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Anti-rifle Barrett XM109


The anti-material rifle is not designed to destroy enemy manpower, but to destroy material objects using elements of armor.
After creating the sword, they immediately seek to create a defense against it - a shield.
The development of armored vehicles and equipment, the constant build-up of armor on them, sharply raises the question of protection and the means to combat them.
The main types of personal weapons for the destruction of armored vehicles were as far as the creation of grenades, anti-tank rifles, grenade launchers, unguided and guided anti-tank missiles and other developments in this field.
The idea of ​​combining a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle is not new, American designer R. Barrett picks up the baton of ingenuity and designs armor-piercing weapon called XM109.

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The Barrett XM109 weapon is rooted in the OCSW and OICW programs - the creation of new grenade launchers using ammunition with the possibility of a controlled detonation, high explosive and penetrating power. For various reasons, the projects of the OICW program are almost all frozen. And projects of the OCSW program pass tests and completions.
It was within the framework of the program that the Barrett Firearms company began the development of principled weapons to combat armored vehicles.
We can be proud of the fact that it was the Soviet automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 that pushed the American designer to the idea of ​​using grenade launcher in a large-caliber Barrett M82A1 rifle. Technically, the M82 rifle could have used larger ammunition, so there was no need to create a weapon from scratch, but simply upgrade the sniper rifle for grenade launcher ammunition.
The idea was called Objective Sniper Weapon - sniper target weapons. The project was based on a large-caliber sniper rifle.
Ammunition for the new development was selected 25x59 grenade.
Grenade ammunition already had weight in military affairs, was characterized by small dimensions, stable flight path, as well as the possibilities to be used in individual weapons.
When used in a new project, grenade ammunition was deprived of the ability to control the detonation, which ultimately reduced the cost of the project, since the use of high-tech solutions entailed a substantial increase in the cost of weapons in general.
Another reason for the rejection of programmable elements - the fire from the weapon will be produced by clearly observed and specific units of armored vehicles.
But the designers did not completely abandon the idea of ​​guided grenade ammunition and continue to conduct research and testing as part of the development of the entire OCSW program.
Prospects for the program - the creation of grenade ammunition and the use of various combinations of gases, ammunition with disguised properties instead of a warhead.

Anti-rifle Barrett XM109

As further tests of the weapon showed, the choice of this grenade ammunition was the right decision - Barrett XM109 punched 40-mm armor from a distance of half a kilometer.

Creating Barrett XM109
When designing this type of weapon, the designers did not want to make major changes to the Barrett M82A1 design, but wanted to achieve maximum similarity with their own production rifle.
As a result, one of the few changes in the rifle has undergone the barrel, the upper part of the trunk box, the store and the new DTK.
The barrel turned out a little shorter, naturally caliber 25 mm, while it became more significant due to the use of powerful grenade ammunition and cutting with the direction to the right.
The accuracy of the rifle was not damaged, at a distance of one and a half kilometers its accuracy is comparable to the original - the M82 rifle.
The muzzle compensator turned out to be very interesting, its effectiveness is visible when it is used on the Barrett M82A1 rifle, it simply does not allow the ammunition to be loaded.
A self-made muffler is installed on the barrel. It was made specifically for the HM109.
Stembox modifications — the 2 extras and the 1 standard return spring are installed. Additions are natural, since the ammunition is used more powerful, the extraction of the spent shell has been structurally improved, and the wear of the working parts of the barrel box has been reduced.
Changes in the store are also caused by the use of a new ammunition, slightly changed the feeder and the spring.
The rest of the rifle design remained unchanged, we can say that this anti-material rifle is an upgraded Barrett M82.
The XM109 is equipped with the BORS optics system. The shooter catches the desired object in the sight and receives information from the BORS system. Uses the information received to fire a shot and opens fire.
The BORS system is also commercially available in the civilian market, and can be used for any exact weapon.
Included with the rifle can be various attachments for installation on various equipment (helicopters, cars, armored personnel carriers, boats).

Destiny Barrett XM109
For various tests were collected ten test samples. In the 2004-2005, anti-material rifles showed the expected results, the samples were fully consistent with the declared reliability.
The main drawback is the excess of the permissible level of return in firing (meaning the excess of American standards).
Although one of the writers describing XM109, having tried to fire from a sample of weapons, said that the recoil is quite normal, the weapon did not leave bruises and bruises on the body, butt did not hit the body.
So, due to the excess recoil, the project called Barrett XM109 is currently frozen. Perhaps the company will soon solve the problem of return, and we will see a real killer of armored vehicles.

Key Features:
- weight in unsupported form 15 kilogram;
- length 1.17 meter;
- The length of the barrel 44.5 centimeter;
- The maximum distance for shooting 3.6 kilometer;
- The target distance 2 km;
- Shop capacity 5 grenade ammunition;
- initial flight speed 425 m / s.

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 12 December 2011 07: 34
    M109 is equipped with BORS optics system. The shooter catches the target in the sight and receives information from the BORS system. Uses the information received to produce a shot and opens fire.
    The BORS system is also commercially available in the civilian market, and can be used for any exact weapon.

    BARRETT ballistic computer BORS for sight Nightforce 3.5-15x50, 5.5-22x50, 8-32x56
    Price: $ 1700

    Barrett Firearms has developed an integrated ballistic calculator / optical sight system known as BORS for shooting at distances up to 2500 meters using certain models of optical sights manufactured by Leupold and Nightforce. BORS is essentially both a bullet trajectory compensation sensor and calculator. To determine the position of the aiming frame, the arrow must enter the ballistic characteristics of the cartridge, determine the distance to the target and set the excess in accordance with the instructions on the calculator screen. BORS determines air density, rifle tilt and automatically corrects calculations.

