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Aviudar in the capital of Yemen took at least 32 lives

Last weekend, a powerful airstrike was inflicted on Sana'a, the capital of Yemen. Aviation the bomb exploded in the city market of Halek, where it is always crowded. As a result, at least 32 people were killed, dozens of local residents were injured. It is reported RIA News with reference to a source in the United Nations. From the statement of the UN press service:

The Secretary-General is concerned about the continuation of intensive air strikes and ground battles in Yemen, despite his repeated calls to end the clashes. In this regard, he seriously condemns the airstrike made by February 27 on the Halek market in Sanaa. He calls for a speedy and impartial investigation.

Aviudar in the capital of Yemen took at least 32 lives

The UN stressed that the airstrike was conducted on a civilian object, which had nothing to do with the real military goal.

So far, no country has claimed responsibility for the airstrike that killed more than 30 people. At the same time, it is well known that the troops of the so-called Saudi coalition are carrying out an air and ground invasion of Yemen. It is the Saudi Arabian troops that have been conducting a military operation in Yemen for several months, moreover, they are conducting in such a way that the areas occupied by al-Qaida militants in Yemen’s territory are constantly growing.
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  1. Finches
    Finches 29 February 2016 06: 47
    The apotheosis of "democracy" in the Saudi style ...
    1. Sensatus
      Sensatus 29 February 2016 06: 49
      It is obvious that the insidious Yemenites bombed themselves in order to cast a shadow on their innocent "partners".
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 29 February 2016 07: 00
        Yeah, like in the Donbass, air conditioners explode.
        And at the same time
        With 0: February 00 27, the Russian Russian Aerospace Forces suspended the implementation of air strikes against terrorist groups in Syria under agreements with the United States and a decision of the UN Security Council. However, literally on the first day of the current truce, Russia was accused of violating it. Thus, the head of the Saudi Foreign Ministry, Adel al-Jubeir, made accusations against Russia.

        Gentlemen, camel drivers in their role.
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 29 February 2016 06: 47
    The coalition performs its dance of the killer of civilians. Burn you in hell.
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 29 February 2016 06: 48
    where are the tears fading, and the wringing of the hands of "human rights activists"? why kakly and Poles are not yelling that it is Russian bombing peaceful Yemenis?
  4. Good cat
    Good cat 29 February 2016 06: 49
    The Saudis are hammering anywhere, here you have the selective striped weapon
  5. venaya
    venaya 29 February 2016 06: 49
    So far, no country has claimed responsibility for an airstrike that killed more than 30 people.

    For this, coalitions are created to replace individual responsibility with collective irresponsibility.
  6. samarin1969
    samarin1969 29 February 2016 06: 53
    "So far, no country has claimed responsibility for the airstrike" ... the world and journalists are going crazy.
  7. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 29 February 2016 06: 55
    They promised the collapse of Saudi Arabia. Let's wait, sir!
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 29 February 2016 06: 56
    It looks something like this ... unfortunately such pictures from this region have become commonplace.
    The war ... to fail.
  9. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 29 February 2016 07: 00
    So far, no country has claimed responsibility for an airstrike that killed more than 30 people.
    Why look far away? "Pepper" is clear, only Russia, now it is the most "sinister" in the Middle East. And all the rest - well, such "democratic" goodies ...
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 February 2016 07: 01
    Honestly, this chaos of oil-engaging sheikhs is already pretty tired. I can’t wait for the war in Yemen to at least partially spread to the SA. Sooner or later, you will have to pay for your grave sins.
  11. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 29 February 2016 07: 12
    The Saudis have taken too much upon themselves - they can and will tear themselves from an excessive burden ...
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 29 February 2016 08: 02
    if it was an airstrike, then our bird from space was clearly detected, it remains to technically tighten the loop on the neck of the Saudis
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 29 February 2016 08: 36
      Yes, even if ours show the pilot's physiomordia, the West will definitely howl about "another Russian fake", okay, at least it has been proven that ours do not fly there ...
  13. RomanS
    RomanS 29 February 2016 08: 56
    The most daring warriors consider themselves as such in battles from afar. And most reliable with unarmed people. And then suddenly they will give change ...
  14. Vadim237
    Vadim237 29 February 2016 10: 20
    It looks like the Hussites are starting to lose.
  15. razved
    razved 29 February 2016 21: 12
    Something is not heard of the united chorus of the "world community" condemning the aggression of the Saudi coalition against a sovereign state ...