in the airport lounge. No wonder, there was not a single passenger plane on the field, and it was not expected! And we do not need!
We were waiting on the field MiGs !!!

While the pilots were not yet, we had the opportunity to shoot the aircraft from different angles.
How beautiful they are, these graceful but menacing birds!

And here is the nozzle of the engine "RD-33", it has the maximum force in the afterburner in 8300 kgf. (and their, as is known 2)
A unique feature of the MiG ‑ 29 is the ability to take off with a combat load on one engine !!! With the inclusion of the second engine is already airborne, which saves valuable time during takeoff on alert. And now attention !!! Engine dismantling time by 5 mechanics - 1 hour.

And this MiG, has a tail number 29. It is symbolic! (maybe this is a criminal number and it is not stopped for checking in the sky?)

Mechanics came to the aircraft and began to prepare the car for flights. Opened the lights.

We decided to retire to some distance in order not to interfere, and knowing the traditions of the pilots not to be photographed before the flight. Let them work, we will see from afar!

Meanwhile, the aircraft began to taxi out onto the runway. The first commander of the MiG-29UB was the pilot of the aerobatic group, guard Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Osyaykin, on the MiG with number 07. We already saw him today on reconnaissance! Sergey Ivanovich graduated from the Kachinsky Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots and the Air Force Engineering Academy named after N.E. Zhukovsky.

Following him, the major Dmitry Zubkov sailed to the MiG-29 (with the “fashionable” number 29 !!). He graduated from the Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School, a senior pilot, inspector of flight safety and air safety, a pilot-instructor 1 class.
We flew a pair, as if one!

Behind them, a pair of Denis Kuznetsov, the guards majors, also flew into the air on the MiG-29UB with the 02 number and Dmitry Ryzhevolov on the MiG-29 with the 30 number.

We have a small smoke break, the planes will return in minutes via 20 - 30. We decided to move closer to the top of the runway in order to better take off the landing. But did not have time to do it! Dmitry Zubkov made a passage in the afterburner right above us, at extremely low altitude! We have laid ears! We just managed (somehow) to grab the cameras! And to imprint the tail of an airplane in the hot air blurred by the engines!

Dmitry Ryzhevolov appeared in the sky!
Guards Major Ryzhevolov Dmitry Alekseevich graduated from the Krasnodar Military Aviation Institute, but he himself says that the Armavir Flight School, the Pilot of the 1 class

The pilots decided to arrange a small show for the ground services, and for us at the same time! Rising spiral, immelman, barrel, fighting turns at the afterburner!

And Dmitry Zubkov sits down, firing a drag chute
Immediately after landing, the efficiency of the parachute is the highest, because the front aerodynamic drag is directly proportional to the square of the speed. Using a braking parachute reduces landing distance to 40%
The braking parachute of the MiG-29 has an area of ​​17 m² and on upgraded machines there are two of them each of 13 m² each, which reduced the length of the run during landing.

Appears, with a very beautiful passage, Denis Kuznetsov.
Guards Major Kuznetsov Denis Anatolyevich, graduate of the Armavir Pilot School
1 class pilot.
He flies on the MiG-XNUMHUB (combat training). To accommodate the second cabin was redesigned front fuselage. Many believe that the “Spark” is more beautiful than a combat fighter. The length of the aircraft increased by 29 mm. The double fighter is not equipped with a radar, but the optical-electronic sight (the “eye” in front of the lamp) has been preserved

And again, a little aerobatics!

And how he landed !!! Very beautiful!

Dmitry Zubkov taxied to the parking lot

Denis Kuznetsov finished the flight program for today!

And on earth they are already waiting! In particular, the guard major Sharkevich Vladimir Frantsevich, an ATO engineer for REO. Remember how Maestro Makarych was waiting, in the movie “Only Old Men Go To Battle”

The first minutes after the flight!

It looks like Swifts has a tradition - after flying hang a helmet on the LDPE - Air pressure receiver, as Dmitry Ryzhevol is doing now.

Denis Kuznetsov is tired, but it is clear that he is satisfied!

Dmitry Zubkov too! You can't hide it!

The extreme commander of the group, Sergei Osyaykin. After the group aerobatics he showed a solo program. And flying reconnaissance! Accordingly, and tired more than others! First of all - a sip of water!

And now you can discuss the flight!
By the way, in this photo, in front of the lantern, the “Eye” - an optical-electronic sight is clearly visible.

Take a picture for memory!
From left to right: majors Denis Kuznetsov, Dmitry Zubkov, Dmitry Ryzhevolov, leading lieutenant colonel Sergey Osyaykin, major Sergey Sinkevich, he didn’t fly today, but actually he is Right-wing Slave.

I was very glad to meet you personally!
Sergei Ivanovich, clear sky to you!
Svetlana Balaeva took us, thank you!

And with our team!
This photo is not mine! For her thanks to Maxim Bugaev and Yulia Shlykova

Goodbye Barnaul city! We will leave, the pilots will fly away! But we will be happy to return! Give only a reason!

MiG-29 was created to gain air superiority over the enemy, and won our hearts!

Our wonderful event did not take place without the assistance of a large number of people (those who helped and organized the event were more than us, those who shot !!!)
Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to them all by name!
Thank you very much!
• Representative aerobatic team Oleg Chernikov
• Commander of the Aviation Display Center of the State Center for Aviation Personnel Training and Military Testing (Kubinka), Colonel Shataylo Konstantin Anatolyevich
• Head of the Information Support Team of the Air and Space Forces of Russia, Colonel Igor Klimov.
• Head of the press service of the Central Military District, Anatoly Fomichev
• Deputy DG Airport Barnaul aviats. Security Aleikin Valery Ivanovich
• Marketing Manager Julia Shlykova
• And, of course, the same, the commander of the group "Swifts", guard lieutenant colonel Osyaykin Sergei Ivanovich

That's all! Invite, we will be happy!
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  1. GSVG 86-88
    GSVG 86-88 2 March 2016 07: 50
    Great, we in Chelyabinsk had respect!
  2. 73bor
    73bor 2 March 2016 08: 11
    And I remember when this airport was boiling like a boiler, wherever planes and helicopters do not look everywhere (from An-2 to Tu-154), the DOSAAF airfield was not far away, and in Barnaul there was a whole flight school, and now the heartbreaking airport is an airport locked at night!
    1. FID
      FID 2 March 2016 08: 31
      Quote: 73bor
      And I remember when this airport was boiling like a boiler, wherever planes and helicopters do not look everywhere (from An-2 to Tu-154), the DOSAAF airfield was not far away, and in Barnaul there was a whole flight school, and now the heartbreaking airport is an airport locked at night!

      I come from Barnaul ... True, my father is a military man, and I didn’t visit Barnaul, let’s say, very often ... But I remember my godfather and godmother my Barnaul and Partizanskaya Street very well !!! I'm a chaldon!
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 2 March 2016 08: 22
    Quote: 73bor
    , and in Barnaul itself a whole flight school

    Almost right in the center. In front of the entrance was a plane on a pedestal.
    1. 73bor
      73bor 2 March 2016 08: 30
      He stands there, only there is no school, they decided that the police in our country are more needed than the pilots!
  5. metallic
    metallic 2 March 2016 13: 54
    Good story! :-)
    In Volgograd recently there was a demonstration performance of "Swifts". But, unfortunately, without the ground part.
  6. Ducksar
    Ducksar 2 March 2016 18: 12
    Thank you very much Swifts, really enjoyed the performance! I went with my family to watch, there were a lot of people.
    1 photo performance smile
    2 photos all go home sad