    -Determines air temperature, atmospheric pressure and lateral angle of the rifle barrel
    -Calculates correction for cartridges with known ballistic parameters
    - Eliminates the need to count the number of "clicks" to make an amendment, count the number of mil-dots, or use a caramel calculator.
    -Allows the shooter to concentrate on the quality of the shot and quickly shoot at multiple targets.
    -For Nightforce sights 2.5-15x50
    -No rings for fastening.

  2. PSih2097
    PSih2097 12 December 2011 07: 59
    BARRETT BORS ballistic computer for sights Leupold Mark4 M1

    Price: $ 1700
    For sights Leupold Mark IV 3.5-10x40mm LR / T M1, Leupold Mark IV 4.5-14x50mm LR / T M1, Leupold Mark IV 6.5-20x50mm LR / T M1, Leupold Mark IV 8.5-25x50mm LR / T M1, Leupold Mark IV 8.5 -25x50mm ER / T M1
    Price: $ 2300
    for Schmidt & Bender sights 3-12x50 PM II, 0.1 MRAD, 5-25x56 PM II, 0.1 MRAD
    1. snek
      snek 12 December 2011 09: 10
      Interesting thing. Don't know, do we have something similar?
      1. marauder
        marauder 12 December 2011 20: 12
        Quote: snek
        Interesting thing. Do not know, we have something similar

        Of course have. The amendment table is called. Each fighter rewrites (with a fountain pen) to his notebook. then uses it.
        Our accuracy is best. allows you to shoot off the head at 600 meters.
        does not require batteries, MTBF significantly exceeds the bourgeois one.
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 12 December 2011 20: 17
          Each fighter rewrites (with a fountain pen) to his notebook. then uses it.

          Not always, sometimes you just have to memorize ...
          1. woland05
            woland05 1 January 2012 10: 35
            But it is much cheaper than the bourgeois ...
  3. vadimus
    vadimus 12 December 2011 08: 09
    Cool fool!
  4. Civil
    Civil 12 December 2011 10: 38
    Consider the ancestor of the anti-tank gun!
    MKALEKSEY 12 December 2011 12: 47
    This is, in fact, not a rifle, but a manual automatic grenade launcher, developed as a competitor to the XM-25, and in Russia, as always, it was done earlier and cheaper, albeit a lesser known model - the 30-mm TKB-0249 "Arbalet" hand grenade was developed by Valery Nikolaevich Television for serial shots of VOG-17M (7P9) and VOG-30.
    Grenade launcher TKB-0249 "Crossbow" has a simple design, is equipped with folding bipod, mechanical and optical sights (in the future, a rangefinder), shops for 5 and 10 shots. The main feature of the product is the depreciation system developed for it: the return is approximately the same as that of the Storm, with a mass of 10 kg.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 12 December 2011 15: 43
      I do not agree. This is not a grenade launcher, but no longer a rifle. 25 mm! Rather, it is worth classifying as a small-caliber artillery system (gunners, right?).
    2. Jaguar
      Jaguar 12 December 2011 16: 12
      Grenade initial speed: 185 m / s
      Maximum firing range: 1700 m
      Sighting range: 1000 m
      Significantly worse XM109 specs
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 12 December 2011 20: 16
        Compare for years, if TKB was demonstrated in 98, then XM109 - presentation and start of break-in in the troops only this year. Almost 13 years of difference ...
  6. PSih2097
    PSih2097 12 December 2011 20: 00
    Semi-automatic grenade launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B (China)

    Semi-automatic grenade launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B, left view.

    Semi-automatic grenade launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B, right view.

    Caliber: 35x32mm SR
    Type: self-loading infantry grenade launcher, gas automatic
    Length: 1046 mm
    Weight: 9,1 kg without ammunition
    Magazine capacity: 4 or 6 shots
    Effective firing range: 600 m (point targets), 1000 m (area targets)
    1. snek
      snek 13 December 2011 01: 05
      Damn, and the Chinese - well done.
  7. dred
    dred 12 December 2011 20: 28
    (9 kg mild infection.
    1. Artemka
      Artemka 25 December 2011 11: 47
      Yes, how can I say 9 kg, which is not any but decent weight.
  8. Torus
    Torus 24 December 2011 22: 16
    everything new is well forgotten old ...

    in the photo PTRS.
    cartridge 14,5x114
    initial speed 1020 m / s
    armor penetration at 300 m - 40 mm
  9. guessed
    guessed 2 January 2012 21: 57
    Some strange performance characteristics of this wonderworking machine .... 2km aiming range at 425m \ s ..... doubtful .... if only on a hinged path ....
    Why then optics? I can imagine what the deviation will be at such a distance ...
  10. nikolai.mar
    nikolai.mar 8 January 2012 08: 52
    no one except me among the Chinese noticed a resemblance to the G36 ???
  11. MillenniuM
    MillenniuM 17 February 2012 21: 51
    About her when Yeshe showed on Discovery, then I fell in love with her))) I looked, appreciated, I wanted this: D A beautiful rifle)))
  12. Wiruz
    Wiruz 6 August 2012 18: 13
    Sniper grenade launcher ... I’ve come up with that. Let’s hang the optics on a bayonet-knife then.
    1. jurgen2206
      jurgen2206 19 July 2015 07: 03
      This is what! Jews, as always, will come up with a shot from around the corner.
      1. Xwazilb
        Xwazilb 3 December 2015 21: 11
        Quote: jurgen2206
        This is what! Jews, as always, will come up with a shot from around the corner.

        Because they value the lives of their soldiers.