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ISIS militants are attacking Kurds in the north of Rakka province (Syria)

Information Agency Sputnik reports that the ISIL militants are pushing extra forces to the north of the Raqqa province. Representatives of the Kurdish militia shared this information with journalists, adding that the igilovtsy had already managed to take control of the town of Az-Zaybakia. The statement says that ISIS militants are preparing to launch a full-scale offensive in the north of Raqqa.

ISIS militants are attacking Kurds in the north of Rakka province (Syria)

The article says that in the settlements captured by the militants, igilovtsy carry out executions of representatives of the local population. The main accusations by the ISIL militants against the local residents are their support for the Kurdish armed groups fighting for the liberation of their land from the terrorists of the so-called Islamic State.

From the news agency message:
ISIS fighters burned alive in Hamam-at-Turkman (north of Syria - note "IN") three residents, accusing them of being connected with the Kurdish self-defense forces.

It must be recalled that since 27 February, a ceasefire has been de jure in Syria, which does not concern the groups recognized as terrorist United Nations Security Council. These groups include ISIS.
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  1. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 29 February 2016 13: 54
    And everyone thought (just not us) that a truce is always good.

    Pisi: It's time to uncover hurricanes and TOS.
    1. Michael67
      Michael67 29 February 2016 13: 55
      Dispose of reptiles. No re-education. Only to the ground.
    2. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 29 February 2016 13: 56
      It's time to uncover the planes.
        DIVAN SOLDIER 29 February 2016 13: 59
        In vain they bother with a truce, they will still blame us for violating it. And so it’s easier to knead everyone: Nusra has been in opposition, they are all tied up and criminals.
        1. Pereira
          Pereira 29 February 2016 14: 18
          It’s impossible to knead all at once. Forces are not enough. We must choose the most dangerous.
          The truce is necessary so that the rear is a little secure during this period.
        2. nemec55
          nemec55 29 February 2016 14: 30
          In vain they bother with a truce, they will still blame us for violating it. And so it’s easier to knead everyone: Nusra has been in opposition, they are all tied up and criminals.

          Your nickname speaks for you. By the way, they forgot to add to the list (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel (to heap that the Alibabais would not have been treated) of the French Germans and the United States, too, to bomb ALL ON.
    3. gispanec
      gispanec 29 February 2016 15: 44
      Quote: Mama_Cholli
      Pisi: It's time to uncover hurricanes and TOS.

      and they weren’t sheathed ... !!! ?? ... ... there was no truce against ISIS !!
      1. hobot
        hobot 29 February 2016 20: 34
        Sheathed and correctly done. There were provocations, but it did not work to blame us. While we beat them.
    4. Homo
      Homo 29 February 2016 16: 59
      Quote: Mama_Cholli
      And everyone thought (just not us) that a truce is always good.

      And again, the comment is not the topic, and again the advantages are unclear why! Do you know how to read? What does this have to do with the ceasefire ??? am am am

      "Sputnik news agency informs that ISIS fighters are pulling additional forces to the north of Raqqa province. "
  2. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 29 February 2016 13: 57
    pull it well. In the sense that aviation loves to hammer on contracted forces. plowing the area and again a truce.
    1. Samen
      Samen 29 February 2016 14: 03
      Quote: AdekvatNICK
      .In the sense that aviation loves to peck at contracted forces.

      For "Solntsepёk", the same work is suitable! hi
  3. tchoni
    tchoni 29 February 2016 14: 02
    So the truce did not touch. To water reptiles while in a heap.
  4. Engineer
    Engineer 29 February 2016 14: 02
    Well, here is the result of the truce! Instead of finishing off the geeks, for some reason, ours agree with the Americans on a truce, and the militants use this truce to their advantage. I just want to say directly that the Ishilovites asked the Americans to calm down a little of the Russians, that they could deal with the Kurds. When politicians interfere with the military, nothing good comes of it!
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 29 February 2016 14: 19
      Not so. ISIS beyond the truce.
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 29 February 2016 14: 03
    ISIS is not going to give up. And what about the Kurds, did they slap the offensive? Or does everyone "play" in autonomy? Sami with a mustache, will we call for help?
  6. Starik72
    Starik72 29 February 2016 14: 11
    Yes, these gangster thugs and frozen opposition will never go to a ceasefire! And for this they must be destroyed by all available methods! After all, EVIL calms down only when it is destroyed. I have not discovered anything new here, and for this I wish the progressive Syrian People, led by Assad, would WIN, and PEACE AND PEACE will reign on THEIR EARTH !!!
  7. RomanS
    RomanS 29 February 2016 14: 16
    The cynicism of the situation is shocking. Arming the "opposition", destroying statehood, violating the norms of international law. Screaming for exclusivity and world leadership. We will teach the whole world to live correctly, ISIS will teach how. So who needs a "ceasefire"?
  8. valent45
    valent45 29 February 2016 14: 31
    Already hesitated by these ceasefires! As soon as something successful passes against
    enemies of Russia, so on the most interesting - bam !, some kind of peace initiatives begin,
    in hohland, in Syria. Bl already lacking normal expressions!
  9. triglav
    triglav 29 February 2016 14: 32
    And our VKS are silent? Now all the success will go down the drain.
  10. drilled
    drilled 29 February 2016 14: 36
    Truce. Like in the Donbass. All the same, the Russian Federation will be to blame. So what ... are we waiting for ?!
  11. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 29 February 2016 14: 55
    They would say something different.
    Our proudly show on TV - sheathed aircraft in Hmeimim. We observe a truce.
    And about 100 pieces of re-peacemakers - oppositionists.
    And at this time, "under the quiet" and peacefully sleeping-airfields, ISIS members are kneading the Kurds. Kurds, kakbe, are of no use to anyone. No way.
    And ISIS is also not needed. Nobody.
    So, it turns out, reproaches addressed to us that our aviation equalizes the opposition, and not ISIS - were they correct from the West?
    So no?
    Or fly far to ISIS? Or ISIS align "coalition"?
    Well, these friends will line up ....
    The bulldozers with cranes haven’t run out of hammer fists yet, have they?
    Yes, and the floodgates probably have already been repaired.
    Truce, damn it.
    And it turns out - then, in the end, we will "cling" to the victory over ISIS?
    We do not hammer them.
    And the opposition, a month after the victory, will come to Russia again - they say, we destroyed them.
    Again a rake.
    Again the same rake.
    Only in profile.
  12. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 29 February 2016 15: 57
    Well, here are some of the consequences of a truce, if in this country somewhere someone felt good, in another place it is bad. Then they said in the media that the truce will not touch the igil, so why are our planes sitting at airfields.
  13. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 29 February 2016 16: 08
    That's bad luck, videoconferencing cannot work on IS (civilians in the city). What to do??? Where are all of the "Coalition" with ground forces? Are they waiting as always? Another quite expected provocation.
    All this is disgusting .....
  14. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 29 February 2016 17: 13
    People on the site, if not military, then with a complaint. The site is military ..... What am I doing? And to that!
    Everyone who deserves to practice at least a minimum in life: "Run, fall, roll to the intended point, shoot, fall, crawl, secure for cover, shoot, support those who are running, fall, ... further in the text", it should be clear that in observation you see not what is in reality but what they are trying to show you. 2 + 2 fold the simplest.
    What show? Attack and atrocities of barmaley on Kurds. What really That it is time for the Kurds to ripen to the Kurdish State of their own. With his ARMY, POLICE, BODIES, GOVERNMENT, and even the PRESIDENT or whatever they call them. Kurdistan has long matured and should be born. In the territories of the Kurds. And you thought why the sultan is hysterical? Gratified backside on a frying pan edorgashke. So so be it!